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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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donald trump threatened sanctions against iraq if it expelled foreign troops of the assassination of a radian general hossam so the mahdi. becomes as iran abandons all limits on your reign in richmond effectively ending its commitments to 2015 nuclear deal. jordan this is down to 0 value from doha also coming up 3 americans are killed during an attack in kenya presenting another crisis for the u.s. as it grapples with the escalating iran standoff. also cooler weather and a bit of rain off for a bushfire a spite in australia but nowhere near enough to end the unprecedented disaster.
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here's president donald trump has warned iraq he'll impose heavy sanctions if it follows through with moves to expel american troops iraq's parliament voted in favor of removing foreign forces in retaliation for a u.s. strike that killed iranian general custom so lemony well fallout from the assassination is rippling right across the middle east iran is vying to hit back and has also announced it will no longer abide by any of the commitments it made on the 2015 nuclear deal meanwhile in lebanon hezbollah leader says all u.s. bases warships and soldiers are now fair targets indeed calls for revenge a growing louder especially among the hundreds of thousands of people mourning customs their money during his funeral procession in iran. well we begin with a solid inch of aid in the iraqi capital baghdad.
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and to us in pro iran chance in the iraqi parliament elected representatives came together for an extraordinary session the iraqi pm laid out his preferred option not of the assassination of passions of the money by american missiles well paid in heart the larger the whole what 1st ending the presence of foreign forces as an emergency measure and making arrangements for that secondly to go back to the draft decision that was put forward to the parliament before the current government took office. but all kurdish representatives boycotted the session and most of the sunni m.p.'s are in there the emergency session of parliament is a reminder of the deep ethnic and sectarian divisions in iraq between sunnis shias and kurds at least one commander of the. group has said that if the parliament fails to pass a decisive resolution against the u.s. presence in iraq on sunday all future sessions will be worthless. a powerful cleric
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who heads one of the leading blocs in parliament criticized the decision as a weak one. they're called for the shutting down of the us embassy on so-called resistance groups inside and outside iraq to form urgency battalions similar sentiments were echoed by other shia majority political blocs. this is a real test for loyalty and patriotism we don't want to disappoint iraqis as their elected representatives if this council cannot protect sovereignty it's useless. not everyone agrees with a quick pullout of correlation troops and these protesters carried out an end to the clash with pro iran supporters a similar sentiment runs through anti corruption protesters who forced out. as the prime minister the iraqi pm says legal procedures will begin to fulfill the parliament non-binding resolution but he leads an interim government with limited powers. it's a resolution not a law if it's really binding iraq will be exposed in front of vice all americans
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helped iraq there are a lot of problems for the economy as well. even if lawmakers could all come together and vote to end the u.s. presence in iraq immediately that process would take more than a few months to implement on the ground time which groups out for revenge do not want to give u.s. forces on the job it out of the fact that. joins us live now from washington d.c. gauge the president now threatening sanctions against iraq if they boot out u.s. troops what was he even saying. yes president trump did not take questions from reporters as he left his mara lago resort and boarded air force one to come back to washington he also did not take questions when he landed at the white house as sometimes he often does but he did speak to a couple reporters that were on his plane air force one that travel with the president wherever he goes this was an off camera briefing but the notes of what he
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said are released out and he told these reporters that that the united states has spent billions of dollars on military bases in iraq and that if iraq forces the united states out or demands the u.s. leaves he said the u.s. would only do it if iraq paid back all that money to build those military bases to the united states and then he went on to go even further and say as you've been mentioning he said that the u.s. if forced out of iraq would put in his words we will charge them sanctions like they've never seen before retiring to iraq it will make iranian sanctions look somewhat tame those were the words from president donald trump so now what you have basically have is you have trump escalating the situation not only with iran but also now with iraq with the threatening of sanctions gavan trumps again threatening that the u.s.
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will attack iran cultural sites what most even say about that. yeah on saturday he 1st mentioned this in a series of tweets when he was threatening a retaliation to iran if they were to strike back at the u.s. and he said we will hit some sites that are skull truly significant to iranian people and that's to raise some eyebrows and then we didn't hear much more about it until he was back on his plane sunday night coming back to washington in the same situation here and he said there he would double down on it essentially he said he said you know he said that we will also he said we will you know continue we will have to do that to strike cultural institutions in iraq if necessary and it's really remarkable in so many ways because he basically doubled down on this and targeting cultural sites in a military conflict would be
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a war crime and so it's really again pretty remarkable that the president would consider this guy but elizondo there in washington d.c. gabe thank you. well from tehran as a bank reports on the massive numbers of people who filled the streets for him on his funeral procession. a sea of mourners millions across the country came out onto the streets nothing like this has been witness in iran since the funeral of the founder of the islamic republic at a loss how many 30 years ago the assassination of qassam so the money has united a country and its different political factions. street threatening to targeted rein in cultural sites has encouraged even more defiance but also more if we sacrifice our life for him if we sacrifice our blood for him he still not enough. to.
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kill them them or their parents or children or family. gets ready love of. money get ready for a big brother where khaleel. fuel on the streets of iran the event has reshaped the political dynamic. in november there were anti-government protests across the country but now the government can establish mahir unprecedented support images of generous of the money put up across the country and port named after him even streets named in his honor everyone is being reminded of his contribution to iran and what's seen ases ultimate sacrifice . so the monies daughter has asked to bring him president has done rouhani and the need to of lebanon's hizbullah. to avenge her father's death desination has now resulted in iran announcing it has no limits to its nuclear activities including uranium enrichment its stockpiles and research and development the deal is now old
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but. iran says no one can dictate to what kind of response it will give to america no need in marginal do we not know that this adventure has painful repercussions for you mr trump don't fret india iranian nation with your ignorance you put the lives of americans in this vast region at risk you better pack up and escape from the region. regional countries and the rest of the world wait nervously as the fear of a new conflict grows the killing of one man that is now threatening to reshape the face of the middle east said baker al-jazeera the iran. while in lebanon hezbollah leader. warned that u.s. forces will pay the price for cinnamon is killing reports now from beirut for. his images were put up across beirut's southern suburbs qassam soul a man is being mourned in hezbollah stronghold for the iranian backed group and its mainly shia are supporters the late head of the elite could this force the
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revolutionary guards external wing was their commander the public face symbol and architect of the islamic republic's influence across the region was killed in a u.s. drone strike in baghdad on friday since then iran and its regional allies have been promising revenge. i'll be clear their response is to target their merican military presence in the region their american military bases their vessels every american officer and soldier in our region and our countries on our soul. he was not only iran's concern but the entire so-called axis of resistance a term used to refer to groups in iraq syria lebanon yemen and the palestinian territories he said it was up to those groups to decide if and how they would retaliate but the hezbollah leader hinted lebanon will not necessarily be an arena . lebanon is not a front line of america and iran's rivalry there is a us embassy in a few soldiers who are trained on me by hezbollah has
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a presence in the region i can take part in any outside the country. it now seems clear what the retaliation may involve iranian military commanders made the same threat and iran's allies in iraq have already singled out u.s. bases as targets and the u.s. presence in the region is in a strong as the words fair punishment for all of has repeatedly threatened a regional war if iran is attacked by the united states iran will not stand alone is what he's promised it is that expected statement of support from an ally which has grown into a regional force photos are emerging of with so in many who the hezbollah leader called a brother he confirmed the late military commander was in lebanon before heading to baghdad via damascus while hezbollah doesn't hide its links with iran it is the strongest political player in lebanon it's careful to protect that power at a time of increasing pressure is the condition for success for the nation
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out of there because of the economic situation because they cannot cannot sustain what sort of a. likeable to 2006. called so many assassination a turning point and a new phase the message here may be one of defiance but in reality the u.s. maximum pressure campaign on iran and its allies seems to be already in a new phase. beirut thought for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back i said as well as opposition denounces what it's calling a part of the trick because to me the one who i don't see is physically blocked from entering. the treasures of the ancient egyptian king tutu kamu i'm going to well before heading out on that stage.
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hello there some pretty good weather conditions across most central and southern areas of the united states plenty of cloud on the satellite not a huge amount of weather coming in this you have got some snow but want it to rain showers as well but this is something that is happening meanwhile i was in utah this is in the canyons and what they do and they do this through out the season is they have these controlled avalanches so all this snow that's been building up this very wet heavy snow it is literally blown up like this and cleared away so we keep things very safe over say for the sky is that also safer on the roadways as well through those canyons so fairly typical monday that snow pushing into eastern sections of canada beginning to push across into the west of counted as well and also the pacific northwest plenty of rain in the full cost to seattle so $9.00 celsius few on cheese day but some pretty strong winds really along those coastal areas and elsewhere it really is fairly clear at $22.00 in l.a.
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so feeling warm with the $22.00 celsius 6 degrees in washington so it will actually see some showers not to snow there is some snow around but it will see some mild air in place that meanwhile. across much of the caribbean some scattered showers for the next couple of days working their way gradually through the bahamas and also as you can see has some heavier rain showers across into question a lot of it in the cold with a high of 24. does not seem. a compelling film about getting an education under occupation. that is once the bin up that they took that it asked us if you don't feel sick you want them to come frankly if we don't feel secure about it we come. but what happened after the cameras laughed rewinds learning to die on al-jazeera.
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welcome back i'm out of our top stories here this hour the u.s. president is threatening sanctions against iraq if it follows through with moves to expel foreign troops donald trump says american forces will not leave on the surat pays for the u.s. base that's the. iraqi politicians voted to remove all foreign forces in response to this isolation of the rainy and conduct awesome summit money the bill is nonbinding and still needs government approval. undergrounds announced it will no longer adhere to its commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal saying they'll be no limits on its uranium enrichment past. well as the situation with iran escalates
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the u.s. is facing another crisis in kenya fighters have killed 3 americans including a soldier while attacking a military compound near the border with somalia priyanka gupta reports. pictures released by al shabaab meant for propaganda but also a warning that a heavily secured military site used by american forces is fair game for its fighters the predawn assault by the al qaeda linked somali armed group was its 1st against u.s. forces in kenya governments have been saying that's about being weak and al shabaab . longer strong they are not capable to carry out attacks or wherever such a statement released usually back and say we are here we are still a strong american drones are hitting somalia on a regular basis so i think this was to send a message to the somali people to say we are not targeting civilians we are
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targeting foreign militaries and we are fighting on your behalf attackers went on a rampage at the airfield close to the somali border for 4 hours destroying u.s. and kenyan aircraft along with military vehicles in the end 5 attackers were killed and the commander of u.s. africa command issued this warning of quote pursuing those responsible for this attack and who seeks to harm americans and u.s. interests but questions are being raised about how a heavily fortified military base could be so vulnerable. putting together an attack of this nature of this audacity take a lot of planning a lot of time and it comes at a moment when it has been especially active along the kenyan border making for azan to kenya this appears to be principally an information operations or psychological warfare operation where she has sent a small number of fighters to
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a major military base the latest incident comes just over a week off to al shabaab killed 80 people mostly students in the somali capital mogadishu that truck bomb attack prompted u.s. airstrikes for over a decade the all improve has been fighting to overthrow the somali government and impose islamic law sunday's attack suggests that fight is far from over. though al-jazeera. turkey's president says military units are on their way to libya to help the u.n. recognize government's fight against warlord after all the tripoli administration under attack for months has declared 3 days of mourning for the victims of an airstrike that killed 30 people in a military academy from tripoli. reports. funerals for the younger military students killed in an air strike in tripoli. and libya as you enter the government in no doubt ho to blame for the attack one of
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the country's backing. have to wonder are. we pledged to take revenge on the united arab emirates that states have been conspiring against us since the beginning of the 17th of february evolution in 2011 a spokesman for half the denied his forces were responsible saying the incident a would be investigated but the investigation is also required now from the u.n. mission to send fact finding committee to the location of the bombing i general come on denies that any of the units talk to the site using attorney fire or air force and this isn't part of our morals or customs and it doesn't reflect our military ethics medical workers who are unable to identify some of the students there but is so badly burned or in pieces 18 year old a mad mad from the city of god who are survived the attack. on a move that. we had just finished dinner and we went out to the courtyard as the
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attack happened i lost consciousness i woke up in the hospital and a meds if it is to you didn't died in this course you are out there to spent less than 2 months in training under. those who attacked us have a grudge against us because our army is based on professional values an affiliation to the homeland not to a dictator this military is a long way. and it is students from different cities and regions are not taken part in the battle for control of tripoli state officials say it was a foreign war plane that carried out the attack and want the government to got the ball ties with those countries supporting khalifa haftar. have to his forces launched an offensive to seize tripoli in april half that has the support of egypt russia the united arab emirates and france and backed libyan government by turkey
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these families mourning gloved ones know the agony they're going through is likely to be repeated again and again as there is no end in sight to the fighting. tripoli. they've been chaotic and confusing scenes in venezuela where the socialist government of president nicolas maduro forcibly installed a new head of parliament armed troops physically blocked opposition leader one guy joe and his allies from getting into the building those who were allowed in voted to replace quite a with a politician who was recently kicked out of an opposition party there are now 2 competing leaders of parliament why do i was also sworn in during an impromptu session at a newspaper office. the political victory although it's not enough is that today we defeated the dictatorship again we overwhelmingly defeated the dictatorship the ambitions of the dictatorship you know the u.s.
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european union and several latin american nations have condemned the events in caracas but president maduro says their objections are irrelevant so you can believe what i think in order to call here the imperialist came out to say they would not recognize the result of the vote today in the national assembly i say to mike pompei oh the u.s. envoy to venezuela elliott abrams and the assistant secretary of state that they should explain why they lost leadership at the national assembly what explanation what lie are they going to give dull trust now this stubbornness this failure of theirs it's one more failure by the gringos in venezuela a latin america at its alysia newman has more now from venezuela's capital. right now we are at the nasional newspaper which is no longer printing it's only online and it's being used as a makeshift version of the national assembly inside are there more than $100.00 opposition deputies who have just voted for the law to have another term as the
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president of the national assembly and also to be the interim president of venezuela now how did this happen it happened because the the official session at the national assembly building which should have taken place early this morning turned into absolute mayhem and chaos as members of the opposition to the lawmakers were not allowed in some were little by little groups and drabs while the pro-government. reviews were there and a handful of others who have turned on one of them is luis right so he has now 6 turned against and has just been sworn in or was sworn in rather in a very very unofficial impromptu vote in which people just raise their hands nobody counted the votes nobody knew how many voted for him what does this mean that means that right now there are theoretically 2 presidents of the national assembly and so what is going to happen now is anybody's guess but it is clearly going to increase the tensions in this already chaotic country now for cost as of $1.00 that better
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whether it will let me also a brief response from the bushfires rather jane parts of australia the disaster which has been ongoing now for months a scene hundreds of homes burnt down and more than 20 people killed jessica washington is in batemans bay on australia's southeast coast. this was once a leafy beachside suburb fires ripped apart this community on the new south wales south coast destroying most houses. hundreds of bush fires are burning across parts of the country worsened by severe drought and intense heat but after weeks of bad news finally the much needed arrival of cooler temperatures and even a bit of rain to quite call its value and in the light twenty's and humidity is right you have some lying today thank goodness i don't think i've ever seen right for a while so that's helped the faucet. and mentally it's still not out there what i
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want people to get complacent curzon making the most of this brief window of cooler conditions to bring more fires under control but across many parts of australia fires are burning at emergency levels and this brief spell of rain isn't enough to stop it before the heat inevitably returns thousands of fallen here firefighters are in the field protecting communities around affected states weans are you know very very a lot less than your supply temperatures and these are great conditions to trolling a good time watching thousands of people are still without power with no indication of when it will return for those on the front lines astray leah's longest bushfire emergency is taking its toll this volunteer firefighter was defending the houses of others when his prized vintage bend was raised by flames he had spent 10 years collecting the pods to put it together. in
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a call for. really aren't always in here. it's gone. it's the same magistrate. the irish 54. and. it would come from. percy's. treasured possessions family homes but worst of all dozens of lives this bushfire season has already taken so much from so many astray and there's still likely to be weeks of devastation to come jessica washington al-jazeera batemans bay as. students and teachers at one of india's leading universities have been attacked a group of mosque men stormed the java harlan and university campus in the capital new delhi a student body linked to the governing b j p is being blamed and police are accused of not responding quickly enough and is in the grip of protests against new citizenship nor which opponents say
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discriminates against muslims in hong kong dozens of people have been arrested after petrol bombs were hurled at a police station the trouble followed what had been peaceful demonstrations and shown show the district demanding that mainland chinese traders leave the territory . now the treasures of the egyptian king tut and khan moon are on a 2 year world tour before there were times in egypt to be put on show in a brand new museum so now they're in london just a bold and went to take a look. at all treasures from ancient egypt. for the afterlife. for the boy king tootin comic. dazzling ornaments made more than 3000 years ago by the world's best artists and. a mini coffin to hold the king's liver. intricately worked both inside and out. golden coverings for the pharaohs fingers and toes 150 items are on
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a world tour with stops in 10 cities. it's pure pop archaeology with music virtual reality hollywood lighting and it's a hit despite high prices nearly $50.00 at peak times the crowds never stop some of the profits are going back to egypt to help pay for the grand egyptian museum where these treasure earth will have a permanent home alongside thousands of artifacts from the country's rich history for egypt it's the ultimate marketing tool for its new museum opening later this year these objects are recreates the finest treasures from from from any point in history from anywhere in the world leonardo da vinci go off whatever it is egypt is number one to don't win is number one that will be really important to a country which hasn't always had a good press in the last few years wants people to visit i think this is going to
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be a success for egypt. an artist in residence at the sachi gallery provides a contemporary interpretation what makes us remember one individual when millions more are forgotten people who are being. killed every day throughout the world in wars and conflicts that we don't hardly even hear about because they're not fashionable anymore people are bored of hearing about syria and we don't seem to remember them but we do remember to some common downstairs. the young king tut riding a chariot as he hunts ostrich a gilded wooden hawk its 1st time out of egypt all alone shows so visitors can wonder at the treasures and perhaps be inspired to learn more about ancient egypt or travel further providing modern egypt with much needed tourist dollars jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. finally to the catch of the day
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a bluefin tuna has sold for almost $1800000.00 in tokyo the 2nd highest price on record the head of a sushi restaurant chain was the successful but. it's not a quick check of the headlines here in al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has threatened sanctions against iraq off its palm and voted to expel all foreign troops in the country the bill backed by the outgoing prime minister. is non-binding and still needs the approval of the government it follows the assassination of senior iranian general hossam so the money in a u.s. airstrike in iraq. has more on trump's comments if iraq forces the united states out or demands the u.s. leaves he said the u.s. would only do it if iraq paid back all that money to build those military bases to
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the united states and then he went on to go even further and say as you've been mentioning he said that the u.s. if forced out of iraq would put in his words we will charge them sanctions like they've never seen before recurring to iraq it will make iranian sanctions look somewhat tame those were the words from president donald trump meanwhile calls for revenge are growing louder hundreds of thousands of mourners gather in the capital to welcome home and somalis body. while in lebanon hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah has ominously warned that u.s. forces will pay the price for somalis killings and iran has announced it will no longer hear to its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal saying they'll be no limits on its uranium enrichment capacity germany france and the u.k. other edging it to reconsider. in other news a u.s. soldier to american defense contractors have been killed by al shabaab fighters who
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stormed a military base in kenya. the armed group released these pictures which it says shows the pre-dawn attack in the county there were chaotic scenes inside and outside venezuela's national assembly after opposition leader and his allies were blocked from entering the building by the police those who were allowed in voted to replace with a politician who was recently kicked out of an opposition party for alleged corruption there are now 2 competing leaders of parliament wider was also sworn in during an impromptu session at a newspaper office. well those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after. taiwan's president seeks a 2nd. placing. advocates restoring closer ties with china will the selection of the island closer to the mainland continue to resist beijing's.
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20 trying to. just. hello and welcome to rewind today we're casting our eyes back to 2008 when filmmaker tom evans was following a group of pupils attending school in the west bank teenagers trying to get an education against a background of violence and intimidation on the streets outside. we'll be catching up with one of those students but 1st here's the film learning to die from al jazeera special series. now lies in the heart of the west bank in palestine it is a city under siege.


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