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tv   Favela Farm  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2020 1:32am-2:01am +03

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big traditional firework display was significantly reduced hong kong is bracing for more anti chinese protests timed to disrupt new new year festivities north korean leader kim jong un says the world will witness what he described as a new strategic weapon in the near future and continue developing nuclear and nuclear deterrent the comments were seen in an advance copy of his new year's speech which will be broadcast on state run television. the former chairman of car john says he fled to lebanon from japan to escape justice and political persecution and was arrested in tokyo in 2018 on charges of financial misconduct but his strict bail conditions meant he couldn't leave japan well those were the headlines coming up next how they benefit the people of brazil's for valves. hasn't this been addressed by we listen what.
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we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. to. everyone's benefit. to help make a better world. challenges from around the world to visit communities. this
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week life apps is in brazil. with a smartphone but which remains. between the haves and have. rio de janeiro perhaps the world's most beautifully located city. with business booming brazil is home to a mobile phone bowman's and is 4th in the world for its number of smart phones. for young people like building a job creating outs for mobile phones is
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a dream come true. going to appear in a new campaign year did you manage to do if you chose runners who stood designs muses you found like many young software designers builder wants to make a decent living but he also wants to help others who are not so fortunate and don't have a college education i can hear the gospel you know it's science and that i'm up for example he said and you'll see i missed with a dish passing the. crab but i was operative soon. told me that he used to say that because he was you we thought he said i'm a quizzical profile i'm doing. what i'm going to be enough of the year. process design of the book to him you. can get a procedural scene. was i reckon they could get a few seconds like i was family and as a new butterflies it was cool secrecy did me dirty as a youngster has it been a few suzi going to different styles of the sort of a technology year that is
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a much. jekyll stones song. full of cost us soldiers i make it out my family and the king of england. soon into another job before all. despite it's beautiful said leo has many problems social exclusion pollution and unemployment. so life's ups his challenge there through to design a mobile phone app to help real as marginalized communities. in route to route if they decide over the soon to be. very much. like many young brazilian spitta wants to help create a sustainable economy that doesn't cause pollution or social exclusion he calls it
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the green economy i suppose to intervene. considering the stuffings that all dies equal that is. for me to see if any of us can imagine is a foodie thing. going to see as have the long term effect of concern because it's pfizer specific ratio is easy if you can buy an issue to fill out their lives though you tell me where men are massing pfizer wolf was a put up of mice and shitting in. the coming years very. occasional only want to see g.g. promise as there is a view. headed i did who has accepted the challenge to come up with a mobile phone app that could promote the green economy in rio. how can a mobile phone app help it's time for some on the ground research. here in rios
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last zome to meet scott do. the work on community projects in the modern era in allium own favela complexes 2 of brazil's largest shantytowns. as a shark in a call to action i might if. i can a french style complex the demo this scene is. the illusion and last but i asked her when you die you know hipper goes example that if you put up those assistants are going to die. that was a super poke at woodvale else i think. jeanne you are taking it to me young people who can help him work on ideas for a net pay there's never been such a huge fossella before the massive uncontrolled growth of ella's is a major environmental issue in rio there's little proper sanitation power or water supplies and hardly any green spaces she. is able to say
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that's a view because they are the whole jason. jim economy assistant tavern economy advantage and the answer that's going back. to. the. absolute. limit. up on the roof pyramid stunned me a young journalist. and other i who works with x. convicts both lives in the alamo. and student share who grew up here in ma there. who can deal via simple cut the room keep me cut on things here so the news of music mishaps research past so the people and reveals that d.c.
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junior kevin judy woodruff ordered by graduates at the mail to trickle through to l. he joined in the treasury. come up for the consensus and tell me would be push the keys issued a card a badge and sentimental badge called wish dogs for fresh produce into premier to force the bush dogs a fresh position for their secretariats who would have supported now a secretary with a song now a sickly 30 june being what it will go out of business. that required by this vast knowledge of the internet and yet that i carry this market on my either wishing i wish bus village would always get out of the queue at which is the percentage with some question about the things you'll eventually wins on that i was in love into doing one second he genuinely think in doing that they want to say that was useful knowledge will buy me a list of keys to think about that makes them a shrewd move. decision want me to see the harsh reality of life in the surveillance is becoming clear to building however his new friends are already
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trying to promote a green economy. and they've got some ideas how a mobile phone app could help you know the amount the market makers and went to a galley t.-o. president of the day this. is a vessel that some of them say because am i out of rage or does an unknown school want the car to retain its fought over what they are made out in the i.d.'s on. facebook. but the cultural greenock all of that you see. you want to think what is the point so that you should be a bit dodgy as it were built by these illegal to made places this is what it is this is the cape cod no one thing done what they say of us our one question so we need your all time. all company data on the 98 to devise. course for you as a software out to destroy america for you for close to finishing school most of all i'm so because george bush can keep going move around the cure for when you die
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your future woman courses you hear from here here's just seems to be my form of being before. me. close by along the avenue of brazil and that's the made 150000 people live in the alamo fossella complex one of the biggest in real. business taking a look around and meeting up with. he wants to see the kind of environmental problems that could be helped by a green economy. in the kind of solutions people are already working on. filmfare to ikea i think that the church fathers are hearing you must pass them say because you see a sad experience you're moving quickly sure because what i did is to be doing this beige. book your college education a headline to us here to me to the shrimp fishermen isn't that they entertain and
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think. as evidence. so listen that up will mean doing things you have value for ages them ain't she cheetah nice sure if a z m ever gets them into to make. it . next to me that they expanded into a project called visit is going green you know all this john involves local people in sustainability projects and can things they use theater video an art for. both to people willing to listen to coyote and they've been seen. on foot over namco going to. visit the asia they assume for movies each you know we sail in real to visit you they should notice something good ok view was that they were there i
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mean if you can't imagine the buzz of the show this whole. curries next to the favelas used to spew dust into the atmosphere and the spike many protests one is still active. from say from access prison the protesting thing is that we're going to have that. bedroom meets for a walk around the mud in a complex of favelas that's even bigger than the alamo this is just one badly neglected park for over half
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a 1000000 residents and though i can kelly proclamation i could finally in a gentle show you mock the. more we got a video below. the lot it got a lot easier when you're up and you're like a mystic lead. you wish the commission i got. the 6 here with africa about that as they also assume some change that i suppose when he died he didn't go there last week but he had been sealed off each time but so far you push for much of one year to crush this it feels a. little blown off a rather. mixed up in the mud is something known here a vegetable garden it's run by volunteers to prove the environment and to provide
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people with an alternative to junk food it's a good. idea to keep. the pm put on god would be a good thing to the family about you washing in full time does this not by the way the expression of the new dodge book airspace was a plane sitting up i mean off the plane just be. tied to. you know what it's not be a communications what they're saying is evil but our biology if you be a killer could probably find out. in their. own thing fuck you must stands as a side you people died and you can see the same me and chief now if you can see you my sure they do you know. who could you could he. does evolve in that need done of
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course they are now. this is key you can follow me speak in there and you will. put on. the cd. to see. if you're being. moved it's a nice clear dancer up a long time today i yorkie an aussie it's on to move scene i feel you could do it in the. middle of it used to be the same to convince me to look. for the old movie playing out of the jungle museum to ask for did i would i enjoy my full. process of things to the people because i was soon seen should do that once the odds are for my songs. they can boss and they can appointees the favela need.
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to do is sort of the last push up of life yeah. they soon do that she isn't being given the thought came on the key is no advantage means. i just need them a sides time yet. which i would yank here. and i say keep it but. you will have one. view out to you can you see that i wanted you. have. a say in. the last life.
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where you wouldn't speculate you have all got of the market's. me to follow that cash. in represent a. big enough for the poor world of the real challenges involved. in this i'm going to. eat into that you can. go to the. superior god and i can assure you that in one of our songs. for booking us into the. only phone. she. simply can't you. see it green hornet. but i just finished and
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she also gave a green to my g. g g after briefing them on all the projects decides to focus on the community vegetable garden. love of alabama there she is it almost. i want to know if you can. only kind of you've been going to the complex. only go back and put these in could even say bill you should i will issue will issue a. we should say here but we thought the defense room will soon actually ship think sums up on. the damage possible jumping i saw my ship of the city college you do 5 yeah we did it to the moon before but i think when you send this missile yeah most. amazing tribute if i'm putting on my jeans in
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a major fight on the sea all weeks it you don't wish to have my your is that one single question my or even if you. couldn't be there for work with the school to see the city please god forbid which best film which one. mrs bush in japan family is perfect so. they can come back you can bullshit us like eyes of the country jeff you guys are going to have an effect on my computer to you but ink on the lawn of the. last month you very bluntly. put a cue. ball he said we are going to talk a lot of that kind of question on the. budget on the shit out of us the current padding the only version is because the shell game was look at internet usage in the like you could ever use logic involved to divorce the problem when that you can
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. win the national team or someone. i don't know. kind of a weak point in the future mortal by looking into. the discussion continues into the evening until they reach a consensus. at the world with. the plan is to design a mobile phone game that allows people to plant and grow virtual seats and for every virtual seat. there'll be a real one planted in the community garden. if you wish was to go into some. fish that would use a no saw i walked in my design to trash bought it and being. modern a community going to be. russia doesn't evolve in this back i. don't want you all very poor dissolution yes is a huge new value to produce so you can move on to
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a living and i did not denying it is man that you know i'm the one. true in u.t. developed yep it's an ambitious idea. which . tomorrow they're going back to the modified fellow to explain how the apt would work. any fault who has heard this project has been chosen so appear to slice up but will
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bear this idea be what it involved who really needs. facts. just waiting to see. whether he's for sale if they can prove the severe diet. that's obvious also before they are huge because it's this thing always. applicative you should you hate to see out 5. blown. say that one lies even has a limited so 'd even though it's only at cons. stage they do in duty explain how their app plant and harvest would work. first you must register. after that you get to know about the social projects listed on a new screen named meeting the project's. most a project is picked a screen opens and more information is seen along with
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a short video after donating to the project you can choose seeds from a list of several different vegetables and fruit these could now be planted and you can follow their growth. 'd on the last screen the harvest can be delivered to you or you can give it to a family in the community. if you decide to donate the harvest you receive the equivalent seats back so that you can keep on planting and playing. the part of the selling it to cut you. off but of course wash with your picker to pull people back to the or for you to carry the know still going to near my spare pocket if you don't have the money were said to show if you don't be in
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a man now you you cope with their hallmark the easter break you should be asked to keep me you're proud of what you. really are don't bother about. so that as a souvenir there is certain shit that i should buy that in the end of the wall will be more civil to me they will sing it they follow. our deal with islam it was an. author of all of the old. i mean. for us we choose to sit genius to mission. to this encounter to boost homage what article was us in each pair the prosecutor used in the city toward the sure. they would have done to jews successive just by the by dipping the. press or some of the news out into fog to put it in the past of the so stamp was now put up but only the opportunities. for
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a thoughtful remark and the main tear feeds back into what i bought it up for us with our then vicki helmet from one of the this is a. classical form to all of us you it's a sad loss of the truth of course if you. push the use of the sinister past body. of water them publish trash for me that personally that seems to give us some meat back on the rest of them with just a push to the. us always them would pose each user sees a key how much of you to say hello. to you strange freshens the builder will continue to develop the plant and harvest up whatever the technical challenges. he's created a new network and the green forest the great concrete he's shown another way mobile phones can help build a sustainable future with another life out. the
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pollution is palpable. delis shares the symptoms of many modern metropolis but its unique features have be gotten a crisis. people in power investigates the toxic mix feeding the city's invisible killer and asks why more is not being done to relieve its citizens he's dead on. day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and felt this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live here on al-jazeera i got to commend you all more
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i'm hearing is good journalism business 1st of all that has resigned after all the lies the attempts of cover ups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people are suffering split up dying entire school systems collapsing we're going to beginning of a mass extinction we saw the syrian army like voice that high in the city just to play for the. good submissive 100 meters away from the front line but. up in the. from sunrise to sunset. across asia. the pacific. explore untold and fascinating stories. of diverse cultures. and
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conflicting politics. one o one east on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello welcome i'm peter you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. angry stormed the u.s. embassy compound in iraq donald trump claims in wrong issues a threat. north korea's leader kim jong il and vows to develop a new strategic weapon and accuses the u.s. of gangsta.


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