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tv   Pre- Crime  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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thanks am. iran val's a severe revenge is it more top military commander kasim so the money who was killed by a u.s. airstrike in baghdad the u.s. secretary of state says so the money was planning an imminent attack and his death has made the world a much safer place on. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching out jazeera live from london also coming up on the program navy ships rescue thousands stranded on beaches by australia's bush fires before catastrophic weather conditions.
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welcome to the program iran has vowed to retaliate after the u.s. assassinated its top military commander leaving the middle east on a knife edge that some sort of money who was regarded as the 2nd most powerful figure in iran died in an airstrike near baghdad airport a top iraqi paramilitary commander are the mohan these was also killed iraq's prime minister says the act will light the fuse over the struct of war in iraq and angry crowds protested after friday prayers condemning the assassination and chanting death to america supreme leader ali khamenei who had a close relationship with soon the money vowed severe revenge for his killing as leaders around the world expressed concern and condemnation the u.s. ordered all its citizens to immediately leave iraq its forces and israel's are now on high alert someone of fulton reports from back that. heart break in the upper
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ranks of the iranian military at the official announcement of the death of major general custom so in money the commander of iran's courts force the revolutionary guard unit responsible for foreign operations so the money was killed in a u.s. drone strike in baghdad. and a spontaneous outbreak of joy in iraqi cities over the passing of a man many see as the embodiment of iran's meddling here i sure wish i didn't have to listen to me i feel happy about killing somani the reason is because of his foreign interference in iraq would you accept that our intervening in all the families issues everything has been trees. in the early hours of friday morning shortly after arriving at baghdad international airport a u.s. strike targeted a convoy of silly money and his close ally hondas the deputy head of the iraqi popular mobilization forces an iranian backed part military group other members of
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the group were also killed for iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali common a solemn mani was a trusted confidant a member of his inner circle and he warned there will be revenge the cruelest people on earth assassinated the honorable commander who courageously fought for years against the evils and bandis of the world surely money is more to them well make iran more decisive to resist america's expansionism and to defend our values with no doubt iran and other freedom seeking countries in the region will take his revenge. while there is talk of revenge many iranians don't want to see war their own fear with our support and it will definitely increase violence but i fundamentally disagree with violence and conflict i believe people moving toward peace in negotiation to reach the goals is much better soleimani enjoyed some support when he led the charge to displace islip
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from iraq a strong. holds but many iraqis now blame iran for instability and interference in their country and soleimani directly for a violent crackdown on anti-government protests which began in october the us assassinations are the most extreme escalation in tensions between to head on in washington in recent years and many in baghdad fear it will continue to play out on iraqi soil and if an indistinct has she you may say and we condemn this it's unacceptable for something like this to be happening in our country it's a tween america and iran and in the end we will be hurt our situation is already not stable many iraqis oppose iranian and american interventions alike. earlier this week mohandas himself let a crowd of popular mobilization forces supporters as they attacked and besieged the u.s. embassy in baghdad he walked alongside of another senior military leader of the pro iran group who has now called on his followers to take up arms against the american
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presence iraq's caretaker prime minister abdullah abdullah mahdi condemn the u.s. strike as a violation of iraq's sovereignty and the rules of engagement of the american presence here he called the death of mohandas an aggression against the iraqi state . parliament is due to hold an emergency session on sunday but analysts say the government beleaguered and divided after 3 months of anti-government protests will struggle to mount a decisive response iraqi government is very weak for the time being there will be no more statements coming out of the. caretaker prime minister or from the ministry of foreign affairs other than that i don't expect anything from the iraqi government but probably the iraqi parliament will. call for an immediate session and do will discuss the current. americans in iraq agreement and probably they will ask for the department of the american forces from iraq.
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whether their response to u.s. presence in iraq will be political or military the assassinations have put an end to a precarious balance of power that had us far accommodated both u.s. and iranian interests in iraq the iraqi capital already a battleground for tensions between the u.s. and iran is bracing itself for the aftermath of the biggest escalation yet with both u.s. and iranian backed troops on the ground the country risks being caught in the middle of a military fallout between washington and tehran similar 14 al-jazeera but that well iran's national security council has failed to retaliate in the quote right place and time after holding an extraordinary meeting on friday. in tehran has more . on his life and the reaction to his death. shock and disbelief at the events that have led to the assassination of the head of the police force
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hossam so the money have now turned into anger and frustration and their vows of revenge the supreme leader has been at the home of awesome soleimani and where he's been speaking to his surviving family members and passing on his condolences and we've also heard a statement that's been issued by the supreme national security council of iran headed by president sandra honey where they said that they will respond appropriately to the actions of the united states now all this happening while the iranians have said that after the attack took place there was a message that was sent to tehran via the swiss embassy from the americans about the decision they took and the iranians have now since responded now we don't know the contents of these messages that have gone back and forth but it is something interesting to watch in the coming days but let's take a closer look at the events that unfolded earlier today. in his hometown of care man in central iran thousands gathered to say goodbye to
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a man many saw as more than just the head of iran's elite force major general hossam soleimani came into the role more than 20 years ago and had been one of the masterminds of iran's military strategy in the region whatever anyone else thought about so they money he was revered and admired by many in the islamic republic because. i heard it on the radio in the taxi this morning i was waiting for the names of those killed when i heard general salim on each name i said oh god he was martyred on with us the former unfortunately it's clear that wherever the u.s. enters it is after domination for its own interests general was one who stood up bravely especially fighting eisel he was a key figure 100 percent they were targeting him they knew where he was surely a role would leave it on and sort of will do something silly money rarely. spoke in public but gave this interview in october saying iran's revolutionary guard had expanded what he called islamic resistance to half
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a 1000000 square kilometers connecting iran through iraq and syria to lebanon on the courts force runs iran's foreign military and clandestine operations so they money delegated iranian diplomats to meet u.s. officials after the $911.00 attacks and they brutally worked together against the taliban. but that relationship didn't last long. the u.s. and iran's pirate is aligned once again in the fight against eisel but then evolved beyond the battlefield in april last year the u.s. designated iran's islamic revolutionary guards corps as a terrorist organization but so in money had the full support of his government the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei awarded him iran's highest military honor last year same so a money had survived many attempts on his life both here in iran and abroad but now his death will likely embolden the groups who support it as a rains mark 3 days of national mourning many here are looking to see what will
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happen next door. to iraq. where u.s. secretary of state might propose says the airstrike has made the world a much safer place as washington had intelligence that saudi money was actively plotting an imminent attack and do our best to release everything that we know that's appropriate that we can that doesn't put anyone at risk what will do our best we want the world to understand that there was in fact an imminent attack taking place the american people should know that this was an intelligent teligent space and that's where the drove this on fisher joins us live now from the pentagon so we heard there from mike pompei i was saying that it was intelligence about an imminent attack he didn't divulge though what that intelligence by b. and it doesn't seem like at least u.s. troops in iraq or any americans in iraq or any safer now. well essentially there's a contradiction from the state department whereas my pompei are saying that americans are safer and though his own state department is issuing
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a warning to americans in iraq to leave the country he says there was intelligence there that it was presented to donald trump and then decided to go ahead with the operation but there's many on capitol hill and elsewhere in washington who want to know what that intelligence was certainly people from the pentagon where i am know will be heading to capitol hill to morrow to give many of the senators and the congress people their a background briefing on what that information was no. says they'll make public what they can that may be difficult because they could be getting that information from sources or from intelligence sources and no one wants to make that public but certainly there will be people who want to know exactly what the u.s. knew and why they decided to go ahead with that operation no there is one congresswoman has tweeted out that she used to be an analyst with the cia and a number of administrations also considered this assassination but backed off because of the consequences and that is
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a huge thing here in washington as well don't trump is knowing is somewhat known as someone who really acts from the gut who reacts rather than plans things out but he's also said many times that he doesn't want war with iran in fact down a monologue or in the last couple of days he said he would much rather have peace and he was sure that iran would wanted peace as well he campaigned on bringing troops back from foreign wars he wants to reduce the number of troops in afghanistan you remember he reduced the number of u.s. troops in syria and did that by tweet as well so it seemed that his instincts are not to get involved in foreign wars but people want to know what's the plan here you've made the farce move what then follows what is the planning in place and certainly given what we're hearing from the u.s. embassy in baghdad. where there sitting on the fence on whether or not to hunker down over the next couple of days or whether to leave the country it seems that the planning is somewhat lacking and so that is
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a deep concern from them as well here's what the pentagon is going to do normally would have a briefing from someone here that doesn't seem to be planned on this friday but they are sending more troops to the region we're talking about around 3500 you'll remember around 750 were sent at the end of last week beginning of this week because of the unrest in baghdad and more people from the 2nd dearborn will be joining them they'll be leaving their base in north carolina we are told in the next couple of hours so there seems to be some sort of movement here as far as planning for the future is concerned but that still means that there's a lot of questions to be answered both here at the pentagon and elsewhere in washington alan fischer with the latest there from the pentagon thank you scott to capitol hill now and speak to hide the show cast your who's there because congress has reconvened a short time ago heidi what have they been saying what are they discussing well we
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are seeing a sharply divided congress barbara with republicans offering their congratulations to president trump for his you know lateral decision to launch this air strike that killed so many what republicans saying that this eliminated a significant threat to americans in the region well a very different tone coming from democrats who say that this happened without consultation from congress thus the action may have been illegal and democrats are warning and fearing let's go straight to president trump who is speaking now let's listen in. solomon any solomin he was plotting imminent and sinister attacks on american diplomats and military personnel but we caught him in the act and terminated him. under my leadership america's policy is unambiguous to terrorists who harbor intent to harm
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any american. we will find you we will eliminate you we will always protect our diplomats service members all americans and our allies. for years the islamic revolutionary guard corps and its ruthless could force under solmonese leadership has targeted injured and murdered hundreds of american civilians and service me the recent attacks on u.s. targets in iraq including rocket strikes that killed an american and injured 4 american servicemen very badly as well as a violent assault on our embassy in baghdad were carried out at the direction of selling maney cell in maine he made the death of innocent people his sick passion contributing to terrorist plots as far away as new delhi and london today we remember and honor the victims of solemn
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a nice many atrocities and we take comfort in knowing that his reign of terror is over solemn a he has been perpetrating acts of terror to destabilize the middle east for the last 20 years what the united states did yesterday should have been done long ago a lot of lives would have been saved just recently solemn 80 led the brutal repression of protesters in iran where more than a 1000 innocent civilians were tortured and killed by their own government we took action last night to stop a war we did not take action to start a war i have deep respect for the iranian people they are a remarkable people with an incredible heritage and unlimited potential. we do not seek regime change however the iranian regime is aggression in the region including
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the use of proxy fighters to destabilize its neighbors must end it it must end now the future belongs to the people of iran those who seek peaceful coexistence and cooperation not to terrorists warlords who plunder their nation to finance bloodshed abroad the united states has the best military by far anywhere in the world we have the best intelligence in the world if americans anywhere are threatened we have all of those targets already fully identified and i am ready and prepared to take whatever action is necessary and that in particular refers to iran under my leadership we have destroyed the isis territorial caliphate and recently american special operations forces killed the terrorist leader known as al baghdadi the world his
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a safer place without these monsters america will always pursue the interests of good people great people great souls while seeking peace harmony and friendship. with all of the nations of the world thank you god bless you god bless our great military and god bless the united states of america thank you very much thank you. president trump they are not taking any questions after that statement in florida where you of course addressed the killing of same soleimani said that u.s. policy was an ambiguous when it came to chasing attacking terrorists and protecting servicemen and allies and that it should have been done ages ago the killing of the manual how does your caster is live for us in capitol hill she has also been listening to president trump what did you make of that speech heidi.
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barbara what you heard was a very subdued president who stuck to his script you know this was an appearance that was not announced it just he wasn't supposed to be giving any public statements until a few hours later today but certainly ever fluxion of his administration's feeling the gravity and the pressure of the moment with the varied responses that the u.s. has received from foreign allies as well as from members of congress here in capitol hill but something that the president just said really stuck out he said the u.s. took action to stop a war not to start a war certainly focusing on deescalation in a sense we also heard that same comment message coming from secretary of state.
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earlier in the day but trump certainly trying to justify this action that he himself unilaterally took to authorize this drone strike that killed so many on friday he said that the u.s. acted on to end an imminent and sinister attack those were the words of the president and that they're heat that the u.s. was acting on intelligence which he did not elaborate on he refused to take questions from reporters that there was an imminent attack his problem his secretary of state has said and had said previously that the government would share that information what it can when it is available but at this moment asking the u.s. public to go on faith alone in believing that there was intelligence before the president on his desk that made him feel that ordering the killing of iranian commander was justified is because he did also mention during that news conference that it should
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have been done a long time ago and of course the money is the u.s. and its targets for many many years i guess there are a dig at previous presidents that didn't choose to go the same way. that's right there has been reporting that under president obama under president bush there have been opportunities where the u.s. knew where sort of money was and could have taken action like this but were fear of the political consequences for the regional destabilization that killing so many would create that those previous administrations in the u.s. did not. did not issue the order to take out the commander trump obviously taking a very different decision here and the timing of the killing of cilla monny of course is it's also notable you know it happened on the ether for the u.s. that it was to reconvene a stance of lee to talk about trump's impending impeachment trial that was the
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political headline dominating the u.s. up until the moment we heard reports of suing mani's death with the u.s. taking responsibility so while certainly no one is accusing the president directly of initiating this drone strike of ordering the killing of someone mahdi out of political motives it certainly does take the wind out of these otherwise very damning political headlines which would have kept impeachment at the on the top line of u.s. newspapers here in the states leading up to the president's reelection campaign and the presidential elections in november i guess the president always keeping an eye on the domestic go audience by this show castro with their capitol hill for them and heidi thank you for more on this story i'm joined by the end of the month sort of middle east analyst at london's chatham house thank you so much for being with us you were listening as well to donald trump news called for in so he said he
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doesn't want to start a war he also said he has great respect for the iranian people and does not see change so perhaps the president is trying to step back a little but how will this be interpreted in tehran. can they also step back we still don't know what their reactions going to be you know well 1st of all i think as you pointed out there's a lot of mixed signals i mean at one point he says i don't want to escalate but another point he says i'm willing to take any action necessary to defend you know and so there's all this kind of ambiguous language being used and this is always been the type of language that's been used there's nothing new out of this playbook so i don't think the iranians will be fooled i don't think that the iranians would now all of a sudden be ready to go to the table i don't think negotiations are on a they don't trust the trumpet ministration based on not just the killing of their sort of major general but all the way back to the nuclear deal so i just again do not see that there is that sort of mutually hurting stalemate that would bring the iranians back on the table as perhaps the trumpet administration would have wanted
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after this we've heard some sort of money described as you know the equivalent would be the secretary of defense of the united states we've seen how influential he could be but as a symbol i guess is his persona as well within iran and how he was as a person well something really interesting happened so for for 2 decades or so customs there money was on the ground but he was often kind of the shadow general. everybody knew that since 2003 he was active in iraq since 2011 active in syria active in yemen but in 2014 when isis was came and took over a 3rd of iraq and a half of syria and was on the brink of you know on the border with iran all of a sudden there was a face the customs their money there were photos the soldiers start taking selfies with him and there emerged this cause of cult of personality that kind of almost reassured many iranians and others that there is this general who is the one of the
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most strong is the strongest military strategist on the ground and this is what it looks like so if president trump also has to keep an eye on his domestic audience you know election coming up impeachment excess. i guess the reigning in chain of command also has to do that because silly money was such a key person who was known yes that's right and you know say money there was even talk that celebrex and their money could have a political career at some point so and iran is also having an election this year so very clearly the domestic politics is huge and i'm sure that you know the so-called conservative camp those that are close to ayatollah khomeini would like to take advantage or use this moment to show all those reformists and potential opponents that only their way and they're aligned is the best to deal with america and the allies very briefly maybe an impossible question to answer but when do you think we will hear some kind of reaction from tehran about potential retaliation well i think for us the priority is that the morning and the morning has to be
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a big showcase and i think that will be the indication of how much popularity there is the mourning not just in iran but also in iraq and elsewhere in the region they'll give a period of mourning and from that morning they'll be able to showcase the power the extent of the o.-port sense of the symbol of customs their money and then the responses will begin to come through from chatham house thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us thank you well let's go back to the pentagon and speak to alan fischer who is there for us alan have we heard anything since or you know during president news conference. well it's interesting that donald trump the leader in this normally you would expect to see mark esper the part of the defense secretary to make some sort of statement some sort of news conference here at the pentagon the fact they don't trump. he's talking the same language as the pentagon statement did and might promptly or has my pompey has made several calls to allies
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and world leaders over the last few hours the constant refrain is we're trying to deescalate donald trump hammered the same message by saying we're trying to end the war not start a war they want to talk deescalation but just because you want something doesn't mean that that will necessarily happen donald trump has already warned iran that they don't want to war they should be looking for peace but this is going to be a war in a different way this isn't going to be on the battlefield this is going to be waged through proxies and the fact that is a concern that the united states hadn't fully prepared for this coming from inside the embassy in baghdad where the people there are saying they don't know whether to hunker down or whether to leave you'll remember that the state department has issued a warning to all americans to leave the country normally non-essential personnel would be on their way out of the country as well that shows perhaps that this hasn't been terribly well planned out and certainly with no indication from donald trump that this was anything other than
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a reactive thing because he was doing something that other administrations had refused to do in recent years ellen fisher with the latest there from the pentagon allan thank you in other news one of the largest evacuations in australia's history is underway with warnings that strong winds and hot weather will worsen the raging bush fires weather conditions for saturday are being described as catastrophic and firefighters say homes will be lost tens of thousands of people have fled to safer ground as from the city davie now reports from sibyl. a straining prime minister scott morrison seen for himself the latest areas devastated by bushfires in new south wales the day after he was confronted by angry residents in the town of go this woman refusing to shake his hand but if it was their fire the prime minister said he wanted to offer comfort to those affected by fires on using and he's not
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surprised at their reaction people are angry it is something that i was there before as with it is something that i understand it's not something for me to talk personally it's paid holiday season but with a state of emergency declared in the states of new south wales and victoria tens of thousands of people have been leaving tourist areas traffic's being backed up the many kilometers on major highways as people try to get home or at least to safer areas. about a quarter of the 4000 people stranded on a beach in the town of malik who are in victoria have been taken on board naval vessels to escape the fires and have a better process right now yet i am oh dad for sure it's something that i want to forget evacuations will continue as fire conditions on saturday a forecast to be catastrophic when making every preparation possible for what will be a very difficult ice from our weather conditions are very unpredictable when either
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temperatures will still be in the mid forty's in many parts of our style thousands of firefighters are in the field with additional helicopters on standby we are unfortunately very likely we will lose homes tomorrow but will be very happy and will call excess says there's no lives lost that is a single focus tomorrow a focus on saving lives in the face of an unprecedented bushfire season felicity davey al jazeera sydney. and now quick reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera iran's supreme leader has vowed harsh revenge after its top military commander in the money was killed in a u.s. airstrike near back that airport iraq's prime minister warns the act will light the fuse of of the struct of war when the strike was authorized by u.s. president trump he says the attack does not mean that washington is seeking regime
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change in iran we took action last night just stop a war we did not take action to start a war i have deep respect for the iranian people they are a remarkable people with an incredible heritage an unlimited potential we do not seek regime change wherever the iranian regime is aggression in the region including the use of proxy fighters to destabilize its neighbors must and it must end now the president speaking there meanwhile us a history of state my pump aoe says the airstrike has made the world a much safer place as washington had intelligence that some of money was actively plotting an imminent attack the u.s. has ordered its citizens to leave iraq and close the embassy in baghdad american and these really forces have also been put on high alert. do our best to release everything that we know that's appropriate that we can that doesn't put anyone at
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risk what will do our best we want the world to understand that there was in fact an imminent attack taking place the american people should know that this was an intelligent telegin space and that's what the drove this. in other news one of the largest evacuations in australia's history is underway with warnings that strong winds and hot weather will worsen the overage invasion bushfires weather conditions for saturday have been described this catastrophic and firefighters say homes will be lost tens of thousands of people have fled to safer ground that have the al-jazeera news hour for less than half an hour stay with us people in power is coming up next thanks for watching by. delhi india screening seat of government was the deadliest of the. exposing
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millions of its inhabitants was shocking the range of life threatening whispers z.z.z. so why is it so polluted and what if anything is being done to remedy we are still just now how many born and raised in the city to find them. deli. a vibrant bustling metropolis with over 20000000 inhabitants the capital of a rapidly growing india expected to be the most populous city on the planet in the
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next decades. it's also my home i was born in delhi and i lived most of my life but i've been away for a few years and in that time delhi has been making the headlines for an alarming reason it's become the most polluted capital city in the world and its residents say there's snow leaving bison by the air they breathe air pollution is estimated to be the hard highest cause of death in india killing over a 1000000 people every year nearly 12000 people died in that lead 2017 because of the city's bad air some doctors are calling this a public health emergency. so i've come back to find out why like many big cities around the world this pollution from too much traffic and from industry but there are also specific local causes delis geographies one is another
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what i'm keen to know is why can't more be done to stop this i also want to hear from those worst affected the sick and dying and those on the frontline the levels of pollution that i it's a it's a very dangerous situation dr ivan kumar has been a lung cancer surgeon in delhi for over 30 years most of his patients used to be male smokers in their fifty's and sixty's but that's all changed when we analyzed over data last year we follow. and the price of $5050.00 distribution between more goods and so-called nonsmokers from hardly any lady 40 percent female then age group from fifty's and sixty's we were now seeing patients in thirty's and forty's and nearly 8 percent of my patients were under 40
11:36 pm
years of age i rarely see along with just think even when i'm operating one teenagers we are fighting big black black deposits and much of this dr kumar believes is down to the city's dirty air in. the only requirement for you to be affected by the ill effects of air pollution is that you should be breathing. to get a better sense of what that means i had back out to the streets it's early summer and the city is gearing up for national elections pollution levels are generally lower at this time of the year than in the winter. but things are still pretty bad . i've met up with ron aqsa taria who has developed an equity wanted to ring network with piety con 4 and duke university to my surprise he just my attention 1st to something quite mundane the road speed thing almost
11:37 pm
like 50 micrograms off of dust which was picking up just when that activity was happening ron extra vice monitors fine particles in the air including something called pm $2.00 which is smaller than the wit of human hair this tiny particle is a mighty killer it has been linked to nearly 3000000 deaths around the world in 2017 but more than half of them occurring in china and india. although the indian government disputes mortality figures to. recchi linked to absolution b.m.p. work by one of the most harmful pollutants to humans you know it goes deeper than the body it settles in the lungs and over an extended eurasian you know it definitely caused all the respiratory problems many disorders people like i was fostered but the people who are actually doing the work they're exposed to this on an extended duration day after day. there's more to delhi's application than just
11:38 pm
to go dusting. and so we set off to take measurements around the 6 x. 7 right now we have quite a bit larger than the field $2.00 level here is higher than 60 in the last 24 hour standard how much of a problem is that if you know. the rate of that you call them or 30 to 35 percent of families where you should break up going over the top unless it is regulated or keep going. with around $10000000.00 vehicles fighting for space in dallas crowded streets it's unavoidable in sadly ironic that among those we news them are some of the victims of the city's policing crisis. i'm a 26 year old new delhi resident about 6 months ago i got diagnosed with stage 4 met a static lung cancer. priyanka jin is
11:39 pm
a digital marketing consultant an only child she lives with her mother in south delhi the right lung is completely damaged the cancer has spread so much that it's just not visible on the extreme it's less than a year ago she used to drive for an hour and a half one way to get to her office nearly 25 kilometers away. now many of her journeys to and from the hospital the city's evolution has been a significant contribution to my health issue it was very very difficult because i was you know working i was living my daily life i was happy and then all of a sudden i started experiencing these breathing issues i would go breathless and then one day i was hospitalized i still feel that. i'm not sure
11:40 pm
if i would even make it for the new year and i don't know how many how many days do i have. any of think about it is pretty evident that she's too young to have any counselor at all and then to have a longer answer which is classically related to smoking is almost impossible because priyanka as dr need patient i think he has been on colleges in delhi for the past 7 years he's noticed a rise in the lung cancer among his patients we used to talk about smoking go back every day for 25 years causes cancer. 6 so it's quite obvious that that may not be able to use their gums to chemical industries somebody who's exposed well she's not exposed to that i then you start thinking of family history she doesn't have the idea that you have to stop and. pollution actually be your
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reasons for a cancer somebody's dark young there is enough evidence in the world that pollution can go dark and i really wonder if that was the main chord to be true fact of if so then it could be in accord with the latest state of global air report on air quality and health. it states that 33 percent of lung cancer deaths in india can be attributed to appalachian. living in a city like delhi you're directly but having it in handling. when all look and serve warming chemicals not for one ot for daughter or do you been doing this for years together i can not see or stop it that's scary andronicus gives me some more disturbing news in the past 6 months has put monitors in 15 of. the city he's noticed high levels of pollution even your
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hospitals in a neighborhood where i grew up. this is bad news for patients to risk of having respiratory ailments from the air that they breathe is very high for you know places like these it is particularly more important to make sure that the air is far more cleaner. it also helps explain why we could see a lot of nebulized and mosques being sold around us people used to buy headache. pain killers buying breathing about it is which is becoming a medical equipment you know requiring still the unfortunate reality you know what is happening to the i don't doubt. it's been shown by studies that men of lung capacity in generation born and brought up in the new cities like they really is much less than their counterparts in polluted cities.
11:43 pm
you know miss because some of the most exposed to the cities and pollution i meet them just a few kilometers away from where i live a poor community that helps clean up danny but is he clearly vulnerable to it's dirty and. covered up for her. name. but actually. it's a learning center run by an n.g.o.s children surprise me at the knowledge of how full eating their daily chores are but they seem to have no other choice. but to. file must hire leading cause of household. the indian government has made
11:44 pm
a commitment to replace the. with gas and windows and $50000000.00 homes according to official figures almost $71000000.00 have benefited from this so far but many of the poorest communities like these have yet to be reached that. being here has made me realize that denny's absolution comes from many sources big and small. it's only worse by the city's unique geography and atmospheric conditions pollution from other areas gets blown here and then gets trapped. what is surprising is that the fight for clean air was 1st spotted decades ago and partially won but experts say the gains have now
11:45 pm
been lost we cleaned out the public transport sector we cleaned up the auto rickshaws the grass polluting sector but then over the top houser man 3 period to 2013 the private freight cars warmed in our cities because we completely neglected public transport and as it is out of fear we have this explosion of vehicles so need an arayan was part of a campaign that led to public transport being switched to compressed natural gas or c n g we just got complacent. we just believe that the problem had gone away but what we forgot is that any city like delhi will continue to grow and the challenges will increase so nor city in the world the job is done and i think for a city like delhi the the the knowledge is particularly painful because it affects
11:46 pm
our health every lucian is a public health a bridge and see something we need to be densely what it about. so what are the authorities doing here to tackle the most obvious causes of delhi's dirty air. transport sector is one of the biggest contributor to the cities there but usually this is made worse by the fact that there is a still real shortfall in the public transport system the delhi government says it's taking steps to fix this problem. last year then he made the commitment that we will bring in $1000.00 we are looking busses this is the largest commitment by any city in india. maybe. just mention the delhi government has been working on an ambitious electric vehicle plan
11:47 pm
for the city if we are able to achieve the goal of ensuring that 25 percent of all new to start way goes in there are electric wiccans in 5 years from now our goal is that in 10 going to. look at 100 percent a transition and reduce this 30 to 40 percent it's contribution of transport sector for pollution 1st it despite these commitments the delhi government has been accused of not doing enough in the 4 years of the delhi government not a single bus has been added they have given a plan for opposing me buses and sort of another 2000 ordinary buses but honestly. even that is too little why this is such a short fall of buses will be strange for many people around the world to know that the elected government off there lee does not have any control over the land or which it can set the public transport facilities will bust me pause and and the central government can cause that and unfortunately the central government has not
11:48 pm
allowed their government any access to more lanka with this kind of facilities. even when the authorities here do take action matters elsewhere can cause problems down the stations are a case in point. the city's law school fired plant rather poor was shut down nastia. despite that the problem hasn't gone away it is very clear that air pollution is not a local problem it is a regional problem and what one finds a little ironical is that on one hand you close down by the border because it is polluting delhi but on the other hand new power plants have been approved which i read in 100 kilometers of been in my own mental lawyer make that has been fighting for cleaner emissions from power plants the government of india came out with a fairly progressive emission norms for power plants the idea is that they will install new equipments as
11:49 pm
a result of which the pollution level will go down by almost 30 to 40 percent. the deadline was initially fixed for 2017 but the plants are yet to switch to cleaner gnome's something which was hailed as one of the very important decisions taken by the present government to deal with the environmental crisis has been simply put in the back burner because there was no interest by the power companies and nor interest by the government to enforce these new norms. dirty coal plants are a problem familiar to other parts of the world india has another particularly does . sting to pollution challenge. the fumes from millions of firecrackers set off during the hindu festival of the valley. it's the single largest sore on the atmosphere of delhi nearly 2.5 percent of
11:50 pm
a mule pollution is caused by those 3 days of fireworks. on the line and is a senior supreme court advocates who joined other parents in filing a petition for clean air on behalf of their toddlers my middle child was having serious broken issues because of the amount of pollutants we had in the school to the sniffling and coughing tossing and turning at night the toddler skiis move the supreme court to fast ban the sale of firecrackers and lead to allow them with strict conditions but despite this millions of firecrackers was set off. and it's this kind of ignorance that has brought children outside the environment ministry to ask for more government action on pollution will not be released completely we are not in the old. believe me i don't believe. we are not able to believe. in the body type evolution
11:51 pm
is a lot we would expect i have to have a combat house. i accept it we are. in answer to these and other concerns authorities have introduced a slew of measures including planting trees around the city building expressways and banning the import of dirty feel. in january 29000 delhi was among the cities listed in the country's 1st ever national clean air programme by the aquila he is still not good enough to go to india stop in. vironment official to ask why i got figures from your office and the number of good air quality days in delhi last year was 0 which is quite alarming one of the critical factors in the quality is the mature logical fact the continuous layer of washed over delhi or this does
11:52 pm
is the. they prevent the dispersal of it here because of the moisture level of the dispersal is very bad and that is why you rarely get to say a good day that said to have an absolute number of 0 good air quality days in delhi despite so much government intervention doesn't that surprise you well that just means that we need to do more work there is one point i would like to make it cannot and should not be the government's responsibility alone people's participation is a huge thing unless that happens and individuals start caring for the environment we will not be able to really clean up. the combative and labyrinth tiny chel of indian politics is also a barrier one of the most contentious issues has been the burning of rice stubble outside of delhi which leaves the city in i think his every winter commodity
11:53 pm
immigrants here but unfortunately they were in this common scenario or money saudia is delhi's deputy chief minister he says the federal government must do more to bring down stubble fires outside the city of his consolation of the news and. is company nothing is regional crisis monkey of course and do weren't going to come up with the entire solomon homes and the warnings about a bargain with cynically meetings the bill out there for meeting successful isn't illegal but historically we do so long as it on the telly going to put out an anybody who plan malarkey. but i am saying to the delhi chief minister don't blame someone else i think pollution is too big a public health emergency for us to deteriorate into india's favorite game which is to blame another political party and get into screaming on television what's more
11:54 pm
says suneet on arayan the problem is not a lack of regulations it's getting them enforced implementation is india's at police he too because the institutions for governance for in foresman are very disabled they are poor so there are enough orders that are there but our institutions really lack teet and according to data from the national crime records bureau violators on to being prosecuted for sent to jail this is what the state of delhi has done it does not register a single case and so there's no question of anybody getting convicted because there's no given his history at all so that we get this straight and in all of them really we don't have a single conviction basically means all of bill is complying with the law or there is a political gain and everybody complains with the law it's definitely is not true either way they will not see such alarming level of pollution so it is
11:55 pm
a clear instance where the enforcement agencies have kept their eyes completely closed to every single violation that is happening in the state. as i go around the city makes shocking revelations still ring in my yes meanwhile delhi citizens continue to wrestle with health problems that pollution causes. but there is at least some good news for priyanka all of these blasts for us this big one is all cancer this is 3 months ago a look at the seams can hear you see this block has completely disappeared and you can see these black sports awards will be gone except the smaller dr excellent news you got very happy with thank you david so don't you think this is like increase my life but it's certainly really crazy lives for the goods it's working you know what
11:56 pm
are you going to bowl and you being nobody can predict really about most for many years. out on the streets campaigning is getting louder although after you stand has made it to party manifestos for the 1st time ever it's still not a major election issue but for the recently bereaved family just outside delhi it became a matter of life and death i use. to beat when there were windows open and there were is and she was asking for and she was. sometime our died a few weeks ago at the age of 35 she left behind her husband of a and a 10 year old son story on church who now wants to become a doctor i want to be in okinawa just because the cancer spreading in india continues isn't going to get so we have to stop disturbing pollution is every bit
11:57 pm
that it's affecting my mom and some of the people. i'm going hard become a fog. she was my best friend she was my last season my love and she what i love it's like. meeting some of the worst affected. and has made me realize there is little time to lose in the fight folk clean up and. grieving is the most important. fact is that you know that you're doing it every moment and that's your source of life. the government really needs to take it up as a one of its priorities before anything else. we breed is so
11:58 pm
polluted that it's causing so many deaths every day. as i leave. my beloved city is facing its greatest challenge from an invisible killer. and until the government and citizens treat this as an emergency millions will continue to risk their lives just by creating.
11:59 pm
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