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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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on counting the cost 2020 we pick through what could be the whole geo political and geo economic topics of the year from the most important election in the free world and we ask if the world can come together to tackle global warming inequality and globalizing counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. iran learned taylor this is the al jazeera news hour live from london coming up. iraq's parliament votes to expel u.s. forces one rockets are fired in the heart of baghdad as fears grow over the fallout from the killing of the rain in general kasim soleimani. this is hundreds of thousands of people mourn suliman is death in iran where officials say his assassination will not go unpunished. chaos in venezuela is capital for the
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opposition has accused the government of mounting on a military coup. the egyptian boy came during a fan well world tour of 10 major cities before heading home for the final time. peterson is in doha with all the day's sport it's over and out for the reigning super bowl champions as the new england patriots you see in the playoffs. iraq's military says 6 rockets have fallen in baghdad 2 days after a top iranian commander custom silly money and iraqi paramilitary chief and $100.00 were killed in a u.s. air strike there well this is iraq's parliament voted to expel american troops from the country the resolution was passed during an extraordinary session of parliament
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and was backed by prime minister abdul mahdi and iran hundreds of thousands of mourners gathered in the city of mashad to welcome home custom silliman his body will be taken to the capital tehran before the final burial in cameron on tuesday it comes as iran announced its further rowing back on its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal saying there will be no limits on its uranium enrichment capacity. meanwhile in lebanon hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah has warned the u.s. military will pay the price for silly money's death saying it marks a new phase in the history of the middle east have the latest from tehran with asad back shortly as well as reaction from washington with john hendren but 1st to some a binge of aid in baghdad so the summer that tell us more about those rocket attacks lauren in the last hour or so we've heard at least 3 explosions here close to the outskirts of the fortified green zone iraqi security
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forces saying there were 6 in number and landed in around the green zone in baghdad central area where the u.s. embassy and other important buildings are located we were there throughout the day with the iraqi parliament when the proceedings were happening now this attack comes . second night in a row where these projectiles are being fired so far we haven't heard about any casualties although there are reports unconfirmed reports at the moment that some of these rockets landed in a residential area and some civilians might have been injured but this is significant because this is the 1st incident after the warning has been lied to his beloved brigades a group which said to iraqi forces and warned them to distance themselves for a 1000 meters away from any u.s. bases or military installations in indicating that there might be attacks from sunday evening on birds and this is the 1st incident of its kind order no one has claimed responsibility so far worth noting that has been our brigade is the group
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which is designated as a terrorist organization which was targeted by u.s. forces on the iraq syria border and was spearheading the protests which surrounded the u.s. embassy an attack that last week and tell us more about that important vote in parliament. so this was essentially a mirroring of the sentiment since friday where people have been out on the streets here in baghdad calling for revenge saying this is a violation of how the u.s. conducted an airstrike as by some silly money and other to the left the baghdad international airport and iraq's parliament convened after completion of the quorum the prime minister said that his 1st option is that now the presence of foreign troops in iraq is no longer needed eisel has been defeated and these troops are having to protect themselves and after what has happened to us until the money and
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it will matter in this they will not be able to provide security to anyone else and iraqi security forces won't be able to protect them as well that was something that was got the support of the parliament and a non-binding declaration was passed and in the last hour you heard from the iraqi prime minister saying that now the legal framework to make sure that this declaration is implemented is going to be set in motion it is worth noting that this is a government which is an interim government it is on its way out he's the outgoing prime minister also there is the whole of iraq is not standing behind this resolution we saw kurdish militia members of parliament not attending this session most of the sunni members of parliament were not there and we've heard protesters from bus ride to baghdad saying that they do not want any foreign presence be it american or indian and they do not want americans to leave especially in the sunni and kurdish circles american and other coalition troops are seen as guarantors of iraq's unity and protection against many groups which are backed militarily by iran
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and are seen as a threat by other communities so a bit of a thank you very much and now for more on the news on the nuclear deal i said joins us from tehran so iran has announced its 5th and final step in reducing its commitments to the nuclear deal what's the significance of that. well the significance is that looks like the deal is pretty much dead now iran says that there are no limits to his nuclear activities including uranium enrichment percentage the number of centrifuges it uses the stockpile of uranium and also research and development has said that these steps are reversible but that's only if the other signatories to this agreement come back to the deal and now the united states pulled out of this deal under donald trump in 200-8900 put sanctions on iran now iran has been turning to the european countries and asking them to stick to
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their commitments and find a way around these sanctions so iran can trade or that its banking sector can operate put iran has been slowly through a phased step back reducing its commitments but now it's saying that it's not going to have any limits set upon it by this 2015 nuclear deal has said that it will still cooperate to the international atomic energy agency but. if iran is not sticking to the deal and they consider the signature is not sticking to the deal then what's left and the important question here is has iran taken a tougher stance because of the assassination of course and for the money now the foreign minister spokes person around in the day said that the word would be an important meeting that the 5th phase had been discussed had been decided but had been overshadowed by the assassination and it looks like iran has taken a tougher stance on this nuclear deal because of the assassination now the european countries will be looking to the united states in the sense of the saying that this
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assassination has triggered triggered the end of this deal and this will be making a lot of people in the region and around the world very nervous and we got some live pictures now of the money's already arriving in tehran times a bit about the the mourning period in the funeral and what's going to happen. well the body came to iran it went to the city of the holy city of mush out of hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets now the funeral will take place in iran tomorrow the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini is expected to need that and we are expecting millions from around the country to be mourning at this funeral now the feelings of the motions have been very high here in iran just remember back in november there were antigovernment protests now this government and the political establishment here has unprecedented support because of this
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assassination it seems to have unified the different political factions in this country from the reformists the conservatives and the hardliners everyone here is mourning and asking for revenge and. for the monies daughter has turned to the president hassan rouhani and the leader of lebanon's his beloved rule of asking them to avenge her father now people are upset and even those that oppose the government and oppose the religious establishment have recognized the money as a patriot and someone that 4th isis and protected the iranian borders from isis so the feelings are high emotions are high and there is a call from the streets from the streets of iran asking for revenge i said take for the time being thank you very much indeed let's bring in john hendren who's in washington d.c. and john within the last hour or so the u.s. president to take to twitter as usual what he had to say. that's right the president may speak in the next hour or so he's going to leave the mar-a lago golf
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resort where he has been staying over the holidays but meanwhile he issued this tweet threatening to strike iran if there is any retaliation saying these media posts will serve as a notification to the u.s. congress that shooter on strike any u.s. person or target the united states will quickly and fully strike back and perhaps in a disproportionate men or i don't think the war's power act or powers act of 1973 ever anticipated the president notifying congress of an impending military strike on another country via tweet but that's just what the president has done we also know from his secretary of state that the administration is putting out its own version of events here mike pompei was on all of the major u.s. sunday talk shows he did not detail what the information was that the u.s. got that the intelligence that prompted the u.s.
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to initiate this is as a nation however he went on to say that that information was definitely it required a military strike as a result the administration has given some of the information that the intelligence that it says prompted the strike to the u.s. congress but it did so in an entirely classified format that means members of congress can't talk about it and democrats are not happy with what they've seen chuck schumer the democratic leader of the senate said that he found that information unsatisfying and then other democrats like nancy pelosi the speaker of the house also a democrat is called the assassination provocative escalatory and disproportionate so you've got 2 different arguments here one largely from republicans saying that this strike was justified and another from democrats and others saying that this threat. to get the us into the kind of conflict that donald trump promised he would
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get us all out of when he was elected and john in the meantime the the u.s. led coalition against iceland said it suspending operations so perhaps already an example of the kind of fallout from from the assassination that's right the u.s. central command has issued a statement saying that it's now going to focus not on targeting eisel but on protecting the americans at its bases this is after a number of rocket attacks that killed an american military contractor among other things but it also means that the primary mission of the u.s. the reason the agreement between the u.s. and iraq specifically says that the u.s. is there largely to defeat i so in that territory now we won't be performing that function and then you've got the iraqi parliament issuing this non-binding vote urging urging the country to jack to the united states there so the u.s. is not making any extra friends there john 100 thank you very much indeed lebanon's has been a leader hassan nasrallah says responding to the death of soleimani is not only
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iran's responsibility but the responsibility of its allies to send holder has more from beirut. his images were put up across beirut's southern suburbs. is being mourned in hezbollah stronghold for the iranian backed group and it's mainly shia are supporters the late head of the elite could this force the revolutionary guards external wing was their commander the public face symbol and architect of the islamic republic's influence across the region was killed in a u.s. drone strike in baghdad on friday since then iran and its regional allies have been promising revenge. i'll be clear there are sponsors is to target their merican military presence in the region their american military bases their vessels every american officer and soldier in our region and our countries on our soul. many was not only iran's concern but the entire so-called axis of resistance
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a term used to refer to groups in iraq syria lebanon yemen and the palestinian territories he said it was up to those groups to decide if and how they would retaliate but the hezbollah leader hinted lebanon will not necessarily be an arena . lebanon is not a front line of america's and iran's rivalry there is a us embassy in a few soldiers who trained on me by hezbollah has a presence in the region i can take part in any outside the country. it now seems clear with the retaliation may involve iranian military commanders made the same threat and iran's allies in iraq have already singled out u.s. bases as targets and the u.s. presence in the region is in the words fair punishment for a lot has repeatedly threatened the regional war if iran is attacked by the united states iran will not stand alone is what he's promised it is an expected statement of support from an ally which has grown into
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a regional force photos are emerging of many who the hezbollah leader called a brother he confirmed the late military commander was. in lebanon before heading to baghdad via damascus while hezbollah doesn't hide its links with iran it is the strongest political player in lebanon it's careful to protect that power at a time of increasing pressure is the condition for success for retaliation out of there because of the economic situation because there are not cannot sustain what sort of are. likeable to 2006. assassination a turning point and a new phase the message here may be one of defiance but in reality the u.s. maximum pressure campaign on iran and its allies seems to be already in a new phase. the route. joining me live is
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a research fellow at the london think tank chatham house thanks very much for being with us so we've heard we've seen some of the responses already in iraq and rockets fired and so on but what about iran itself do you expect them to target u.s. military installations and so what kind of targets you think will go full well i mean from what they're saying from one of the senior iranian leadership are saying is that they're looking for retaliation equal to that of the killing of us liam and it's us nation as they see it and if that is the case then they would need to i mean he was the 2nd most powerful man in iran and you know military general in the region so there would need to be a military response do you expect that to be directly from the iranians or broke through their proxies so until now the iranian model is to use proxies iran i mean this is something that their money and others help built this idea to create the self-sustaining proxies around the region that can do your work for you but as an ally and so it's hard to tell i mean the response will be multi if you know there will be a types of cyber attacks perhaps military attacks at the moment we're all we've
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seen is that it will be through the proxies whether iran goes towards the conventional kind of warfare i don't. inside iran if that would be sort of needed if that would be wanted and also keep in mind that iran is overstretched i mean iran has because of consonance their money. as a war theater in lebanon syria yemen iraq and there is a sort of a school of thought that would say that iran might not be able to do that right now so on that basis who will be making that the decision to the top new leadership of the it could create what was the kind of dissonance it's interesting because the other day after after this attack there was the iranian security council and you know the supreme leader hamann a joint and people are saying this is quite rare that he's joining so it seems like the response they sort of orchestration of how to retaliate in the different theaters is coming straight from the top and we had a tweet this evening from president trump saying that he's he would have united
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states will quickly strike back quote perhaps in a disproportionate manner if iran strikes any american fashion or target so the expectation is that this isn't this isn't ratcheting down which will remember his intent in terms of rhetoric yeah and you've seen his mixed messages you know trump president secretary pump air have said this is not us collation we are now deescalating but at the same time the rhetoric is still up there it's this maximum pressure type of language that they're still using and so if u.s. bases are attacked u.s. have bases in iraq and elsewhere in the region if u.s. sort of personnel u.s. citizens are attacked they will respond and that's the risk and just an issue of iraq i mean the vote in parliament clearly it's non-binding and what do you expect in the end you think that the u.s. troops will be pushed out and in that case does is this a miscalculation by the transition to done this because it would in effect mean that iran's influence in iraq gets stronger rather than weaker yeah and i would say
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the biggest outcome so far of this attack has been this growing anti american ism in iraq. also as part of the iraqi political establishment. so there was always a group of iraqi politicians who wanted the u.s. out but there was a bigger group that said it's not a good idea and so it was a small voice what's happened now is the iraqi government a lot of the iraqi government especially the shia political parties in those parties are all come back together and they're sort of on the same page and they're they want the troops out so the question is if you know today was just a political statement if this law if this legal process goes forward if the u.s. are ordered out the question then is what the u.s. does do they stay and almost become occupiers in the eyes of the government or do they leave and that will have implications not just for the u.s. but for nato and other western diplomatic and military sort of groups that are there in the west and in meantime just meant you mentioned it to the western powers i mean some of the new economy scrambling to say we might be able to salvage
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something from iran you can get but most people seem to think that's pretty much dead and now we've had iran saying it's going to roll back on any of its commitments in its uranium enrichment capacity to you know not be limited. where do you see this heading it's antagonistic the relationship is antagonistic it was through proxies and direct now it's direct i don't even think we can even talk about proxy to some extent we're talking about direct antagonisms against each other so the europeans who are struggling so hard to kind of move in between the u.s. and iran are now kind of stuck with their backs against the wall looking at what's happening and you know the problem for the air peons and others who are trying to negotiate between the 2 is the u.s. provides a lot of top cover for these european embassies for nato and others if the u.s. leave if the u.s. have an issue with the iraqi government they all follow suit as well thank you very much indeed to have an answer thanks for coming. still to come on the news hour
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a rare moment of respondents in australia's bushfire crisis but the heat stays on prime minister scott morrison. hong kong protests take a new turn with police cracking down on traders sharing that anger at cross border business. at least one u.s. soldier and 2 american military contractors have been killed in an attack on a kenyan army base the base known as camp simba is located in lamu county in southeastern kenya the armed group has claimed responsibility for the are sold many fighters from the group were reportedly killed several aircraft and military vehicles were destroyed. is in kenya's capital nairobi she says plenty of questions left unanswered or in a series of attacks over the past few days. it was an audacious attack the military
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base is heavily fortified protective about the king and american troops but al shabaab still managed to break through they destroyed the military planes and infrastructure on the base is a very volatile is an area called borneo forest and over the years the kenyan defense force they've been going in the forest trying to flush out al shabaab fighters and they've been casualties on both sides on thursday a passenger bus was attacked along the road in the county area al-shabaab fighters they shot at the bus and 3 people were killed just last week in somalia a truck bomb went off killing dozens of people in the capital mogadishu there are concerns that al-shabaab is gaining more and more prominence in this particular weeds and they've attacked in the past they've attacked uganda and also somalia over the weekend as well a few days ago there was an air strike in somalia with the u.s. army bomb some places in somalia trying to flush al shabaab out they say they
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killed some senior officials by no names or given so people on the ground are now asking how did al-shabaab manage to break through this base which was heavily fortified in alarm and questions are being asked on the ground what security measures does kenya have in place to make an attempt like this doesn't happen again when israel is opposition is to now saying what they're calling a parliamentary crew after opposition politician who is proud to clear himself as the head of the national assembly for more latin america editor newman joins us live from caracas is going to fast moving story tonight is. it is a very chaotic story as well at this hour kwang why doggie up until now president of the national assembly and the sub the current president of the country is in the building where i am right now this is the headquarters of the newspaper an astronaut and where he's convened all of the opposition deputies be the diplomatic
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corps and others to start a new session of the national assembly and presumably be voted in as the president of the national assembly which would have called into the constitutional so given the right according to them to continue to remain as the interim president now how did all this happen because the opposition deputies early this morning were not allowed any of them into the national assembly itself the pro-government opposition deputies were inside a few little by little some of the opposition deputies were allowed in but a whole group of these 30 of them were not one was all said that he would not go in unless all of them were allow did it while all that happened a week to if you like a role the opposition deputy who has turned the last a moment longer lives or with about a half a dozen others to quit was sworn in very very annoyed janet leigh very informally that was not a roll call knew there was to serve area informal shorthand nobody knows if it was
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really a quorum or not but in any case what happened is that he was least. responded as his name is now supposedly the president of the national assembly while alive got himself tried to climb over a french to get in and the national guard stopped him it pulled him down his jacket was torn he wasn't allowed in so there you have it what's likely to happen next instant. what. well clearly why the law is going to swear these. 2 men who will be swearing himself in with the support of something like 90 this being up to the exact figure but they need 83 in order to have enough numbers to sway to actually bring in white all again or to reelect wise or they say they've got nearly 90 and so he would be presumably elected but this is an informal area this is not in the constitution that you can go to another part of town and and restart a national assembly session which is should have happened this morning so we're
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going to have 2 presidents or 2 people claiming to be the president of the national assembly the international community will clearly continue to side with lies all there's already been ample condemnation of what people are calling a parliamentary coupe but inside the country we don't know what is going to happen what will be the reaction of people on the streets what will be the reaction of the politicians what's going to happen in the coming days and months we see in humans thank you very much these reserve to speed over the nations from venezuela. but you know still to come on out here news hour including standing together sikhs in india's print job state rally against the country's controversial citizenship nor.
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had a cold crystal sunshine across much of a central europe and of chad as well i the side of these guys it is a kind of sweeping sway of tools much of the east we got a mix of rain and snow in that particular system and look at this this is the mountain tops in cypress so plenty of good skiing at the moment there's some rain actually on the way this is one system just very stubborn in the eastern end of the mat and this will produce the rain child through greece and some snow of course into the cold air into western and central areas of turkey meanwhile a monday we've got more rain coming across much of the u.k. the flood warnings in place here particularly in the southwest of the u.k. and then by choose day some very strong winds coming in with this next line of very heavy rain and if i took some wind warnings in place across areas to scotland and again look at this some very strong winds particularly along coastal areas of norway still that rain sitting the send the med so we could actually see some localized flooding if his sits that much longer that same system of course will have some impact on northern sections of africa was not too bad. the line of rain
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showers on that cloud it'll tend to sweep through libya on into egypt so keeping the shots in the full cost of the next couple days into benghazi with a high of 40. 5 it's. just a political wild card counting right close to the structure that is defended. at all cost. ph with the support of the people fall through the crushing of their will. people in power exposes the use and abuse of power around the world. on al-jazeera. refugee problem is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to manage under 1000 refugees don't have the right to war freely on the other hand gord's can
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move freely as far and as much as they want it's multinational colonialism this is a v another mint over the democratic process these companies they just want the moment europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera. oh. they're going around to the top stories here on. iraq's military says 3 rockets a fall in baghdad 2 days after top iranian commander. and iraqi paramilitary chief . were killed in a u.s.
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airstrike that says iraq's parliament has voted to expel american troops from the country. and iran thousands of mourners have gathered in the capital tehran to welcome home in mani's body these are live pictures it comes as iran announced its further rowing back on its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal saying there will be no limits on its uranium enrichment capacity. and at least one u.s. soldier and 2 american military contractors have been killed in an attack on a kenyan army base attack was claimed by al shabaab. libya's u.n. backed government has declared 3 days of mourning for the victims of saturday's ass trike on a military academy in tripoli it was carried out by forces loyal to the warlord honey for have to at least 30 students were killed dozens more were wounded went up and we had reports from tripoli. funerals for the young the military students
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killed in an air strike in tripoli. and libya as you and recognized the government in no doubt hold to blame for the attack one of the country's backing would have to. be we pledged to take revenge on the united arab emirates that states have been conspiring against us instead. gaining of the 17th of february pollution in 2011 a spokesman for have told denied his forces were responsible saying the incident would be investigated the investigation is also required now from the u.n. mission to send fact finding committees to the location of the bombing our general come on denies that any of the units talk to the site using attorney fire or air force and this isn't part of a morals or customs and it doesn't reflect our military ethics medical workers who are unable to identify some of the students. but is so badly burned or increases 18 year old a mad
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a comet from the city of that huna survived the attack. on a move that. we had just finished dinner we went out to the courtyard as the attack happened i lost consciousness i woke up in the hospital. a meds a philistine you didn't die in this courtyard there has spent less than 2 months in training had to undergo could defeat those who attacked us have a grudge against us because our army is based on professional values an affiliation to the homeland not to a dictator this military academy is a long way. and it is students from different cities and regions are not taken part in the battle for control of tripoli state officials say it was a foreign war plane that carried out the attack and want the government to butterball ties with those countries supporting khalifa haftar. have to the forces launched an offensive to seize tripoli in april half that has the support of egypt
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russia the united arab emirates and france and backed libyan government by turkey these families mourning gloved ones know the agony they're going through is likely to be repeated again and again as there is no end in sight to the fighting. students and teachers had one of india's leading universities have been attacked after a group of masked men stormed the campus in the capital new delhi a student body linked to the ruling b j p party is being blamed and police are also accused of not taking action quickly enough. as more new delhi on sunday evening about 50 miles men holding on draws went inside the campus of university in new delhi there logically went from one also to another he took some students and many others there also
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allegations that they beat up some teachers that as well now the students of the universe city have protested against the controversial citizenship law this is it these men were members of a b. repeat which is another students union affiliated with the ruling party the nationalist party general party this happened on the day that protesters of mainly women also complained that police had gone to their protest spot and asked them to leave they are worried that they may be arsed to wrap up the protests and all of this is happening at a time when india's home minister has started what's being described as a door to door campaign to convince people that the controversial citizenship law may be a good thing for the country. well some of the biggest opposition to india's controversial new citizenship law has come from the state of punjab sikhs and muslims have been protesting together calling the no discriminatory and against india's secular roots
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so raman reports from louisiana. hindu sikh christian brothers we are warned now and forever they charged this is a day of peaceful but noisy protest against india's citizenship law in looked to her and across the state of punjab outside the main mosque the minority was them community are making their voices heard but the majority see community a joining them. if they target the largest minority after the hindus in this country and who will they go for next from all religions it will be the poor that are worst affected. like many in this community they're unhappy with the government's move to alienate their muslim brothers. we're going to oppose this black law and stand by our brothers and maintain our strong bonds. the strength the feeling is growing in the past few days thousands of taken to the streets to show solidarity with the muslims and oppose the new citizenship law we are not very very
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. any party that was in the position of the leading sikh opposition party in punjab they should romani akali dal the party they are allies of prime minister narendra modi's government and supported the change if. we would have been denying be right it's all we are asking for the citizenship. so then after evaluations we decided not. to work for it so that is the reason that rewarded for it. but now facing criticism from the sikh faith salie senior figure head priest 3 things who was muslims to be included in the citizenship law the akali dal party chief has done a complete u. turn and this could lead to a split with modis b j p party in new delhi really 2 percent of punjab's population is most and often thought of as an important voting bloc seem a swing voters but a major move by
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a large sikh party like the s.a.t. could well influence those voters across the board towards i say these opponents the congress party and its allies they currently control the state of punjab in the last general election secular candidates consolidated their victories across punjab and much of the credit was given to the muslim vote. while any teacher election is a long way off changing opinion is all the senior muslim priest at this mosque can do for now. we are happy today that our seek in the christian and dalit brothers protested with us we all realize this isn't just one community's issue it's the whole nation and we are all affected by discrimination. it's an opinion held by many israelis continue across india's major cities so robert al jazeera. but job. rally has been held in the capital of pakistan administered kashmir was never a bad to commemorate the day the un mediated a cease fire between india and pakistan both countries to retain control over
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territories held at the time in august last year indian prime minister. stripped indian administered kashmir of its special status and placed it under direct rule reigning parts of kashmir controlled by pakistan and china both new delhi and islamabad claim the region and its entirety. australian prime minister scott morrison has defended his leadership and his government's response to the australian bushfires hundreds of fires of unprecedented size and number continue to devastate large areas of australia morrison is known for his skeptical views on climate change and was heavily criticised for taking a holiday during the crisis but he says now is not the time proportioning blame or continue to demonstrate what we're doing through our actions sure there's been a lot of commentary there's been plenty of criticism i've had the benefit of a lot of analysis on
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a lot of issues but i can't be distracted by that and the public i now are not distracted by that what they need us to focus on all of us actually all of us focusing on the needs there in the communities and getting the support where it needs to go and that's very much where my focus is and and that's where we'll continue to be working closely with the states and territories working closely with my ministers in the i can seize the defense forces the new recovery i can see to be led by mr coburn in ensuring that i have the support resources and communications that i know there is at least some small relief for firefighters battling the australian bushfires with slightly cooler temperatures and even light rain in some regions jessica washington is in batemans bay on australia's east coast. this was once a leafy beachside suburb fires ripped apart this community on the new south wales south coast destroying most houses. hundreds of bush fires are burning
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across parts of the country worsened by severe drought and intense heat but after weeks of bad news finally the much needed arrival of cooler temperatures and even a bit of rain quite call it's now again in the light twenty's and he's right he had some wind today thank goodness i don't think i've ever seen right for a while so that's helped the far situation and mentally it's still not out there what i want people to get complacent cruzan making the most of this brief window of cooler conditions to bring more fires under control but across many parts of australia fires are burning at emergency levels and this brief spell of rain isn't enough just soffits. before the heat inevitably returns thousands of volunteers firefighters are in the field protecting communities around affected states. you know very very a lot less than your supply temperatures and great conditions to truong it's time
12:41 am
watching thousands of people are still without power with no indication of when it will retire and for those on the front lines a stray leah's longest bushfire emergency is taking its toll this volunteer firefighter was defending the houses of others when his prized vintage band was raised by flames he had spent 10 years collecting the parts to put it together. a call for. really aren't always in here. the same as is growing. chorus 54. from. percy's. treasured possessions family homes but worst of all dozens of lives this bushfire season has already taken so much from so many astray and there's still likely to be weeks of devastation to come jessica
12:42 am
washington al-jazeera batemans bay astray. and smoke from the australian fires has made the sky as far away as new zealand turned an eerie orange this was the city of oakland more than 2000 kilometers east of sydney trad it in a haze in the early afternoon it was so dark that drivers were forced to turn the lights on rescue efforts have been called off in cambodia 2 days after hotel under construction collapsed killing at least 36 people a hotel in the southern coastal province of cat came down friday trapping building workers under the rubble families of workers often live on construction sites in cambodia and the dead include 6 children the couple who own the building are being questioned by police. pecial moms have been thrown into hong kong police station and dozens of people arrested after a march near the chinese border thousands demonstrated peacefully in showing shu
12:43 am
distrait demanding that mainland chinese traders leave the territory but things turn violent when police try to end the protest. on congress had more than 6 months of anti-government demonstrations and is under serious burns through reports there's no end in sight. now this protest is organized by local district council have many of whom were just recently elected into office at local district council elections last november now the purpose of this protest is to demonstrate the un happiness that people here feel against the practice of power allow trading past the practice of mainland chinese traders who come over to hong kong many of whom here shop here this is the northern territory's and it's close to the mainland china they come over here they take advantage of lower taxes that hong kong has they buy items in bulk and to sell them back in china for a profit now locals here dislike this practice because they say causes them difficulties sometimes shortages of goods it also drives up the price of goods now
12:44 am
people here say they don't like the practice of parallel trading because it they believe it's something that benefits mainly mainland chinese trade is rather than the people here but it's this protest is also an example of how really local issue is being used by pro-democracy protesters to highlight the wider unhappiness they feel against the hong kong government and protests in hong kong have been going on for 7 months now entering into the 8th month and really this turned out this demonstration just highlights how the anti-government sentiment isn't going anywhere. croatia will have a new president after is around milan which won the runoff election 2 weeks after the initial vote produced no clear winner the former prime minister has won more than 53 percent of votes it's a rare win for a left wing leader in central europe a populist and conservatives have dominated in recent times incumbent president
12:45 am
kalinda grubber tire of it took just under 47 percent creation has just taken over the european union's rotating presidency for the 1st time we will be tasked for the next 6 months with overseeing the ukase brics it departure italian police have charged a drunk driver with murder after his car plowed into pedestrians killing 6 german tourists 11 more people were injured in the incident in a village in the alps close to the austrian border the tourists are just left a nightclub when the car hit them at high speed police say the driver was 4 times over the drink driving limit the u.k.'s foreign minister dominic rob says he's raised concerns with his counterpart in cyprus over the treatment of a british woman found guilty of lying about being gang raped last month a district court ruled that the 19 year old had falsely accused 12 israelis of raping her in iowa napper the woman was charged after she withdrew her accusation
12:46 am
but says she was severely pressurised by police she could face up to one year in jail as of the world's most famous and beautiful ancient artifacts are currently on display in london the treasures of the ancient egyptian king to come in on a 2 year world tour taking in 10 cities it will culminate in their permanent return to egypt and a brand new museum in time for the centenary of their discovery by a british archaeologist jessica baldwin went on to have a look. treasures from ancient egypt. for the afterlife. for the boy king tootin comic. dazzling ornaments made more than 3000 years ago by the world's best artist since. a mini coffin to hold the king's liver. intricately works both inside and out.
12:47 am
golden coverings for the pharaohs fingers and toes 150 items are on a world tour with stops in 10 cities. it's pure pop archaeology with music virtual reality hollywood lighting and it's a hit despite high prices nearly $50.00 at peak times the crowds never stop some of the profits are going back to egypt to help pay for the grand egyptian museum where these treasure earth will have a permanent home alongside thousands of artifacts from the country's rich history for egypt it's the ultimate marketing tool for its new museum opening later this year these objects are recreates the finest treasures from from from any point in history from anywhere in the world leonardo da vinci you know i go whatever it is egypt is number one you don't win is number one that will be really important to
12:48 am
a country which hasn't always had a good press in the last few years wants people to visit i think this is going to be a success for egypt. an artist in residence at the sachi gallery provides a contemporary interpretation what makes us remember one individual when millions more are forgotten people who are being. killed every day throughout the world in wars and conflicts that we don't hardly even hear about because they're not fashionable anymore people are bored of hearing about syria and we don't seem to remember them but we do remember to some common downstairs. the young king tut riding a chariot as he hunts ostrich a gilded wooden hawk its 1st time out of egypt all alone shows so visitors can wonder at the treasures and perhaps be inspired to learn more. or about ancient egypt or travel further providing modern egypt with much needed tourist dollars
12:49 am
jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. japan has ordered its immigration procedures to be tightened following the escape of foreman is sun boss carlos ghosn the justice minister says an investigation will be undertaken to discover how he was able to flee tokyo for lebanon last week masako mori says there's no record of go on living in japan and no justification for skipping bail gold was charged with financial misconduct and faces up to 15 years in jail. the bluefin tuna has sold for almost $1800000.00 in japan's capital the 2nd highest price on record 276 kilogram fish was auctioned off at tokyo's to use to fish market a successful bid it was kimura ahead of a sushi restaurant chain last year kimura set the record by purchasing a tuna for just over $3000000.00. still ahead on the program the
12:50 am
18 year old with a starring role for liverpool in the f.a. cup peter as the action next in sport. india is in the midst of a high tech revolution with over 1000000000 mobile phones. yet in a country where one in 4 can't be told right how can this technological boom be harnessed for the common good. life challenges a digital entrepreneur to devise an easy use for struggling farms. can he find a way to bring the 2 worlds together life's most harvest on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines you use the misinformation use the term by setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions how unique is this in terms of
12:51 am
modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of a neo fascist moment international filmmakers and world class journalists bringing programs to in spying. on al-jazeera. townhome sport now is peter. lauren thank you very much the future for defending super bowl champions new england patriots and they stall quarterback tom brady is fall from susan of being dumped out of the n.f.l. playoffs. they were left stunned by the tennessee titans with the patriots playing
12:52 am
in the wild card round for the 1st time in more than a decade the 42 year old who has won 6 super bowls with new england in the korea that is spanned almost 20 years will be a free agent in the off season and there's a big question mark over what happens to him next i don't know what the future looks like so i'm not going to predict it so we should all want tonight and. wish we'd done a lot of things better over the course of a season but we just and to still get the job done. i know that you keep saying that you don't know what's going to happen the future is there any possibility that you would retire after the sa season. you know. i would say it's pretty unlikely but. all 3 unlikely. the return of italy city on sunday after the winter break was soured by another incident of racist chance from crowds aimed at british a striker mario balotelli is called the opening goal in a 21 defeat to lot c.e.o. but shortly after the game was halted while the stadium announcement was made to
12:53 am
fans balotelli later posted a video of the goal on social media with the words a lot of fans that were at the stadium shame on you. so that enable him a virtual make he said he our return with ac milan against them doria on monday but don't expect supporters in his hometown of momo in sweden to be cheering in october the city unveiled a 3 and a half meter bronze statue of the latin but following abraham of which is the solution to buy a stake in a rival club vandals have cut off its nose spray painted it sit it on fire and it's now finally being toppled and taken away. the english f.a. cup didn't prove a distraction for title chasing little ball on sunday the premier league leaders fielded a younger side in the food round against merseyside rivals everton but still got through a great strike by 18 year old curtis germs winning the title. and jos a marine has taught them avoided an upset at the hands of 2nd tier middlesborough
12:54 am
because more got the equaliser for in a one all draw with a tie going to will replay. elsewhere chelsea were comfortable to no winners at home to nottingham forest the big upset on sunday so security is struggles dobby naca premier league crystal palace. the deck already got underway 'd on sunday in saudi arabia with the race being staged in the middle east for the 1st time they daughter caused an upset in the car category as the lithuanian won the opening 750 kilometer run from jeddah to a watch in the bikes defending champion toby price of australia is already the man to catch but human rights groups have launched a twitter campaign asking drivers to support imprisoned saudi female activists using the hash tag stand up for saudi heroes. we haven't received any response so far following the call by 15 n.g.o.s for drivers and in particular female
12:55 am
drivers to stand with saudi heroes and you know support to these these women who are in prison and however we still hopeful because the race is going to last for 12 more days so we're hoping to get more action by by the drivers today we have still for women's rights activists who are in prison some of these women have been prominently advocating for the rights of women to drive and the irony is that well now women can drive in saudi arabia but the women who advocated for these rights are still in prison we are not saying that competitors and people participating to this event are directly contributing to abuses however the saudi government is using this event as a way to sports wash its gross human rights abuses and by participating and by allowing the saudi authorities to also use the image of some of these famous
12:56 am
competitors to say look we're now in modern country we're all pin when we're bringing in people there also look these competitors are also indirectly contributing. to sports washing human rights abuses any as it is under that angle that we want to call on them to use the platform they have to denounce this abuses england's cricketers have given themselves a good chance of leveling their test series with south africa the tourists lead by 264 runs going into day 4 of the 2nd western cape town from sibley unbeaten on 85 with england closing on 218 for 4. hostess trainee of the 1st nation to qualify for the quarter finals of tennis's a.t.p. cup wins from alex to menorah and john moment sent them on their way to a 3 no thrashing of canada in their die in a curiosity set this one out on the sidelines but made his presence felt in support
12:57 am
straight you have to listen to the fans. and australia's sports stars are behind initiatives to raise funds for victims of the country's wildfires but women's world number one tennis player ash barty is going a step further she's donating all of the prize money from her home to an image in brisbane to the australian red cross relief effort the winner's check for the event is $250000.00. the reigning n.b.a. champions the toronto raptors bounced back from they were performance of the season to beat the brooklyn nets the mets jared allen had to bounce back out of the crowd after the hoping to keep the ball in play but we don't know if we reimburse the fans for their popcorn or the raptors would come from behind to win this 112-1102. and that's all the sport loren. we do thank you very much and that's it for made our entire live for this news hour on the back in a moment another full roundup of the day's news likes watching i think.
12:58 am
it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and need sheet off trash you know i have the next now that is significant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as it crime gag down very significant by dictating the government and the fucked up policy tao's shalt not kill cause of the radicalized
12:59 am
youth series on al-jazeera to be a child is to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end at the burden of young children. with a mother behind bars for siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border a witness documentary on al-jazeera. new leaders plays children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds in the work his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is a. you home an overcrowded refugee camp of $23000.00 people surrounded by our bill issue groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and
1:00 am
so we traded places each took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. iraq's parliament votes to expel u.s. forces while rockets are fired in the heart of baghdad as fears grow over the fallout from the killing of iranian general hossam so limited. this is hundreds of thousands of people mournfully manny's death in iran where officials say his assassination will not go unpunished. this is our jazeera live from london also coming up chaos in venezuela's capital where the opposition has accused the government of mounting
1:01 am
a parliamentary crew. a rare moment of respite in australia's bushfire crisis but the heat stays on.


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