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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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hundreds of iranian backed fighters botched at the u.s. embassy in baghdad condemned sunday's strikes. this is al jazeera life also coming up thousands of stranded in eastern australia as more than 250 new fires are reported in a diana hoff. go and flees corruption charges in japan and the form of the chief but it's a surprise arrival in lebanon. ringing in the new year new laws it
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has been just for i was beginning around the world to welcome 2020 that's the view from all. we start with our breaking news out of iraq where thousands have been protesting outside the u.s. embassy inside the secured green zone in baghdad most of members of the iranian backed popular model as ice and forces they condemning u.s. air strikes on sunday on bases belonging to an iranian backed shia militia in iraq the u.s. says the attacks against the hezbollah brigades were a response to the killing of a u.s. civilian contractor the funerals of at least $27.00 shia fighters killed in those strikes a taking place in baghdad where the u.s. embassy is the largest american diplomatic posting in the wall it was also the most expensive to build it sits within the heavily fortified international zone or green
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zone which houses iraqi government buildings and foreign embassies in the center of the city some on a 14 joins us now on the phone from baguettes monied been following these protests we've been seeing pictures too of black smoke billowing into the sky from the area walking you tell us now that what's happening. well we have just gone from the king location because the situation was escalating although 6 d not just throwing stones but also setting part of the outer wall of the us on the some fire and in fact 9 they became quite hostile 9 towards our presence as well so we were. going from the biggest fear of that a a crowd was beginning 9 to fall of as we were leaving that people were 9 marching 9 across and hanging bridge away 9 from the fortified green zone but there was still a presence of a few 100 to talk a little bit as a sort of forces 9 fighters and supporters who 9 weren't so a rounding the u.s.
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embassy and 9 they could still see 9 smoke rising 9 from various objects and i've been burned i'm from inside the embassy and we could also hear tear gas and sounds in a scuffle congregates being deployed to try to disperse the crowd. and we've heard stories about doors being pushed in people trying to get access to the embassy about evacuations as well as anything at all you can tell us about what's been happening inside the embassy while the protest is being carried on outside. 5 we have not been able to reach the focus not of the u.s. embassy we have not been able to confirm from our side that you have 9 actually been 9 created i did not see 9 while i was there any helicopters reading the compound but of course it's a huge compound that has multiple exit routes that it's possible that have were evacuated in the meantime we could see videos being being shared by some of the
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people who were inside the compound you know showing 9 folgers. a for body armor and helmets and basically what was going wrong so i want you on the scene on the moco media channels of course this is quite a concerning development from the united states a they have not seen this kind of. 9 war but they have been targeted with 'd rocket attacks but there have been in prison 'd where hundreds of people have walked right up to the gates of the and the free undeterred by the iraqi security forces who are supposed to protect u.s. presence here in iraq because it will certainly be a great source of concern and it will possibly lead to a reevaluation of u.s. presence here in iraq thank you so much us among the 14 there and those pictures of course coming out of iraq you can see the protests as the smoke billowing into the
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skies someone is saying that some of those protesters including members of the militia that protect by the u.s. is starting to drift away from the protests as she was speaking now among those protesters at the u.s. embassy is hadi he is an iraqi politician closely linked to tehran the man next to him wearing a white to political leader. who was recently placed under u.s. sanctions. the part of the. this embassy has proved its conspire against iraq this is the embassy where they spy on iraq where they lead to destruction of iraq this is where the. polls had. in the iranian capital tehran can show us anything more about the people that we're talking about here. and because of. certainly mary is a very well known figure in the islamic republic he has expressed his allegiances
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not only to the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei in the past but also to the head of the revolutionary guard supports force that is awesome solid. amery fought on the iranian side during the iran iraq war 8 years that lasted between 1990 mediate and his organization was founded with the support of iran in the 1980 s. that other organization and the military wing of that group has also been very very . active in iraq during the fall after the fall of saddam rather in 2003 but since then this group has now become part of the governments they are not only parliament but they formed the largest coalition within iraq's parliament that is now his organization is also similar to that of casale that we just heard from price was always a very interesting figure because he's not only part of a political group right now but before prior to that his group was also another off
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branch of the southern movement and that group fought against the u.s. coalition forces in iraq in 200-2003. after the fall of saddam he is now also very much supported by the establishment here in iran and these leaders that were present at this protest it's not a coincidence it's certainly a very thought out and deliberate move on their part and the organizations that they represent as well as this country that is there on this is meant to be a sign a show to the americans that they really are not only not welcomed in iraq as well . is that the fact that they have these very important groups that are in iraq in parliament and government have the full support of the iranians behind them so and the other thing to mention is that the scenes that we've seen unfolding in baghdad near the u.s. embassy and around it are scenes of we've seen in iran in the past. the burning of
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the u.s. flag the anti western sentiments the chance that we're hearing death to america in israel and also the attempt of trying to storm the u.s. embassy is something that is all too familiar for the iranians here in tehran it was 979 that the number of university students stormed the u.s. embassy compound here in terror on and took over the embassy for 444 days where they held 52 diplomats the stop hostage so these sentiments are not anything new here and these leaders that we're seeing that are part of the iraqi government at the moment have those connections to iran and the reigning establishment. thank you joining us to. our senior political analyst joins us now in our pick up where d'orsel left off and what these protests are telling us about this struggle between iran and the united states and how that feeds into the politics of iraq right now give us your. well look in terms of the united states here's
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a country. that has spent trillions of dollars in iraq 16 years after its invasion and occupation to win hearts and minds of their occupy people ends up having its embassy surrounded the way it is and i bet you you can find a dozen people in iraq ready to demonstrate in support of the united states in the country so the folly the futility of it see the full of this of the american endeavor in iraq that started with the george bush administration with its fake evidence for attack or pretext for attacking iraq is really unfolding and has been unfolding for a number of years but now we can really come to this surrealistic. picture where the united states is truly on the defensive and it doesn't have much of an
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alliance either in the street or in government or in the institutions in iraq even though just 34 years ago it participated in a major war against that in iraq in favor of iraq is and still iraqis don't accept iraqi american domination influence within the country on the other hand the last several months have shown us that also iranian attempts domination in iraq is also futile because. those countless people demonstrated for countless days now several months in iraq against the iranian presence and influence in the country burning. american consul saudi iranian consulates in the south in places like karbala and other places does also show that the iraqis not only don't accept the americans and their domination of
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iraq they don't accept iran and its domination of iraq. and yet there are those people now like the ones you just mentioned like had the like and others with a mobile mobilization popular mobilization front and hezbollah that remain loyal to iran and are more than happy to. deflect pressure on iran by attacking the american embassy after as you know the last several days we've seen attacks and counterattacks between protein and forces the american forces so all in all the tensions between iran and the united states continues suffer iraq suffers in the process but and this is more precisely to the with the images we're witnessing today is that iran has a far easier win against the united states because of its religious and ethnic influence within a certain groups in the country. thank you for that moment
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a shower there we want to take you back to samoa 14 in baghdad now she's on the phone before we have now directly there on camera. just reflect on what you've seen throughout the day here and how that fits into the recent weeks of unrest or months of unrest that we've seen protests on the streets the attack by the united states just this week what did you take away from the protests that you have seen unfold today. well it was quite remarkable and i'm not sure anybody expected this to happen when the funeral procession 1st gathered across the river on the other side of the u.s. embassy of us basically groups of fighters gathering together chanting slogans bearing protestors but then the procession basically embarked across the hanging bridge in direction of the green zone where the u.s.
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embassy is located and it was remarkable that the very forces that have fears the protect the green zone against demonstrators who have been in iraq streets for 3 months now protesting against the government simply opened the gates and let this procession march across the bridge march through the checkpoint that is set up right in front of the u.s. embassy and basically reach the very outer walls of the u.s. the message this is something quite remarkable here in baghdad i'm not sure this has really taken place in the past but what we end up having is hundreds maybe thousands of fighters from the popular mobilization forces bearing uniforms some of them bearing weapons waving flags chanting death to america and throwing stones at the u.s. embassy and also burning parts of the outer walls now as we were leaving the crowds appears to begin to disperse again with many of them heading back across the bridge
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to the other side of the river but there were still hundreds of fighters who were present there and who kept chanting against the u.s. and kept demanding that u.s. forces who are stationed here in iraq leave the country. as you were saying before is where you have the chance to be able to confirm with the u.s. about just what was happening inside the embassy we do have reports of people being evacuated will continue to work on that and try to get some sort of confirmation but. while you were there can you just make a distinction between what we've seen on the streets here today the protesters joined with members of the popular mobilization forces and other protests that we've seen in recent months calling for iran to get out of the country and denouncing all people in the pollen and the entire rocky political system because this might be confusing some of our viewers to try to put those 2 images together.
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well it's a very important to make a very clear distinction between these 2 protests and these 2 groups what we saw today was a crowd almost entirely composed of fighters or their supporters this is completely different from the crowds that we have seen for months now in tahrir square demonstrating against the iraqi government but also demanding an end to iran's influence here in iraq now the question is how these protesters in tahrir square will see what happened today many of them sent me messages on social media on my phone telling me that this group does not represent us so there is a big distinction to be made here and while this also looked like protests it was entirely different group it was basically aimed directly at the u.s. and he was basically entirely represented by of the pm if not a question is how do the protesters who have been demonstrating for months now
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against the iraqi government how do they see the u.s. strike on the pm of spaces in iraq of course in general there has been a strong and iranian sentiment but there is also a general objection to any kind of foreign interference being iran or u.s. so we've seen some factions of the protests condemn the u.s. airstrikes but some of them may also see it as a way to stand up to iran's presence here because they feel that the iraqi government has basically not shown enough willingness or capability to do just that they want the government to basically. rein in these armed groups that are allegedly answering to the head on and that is something that we have not seen happen thank you suborn simona for save lives the fact that.
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moving on. parts of eastern australia have come on to orange and red to hayes's as bush fires rage out of control fires are now burning in every state in the country new year's eve fireworks have been cancelled in the capital cambra and other cities as the danger worsens you can see that map there the state of victoria currently among the hardest hit more than 260 new fires have been counted in just 36 hours including near the tourist town of bel the cares of the palace has. been. as a massive wildfire rolled to wood's the town of maluku say $4000.00 people fled towards the beach those with boats went one step further is now the 5 fronts come through. the front side so. it's got to go to the dogs up to that supplies and there is a the market. the fire was burning across 730 square kilometers as the day began it encircled residents and turned data nice this video was recorded at 9 am
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we're just getting off the invisible and i have a name so i reckon that they say. that it's the wards of the north east at the moment and it started in the town of military to get me a military there is currently under attack at the moment there's a number of houses we believe was lost in and around that community we've got 3 straw tames sitting in with the community literally standing saw us all with our community at the beachfront victoria's premier looked towards the straining defense force for help while fibrosis tried to calm residents not just in mill a cruiser but across the state but a number of communities are actually isolated and again this was a scenario that we forecast a number of guys ago so our focus today is very much about how we can get in how we can support those 1000 back to communities. in the neighboring states of new south wales scenes repeated the community of burma gooey kempt at the local surf club
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with the ocean is the excess and this wasn't bateson day during the new year's holiday coastal towns a popular vacation spots with already said verge tens of thousands of holiday make is to go or harm or cancel their plans this is the problem for evacuation center. if work is really bad hard being. a popular pick this is the middle of a very. major cities have not a skanks the choking smoke and flames on monday 100000 people were urged to evacuate from 5 moment suburbs this was filmed in whist in sydney on tuesday. a strain is wildfire season is breaking records. the 1st major fires started in early september before the arrival of spring the product of soaring tempered. dry ground and strong winds they've now destroyed more than 40 square kilometers of and
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at any given time dozens if not hundreds of fires are burning the full heat of summer has yet to arrive. the former chairman of multi-national dishonors fled to lebanon from japan where he faces a trial over allegations of financial misconduct last go and was arrested in tokyo in 28 saying but released under strict bio conditions he has a live in his passport and said he'd escaped injustice and political persecution his lawyer said his legal team held 3 of going to passports and called his behavior inexcusable 1st take a look at why carrasco more of the world's most high profile company bosses faces charges in japan or in brazil rise in beirut he was appointed chief operating officer at nissan then his chair many fortune alliance with mitsubishi creating the world's 2nd largest tom and the fact that he is now being investigated in japan for
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understating his own income from the sun and hiding compensation payments over 4 years he was arrested in tokyo last year accused of funneling $5000000.00 out of this sons' money for his own benefit cohen has fled to lebanon but faces a trial in japan on charges of financial misconduct. it is president of the sue news agency he says despite deep flaws within the japanese legal system go and should have stayed to fight instead of fleeing to buy rumors. if the past is any guide the japanese government will just dismiss those allegations and and try to ignore them to as much as they can it is a view that many observers will sympathize with because there are deep flaws in the japanese legal system and the way that go in was being handled was very much a kind of a railroad job but on the other hand there is also
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a large stream of thought that even if the japanese system is deeply flawed that it's just a system it would have been much better for him to stay and fight and and suffer the punishment if it came because that would be better for those who whose he's kind of left behind here you know there will be other court cases in the future where the police and prosecutors won't want to let suspects go because of what going did china's president has delivered he's new year's speech it's been a significant 12 months to see jinping the communist party mocked its 70th year in power but there's also been challenges with the united states on trade and of course those protests in home call for 3 years joins us now live from beijing so what is being been focusing on in this space katrina. so you just gave a speech about 15 minutes of it and it had a very strong patriotic nationalistic flavor this speech was obviously aimed at
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china's 1300000000 people and there was a very strong tone about celebrating the achievements of the past year she's in pain talked about beijing opening this new huge airport making leaps and strides in 5 g. technology and he talked about in quite a romantic way the success of the 70th anniversary celebration of the communist party so there was a or a lot of talk there about focusing on how far china has come focusing on the heroic deeds of the ordinary chinese people and focusing on how china has really done what it can to sort of continue to promote multi-lateralism go out and affirm ties with all other countries as well and also focus on just we had this year sorry this month the 20th anniversary of macau and it's quite put pointedly about the success and popularity of the one country 2 systems policy and we did wait for it and he did mention hong kong saying this was probably the only downside of the speech the
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only negative point of the speech he mentioned that hong kong was a concern for china and that without stability the people wouldn't be able to enjoy their lives and he wished the people of hong kong well so no direct comment about the protests or the discontent there but he did mention it look at it has been. a difficult year there's no doubt about it the charter of the siege and being in particular the economy has been slow and we've had that trade war with the united states and as you mentioned the protests in hong kong what's your assessment of with china sits right now and going into 2020 how it will deal with these particular challenges that it's been facing throughout this year. right exactly as you mentioned now given that the flavor of the speech how positive was how it was really a rallying cry for the chinese people because as you've just mentioned china is
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starting 2020 pretty much on the back foot it's it's this year made headlines for all the wrong reasons as you mentioned we've got this trade war with the u.s. which has not seen any substantial resolution we've seen these ongoing protests in hong kong which are really very embarrassing for the communist party because it showed that they don't have a handle on everything in their territories and we've had other things like a growing spotlight on the reported abuses against the week it was a minority in shin jiang so really the government here has had to deal with a lot of difficulties when it comes to its international image and as well some things that you didn't mention domestically there have been problems the slowing economy is one of them we had the african swine swine flu which wiped out half of the pig farms here in china and pork is the main meat and that's had a huge impact on the eating habits of people here in china so
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a lot of difficulties with that so given all those challenges i think it really she jinping they did very pointed it tends to sort of. bind people together and remind them of the positivity i think the communist party going forward to 2020 on the top of their monday going to want to emphasize stability in the going to try to do that by and the size in positive messages but also going back to some authoritarian some things that they've been doing all along so this year we're expecting to see the intensifying of patriotic education for example and also cracking down on dissent through things like enhanced surveillance and censorship to try to thank you for that to try to you live from beijing. well gunmen blamed for an outbreak of fighting in the capital of the central african republic you were given 2 days to surrender now i only have a few hours left to do so at least 40 people were killed in bank gauger in days of fighting between market traders and armed groups the united nations has now sent
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more troops to try to keep the pace has more from bank. traders in the p.q. 5 neighborhood markets count their losses and repealed while reconstruction work starts more trouble is threatened vigilantes who are protecting traders in the community are no longer welcome. the traders have set up a crisis committee which is empowered to declare war on the armed groups we gave them a 40 hour ultimatum to surrender their weapons and reintegrate into the community if they don't surrender we will resume hostilities with them government authority has to be restored in the p.k. 5 neighborhood. that threat is what's making people here in the us fighting started on tuesday when an armed militia man was killed when he refused to pay a shopkeeper for an item you wanted his group retaliated and over the course of 3
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days 40 people were killed and dozens of in hospital 40 shops in the market or destroyed people in this market in the future 5 neighborhood say militias have long been exporting traders here and the actual violence that broke out last week one of the 1st in 2018 the united nations mission in central africa attempted to stop extortion it failed by the time its operations is over more than 40 people i mean. the united nations mission here is struggling to keep the peace more troops are patrolling the area but they may not be able to deal with a major attack. the main issue is that there is no local forces police and military then we are also applies to sent to establish not the russian our base in the area our forces are conducting battles.
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but i don't we don't have enough force there with the need to increase families on both sides are left to mourn their dead and fear more attacks. the central african republic in europe civil war that started in 2013 and killed thousands of people since then more than a 1000000 of the 5000000 population have been forced from their homes many couplet abroad for now there isn't an easy calm on the streets of benghazi but as everyone here knows it will only take a spark to ignite another wave of killings in a country while warlords control more territory than the government i mean to greece i'll just bunky spain says it will expel 3 bolivian diplomats as part of a tit for tat move it comes after bolivia's interim president asked to spanish diplomats and the mexican ambassador to the country the growing diplomat just it began with
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mexico granted asylum to former bolivian president evo morales and some of his successor has accused spain of trying to help his allies. it is a celebration starting to get on the way new zealand is one of the 1st places in the world to welcome in 20 to 25 words display was holding all we're going to be following the new year's celebrations of other countries around the globe and to read all. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories in iraq thousands have been protesting outside the u.s. embassy in the secured green zone in baghdad most to members of the iranian backed popular mobilization forces they condemning u.s. airstrikes on bases belonging to an iranian backed shia militia in iraq. has the latest from baghdad that was quite remarkable and i'm not sure anybody expected
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this to happen when the funeral procession 1st gathered across the river on the other side of the u.s. embassy it was basically groups of fighters gathered together chanting slogans bank protesters but then the procession basically embarked across the hanging bridge in the direction of the green zone where the u.s. embassy is located. well thousands of people are trapped on a big stride as bushfires worsened in the states of victoria and new south whilst the flames have now cut off the seaside tourist town of now that cleared up. we've been running community meetings so everybody knows that i'm sorry this is the system was that we activated soren into that community once we're aware that that far i was about to hit the town. early this morning and when i leave that i o'clock this morning the songs were activated so everybody in that community that had
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a plan to go to the place at the village we are aware of is the premier you said some people chosen not to take that goss and are mining their han's in is also why the communities we want be putting trucks into dollars here is fully briefed in a fully with the full that fought impacted on that community by the engines they talk in the chances absolutely the former chairman of nissan fled to lebanon from japan where he faces trial of the financial misconduct allegations his lawyer said go and legal same holds 3 of these passports and called his behavior inexcusable spying says it will expel 3 believe you diplomats as part of a tit for tat move the growing diplomat dispute began when mexico granted asylum to former bolivian president if a morale is in some of his eye those are the headlines and used to news here on how jazeera after inside story.
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soften your stance so will take offensive measures the warning from north korea to the u.s. over stalled nuclear talks how will washington respond and what is the new approach the un says it's considering this is inside story. hello welcome to the show i'm sam he's a than north korean leader kim jong un has called for positive and offensive measures to protect the country's security and sovereignty that say headed.


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