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of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is in the 21st century truth of a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. be with us i'm joe hall and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. protestors break into the u.s. embassy compound in iraq after american warplanes strike up a houseful shia group. red skies and charger in australia as thousands of people are trapped by a bushfire crisis but spiraling out of control. seeking justice muslim
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women who were detained in chinese in terminal camp say they were abused and forced to have abortions. and as the world ushers in a new decade we look at the stories that have defined 2090. i'm porous with the sport in doha where the new decade has just begun disappearance of a football this father colombia's a world cup midfielder. some head of the country's army. iraqi protesters have stormed the compound of america's largest embassy smashing a main door and setting fire to a reception area thousands of people have been rallying in baghdad's green zone angry at u.s. airstrikes that targeted a powerful iranian backed group on iraqi soil the. u.s.
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says it was only responding to iranian aggression and has also blamed iran for tuesday's on the wrist but tehran denies it had anything to do with it the pentagon now says it's deploying more troops to secure the embassy will be live in washington in just a moment but 1st this report from simona fulton. oh oh angry and determined they marched across the river tigris through unmanned checkpoints into the heart of the fortified green zone thousands of members of the iranian backed popular mobilization forces and their supporters surrounded the compound of the u.s. embassy to deliver a stern warning notice on a night out there this is a message to trump and to the american embassy and consulate in baghdad. watch out you have touched our soldiers and our brothers they said fires at the outer gates as they try to get inside the embassy grounds the situation appears to be escalating now live hundreds perhaps thousands of members of the popular
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mobilization for setting the beach to the close of the u.s. embassy there rolling stones there burning ceased the trying to climb the wall to reach the u.s. embassy compound and they're chanting anti-american slogans they're demanding that we've told all american troops from iraq. the action is in response to u.s. airstrikes that killed dozens of fighters from the hezbollah brigades which form part of the popular mobilization of forces it all began as a funeral procession to honor those killed crowds pay their respects as the bodies passed by and vowed to avenge their deaths and the other on the net although this cowardly act was carried out by the u.s. and israel they will pay a high price we will take a strong stand and we will not forget the blood of the martyrs as long as there's breath inside of us we will tell them that we are here on the streets and we are here to stay and there will be an aggressive response to them their pieces are not safe. top. they're supported this march including hardy el armory the leader of the
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biggest bloc in parliament and there is kaiser has early bulletin insurgency after the us led invasion in 2003 they pledged to use both military and political means to expel u.s. troops that are now as a part of the dharma this embassy has proved its conspires against iraq this is the embassy where they spy on iraq and where they lead to destruction of iraq this is where the saboteurs are supported the u.s. embassy is located in the heavily fortified green zone for months iraqi security forces have guarded it against anti-government protesters but this time they appear to have orders to stand down the prime minister has condemned the attack on the embassy but the fact that these crowds have been allowed to reach the embassy gates appears to signal the government's implicit endorsement of the message they're trying to send iran has strong relations not only with the security groups that we talk about that we talk about but also with the political groups with the
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institutions with state and state actors inside iraq and across the political spectrum from. and kurdish groups. through loudspeakers crowds in tahrir square who've camped out for months to protest against the government and the iranian influence renounced any connection to the group that entered the green zone this attack on the u.s. embassy could turn into a diplomatic crisis many fear it could be the beginning of an escalating proxy war between the u.s. and iran on iraqi soil see want a full teen al-jazeera baghdad. where u.s. president donald trump has discussed the attack with iraq's prime minister. marty let's get more now from gabriel elizondo who's in washington d.c. for us to break talk about president trump and promised america. we're just hearing from the white house in that confirmation that this phone discussion
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between the 2 leaders occurred and according to a brief readout from the white house president trump and prime minister monti discussed regional security issues but also according to the white house trump emphasized to the prime minister the need for iraq to protect u.s. property and diplomatic missions within iraq but also to protect u.s. personnel as well that's what we're hearing initially at least from the white house this shouldn't be too much of a surprise that these 2 leaders spoke on the phone because earlier on tuesday secretary of state might pompei also held phone calls with both the president and the prime minister of iraq stressed a basically the same thing stressing that iraq needed to protect u.s. diplomatic missions in iraq in there and the embassy as well as personnel where does this go from here from washington's perspective i think what you've seen on tuesday is really 2 things number one you saw sort of shock that
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these protesters were able to get right up to the front door of the u.s. embassy that's when you saw this fairly rapid deployment of what we think was about $100.00 u.s. marines who were already based in the region that were sent to the embassy we believe that they are there now helping to secure the facility there so there's an immediate need to protect the u.s. embassy but then you're also hearing from washington also questions on how is this allowed to happen what security measures were breached and how were these protesters able to get so close to the u.s. embassy inside this heavily fortified green zone that you go through multiple layers of checkpoints to get to the u.s. embassy so there are some serious questions being asked by not only administration officials but also republican and democratic lawmakers as well saying they want answers to this cult. moving forward to see what the u.s. needs to do to change any sort of security procedures going forward diplomatic
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incident is putting it mildly presumably what is this likely to do how difficult is this going to be for u.s. iraq relations 2 key allies another very important relationship in the region for the united states of course. without a doubt i mean all of the word coming from the administration on tuesday was pointing the finger at iran let's be clear on that the ministration says that iran is behind these protests and that they're holding iran responsible however as you very clearly mention a relations between the u.s. and iraq have been fraying for some time now and the u.s. has made it very clear that they are now putting a lot of pressure on iraq to basically make a decision are you with iran which iran is a very close if not the closest ally of iraq or are you with us that meaning that's from u.s. officials are you with us meaning washington and the united states here that's going to put iran in a very difficult position i'm sorry iraq in
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a very difficult position getting pressure from both iran and from the united states but clearly you're seeing that this is not going to make the situation between the u.s. and iraqi any easier we've seen a tweet for example from lindsey graham the powerful republican senator he basically said our message to the iraqi people is this is your moment he tweeted to convince the american people if the u.s. iraq relationship is meaningful and worth protecting lindsey graham going on to tweet protect our american personnel in your country you will not regret it so very clear words those are words that tweet from lindsey graham really echoing the sentiment from many lawmakers and many administration officials saying iraq you must protect our personnel in the country or else there could be some consequences here that make no doubt about it this is now a political crisis between iraq and the united states without a doubt ok. washington bureau thanks very much for that and we need to
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michael prejudged who's on skype for us middle east analyst and senior fellow at hudson university is also a former u.s. intelligence officer a military adviser who's served extensively in iraq thanks for joining us. on skype. many questions to be answered there as gabe was outlining what is it i want to you about u.s. influence in iraq that this crowd chanting death to america was able to breach the at least the outer sort of primitive prim primitive defenses of what must be some of the toughest defenses of any installation or embassy in the world and supposedly doing it with the acquiescence or connivance of the iraqi military a pretty extraordinary set of circumstances. yes there's video thanks for having me on there's video showing the militias this isn't the only rocky protests these are uniform militias that answer directly to casa santa marta there's
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a video of them knocking on the gates and basically that the gates open and the militias roll and they push it push aside a couple iraqi security force personnel and they just move in if you look at the individuals in the crowd on sort of the u.s. embassy compound there are 2 of them are designated terrorists and that's case because ali you know who many on one hand as the leader of khatami's bora the militia that's not only kill iraqi protesters in tahrir square but as you sponsible chilling the american at the k. when their votes were not only that attacking an iraqi air base and injuring iraqi security force now this government needs to decide is it an ally of the united states in the fight against isis or is it a puppet state of tehran specifically custom someone in the supreme leader because instead of condemning it doesn't a terrorist organization like the time was well off it condemned the united states
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for selecting a target on the border between iraq and syria where he told his followers been moving rockets and missiles into syria to fire back israel yes the target was selected we could have selected more controversial targets but that's the target we selected today's demonstrations are orchestrated by customs illinois they were facilitated by the iraqi government and this militia conglomerate they do represent the largest voting bloc in your walks council representatives to be in a park and they decide who the next prime minister will be they will decide the route future relationship to the united states and they're all trying to pressure the other parties that exit the u.s. based on is. giving attack against iraq's sovereignty when the only attack against iraq's sovereignty is actually come from iraq. you talk about this being a government that's got to make up its mind where it wants to put all its eggs if you like what are its competing interests on the ground where
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a it's interests best served as you see them with the united states or with iran. have the luxury of having both the us a secure $30000000000.00 loan guarantees united states for why it's training equipment money and intelligence to an iraqi security force that has been co-opted by custom civil monies militias there are photos today of iraqi security force members are vandalizing the us customs so long as militias have said we can wear any uniform within iraq the security force is united states has an opportunity here to tell baghdad that we will stop the u.s. train and equip program we will not guarantee loans and that will help rebuild your economy and we will show a disfavored campaign towards baghdad while supporting the protesters again the protesters outside of the green zone. are protesting the very same militias that have been cheering them that are protesting outside the us embassy they want your
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run out they say things like iraq iran bamma which means iraq is free and iran should be out we need to listen to them we need to have a disclaimer campaign with baghdad until they arrest people white i will bet your mohandas and maybe even legal this militia thomasville law cousin so the money should not be allowed to step foot inside of iraq it goes around to in selfies everywhere michael let's talk about let's talk about u.s. policy in the region if we can for a moment because the overall sort of us policy of trying to pile pressure high on the government in tehran with ever increasing sanctions trying to force its compliance doesn't appear to be working this war against a conflict against iran backed proxies it is only escalating and now as we say bringing up tensions between the u.s. and such an important ally in the region iraq. i disagree maximum pressure campaign
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is working this event that's happening now could have happened at any time while we were in the iran deal too to include under president obama if the obama administration would have targeted the top of a law based on harassing attacks catawbas a lot was conducted against americans during the isis campaign onset of 2014 in 2015 we would have seen similar protests you bomb administration ignored what he told his while i was doing the trumpet ministration 'd ignored what he taught his boy was doing until it killed an american and so so money tested a red line so the maximum pressure campaign is working and you expect to see things like this from where it is a regime that has been doing this for 40 years before the iran deal there was the barracks in lebanon in beirut before the iran duo there were the militias that are chilling americans during your iraq war before the iran deal there were limits as the law there's a lot of things appreciate the iran deal in mexico
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a pressure campaign has made it very tough on the regime to sustain its military activities outside of iran and this is simply an iran trying to exert its power over iraq because they're hoping opposite u.s. secondary sanctions by penetrating iraq's economic sectors united states can hurt iran by showing a disfavor campaign with baghdad telling baghdad it will no longer be protected and that u.s. the u.s. could start saying in iraq's economic sectors tied to corrupt politicians in favor of tehran over baghdad ok overinvolved and that's what these protests are all about iraq these are saying enough of this enough of corrupt iraqi politicians they read tehran over iraq ok michael preaching to quit going to have to leave it there thanks very much for coming on the program this is the fair and still to come on a our jazeera news hour. dicing with the traffic we meet the colombian teenagers risking their lives in one of the world's most dangerous extreme sports. and
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exactly 20 years after bloody mir putin came to power we look back at 2 decades of russia's strongman. and brotherly love for the boxers the most valuable player in the n.b.a. shocks his own family with his brilliance or we'll have more later. unprecedented bushfires are creating apocalyptic conditions in some eastern parts of australia in the state of new south wales some towns suffered through orange and red haze as bush fires raged out of control officials confirmed another 2 people have been killed by fires bringing the total death toll to 12 laura birdman the reports. as a massive water pyros towards the town of. $4000.00 people fled towards the beach those with boats went one step further as now the 5 fronts come through. every one
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side the sound got the gas the jobs up the crowd that supplies the never say them or get. the fire burning across 730 square kilometers i think day began and could resume it turned day to night this video was recorded. we're just getting some invisible and i have a new site i reckon that they say. that is getting towards the middle east at the moment and it's starting the town of military to get me a military there is currently under attack at the moment there's a number of houses we believe was lost in and around that community we've got 3 structure i'm sitting in with a community literally standing saw us all with our community at the beach front victoria's premier looked towards the australian defense force for help while fire bosses try to calm residents not just but across the states but
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a number of communities are actually isolated and again this was a scenario that we forecast a number of guys ago so our focus today is very much about how we can get in how we can support those 1000 packed communities in the neighboring state new south wales scenes repeated the community has come to the local surf club with the ocean as their access and this was a bait during the new year's holiday coastal towns a popular vacation spots authorities of tens of thousands of holidaymakers to go home or cancel that plan this is a very unfair evacuation center if work is really bad it's hard to be. a popular pick this is the middle of a very. major cities of dorset. state the choking smoke and flames on monday 100000 people were urged to evacuate from 5 melbourne suburb of radius one
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last season it's great. the 1st major fires started in early september before the arrival of spring the product of storing temperatures dry ground and strong winds they've now destroyed more than 40000 square kilometers of land at any given time dozens hundreds of fires the burning and the full heat of summer has yet to arrive nor about them early out as they are well meanwhile australia's largest city sydney has welcomed the new year with tens of thousands of fireworks despite controversy over whether the huge fireworks display should have gone ahead at all as firefighters battle massive bushfires around the city flags on sydney harbor bridge have been flying at half mast for the 12 people who've been killed by the fires so far 1000000 people gathered around the harbor for the dazzling display of pyrotechnics. the new year celebrations have also gone on in hong kong but they've
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been scaled back the famous big traditional firework display was significantly reduced due to security concerns and to china demonstrations have dominated the city for months and many protesters have said they won't be stopped by new year festivities police are accused to have used tear gas to disperse crowds marching into central on call florence loury reports. away from the new year festivities away from the new on the chopping streets of hong kong protesters have gathered here outside a subway station this protest is to mark 4 months since police stormed the subway station images from that day show police hitting people with back to firing pepper spray causes by well caught up in the violence now and bit that incident angered a lot of people here who have accused police of using excessive force now one of the dumond's that protesters have been making since the start of the protest nearly 7 months ago is greater unease accountability. they want an independent
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investigation into alleged police misconduct in january a preliminary report is due by the police watchdog but protesters say that is not enough because they deemed that agency like the independent now there's no indication that the government is ready to meet this to launch and processes have said they will continue with that push for more protests into the new year. well chinese president xi jinping used his new year's address to call for stability in hong kong. since you know the situation in hong kong has been everybody's concern over the past few months without a harmonious and stable environment how can there be a home where people can live and we're capably we sincerely hope the beast of hong kong and its competitor it's a prosperous and stable hong kong is the expiration of hong kong's compatriots as well is the expectation of the people of the motherland. taiwan's parliament has
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passed a controversial law the names to counter chinese influence on the self ruled ireland the anti infiltration bill bans foreign forces from influential activities including spreading fake news related to elections violators face a maximum 5 year prison sentence and a fine of up to $330000.00 the bill was pushed by president ling whens ruling party less than 2 weeks before taiwan elects a new president. women formerly held in northwest china's detention camps of accused or thought is there of abuse and forcing them to have abortions as well as we go muslims ethnic kazakhs are also being sent to the camps in part 2 of our special series or some a binge of aid spoke to some cousin acts who say they feel there is nothing they can do to bring their abusers to justice. on this wall in the in kazakhstan are the faces of people who were held in china relative say they're being held in
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internment camps with beijing called reeducation camps to counter what it calls extremism goes here was held in such a camp she didn't talk about her experience until after she'd been awarded citizenship in kazakhstan she says abuse she suffered has scarred her for life and she frequently suffers headaches. when i was crossing the border they saw i am using whatsapp i was detained and sent for thera medical test they found i am pregnant and forced me to abort after the abortion they isolated me in a clinic they gave me some medicine which they said was for tuberculosis i don't know what it was members of the turkey community accuse chinese authorities of using abortions as a weapon against muslims either women afraid to reveal their identities have also told al jazeera about abuse at the camps the relative safe haven in kazakhstan is only for its nationals and does not apply to ethnic conflicts or chinese nationals and that's among the causes creating empty china sentiment inside cars because.
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dozens of people were arrested in neutral tunnel monte during in mt sinai demonstration in september these men crossed illegally into gaza to stand after the reportedly face terrorist meant by chinese authorities. and where i get him only now risk being sent back to china activists see events like this fuel and to sign a sentiment and kazakhstan should not roll over for its powerful neighbor if it nick. jews prosecutor mass massively a prosecutor for example in russia in europe israel states they will talk against of its government was different any it doesn't in the world this analysts working with a government funded think tank says the china kazakhstan relationship is a delicate subject as a domestic chinese internal affairs but a center if you take take into account the united nations motions on there we go if your stance or position. was quite pragmatic and we abstain from voting. on. this motion so we have more independent stance and about the same time where realize
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that your political reality so i believe it's. a style diplomacy where we try to sustain their illusion the same time show our case some question why should kazakhstan oppose china with which it shares a 700 kilometer border when other muslim majority countries support beijing earlier this year more than a dozen member countries of the organization of islamic cooperation or i.c. signed a statement in favor of china's policies commenting on internment camps the chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman has said the reagan ethnicity is part of the big family consisting of 56 ethnic groups in china tightly united together like the seeds of a pomegranate they're living a better life and fully enjoy freedom and rights china also enjoys friendly and close relations with the vast majority of muslim countries in the world. many of because exceed china's violating human rights on a large scale in the name of fighting terrorism they say their next generation has been killed before birth and their muslim identity is being systematically erased
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yet they argue there is no leader from the islamic world standing up to support them. some of the job without a 0 marty kazakhstan. the main opposition party in bangladesh has held a rally in complaining demanding a rerun of last year's election at least a dozen people were injured during protests on monday when police stopped people from marching to the prime minister's office time to chandra was there on tuesday at the rally. this is the product of protest by the united opposition alliance and the leftist parties in bangladesh across the country their main protest is about 11 parliamentary elections that took place on december 2018 months. everyday people are facing various kinds of problems and the government is unable to soviets this government is an elected and illegitimate they should let go of the
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power and hold an election a democratic process on the same by the leftist party united tried to brought out a process and the prime minister's office was confronted by the police and there was a major clash at least dozens of people were injured and freeway. in bangladesh there is no democracy now the present government is unelected and illegitimate we all rejected the last election and demand a new election under a neutral caretaker government yesterday police attacked us in a peaceful protest rally many were injured which is why we're here to protest. the government is saying they came here with a public mandate the election was free and fair oh boy it's making them nervous that i want to united vote and by the opposition party against the government right now consider it as luck to face rape without knowing a crisis and what's going on across the border last thing they want to see
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a political movement in bangladesh. plentiful read on the al-jazeera news including . breaking bail the former. chief who's fled corruption. charges in japan. france's president doubles down on his pension reform plan as he delivers his traditional new year's address. and knighted for services to his sport pool will be here with more on the coach receiving portugal's hardest on. and i guess i'm very unsettled weather still across more eastern sections of the mediterranean quite a bit account as well to streaming in from little to cross the tools the south across into europe and what we have has is some fog quite a lot of folk across central regions and has some fog in london this is the
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richmond park in west london you can see the day ahead and also the line disliked is getting them a warning activity but a sunny quite a bit of cloud in the full cost now wednesday new year's day not about. in london it should be clear that she was in a sunshine 7 in paris cooler in 08 and we have still got my system working its way not so much for the eastern med though into shadows but really pushing as you can see through turkey taking the rain and the snow with it or maybe just wanted to stay flows into western areas of russia more snow across the north as we head through thursday and very little change across much of that snow really beginning to accumulate it is mild thursday across the west the winds coming in from the west 11 degrees in london quite a cloudy day meanwhile hold on africa those rain showers very slow to carry away from the coast of libya you can see here and also we could see one and really wednesday and thursday and he's coastal areas of egypt is also keeping things cooler but it should be drawn in shipley with a high of 60. the
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pollution is palpable. delis shares the symptoms of many modern metropolis but its unique features have been gotten a crisis. people in power investigates the toxic mix feeding the city's invisible killer and asks why more is not being done to relieve its citizens the least deadly aired on al-jazeera. from some rise to some say. across asia. the pacific. explorer i'm told and fascinating stories. of diverse cultures. and conflicting politics.
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one on one east on al-jazeera. welcome back as a reminder of our top stories on al-jazeera iraq protesters have stormed the compound of the u.s. embassy in baghdad smashing a main door and setting fire to a reception area. president bush fires are creating what is being described as of apocalyptic conditions in some of the eastern parts of australia with 2 more people have been killed. a new year's eve firework display in hong kong was significantly scaled back following security. concerns over more anti chinese protests.
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the former chairman of car giant nissen says he fled to lebanon from japan to quote escape injustice and political persecution. and was arrested in tokyo in 2018 on charges of financial misconduct but released under strict bail conditions including a ban on leaving japan is lawyer said his legal team held 3 of goans passports and called his behavior inexcusable holds lebanese french and brazilian citizenship or algiers moment jam jhoom is outside one of those residences in beirut he explains what the government had to say about his departure. we now have confirmation from the lebanese government that mr going is indeed in lebanon there was a statement that was issued by a lebanese general security it's a very brief statement it reads carlos cohen has entered beirut in a legitimate way and there is no need to pursue him legally i guess that really
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puts to bed the question as to if the lebanese authorities are going to be cooperating with any request by the japanese to perhaps extradite mr goh and of course you know now because you know there is no extradition treaty between japan and lebanon so that adds to the murkiness around this case we are indeed right now in eastern beirut it's a rainy day where in the neighborhood a ship be a behind me is one of the houses own by mr goh and we do not know if he is indeed there there is a bit of a security presence here right now one car from the internal security forces and a few of their police people that are here guarding this house but there's been no other incidents to speak of out here today now there was a statement issued by mr goh in spokesperson in france several hours ago he had said that he was not fleeing justice but in fact he was escaping injustice now i'm paraphrasing there so let me read you a little bit more of what his statement said mr go and said i am now in lebanon i am no longer hostage to a biased japanese judicial system where the presumption of guilt prevails where
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discrimination is widespread and where human rights are violated this in total disregard of the laws and international treaties that japan has ratified and which it is bound to respect and i go in and cold those frozen the assets of africa's richest woman as part of a corruption investigation isabel dos santos is a businesswoman and the billionaire daughter of former president eduardo dos santos assets owned by her husband and a business associate have also been frozen and goannas government has filed an injunction to recover around a $1000000000.00 in fines of the allegedly owed by dos santos and her associates. french president emanuel macron has called for calm across the nation in his new year's address protests over plans to raise the retirement age have prompted lawyers teachers and even musicians to strike that reports from paris. it was an unusual protest against the french government's planned pension reforms
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members of the paris opera orchestra played a concert to demonstrate against the proposals. we would do to show that our job is to play music and it makes us all happy dof we've been forced to strike for a month and cancel $45.00 performances for needy 4 weeks people including lawyers teachers health workers and even ballerinas have demonstrated against the government's plans fearing their pensions will be reduced and they'll be forced to work longer transport workers strike has disrupted rail bus and line services the french president has been under pressure to break his silence over the protests in his new speech to try to diffuse the crisis. make no mistake on this important subject that so close to french people to hearts an identity i hear their fears and anxieties i also hear many lies and manipulation car must always rise in calm doesn't mean backing down but respect each other's differences by only compass is
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and will be the interests of our country macrame hope that his speech will end the protests but workers at this trade union meeting in paris said they wouldn't back down many of the workers damaged here have been on strike since the beginning of december and they say the only thing they would persuade them to go back to work and end their protest would be if the government was describe its pension reform plans they said we started to strike and we plan to finish it because as long as the government doesn't restore to reform we'll continue to struggle you're not the only ones this analyst says that macro has failed to convince some people that the reforms are necessary has not managed to isolate the strikers because refer the pension system is everybody's problem and he hasn't been convincing enough i think the lack of trust in the politicians. word in france at the moment is very deep and that's the main problem with don't worry everything will be ok you're not
12:38 am
going to lose in this reform people don't trust him. micro has a record of pushing through controversial reforms but this one is proving particularly challenging the government says the changes would modernize the pension system make it fairer and save public money it will resume negotiations with trade union leaders next week but with neither side showing any sign of backing down the talks are unlikely to be harmonious attach a butler to syria paris. russian president vladimir putin and his ukrainian counterpart follow demure zelinsky have agreed to begin work on a new prisoner swap the leaders will immediately drop a list of ukrainians held in russia including those in the annexed region of crimea and russians detained in ukraine a date for the exchange has not been said publicly on sunday about 200 prisoners
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were swapped in the latest sign of warming relations between the 2 countries meanwhile putin has just released his new year's address and has called for unity across the nation and there. are personal plans and dreams are inseparable from russia because its present and its future the future of our children depends on the efforts and contributions by each of us only together we will address the challenges faced by our society and our country our unity is key to achieving most ambitious goals it's been 2 decades since vladimir putin was handed the presidency in a surprise new year's eve speech by then president boris yeltsin he's since brought russia increased influence in the world but it appears to have come at a price a step class in reports from st petersburg. unpredictable not making compromises and using swift decisive moves that's how glad to me a put in slate coach described his young pupils judo skills at an exhibition at his
12:40 am
former sports school in st petersburg but anatolia docklands words could easily describe the president's leadership style and even today in his late sixty's put in likes to be seen throwing judo champions on the mat maintaining his image as a strong fit much old leader. the phrase. after his inauguration was remember it's like sports when you always remember. when you defend yourself remember. it's a lesson put in seems to have taken seriously during his 2 decades in power and dominated by his goal to make russia great again he's improved the lives of millions of russians suffering from the collapse of the soviet union and provided some stability but also he went to war in georgia in 2008 crimea in 2014 and backed separatists in the east of ukraine that same year. has played
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a decisive role in the war in syria and has become increasingly involved in other conflicts around the world. and maybe even as an example is peter the great when the 17th century. the russian empire. invasions now 3 centuries later. has risen from the ruins. of the great what then is well in the tigris. and some say his victory has come at a great. decision to hand over the presidency to put in was a serious miscalculation says filmmaker. who followed put in closely during his 1st year in office and make this film put in swiftness of. those
12:42 am
people who came up with this excess supply want to put in as we know them of course they were looking for quite a. deal with daily affairs. things would be done by important people this was the scenario what happened to that scenario we have been watching in the past 20. you would be able to put in the young him i could not guess that russian russian voters would be so spineless and soft to surrender without a fight not only power but their own freedoms like that forever you should do. this film was never shown in russia. a growing opposition began split in school has been met with growing repression but while tens of thousands took part in street protests a few months ago put in still has a large army of fans growing up and put into russia these young judo play you see
12:43 am
the president as a role model and while he has only 4 years to go until the end of his last official term put an end game is as unpredictable as his judo moves step fast al-jazeera st petersburg. colombian teenagers are risking their lives riding modified pushbikes down steep highways surrounding the city of meddling in its columbia's version of an already risky sport called gravity biking despite many deaths riders say it helps them forget their troubles in the crime ridden hilltop neighborhoods alessandra met some of the riders as night falls and maybe even a group of teenagers ride their modified bikes down these vertiginous roads they crouch to increase speed passing trucks in cars at up to 100 kilometers an hour. called gravity bikes they're columbia's more extreme version of an already dangerous sport invented in the united states. and for many youngsters from poor
12:44 am
crime ridden neighborhoods on the hills around the city it has become a deadly pastime 17 year old model and when your tone is one of them for life happens i don't know you're always thinking about the risks people crashing getting killed and the serious accidents we all suffer i know i need to think and understand i can kill myself but we keep doing it because it's our passion. to go faster the bikes are rebuilt often from scratch riders personalize them and attach weights to the frame to make them heavier pedals and chains are removed to reduce friction. to get to the top of the hills riders latch onto passing trucks at times using homemade hooks on a line. marlon has survived 3 close brushes with death and proudly shows his scars his friend tattooed on his belly the name of a cousin who died in a gravity bike accident in. the town of on the outskirts of maybe even as
12:45 am
a band the practice out right. free of marland's riding companions this year alone and serious accidents have been. so much so that this hole where most of them said they had started safety campaigns and also donated helmets that nobody really seems to be using. the school psychologist says most of the kids come from broken homes and some fall into drug abuse their bikes becoming a way of demonstrating their value in courage you know i know but i guess you get me if you ask them they'll say they do it for the adrenaline the desire to experiment but the truth is they are often dealing with depression parental absence so becomes a self destructive way of excusing from their reality. knowing that nobody here likes to crash fall nor ruin the bike that was built with so much sacrifice and time but it's our lifestyle and we don't have any other safer place to do it now
12:46 am
understands he needs to take more precautions but says he won't be dissuaded i listen and i'm 58 i will work. a french quarter has rejected a leading chef's action against the michelin guide after he says they downgraded his restaurant for mistakenly thinking he'd used english cheddar cheese in a traditional recipe market very are ours restaurant in the alps was awarded its 3rd michelin star in 2018 but then lost it a year later he's been attempting to legally force them to reveal their reasons there are alleges an inspector mistook saff from yellow cheddar in his cheese soufflé which is supposed to be made only with local ingredients well still to come the sports news including. difference. from.
12:47 am
business updates. going places to get. the.
12:48 am
business updates. going places together. from. now with poll. jonah thank you very much colombia's world cup football one fernando can terro has demanded answers from the new head of the country's army it concerns the disappearance of his father more than 20 years ago in terra was 2 years old when his father jaime went missing in 1905 his family alleges that he disappeared after falling out with the commander of the base where he was doing his military service that commander was eduardo zapatero who was sworn into the top
12:49 am
military post on monday can terror has now asked to meet zapatero the case is one of many taken up by columbia's national center for historical memory which claims more than 80000 people were forcibly disappeared between 158-2015. the lord i join in the feeling and pain of the content of family i want to tell one foot in undocking total that i also respect him that you are our football idol and that the doors of my army commander are always open for you and your family. scottish club glasgow rangers have demanded action after claiming that their colombian star alfredo memory loss was racially abused by celtic fans rios was sent off after diving to try and win a penalty the end of rangers' 21 when he made justice to the crowd as he walked off on sunday scottish police are investigating. well winning the cup at liberty dora's brings adulation in south america and for for mango coach george j's use it is now
12:50 am
seen him receive a knighthood the president of portugal presented jesus with the. powerless in lisbon a 65 year old portuguese only took over as coach of the brazilian team in june but has become a hero to the fans by delivering a long awaited national and continental titles. english premier league players won't get much chance to celebrate the turn of the decade there are 9 more games on new year's day pep guardiola as manchester city host everton who as of last week have kahlo onslaughts in charge is the italians the lowest profile club in some 20 years after spells with the likes of ac milan and real madrid but pep thinks kahlo will make efforts and great again he conducts one of the greeters and more experience to use in europe the least he's huge in when that happens because you are in an incredible manager so we don't think it's incredible news for english football his bike and he can make an incredible job there in it over
12:51 am
here those fixtures for you arsenal the money and i said probably the pick of the bunch if you wondering where league leaders liverpool are they play on thursday to the n.b.a. and there were some brotherly love for the milwaukee bucks as they ended the year on a high at the top of the eastern conference with a win over the chicago bulls the walky star player until the compo was back in action after a back injury reigning and the peace corps 23 but it wasn't the stats that wowed the crowd this dunk absolutely astonishing his teammate and older brother and i say it's a type of home for a man known as the great free still managing to surprise his own family but winning 823220. plans to slash the amount of time it takes to play a cricket match have been cautiously backed by the sport's founding country england the world governing body the i.c.c. is looking at proposals to cut test matches from 5 days to
12:52 am
a mere 4 after 2023 the english cricket board is tentatively agreeing test matches have been played over 5 days for the past 140 years but only a 3rd of matches in the modern game now require a 5th day. the world's top tennis players are preparing for the 1st tournament of 2020 the new a.t.p. cup team event but in very unusual circumstances world number one rafael of dollars in perth in western australia where he'll lead spain in their group 3 and a half 1000 kilometers away in brisbane big rival novak shock which is with serbia after the group stage the team's all had to sydney for the knockout matches the tournament begins on friday and as a $15000000.00 prize fund. or the american team took time out from training on tuesday to meet fire fighters in perth john is now and taylor fritz thanked members of the service in western australia who've been tackling the fires which of devastated much of the country all right that is all your support for now will take
12:53 am
you back to jonah and london paul thank you the world is celebrating with all of the new decade let's take you now to some of the biggest cities welcoming 2020 and one of the 1st places to celebrate was new zealand where a fireworks display was held in or planned 500 kilograms of pyrotechnics were used in the 5 minutes sky show there. in shanghai more than 2000 drones were flown to create a spectacular light show the drones formed numbers to count down to 2020 and created patterns in the sky. and it was another towering display in dubai with a light show and fireworks from the world's tallest building the burj khalifa. now it's been a year of protests environmental disasters breaks it and trump let's take a look back now at some of 2009 teams biggest stories.
12:54 am
demonstrations united opposition to a proposed extradition. now he's the summer office called. her to say has become about much more than a proposed law i to about the future of this city halls close at a record breaking day for hong kong elections for democracy party secured a record number of songs. playing away the political and social unrest sweeping south america. sloper they talk about. i feel i one way you will is the man that challenges his legitimacy on some day he's still the president of bolivia i mean they choose day. and they mix so i this is how the end of 50 years of rule looked when president
12:55 am
already this year was deposed. after 18 months of protests and 4 months of it was the sudan's rating military come down and the opposition coalition came to a final power sharing deal. protests time to celebrations at the news and both of his resignation. it's not about where you are legion says lyon this deeply divided sectarian countries. all walks of life are united against the political leadership. can move among the crowds of protesters as gunfire as opposed to around central baghdad protesters say they want to live in an independent iraq not that the public eye did state that you're wrong. she took out dying entire school systems collapsing we are in the beginning
12:56 am
of a mass extinction and what you can talk about isn't money and fame and tales of the jungle economic growth how did you. what words to the prime minister can adequately express the pain and suffering of new zealand stock as they walked words capture the anguish of muslim communities targeted by hatred and violence. carnage in churches and one of the most important days of the christian calendar. this is what the end of isis self declared caliphate looks like. a move a car al baghdadi is dead. that china's now run out. of cash the opportunity to serve the country of
12:57 am
forest johnson returned to downing street triumphant the conservatives have redrawn britain's political map. the result was never in doubt article one is adopted by woodruff is the 3rd u.s. president in history to be impeached it's a disgrace indeed administered kashmir has been cut off from the outside world the indian government has revoked the region's autonomy. a nobel peace prize winner of playing for years by the military now defending them and herself against charges of genocide. i have served this award on the awful video bins and it's been especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of peace this group is so resilient it is so hot it is so.
12:58 am
in the case that you have or associates there is the police department data has the potential to be biased in a number of different ways there are too many opportunities for the computer to get or all those officers who commit those they to entrance is wrong to be saying that your son the shinai is wrong to. kill or becoming a suspect before the actual crime and in-depth examination into preventative
12:59 am
policing pre-crime on al-jazeera. january on out to see the. president donald trump is that the president in history to be impeached what does this mean for the future of the u.s. leadership on the brink of an election before much early and presidential candidate explores the defeat of left wing political parties across latin america and look at how this year's world economic forum to focus on ways to tackle the impact of climate change an expropriation of family links to the city's regime examines it its elite may now be embracing fascist ideologies most believed gone forever with the general election after the way breaks it is now setting how to move the u.k. proceed with a transitional period in the coming months january on al-jazeera. what kind of care does that provide and is anyone willing to pick up the cost we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in so
1:00 am
is it possible for trump to actually obliterate the economy counting the cost on al-jazeera. furious protesters break into the u.s. embassy compound in iraq after american war planes strike a powerful shia group. of their own jonelle this is al jazeera live from london also coming up red skies and charge in australia as thousands of people are trapped by a bushfire crisis the spiraling out of control. france's president refuses to budge
1:01 am
on his pension reform plan as he delivers his new year's address. and as the world ushers in a new decade we look at the stories that have different.


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