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tv   Learning To Die  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2020 6:32am-7:00am +03

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by al-shabaab fighters who stormed a military base in kenya. the armed group released these pictures which it says shows the pre-dawn attack in lamu county there were chaotic scenes inside and outside venezuela's national assembly after opposition leader and his allies were blocked from entering the building by the police those who were allowed in voted to replace with a politician who was recently kicked out of an opposition party for alleged corruption there are now 2 competing leaders of parliament wider was also sworn in during an impromptu session at a newspaper office. well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera. taiwan's president seeks a 2nd. placing can call you advocates restoring closer ties with china will the selection of the island closer to the mainland continue to resist beijing's push the unification taiwan's 20 trying to get in. on al-jazeera.
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hello and welcome to rewind today we're casting our eyes back to 2008 when filmmaker tom evans was following a group of pupils attending school in the west bank teenagers trying to get an education against a background of violence and intimidation on the streets outside we'll be catching up with one of those students but 1st here's the film learning to die from al jazeera special series 2 schools in nablus. nablus city lies in the heart of the west bank in palestine it is a city under siege. almost every night the israeli army enters nablus conducting
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raids last night's widespread attacks were carried out in refugee camp near the center of nablus. this time the israeli army were in search of militants and weapons. usually the army has left by the morning but last night's raids have proved unsuccessful and they have decided to stay put i believe that was the land of the free overnight. over a 4 week period we have been following the lives of the teachers and students of how jewish the girls' school and can tell our boys all. the food for the teachers on their way to work they can only assume it's business as usual but you get the feel that with the israeli army out on the streets the clashes could flare up as any moment there. is going to be a very tense day for the schools of nablus. you
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can call this a bus america is the head teacher of how to reach the girls school. she is warry because her school is next to allow enough e.g. camp. i. believe that the israeli army have encircled the camp and the soldiers are near the school there's more to. come and the said that measure to mark the one. who should have the bomb into. the methodist church. and if that was. the case then you think. it was i wish it was met these families know that there isn't
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anything good that it than that despite the presence of the israeli army most of the 900 students have managed to make it into the school but a few of the teachers haven't made us and we have had a serious problem because. as well as school you said on devices that are innocent lives we can to stop would you catch and process even we have such circumstances. that is once the bend of the day dictate it asked us if you don't feel sick you wouldn't come to come and frankly we don't feel secure but we come. into loud voice school is further away from a lion refugee camp none of the teachers here have had problems getting into school . but just as the school assembly gets underway there's a disturbance outside. it
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. was. plenty to do i need to check it out it's a get out. get out your vote join are going to give us your fire the signal from margaret i hope that you can hear on this election day maybe some of the 1st growing years through the soldiers is funded by throwing some just. want to see the students but it was a. little better because he was hoping to have a gun but the suitors are still in the street where the vote. on days like this school is the last thing on boys' minds for them their city is
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being invaded and they want to fight back all they can do is throw stones. the israeli army on the other hand fires gas bombs rubber bullets and sometimes uses live ammunition. israeli soldiers have chased a group of boys away from the refugee camp but towards 100 wish to go still. was was who was it the blow. was the confrontation is now directly outside the school gates was a low. of who. was this kill has just spotted have brothers trying stones outside.
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his ward for their safety was right. on that because. he's a good looking mother was that of little or even i must i met ahmed the hold the door had bedrooms should have been the real love that i had a way of know what i meant no way out of my life of the i would overshadow some i love some of. the ones that come under what the boom fellows ignace some of those. the video for that you must know. was was yes was was was she for the t.v. c one of the teachers at how. the boys outside. who was
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. was that who was so sure of who was was. the little child that is it was that was yes that was my was as the confrontation draws closer panic starts to spread since the speech was i was. i. i was was i was
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. i. was. was was my was was i was i was was. my was. my i was leaving many of the girls have family members
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in a line camp. they all scared for good reason raids like this one can sometimes last for days even when the city was on and i was in my seat i was at the beauty to do on the bus. it's not just about. half the fighting is escalating in spilling into the streets around the camp. boys throwing stones is the only excuse the israeli army needs to shoot back. half. and half. that.
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it was yellow yellow so i was there on his body to smoke it this meant that yes but this is going to do with the best thing. this could yes. so did it go they gave us a sense of this so it's going to hit somebody from a new suit is at the same time because yes they still say he was hit by that went on like this is something. that. would have happened from the side. it was part of the force but that up so the.
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thought that that was up to ask was. was i think we should take him to the hospital get us yes. it was it is backstage us ok now how do you feel no kid should enter into the shower and he was i was afraid but was. as word spreads of the conflicts outside had to rush to anxious parents arrive to take their child and have not had time to have a look at. was was was.
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was have you that was that was. doing was. my because. they have. yet to michigan to have a guy who have. 2 been a close friend of been do it's all over the net to most different medicinal dossier a different little just pushed a button to get me we had it be on it would under still be a while there so you should download them and so we were good cause of a load of those of 11 out of the little girl i saw you middle of how was i don't associate look at some of them for the interview to show them the book that's on my list because of what i let him see that's about it what does you see it was yeah.
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it was. my was. it was people's. even randomly and members of staff becoming anxious finding it hard to maintain control was a was mind that was was that was that 'd was was was was was was was was was was and is it can bend it that is to this was the did was to sign me because i didn't know the law in them so we
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found that the morning of the last night was. my last summer has made the decision to evacuate the school to school for the help of the red crescent to try and forge a safe exit. all 900 students will need to be guided home was that. they will not be able to return until the army has left this could easily be days or even weeks of students missing school. shooting at the un so we do see the moon was a week can. see. it but it was that it was the edge of the tide on the news as the fighting continues
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news of the casualties start to come in was limited to the. diocese is one of the 1st to hear. said i what it. is that i want. so often. i think what i have here. on this economic benefit. is secular music to make them pretty and. feed the head the earth and that can go in look at your me and mismatch and shaheed this then i'm sure he can change it was it changed the gene changed from put him in for my life so wrong brought about doesn't it was worth going to. your own can and neighbors suffer many on a home other than. this station at the m.k. a man. however the holy ghost of our pleasures initiatives that we've got.
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some own behavior that. look at the mission leaves a lot of people up at the pump for this and you might call them about that and then you have the issue of what it goes to the world the big belly in business of. those of us the ones in jimmy or. the harlot age 17 a student at school was this morning shot dead by an israeli soldier. said to me how much of the types of having the best of the 2nd set up. to sit out there was. just on the dinner suit and it was just in the dinners through the work to the class to see that the students are shocked i do not believe so when i get to the class and see his face and to know his image will come into my mind.
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it is the 1st casualty of the israeli raid but he is not the last. during the violence clashes between palestinian fighters and the israeli army another palestinian man is. killed as well as an israeli soldier the israeli army has encircled the camp and is moving from house to house still in search of the militants and weapons that they have been unable to find none of the 5000 inhabitants are allowed to leave the camp not even for food drink or medical attention. the raid started in the early hours of tuesday morning but doesn't end until friday. the army has finally gone but this is the destruction they've left behind. over the course of the 4 day raid the soldiers moved through the camp tearing down walls houses and everything in their past.
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just rubble off for the. doctrine of what fit on a form of warfare. that in. there. not an awful lot of war physically there of. a start him or her daughter without enough to know for much no other and the job is a. part of our cities our thought of washington of warfare been around us there are enough to go on and do what would you. want to sort of an eye on it. for us. from associates of. the. late. families now have the daunting task of rebuilding their lives with very little financial support from the palestinian authority.
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it's only 4 weeks into term and already dyess and the other teachers a saying goodbye to a student. may not. remember how many man it was. really pretty much. anywhere i mean you know. when i. am. god and. they know that they've got me. going. you mean you mean i know what i mean i can't remember the name of the gun thing i know. i was or was it
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was the. plan. was that it was. was. was. was. it was. the. it's the end of a traumatic month. the memory of muhammad will exercise through the school's history. but next week the corridors and
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classrooms will once again be filled. teachers and students will return to the business of education and so the cycle goes on. in their own homes that men. have obama's to come out own blood to have. been a new minimum you have to make them you should have known one time out. of the telly in the end of it's been a little love in all the form of call of them a little snow and stuff but i'm a quarter of them but most of them but not in harmony with the enemy i mean i'm many i'm a pussy or how many what is it that will be 10 men doing that of you would that mean the cushy mission. well of course much as happened in palestine since that 1st ad but nowadays things seem relatively calm in nablus at least the future and i was still uncertain to
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find out what happened after our cameras left rewind returned to the city to track down a former student of how joe torched out all girls school. side was a teenager when we 1st met turn 2007 just one of the many faces in the classrooms through which our cameras passed back then she was struggling with her studies off to her brother marwan had been detained by israeli security forces and sent to prison this supply and ready. but it was. rough he has. to deal. with caught up with her again she's still living in nablus. hina bliss. brother has long since been released and must sought is now a must a student and business administration. you can want. in the country. but
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her school days are still vivid in her mind. must not go for less and if not the most about us are some of us. economy's in the gun with enough to read all her years you. decide the. how it enters the hall from the halls. looking back on her younger self 3 some difficult memories. does that image one am i going to was. so good i did homage did. love war no. doesn't it does no good i'm a 2nd part of the. although
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nablus is quieter these days some things haven't changed in 2007 it had been her brother in prison now it's her fiance whom the israelis have jailed. on accounts and or land. or other but if it had been such a would oh bad one how us gun for to. see how. 100 at a club stuff at a time have us oh to by the. side. or the look at the father in law. like everyone here though knows that only an end to the occupation will really bring the peace that everyone craves.
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i. 3 years after cholera was discovered in haiti this is just one example of how the death toll from this epidemic could be much higher than anyone knows and al-jazeera and thus to geisha into who should be held responsible travel to the united nations
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headquarters in new york. we saw to the secretary general again in this room we're going to try to catch him at one time but has justice now been served for the victims rewind haiti in a time of cholera on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . every. word you problem is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to monitor and the one thing refugees don't have the rights to more freely on the other hand gord's and will freely as far and as much as they want. multinational colonialism this is a v i'm not and over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera.
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donald trump threatened sanctions against iraq if it expelled foreign troops over the assassination of iranian general hossam said the money. it comes as iran abandons or limits on uranium enrichment effectively ending its commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal. hello i'm down join the subzero live from doha also coming up funerals in tripoli as fike killed at least 30 people turkish military units on their way to support libya's u.n. recognized government plus.


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