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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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providing a glimpse into someone else's one. witness on al-jazeera. the arab. iran's supreme leader joins the millions mourning the death of commandos so the mahdi assassinated in of u.s. strike. hello there i'm jim mcdonald this is live from doha the fallout over the solomonic killing quotes donald trump is now threatening sanctions against iraq if it expels u.s. troops. plus 3 americans are killed during an attack in kenya presenting yet another crisis for the u.s.
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as it grapples with the standoff with iran. was now a venezuela's opposition to them says what it's calling a bottom entry often position leaders one i don't is blocked from entering. iran's leaders subjoined shoots crowds in seron mourning the death of assassinated general customs as calls for revenge against the united states though yet louder iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and president has on rouhani held prayers at the funeral proceedings in the arabian capital they express their grief with hundreds of thousands of iranians across the streets of tehran well 3 official days of mourning have been declared so the manistee officer told the crowds that her father's death would bring a quote dark day to the u.s.
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. well that comes as u.s. president donald trump has warned iraq he'll impose heavy sanctions if it follows through with moves to expel american troops iraq's parliament voted in favor of removing foreign forces in retaliation for a u.s. strike that killed general custom so the money will fall out from the assassination is spreading throughout the middle east iran is vowing to hit back and has suspended its commitments under the 2050 nuclear deal nato leaders will then gather for an emergency meeting on monday to discuss the situation well of course we have a team of correspondents covering this story will go to gabe elizondo for us reaction to small to fulton is in baghdad for us but 1st let's go straight to dorsetshire bari who's live in tehran hi there door so of course we continue to see that sea of mourners moving across the city of tehran.
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certainly we're seeing a crowd unlike anything we've seen for many many years here in the capital but many have come out to pay their respects to the late general hossam so the money was carried on friday this is an event that has drawn crowds from across the country his body is travel he's gone through a number of cities before it came here this morning now he has body came to iran from baghdad on saturday and was then taken from the southern city of our house to mash and then it came to the capitol late last night and today we saw the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini preside the prayer service over his coffin at teheran university the supreme leader clearly the straw to an upset and emotional while he was performing the service he was standing next to him was the president the head of the country's revolutionary guards as well as the head of the country's
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judiciary and. and the new head of the revolutionary guards force they were all standing next to the supreme leader while he was performing the service upon finishing that service the body is now on its way from tehran we can see that it's making its very very slowly through the large crowds on the streets of tehran it will go to the holy city of calm where people there will be able to pay their respects and then finally it will make its way to care mon and that is the hometown of us and so the money where he will be buried on tuesday and or so we've seen some real displays of emotion today haven't we. certainly there's been no shortage of mourners showing how upset they are at the passing of awesome so the money many people have said that they've it's like they've lost their father figure even though many people have never met him they've only heard of him and his work he was really guard it regarded as
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a person who had very much influence in iran and his work within the courts force was very well known and documented but his death and we've speak according to many analysts here believe his death in the way he was killed the assassination that was carried out by the u.s. government is likely to have far reaching consequences not only for iran but also for the middle east to assist their joining us live from tehran and dos as always thank you let's go straight now to simona fulton who's line for us in baghdad hi there simona so it was part of an as we know has been calling for the expulsion of all american troops from iraq he soil but practically speaking can this even be done. well this was a non-binding the binding decision that was adopted by parliament yesterday basically asking for the departure of all foreign troops including u.s.
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troops but allowing trainers to stay on in iraq now disses not a legally binding decision what would have to happen now is for the government to actually draft legislation which would have to be sent back to parliament then be read and then read a 2nd time and then voted on and only then can the government of iraq actually give notice to the united states that its troops would have to leave or of course any of the other governments that have troops based here the agreement that kerns the governs u.s. iraq relations has a clause in it that basically stipulates that there would have to be a year notice until that agreement is revolved or change so either way we're unlikely to see that as part of any troops any time soon but also what is very important to say is that the caretaker government which is what we have right now after prime minister other resigned end of november is not actually able to draft legislation so 1st it would have to see the point of a new prime minister the formation of a new government and only then could such
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a legislation actually be drafted so we're looking at months here so we're unlikely to see any changes but perhaps one thing worth mentioning is that the most important figure that really came out of yesterday's parliament session was that the prime minister actually took a very strong stance advocating for the departure of foreign troops this is not something that we have really seen since 2014 usually the prime minister is somebody who balances the relations with the us and with iran and it's usually parliament itself which is much more politicized that tends to call for the expulsion of foreign troops a prime minister other love that must be going to parliament and actually himself recommending the departure of foreign troops was the most significant development yesterday and tomorrow we're also hearing from a president that he might consider imposing sanctions on iraq itself or what potentially with iraq be on the move like. well this is unlikely to go
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down well here in parliament in government but also on the streets as we already saw during yesterday's parliament session the parliamentarians as they were entering the hall they were chanting no to america and yes to soleimani so any referring to like this is just likely to further inflame their relations at a very critical point now of course iraq is. very aware of the impact of sanctions they were under your united nations sanctions under saddam hussein's regime from one to 90 until 2003 and many iraqis here remember that time which was an extremely difficult time so such a threats will only fuel opposition to the united states among the iraqi people and of course whether or not this is rigged or just rhetorical or and not it also doesn't make much sense on the economic scene because what we have is we have iraq very dependent on consumer goods from iran and turkey so such sanctions would just increase that economic dependence increase those economic ties between iraq and
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iran and iraq and turkey and of course the u.s. itself could be harmed by such sanctions because they have great interests in the ore than gas industry to have interests in the electricity sector as well so these kind of threats are likely not welcome here on any side and probably also not by the u.s. companies that operate in iraq today simona fault and they're joining us with the very latest live from baghdad some want to thank you. let's talk now to elizondo who's standing by to talk to us live from washington d.c. hi there gave so president trump as we were just discussing with simona and iraq is now threatening sanctions against iraq and cultural sites if they boo to u.s. troops what else is he had to say in this regard. yes a little bit remarkable on saturday president trump tweeted that the u.s. had more than 50 different targets on a list that they could strike in iran. to retaliate should iran italia
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retaliate against united states for the killing of so the money of those he said some are cultural sites and that was surprised a lot of people and so on the sunday when trump was flying back from mar-a lago to washington when he was on air force one he spoke to some reports from reporters it wasn't on camera and he told the reporter a reporter asked him did you really mean to say that in your tweet that the u.s. would target cultural sites in iran and bis is what trump said he said they're allowed to kill our people they're allowed to torture and maim our people they're allowed to use roadside bombs and blow up our people and we're not allowed to touch their cultural site it doesn't work that way that is a quote from the president of the united states clearly doubling down on his threat to target militarily target cultural sites in iran this would be
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a war crime according to the 1954 hague convention that prohibits the targeting of cultural institutions or sites during war the u.s. is a signatory to that should mention that iran has more than 24 different cultural sites in the country that are demarcated as unesco world heritage sites so it's a really unprecedented for up u.s. president to do so to make such a threat and certainly has caused anger by a lot of people here in washington and beyond as one senator said he said this isn't something the u.s. does targeting cultural sites and war is something that i so would do i'm gay but u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has said that the house is going to introduce a bill on the war powers resolution this week to limit i suppose u.s. president saddam's military actions regarding iran.
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yeah that's right this letter came out late on sunday and it it really signals how much palosi and the democrats are upset that the fact that trump has not followed normal washington protocols when he did this strike killing solo money see as furious that trump did not inform congress in advance of the strike and also has not given more details about what exactly is the intelligence that he said that trump an administration official say why it was so urgent to kill solo money and thus have to now deploy all these american troops and potentially put american lives at risk she said that the strike was provocative and in her letter she says as members of congress our 1st responsibility is to keep the american people safe for this reason we are concerned that the administration took this action without the consultation of congress and without respect for congress is war powers granted
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to it in the constitution so should be taking this up in congress in the house of representatives this week and voting on something that would show trump basically hold him to account for that strike that killed so money and as far as trump's response was he tweeted earlier on sunday that he tweeted that if iran's strikes the united states we will strike back horrid is essentially what his tweet said and he said let this tweet serve as notification to congress that that's what's going to be happening so trump sort of indicating there without mincing any words that he has no intention of notifying congress in the future that he will do it via his favorite media which is twitter might be not very diplomatic but that's the way that this this is the president this is that's the way this president seems to want to be preferred choice of communication not only with the world and american people
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but also when it comes to dealing with congress. hey there's on the air with the latest from washington d.c. thanks kate. in kenya fighters have killed 3 americans into doing a soldier excuse me in an attack on a military compound on the coast near the border with somalia priyanka gupta reports pictures released by al shabaab meant for propaganda but also a warning that a heavily secured military site used by american forces is fair game for its fighters the predawn assault by the al qaeda linked somali armed group was its 1st against u.s. forces in kenya governments have been saying that's about being weak and al-shabaab . longer strong they are not capable to carry out attacks or wherever such a statement released al shabaab usually back and say we are here we are still a strong american drones are hitting somalia on a regular basis so i think this was to send
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a message to the somali people to say we are not targeting civilians we are targeting foreign militaries and we are fighting on your behalf attackers went on a rampage at the airfield close to the somali border for 4 hours destroying u.s. and kenyan aircraft along with military vehicles in the end 5 attackers were killed and the commander of u.s. africa command issued this warning of quote pursuing those responsible for this attack and who seeks to harm americans and u.s. interests but questions are being raised about how a heavily fortified military base could be so vulnerable. putting together an attack of this nature of this audacity would take a lot of planning a lot of time and it comes at a moment when also that has been especially active along the kenyan border making forays into kenya this appears to be principally an information operations or
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psychological warfare operation where chabad has sent a small number of fighters to a major military base the latest incident comes just over a week off to al shabaab killed 80 people students in the somali capital mogadishu that truck bomb attack prompted u.s. airstrikes for over a decade the all improve has been fighting to overthrow the somali government and impose islamic law sunday's attack suggests that fight is far from over. al-jazeera. still ahead here on al-jazeera standing together at 6 in india's punjab state rally against the country's controversial citizenship. header that plenty of cold crystal sunshine across much of
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a central europe and if out as well i the side of these kara's skies it is a kind of trance sweepings way of tools much of the east got a mix of rain and snow and of that particular system and look at this this is the mountain tops in cyprus so plenty of good skiing at the moment there's some rain actually on the way this is one system just very stubborn in the eastern end of the mat and this will produce the rain child through greece and some snow of course into the cold air into western and central areas of turkey meanwhile monday we've got more rain coming across much of the u.k. there is some will flood warnings in place here particularly in the southwest of the u.k. and then by choose a some very strong winds coming in with this next line of. very heavy rain and if i to get some wind warnings in place across areas to scotland again look at this some very strong winds particularly along coastal areas of norway still that rain setting the send the med so we could actually see some localized flooding if his sits that much longer that same system of course will have some impact on northern sections of africa as well to battle national flags the line of rain showers on
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that cloud it'll tend to sweep through as a libya on into egypt so keeping the shots in the forecast for the next couple of days into benghazi with the high 40. frank assessments the one good thing about these bush fires is it's really working out all to climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate to columbus to school to even know what the noise all 'd about this argument is astonishingly a part time thing in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of the iraq of the country. against an ethnic sectarian kotor inside story on al-jazeera. you're.
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welcome back you are watching al-jazeera a quick reminder of our top stories this hour iran's leaders have joined huge crowds and so on mourning the death of assassinates of general custom sort of mani supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei i'm president hassan rouhani held prayers at the funeral proceedings in the arabian capital we can bring you these live pictures now we've been describing it and i think this is accurate as a sea of mourners of course this state funeral has spanned 3 days of mourning and has seen the generals body move through important religious sites in iran allowing people to come out across the country and pay their respects huge crowds across the country certainly numbers in the hundreds of thousands and of course it's painting a picture for now of a unified iran. u.s.
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president is threatening sanctions against iraq if it goes ahead with moves to expel foreign troops almost some says american forces will not leave unless iraq pays for the u.s. base that's there. rocky politicians are voted to remove all foreign forces in response to the assassination of the iranian commander of a mommy the bill though is nonbinding and still needs government approval. well turkey's president has announced that turkish soldiers are being deployed to libya to help in the fight against warlords. that. back government declares 3 days of mourning for the victims of saturday's air strike on a military academy in tripoli at least 30 students were killed had reports. funerals for the younger militarist juden skilled in an air strike in tripoli.
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and libya's you and recognized a government in no doubt ho to blame for the attack one of the country's backing warlords honey for have to wonder are you in the now if you found out we pledged to take revenge on the united arab emirates that state have been conspiring against us since the beginning of the 17th of february pollution in 2011 a spokesman for half the denied his forces were responsible saying the incident would be investigated but the investigation is also required now from the u.n. mission to send fact finding committees to the location of the bombing our general come on denies that any of his units talked to the site using attorney fire or air force and this isn't part of a morals or customs and it doesn't affect our military ethics medical workers who are unable to identify some of the students there but is so badly burned or in pieces 18 years old a mad mad from the city of god who survived the attack. on
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a move that. we had just finished dinner and we went out to the courtyard has the attack happened i lost consciousness i woke up in the hospital when the a murder philistia didn't died in this courtyard there to spent less than 2 months in training of the fiend those who attacked us have a grudge against us because our army is based on professional values an affiliation to the homeland not to a dictator this military is a long way. and it is students from different cities and regions are not taken part in the battle for control of tripoli state officials say it was a foreign war plane that's carried out the attack and want the government to got the ball ties with those countries supporting khalifa haftar. have to the forces launched an offensive to seize tripoli in april half that has the support of egypt russia the united arab emirates and france and backed libyan government by turkey
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these families mourning gloved ones know the agony they're going through is likely to be repeated again and again as there is no end in sight to the fighting. tripoli. there have been chaotic and confusing scenes in venezuela the government of president nicholas meant to forcibly install the new head of parliament armed troops physically blocked opposition leader one why do and his allies from getting into the building ahead of the vote a latin american editing to see a new and reports from caracas. inside been israel as legislative palace punches were thrown insults her world in a chaotic prelude to an even more chaotic vote for the presidency of the national assembly was for hours national guards been prevented dozens of opposition deputies
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from entering the premises. inside the chamber minority pro-government lawmakers organized a vote with a show of hands that no one counted i respond in opposition deputy choose to corruption and recently expelled from his party was instantly sworn in a 100 model like all brothers and sisters we have differences but we must end all this confrontation. but outside the confrontation was intensifying the opposition deputies are trying to break their way into the national assembly but the national guard is outnumbering up at this point and i see no place in the building. in a desperate last bid to get in opposition leader. tried to climb over the spiked metal fence surrounding the building. security forces fought him off as well.
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shaken but determined why the announced he would convene the assembly elsewhere they really wanted to hand that we're going to assume our responsibility and to rise to this new challenge that venezuela is facing. hours later 100 opposition deputies more than the simple majority needed to win reelected why the lies national assembly president vote recognized by washington and many others but not by president nicolas maduro. imperialist came out to say they would not recognize the result of the boat today in the national assembly i say to mike pompei o the u.s. envoy the best way to elliot abrams and the assistant secretary of state that they should explain why they lost the leadership of the national assembly. i. clearly the battle for that national assembly until now venezuela's only independent institution is far from over and it will intensify even further.
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attempts to reclaim what he says is his rightful place inside the legislative palace on tuesday. to see in human al-jazeera got access. firefighters sigh getting some relief as they tackle bushfires across australia after weeks of high temperatures they're being helped by cooler weather and rain fire crews are also reopening blocked roads and rescuing people who've been trapped for days the fossil likely to keep burning for months jessica washington is in batemans bay that's on the new south wales south coast with more this is a brief period of for a spot it's expected to be around 72 hours of these cooler conditions with life winds and even a bit of rain unfortunately that rain is not enough to bring this crisis which has been going for months now it is not enough to bring this crisis to an end it's expected that australia won't get significant rain at least for another 4 to 6 weeks that that's the only thing that can really bring this this bushfire emergency
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to an end for now crews working to ensure that fires burning along the east coast there also advise burning in new south wales and their fee is that those could burn with fires further south and victoria crews working to make sure that those fires don't join up and create a mega blaze that would go between 2 cities. the state of punjab in india which has a majority sic community has seen some of the most vocal objections to the government's citizenship but many saying it discriminates against. committee on. hindu sikh christian brothers real one now until rather they chant this is a day of peaceful but noisy protest against india's citizenship law in look to her and across the state of punjab outside the main mosque the minority was slim community are making their voices heard from the majority sikh community adjoining them. if they talk at the largest minority after the hindus in this country and who
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they go for next from all religions it will be the poor that are worst affected. like really in this community they were happy with the government's move to a lake their muslim brothers. are going to oppose this black law and stand by our brothers and maintain our strong bonds i the strength the feeling is growing in the past few days thousands of taken to the streets to show solidarity with the muslims and oppose the new citizenship law we are not very very any party that was in the position of the leading sikh opposition party in punjab they should romani akali dal the party they are allies of prime minister narendra modi's government and supported the change if we are opposing the bill we would have been denying the right to our legs. who are asking for the citizenship. so they're not rebelling relations we decided not to report it rather work for it so that is the
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reason that we watered for it. but now facing criticism from the sikh faith salie senior figure head priest. thing who was muslims to be included in the citizenship law the akali dal party chief has done a complete u. turn and this could lead to a split with modis b j p party in new delhi really 2 percent of punjab's population is most and often thought of as an important voting bloc seem a swing voters but a major move by a large sikh party like the s.a.t. could well influence those voters across the board to wards i say to his opponents the congress party and its allies they currently control the state of punjab in the last general election secular candidates consolidated their victories across punjab and much of the credit was given to the muslim vote. while any to chair lection is a long way off changing opinion is all the senior muslim priest at this mosque can do for now. we are happy today that our seat in the christian and dalit brothers
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protested with us we all realize this isn't just one community's issue it's the whole nation and we are all affected by discrimination. it's an opinion held by many israelis continue across india's major cities. al-jazeera. but job. this is al-jazeera these are our current top stories this of joined huge crowds and mourning the death of assassinated general class of supreme leader ayatollah president has some will any help prayers at the funeral proceedings in the. 3 official days of mourning have been declared let's have a look at the live pictures coming out of tehran we've been mentioning the watching these pictures is. like sea of people a sea of mourners a sea of emotion spreading through the streets of tehran over these 3 days of
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mourning we've seen the general's body move across the country giving people a chance to come out and to pay their respects. all dosage of ari has more now from tehran you saw the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini preside with prayer service over his coffin that iran university the supreme leader clearly the straw to an upset and emotional while he was performing the service he was standing next to him was the president the head of the country's revolutionary guards as well as the head of the country's judiciary and the new head of the revolutionary guards force they were all standing next to the supreme leader while he was performing the service upon finishing that service the body is now on its way from tehran we can see that it's making its very very slowly through the large crowds on the streets of tehran it will go to the holy city of bomb where people there will be able to
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pay their respects and then finally it will make its way to that is the hometown of us and so the money where he will be buried on tuesday. the u.s. president is threatening sanctions against iraq if it goes ahead with moves to expel foreign troops donald trump says american forces will not leave unless iraq pays for the u.s. base that's there iraq's parliament voted in favor of removing foreign forces in retaliation for the u.s. airstrike that killed so the money in other news a u.s. soldier and 2 american defense contractors have been killed by al shabaab finds this who stormed a military base in kenya well the armed group released these pictures that it says show the pre-dawn attack in lamu kamsky its fighters destroyed several aircraft and military vehicles 4 of them were killed but those are the headlines you're firmly up to date will be back later with much more after inside story. taiwan's president seeks a 2nd time facing you who advocates restoring closer ties with china will the
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selection move beyond and closer to the mainland who continue to resist beijing's push for unification taiwan's trying to trying to get in. on al-jazeera. fears grow of a war following the us assassination of iran's top military command european nations are criticised for weak responses to his death along with a collapsing nuclear deal has europe's the ron paul is a failed but is it time for a thing this is inside story. welcome to the program. europe appears caught in the middle the targeted killing of iran's most powerful gena.


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