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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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al-jazeera. the arab. al-jazeera. hello i'm fully back people this is the news hour live from our global headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes iraq's parliament votes to expel foreign troops out a call from the prime minister to act over the u.s. assassination of costs and silly money at the same time the leader of lebanon's hezbollah warns the u.s. military across the middle east will pay the price and in iran hundreds of
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thousands fill the streets to mourn as some of mani's body is brought. also this hour indonesia's sinking capital massive flooding increases worries jakarta could become the 1st big city submerged by climate change and the people simply rule the day sports over and out for the reigning super bowl champions of the new england patriots lose in the playoffs. thank you for joining as the u.s. assassination of senior iranian commander kasim cinema any is causing major reverberations across the region with every passing hour iraq's thought a moment has just passed a resolution telling the government to expel foreign troops early a rock scare take a prime minister action from parliament no no you do the allergic be. no
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foreign troops are to do military actions in iraq eisel has been defeated and now the government of iraq must make a timetable to schedule the withdrawal of foreign troops for the sake of our national sovereignty as iraqi prime minister was speaking in baghdad in lebanon scampered obey route has the as leader was warning that the us military across the middle east is now a fair target for retaliation. also said president donald trump committed a crime by assassinating cinema. and. many are debating how the just punishment should be how can we avenge for the death of sulaimani and one is should we talk at a big figure as important as silly money like to us shiva staff the secretary of defense there's nobody as important as solo money and i'm 100 his shoe alone is worth trump and his tire capital. field will
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all be clear their response is to target their merican military presence in the region their american military bases their vessels every american officer and soldier in our region and our countries on our soul their merican army is the one who killed these people and they're the ones who will be paying the price and in iran hundreds of thousands of mourners have gathered to wall come home the body of carson some imani his body is now in the city of mashad early a procession in a wise let's begin our coverage in baghdad where osama bin job it is standing by the iraqi prime minister taking a key aside osama he says has been a loss of trust between iraq and the u.s. and wants a withdrawal of foreign troops talk us through what's happened just a few minutes ago 1st in iraq apartments. quickly now the emergency session of the parliament which was convened after the assassination of qassam silly money i will made the in one this and other leaders off the popular mobilization forces have
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ended it ended with a joint resolution saying that the assistance that the iraqis had required from the united states should and we're waiting to hear because there is a news conference that is currently underway at the parliament where details of this resolution are being laid out but it was a day where we saw parliamentarians coming in 1st holding a vigil sitting down in silence for the money and the rest of the people were killed and then fiery speeches from various lawmakers on the floor of the house as well as be even before the parliament can mean saying that this is a flagrant violation of iraqi sovereignty this is this cannot be allowed to happen in iraq the soil in iraq is not subservient to the united states and so on and so forth early in the day there wasn't enough corum interesting enough for the parliament to convene it was delayed by a few hours and then when it finally convened it was boycotted by most of the sunni members of parliament as well as kurds so it goes to show that there is this is not
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something that iraq you know mostly stands behind but it is what a majority of the law because freshly the shia not me because what is so are again the iraqi parliament voting to end the presence of foreign troops including u.s. troops what consequences osama and what happens next. but it is going to be now that this decision has been taken by the parliament it is now going to be incumbent on the government to take this advice of the parliament and not you have to emphasize here that it has not annoyed is not legally binding for the government to take this decision it is an interim government government and the iraqi prime minister did say that he wants a new government to be formed as soon as possible so it can take these decisions with the support of the people behind it and that is something which has taken months now iraq is under an interim government so even if they did decide now that they want to say goodbye to american forces tomorrow according to this special
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framework agreement they will need to give the united states at least a year before it completely concludes its mission and picks up everything that it has stablished over the so it is going not going to be a very quick process but it looks like that the process to begin the draw of u.s. forces is certainly in motion at the iraqi parliament that is something what many people wanted on the streets and m.p.'s have been saying that this could give our sense of the money the victory that he wanted in death to expel americans from iraq is for thank you for that osama bin javid live for us in baghdad less novel to the lebanese capital beirut bombing jam june is therefore as we heard as well as leader has son speaker earlier reacting to the death of custom selim mani talkers saw his message and we heard a threat from hezbollah to the americans. that's right fully i mean the headline would have to be that has the north of allah had reiterated that all american
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military assets across this region are now in danger that they are now targets this was a point that he made several times throughout his speech but he did draw an important distinction mr nasrallah went on to say i want to be very clear we do not mean american citizens or nationals there are many americans in our region we don't mean to attack them and it is wrong to harm them attacking us civilians anywhere serves trump's interests he also went on to say the americans will withdraw from our region humiliated in disgrace and he also believes he also went on to say the minute americans start seeing their sons in coffins the americans and president trump will know they lost the war in the region i think one of the more fascinating and telling things about the speech by mr nasrallah which lasted well over an hour is the fact that he continued to speak about it up that really seemed to be one of the main themes when it came to his remarks and many of his remarks lined up quite
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a bit with what prime minister caretaker prime minister i've got in mind the was telling parliament his speech was happening at the same time as mr nasr you had both leaders of both of these men urging. the u.s. to withdraw from iraq and this really seemed to suggest a very coordinated effort from iran for perhaps both of these men to be relaying this same type of message. at the moment in lebanon you have another crisis going on it's unclear how much exactly has both one sarette up tensions because hezbollah is is is involved in trying to form a government here this is a country that's on the verge of bankruptcy this is a country that has not had a government for quite a while now. and this is a very important time in lebanon where the prime minister designate is trying to put together a cabinet and he cannot do so unless he has his butler as
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a support as well because they are part of the major political bloc here so this speech by house and yes it did threaten americans but it did not go into details to civically about how exactly lebanon would play a role in the retaliation and because of that it focused much more on iraq's role in expelling american i was going to ask mohamed what what was unlikely heard of hezbollah retaliate for iran. well that's the big question we had expected to hear much more specificity from mr nasr about what exactly might be happening in lebanon that's what a lot of analysts believe we might be hearing today many of the lebanese the last few days they have been worried that because of what happened to them so they money and because of iran strong ties and backing of hezbollah that perhaps retaliation
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could be seen against americans in lebanon that perhaps violence could be revisited upon lebanon and that's not something people want to see happen here but also you have to realize that hezbollah is a bit boxed in right now because of all the politics going on right now because of the fragile economy and hizbollah cannot really risk at this particular moment getting into a wider regional or international conflict at least that's the conventional wisdom so many people here at this hour believe that is why mr nasr perhaps did not focus so much on what lebanon specific role might be in retaliation spoke more about the region spoke more about it off and iran and specifically spoke about the fact that it would not be u.s. civilians targeted but it would be u.s. military assets targeted going forward thank you for that mommy for a sane a vote. now in an interview with a hezbollah television channel customs in amman his daughter said she has no doubt
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they'll be a retaliation for her father's death. before anything i'd like to send my greetings to the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and also to the leader of the resistance uncle hasan nasrallah whom i know for sure will avenge my father's blood the entire. assassination will not break us and america must know that his blood is so precious and we heard earlier from a spokesman for iran's foreign ministry he says iran isn't pursuing war but is prepared for anything. the islamic republic of iran is not pursuing war but we've made it very clear that we're ready for any kind of situation in the past decades the iranian nation has always been ready to defend itself the decision will always be made by the leadership and they will prepare their responses as to how it's retaliate in the beast way in the meantime this is
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trying to avoid war. now u.s. president donald trump has threatened to hit dozens of targets inside iran if it takes any retaliatory action in a series of tweets tom said iran would be hit quote very fast and very hard if attacks were launched against any americans or u.s. assets iran's foreign minister has responded saying targeting cultural sites would be a war crime. is live for us in washington d.c. patty let's start 1st with this iraq he votes in parliament calling for an end to u.s. troops in the presence of foreign troops including u.s. troops what's the reaction likely to be from washington. well secretary of state might pompei has been making the rounds of the sunday political talk shows and he was pressed on that by several different of the anchors the host and he said well we hope that doesn't happen we'll deal with it if it does because this was all happening as the vote was taking place but he said that he believed the iraqi
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people really wanted the americans there this is going to go down in 2 separate ways the president's going to be talking to 2 very different audiences if in fact u.s. troops are told to leave iraq immediately 1st it's going to be his core base he will probably do what he tends to do in these situations is not say that this is a strategic setback for the united states in its fight against eisel but he'll say look i promised to get u.s. troops out of the middle east and here they're coming home the other audience that he really has to be concerned about at this point are members of the u.s. senate let's put this in the broader context this is a president facing impeachment he's already been impeached by the house of representatives we are probably just weeks away possibly from an impeachment trial in the senate u.s. senators are going to realize the gravity of what this will do to the u.s. effort to fight the islamic state of iraq in the law but that is not going to go over well but at the same time there is growing concern in the senate in the house
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that the president is literally bringing the country to the brink of war with iran so that could also factor into the whole impeachment discussion in a way that perhaps the president doesn't want to do how do you present trump on saturday threatened to hit 52 iranian sides very hot and very fast he said if iran retaliate if and at the same time the u.s. administration says it wants to negotiate and doesn't want regime change in iran you wonder what is a strategy the trump administration's strategy here. well it's secretary pumpin these shows that he was talking about he actually said that if any american facilities or personnel are hit that the u.s. will respond by target in the arena and personnel that planned the attack so do they're upping the threat even though they're saying that they want to deescalate the situation right now the president that tweet talking about $52.00 hits for the different all of the americans that were held hostage for decades and decades ago that's getting
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a reaction especially from democrats who agree with the iranian foreign minister and they're calling that a potential war crime there has of course been discussion the u.s. military does have to follow the orders of the commander in chief but in the military code if they feel any commander in order is unlawful it is their duty they are told to not carry it out so this could be just more bluster from president donald trump but there is growing concern especially among democrats that the intelligence that the white house is giving them just doesn't add up to basically what happened here an assassination of a foreign leader that the country is not technically at war with we're going to see movement this week the house the senate we expect that they're going to get full classified intelligence briefings if even some republicans start to come out and say there's not enough there there to take this dramatic of a step you could see movement on legislation because although u.s. presidents of recent times they just take military action and they don't really consult with congress technically in the constitution congress has to declare war
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we've seen a democratic senator say used to try and put a resolution on the floor that says specifically the u.s. cannot go to war with iraq now whether the republican leadership will actually let that on the floor remains to be seen but this is going to be a critical week because in this system it's supposed to be equal branches of government so we'll see if congress wants to assert themselves and be a check on this president where they really haven't for the last couple of decades when it comes to presidents and armed conflicts betty we've heard the political reactions from the democrats to republicans but what about the wider american public how much wary how much concern is saying that they could be a conflict with iraq. well and this is the problem for this president he was elected in large part because he'd said he's going to stop these wars he's going to spend that money here at home his base does not want him to see a conflict another conflict in the middle east that said these things can
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quickly escalate when you start doing tit for tat strikes i can't say that there's been a whole lot of polling a lot of that has to do with the calendar it is the weekend here all of this was happening over the christmas holiday and this tends to be a time if there's a 2 week period in time when americans tend to turn off the t.v. and stop reading the newspaper it's right now so when congress comes back from their christmas break expect that we're going to have a lot more talk about it there's going to be a lot more people tuning in then they're going to start to see the american public opinion polls in general though not about this specific issue the vast majority of the american public in previous polls before this abscess said they have no desire to see other conflict in the middle east. thank you for that political headline for us in washington d.c. nets just remind you of president on this warning to iran threatening to hit dozens of targets inside the islamic republic if it retaliate for. steph the u.s. president fired off a series of tweets saying iran is talking very boldly about targeting certain u.s.
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assets as we venture are ridding the world of their terrorist leader let this serve as a warning he says that if iran strikes any americans or american assets we have targeted $52.00 iranian sites and those targets any iran itself will be hit very fast and very hard the u.s. say it wants no more threats or less bring in our senior political analyst. who is here in the studio with us shall we start with what's happening in iraqi parliament 1st and that votes in that emergency session calling for an end to the presence of foreign troops including u.s. troops in iraq it's not a done deal yet of course but what's the significance of it and what will be the consequences of u.s. troops leaving iraq today. i think is the most important question of the day. the tone of the day was was set up for us twice today once by. the
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shiite leader in lebanon that's closest to the honey in iran that's all bluster all defiance all threats and there's the other speech by the acting prime minister in iraq that's stick. patient and they let it go but recommends that parliament does vote for asking all foreign troops to leave and the parliament did vote for that as are you sure this is the biggest question today because everything else is bluster right once the dust settles and all these these all this rhetoric about revenge or not revenge and maybe even some of it actually happening some killing some assassinations some low intensity warfare but for us to look at the big picture in the middle east the biggest geo political transformation for the last decade and a half has just happened today which means the tide is shifting in favor of iran against the united states in there is 0 sum game that's been going on for
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a decade or not and iran seems to be winning the day but but the protestors that we seen on the streets of baghdad in several iraqi cities over the last few months have not just wanted the withdrawal of foreign troops and american troops they've also wanted yvonne's influence not to exist in iraq anymore so how will they take this vote in iraq upon him because u.s. troops leaving doesn't necessarily mean iraqi vanny an influence diminishing in iraq on the contrary you know that's why a sober view of the assassination of customs from the money does us 1st and foremost that this is a huge blow to the democratic forces in iraq and in iran because what this did was basically silence or at least block the voices of those who wanted more freedom more justice more sovereignty for the people against the
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corrupt elite if you will as the call them to assess a mission of cement in our house put those radical conservative elements in iran in iraq not only in charge. at the forefront of this new populist nationalist thinking that says the united states needs to go out and nor voice no sound is higher than that of opposing the united states and its presence and so while there are voices in the united states as we've heard from politically and in iraq and iran against war against domination and for sovereignty and freedom and so on so forth but this logic of war that was triggered at least the last 2 days of course been through a good many times over the years by the assassination of salem money has basically silence the voices of those who have been demonstrating peacefully for sovereignty in iraq and for freedom in iran speaking of iran we seen hundreds of thousands of
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people in the streets today of several cities welcoming home the body of catherine somani there is grief in iran there is anger they want their government to take to have to respond to the killing of a cousin so the money they want revenge when all what do you expect the rainy and responds to be and can iran really afford to get into any sort of confrontation with the united states right now is involved in other wars in the region whether it's in yemen or syria can it afford to take action it's a very very good question and i think of course this is a 60 $1000000000.00 question but let's put it on the $63.00 levels level number one i think for a good number of days now the iranian leadership will use exploit misuse what happened in order to take over the public sphere the the the public relations the the public perception of what is important and what is not so i think they will for
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a few days just. take advantage of all of that and then although trump has basically challenged hominy to a duel clearly harmony is not about to face the united states in the battlefield because probably what the stupidest mistake the most foolish mistake of the last 20 years of this century was to dump a sane deciding to face american power american might in the battlefield look what happened to him and to iraq iran was is not going to do is not going to walk in the shoes of saddam hussein make the same mistake of facing up to the united states in the battlefield what they will do is they would face it in the shadows because i'm silly man he was known to be the shadow commander for 40 years the iran whenever it was able to especially against the united states would vote would fight in the shadows i think iranian response would be more of the same except much more it will be fighting in the shadows and what i find interesting is even the saudi american
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ally iran spigots enemy in the region are calling for restraint absolutely and not only that they're saying we are not parts of this do all right between the nazis around even though just 3 years ago the crown prince of saudi arabia and before him of course the king of saudi arabia king of the law at the time said iran needs to the united states needs to move in and cut the head of the serpent in iran crown prince of saudi arabia said we need to take the war to iran but none of that is happening anymore not after the iranian attack on iran or the alleged american attack on the oil facilities and the shipping on science over the gulf so i think this is not a time for a lot of the neighbors of iran to be confronting or siding with one another because they could be the 1st victim because if iran is going to lash out it's very possible and they've been making those threats against american client. it's in the
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region you know there's an old saying we've been we've said a couple of times before there's an old saying when elephants fights it's the grass the grinch crushed and when elephants play as they did during obama and house and rouhani it is the grass that this crush the arab world the arab neighbors of iran the arab middle east have been suffering whether it is by the complicity of iran and the united states or the conflicts between iran and the united states and this is going to continue for a decade to come right just reminding our viewers of the biggest development so far today following the assassination of athens in amman easy rocky parliament voting to end the presence of foreign troops including u.s. troops a very significant decision even though it's not a done deal yet marwan this is what donald trump has wanted ever since he came to office syria it 3 years ago he's wanted u.s. troops to leave this region he presumably this vote in the iraqi parliament is
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something that he would be satisfied with you know what i mean you know he wasn't very clear because he is not actually you know an expert in history or importance of foreign policy or not or geopolitics so he has an instinct and the instant goes like this this middle east region you know as his advisors would tell him wrongly that this is a centuries old conflict and the united states has nothing to gain and he's been arguing since he 1st campaigned for the presidency that iraq was a blunder he also. wrongly says that he was against the war he wasn't anyway that this was all a big blunder and as a businessman cum statesman he thinks there is no point of throwing good money after bad in iraq in syria and other places the middle east hence he is not for withdrawing from the middle east he is from ford redeploying american forces out of the hot spots of the middle east but to remain in the region because america as the pentagon will tell him every day cannot withdraw from the middle east because
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certainly china russia and others will come in iran take over and that will still follow the united states to washington the threat of what could happen next in the middle east and hence america would maintain presence that's all remember that the america has a 6th fleet in the military and has a 5th fleet in bahrain has a number of air bases and command centers throughout the gulf and surrounding iran it still has presence in iraq in syria and in afghanistan and i think president trump will probably be putting troops on. the hot spots as by the way the united states did the 983 in lebanon as it did in 1903 in somalia they would pull troops out but just like i did as it did in syria and libya only recently they would pull out but then it will they will be using drones there will be using guided missiles they will be using special forces they will be using cyber warfare in order to fight a war they want to fight in the middle east so it may be interesting to see how it
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all unfolds marwan as always very good to get your insight on this and you can read morons latest article on the fallout from the money's summation on our website at al-jazeera dot com and still ahead on this news hour a kenyan military base used by both kenyan and u.s. forces comes under attack from al-shabaab vitus bus hole saw straight here shimmy closer to a quarter final spot at the new 80 cop that's coming up with he to inspire. do stay with us but back at. how we got some rather disturbed weather across many parts of the middle east at the moment here in qatar we could see some cloud and right as this system makes its way further south was to say some spots of fright sunday night going on into monday here then so despite say some wet weather the majority of the wetter weather is
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further north so just around the levant that eastern side of the mediterranean we have had flooding around parts of lebanon israel as well the same some flooding some really wet and windy weather some choppy waters there around the eastern side of the the med very heavy rain just pushing its way into west side press and nudging towards syria lebanon and jordan over the next day you'll see some snow there over the turkish mountains yet again ahead of that is largely dry but we have got some when she weather just fading across northern parts of pakistan through afghanistan behind that coupled with a top temperature of around 10 degrees celsius botches de alclad and right here across the arabian peninsula here at kata we'll have to say but it really will freshen up it'll feel rather chilly with a top temperature of around $21.00 degrees celsius that same area cloud that is affecting parts of the red sea there be some showers there maybe it's eritrea and ethiopia pushing down the rift valley further west one of 2 showers for the gulf of
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guinea. but. more than 7 decades ago a country was split in 2 we believe that they did anything and now. they only took was a plan a map and a collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled it in 67 to the never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violence of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how why i've always influenced the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil rights america. just as they was over the arab who oppress. the picking can continue to keep the negroes
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to be defense that what they mean by that about malcolm x. and martin luther king face to face on 00. again you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera reminder of the developments all in this awesomely snuff house and senate watch spot and has voted to the government to expel foreign troops from iraq it's all in a call from the caretaker prime minister i did optimizing to over the u.s. assassination off cost him some money which to paste me aback that it was. well know you do use the word you to work as maybe you know foreign troops are to do military actions in iraq and he still has been defeated and now the government of
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iraq must make a timetable to schedule the withdrawal of foreign troops for the sake of our national sovereignty and speaking at the same time as the iraqi prime minister and that lebannon hezbollah's leader has said the u.s. military acosta middle east is now a fact ah good for retaliation a sound that's right now also said president trump committed a crime by assassinating someone on. i'm now. and yet born many are debating just punishment should be how can we a bench for the death of sulaimani animal and is should we target a big figure as unfortunate soleimani like to be us chief of staff secretary of defense there's nobody as important as solo money and why does his shoe alone is worth from an innocent tire capital. each a fair field if all be clear their response is to target their merican military presence in the region their american military bases their vessels every american
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officer and soldier in our region and our countries on our soul the american army is the one who killed these people and they're the ones who will be paying the price. and in iran right now hundreds of thousands of mourners are gathered to welcome home the body of qassam some of money his body is now in the city of mashad . a procession in this. course will bring you more on the aftermath of the assassination of some sort of money throughout the hour here on al-jazeera in the meantime let's turn our attention to the news and number of fighters have been killed during an attack on a kenyan military base which is also used by american forces the base is located in county and the site is known as camp simba al shabaab quickly came to responsibility for the attack there's no word yet on any casualties among kenyan or u.s. troops. is in nairobi she says they are still plenty of unanswered questions about
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these a tux. it was an audacious attack the military base is heavily fortified protective of both the king and american troops but al shabaab still managed to break through their destroyed so military planes and infrastructure on the base is a very volatile is an area called borneo virus and over the years the kenyan defense force they've been going in to the forest trying to flush out al shabaab fighters and they've been casualties on both sides on thursday a passenger bus was attacked along the road in the county area al-shabaab fighters they shot at the bus and 3 people were killed just last week in somalia a truck bomb went off killing dozens of people in the capital mogadishu there are concerns that al-shabaab is gaining more and more prominence in this particular week and they've attacked king in the past they've attacked uganda and also somalia over the weekend as well
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a few days ago there was an air strike in somalia with the u.s. army bomb some places in somalia trying to flush al shabaab out they say they killed some senior officials by no names or given so people on the ground are now asking how did al-shabaab manage to break through this base which is heavily fortified in alarm and questions are being asked on the ground what security measures does kenya have in place to make an attack like this doesn't happen again . to indonesia now where floodwaters have receded in most parts of greater jakarta even as the government is counting on cloud seeding to divert rain away from the capital 60 people have been killed in floods and hundreds of thousands displaced priyanka gupta has a story. a torrent of mont sweeping through homes destroying roads bridges and farmlands co these are indonesia's last floods in more than a decade. thousands of people are cut off from the outside world some still
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buried under heaps of mud help is arriving but it's too slow and there's not nearly enough for those who've lost everything i don't have to look up our someone i didn't manage to evacuate anything i lost my small stall my house remains but the windows and doors are gone. torrential rain began on new year's eve triggering landslides and causing rivers to break their backs. what's lights and bad weather are making it hard for rescue workers to reach those stranded in remote areas thank god we have evacuated people from several places it is impossible for them because particularly led back is badly devastated with no access for vehicles nearly 400000 people are crowded into makeshift shelters in need around the capital jakarta. in some areas water has receded but the threat of diseases like dainty
6:37 pm
and hepatitis a is rising and there are signs of more rain at. the peak of the rainy season is in february and march so we're still facing possible floods we're now modifying weathers of the rain won't fall in the cities for the people whose houses are flooded we hope they will stay in refugee compound so we can monitor their health reduce possible disease. president york overdo it. who has claimed dealings and flood control infrastructure put it devastation and as these plots show the effects being felt by the city's most vulnerable priyanka al-jazeera. now with an 81000 kilometer coastline indonesia is particularly vulnerable to climate change its capital's very exists in distress and by rising sea levels and human activity according to the world economic forum jakarta is one of the fastest sinking cities
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in the world it is submerging at a rate of up to 17 centimeters a year due to excessive groundwater pumping and it's estimated the entire city could be underwater by 2050 in april president joe cole we don't know announced the plan to move the capital to east kalimantan province joining us now to talk more about this is until most seen who's an assistant professor at northwestern university here in qatar is research interests include development and environment thank you so much for being with us on this news hour they've been warnings about jakarta sinking since the my 990 s. now what factors have contributed to making indonesia's capital so vulnerable a number of factors one is the excessive groundwater pumping to meet the needs of about 40 percent of the residents water supply there are 2 semi private companies who are working with state owned company to supply water. even after a few decades of operating they've only managed to supply only to 60 percent of the
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residents so excessive underground pumping and. the fact that jakarta has been expanding rapidly and. what used to be swampy areas in many parts of the city are now covered by houses roads concrete basically who can't absorb rainwater i understand that 20 kilometers of sea walls have been thrown up around jakarta bay in the past 3 years to fortify the city basically why is that not sufficient and. what else do you think should be done it's not sufficient because jakarta is an isolated area it's part of a larger area and to the south of it in higher elevation is where jakarta received a lot of this flood waters so in addition to. rain was heavily pouring new year's eve for up to 18 hours that locally
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received water is added water is coming in from the south upstream and pass through all the 13 rivers that go across passes through jakarta so a lot of water basically even when some walls are built on the northern part of the city to hold tight back from sea water java sea it still can not contain this new amount of water so what should be done in this talk of jakarta sinking by the 2050 is it reversible. well. we look back at some of the cities that saw this same issues in the past i learned for example japan. japan's couple tokyo saw the same kind of issue with excessive ground water pumping back in the fifty's and sixty's but it managed to turn things around and i think one of the. measures that jakarta needs to address is.
6:41 pm
stop or slowly reverse the excessive groundwater pumping and recharge the aquifers but that's only one solution there are many other factors that contributed to the floods as well the rivers that i mentioned earlier have now narrowed down significantly and cannot accommodate these flood waters coming in from the south and that needs to be widened for example and a lot. more open spaces greenery public parks for example need to be built in the city to absorb rainwater back in the 1960 s. the 1st must the plan to jakarta came up with the master plan of mounting 65 to 985 there was an idea there was a thought of building a lot of greenery is in the city this you shape. area called the green belt but it was just
6:42 pm
a planned over subsequent years and decades. plan was erased in a subsequent updates of the master plan of the city thank you so much for sharing your insight and talking to us about this until mostly from northwestern university here in qatar joining us on this thank you. now highest continue to ravage the east coast of australia worsened by a severe drought a slightly for firefighters battling the blazes as temperatures cool and bring a light rain jessica washington is in basement play on australia's east coast. this was once a leafy beachside suburb fires ripped apart this community on the new south wales south coast destroying most houses. hundreds of bush fires are burning across parts of the country worsened by severe drought and intense heat but after weeks of bad news finally the much needed arrival of cooler temperatures and even
6:43 pm
a bit of rain to quite call it's variance in the light twenty's and humidity is right she had some lying today thank goodness i don't think i've ever seen right for a while so that's helped foster. immensely it's still not out there what i want people to get complacent curzon making the most of this brief window of cooler conditions to bring more fires under control but across many parts of australia fires are burning at emergency levels and this brief spell of rain isn't enough to stop it before the heat inevitably returns thousands of fallen here firefighters are in the field protecting communities around affected states weans are you know very very a lot less than a sly temperatures and these are great conditions to try and get time watching thousands of people are still without power with no indication of when it will return for those on the front lines astray leah's longest bushfire emergency is
6:44 pm
taking its toll this volunteer firefighter was defending the houses of others when his prized vintage bend was raised by flames he had spent 10 years collecting the pods to put it together. in a call for. really aren't always in here. it's got. to say magistrate. orders 54. and. that would come from. his person. treasured possessions family homes but to pull dozens of lives this bushfire season has already taken so much from so many astray and this still likely to be weeks of devastation to come just to washington al-jazeera batemans bay a stray. and a small from the fires has made the sky in new zealand turn and even orange this
6:45 pm
was open city more than 2000 kilometers from sydney shrouded in a haze in the early afternoon it was so dark that drivers were forced to turn on their lights or casters called it an unprecedented of small and warned it could cost temperatures to drop as much as $5.00 degrees. to hong kong where petrol bombs were thrown at police station a police station and dozens of people were arrested after march near the chinese border thousands demonstrated peacefully enjoying shoe district demanding that mainland chinese trade is leave the territory but things turned violent when police tried to end the protests for reports. this protest is organized by local district council of many of whom were just recently elected into office at local district council elections last november now the purpose of this protest is to demonstrate the un happiness that people here feel against the practice of power allow trading past the practice of mainland chinese traders who come over to hong kong many of
6:46 pm
whom here shop here this is the northern territories and it's close to mainland china they come over here they take advantage of lower taxes but hong kong has they buy items in and just to sell them back in china for a profit now locals here dislike this practice because they say causes them difficulty sometimes shortages of goods and also drives up the price of goods now people here say they don't like the practice of parallel trading because it they believe it's something that benefits mainly mainland chinese trade is rather than the people here but it's this protest is also an example of how a very local issue is being used by pro-democracy protesters to highlight the wider on happiness they feel against the hong kong couple and protests in hong kong have been going on for 7 months now entering into the 8th month and really this turnout and this demonstration just highlights how the anti-government sentiment isn't
6:47 pm
going anywhere. libya's health ministry says at least 30 people have been killed after an airstrike by forces loyal to warlord 24 have talked it targeted a military academy in the capital tripoli that death toll is expected to rise with reports of many more bodies at the scene it's a 2nd attack in 24 hours after an asteroid hit a civilian area tripoli's only functioning airport killing one person al-jazeera had filed this report from outside a hospital in tripoli. this is one of the public hospitals in the city center of the libyan capital where victims of the air strike will bring here now medical sources here in this hospital say that they were not able to identify the victims because most of the bodies of the dead victims were buried down also the will it was difficult for them to identify bodies because they were
6:48 pm
picking up body parts of the victims from the military college that was targeted by a drone do is to the world khalifa haftar in this hospital medical sources here say that they have been calling on blood donors to come to the public hospitals in the capital tripoli to didn't do nights blood's. many people here are still in fear and panic specially victims' families and they say that they are wondering why they have to this forces are targeting this military college despite the fact that the students in that military college they're not taking part in the fight against his forces. venezuela's opposition leader in south became president said to be reelected to his position as national assembly speaker he is valid to
6:49 pm
resume his push against the government of president nicolas maduro this year and 2019 declared himself the acting president in a move recognized by the u.s. and more than 50 other countries but his battle floundered as a military failed to heed his calls to defect. at least 14 people have been killed in 1000 others injured after a roadside bomb attack on a bus in northern kenya fossil it happened near the border with mali in recent months on the globe's with links to al-qaeda and i still have stepped up their campaign of violence in the region reports from liberia's capital monrovia. the victims are traveling in a convoy of 3 vehicles can be 160 passengers between 20 and 2 gun when one of the because drove over the explosive device now the number of dead could rise because of the severity of the injuries sustained by at least 19 people now this is not the 1st attack the day before there was an attempt by armed groups in the region
6:50 pm
northern parts of britain apostle to attack military convoy in that region the army you suggested missing but they have killed 10 of the attackers but no one has claimed responsibility of this recent explosion in the south of the country but we've seen over the past few weeks how armed groups in the region have stepped up their operations in brick in a fight i saw in mali. in nigeria and cameroon i was seen activity by armed groups in that region well the people the victims who died mostly school children and women troubling in that particular convoy now the whole forty's and gripping a parcel saying that they are condemning this attack and also asking people to unite in the fight against these armed groups in the region. in the other parts of west africa seen and heard about the would go well of charge interest from the lake from nigeria in particular why the conduct of our weeks of razors against her for
6:51 pm
ahmed there is a standing army of 4 countries in the region from cameroon charles missouri republic with the republicans are contributing in the fight against before and so got a particular group that portion of the troops is been withdrawn now moving to charge which is also see in a number of attacks by both kwara. all right returning now to our top story this hour and the assassination of the ring in command hossam so money and its aftermath within the past hour the iraqi parliament has passed a resolution urging the expulsion of foreign troops from iraq and shortly before that lebanon's hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah warned that u.s. troops and ships in the region would be a fair target for retaliation and that is up to us president donald trump said he had a list of $52.00 targets across the iran that could be hit immediately if iran retaliates
6:52 pm
and hundreds of thousands of people have been taking part in perceptions across iran after the body of silly money was returned to the country will be speaking to our correspondent in tehran in just a moment but 1st to osama bin javid who was in baghdad for us osama a very important vote in iraqi parliament today parliamentarians voting to expel foreign troops including u.s. so some iraq now the ball is in the government's camp. absolutely folly this was them putting their emotions into into a black and white form essentially saying that the iraqi government must do something now to end the presence of u.s. troops now this is a non-binding decision by the parliament the government can choose to ignore it but the prime minister has already said that this is one of his 1st choices to end the presence of u.s. troops and the presence of foreign troops rather because the us not just the united states in 24 when iraq made that request the united states led coalition came in to
6:53 pm
fight and now in the wake of the events on friday iraq is fine prime minister is saying that these foreign troops will come under attack from within iraq and from outside iraq and they won't be able to protect themselves and they won't be in a position to be protected by the iraqi army as well we're already getting some reaction from this other one of the leaders of the biggest blocks in parliaments calling this decision and we'll have more details about exactly what he said at the top of the hour what consequences if indeed foreign to us were to leave iraq would iraq be able. to defend its sovereignty by itself. but those are the what some of the big questions that are being asked that is iraq capable to protect itself is every iraqi behind this decision to end the presence of foreign troops does every iraqi believe in these iran backed groups to protect iraqis as a whole you already saw in the parliament that this session was boycotted by
6:54 pm
kurdish members of parliament most of the sunnis were not there so yes this is an emotional issue for many iraqis they call it and they see it a flagrant violation of their sovereignty but it is going to take a lot more than a decision by the parliament to expel u.s. troops both in terms of real real steps on the ground and then getting the support from the streets in iraq we already have a protest that is happening in the center of baghdad into areas where for months now which seems iran's meddling as the cause of all the problems that are in iraq so it is a divisive issue it has divided iraq for many many years and it will continue to do so as iraq tries to move towards expelling u.s. and other troops from its territory thank you for that osama bin jabot live for us in baghdad let's cross over to tehran now and ask is there for as hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people turning out on the streets of various cities today to pay their respects to kasim samani his body being returned to. tell us about
6:55 pm
what's happened today and what's the mood been like among the people. well mourners have been lining the streets from of the holy city of mush of hundreds of thousands it's millions across the country people are coming out to see he's coughing a coffin and the coffin has been taken through the streets to the holy sites as expected harry and ron tomorrow with the supreme leader will be attending a huge funeral prayer and we're expecting hundreds of thousands in the run now this body was flown back he's considered a martyr which is seen as a very high station for muslims to be killed so the images of him around the city some of him being greeted in heaven you go to an a.t.m. machine and you'll see images of the money those billboards across the highway you can see pictures of him the streets been renamed in his honor even an airport has been renamed after us and so the money so emotions of very high end actually shows
6:56 pm
because donald trump and michael pompei were saying that people in iran would be celebrating that he was killed is actually quite the opposite and it shows a fundamental misunderstanding or not even understanding the psyche of the iranians iranians because the idea of martyrdom is over what's taking place now is steeped in religious and cultural rituals and in fact martyrdom is a fundamental principle of the iranian political establishment and theology it dates back to the martyrdom of the grandson of the prophet muhammad and very much iran sees itself as the underdog taking on this great evil this great power and that's how they view themselves and especially the assassination of carson for the money thank you for that aside big lie forests in tehran where hundreds or thousands of mourners not just seen tehran but also in iran across iran have sailed
6:57 pm
the streets to pay their respects to a major general hassam some. the commander of the islamic revolutionary guards elite force who was targeted by u.s. forces in baghdad on friday and he was killed along with 8 other people including. a powerful iraqi militia leader in the last hour the iraqi parliament has voted for the expulsion of foreign troops from iraq including american troops it's now on the government's decision and everything hinges on the government's decision now after this decision by the iraqi parliament once again to vote for the expulsion of foreign troops including u.s. troops from iraq in the aftermath of the assassination by the u.s. major general hossam ceremony will have plenty more reaction and analysis on this story for you coming up in just a few minutes here on al-jazeera we're back with plenty more while he has to stay
6:58 pm
with us to the end. well the world it's a series of ceremonies parties some feast we might know when they begin but not on the men. in the camorra silence extravagant wedding service markers of social status but this lavish celebration is unique that it would be well. no one ever held this wedding someone equal to a wife and its budget is all still extraordinary the grand mal rage on algis the.
6:59 pm
culture of down's thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to be abrasive they'd take their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are whether. this is a suburb of the idiot capital new delhi tibet so be refugees here since 964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient setting up a business says and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. it is murder when you throw a firebomb into someone's home and mishit you off trash you know. that's not insignificant and i'm sure is that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as
7:00 pm
a crime getting down very significantly by dictating the government and the fucked up policy to douse shalt not kill part of the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera. iraq spawn in both 3 expelled foreign troops after a call from the prime minister took over the us assassination of qassam some on. the air. play watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for the back people also coming up at the same time a scene by. the leader of lebanon's hezbollah spoke warning that the u.s. military across the middle east will pay the price for customs their money's assassination.


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