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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2020 1:00am-1:33am +03

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oh turkey's parliament approved sending troops to libya to shore up the un backed government in the capital tripoli. following maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program bushfires continue to rage across southeast australia as mass evacuation order sent out and a state of emergency declared. floods sweep through indonesia's capital forcing thousands of people from their homes leaving behind a trail of destruction. and a public outcry following the deaths of as many as a 1000 infants at a hospital in the indian state of raw just on a. global
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concern program turkey's parliament has authorized the government to deploy troops to libya to support the un recognized government a move paves the way for further military cooperation between ankara and tripoli but opposition parties in turkey are saying that it could exacerbate the conflict president trump is also want president i don't want against any foreign interference in libya mohammed a daughter reports now from her. off to a long and spirited debate the turkish government finally cut that the bill gives an initial told month monday for the deployment of troops to libya which it gives the president the freedom to decide the scope size and timing of the deployment debate on the motion was highly divisive good. for you your biggest successes using the refugees as a threat to europe now you negotiating with that because you've nothing else now
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it's time for libya turkey is stuck in the east a bit it's a review you've made serious mistakes in your foreign policy and now you want to send soldiers to libya and this is your last desperate attempt. candice sidney libya requested this military deployment from turkey it has historical and cultural bonds to turkey and we could not be silent following this call this is not the 1st request and it has been done before during the hit a debate on the motion opposition parliamentarians cautioned against turkey rushing into what they called them not keep quagmire that the civil war in libya is they said the country is yet to recover from its military intervention in neighboring syria but there are voices of dissent walked quickly drummed by the vaulting power in parliament of the ruling party and its affiliates and that. the turkish government assists it was
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a moral responsibility to aid the un to cognize the government in libya against forces aligned with warlord holly for half that but they are turkish interest at stake too beneath president adorns military cooperation agreement with libya analysts say is a desire to position take it to explore for oil and gas in the eastern mediterranean off the coast of cyprus in competition with greece cyprus egypt and israel. a recent agreement on the problem of the one exclusive economic zone in cyprus and a pipeline to transport natural gas to europe by other mediterranean nations has isolated turkey and chris huhne has since been strengthened by the military cooperation deal on a separate one of the maritime boundary agreement it signed with libya which gives turkey greater influence in the eastern mediterranean sea. but that drew from across the region and beyond moments after the bill was passed egypt condemned turkey's libya plan saying it could destabilize the region and called on the
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international community to respond on a list higher redoubles targets in the position of critics of the turkish plan why they were not alarmed when. gen job militia from of darfur. were in whited 2 from libya by hostile groups why they were not alarmed by russian wagnerian mercenaries their turkey is sists it's on the right side of history and now seems set to send its troops to leave the. uncovered. head has more now from tripoli and says that the people of libya have already paid a high price for the fighting. civil categories of of the libyan society politicians officials at the government of the parliament in the west of the country they have will come the decision by the parliament to deploy troops to libya to fight along with the forces the will to the u.n.
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about the government of national award to. the military offensive on the capital tripoli by forces loyal to the war lord. have to we know that the government of national accord is determined to move on with this military agreement with 30 the government says that it's libya's illegitimate institution and it has a right to strike deals with other government as long as those deals are signed in terms of international law the government also said that since half those forces have been recruiting medicine and health is not recognized by the international community then the government has tried to defend itself and to defend the capital against what it calls the military aggression by have to his forces the government says that part of the reason why it has signed this agreement with turkey is
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that it wants to protect civilians in the city and there in tripoli there has been heavy price since the beginning of this military offensive $1500.00 people have been killed including. civilians women and children and about 140000 people have been forced out of their homes because of the fighting military commanders on the ground with a government of national called say that they are expecting that have to his forces are going to retaliate or the act to their approval of this agreement by intensifying their military operations in southern tripoli. well turkey's decision comes as leaders of israel greece and cyprus signed a multi-billion dollar pipeline deal that could decrease europe's reliance on russian gas the east med pipeline as it's known will tap gas reserves from israel's offshore lavonne time basin and carry it to the greek island of crete then the pipeline joins the greek mainland and runs to italy it could provide the european
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union with 10 percent of its natural gas needs. in australia tens of thousands of residents and tourists have been ordered to evacuate the face of devastating bushfires in the states of new south wales and victoria 9 people have died in the country's southeast this week 17 people are still missing or challenge reports. the helicopter gives a bird's eye view down into was sprayed easy. but birds mammals people can get far away from these far from anyone that's not trying to put the flames out these marches had a narrow escape this evening we call. that. despite an orange wall of searing heat really until their truck when we were in there in the thick of it we thought that this could be it it was wrought on the window. melted.
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beating the heat to different ways australia's prime minister scott morrison was they had pulled up to the bank to help tell us that sam doesn't have a lot of money but we have 7 the gold mr reiman that's not touring the town of cobol go in new south wales he got this reception. now you know you really are going to get any by anybody with an obscene gestures followed him as he left and watch this firefighter. refusing to shake the hand of morrison who came to visit the fire station got my understand the very strong feelings people have that have lost everything and there is still you know some very dangerous days ahead after 3 days stranded on the beach at monaco the navy and now evacuating 4000 people by boat it's the only possible route out at the
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moment we're moving people way up or i see if the smart clears will be obligate aircraft into mel occurred to assist in that transportation of people out of there as well when they have a narrow window high temperatures and strong winds a full cost for australia's southeast on saturday people in several parts of victoria and new south wales have been told to get out i think the big thing that we've got on the wide the moment is it's the largest mass rely cashen of people out of the region that will give a sign and people are going have to be patient the rights people are queuing up to get into petrol stations through traffic is unable to get for the better here some to get out and. thousands heeded the advice to leave batemans bay driving north toward sydney many with nothing to save but themselves and house is gone it's completely burnt yesterday morning. we went to the block that we were on has been burnt from one side of the other does not apply to grass on it there's nothing left
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it's been a record breaking year for australian forest fires since they began earlier than usual in september at least 18 people have died 1300 homes have been destroyed 5000000 hectares of being burned and there's much more of this hot summer left rory talents al-jazeera. at least 30 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides in indonesia 18 hours of heavy rain caused rivers to bust up banks submerging parts the capital jakarta and surrounding areas and tens of thousands of people have also been taken to temporary shelter as scott hyde lower points. the heaviest rainfall in more than a decade has caused deaths and flooding in jakarta and surrounding areas in west java the rain began on tuesday night and triggered landslides on the city's outskirts indonesia's meteorology department has called the rain very extreme nearly 20000 people were stranded as jakarta's domestic airport was shut down after
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its runway became submerged. but when the rainy season comes we already know what it will be like so if the water flow is fast we have to move our stuff and evacuate immediately but usually the water level is not this high. the floods came without any warning it was not anticipated and we were not. people have drowned and others have died from hypothermia or been electrocuted as power supplies were damaged by the flooding thousands were forced to evacuate their homes crews are pumping out flooded areas and rescuing those who are stranded. has been said by many experts is one of the fastest sinking a city in the world because of that the 13 rivers that pass through it's a card to the big ones include river and she says and river cannot properly drain to the java sea the indonesian disaster agency says the rains and rising rivers have submerged at least 90 neighborhoods flooding is common in
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jakarta this is month soon season and forecasters say more downpours are on their way it's got harder al-jazeera. after days of violent protest supporters of iran backed troops in iraq of withdrawing from the u.s. embassy in baghdad they had laid siege to the complex for 2 days prompting the u.s. to dispatch extra troops to the region president on iran and threatening reprisals and reports now from baghdad. the rocks seem to have been replaced by brushes this man is meeting u.s. and israeli flags in the street where they have set up camp on wednesday they moved their tents from the u.s. embassy in baghdad after smashing the outer periphery of the compound members and supporters of the shia paramilitary group known as the popular mobilization forces are angry at recent u.s. airstrikes in iraq and syria getting the hezbollah brigades armed group those attacks killed 25 fighters the u.s.
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says that was a new tally ation for an attack which killed an american contractor in iraq and to us posters are up on the street with allegations that foreign troops have committed abuse and similar accusations have been made against the shia groups by other rights organizations. one former u.s. commander in iraq general david petraeus has previously said that foremost threat to iraq's long term stability are shia militias not ice and washington sees many of those causing unrest at its embassy as grainy and proxies despite closely working with some of the groups during its fight against isis the pentagon has deployed hundreds of additional troops to protect the largest and most expensive u.s. mission in the world some shia clerics see the u.s. as the bases of all that's wrong with iraq since the 2003 invasion. this leader who says he's fought in lebanon and syria calls the u.s. embassy in baghdad as quote the head of the snake. if the iraqi government manages to get the occupier out gripes but if they do not and don't tell
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the occupier then we the resistance will get them out as we did with al qaida and dies by fighting it. iraq's government has to balance carefully between its neighbor iran and united states it's also face months of protest against corruption and a lack of jobs protesters in the higher you square are angry at government forces for killing hundreds of people to stop them crossing the same bridge which the iranian backed groups crossed unscathed. meanwhile at the bank of the tigris river those same groups have set of competitions to stay after agreeing to leave the u.s. embassy compound here fewer in number from the only issue of force but this year more of their colleagues are ready to join in across the river from the u.s. embassy for all of the popular mobilization forces say that their only change the venue of their protests and their sit in is going to continue until the parliament
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passes a law which forces out all foreign troops from iraq it's all a big job with al-jazeera baghdad. and there are reports of explosions near baghdad's international airport and alice of course follows days of tension in the city you just hearing about that in the report there and of course attempts to storm the u.s. embassy as we see really tensions between iran and the u.s. reach new levels of volatility inside iraq and that sole supporters of iran backed groups in the country breaching the u.s. embassy in baghdad but here we now have reports of explosions at the airport in the iraqi capital. and trying bring you more information as it comes into us. it without is here at live from london and much more still ahead a 1000000 people are already displaced in the central african republic and that number could only get bigger this year. and looking at mexico's anti monuments remembering issues and events the government might prefer to forget.
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and i would like to give you good news but of course i can't the weather is not to be a help in any way with the fire still burning strongly there are a few big showers satellite pictures out but this is of course history not forecast a forecast comes in from the bite where the cloud sort of shows a revolution which is there in the winds and the winds could be the telling thing ahead of it is nice and hot well it's hot for tonight laden 33 in melbourne and this is closer on saturday the front goes for the temps will drop in adelaide because ahead of it the winds will kick up so throughout all of victoria new south wales any fires burning will be for fun once again by this strong wind person join the courtis weather sunday at 27 but enjoyable really jumping extremely north but
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same line of longer tute we should expect to see winter you can see from the shape of the clouds the satellite these are showers are contained the showers of snow but they're over the sea over the land that increasing cloud on the western side of japan is blue so it's rain turkey is surprisingly warm and 13 and beijing is that plus 6 in the static i should say sunny weather the air quality is not great not a huge change between friday and saturday showers building in the sea of japan will again hit the west coast. but for. millions of workers a big insulate in the british jones of india one i want to waste explores how satellite technology is now helping to set them free on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. every. welcome back a look at the headlines this hour now and just a look of course at reports of explosions near baghdad international airport our breaking news this hour this of course follows days of tension in the city and attempts to storm the u.s. embassy we know that the u.s. has dispatched marine troops to reinforce their embassy in the city after a spike in tensions between u.s. and iranian forces resource supporters of iran back groups trying to breach the
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u.s. embassy and there's always also been a ratcheting up of the war of words between washington and tehran and now come reports of these explosions in baghdad or it's all turkey can now send troops into libya to help the country's u.n. recognized government after the parliament in ankara voted in favor of the move the forces will help to counter warlord advance on tripoli. and australia's prime minister has been shouted out by local residents the visited areas hit by devastating bushfires in the east of the country at least 9 people have died in the past week and tens of thousands of been evacuated. well as many as a 1000 infants have died at a hospital in the indian state of roger stone over the last year a report into conditions there found a shortage of working medical equipment including ventilators and resuscitation machines so how raman reports from you daddy. the death of a child to any family is devastating but when the community experiences the deaths
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of children in their turns hundreds and nearly a 1000 you can imagine that rocks not just a community but a country to its core and yet again we're hearing news that in the city of daraa which is in the southeast of the state of raja stan as many as a 1000 babies have died during 2019 and the reason that it's now hit public attention in the media is because the sitting m.p. for. happens to be the speaker of the lower house of parliament his name is he has actually highlighted the fact that the situation in state hospitals is not good enough and that this peak in december of 100 babies dying in court resembles the horrific nature of previous medical disasters we've heard about in malda between 20112038 in west bengal where nearly 320 babies died and then
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also in gorup or is it 2017 where oxygen tanks were empty leading towards the neonatal departments led to the deaths of $63.00 babies these public outcry about why the state's health system is in such distress is ongoing debate the health minister. has said that he wants an inquiry or will assist the state of raja starting anything that it needs and of course we wait and see what the outcome of that help will be all of any inquiry into why so many babies have died in southeastern rajastan. at least 4 people have died following attacks on a refugee camp in sudan's west for region and u.n. spokesperson says arab tribes men arrived at the camp and started shooting killing and burning the latest incident in a wave of ethnic violence that's left up to 40 people dead in the past few days and many more fleeing their homes west are for. generally calm since 2010 but ethnic
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tensions have resurfaced in recent years. and incidents capital hard to me people are protesting against those attacks the country's new government says it will send troops to the region to help stop any further violence but in all the developments a military transport plane has crashed in west off or killing 18 people an army spokesperson says 4 children are among the dead i was taking off from an airbase in allegheny know the capital of west to off for aid agencies are warning that humanitarian crisis in the central african republic will get even worse this year they say ongoing violence and last year's devastating floods forced thousands of people from their homes and that's on top of the more than a 1000000 people already displaced in and outside the country from the capital bangui ahmed interest reports. a few rags on a plastic sheet spread over a down fall on the clothes on their backs are only on a plea and his family have left
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a legacy of central african republic 6 year conflict he says this holding facility in the capital bangui is his 4th hole so the civil war began in 2013 and now his children have been diagnosed with tradition some with severe cases. sometimes you get a little food we get only a couple for not enough to feed a family like mine my children are malnourished i'm just waiting and hoping that one day things will get better. you know police one of 2000000 700000 people displaced by the crisis which is 52 percent of the population the united nations says it is still struggling to reach some of the thousands of people are affected in a nation where 2 thirds live on less than $8.00 a month. people were. 3 for 5 years and those who had been seeing for the
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last 12 months we've been reaching those people for the 1st time groups preventing humanitarian workers reaching areas in need of assistance they're also not allowing civilians to go seek for help the food shortages are made worse by natural disasters including climate change the price of course of a flower the step for for many people here has risen sharply over the past few months after flooding has destroyed many farms as a result the number of people requiring food including farmers were once of life is rising steadily humanitarian workers say for chore to use an inflation will get worse as the lean months drew closer putting more people at risk for you in a plague and his family it could be devastating they say that after 6 years on the move they have nowhere else to go comedy grease. monkey.
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interpol has issued a red notice for the arrest of form an essential own request has been received by lebanon after going fled from japan 2 days ago is facing trial in japan for large financial misconduct but says he left to escape political persecution and what he called a great system lebanese authorities say that citizenship in the country as well as france and brazil and to the country. the general prosecution will not stay idle with this red notice as parts legal prerogatives and specialty i suppose the general prosecution will fully implement the notice and that includes summoning him and listening to his testimony and then if there are measures to be taken then they will be taken. or decisions from the catalan separatist party e.r.c. have agreed to abstain in the vote to confirm pedro sanchez to spain's prime minister it signals a possible end to spain's political deadlock catalan m.p.'s say they've agreed not to vote against sanchez in parliament next week in exchange for a discussion about the future independence of catalonia sanchez's socialist party
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has entered into a coalition agreement with the left wing demo party and a belgian judge has suspended the process of extraditing cason separatist leader called us to spain which demote fled to belgium off to a failed bid for catalan independence in 2017 spanish supremes court issued an arrest order against him but now a judge has ruled that put him on status as a member of the european parliament grants him immunity. in mexico city a series of a more memorials created by activists called to attention some of the darkest moments in the country's recent history these and the monuments also highlight a number of social problems in mexico by force this apparent says of violence against women there is money reports. mexico's capital is home to numerous iconic monuments commemorating the country's pre-columbian past and modern history mingled in with mexico's historic memorials however are other unofficial monuments. erected by activists these anti monuments serve to remind
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passers by of the mexican government's mishandling of recent tragedies if they are there they could be at the idea of creating an anti monument is a desperately painful cry from the population it says our truth is here it exists and it won't be erased by the authorities that's what anti monuments are made of. one of the most visible anti monuments is dedicated to 43 students who went missing from mexico in 2013 in attempted cover up of the incident by government officials sparked massive protests and out of those demonstrations came this memorial place right in the middle of downtown mexico city. we get to see a survivor and witness to the tragedy says the case of the 43 students remains one of the most emblematic in recent memory i mean significant for me this is a reminder to the authorities who have not solved the problem after more than 5 years a reminder to mexican society because cases of forced disappearances number in the
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thousands and they should not be forgotten. over the past few years anti monuments have been popping up in your highly transited areas this one was placed outside the national fine arts museum in early 2019 and calls for action against gender based violence a widespread problem in mexico curiously enough city officials haven't taken down these clandestine memorials put on with. legally and. monuments shouldn't be where they are but it would be a contradiction to remove them anti monuments are themselves a former protest this is a form of expression. outside the mexican stock exchange another unofficial memorial stands in plain sight a monument to 65 coal miners who were killed in 2006 the mexican government has until recently refused to recover the bodies up the road another sculpture calls attention to $49.00 children who were killed in a fire at a government run daycare in 2009 to this day there's been no accountability over
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the incident there are a total of 6 of these so-called anti monuments found in different parts of mexico city this one in front of the national social security offices for activists and family members of the memorialize anti monuments don't only represent tragedy there are calls for justice and read up on the mexico city. well just a quick recap then of our breaking news story this out of explosions being heard near baghdad's international airport now we understand a report suggesting that 3 missiles involved in this particular attack and the target appears to be a joint iraqi u.s. counterterrorism center in the vicinity of the airport so this near baghdad airport so these are the latest reports that we have but of course it comes at a very important sensitive time in the iraqi capital when we have seen supporters of iran back groups in iraq in that city breach the u.s.
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embassy and so concerns that we could see renewed volatility but tween washington and tehran playing out in the iraqi capital it also comes as we see really a ratcheting up in the war of words between iran and the united states with president trump saying that he lays blame squarely on iran for the recent attack on the embassy and of course the iranian leader saying that iran was not afraid to hit back and then we had some very strong comments as well recently coming from the defense of the u.s. defense secretary mark as fe he was saying that the u.s. was not afraid to carry out preemptive military strikes on iranian targets in iraq and syria if that were to be end of any further attacks against the embassy this is specifically the embassy in baghdad and also this of the u.s.
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is said that they would dispatching marines from kuwait to reinforce their presence but right now it appears that we are seeing more tension in the iraqi capital after months of protests and then after the breaching of the u.s. embassy as well in the capital with these explosions targeting a joint u.s. iraqi counterterrorism center just near the airport just south of the airport. well we are covering the other world news this hour as well and we've been following developments in turkey the problem is now authorized troops to be sent to libya to help countries internationally recognized government. they voted in favor of it today the one year mandate will help the tripoli based government repel an advance from the wall a little if i have to egypt has condemned the move led by president rush of type while u.s. president onil trump stressed the importance of diplomacy to solve the situation and then in australia the prime minister there has been shouted out by local
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residents as he visited the areas hit by devastating bushfires in the east of the country scott morrison was an idiot by people who said that not been support for those who lost their homes tens of thousands of residents and tourists have evacuated parts of the state of new south wales and victoria as flames approach them and then also in indonesia 30 people are now known to have died in the capital jakarta after it was hit by heavy flooding tens of thousands of people are in emergency shelters off the monsoon rains schools rivers to burst their banks will bring you more on our breaking news from iraq a bit later at the top of the next hour now it's time for one i want to east. trade tensions could cut global economic growth by north 48 percent we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in to what extent will china be a drag on the global economy in 2020 counting the coast on al-jazeera.
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they are the voiceless and vulnerable forced to work against their will millions of people are condemned to lives of slavery he didn't remote areas behind factory walls and in brick kilns where abuse is common in solidarity with thought but there are a lot of negative karma like me to get a dog out of miller now the fight against slavery is going into space we're able to say to the local n.g.o.s here's a brick kiln that we believe has all the earmarks of slave labor $101.00 east explores how technology is giving slavery no way to hide.


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