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possible for trump is actually a little late the. counting the cost on al-jazeera. furious protesters break into the u.s. embassy compound in iraq after american warplanes strike a powerful group. jonah all this is al jazeera live from london also coming up red skies and charger in australia as thousands of people are trapped by a bushfire crisis that spiraling out of control. seeking justice muslim women who were detained in chinese in terminal camps say they were abused and forced to have
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abortions. and as the world rushes in a new decade we'll look at the stories that have defined the 2090. iraqi protesters have stormed the compound of america's largest embassy smashing a main door and setting fire to a reception area of people who've been rallying in baghdad's green zone angry at u.s. airstrikes that targeted a powerful iranian backed group on iraqi soil the u.s. says it was only responding to iranian aggression and has also blamed iran for tuesday's unrest but tehran denies it had anything to do with it the pentagon now says it's deploying more troops to baghdad to secure the embassy will be live in washington in a moment but 1st this report from so moment simona fulton. it was supposed to
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be a funeral procession commemorating the $27.00 fighters killed in the latest u.s. air strike but in. that turned into an unequivocal message to the. hundreds perhaps thousands of people are taking part in this procession currently they're marching across the hanging bridge towards the fortified green zone behind me and this is of course where the u.s. embassy is located and that is where they are headed of course this is not just a funeral procession this is a public show of defiance aimed at passing a message towards america that their presence here in iraq is no longer welcome. most of those here are members or supporters of the popular mobilization forces they pay their respects as the bodies pass by and they vow to avenge their deaths and the other on the lives of honor that although this cowardly act was carried out by the us and israel they will pay a high price we will take a strong stand and we will not forget the blood of the martyrs as long as there is
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breath and side of us we will tell them that we are here on the street and we are here to stay and there will be an aggressive response to their bases are not saying . top leaders support this march including. the leader of the biggest bloc in parliament and there is. a lead an insurgency after the us led invasion they vow to use both military and political means to expel the us troops so that the part of the dawn will this embassy has proved its conspires against iraq this is the embassy where they spy on iraq and where they lead to destruction of iraq this is where the saboteurs are supported for months iraqi security forces have guarded the green zone against anti-government protests but this time they appear to have orders to stand down allowing the crowds to pass the checkpoint leading to the u.s. embassy the protesters threw stones and set fire to the outer gates of the embassy the situation appears to be escalating now with hundreds perhaps thousands of
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members of the popular mobilization forces having the leads to the gates of the u.s. embassy there filming stones their earnings release the trying to climb the wall to reach the u.s. embassy compound and they're chanting anti-american slogans they're demanding the waves roll off american troops from iraq prime minister atal of the mahdi has called on protesters to retreat condemning any attack on embassies but the fact that these crowds have been allowed to reach the embassy gates appears to signal the government's implicit endorsement of the message they're trying to send someone a faulty an al jazeera but that. well for more on this story mike hanna joins us live from washington d.c. mike so president trump pointing the finger directly at iran here where things go at this point you suppose well president trump and senior members of his administration including the secretary of state are places all in the context of the u.s. is ongoing conflict with iran both the attacks that sparked off these demonstrations
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and the demonstrations themselves which president tram alleges is being orchestrated by iran but the questions now too about the relationship with iraq now more details have been revealed about the extra forces that have been suddenly deployed to guard the baghdad bureau they we understand are were based in kuwait part of the crisis response group a group of marines and we understand too that they are already on the ground within the baghdad embassy so certainly this was a very speedy deployment and one of the questions is whether the host country had given permission for the deployment as is protocol in these kind of cases but what is very clear is that the u.s. is not accepting iraqi assurances that the u.s. personnel and property will be protected hence this rapid deployment of u.s. troops to bolster the defenses of the baghdad embassy and besides that might
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presumably not a good sign for u.s. iraq relations this either at a time when u.s. influence in the region is somewhat somewhat under pressure. well certainly the relationship with iraq has been fraying for a long period of time and there is the intense and would appear in the trumpet ministration with what they perceive as iraq's in the bill a t. to protect those that once again the trumpet ministrations says have been invited in as guests so this is an ongoing issue the relationship between the u.s. and iraq but basic to the problem is the u.s. seeing iraq it would appear as part of its proxy conflict against iran now this of course is a major issue for iraq iran is one of its closest allies so it is in a situation where it's court between 2 powerful forces those of iran on one side
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and those of the u.s. on the other the iraqi government already and all sorts of pressure from with in the from its own domestic political situation now facing this added pressure of being the focal point of a proxy battle between the u.s. and iran michaela for us in washington d.c. the thanks mark. now precedented push was a creating what is being described as apocalyptic conditions in some eastern parts of australia in the state of new south wales some towns suffer through orange and red haze as bush fires rage out of control officials confirmed another 2 people have been killed by the fires bringing the total fire linked death toll to 12 laura but the reports. as a massive water pyros towards the town of. $4000.00 people fled towards the beach
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those with boats went one step further is now the 5 fronts come through. every one side sound it's got to get out of the dogs up the frog that supplies about i never see them or get. the fire burning cross 730 square kilometers i think day began and could resume it turned day to night this video was recorded at 9 am we're just getting some invisible and i have a name so they reckon that they say. that it's the wards of north east at the moment and it started in the town of no it didn't get me a military there is currently under attack at the moment there's a number of houses we believe was lost in and around that community we've got 3 strike teams sitting in with a community literally standing saw saw with our community at the beach front victoria's premier looked towards the australian defense force for help while fire
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bosses tried to calm residents not just but across the states because a number of communities are actually isolated and again this was a scenario that we forecast a number of days ago so our focus today is very much about how we can get in how we can support those 1000 packed communities in the neighboring states you say. whales scenes repeated the community have come to the local surf club with the ocean as their exit. was a bait day during the new year's holiday coastal towns a popular vacation spots authorities of tens of thousands of holiday makers to go home or cancel their plans this is a very unfair evacuation center. is really bad it's hard. apocalyptic this is the middle of a very. major cities of the state the choking smoke and flames on monday 100000 people were urged to evacuate from 5 melbourne suburb of trading is one
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more season is breaking records. the 1st major fire started in early september before the arrival of spring the product of storing temperatures dry ground and strong winds they've now destroyed more than 40000 square kilometers of land at any given time dozens hundreds of fires are burning and the full heat of summer has yet to arrive. out as they are well australia's biggest city sydney has welcomed the new year with tens of thousands of far works that's despite controversy over whether the huge fireworks display should have gone ahead as firefighters battle massive bushfires around the city flags on sydney harbor bridge of been flying at half mast for the 12 people who've been killed in the fires 1000000 people gathered around the harbor for the dazzling display of power a technics. and meanwhile new year celebrations in hong kong have been scaled back
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the famous big traditional fireworks display was significantly reduced due to security concerns the city is bracing for more protests times to disrupt new year festivities and tea china demonstrations are now in their 6th month. to fear gopalan a small. happy new year and this is happy new year hong kong style here i am at the waterfront usually this place is teeming with surest with the revelers watching those yearly fireworks as though you were talking about which have been canceled instead what they did see was a very brief laser light show and a few fireworks from rooftops there's been a call out for protesters to come gather here throughout the day we've seen protests across the city and through 29000 style disrupting shopping malls disrupting road setting up barricades but mostly what we've been seeing is skirmishes here and there 'd right police out in full force there about 6000 of
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them now the authorities have tried very hard to make sure that we don't see much protest here and protesters we've spoken to many of them who have come out without their masks have come out some of them have put on their master mostly that just been shouting slogans so even as those fireworks at the laser light display was going on people were still standing shouting fight for hong kong stand with hong kong we still saw flags calling for independence for hong kong the you know the national what they're calling the protest anthem glory to hong kong was being sung throughout the evening there are still a lot scipio around many of the protesters mingling with the hong kong people and tourists here. still to come this half hour on al-jazeera we go live to paris where french president emmanuel mccall has been addressing the nation after a target of 2019. and breaking bail the form a new sound card chieftaincy played corruption charges in japan.
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and i guess some very unsettled weather still across more eastern sections of the mediterranean quite a bit account as well to streaming in from little to cross the tools the south across into europe and what we have has is some fog quite a lot of folk across central regions and has some fog in london this is the richmond park in west london you can see the day ahead and also liked is getting them morning activity but sunny quite a bit of cloud in the full cost now wednesday new year's day not about told in london it should be clear there should be so my sunshine 7 in paris cool in 0 and we have still got my system working its way not so much for the eastern med though into shot as that really pushing as you can see through turkey taking the rain and the snow with it to maybe just wanted to stay flurries into western areas of russia more snow across the north as we head through thursday and very little change
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across much of that snow really beginning to accumulate it is mile thursday across the west the winds coming in from the west 11 degrees in london quite a cloudy day meanwhile hold on africa those rain showers very slow to carry away from the coast of libya you can see here and also we could see one and really wednesday and thursday and he's coastal areas of egypt is also keeping things cooler but it should be dry. with a high of 60. almost the last time you out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system we do walk through each and every club or layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say retention has to start from day one whether again you and attention or you incarcerate this is a dialogue everyone has a voice so far there are studies that support our coverage will be varying accounts
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but i want to give people the reason for joining the cloven combination amount is iraq. welcome back a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera iraqi protesters have stormed the compound of the u.s. embassy in baghdad smashing a main door and setting fire to a reception area. president bush creating what are being described as apocalyptic conditions in some of the eastern parts of australia where 2 more people have been killed. the new year's eve fireworks display in hong kong was
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significantly scaled down following security concerns over more and t. chinese protests. are muslim women formerly held in northwest china's detention camps of accused all florida is there of abuse and forcing them to have abortions as well as we go muslims ethnic kazakhs are also being sent to the camps in part 2 now of our special series a summer binge of aid spoke to some kazakhs who say they feel there's nothing they can do to bring their abusers to justice. on this wall in the in kazakhstan are the faces of people who were held in china relative say they're being held in internment camps but beijing called reeducation camps to counter what it calls extremism goes here was held in such a camp she didn't talk about her experience until after she'd been awarded citizenship in kazakhstan she says abuse she suffered has scarred her for life and she frequently suffers headaches. when i was crossing the border they saw i am
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using whatsapp i was detained and sent for thera medical test they found i am pregnant and forced me to abort after the abortion they isolated me in a clinic they gave me some medicine which they said was for tuberculosis i don't know what it was members of the turkey community accuse chinese authorities of using abortions as a weapon against muslims either women afraid to reveal their identities have also told al jazeera about abuse at the camps the relative safe haven in kazakhstan is only for its nationals and does not apply to ethnic conflicts or chinese nationals and that's among the causes creating empty china sentiment inside cars because. dozens of people were arrested in neutral tunnel monte during in mt sinai demonstration in september these men crossed illegally into gaza to stand after the reportedly face terrorist meant by chinese authorities said mr han and when i get him only now risk being sent back to china activists say events like this fuel and to sign a sentiment and kazakhstan should not roll over for its powerful neighbor if it
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nick. jews are prosecuted mass massively prosecuted for example in russia in europe israel states they will talk against of its government must defend any ethnic cousin in the world this analysts working with a government funded think tank says the china kazakhstan relationship is a delicate subject the message china's internal affairs but a sometimes if you take take into account the united nations motions on there we go if you're callous. answer position was quite pragmatic and we abstain from voting. on. this motion so we have more independent stance and by the same time we realize that your political reality so i believe it's. a style diplomacy where we try to sustain the relation the same time show our case some question why should kazakhstan oppose china with which it shares a 700 kilometer border when other muslim majority countries support beijing earlier
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this year more than a dozen member countries of the organization of islamic cooperation or i.c. signed a statement in favor of china's policies commenting on internment camps the chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman has said the reagan ethnicity is part of the big family consisting of 56 ethnic groups in china tightly united together like the seeds of a pomegranate they're living a better life and fully enjoy freedom and rights china also enjoys friendly and close relations with the vast majority of muslim countries in the world. many of because exceed china's violating human rights on a large scale in the name of fighting terrorism they say their next generation has been killed before birth and their muslim identity is being systematically erased yet the argue there is no leader from the islamic world standing up to support them . some injury down to 0 a mighty god stand well it's been a difficult year for france's president a man or woman who's been giving his annual new year's address to the nation
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a country has been paralyzed by strikes in opposition to his pension reforms we can cross now to natasha's in paris or wanted. to say. well the french president struck a rather conciliatory note as he addressed the crisis over pension reforms in france in his new year's eve address now of course for nearly a month and the hour protestors in france have been demonstrating against the government's proposals to overhaul the pension system people are worried that this overhaul is going to mean they're going to be working for longer or they're going to have their pension payouts reduced up to now the french president has actually been quite silent about this crisis he's not been involved he's left that to the prime minister but there was real pressure on him to speak out in this new year's eves address and what he basically said was that he understood people's fears he understood that people were concerned and he respected people's rights to protest
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but he see was trying to really assure the nation and these reforms are necessary said since he became president in 2017 that he has been transforming the france that he's been trying to create more economic prosperity in these reforms are really in that line and he said that the pension reforms will be seen through he will not back down on them but really they are for everybody's benefit because it is going to create a system that is fair and he said and more more equal for all french people so conciliatory language but he's not backing down how likely is all of this to defuse tensions to calm the protests in the. well michael would certainly hope that this speech is going to try and calm tensions he was certainly in using that conciliatory language trying to reach out trying to say that he understands people but i think there's no doubt that macro knows that he is
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unlikely to win over the many protesters who say that the only thing that will stop them protesting the will make them go back to work when they've been striking is that the government actually scrapped this reform law that's what many protesters want him out on macro knows that he's not going to be able to change their minds but what he'll perhaps want to do is try and reach out to some of the more moderate trade union leaders he has called on the governments and the trade union leaders in his speech to try and come up with some compromises when they resume their talks and negotiations on january the 7th and also perhaps be trying to appeal to the heart of the french population according to opinion polls who actually do not support the strike. in paris their thank you. the former chairman of car giant nisson says he fled to lebanon from japan to escape justice and political persecution carlos ghosn was arrested in tokyo in 2018 on charges of
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financial misconduct but released under strict conditions including a ban on leaving japan his lawyer said his legal team held 3 of those passports of called his behavior inexcusable goan holds a lebanese french and brazilian citizenship al-jazeera as mohammed germ jhoom is outside one of those residences in beirut he explains what the government had to say about his departure. we now have confirmation from the lebanese government that mr going is indeed in lebanon there was a statement that was issued by a lebanese general security it's a very brief statement it reads carlos go in has entered beirut in a legitimate way and there is no need to pursue him legally i guess that really puts to bed the question as to if the lebanese authorities are going to be cooperating with any request by the japanese to perhaps extradite mr goh and of course you know now because you know there is no extradition treaty between japan and lebanon so that adds to the murkiness around this case we are indeed right now
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in eastern beirut it's a rainy day where in the neighborhood i should be a behind me is one of the houses own by mr goh and we do not know if he is indeed there there is a bit of a security presence here right now one car from the internal security forces and a few of their police people that are here guarding this house but there's been no other incidents to speak of out here today now there was a statement issued by mr goh in spokesperson in france several hours ago he had said that he was not fleeing justice but in fact he was escaping injustice now i'm paraphrasing there so let me read you a little bit more of what his statement said mr go and said i am now in lebanon i am no longer hostage to a biased japanese judicial system where the presumption of guilt prevails where discrimination is widespread and where human rights are violated this in total disregard of the laws and international treaties that japan has ratified and which it is bound to respect and i go in court has frozen the assets of africa's richest woman as part of a corruption investigation isabel dos santos is
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a businesswoman and the billionaire daughter of former president eduardo song dos santos assets owned by her husband and a business associate have also been frozen the move follows an injunction filed by the angolan government to recover around a $1000000000.00 in funds that it says is owed by dos santos and her associates. and i very close quarter sentenced former cabinet minister and armed group leader sharp blade good day to 20 years in prison on murder rape and torture charges he's conviction relates to the 2010 ivorian civil war in which around 3000 people were killed the unrest began when blair good days ally former ivorian president laurent gbagbo refused to concede defeat to current leader. tara blair good day was sentenced in absentia as he's currently in the netherlands fighting another case at the international criminal court now the world is celebrating the daughter of
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a new decade let's take you to some of the biggest cities welcoming 2020. 1 of the 1st places to celebrate was new zealand where a fireworks display was held in or planned 500 kilograms of pyrotechnics we used in the 5 minute sky show and in central pyongyang there was he was the focal point for north korea's new year party dancers singers and a fireworks display there were all part of the show. and to taiwan's tallest skyscraper the taipei 101 tower it was the focus of another elaborate fireworks display thousands of people there joined in the celebrations. and the world saying goodbye to 2019 a year when people across the globe rose up against their governments in some nations that brought an end to the rule of dictators and others young people stood
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up to demand more action to save the planet as the year draws to a close we take a look at some of $29.00 teams biggest stories. demonstrators united the opposition to a proposed extradition. now he's the summer of office contact. parties to say has become about much more than a proposed law was i to about the future of this city. the way the political and social unrest is sweeping south america. in super they talk about it i think i one way you don't is the man that challenges his illegitimacy on some day he's still the president of bolivia why did they choose de was out of the mix so. this is how the end of 30 years of rule looked when president already this year was deposed. after 18 months of
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protest and 4 months of negotiation sudan's rigging military hunt down and the opposition coalition came to find a power sharing deal. protests time to celebrations at the news and both of his resignation. it's not about where you are legion says mind this deeply divided sectarian countries. all walks of life are united against the political leadership . panic among the crowds of protesters as gunfire echoes around central baghdad protesters say they want to live in an independent iraq not the puppet of the united states. people are dying entire eco systems are collapsing we are in the beginning
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of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is the money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth how dare you. churches on one of the most important days of the christian calendar. this is what the end of isis self declared caliphate looks like. a move. i'll bet daddy is dead. i heard china's now run out. boris johnson return to downing street triumphant the conservatives have redrawn britain's political map. the result was never in doubt article one is adopting children is the 3rd u.s. president in history to be impeached it's a disgrace a nobel prize winner playing for years by the military now the thing with them and
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herself against charges of genocide. this is a war on the video pins. especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of. this girl is so obviously is so hot he says. from the top stories of 29 teams of the top stories here on al-jazeera in iraq protesters of stormed the compound of the biggest u.s. embassy in baghdad smashing a main door and setting fire to a reception area thousands of people have been rallying angry at the u.s.
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for its airstrikes targeting a powerful iranian backed group on iraq is soil the u.s. has sent marines to protect the embassy mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . see more details have been revealed about the extra forces that have been suddenly deployed to guard the baghdad bureau they we understand are based in kuwait part of the crisis response group a group of marines and we understand too that they are already on the ground within the baghdad embassy so certainly this was a very speedy deployment and one of the questions is whether the host country had given permission for the deployment as is protocol in these kind of cases unprecedented bushfires are creating what are being described as apocalyptic conditions in some parts of eastern australia in the state of new south wales some towns suffered through orange and red haze as bush fires rage out of control
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officials confirmed another 2 people have been killed. new year's celebrations in hong kong were scaled back after security concerns a famous big traditional firework display was significantly reduced hong kong is bracing for more anti chinese protests timed to disrupt new year's festivities. the former chairman of car giant says he fled to lebanon from japan to escape injustice and political persecution carlos ghosn was arrested in tokyo in 2018 on charges of financial misconduct but he was released under strict bail conditions including a ban on leaving japan or boroughs where the headlines the stream is next to discussing the latest casting controversy in hollywood.
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i found the ok on you in the strain today a british actress playing an iconic american abolitionist while people saying hash tag not my how it don't forget to tweet us and send us your comments on you tube during the live conversation but before we get started take a look at this. you've got to be leaving. that don't stop. in the stars just about the rest of. this. show kind of. easy i'm listening.
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