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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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the western media jumps on stories we don't get this information from it's about telling this story is there are those human beings out there we've been listening post on al-jazeera. either. tens of thousands of mourners filled the streets as the body of the rainin come out the custom so the mommy is brought home to iran. and the u.s. president donald trump threatens to strike at dozens of targets of iran retaliates this eliminates the assassination. i love them julien macdonald this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a kenya military base used by both kenyan and u.s. forces comes under attack from al shabaab fighters. searching the flooded streets
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of jakarta for survivors of the worst rains ever recorded there leaves at least 60 dead and. tens of thousands of people are paying their respects accustomed to the top there waning command sussan a said by a u.s. airstrike in iraq on friday his body was brought back to iran early on sunday and it's now being taken on a procession through the city of us was is considered one of the most important places for iran's revolutionary guards and its elite could sports so that mani faults in the province during the iran iraq war. will some day marks the 1st of several days of mourning for sumanda in iran and once the procession finishes in our wows his remains will be taken to the holy city of mock shod they will then be taken to where they will be another. you know perception or money body will soon be
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taken to the holy city of ma the crowds are already gathering there of the shrine of a mom raising you can see in our live shot there and there was a jabari joins us live from there now hi there door so so after that initial shock because of side i guess this is a chance for people to show their solemn respect what's the mood like well as you can imagine it's quite somber here people have been gathering all morning at this shrine are going on and they're awaiting for the arrival of the late general body to make its way from the city of father to mass shot we are expecting the body to arrive to a rally we heard 'd from people in africa is that due to the fact that the crew 0 were so large in that city got they they had to keep the body there from for an extra 2 hours already for people to be able to pay their respects so they're very
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crowded there were larger than the organizers had expected so that is why there has been this delay for anybody to arrive in masha. we also know that once it arrives here in mass had there will be a prayer service in the shrine of him on there and people will be able to pay their respects before he is moved on to where that's pretty leader on monday morning will perform funeral services over the call for natural birth to be and that is when we expect the ranking officials in the country to pay their final respects to the late general and there's still a sense that in this period of mourning that people really want the government to make a show for. yes certainly that is still very much the case and especially with the latest comments leader president. people will come through here or there is a sense of how the kind of rhetoric can continue despite the fact that the high
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ranking official was assassinated in baghdad on friday the new we've spoken to say that the rhetoric just doesn't help anything anybody in the circumstances they still think that there should be revenge sought for general us people in the news about the nation but also that hearing from the new president and the iranian foreign minister will all express their response to the rocks president comment but that the general feeling here today in masha is that it is time to say goodbye to a man who spent his life are fighting to keep iran. from external enemies as they call them and really could see how the officials will respond to the assassination or such a bar there joining us on the phone from
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a shot in iran door thank you well his body was brought home from iraq where launch crowds of iraq he's had attended a funeral procession and today will several rocket attacks in baghdad over saturday night one in the green zone where the u.s. embassy is based on a fault and is live for us in baghdad hi there some of us so what's the significance then of those polls recent rock at the time. well there was a pair of rocket attacks targeting the fortified green zone here in baghdad and also the military base about 80 kilometers north there were no casualties as a result of these rocket attacks and didn't really present an escalation because we have seen a series of such attacks take place over the past 2 months 13 in number to be precise targeting bases where u.s. personnel are stationed so it's more of the same it's not really a game changer i would say but of course it comes at a time of grave concern among iraqis but of course also among the u.s.
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personnel stationed in iraq that there will be some form of retaliation either from iran or from iranian backed groups based here in iraq we've heard from several of these groups including for example a cyber hug which is led by the 2 basically more belies followers and to be ready to defend iraq to basically take up arms to see the departure of u.s. troops from iraq and also had a new statement from the hezbollah brigades come out last night warning iraqi security forces to distance themselves from coalition troops or to not become collateral damage in what we presume are planned attacks over the next few days so this comes at a time of grave tension and also a lot of concern that there will be some kind of military escalation and simona parliament's holding an emergency session what can we expect in a kind of complex political landscape. indeed
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this problem is a problem and so tension is supposed to discuss the potential of removing u.s. troops from iraq and before we get into the political dynamics of whether or not that is likely to take place is perhaps worth revisiting the current agreement that currently governs american and iraqi cooperation i have it right here it's an 8 page document that in very broad terms basically discusses. the cooperation not just on the military front but also the political cultural and economic front it doesn't go into the details of for example how many u.s. troops should be stationed in iraq it doesn't specify what they should be doing it is worth pointing out however that one of the articles in this agreement says that the united states shall not use iraqi land sea and air as a launching or transit point for attacks against other countries which is exactly what happened in the latest assassination of president for the money and i will match the other $100.00 so it appears that the u.s. is in violation of this agreement the question now is what actions will parliament
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take to perhaps revoke this agreement or to amend it and we understand that right now the iranian backed political groups in parliament are trying to draft some kind of proposal to see the departure of u.s. troops but there doesn't doesn't seem to be an appetite to completely this agreement there is also no support at all for such emotion from the kurdish and the sunni parties who make up more or less 45 percent of the seats are for now we need to wait and see whether or not there will be quorum to 1st for her to put his parliamentary session to even take place and then we need to see what kind of steps will be taken and whether these steps are constitutional at all because let's remember it is the executive branch and not the parliament that is supposed to be drafting legislation similar fulton there joining us live for the latest from baghdad simona thank you. donald trump has issued a warning to iran threatening to hit dozens of times. it's inside these nomic
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republic if it retaliates for the targeted killing of top commander customs well the u.s. president fired off a series of tweets saying iran is talking very boldly about targeting certain usa assets as revenge for our ridding the world of their terrorist leader but this serves as a warning that if iran strikes any americans or american assets we've targeted $52.00 iranian sites and those targets of the run itself will be hit very fast and very hard the usa wants no more threats well its costs live night to gabe elizondo in following this for us from washington d.c. hi there gave so president trump releasing that series of tweets there about iran and warning them of any response what else is even saying. yeah this appears to be a president that is quite consumed at all hours of the day and night with what iran's response could be and if iran will retaliate we know this because it was now
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a little after 4 in the morning here in washington but it was just after midnight about 4 hours ago that trump set out sent out new tweets that were his latest threats towards iran and that did at midnight tweet he talked about how the u.s. spent 2 trillion dollars on the military quit many says we're the biggest and by far the best in the world but then he tweeted this if he ran attacks an american base or any american we will be sending some of that brand new beautiful equipment their way and without hesitation equipment meaning military equipment presumably there he's really drawn a red line if you will and a very dangerous one quite frankly because he's really just playing almost like almost. threatening iran and and almost committing to strike back at iran should iran retaliate and he's really escalated this even more and it comes
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somewhat as a surprise given that most of friday we heard from administration officials including secretary of state mike pompei o who are trying to do just the opposite and trying to deescalate the situation and trump's tweets doing just the opposite we should point out that in some of his tweets that you read a minute or so ago he even said of the targets that the u.s. has on their list somewhere of cultural significance to iran's significance what he means by that we don't know but iran has more than 20 unesco world heritage sites in iran and clearly any targeting of cultural sites is a war crime and so clearly this is escalating. levels that we could keep imagine even 24 hours ago at a time when other administration officials are generally do just the opposite and deescalate it and gave some fascinating detail in the new york times article that pence kind of the shills were stunned when trump chillis the most extreme option of
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killing so the money when he was given all the choices. yeah cording to anonymous administration officials with 1st or 2nd hand knowledge of this they are telling the new york times that the pentagon provided a what they say what they call it is a menu of options to trump to retaliate against iran for the attack of the us embassy in baghdad and on those range of options there were some that you know were striking for example iran ships military ships striking iran's into targeted strike on a missiles in iran or targeting. is something in iran assets in iraq but also on there was the most another option of targeting solo money and that is ultimately what trump told the pentagon he wanted to have happen
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the assassination so the money and that caught everyone at the pentagon by surprise they were not expecting that let's remember that the last 2 u.s. presidents both george w. bush and also brock obama were also given plans by the pentagon saying we could target solo money and kill solo money both times bush and. barack obama said no we're not going to do that because it's too risky and the consequences too grave clearly president trump took a different decision gave ellison's of live with the latest in washington d.c. gave thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera the daytime sky darkens to lawn grade game as the after another day of destructive push by us and we look at what could become one of the key issues in the u.s. election later this year the fate of the so-called tree limbs.
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how imo widespread showers across southeast asia particularly into indonesia not as heavy as they have been recently but you can see the thunderheads still showing up very actively as we go on through the next couple of days well so weather never really too far away across borneo not see bad up towards in the charter into thailand but just up towards malays are again we are going to see some live to showers over the next couple of days by the time we come to choose day still some showers and some heavy downpours making their way into southern parts of the philippines but the heavy rain will still be just around indonesia northern parts of indonesia in particular seeing some very wet weather over the next few days and all the parts of australia with western possible strata could see some very wet weather over the next few days this circulation here well that could well develop into a typical sight on this lot is to become
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a sight like monday going on in to choose day it will cool blake if it does get in i suspect he will do and will bring some very heavy rain into the north of western australia flooding writes any possible 10250 millimeters of right certainly likely here you can see that circulation the irony of course is we could do with a right on the other side of the country not too much of that showing it's had but we have seen some welcome showers into the fall southeast. does not tell. a compelling film about getting an education under occupation. just once the bill of that they looked at it asked us if you will feel sick you want them to come frankly we don't have security but we come. but what happened after the cameras left rewind learning to die on al-jazeera.
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the the old. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera our mind our current top stories this hour tens of thousands of people are paying their respects in iran to qassam solomonic the top commander assassinated by a u.s. airstrike on friday is bodies being carried through the city of was before moving to mug shot president on trying to send a series of tweets warning the u.s. will hit iran harder than ever before if it takes any retaliate to reaction sort of mani's killing iran's foreign minister has responded saying targeting cultural sites would be a war crime. now a number of al-shabaab fighters have been killed during an attack on
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a kenyan military base which is also used by american forces the base is located in lamu county and the site is known as camp simba. quickly claimed responsibility but there's no word yet on any casualties amongst kenyan or u.s. troops let's get more information from her joins us live from nairobi what else do we know at this stage carol. well the actual attack has ended right now the kenyans and americans are combing through the area trying to find the people who were responsible we've been told that some military aircraft on the base has been destroyed right now a port is closed people way he can close to them if you're basically told to leave for their own safety it's a difficult in the sense that this place is only forest that's where else about quite a good to be operating in kenya and over the years the king and defense force has been going in out of the forest trying to weed them out sometimes with
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a lot of casualties on both sides trying to get rid of al shabaab in kenya right now for example we know that people they are being told to just stay alert stay in their homes and try not to venture out and this is necessary it's also a volatile area on thursday a bus was ambushed trying to get to mombasa suspected al shabaab some of what is. sort of the bus 3 people were killed and also in that area there's been lots of to bt as well again claimed on al shabaab last week there was an attack an explosion in somalia in the capital mogadishu a truck bomb went off and dozens of people were killed again about claims responsibility for that attack it just shows how in this region al-shabaab is still having some kind of for some kind of presence in kenya in somalia in neighboring uganda as well and right now it's going to force on high alert but at the moment on the ground in lamo it's great to be quiet the attack is over of course people are
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not counting the number of casualties if there are any and of course people being told to stay indoors until it's safe to come out her mistress of their lives at the latest on that story from nairobi thank you carol. libya's health ministry says at least 30 people have been killed after an airstrike by forces loyal to warlord. it targeted a military academy in the capital tripoli that death toll is expected to rise with reports of many more bodies at the scene is the 2nd attack in just 24 hours after an airstrike hit a civilian area near tripoli's only functioning airport killing one person well mark went up to one head is in tripoli and he says most of the victims are believed to have been young cadets who were not on active duty. it's very clear to. the hospitals the public caused those were the victims were transferred from the military academy that was hit by a drone loyal to the warlord. we just came back from one of the public hospitals
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where the victims are receiving good treatments and medical sources the say that it was so difficult for them to identify the bodies of the did victims because most of the dead bodies were either burned or torn apart by the attack now medical sources also say that they have been calling the health ministry has been calling on people to go to the hospitals to do need blood most of the victims are aged 18 to 22 and their military students from all the cities and areas in libya do not we spoke to the commander the head of this military academy said that they don't have anything to do with the ongoing fighting for control of tripoli they're just as students of military academy they're not fighting against have to his forces that's where there is no reason why his forces are targeting
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this a military academy and meanwhile have to the fighter jets also targeted the main gate of m 80 airport and of yours has been halted in the airport and all flights have been diverted again to misrata airport about 2 and a half hours drive to the east from the capital of tripoli well as tensions mantle with turkey's plans to send troops to support un recognized government in tripoli egypt has been doing military exercises in the eastern mediterranean sea egypt which supports war not having a half star has warned turkey that any intervention will only make the situation in tripoli and in the region much worse. cooler temperatures in parts of australia have given firefighters a brief reprieve after what's been described as a horrid day of bushfires on saturday but red skies could be seen along coastal communities in new south wales hundreds of properties are thought to have been destroyed across new south wales and victoria and the death toll has now risen to 25 after one man was killed was defending
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a property but authorities say mass evacuations have prevented a major loss of life. this is the most significant this is the most comprehensive and the most dramatic in terms of this collision of response park a move government that we've seen to disasters such as this and i believe that's where we need to focus our attention and and we're seeking obviously to communicate that directly to australians to ensure that they can have comfort that the response is matching the need jessica washington has this update now from batemans bay on the new south wales south coast. conditions have eased in many parts of this trailer but of course crews are still battling 5 in new south wales in south australia and in victoria but they are making the most of these cooler temperatures and live to wind to take control of some of the fires which of burning across the area now yesterday here on saturday and it's really a was described as
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a horrific day the damage is yet to be assessed but it's estimated that at least hundreds of homes would have been destroyed this particular region if it's really or it's not just new south wales which is suffering but victoria south australia there are also fires burning in queensland and many although not as severe as what is happening in the 3 key states now we do understand that conditions all favorable in most of these states there's even a bit of rain here in new south wales and victoria but it's along the south coast region that the situation is still incredibly dangerous and this is an issue which will go on for some weeks ahead there's just been a town that's not too far from here along to the south coast region in between victoria and new south wales that whole town has just been evacuated so still an incredibly volatile situation is spoke from the size has made the sky in new zealand in an eerie orange this was all consider the more than 2000 kilometers from
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sydney shrouded in a haze in the already acid and inside to was so dark drivers were forced to turn on their lights forecast has called it an unprecedented clune smoke and warned it could cause temperatures to drop as much as 5 degrees. japan has ordered its immigration procedures to be tightened in the wake of these gave a former miss some boss carlos gone the justice minister says an investigation will be undertaken to discover just how he was able to flee to lebanon last week when masako morris said there is no record of gong leaving japan and no justification for his skipping bail gone was charged with financial misconduct and faced up to 15 years in jail if he was convicted. at least 14 people have been killed in 1000 others injured after a roadside bomb attack on a bus in northern burkean a fast so the attack happened on saturday in told me in the regional so who a students return to school there after the holidays there has been no claim of responsibility but it happened in a region where armed groups have recently increased attacks. the rescue efforts
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have been called off now in cambodia 2 days after a building under construction collapsed there at least 36 people died when the hotel came to trapping workers in the rubble 23 of us will injured it happened in care about 160 kilometers from the capital phnom penh the dead included 6 children and 14 women the couple who own the building have now been detained. hong kong health authorities have activated their most serious response level after an eye break of a new type of viral pneumonia in china 8 suspected cases have been reported in the hong kong chief executive carol lam visited a railway station to review health checks for incoming passengers 44 cases have now been detected in mainland china so far the outbreak has revived memories of the sars epidemic which killed 700 people across china in 2003. indonesia is suffering its worst flooding and landslides in decades entire
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communities have been buried and at least 60 people have died and more rain is forecast priyanka gupta reports. a torrent of mont sweeping through homes destroying roads bridges and farmlands cars these are indonesia's worst floods in more than a decade. thousands of people are cut off from the outside world some still buried under heaps of mud help is arriving but it's too slow and there's not nearly enough for those who've lost everything i don't have to look up our someone i didn't manage to evacuate anything i lost my small stall my house remains but the windows and doors are gone thanks to richard rain began on new year's eve triggering landslides and causing rivers to break their backs. mudslides and bad weather are making it hard for rescue workers to reach those stranded in
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remote areas i think we have evacuated people from several places it is impossible for them because particularly led back is badly devastated with no access for vehicles nearly $400000.00 people are crowded into makeshift shelters in need around the capital jakarta in some areas water has receded but the threat of diseases like dainty and hepatitis a is rising and there are signs of more rain in. the peak of the rainy season is in february and march so we're still facing possible floods we're now modifying weathers of the rain won't fall in the cities but the people whose houses are flooded we hope they will stay in refugee compound so we can monitor their health reduce possible disease. person here who do do has blamed delays and flood control infrastructure for the devastation and as these floods show the effects are being
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felt by the city's most vulnerable priyanka al-jazeera. the fates of at least $700.00. 1000 undocumented immigrants who were brought to the u.s. as children could become one of the defining issues of the 2020 presidential election president trump is trying to end the program that temporarily protected them from deportation the supreme court is set to make a decision on their future just months before election day sunday gallacher norma ramirez was 5 years old when her parents brought her to the u.s. illegally she says that she didn't feel different growing up but like hundreds of thousands of others she's on documented scared and uncertain about the future and i have a social security number and. really devastating because i have done everything right overs you know model student in 2012 president barack obama introduced the deferred action for childhood arrivals
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all back a policy which provided protections for the undocumented immigrants he gave people like norma the right to work and apply for student loans it also gave her a 2 year reprieve from possible deportation that ended when president trump cancel the doctor policy in september of 2017 falsely claiming many recipients also known as dreamers are hardened criminals now the question of whether the president acted lawfully is before the conservative leaning supreme court with a decision expected by june essentially what the administration did in what we're trying to argue to the court is that they didn't take into account the impact that rescinded in dhaka would have on hundreds of thousands of people in their communities for activist in dhaka recipient maria pearlers sanchez a recent princeton graduate the stakes in the future couldn't be higher for someone to have that kind of power to affect thousands or hundreds or thousands of lives
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that saw. violent as the presidential election looms its voters who may ultimately decide the fate of dreamers if the democrats win back the white house the president could reinstate the program even if the court rules the decision was illegal but unable to vote almost undocumented immigrants can do is watch wait and hope for the best and to gallacher al-jazeera. this is al jazeera and these are our current top stories bring you some live pictures now tens of thousands of people you can see them there paying their respects in iran to qassam salami the top commander who was killed in that targeted strike by the us his body has been moving through the streets 1st in our wadda now on its way to and i believe from our correspondent the many people have been forced to wait much longer because of the outpouring of grief from the sheer number of people on the streets as bodies expected to arrive there in the next few hours.
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president donald trump are sent a series of tweets warning the u.s. will hit iran harder than ever before if it takes any retaliate a reaction for solar mani's killing trump says his country will hit 52 iranian sites if iran targets america's well iran's foreign minister has responded in his own tweet saying targeting cultural sites will be a war crime a number of fighters have been killed during an attack on a kenyan military base which is also used by american forces the base is located in lamu county and the site is known as camp simba al-shabaab quickly claimed responsibility for the attack but there's no word yet on the number of casualties amongst kenyan or u.s. troops. libya's health ministry says at least 30 people have been killed after an airstrike by forces loyal to warlord after our it targeted a military academy in the capital tripoli the death toll is expected to rise with
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reports of many more bodies at the scene and it's the 2nd attack in just 24 hours after an airstrike hit a civilian air area here tripoli's only functioning airport killing one person and as tensions mimed so over a turkey stance to send troops to support the un recognized government in tripoli egypt's been doing military exercises in the eastern mediterranean egypt which supports war notably for have to are as war in turkey that any institution will only make the situation in tripoli and the region much worse cooler temperatures in parts of australia have given firefights is a brief reprieve after what's been described as a horrid day of bushfires on saturday blood red skies could be seen along coastal communities in new south wales of hundreds of properties are thought to have been destroyed. we will be back with much more after rewind we'll see you later. millions of workers are being enslaved in the british india one on one a stick how satellite technology is now helping to set the free 100.
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hello and welcome to rewind today we're. following a group of pupils attending school in the west bank trying to get an education against a background of violence and intimidation on the streets outside. with one of those students but 1st here's the film learning to die.


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