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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2020 11:00am-11:33am +03

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aren't you trying to get in. to. the org. tens of thousands of mourners and fill the streets is the body of iranian commander custom sort of mommy is brought home to belong. to them julie mcdonald this is sound as either a live from doha also coming up in the u.s. president donald trump threatens to strike at dozens of targets if iran retaliates for the mani's assassination. came in a military base used by both kenyan and u.s. forces come sunday or attack from al-shabaab it fights. of the daytime sky darkens to blood bred in a stray after another day of just trying to push it's. a
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law they're going to have your company we begin in iraq where tens of thousands of people are paying their respects accustomed to the top iranian commander assassinated by a u.s. airstrike in iraq on friday his body was brought back to iran early on sunday and has now been taken on a procession through the city of all was well out was is significant is considered one of the most important places for iran's revolutionary guards and its elite could force so many faults in the province jury in the iran iraq war. well sunday marks the 1st of several days of mourning for slim on iran once the process the procession finishes and i was his remains will be taken to the holy city of moksha then they'll be taken to tehran where there will be another funeral procession.
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on saturday tens of thousands of iraqis attended the funeral of course of the procession for solo mani and. mohandas the deputy commander of the iraqi. mobilization forces overnight of course there were several rockets attacks in iraq one exploded in the heavily fortified green zone which is where the u.s. embassy is located 2 others hit close to an iraqi air base where there are u.s. troops and contract as diplomats of course am leaders a scrambling to ease the crisis between iran and the u.s. cuts us foreign minister was dispatched to meet iran's leaders as france the u.k. and saudi arabia cold for calm well also big joins us live now from toronto for us said during this period of mourning it's a chance for people to go i will pay their respects. yes this is one of those moments for iran that everybody seems to have
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a member of the family that is crying or mourning for the loss of gus and so the money i've spoken to many people this morning and all of them have said that they have a family member that is mourning that is crying around to ron even when you go to take money out from an a.t.m. and those screens are images of gus and so the money on billboards on the side of roads on the motorway handovers images of gusen for the money some of them in his military fatigues some of them being embrace by the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini now the death of gus and so the money even by those holes to the government opposed to the really disestablishment even those people recognize gus and so the money as a patriot to someone that for tough isis and prevented them from reaching the borders of iran but what the what this death has also done has united the different political factions here in iran the conservatives the reformists and even the hardliners are all in unison all condemning this assassination and saying that there should be
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a response but for right now iranians are mourning and it's one of those moments where people are saying that they remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news of the assassination and asked said we know of course they will be interned on chains stay what's on the other steps in this process of mourning until that. well the body is been taken to different locations in iran but tomorrow it will be into iran and the crowds that we're seeing currently in the numbers we haven't seen anything like this since the death of the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini there we are expecting tens of thousands of people to pay their respects and he will be taken off to iran who take the kind of monies home city where he will be buried but again that mourning process is continuing and right now the world is looking back to iran waiting for this response donald trump has said he tweeted out that there
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are 53 targets that america has highlighted representing the 52 american hostages now the commander the general of the armed forces has devised dismissed that number and said that very much doubt that the united states will carry out such an attack but right now the countries in the region are waiting they feel pretty nervous about what iran's response will be and then what the united states reaction would be after the death of dozens of the money i said thank them joining us from tehran as a thank you let's go live now to see more falls and he's standing by for us in baghdad hi there simona let's talk about 1st of all the significance of these most recent airstrikes. well there are actually rocket attacks in the air strikes targeted of the green zone in baghdad as well as the by that base which is about 80 kilometers north of baghdad and these 2 attacks are just the latest in
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a series of rocket attacks aimed at bases where u.s. personnel is stationed one of which killed a u.s. contractor which was actually what started the most recent escalation of these attacks tend to be attributed to iranian backed groups especially the hezbollah brigades but we have not really heard who is responsible behind this attack and of course this comes amid grave concern among iraqis but also among the american presence here 6 in the wake of threats of revenge and retaliation in response to the assassinations of some sort of money and also i will mark the on the hundreds here in baghdad but it remains to be seen whether there will be further escalation because these rocket attacks well there has been an uptick in the past 2 months of a total of 13 such attacks it is not something uncommon and it does not really pose an escalation so far we did however have a statement from the hezbollah brigades warning iraqi security forces to basically
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do this them's that these things themselves from coalition troops so as to not become collateral damage in what appear to be plans for forthcoming attacks on bases where u.s. personnel are stationed and simona we know also that parliament's holding an emergency session but it's quite a complicated political landscape right now isn't it what can we expect. well this emergency session was called by the prime minister in the wake of the assessing nations and what he wants parliament to do is to take measures to quote preserve the dignity and sovereignty of iraq and what we understand is that the more pro iranian parties are currently trying to draft some kind of proposal for a complete withdrawal of foreign and especially u.s. troops from iraq now it is a question of whether there is substantial support in parliament for such a move we understand that both the sunni and kurdish parties which together have
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around 35 percent of the seats are against such measures measures they don't really want foreign troops to leave many of them have had said that they will not actually attend today's session so it remains to be seen whether there is a quorum there is also a question mark over whether this would actually be a constitutionally legal process because it is actually the executive branch not the legislative branch of this supposed to draft bills so we have here a bloc in parliament that is actually trying to prepare for a proposal something that will likely be declared illegal by the other parties and let's also remember that the government is currently in a caretaker role for following the resignation of prime minister of the math in late november so there is a question of whether this government can actually take action to for example previous agreements that have been made between america and the route that govern not just the military presence of u.s. troops here but also political cultural and economic cooperation between the 2
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countries simona front and they're joining us live with the latest from baghdad similar thank you. donald trump has issued a warning to iran threatening to hit dozens of targets inside the islamic republic if it retaliates of the targeted killing of top commander custom salami the u.s. president fired off a series of tweets saying iran is talking very boldly about targeting certain usa assets as revenge for our ridding the world of their terrorist leader let this serve as a warning that if iran strikes any americans or american assets we have targeted 52 irradiance sites and those targets in iran itself will be hit very fast and very hard the u.s.c. ones know more salt well gabe elizondo is in washington d.c. he says it's clear that trump is obsessing over the situation. this appears to be a president that is consumed at every hour about what iran might be doing next and
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how do we know that from his twitter feed it was just a little after midnight here in washington time that trump set out even more threats towards iran this just came out in the last hour or 2 it said and i were a report of it says the united states just spent 2 trillion dollars on military equipment we are the biggest and by far the best in the world if you run attacks an american base or any american we will be sending some of that brand new beautiful equipment their way and without hesitation again that a tweet from the president a little after midnight and he's really drawing quite frankly a dangerous red line there basically escalating the situation even more so basically in that tweet guaranteeing that he will call he will retaliate against iran shooting iran strike any u.s. interests here this is a little bit surprising because we've been hearing all day on saturday from administration officials who are saying they were trying to deescalate the
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situation including secretary of state mike pompei o who said that was the main priority was to deescalate meanwhile you have these series of tweets by the president doing exactly the opposite and in some of his earlier tweets on saturday where he mentioned over 50 targets that the u.s. had on their list he said some of them were important cultural sites to the to iran iran has more than 20 unesco world heritage sites in the country ran and targeting those militarily would be a war crime. cooler temperatures in parts of australia have given firefights as a brief reprieve after what's been described as a horrid day if on saturday blood red skies could be seen along coastal communities in new south wales hundreds of properties are thought to have been destroyed across new south wales and also in victoria and the deciles i was into 25 after one man was killed while still hunting his property but authorities say mass evacuations
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have prevented major loss of life. this is the most significant this is the most comprehensive and the most dramatic in terms of discussion of response government that we've seen to a disaster such as this and i believe that's where we need to focus our attention and we are seeking obviously to communicate that directly to a strike it's to ensure that i can have confidence that the response is matching the maid well jessica washington has this update now from batemans bay on the new south wales south coast condition have eased in many parts of this trailer but of course crews are still battling 5 in new south wales in south australia and in victoria but they are making the most of these cooler temperatures and live to wind to take control of some of the fires which ending across the area now yesterday here on saturday and it's really a was described as a horrific day the damage is yet to be assessed but at this jim
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a did that at least hundreds of homes would have been destroyed this particular region if it's really or it's not just new south wales which is suffering but victoria surely there are also fires burning in queensland and tasmania although not as severe as what is happening in the 3 key states now we do understand that conditions all favorable in most of the day there's even a bit of rain here in new south wales and victoria but it's along the south coast region that the situation is still incredibly dangerous and this is an issue which will go on with some weeks ahead there's just been a town that's not to fall from here along the south coast region in between victoria and new south wales that whole town has just been evacuated so still an incredibly volatile situation. well smoke from those fires has made the sky in new zealand in an eerie orange this was all consider the more than 2000 kilometers away
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from sydney shrouded in a haze in the early afternoon it was so dark in fact the drivers were forced to turn their line song forecasters called it an unprecedented plume of smoke and warned it could cause temperatures to drop as much as 5 degrees. a kenyan military base which is also used by american forces has come under attack the base is local located in lamu county and the site is known as camp simba. responsibility for the attack but there's no word yet on any casualties amongst kenyan or u.s. troops well let's get more details from harriman sasa who joins us from nairobi hi there harry what other details do we have right now. well this was a very audacious attack the base is heavily fortified demanded by the king in and the americans but al shabaab still managed to break through what we've been told that the actual attack is over what the americans the kenyans are doing now is called me through the area trying to find the people who are responsible
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a lot of court has been closed because the things that this place is they are born in a forest that's where al shabaab is day to operate from in kenya and in the past the kenyan forces have been going in and out to that forest trying to weed out the al shabaab fighters what is also difficult is that a few days ago on thursday a bus was attacked. it was going to mombasa it was attacked supposedly by al-shabaab fighters it was shot at 3 people were killed it just shows how is it to be in that area and how it seems to be ranking up it right now a lot of questions being asked as to how he has managed to break through this when she bathed in which is heavily fortified got guarded by the americans and the kenyans lots of questions being asked and of course concerned about how active is al shabaab becoming in kenya getting permits us there live from nairobi with those details on that attack. still ahead on al-jazeera forces loyal to libyan morag
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khalifa haftar are launch air strikes on a military academy killing at least 30. 8 of so-called dreamers could be a key issue to rest election to see all that more when we come back. the weather is quieter central parts of your mouth many parts of grain piling in from the atlantic streaming in towards the british isles and that means some wet and windy weather at times these but the systems will continue to tumble away through tony packed i suppose so some very strong winds and those winds will increase as we go on through the next few days ahead of that we've got winds pulling in from a movie direction a cool with direction so yes there is doubt it's poland you cry we could see some
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cooler weather just talking in here temperatures do however still get above freezing simple too bad for the time if you get into the southeast some rather lively shabbas there once again affecting greece and that eastern side of the mediterranean looking very disturbed and choppy waters here i would say as the west is 5 and side with plenty of sunshine madrid getting up to around 11 degrees celsius couple of days as we go on into monday more cloud on the rain wet windy weather tumbling across sea british isles will try to increase the wet and staying pretty wet down into the southeast corner athens if you're lucky getting up to 6 degrees celsius which you played no the possible africa what a fine and dry weather for the time big we have got cloud and right effect in the far north to beat it over the coming days. to al-jazeera we were told to get to it without bigotry of all the gracious. has
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this been addressed by you took a listen what is the proposal office being for a couple on you know we meet with newsmakers and tweek about the stories that matter to 0. revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al-jazeera. the. watching al-jazeera combined and our top stories this hour tens of thousands of people are paying their respects in iran to qassam solomonic the top commander assassinated by a u.s. airstrike on friday he said live pictures from the city of ours where his body is
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being carried through the city before moving on to my shop later today. president all chom sent a series of tweets warning the u.s. will hit iran heart of than ever before if it takes any real tally were eatery action the solomonic killick trump says his country will hit 52 iranian sites if iran targets americans can use government says for al shabaab fighters were killed when the armed group attacked a military base in the country seats both u.s. and kenyan forces were stationed there all the casualties are not yet. libya's health ministry says at least 30 people have been killed after an airstrike by forces loyal to warlord holly for half of it targeted a military academy in the capital tripoli well that death toll is expected to rise with reports of many more bodies at the scene it's the 2nd attack in just 24 hours after an airstrike hit a civilian area near tripoli's only functioning airport killing one person but
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lockwood abdul wahid is in tripoli and he says most of the victims are believed to have been young cadets who were not on active duty. it's very clear to. the hospitals the public caused those were the victims were transferred from the military academy that was hit by a drone loyal to the warlord. we just came back from one of the public hospitals where the victims are receiving good treatments and medical sources the say that it was so difficult for them to identify the bodies of the did victims because most of the dead bodies were either burned or torn apart by the attack now medical sources also say that they have been calling the health ministry has been calling on people to go to the hospitals to do need blood most of the victims are aged 18 to 22 and their military students from all the cities and
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areas in libya do not we spoke to the commander the head of this military academy said that they don't have anything to do with the ongoing fighting for control of tripoli they're just as students of military academy they're not fighting against have to his forces that's where there is no reason why his forces are targeting this a military academy and meanwhile have to the fighter jets also targeted the main gate of m 80 gear port and of view has been halted in the airport and all flights have been diverted again to misrata airport about 2 and a half hours drive to the east from the capital of tripoli and as tensions over turkey's plans to send troops to support the un recognized government in tripoli egypt has been doing military exercises in the eastern mediterranean sea egypt which supports warlord highly fafsa has warned turkey that any intervention will only make the situation in tripoli and in the region much worse. japan has ordered
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its immigration procedures to be tightened in the wake of these cables former nisson boss carlos golden the justice minister says an investigation will be undertaken to discover how he was able to feed to lebanon last week morris says there's no record of going leaving japan and no justification for his skipping bail gold was charged with financial misconduct and faced up to 15 years in jail if convicted. indonesia is suffering its worse for lodging and landslides decades in our communities have been buried and at least 60 people have died and more rain is forecast as the story. a torrent of mont sweeping through homes destroying roads bridges and farmlands the these are indonesia's worst floods in more than a decade the thousands of people are cut off from the outside world some still
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buried under heaps of mud help is arriving but it's too slow and there's not nearly enough for those who've lost everything i got out of the look of our someone i didn't manage to evacuate anything i lost my small stall my house remains but the windows and doors are gone thanks to richard rain began on new year's eve triggering landslides and causing rivers to break their backs. about slides and bad weather are making it hard for rescue workers to reach those stranded in removed areas. because we have evacuated people from several places it is impossible for them because particularly led back is badly devastated with no access for vehicles nearly 400000 people are crammed into makeshift shelters in it around the capital jakarta. in some areas water has receded but the threat of diseases like i. hepatitis
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a is rising and there are signs of more rain. the peak of the rainy season is in february and march so we're still facing possible floods we're now modifying weather so the rain won't fall in the cities but the people whose houses are flooded we hope they will stay in refugee compounds so we can monitor their health their reduce possible diseases. person here who do do has blamed dealings in flood control infrastructure put it devastation and as these floods show the effects are being felt by the city's most vulnerable priyanka al-jazeera. hong kong health authorities have activated their most serious response level after an outbreak of a new type of viral pneumonia in china 8 suspected cases have been reported in hong kong chief executive carol lam visited a railway station to review health checks for incoming passengers 44 cases have been detected in mainland china so far the outbreak has revived memories of the sars epidemic which killed 700 people across china in 2003 the
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rescue efforts been called off in cambodia 2 days after a building under construction collapsed at least 36 people died when the hotel kinda trapping workers in the rubble 23 others were injured it happened in care that's about 160 kilometers from the capital pen of the dead included 6 children and 14 women the couple who own the building have now been detained. at least 14 people were killed and 1000 others injured after a bomb exploded under a bus carrying school children in northern kenya faso it happened near the border with mali in recent groups there armed groups with links to al qaeda and i still have stepped up their campaign of violence in the region off with interest reports now from liberia's capital monrovia. the victims are traveling in a convoy of 3 vehicles convening a 160 passengers between 20 and 2 gun when one of the because drove over the
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explosive device now the number of dead could rise because of the severity of the injuries sustained by at least 19 people now this is not the 1st attack the day before there was an attempt by armed groups in the region northern part of the group in a parcel to attack military convoy in that region the army you suggested missing but they have killed 10 of the attackers but no one has claimed responsibility of this recent explosion in the south of the country what we've seen over the past few weeks are groups in the region have stepped up their operations in brooklyn a fossil in bali indonesia part of the mix in nigeria and cameroon i was seen by armed groups in that region well the people the victims who died mostly school children and women travelling in that particular convoy now will be. grouped in a parcel saying that they are condemning this attack and also asking people to
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unite in the fight against these groups in the region in the other parts of west africa we've seen and heard about the withdrawal of child your troops from the lake from nigeria in particular where the conduct of weeks of considerations i guess there is a standing army for countries in the region from cameroon chad niger republic with really probably cause or contributing in the fight against iran so that particular group the whole. of the troops has been withdrawn now moving to charm which is also seeing a number of attacks by boko haram. the fate of at least 700000 undocumented immigrants who are both so u.s. this children could become one of the defining issues of the 2020 presidential election president trump is trying to end a program that temporarily protected them from deportation the supreme court is set to make a decision on the future just months before election day and the gallic norma
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ramirez was 5 years old when her parents brought her to the u.s. illegally she says that she didn't feel different growing up but like hundreds of thousands of others she's on documented scared and uncertain about the future and i have a social security number and a. really devastating because i have done everything right i was you know model student in 2012 president barack obama introduced the deferred action for childhood arrivals or dhaka policy which provided protections for the undocumented immigrants he gave people like norma the right to work and apply for student loans it also gave her a 2 year reprieve from possible deportation that ended when president trump cancelled the dr policy in september of 2017 falsely claiming many recipients also known as dream is a hardened criminals now the question of whether the president acted lawfully is
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before the conservative leaning supreme court with a decision expected by june essential he what the administration did in what we're trying to argue to the court is that they didn't take into account the impact that rescinded in dhaka would have on hundreds of thousands of people in their communities for activist in dhaka recipient maria pearlers sanchez a recent princeton graduate the stakes in the future couldn't be higher for someone to have that kind of power. to affect thousands or hundreds of thousands of lives that saw. violent as a presidential election looms its voters who may ultimately decide the fate of dreamers if the democrats win back the white house the president could reinstate the program even if the court rules the decision was illegal but unable to vote almost undocumented immigrants can do is watch wait and hope for the best and to gallacher al-jazeera.
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this is ounces iraq these are current top stories tens of thousands of iranians are paying their respects to military commander qassam solomonic who was assassinated by a u.s. airstrike in iraq on friday his body arrived in the southwestern and rainy and city of our was on sunday the funeral marks the beginning of several days of mourning for a sum of money in iraq was of course is considered one of the most important places for iran's revolutionary guards and its elite could force so the money fox in the province during the iran iraq war well as a big has more from tehran the death of gas and for the money even by those that are polls to the government opposed to the religious establishment even those people recognize garson for the money as a patriot or someone that for tough isis and prevented them from reaching the borders of iran but what the what this death has also done has united the different political factions here in iran the conservatives the reformists and even the
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hardliners are all in unison all condemning this assassination and saying that there should be a response but for right now iranians are mourning and it's one of those moments where people are saying that they remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news of the assassination. president donald trump are said the series of tweets warning the u.s. will hit iran harder than ever before if it takes retaliate reaction for slow mani's killing trump says his country will hit $52.00 iranian sites if iran targets americans cooler temperatures in parts of australia have given far fight is a brief reprieve after what's being described as a horrid day of bushfires on saturday blood red skies could be seen along coastal communities in new south wales the death toll has now risen to $25.00 after one man was killed defending a property and kenyan military base which is also used by american forces has come under attack at the base is located in lamu county on the sites known as camp simba
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has claimed responsibility for the attack and there's no word yet on the amount of casualties kenyan or u.s. troops libya's health ministry says at least 30 people have been killed after an airstrike by forces loyal to warlord. it's hard to measure academy in the capital tripoli the death toll is expected to rise with reports of many more bodies at the scene as the 2nd attack in just 24 hours after an airstrike hit a civilian area near tripoli's only functioning order killing one person those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera right after talked to al jazeera we'll see you a bit later about. taiwan's president seeks a 2nd task facing shankar you are advocates restoring closer ties with china will the selection of the island closer to the mainland will continue to resist beijing's push the unification taiwan's 20 trying to presidential election on
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al-jazeera. called on the woman who will be seen. on the previous episode of talk to al-jazeera we spoke to even part of the founder of a south african based private army here's what he told us. the operation was in 2003 phases 1st ties was to actually cut a dividing line across northeastern nigeria and isolate boko haram into 2 defined areas we were not allowed to finish because it came at a time when governments were in the process of trying to and president jonathan's government possibly saw the entire boko haram contract to record that almost as a last gasp in order to be going.


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