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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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and they will be 70 but never been to india before al-jazeera examines the climate of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these neighbors. is of blood. tens of thousands of mourners filled the streets as the body of a radiant commander cost some sort of money is brought home to ron paul in the us president donald trump threatens to strike at dozens of iranian targets if there is retaliation for the assassination so let mani. out of there i'm jim and all this is sounds easier live from doha also coming up forces loyal to libyan warlord holy father have to start launching air strikes on a military academy killing at least 30 people. kenyan military base used by both
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kenyan and u.s. forces comes under attack from al-shabaab trying to it's. just searching the flooded streets of jakarta so for survivors after the worst strains ever recorded there leaving at least 60. hello there we begin in iran where tens of thousands of people are paying their respects to cost some sort of the top it rainin commander assassinated by a u.s. airstrike in iraq on friday his body was brought back to iran early on sunday and is now being taken on a procession through the city of was the 1st of several days of mourning for silly money in iraq was is significant is considered one of the most important places for iran's revolutionary guards and its elite could force so the money fault in the
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province during the iran iraq war well on saturday tens of thousands of iraqis attended the funeral procession for and they rocked. leader. this was killed alongside him grief and rage have filled the streets of baghdad in the shia holy cities of karbala and najaf mourners called for revenge for their killings and then overnight there were several rocket attacks across iraq one exploded in the heavily fortified green zone which is where the u.s. embassy is and 2 others hit close to an iraqi air base where there are u.s. troops and contract says will differ amounts in the days are scrambling to ease the crisis between iran and the u.s. foreign minister was dispatched to meet iran's leaders this france the u.k. and saudi arabia cold for calm. well dosage is live for us in the holy city of my. body will be taken later on sunday so dorsai after that initial shock has subsided
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this is really a chance for people to pay their respects. but you know certainly people are starting to gather here on a very cold and humid morning and. people have a gathering because the body of the assassinated general hossam some of money will be arriving here in the next few hours where it will be inside the shrine where we are at the moment so that it will be on the sleigh and people will be able to pay their respects there will be a prayer service. around the coffin and people will be able to say their final goodbyes now the shrine is very significant it is the holiest place in iran and reza is the. mom and it is one of the biggest foundations inside iran. shrine areas of the biggest in iran and behind me in the golden dome is where the late among rest so some saw him on his body will be coming here is very significant
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he is highly revered loved general and many people have spoken to him even on our way here from the tower on the set that they just can't believe he was gone the whole country is in mourning and just to give you an idea from a plane ride here from tehran the flight attendants or the pilot himself they were saying prayers for the late general the pilot have written a poem for us themselves thanking him for his service to the country and people that are gathering here today on ashot say that they are here to say goodbye aside from the grief that we've seen there's also a lot of anger and frustration with iranians want their governments and their military to respond they want revenge and they don't necessarily want a full on conflict but people that we've spoken to that across the 2 cities mash up and tear on say that it is time for. to respond to such a violent act so also tell us what will happen as we move towards tuesday and his
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burial. of. the well this is now becoming what i would describe as a state funeral. of the late general is now going to be arriving in mashhad and then by this evening before him back to attack iran where there will be more services for him by various officials in the capital and that not only a monday morning the supreme leader himself i totally harmony will be performing all right or service over the coffin at temple university following that his body will be taken to the holy city of just outside of tehran and then from there the little being flown to his hometown of care man on tuesday where he will be laid to rest that will his own emotions there is a request from him to his life stable should he die in. battle that he wanted to be buried and look out any large ceremony at his hometown among the other martyrs in
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a cemetery that only those in care one in central iran so that is the chain of events that we 'd expect to take place but this is going to be very much the state funeral in the country is in mourning and until tuesday that will be the case dorsetshire there joining us live from amman in iran dorsett thank you let's go live now to see more of fulton who's standing by for us in baghdad hi there simona what so the significance of these most recent air strikes that we've been hearing about in iraq. well this pair of rocket attacks are just the latest in a series of attacks against bases where u.s. personnel are stationed last night we had a couple of rocket attacks aimed at the fortified green zone here in baghdad one of them hit a little bit outside of the u.s. embassy compound and the other one hit across the river tigris in the neighborhood
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and there were no u.s. casualties although the coalition spokesperson said that there might have been iraqi casualties in terms of civilians being injured although we have not received confirmation for that as of now there was also a separate attack on the ballad base which is about 80 kilometers north of baghdad this is a base where coalition troops are stationed and there were also 2 rocket attacks aimed at this base but again nobody was hurt now these latest attacks they bring the total number of rocket attacks on bases to 13 over the past 2 months but they're very much in line with the kind of actions that we have seen on the part of groups like the hezbollah brigades which have been accused of carrying out some of these attacks in the past but what we haven't really seen is a departure from these kind of operations something that would really be a sign of escalating retaliation against u.s. presence here we did have
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a statement come out from the hezbollah brigades last night calling on iraqi troops to withdraw from bases where coalition troops are stationed so that they are not basically collateral damage when such attacks are happening so there is some kind of expectation that there might be further attacks that there might be further escalation and similar parliament's holding an emergency session walk can we expect to happen. well at the moment there are a lot of questions about this session the 1st one is whether there will actually be quorum parties are still deciding whether or not they should attend i spoke to one member of parliament earlier and he was expecting guidance from the party leadership to this particular party is a kurdish party of course the kurds and also the sunnis are among those parties that support american presence here and are unlikely to back any kind of legislation that would see the removal of u.s. troops from iraq which is of course something that has been demanded by the shiite
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parties and specifically political parties that belong to the popular mobilisation forces now the 2 biggest blocks in parliament are shiite led blocs there is the big coalition which is the largest bloc and it consists mostly of political parties with close links to iran they have been basically leading the call for the departure of the us troops from iraq we also have a party that is led by a shiite cleric mark that assad or his party has in the past also supported such a motion so it remains to be seen whether we will have corum it remains to be seen which parties will actually support legislation to see the departure of u.s. troops but there are also questions of how this would actually happen there is no bill that has been proposed by the prime minister's office that parliament could actually vote on and there is actually a legal issue with a caretaker government which is what we have at the moment proposing legislation
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this is not something that is considered in line of the constitution so what could happen is that parliament would actually knol the existing agreement that exists between the u.s. and between iraq to outline the cooperation between the 2 countries including military cooperation so that is one option that we're likely to see but again 1st of all we have to wait if sufficient members of parliament will actually turn out in today's session smaller folds and there with the very latest from baghdad simona thank you. don't will trump has issued a stark warning to iran threatening to hit dozens of targets inside the islamic republic if it retaliates for the targeted killing of top commander customs the us president fired off a series of tweets part of which said iran is talking very boldly about targeting certain usa assets as revenge for our ridding the world of their terrorist leader let this serve as a warning that if iran strikes any americans or american assets we've targeted 52
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iranian sites and those targets in iran itself will be hit very fast and very hard the u.s.c. wants no more threats let's live cross to gave. in washington d.c. hi there gabe so president jiang releasing this series of tweets warning iran about any sort of response what else has he been saying. yeah this appears to be a president that is consumed at every hour about what iran might be doing next and how do we know that from his twitter feed it was just a little after midnight here in washington time that trump set out even more threats towards iran this just came out in the last hour or 2 it said and i were a report of it says the united states just spent 2 trillion dollars on military equipment we are the biggest and by far the best in the world if you run a tax an american base or any american we will be sending some of that brand new
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beautiful equipment their way and without hesitation again that a tweet from the president a little after midnight and he's really drawing quite frankly dangerous red line there basically escalating the situation even more so basically in that tweet guaranteeing that he will call he will retaliate against iran should iran strike any u.s. interests here this is a little bit surprising because we've been hearing all day on saturday from administration officials who are saying they were trying to deescalate the situation including secretary of state might pump ale who said that was the main priority was to deescalate meanwhile you have these series of tweets by the president doing exactly the opposite and in some of his earlier tweets on saturday where he mentioned over 50 targets that the u.s. had on their list he said some of them were important cultural sites to the to iran iran has more than 20 unesco world heritage sites in the country of iran and
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targeting those militarily would be a war crime nevertheless that is what the president tweeted at least i'm gave this been some fascinating concept in a new york times article reporting that the pence going to facials were stunned when trump chose the most extreme option of killing when there were other choices given to the president. yeah some administration officials anonymously are talking to the new york times and they're reporting that the pentagon gave trump what's called a menu of options in response to the attack on the u.s. embassy in baghdad trump asked for a menu of options military options that could beat undertaken and on those options the pentagon said that they could strike iran. boats or
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ships there could choose to restrike iran millett missile launching places they could strikes militia and also said that they could strike directly at some of the money now when trump said that is the option he wanted to go with that apparently shocked the pentagon they were not expecting that they scrambled to get plans in place and it was thursday night according to this report that trump ultimately told the pentagon to assassinate sulaimani and on friday that's exactly what happened ministration officials are telling and are saying that it was in many ways an impulsive decision by trumper that's how it's been characterized by some at least within the administration that has spoken the times gave elizondo there with the very latest from the u.s. and from washington d.c. gates thank you libya's health ministry says at least 30 people have been killed
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after an airstrike by forces loyal to warlord how many. it targeted a military academy in the capital tripoli that death toll is expected to rise so with reports of many board bodies at the scene it is the 2nd attack now in 24 hours after an airstrike hit a civilian area near tripoli's only functioning airport that killed one person the what it is in tripoli and he says most of the victims are believed to have been young cadets who were no ots on active duty. it's very clear to. the hospitals the popular caused those were the victims were transferred from the military academy that was hit by a drone loyal to the warlord. we just came back from one of the public hospitals where the victims are receiving good treatments and medical sources that say that it was so difficult for them to identify the bodies of the did victims because most of the dead bodies were either burned or torn apart by the attack
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now medical sources also say that they have been calling the health ministry has been calling on people to go to the hospitals to do neat blood most of the victims are aged 18 to 22 and their military students from all the cities and areas in libya do not we spoke to the commander the head of this military academy said that they don't have anything to do with the ongoing fighting for control of tripoli just as students of military academy they're not fighting against have to his forces that's where there is no reason why his forces are targeting this a military academy and meanwhile have to the fighter jets also targeted the main gate of m 80 gear port and of yours has been halted in the airport and all flights have been diverted again to misrata airport about 2 and a half hours drive to the east from the capital of tripoli not quite up to 100
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reporting there well as tensions mount over turkey's plan to send troops to support the un recognized government in tripoli egypt has been doing military exercises in the eastern mediterranean sea egypt which supports warlord highly has warned turkey that any intervention will only make the situation in tripoli and of course the region much worse. still ahead on al-jazeera the daytime sky doctrines to blood bred in a stray yasser another day of destructive far. hello the fighting cooperation across much of your the stand your clatter and some fog in the morning hours but for the most pause it is staying mild and fairly clear and i
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was look at our system through the eastern end of the med but nowhere near as strong certainly on sunday want to work the way across greece pushing on to turkey and we have a snow as well across much of the balkans but really we're watching this system out across the northwest because this is beginning to work its way across towards you can slightly by monday pushes in through ali and some strong winds as well as some very heavy amounts of rain that will push across into scotland and wales and western sections of england as we go through the day but really the bulk of europe certainly on monday it is a fine day temperatures on too bad even in london with that rain pushing in we've got 8 celsius 7 in paris 11 degrees in madrid but really it is a very unsettled picture monday across much of that rain back in the fall call some strong gusty winds along coastal areas and some fairly widespread snow as well we've also got want to show these northern coastal areas of africa's as we go through sunday we could see if you shine on tools tunisia and then really from sunday on into monday everything shift a little further eastward so again
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a few more shots certainly through libya and egypt as we go through the day on monday. frank assessments the one thing about these bush fires is it's really well the. climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping down the truck afloat right now critical debate cyclone goes to school board noise on 'd a bogus argument is astonishing the part time thing in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of a new iraq of the new conscious and aware youth about struggle against an ethnic sectarian cult of inside story on al-jazeera. the world.
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you're watching al-jazeera reminded now of our top stories this hour tens of thousands of people are paying their respects in iran to cost some sort of money the top commander assassinated by a u.s. airstrike on friday is bodies being carried through the city of our wads before moving to mush. president donald trump percent a series of tweets warning the u.s. will hit iran harder than ever before if it takes any retaliates reaction for solomon is killing tom says his country will have $52.00 iranian sites if iran targets americans. now a kenyan military base which is also used by american forces has come under attack the base is located in law move county and the site is known as camp simba as claimed responsibility for the attack but there's no word yet on any casualties well let's get more on this from harriman tasso who joins us on the fall from ny
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will be higher what are the details do we have right now. well we know it 9 was in a dangerous attack the heavy heavily fortified. by the al-shabaab managed to break through the 6 details on casualty toll there could be some king and an american casualty it happened in lamu county which is the up will be far too if it's in the far far is way of al-shabaab to have been hiding and the king and forces have been really going in and out trying to weed them out. this also happened interesting enough. quite soon off to attack on a bus attack in la. it was a passenger bus with of the people on the bus and it was ambushed shot at 3 people were killed the government says it was al-shabaab fighters al-shabaab say is
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that ted king king in. taxes is king and people the kenyan government king in hotels killing can mean anything really because the king of somalia in terms of basically they've deployed their troops in somalia 2 years ago and that's why they keep me talking king a lot to give cause there was a big 'd explosion in somalia in one that issue that killed dozens of people again claimed by al-shabaab so it seems like all people in this region al-shabaab to be around. their attacks in somalia and in kenya but right now in terms of which they are told that it's not quiet detective in that but of course people are asking how did al shabaab manage to break through a haze of the fortified military base in came and got it by the king and the americans can harm with half they're joining us with the very latest on that story harry thank you. now at least 14 people have been killed in 1000 of us
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injured after a roadside bomb attack on a bus in northern burkean a fossil the attack happened on saturday in told me in the region of soldo as students return to school after holidays there's been no claim of responsibility yet but it happened in a region where armed groups have recently increased their attack it's cooler temperatures in parts of a still you have given firefights just a brief reprieve after what's been described as a horrid day of blazes on saturday blood red skies could be seen along coastal communities in new south wales hundreds of properties are thought to have been destroyed across new south wales and victoria and the death toll has now risen to 25 after one man was killed whilst defending his property but authorities say mass evacuations have for the most part prevented major loss of life this is the most significant this is the most comprehensive and the most dramatic in terms of its
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collection of response barca move government that we've seen to a disaster such as this and i believe that's where we need to focus our attention and and we're seeking obviously to communicate that directly to a strike it's to ensure that they can have comfort that the response is matching the need well jessica washington has this update now from batemans bay on the new south wales south coast. condition have eased in many parts of this trailer but of course crews are still battling 5 in new south wales in south australia and in victoria but they are making the most of these cooler temperatures and live to wind to take control of some of the fires which across the area now yesterday here on saturday and it's really a was described as a horrific day the damage is yet to be assessed but it gets to mated that at least hundreds of homes would have been destroyed this particular region if it's really
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or it's not just new south wales which is suffering but victoria surely there are also 5 burning in queensland and tasmania although not as severe as what is happening in the 3 day now we do understand that conditions all favorable in most of the day there's even a bit of rain here in new south wales and victoria but it's along the south coast region that the situation is still incredibly dangerous and this is an issue which will go on with some weeks ahead there's just been a town that often here along the south coast region in between victoria and new south wales that whole town has just been evacuated so still an incredibly volatile situation so while a lack of rain has worsened a strictly a situation too much of it just north in indonesia has the worst flooding and landslides in decades entire communities have been buried and at least 60 people have died and war rain is on the way priyanka gupta has the story of. a torrent
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of months sweeping through homes destroying roads bridges and some. steves are indonesia's. in more than a decade styluses of people are cut off from the outside. some still buried under heaps of mud has is a rising but it's too slow and just not nearly. you know for those who've lost everything i got out of the look of our someone i didn't manage to evacuate anything i lost my small stall my house remains but the windows and doors are gone . torrential rain began on new year's eve triggering landslides and causing rivers to break their backs. mudslides and bad weather are making it hard for rescue workers to reach those stranded in removed areas i think we have evacuated people from several places it is impossible for them because particularly led back
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is badly devastated with no access for vehicles. nearly $400000.00 people are crowded into makeshift shelters in need around the capital jakarta in some areas water has receded but the threat of diseases like dainty and hepatitis a is rising and there are signs of more rain in. the peak of the rainy season is in february and march so we're still facing possible floods we're now modifying weather so the rain won't fall in the cities but the people whose houses are flooded we hope they will stay in refugee compound so we can monitor their health reduce possible disease. person here who do do has blamed dealings and flood control infrastructure for the devastation and as these floods show the effects are being felt by the city's most vulnerable priyanka al-jazeera. the fate of at least 700000 undocumented migrants who were brought to the u.s.
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as children could become one of the defining issues of the 2020 presidential election president trump is trying to end it temporarily protected them from deportation the supreme court is set to make a decision on their future just months before election day and gallacher explains. norma ramirez was 5 years old when her parents brought her to the u.s. illegally she says that she didn't feel different growing up but like hundreds of thousands of others she's on documented scared and uncertain about the future and i have a social security number. and. really devastating because i had done everything by. others you know model student in 2012 president barack obama introduced the deferred action for childhood arrivals all back a policy which provided protections for the undocumented immigrants he gave people like norma the right to work and apply for student loans it also gave her
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a 2 year reprieve from possible deportation that ended when president trump cancelled the dr policy in september of 2017 falsely claiming many recipients also known as dreamers are hardened criminals now the question of whether the president acted lawfully is before the conservative leaning supreme court with a decision expected by june essentially what the administration did in what we're trying to argue to the court is that they didn't take into account the impact that rescinded in dhaka would have on hundreds of thousands of people in their communities for activist in dhaka recipient maria pearlers sanchez a recent princeton graduate the stakes in the future couldn't be higher for someone to have that kind of power to affect thousands or hundreds of thousands of lives that saw. violence as a presidential election looms its voters who may ultimately decide the fate of
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dreamers if the democrats win back the white house the president could reinstate the program even if the court rules the decision was illegal but unable to vote almost undocumented immigrants can do is watch wait and hope for the best and to gallacher al-jazeera. my. this is around 0 and these are the top stories 'd tens of thousands are rainy and so are paying their respects as you can see in these live shots here it's a military commander custom supermodel who was assassinated by a u.s. airstrike in iraq on friday will these live pictures show just how many have turned out for that procession in. the funeral marks of course just the beginning of several days of mourning for sort of mani in iran i was it is significant it's considered one of the most important places for iran's revolutionary guards and its elite could source of course the money fought in the promised during the iran iraq
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war. has more from the holy city of washington that's where so the money's body will be taken later on sunday. and this line is very significant it is the holiest place in iran and reza as we share a moment and it is one of the biggest stars around lucian's inside iran. a shrine areas of the biggest room in iran and but behind me in the golden dome is where the late amman rest so close and saw him on his body will be coming here is very significant news a highly revered loved general and many people we've spoken to even on our way here are from that are on they said that they just can't believe he was gone. u.s. president all ciampa sent a series of tweets warning iran against taking any retaliates or reaction for the killing of solomonic trump says his country will hit 52 iranian sites if iran targets americans. well earlier there were several rockets attacks across iraq
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targets included baghdad's heavily fortified green zone and iraqi airports where there are u.s. troops stationed a kenyan military base which is also used by american forces has come under attack the base is located in lamu county and the site is known as camp simba has claimed responsibility for vats attack but there's no word yet on the number of casualties libya's health ministry says at least 30 people have been killed after an airstrike by forces loyal to warlord after it's targeted a military academy in the capital tripoli the death toll is expected to rise with reports of many more bodies at the scene. you are up to date those are the headlines the news continues here after inside story we'll see you later but by. counting the cost 2020 we pick through what could be the whole geo political and
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geo economic topics of the year for the most important election in the free world and we ask if the world can come together to tackle global warming get a quality globalizing counting the cost on al-jazeera we did not. take action to start a war. donald trump defends the assassination over iran's top military leader but critics say the u.s. president has made the world a more dangerous place how will the killing of persons on the money affect american troops abroad something that trigger another endless war this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm hala. the u.s. president's has long said he'd pull american troops out of what he called the
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