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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2020 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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trace and night. and online. around the supreme leader joins the crowds marking the food bill of costs of tsunami of protests against a sort of assassination by the united states. all of them julian went on of this is sounds as the real live from doha also coming up donald trump is now threatening sanctions against iraq if it expels u.s. troops. plus on the rest in liberia many are unhappy with the economy and the rising cost of living. and cooler weather and some welcome rain off for a bushfire rest spiked in a strictly a but it's nowhere near enough to end of one accident to disaster.
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iran's leaders of joined huge crowds into iran for the funeral procession of assassinated general qassam salami as calls for revenge against the united states grow louder iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khan and i and president have some rouhani held prayers of funeral proceedings in the iranian capital they express their grief as a rainy and packed the streets of the city 3 official days of mourning have been declared so the mani still to earlier told the crowds that her father's death would bring court a dark day for you. while the funeral for cinema is underway u.s. president donald trump has warned iraq he will impose heavy sanctions if it expels american troops iraq's parliament voted in favor of removing foreign forces in retaliation for the u.s. strike that killed salaam on the last week. near baghdad airport fallout from the
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assassination is spreading through the middle east iran is falling to hit back and has suspended its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal and then later on monday nato leaders will gather for an emergency meeting to discuss the situation well our team of correspondents are covering this story and we'll go to them in just a 2nd let's go to someone of fulton who is standing by for us in baghdad and so mona of course we're hearing reports from trump about sanctions but the big focus right now is calling for the expulsion of all american troops from iraq the soil practically speaking can this even be done. of course it can be done but it will take time and it's certainly not as easy as it was perhaps portrayed in parliament yesterday when lawmakers from predominantly shiite parties and especially iranian backed parties voted on a decision to expel foreign troops from iraq what we need to happen is for the
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government to initiate legislation that will cancel existing agreements not just between the u.s. and iraq but also between iraq and the other countries that currently have troops based here in iraq such a legislation would have to 1st be drafted it would then have to be sent to parliament where it would be read discussed and then eventually voted on now the current agreement between the u.s. and iraq's has a cause in it that requires the government or actually either side a party to the contract to give a one year notice for any kind of terminations so it remains to be seen whether the government will actually do that and of course we currently have a caretaker government after prime minister either of them out of the resigned and of november as a result of months of anti-government protests and technically a caretaker government is not supposed to initiate any legislation so what would happen or would need to happen 1st is to appoint a new prime minister that new prime. minister would then have to have to have to
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form a government and that government would then have to draft a bill to actually see the expulsion of the troops but what was significant yesterday was to actually see a prime minister pronounce his opinion on this matter because usually we just have lawmakers in parliament which of course is much more politicised asking the government to draft a bill to expel foreign troops but yesterday we actually had the prime minister himself who took a stance of this a pretty strong stance asking himself for the withdrawal of foreign troops saying that the trust between the us and iraq has been broken after the us assassinated iraqi and non iraqi officials on iraqi soil so that is quite a departure from previous positions of previous prime ministers who basically try to balance the relations between both the u.s. and iran and simone of course we've haired president talk about potential sanctions on iraq what's been the reaction. well that rhetorical of course extremely
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unpopular here in iraq not just in the halls of government in parliament but also on the iraqi streets where many still remember the extremely adverse impact of far reaching sanctions imposed by the united nations in 1900 which persisted and remained in place excuse me until 2003 so many iraqis have a very strong opinion on this matter it's unlikely that it will go down very well and many iraqis are likely to take an even stronger stand against what they see as u.s. intervention in iraq now from when they call economic perspective the u.s. has a lot of interests here in iraq especially in the oil and gas sector but also in the electricity sector so if there were indeed sanctions imposed against iraq it would also affect u.s. companies that are operating here and in terms of the iraqi side iraq does also of course depend on the u.s. especially on the use of dollars which are widely used here in the uk economy it also requires a waiver from the united states to be able to continue import like tricity from
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iran so those are certainly 2 points of leverage but other than that in terms of consumer goods iraq heavily relies already on turkey and especially neighboring iran so any sanctions would just push iraq even closer to iran both politically and economically simona fulton there joining us live from baghdad simona thank you let's cross live now to dorset bari who's live in toronto for us said doris a bring us up to date on what's been happening today. we've seen their body of the assassinated general making his way through the streets of the capital as people have come out to attend the funeral service for him so their money we've also seen the supreme leader ayatollah the harmony and a very emotional service as he presided over the coffin of the slain general and he performed the prayer service over as he was. accompanied by the highest ranking
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members of the rayney an establishment by president hassan rouhani the speaker of parliament i larijani the head of the revolutionary guards major general salah me as well as the head of the judiciary ebrahim racey who was quite emotional himself and also the newly appointed head of the force was also standing very close to the supreme leader all of them quite emotional and then made no efforts to hide how they were feeling as they perform the service of the prayer service at tehran university just a short while ago now the coffin of the slain general is on its way now to the holy city of home but as we see from the large crowds that have gathered on the streets of tehran it's going to take some time to get there and once it does there will be another service there performed by religious leaders and then the coffin will be taken to its final resting place that is the hometown of the money in care mon in central iran where he will be very later on to say and do or so there's also been
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hasn't there a significant statement from iran tell us more. yes we've heard from the assembly of experts now this is a body the 88 member body that is tasked with dismissing and selecting the next supreme leader in iran that is their sole purpose and duty in they've issued a statement in reaction to the death of us himself on monday condemning it and in it they've had some very strong words they said that his death is a declaration of war and that they're calling on all the islamic use. to be ready and to to out the u.s. forces in the middle east mainly starting in iraq this is the 1st time we've heard such a direct statement from a governing body within iran now although this body doesn't really have any actual power when it comes to germany and foreign policy it is extremely significant their
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point of view and their relationship with the supreme leader it gives us an idea of where things are headed in the direction that iran's policy will move towards since the assassination of us and so that money dosage of their joining us live from tehran dar so thank you. joins us live for the u.s. perspective from washington d.c. hi there gabe so president trump is now threatening sanctions against iraq and cultural sites too if they u.s. troops in iran what's what more is he been saying. yeah this all started on saturday when trump tweeted that the u.s. has 54 targets that they could hit within iran should iran strike any u.s. interests in where around the world than in the tweet he said some of those targets are important cultural sites in iran and that really raise the eyebrows of a lot of people here and really caught the attention of people why the u.s.
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president would seemingly threaten to strike cultural sites within iran on sunday he was asked about this on air force one when he was flying back to washington he was asked did you mean that tweet what we think it means in cultural sites and trump said yes this was an off camera when he was speaking to reporters on the airplane and then he was asked but why would you consider doing that and trump's response was that this he said they're allowed to kill our people they're allowed to torture and maim our people they're allowed to use roadside bombs to blow up our people and we're not allowed to touch their cultural sites it doesn't work that way those are the words from president donald trump on why he would be consider it in cultural sites in iran now that is a clear violation of international law and could be considered a war crime according to the 1954 hague convention on the protection of cultural
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sites or cultural property during armed conflict as well as a u.n. security council resolution of 2017 so essentially what you saw there was trouble threatening war crimes twice within a 24 hour period she pointed out that within iran there are 24 different sites that are considered on the list of u.n. world heritage sites protected by the united nations and gave us i'm speaking nancy pelosi said the house will introduce and then vote on the why war powers resolution this week to i guess limit u.s. president don't hold sums military actions regarding. yeah nancy pelosi the speaker of the house and many democrats and lawmakers in washington are furious that trump and the administration did not inform congress before the assassination of solo money now whenever the united states declares war it has to
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be authorized by congress but trumps argument is that it was simply a strike on a what he terms as a terrorist and that it didn't need congressional authorization authorization however it's obviously seen other ways as well because since so the money was a general in a legitimate arm armed part of the military of a sovereign state that could very well be seen as an act of war as it's being seen by many people around the world including some within the united states as well so congress said we should have been informed about this so nancy pelosi has letter is basically saying on this week when congress meets we are going to vote on something calling trying to account to try to make him a little bit more responsible for any future actions he tries to do against iran now this comes after another trump tweet early on sunday after he had been receiving a lot of criticism from congress about this trump tweeted the following this these
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media posts will serve as notification to the united states congress that should iran strike strike any u.s. person or target the united states will quickly and fully strike back and perhaps in a disproportionate manner such legal notice is not required but it is given nonetheless a really unprecedented move there president donald trump essentially warning congress or advising congress that he could strike iran and saying listen if you want the warning that i might do it here's your notification never have we seen this in american history before a president using social media to inform congress an equal branch of government about a potential act of war about his own to there with a live from washington d.c. gate thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera we'll tell you why the price of pork in china is skyrocketing and what's being done to keep up with demand all that more
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when we come back. with. some fairly active weather across much of indonesia some author and thunderstorms heavy at times and as we go through the next couple of days you can see more rain again across into java where of course we've had that recent flooding but as we go through tuesday we'll see some often a. really increase across central areas of borneo rains generally lights out across into somalia and into the middle a peninsula so really by wednesday it really is across the south where we're going to see these heaviest piles of rain society not a good scenario given the recent flooding now we have finally got a this new tropical cyclone it is in the northwest of australia already of course impacting the far north coast of western australia and this will continue to
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strengthen in the next 24 hours winds on she said about 8083 kilometers an hour but it's really going to be about the rain some very heavy amounts of rain bream could pick up about 300 millimeters over the next 3 days but the good news is if there is any across the southeast as we have actually got more in the way of in the forecast as we head to choose the and also on into wednesday some areas of new south wales could pick up as much as 15 minute reaches of rain you can see the temperatures are still fairly warm 35 in adelaide and 26 degrees in sydney. capturing a moment in time. the snapshots of all the lives. of the stories. providing the clips into someone else's work to lead one to do the or. inspiring documentaries
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from impassioned filmmakers. like the witness on al-jazeera. you're watching out as it were our mind our top stories this hour iran's leaders have joined huge crowds in tehran for the funeral procession of assassinated general hossam so ramadi is a live picture from tehran supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and president have some good money help prayers at the funeral proceedings earlier today in the iranian capital. u.s. president is threatening sanctions against iraq if it goes ahead with moves to
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expel foreign troops doubleton says american forces will not leave unless i walk things with a u.s. base that's their. iraqi politicians have voted to remove all foreign forces it was sponsored to the assassination of the commander concepts of the bill is non-binding and it still needs government approval. liberia is bracing for another round of anti government protests the 3rd since former football star george way ethical where as president demonstrators accuse the government of corruption and abuse of power allegations the government says are baseless with idris reports now from the liberian capital monrovia the. generations of liberians about the state of the nation i have another round of and to government protests in the capital. president george weah came to office with a lot of good will but that is diminishing and fast i will be front of
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protest if i am unable to walk i would carry a stick right now this storm i will stick others see the protests as an unnecessary destruction we voted lawmakers if a person wants a change to the constitution they should talk to their lawmaker if someone eats your reserve money go to your lawmaker. sitting just 15 meters away from this heated argument bullock is worried about her family she left to my 5 o'clock in the morning to sell vegetables in this market no one is buying there's no money to look at my children sitting here in the sun disposed to go back to school but there's no money to pay their fees so they're not starting tomorrow. the money totaling $419.00 is due in less than 24 hours. economic decline and inflation have pushed many liberians below the poverty line.
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the local currency is also steadily losing value exchanging $192.00 the american dollar from 1462 years ago. for many years since the end of the civil war liberia's relied heavily on united nations spending and world budget so when the united nations mission ended it was a shock to the economy to small and medium sized businesses actress shut down unemployment rose and inflation got worse this content is now in every way. critics of the government accuse it of liking accountability and rampant corruption . in 2019 they brought thousands of liberians to the streets to protest 7 months later they say things have only got worse. we've presented it partition continued demand for the president to address the issue of corruption specific cases of corruption bad governance a violation of the constitution and the president refused to act on any of our
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demands the 2019 protests lasted a day organizers say this time they won't leave until their demands are met the government has denied allegations start off issues i've been stealing public money. issue is that. mr president one of the political elite you had your money in. the president for the army using all means. on the mine his authority and to deal or did the election. the protest for the polarized people in the west african country. for liberia's like what matters most is the opportunity to make some money to feed and send her children to school after that she says the politicians can do what ever they please . but many liberians on both sides of the political divide agree. with
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it greece al-jazeera via. in kenya fighters from the armed group al-shabaab have killed 3 americans into being a soldier they attacked a military compound on the coast near the border with somalia priyanka got to reports pictures released by al-shabaab metra propaganda but also a warning that a heavily secured military site used by american forces is fair game for its fighters the predawn assault by the al qaeda linked somali armed group was its 1st against u.s. forces in kenya governments have been saying that's about being weak and al-shabaab . longer strong they are not capable to carry out attacks or wherever such a statement released al shabaab usually back and say we are here we are still a strong american drones are hitting somalia on a regular basis so i think this was to send a message to the somali people to say we are not targeting civilians we are
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targeting foreign militaries and we are fighting on your behalf attackers went on a rampage at the airfield close to the somali border for 4 hours destroying us and kenyan aircraft along with military vehicles in the end 5 attackers were killed and the commander of u.s. africa command issued this warning of quote pursuing those responsible for this attack and who seeks to harm americans and u.s. interests but questions are being raised about how a heavily fortified military base could be so vulnerable. putting together an attack of this nature of this audacity take a lot of planning a lot of time and it comes at a moment when it has been especially active along the kenyan border making for azan to kenya this appears to be principally an information operations or psychological warfare operation where she has sent a small number of fighters to
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a major military base the latest incident comes just over a week off to al shabaab killed 80 people mostly students in the somali capital mogadishu that truck bomb attack prompted u.s. airstrikes for over a decade the armed group has been fighting to overthrow the somali government and impose islamic law sunday's attack suggests that fight is far from over. though al-jazeera. there have been chaotic and confusing scenes in venezuela as the government of president nicolas maduro forcibly installed a new head of parliament armed soldiers box office and. his allies from getting into the building ahead of the boat a latin america episode we see in new reports now from caracas. inside bin israel as legislative palace punches were thrown insults her world in a chaotic prelude to an even more chaotic vote for the presidency of the national
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assembly was for hours national guardsman prevented dozens of opposition deputies from entering the premises. inside the chamber minority pro-government lawmakers organized a vote with a show of hands that no one counted. luis baba an opposition deputy choose to corruption and recently expelled from his party was instantly sworn in the military had model like all brothers and sisters we have differences but we must end all this confrontation. but outside the confrontation was intensifying the opposition deputies are trying to break their way into the national assembly but the national guard is outnumbering up at this point and closing the way from the building. in a desperate last bid to get in opposition leader flung tried to climb over the spiked little fence surrounding the building. security forces fought him off as
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well. shaken but determined why the announced he would convene the assembly elsewhere you live in atlanta we're going to assume our responsibility and to rise to this new challenge that venezuela is facing. hours later 100 opposition deputies more than the simple majority needed to win reelected weigel as national assembly president vote. recognised by washington and many others but not by president nicolas maduro i say you can believe what i think imperialist came out to say they would not recognize the result of the boat today in the national assembly i say to mike pompei o the u.s. envoy to venezuela elliott abrams and the assistant secretary of state that we should explain why they lost the leadership of the national assembly. clearly the battle for that national assembly until now venezuela's only independent institution is far from over and it will intensify even further when by
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the all attempts to reclaim what he says is his rightful place inside the legislative palace on tuesday. you see in human al-jazeera caracas firefighters are getting some relief as they tackle bushfires across australia after weeks of high temperatures they're being helped by cooler weather and rain all the fires are likely to keep burning though for months jessica washington is in batemans bay on the new south wales south coast with more this is a brief period of for a spot it's expected to be around 72 hours of these cooler conditions with light winds and even a bit of rain unfortunately that rain is not enough to bring this crisis which has been going for months now it is not enough to bring this crisis to an end it's expected that is truly a won't get significant rain at least for another 4 to 6 weeks that that's the only thing that can really bring this this bushfire emergency to an end for now crews
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working to ensure that fires burning along the east coast there also fires burning in new south wales and their fear is that those could burn with fires further south in victoria crews working to make sure that those fires don't join up and create a mega blaze that would go between 2 cities. in a few weeks millions of people will celebrate chinese new year around their dining tables but this year china's facing a shortage of its favorite food court and i worry a break of african swine flu is caused the deaths of 200000000 pigs on farms across asia now the chinese government is looking further afield to satisfy the. katrina review reports now from beijing. poached you shredded pork and braised. just some of the most popular dishes served during the chinese new year holiday. but as families in china welcome the year of the rat few
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a pork items may be on the menu in recent months prices have more than doubled not knowing where you would be if prices keep going up like this then i will order eat less pork or even try not as frequently as before. african swine flu has wiped out heart of china's hope it's up to 200000000 farm pigs have died or been culled since the outbreak began a year ago harmless to humans the contagious disease kills pigs within 10 days there is no vaccine. china has 26000000 people and industry is crucial. because this shortage has caught everyone's attention including farmers consumers and the garment. the chinese government has released more than 100000 tonnes of strategic reserves to ease demand and lifted environmental restrictions on peak farming china consumes hoff the world's pork and
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during the chinese new year holiday demography seeks to address the source into the chinese government has a. wide standing sprint by more. and it's pushing a poor price as world wide beijing is ramped up pork imports from the european union and despite the trade is awaiting tariffs on u.s. pork. it's also boosting imports of other protein including australian musson beef and chicken from brazil. agricultural experts say the pork shoulder which could affect the capital in the long term she you know we will see increase will poultry consumption is a meter high protein and nutrition other has so short a large cycle and a holiday farming value it could be the most possible replacement for paul. for now corporal mains chinese pay for meat but with no went to the shore he didn't fight it will continue to be more costly to bring home the bacon trini you al-jazeera
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a change. of bush can follow all of our big stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera and these are our current top stories. joins huge crowds and so wrong for the funeral procession of assassinated general cost some sort of well these are live pictures right now from so iran where the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and president hassan rouhani held prayers at the funeral proceedings in the iranian capital silliman his body will move to go in just outside of tehran and then on to carmen his home time where he will be buried finally tomorrow does the job ari has more. the body is currently on route from the capital to the holy city of qom we can see the images that people have come out to say their goodbyes to the general and as it makes it the coffin makes its way to the holy city of rome
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where their people will also have a chance to pay their respects after that the coffin will make its way from home to his hometown of care mon city in central iran where he will be laid to rest later on tuesday rocky politicians a voted to remove all foreign forces in response to the assassination or there were any commando solo bonnie the bill is non-binding and still needs government approval though the us president is threatening sanctions against iraq if it goes ahead with moves to expel foreign troops donald trump says american forces will not leave unless iran pays for the u.s. base that's there. in other news a u.s. soldier and 2 american defense contracts as have been killed by al shabaab fighters who stormed a military base in kenya the armed group released these pictures that it says shoulder pre-dawn attack in lamu county it's find his destroyed several aircraft military vehicles 4 of them were killed there were chaotic scenes inside and
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outside venezuela's national assembly after all position neither one by doing his allies were blocked from entering the building by police while those who were allowed in voted to replace why do it with a politician who was recently kicked out of an opposition party for alleged corruption. firefighters so are getting some relief as they tackle bushfires across the street after weeks of high temperatures they're being helped by cooler weather and rain meanwhile the prime minister scott morrison has pledged nearly 1400000000 dollars to help the rebuilding effort you're up to date those are the headlines that will have more news after which by. we understand the difference is and similarities have cultures across the world. so no matter what you seek out is iraq will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you.
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al-jazeera. after coming out of. this not at all or some but almost all.


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