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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 64  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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we're simply standing by and preventing this crowd as it marched on the embassy as it began throwing stones and burning cars of the outer walls. crews in australia about the bushfires around the country thousands of people in the southeast to be trapped on beaches as flames spread around the well despite those blazes burning sydney is welcome being australia's new year with a huge fireworks display. there was controversy over whether the show should have gone ahead as firefighters battled with response flags on the sydney harbor bridge or been flying at half mast for the 12 people who are being killed. and those are the headlines of news of course to. 0 right after the street article. is it down donald trump is now the 3rd president in history of the united states to be just. one to 6 major events the
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future of the rest joining us with coverage analysis of the trump impeachment on al-jazeera. and imo they could be what does it mean to be an arab american today comedian rami yousif joins the string to discuss his new food and series about family and identity and we'll be sharing your comments and questions with rami so tweet us or leave a comment on our live chat and you too could be in the stream. there's a growing cultural shift in american muslim identity being forged by many of these 1st generation twenty's and thirty's muslims grew up in the wake of the september 11th twin towers attacks feeling as if their entire identity focused on being good
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muslims so explores this paradigm in his new streaming t.v. show rami have a look. i want to know why i am i want to explore. like a kid to throw down the government to get evolution and know that. i'm doing them i look in my parents how strong they are and how they just know everything's going to be ok because they have god. and yeah i have sex even though i'm not married. so what that means i'm not a good muslim. i'm just trying to be. he weighed in on the right to rob he says he's watching himself on a t.v. screen and he is live here on the street what were you thinking you see when the king and sells are going to end at the last part of. the line in there is at least
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i. thought i was very. happy he would have so much to talk about that he's in so i want to die right and because of course this premiered last week this is on friday and so over the weekend lots of people binge to watch and then they tweeted us to let us know what they think about it i want to start here on twitter this is no for america who writes more people than not never met a muslim or thought that they never met a muslim in real life romney is one brick to consolidate the gap of public knowledge of who muslims are and what it is in america so this is think way of putting it there but there's someone else who sent us a video comment who has a little bit more enthusiasm for this series this is marion musri she is a nurse practitioner in new york and here's what she thinks of the series. oh my god we're listen. i can't believe this isn't mainstream the for once. i found the writing like simple but it was so funny it was captivating there were so many
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underlined scenes. at times it was ranchi but he needed this for the 1st time where somebody from our community is teaching our narrative and just putting it out there i know it's really controversial between my friends and i absolutely love to be noticed and hopefully there's another season and maybe in the future there's going to be in. a muslim american version using a female accent as i mean character give you some ideas there but she talks about people debating this and that's been happening to talk to us about the genesis behind this series that it's not something that you wanted that debate to start happening yeah this is not feel good t.v. i think it's feeling t.v. and i think it's about discussing feelings that's that's all that i set out to do with this these aren't facts this isn't how to this isn't anything other than a look at this very specific type of family and i think the debate is really exciting and i think the conversation is really cool it's i love hearing it and
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i've been scrolling and seeing means and. and i send them the my for. you already. and then i was looking for twitter to see if romney has. several of those it is like a week how can you have not you know we are i think one of the reasons why the series is so different is because it tackles head on to booze ready you can pay into them this missile genie that has received them those anti semitism why did you feel it's important to put all of that into something that is a drama but also a comedy i think it's important to see a reflection of the real world accurately i think that certain choices. we have an uncle character who encompasses a lot of the things that you just brought up and it was really important for me to establish him early on in a t.v. show because television is about planting seeds of characters and certain things
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that you're going to see grow and you're going to see how we deal with them we don't deal with them right away because we've paced this show i think in a way that's a little more real the real life usually you kind of hear that uncle say things for years and years and years and then one day you're like all right we got to talk about this and seeing it was really important i mean this is a show that in 10 episodes i think we have one conversation about trump this is not about being defined in the shadow of him but we do have uncle in the scene you know every family has this type of person that is trying i mean we talk about the egyptian revolution and the change or maybe what people feel like the lack there of change afterwards i remember reading a quote that said yeah we brought down a dictatorship but that way of thinking that dictatorship is in every household we have to talk about it within our families so it's really important to see that up top what kind of thing would you see. what kind of thing would just give a sense of the idea that he is he feels like a kite to from 1706 columns in the us but he's actually acting and reacting in
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202019. percent to the way that he thinks will seize the world well i think it's very limited i think he's someone who blames his problems on a lot of different people and has a limited scope but i wouldn't put him in the 1970 s. caricature bucket i think he exists in a lot of families and i think if he's in some arab family saying these things he's also i've had jewish friends be like i have an uncle who blames everything on muslims and i know other people who are like no i have an uncle who blames everything on black people and how we see all of this and. it's the characters algebraic you know and you could swap out what he's saying and put it in for somebody else so i think everyone watching this show sees their family in it i do think that arabs watching the show maybe will have a hypersensitivity because we're living in a time where it is being called certain things just because she criticize the government and so we're kind of lumped into this idea and i respect that sensitivity but i think the you know we're out weighing those risks by showing this
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character and introducing him in a way where we can hopefully deal with him in the context of the show. is a congresswoman in the united states getting a lot of attention because she's a muslim and very outspoken so one of the tweets here is picking up on what you were just saying about having these conversations that are often uncomfortable so hear what was the most difficult thing about bringing this script to life and were you nervous about the way that your presentation of muslims would be received by muslims because of course you spent any time in this community this is going to you know the people have a lot to say about the way that dirty laundry is aired. of course those who are it i love this community i don't want to seem like no qualms about what i was doing i put a lot of thought into it but 'd ultimately you know i realized i just had to make a story that was something that i. i want to watch in a way that i think things can be dealt with and so it's just my approach that's why i called the show rami and i have never tried to make it seem broader in any way
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than that. but i think if you operate from what the arab muslim community and the wider muslim community thinks and wants i think as an artist you get handicapped in making the thing that you want to make you know you get thrown off of you know your goals because we have such little representation that's true but if you operate from that scarcity there's no way to expand and so there's no way to make anything i have a picture hey if you go you know t.v. romney has sons family. and a lot of people. reacting to the family drama goes beyond being a muslim icon a muslim. family dramas going out to 18 mommies know being paid attention to daddy's what you call all that kind of stuff you know you build thought into it as well that this multiple things that you're trying to do and. the whole show really i base
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a lot of the approach off my stand up so my stand up is not me getting up there saying hey i'm a good guy i'm a cool guy a lovable. wow who would've thought i'm not really interested in that for me it's about interrogating myself and my intentions and it's about trying to imagine what i think is the higher version of myself which is a version that that's why i am drawn to being muslim that is that is why that is a huge part of my identity i'm trying to get that out of myself and so this family is built around that interrogation they're interrogating one another they're interrogating rami they're also looking at each other it's introspective by design and when you're doing that you want to lead with conflict and problems that are grounded in reality so it's none of this is about being sensational but it's about getting to the core of our intentions in an honest way it's about trying to live in the truth. and interrogation and any form is always kind of a messy process it isn't actually when you are as you mentioned this is a story about one person and that one person's family and yet other people see
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themselves and so take a look at this this is a little bit of criticism this is on twitter who said i'm just waiting for a day but a muslim show isn't about someone struggling to hold on to yes the struggles exist in our community but it's now radicalizing the quote unquote practicing muslims in the eyes of the non muslims and it's normalizing the sins to the actual muslims so that's that's one take on it and here's another one this is. based on that 1st take of course you know where it just so that we don't lump things up. it's an interesting point i think that there's a lot of guilt in this show so i don't really see a lot happening in this show were openly promoting and being like that was the right choice by design romney is a really flawed character i mean arguably he might not even be your favorite likable character like he's messing up every you know every step he takes and i
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don't feel like this is a promotion of sins if anything the idea of being on the straight path is glorified religion is not even questioned or vilified in the way that it is in a lot of other art and it's also interesting when people say i'm waiting for the day when we have a show as if there's this like bank of shows but sometimes people are like why does every show and i'm like what shows like what movies like we have 10 do we have 10 contemporary and i think that you must account to them how many do you count i don't i don't know i i don't think it's 10 maybe 10 and so i don't like if we're talking let's say even in a glorious version there are 10 things that is such a small amount of media to represent this many people so the nature of the comment confuses me so i'm glad that you yourself when you did because this is the head of the flipside of that yet is someone who's. it was that muslims in my cohort are not ready to face the facts that muslims do sin and they grapple with their identity especially if they are 1st generation only difference is it's on t.v.
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it's not a rejection of the dean or the religion and it's not an attempt to assimilate with hollywood. that is how i feel this is not about assimilation i don't know there's a lot of sex in this show i do not think at any moment i have equated sexual freedom with freedom you know that this is something that doesn't bring you know these characters aren't like having sex and saying wow i did it you know this is the truth i think the there's a lot of dissatisfaction because i think that's real life so i don't think that we're putting anything up and saying this is the answer i'm only interested in asking questions and that's the only thing that's exciting to me i like that because there is one of the scenes for our audience that have seen this they will understand the scene but i'll explain it for those who have it where your character goes into a liquor store and feels conflicted about buying alcohol for a friend and then feels judged you feel guilty because then selling it to you is also muslim but if you know the religion you know the faith you're not supposed to
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be selling it either and so your character feels guilty for buying it but the man is selling it and i just know that some take for years and i got paid if you're going to thought about it and it's so funny about it later to the community and then also what spoke to me and. i'm resisting telling you because i want you to go what she's done if you're in the states romney t.v. romney says i was so happy before i had said yes yes he was so happy like he didn't question everything it was. and rainbows and that he had sex and many that's one of the most i think one of the most genuine moments will really get to the core of like what his heart is that he feels a little plagued by what's going on you know also a major player and he's called k. i mean you know it's something that you know that scene in the mosque a lot. the scenes in the mosque are really important because you know to me i feel like i was that was the character that when he has a problem he goes to pray yeah you know when he died trying to figure his life out
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he uses that as an outlet i mean this is this is a real connection that he feels to you i also enjoy in rami in the 10 episodes the women are very important what happens to the women and how they are grappling with what is happening with their family and also what is happening with their faith for life so you know the important let's have a look at dina dina is romney's sister in this series she's paid by may. exactly as she gets frustrated that their parents treat have differently than her brother have them. where the kids like you. i'm going to be they're going to go. at least pick somebody you know with you and you'll be hungry later fell out was filled with sugar. yes that's not true sonny from beat it was on it yeah you know the kids are in my purse near the back from.
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ok i'm going to fatness tonight. they're going to know this is the 2nd time this week i'm 25 years old why is there a limit does anyone even care where romney goes you guys never ask him where he is he just told me he's going out there for this so he literally gave you know information you're going to go love you have what time you're cutting back. on leaving. you know. don't be. ramey i noticed that a lot of the episodes that had. focused on the women titus was actually i directed by women written by winning did you just say ok ok to take this one the way i'm going to be feel genuine experience and not from my yeah i mean absolutely i think is really important i mean we. as a producing team i mean this is my friends and you know we're men. in our hiring process every hire we made was a woman and it's not even on some you know needing to check
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a box it was really no we want to expand we want to tell stories i mean we in a 10 episode 1st season which is not a lot of real estate dedicated to 4 episodes to 2 types of women right so there's these are only 2 certain types so we're not we're not covering any everything we can but it was really important to me and that's the kind of thing where you have a show called me and you go to a network and say yeah i'm not going to be in 2 episodes at 1st is the complete i roll and then it became clear that it was the best thing for the show. because we're talking about women there's like a few takes on their depiction and then here says one of the 1st episodes of rummy on hulu his 1st intentional date with a muslim woman was how larry yes the scene highlighted aside i'm a lineal 1st generation of women that's rarely shown women can have control of their sexuality and still embody traditional and cultural values so that's a slight teaser for our audience that hasn't seen it but another take this is
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mariam and she says it made me super uncomfortable that romney doesn't have a single how the friendship with any muslim women and she takes a little dig here she says to be honest i wouldn't be surprised if that was the actor romney's in real life experience but it would have been nice to see something aspirational in there so i don't think she actually knows you but romney take take this on she said she's disappointed in that yeah i mean i think that you know there's again there's 10 episodes so we're kind of taking a look at what we can handle and what we can take so i was really interested in seeing gen-u. ine. kind of love between men who are friends i think the narrative often between guys is bro do whatever you can do not get married it's the complete opposite in this show i mean you have friends who are trying to do see the best for their buddy and so in an era of like toxic masculinity i really wanted to highlight men trying to take care of each other and what i believe all his really shined they're trying to get yeah they want the best for him and i believe all his romantic relationships
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are in my mind healthy explorations that bring up thoughtful points so in terms of you know having friend who is platonic in the show i would love to see that and we have 10 episodes and i said 3 of them i'm not even and just because you don't see it you know you also you know don't really see me use the bathroom much in the show but i do you see i really do see all of elements which you can speak sort of really said that you're trying to portray this most t.v. shows don't go into that. and i would just. use the bathroom toys in the show and i swear i use it much more. just because it's not happening and i think you know i get the. you know there's a little bit of like resentment behind that statement i understand i mean this is we're in a male dominated media i can't help that that i am a man and i'm in this situation of being a man comes with it but. not i don't not saying like i'm not saying that like oh
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woe is me you know i get it i and that's why all our hires have been the way that they have i am so excited for any privilege i see for pam and not just is just it is what it is and so when people i want to. i would love to get a 2nd season and make that show or support that show in any way that i can. divest the southern portion. so many one just put a family to be. american so you've got that. just seeing their lies but also divests in the way that the show was cost. to cross the border let me give you a little clip here this was shot by you rami but also 2 of the characters about me the t.v. character and steve romney's t.v. friend it gets complicated in a moment but let's stop here i always appreciate the diverse perspective you 2 brought to this company rami with the mediterranean flair and steve every day you
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reminded me things could be so much worse thank you guys. so that made me laugh a lot but also the character of steve is played by an app called steve way who in real life there's a connection but let me go to. what i don't want to do i wonder if they saw you on instagram this morning they took a screengrab so here's more for america who says one of romney's episodes is about helping his friend steve who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy go on a date probably posted this photo on instagram are they friends in real life yes for how long have they meet this is a picture of us in high school 10 years ago. we graduated in yeah like a month or 2 from now in 2010 years ago. and many a challenge right that. may have known each other since we were like 8 or 9 so i guess i've known him for like 20 years. and he's been just
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a huge part of my life and someone that i always knew was really funny in a really talented comedian that can barely get on stage because of accessibility issues so his access to a career path 1st as mine is like so much more limited and the opportunity to spotlight him on the show is really exciting i've been talking about t.v. ramey and remy he's sitting right in front of us there's a beautiful picture here that i love which is the at who plays i think he's a lighter who plays you as a young. man you directing him in that episode and that's the question about whether how much of romney in the t.v. series is you and how much is your life and how much is your imagination if it's from a conversation today you know it's a bit of. a skewed reality so in real life i think my family when they watch this show that i think they feel of a separation because they're like ok that's not us i tried to imagine
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a family that was a little less communicative than my own and i also tried to imagine my life if i was in a writer and. comicon all these things where i have a creative outlet like what would it look like if i was more stuck or to look like if i was more aimless and how would it feel to be in a slightly different type of family but still have a lot of the feelings that i do and so it's traumatised for that child so a lot of the dynamics between stephen even me and me and me and david plays ahmed are rooted in our real life energy but you know where we take it again is to feed and to grow that interrogation which is to keep this introspective as possible and it's one i want to play video comment we got from someone who wrote this piece because look at the headline who is terrific new series are all me is the show i wish i'd had growing up as a muslim american so the person behind that thing to us this comment can take a look at this this is simeon about the who's that fast company so they're always
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the 1st generation. of the air character it's creeping into the mainstream a generation that hasn't been able to wanted to really explore their identity or vulnerability on screen and is willing to do the work of asking difficult questions of the culture its own strata moments slows contradictions sitting sexy human. so humanizing that experience another person here on you tube this is how the air says i hope the theories can definitely provide a look into the social pressures and cultural stigma that 1st generation people and immigrants grow through which i think our audience is saying you have done so in getting this made what was the biggest challenge there. i think you know we're in a spot where hollywood is actually finally kind of coming around to being excited about these stories. it's why when people like there should be a version of the show with a woman that i'm very sure that that will happen and i'm excited for that to happen
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because i think there's an eagerness that i would see the part that actually is a little bit more difficult to get in the faith stuff and that is the stuff that i really you know fought for and feel really happy with how we got in there i'm just going to end a tweet that you shared my show romney. is now streaming on and this is how i feel can you say that would what is that feeling. and i don't know i can say the word that's why i shared the picture is like my this and i am proud. of the vibe. it's so great having you here on the city thank you so much for the many people reacting online if they haven't watched it i think everyone will want to write the show you can see romney in the u.s. trading on the new right now until next time. thanks a lot. i
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need some people saying that my feelings in the program that they're not really. they aren't real don't you think sound america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android which is one of the more advanced robots in the world can feel that's a philosophical question it's not a lot of what you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. in this life the most incredible stories are often true. and cheering go on experiences. makes the unfamiliar familiar.
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in this life diversity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something great of the soul in this life what i want to use is freedom of expression. the right to mortgage. sean and a lot into the darkness. because are distorting the desire to understand the world. makes us human. and the human condition is universal. makes stories generate thousands of headlines these protests are saying down with the system and down with all of the parts with different angles from different perspectives just because we came to prison doesn't mean right stuff that the gate separate the spin from the facts the western media jumps on stories without taking
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them the misinformation from the journalism it's about telling the stories of those human beings i think up with the listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello from doha everyone i'm come all sons of maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. taking out their anger on the united states protestors in iraq on the american embassy voicing opposition to the recent u.s. airstrikes in iraq and syria. also trapped in australia thousands in the southeast is surrounded by bushfires forcing many to take refuge on.


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