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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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the. al-jazeera. is a product of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes iran's supreme leader joins the crowds remembering custom ceremony and protesting his assess the nation by the united states. and the u.s. politicians returned to washington to debate whether the president overstepped his powers when he ordered the assassination of so their money.
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men as well as opposition denounces what it's calling a parliamentary could last the opposition leader is blocked from entering. and unrest in liberia with the many unhappy with the political debate. i'm joining us roscoe with the sport football returns to its early after the winter break and so does racism as mary about a tele faces abuse from the stands again. the funeral procession for iranian general customs for their money has just finished and ted on the fallout from his assassination on friday in a u.s. air strike continues to grow iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali how many and president hassan rouhani led prayers at the funeral proceedings in the iranian capital early on monday soleimani his body would now be taken to come on. he'll be
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buried on tuesday while amid the funeral proceedings u.s. president donald trump has warned iraq that he'll impose heavy sanctions if it expels american troops the rocks parliament voted in favor of removing foreign forces and retaliation for the u.s. strike that killed sunday money last week me a baghdad airport fall out from the assassination is spreading through the middle east iran is vowing to hit back and has suspended its commitments on the 2050 nuclear do and nato leaders they do together in the coming hours for an emergency meeting to discuss the situation we have a team of correspondents covering the story shortly will go to some of the job in baghdad but 1st let's bring in dorset jabari in ted and also we have been looking at pictures of huge crowds around the country and we're hearing that the funeral procession has now ended.
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yes the body of the assassinated general hossam solomon he finally reached freedom square in downtown tehran it made its way from tehran university just over 6 hours a road to give you an idea of how large the crowds are the body procession moved from tehran university which is near revolution square in tehran towards freedom square it's about a 5 and a half kilometer journey and this journey took over 6 hours to finish and people mourners that have come out of just finished saying their final farewells to the assassinated general his body is now being taken to the holy city of. tehran and we believe there will be a number of other ceremonies going on there later this evening and then finally his body will be flown to his hometown of care mom in central iran where he will be buried on tuesday and meanwhile door so we've had an assembly of experts. telling military reserves to be on standby as they consider their next.
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yes this is a very strong condemnation of the assassination the statements been issued by the assembly of experts now this is a governing body that is tasked with selecting the next supreme leader or dismissing any supreme leader that they deem unfit but for them to issue such a strongly worded political statement talking about the islamic use need to be on alert to answer the call of their commander in chief that is the supreme leader it's very very telling of how things will unfold in the coming days and weeks the statement also state says that silence is not a response it will show weakness so iran will have an answer and that so the money's def is going to be the result of the united states troops leaving the middle east that is the only thing that will satisfy the iranians at this point we've also been hearing from
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a senior national advisor to the supreme leader. has spoken at the funeral services this morning he said that the united states has made a grave mistake and that the assassination of us until the money means the end of u.s. forces presence in the middle east if the united states doesn't understand that then they don't leave that it means they will have another vietnam on their hands in this region also thank you for the finale. with all the latest live let's bring in a sama been job now he's live for us in baghdad and also talking about the iranian authorities wanting the expulsion of all american forces from the region and that's something that iraq's parliament and kid take a prime minister are also calling for osama. yes elizabeth there is a and to us sentiment which has been spiking since the assassination of course until about me and we met the hundreds you saw in the last 24 hours iraq's parliament coming out with that quote although it is
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a non-binding agreement this morning we've heard from the spokesman for the military spokesman rather for the prime minister who is also the commander in chief of the iraqi armed forces that a mechanism is now being put into place to make sure that this resolution by the parliament is in acted into a law what will this mean practically it is going to be a difficult process and would be easier said than done because it is not just a 2014 request by the iraqi government to the united nations and other international powers to help them fight there are individual agreements with every country including the united states especially framework agreement exists and it is going to take months and months to a year even after if they decide that it is they want the end of u.s. forces in iraq and again you've seen the statements coming out of washington as well president trump saying that he will punish anyone who thinks on those terms will face sanction and pay billions of dollars so it is going to be a tough sport that iraq's government is going to find itself in and immediately
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what it needs to do is find a permanent government so that era of this interim government can in a tough spot once again for the iraqi government. or how have we had any reaction to president trump saying that he's going to sanction them they'll have to pay for the bases the americans set up there. were officially nobody has reacted so far and but we've been hearing from various commanders of multiple groups who are part of the popular mobilization forces the group of militias which are aligned together which come under the iraqi defense ministry many have said that even if the u.s. forces voluntarily leave they will have to face the consequences. as of killing who they call martyrs there has been calls for revenge you heard from. who leads one of the largest political blocs in parliament saying that the response by the by the
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parliament was weak there should have been a more firm response the embassy of the united states should be shut down he's calling for groups inside and outside iraq to form battalions to face the days coming ahead he wants to boycott the u.s. products so there is a lot of anger bubbling below the surface about what the united states did but again it is worth noting that even during that parliament session when it did vote against u.s. forces none of the sunni m.p.'s or kurdish m.p.'s were there so it does show that iraq remains divided on this issue because all of these forces who are on x. sectarian and ethnic lines divided with each other they have to agree to this they have to agree that iraqi forces are capable of protecting them and protecting the unity of the state some of thank you for that for now that is a sound and jive it with the latest from the iraqi capital. well let's get more now from our white house correspondent kelly hellcat she's joining us live from washington d.c.
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and kimberly we were hearing earlier asama talking about the moves that the president president trump is threatening against iraq if they do expel american forces and he's also made some quite incredible statements about further attacks on iran of troy. yes centrally what the president has threatened is to target cultural sites inside iran of importance and significance to the iranian people and this is something that already we're hearing pushback from within the united nations security council essentially saying that this would be a violation of international law. but essentially donald trump is really pushing back on all of this making the argument that this would be justified and in fact the 52 sites that the united states has identified is a symbolic number that it is in correlation to the 52 americans that were held or
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detained back in 1979 by iran fact the u.s. president as he returned on air force one on sunday evening from florida back to washington he did have something to say about this in defense of these actions he said they're allowed to kill our people they're allowed to torture and maim our people there are allowed to use roadside bombs and blow up our people and we're not allowed to touch their cultural sites it doesn't work that way but the president well he has his view certainly the international community preservationists historians also feeling very strongly in the other direction so certainly this will be hotly debated as congress returns to washington as well as the broader global conversation and committee you know what actions can we expect from congress now after trying to limit what the president does any more action that he takes it would survive. there's already pushback from the u.s.
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congress specifically house speaker nancy pelosi not happy that she believes the us president has not adequately informed congress something that the white house does have an obligation to do with respect to this kind of action in fact nancy pelosi the house speaker sending a letter to her colleagues in sunday evening saying she will introduce legislation to try and limit the president's ability to take action against iran this is been followed as well by action by the top democrat in the u.s. senate chuck schumer he is saying that he wants to have declassified the notification that was sent in terms of the war powers notification to congress this is unusual that this was classified sensitive what we're seeing here is an effort by congress to try and reassert itself into foreign policy something that it has been not just with this it ministration but for previous administrations really been pulling back on but again this is something that we're seeing the u.s.
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president defending he has said very expressly in explicitly that if congress wants to stay informed of what he's doing that they can follow his twitter feed just like the rest of the world something that won't be sitting very well with the members of congress so again expected to be debated and taken up this week in congress we also know that the defense secretary mark esper should be briefing congressional members as well the date and time on that still not clear can believe thank you for that that is committee house that with all the nation's life from washington d.c. thank you. the county morehead in the next hour including we'll tell you why sales of families live in mia lucrative mining fields the democratic republic of congo face relocation. the strain is raging read below the scenes confronting emergency service workers they continue to battle bushfires and so forth that is the bron james funny leading to make it stick with the n.b.a. championship joe will have more on of us could all monster class in l.a.
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. now they have been chaotic and confusing seem to venezuela as the government of president nicolas maduro to forcibly installed a new head of parliament oms troops physically blocked opposition leader one slider and his allies from getting into the building ahead of the vote a latin america editor just you knew in reports from caracas. inside bin israel is legislative palace punches were thrown insults her world in a chaotic to an even more a lot of vote for the presidency of the national assembly. for hours national guards have been prevented dozens of opposition deputies from entering the premises . inside the chamber minority pro-government lawmakers organized to vote with a show of hands that no one counted. at least badly in opposition deputy choose
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to corruption and recently expelled from his party was instantly sworn in and it will carry him out of like old brothers and sisters we have differences but we must end all this confrontation. but outside the confrontation of this intensifying the opposition deputies are trying to break their way to the national assembly but the national guard is outnumbering up at this point and placing the blame. from the building. in a desperate last bid to get in opposition leader one glide or tried to climb over the spiked middle fence surrounding the building. security forces for him off as well. shaken but determined why the announced he would convene the assembly elsewhere you live in atlanta we're going to assume our responsibility and to rise
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to this new challenge that venezuela is facing. hours later 100 opposition deputies more than the simple majority needed to win reelected why the lies national assembly president vote recognized by washington and many others but not by president nicolas maduro. i say you can believe imperialist came out to say they would not recognize the result of the boat today in the national assembly i think. the us and as well elliott abrams and the assistant secretary of state that they should explain why they lost the leadership of the national assembly. clearly the battle for that national assembly until now venezuela's only independent institution is far from over and it will intensify even further. attempts to reclaim what he says is his rightful place inside the legislative palace on tuesday. see in human al-jazeera got access. to
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australia where firefighters are getting some relief as they tackle bushfires across the country after weeks of high temperatures they are being helped by cooler weather and rain fire crews are also reopening blocked roads and rescue people have been trapped for days but the fires are likely to keep burning for months just that washington has moved from batemans bay on new south wales south coast. this is a brief period of for a spot it's expected to be around 72 hours of these cooler conditions with light winds and even a bit of rain unfortunately that rain is not enough to bring this crisis which has been going for months now it is not enough to bring this crisis to an end it's expected that australia won't get significant rain at least for another $4.00 to $6.00 weeks that that's the only thing that can really bring these this bushfire emergency to an end for now crews working to ensure that fires burning along the east coast there also advise burning in new south wales and their fee is that those
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could burn wood fires for the south and victoria crews working to make sure that those fires don't join up and create a mega blaze that would go between 2 cities. the democratic republic of congo with or she's want to pay around 10000 families to move away from lucrative mine fields to make way for foreign companies that's how demitasse reports many people are refusing to leave because they don't trust the government. these men used to work for themselves that was until the congolese government moved them and gave the mining contract to a company from china that means working for the chinese if they want to survive now they hear local authorities want to pay people to move even further out to make room for more foreign mining companies and estimated $10000.00 families could be affected. only big companies are allowed but we will not leave until we know where they want us to go better we also don't know how much money they are offering us to
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move. more than half of the world's cobalt is produced in democratic republic of congo it's a vital component in batteries used in goods ranging from electric cars to phones and laptops but some here in the south east township of into tonga province say they are not benefiting they want fair compensation before they move. there were 2 previous 3 locations before to their village of. those people are now suffering they were led to a boat compensation the government must 1st build proper houses for us before we move. 2 years ago around 600 families were relocated to this place come to kenai village about 25 kilometers away from castle but starting over hasn't been easy for everyone some families say there are a great moving. we still don't have proper sanitation facilities there's no running
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water or electricity we haven't heard any politicians come and explain to us what's going on civil society groups say past relocations have expose corruption and human rights abuses in the mining sector. the previous relocations did not work in some cases people were forced to move the government can't make people leave an area without providing adequate housing and other facilities including fair compensation in a statement the provincial governor richard we age says with a drop in price of cobalt on the world market the relocation of people from is no longer on the agenda because no company is ready to finance its relocation process it is now up to the national government through the ministry of mines for years locals have been told by the government that for an investment creates jobs but at this foreign owned mine these men say they earn barely enough to survive. al-jazeera. to kenyan our fighters from the armed have killed 3 americans
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including a soldier the attack happened and county in a heavily secured camps and priyanka gupta reports. pictures released by al shabaab meant for propaganda but also a warning that a heavily secured military site used by american forces is fair game for its fighters the predawn assault by the al qaeda linked somali armed group was its 1st against u.s. forces in kenya governments have been saying that's about being weak and al shabaab . longer strong they are not capable to carry out attacks or whenever such a statement or cokes are released usually back and say we are here we are still a strong american drones hitting somalia on regular basis so i think this was to send a message to the somali people to say we are not targeting civilians we are targeting foreign militaries and we are fighting on your behalf attackers went on a rampage at the airfield close to the somali border for 4 hours destroying us and
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kenyan aircraft along with military vehicles in the end 5 attackers were killed and the commander of u.s. africa command issued this warning of quote pursuing those responsible for this attack and who seeks to harm americans and u.s. interests but questions are being raised about how a heavily fortified military base could be so vulnerable. putting together an attack of this nature of this audacity take a lot of planning a lot of time and it comes at a moment when it has been especially active along the kenyan border making for azan to kenya this appears to be principally an information operations or psychological warfare operation where she has sent a small number of fighters to a major military base the latest incident comes just over a week off to al shabaab killed 80 people mostly students in the somali capital
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mogadishu that truck bomb attack prompted u.s. airstrikes for over a decade the armed group has been fighting to overthrow the somali government and impose islamic law sunday's attack suggests that fight is far from over. though al-jazeera. to india now where the state of punjab has a majority sec community and has seen some of the most vocal objections to the government's new citizenship law when many saying it discriminates against muslims held raman reports from the ana. hindu sikh christian brothers real one now until forever they chant this is a day of peaceful but noisy protest against india's citizenship law in look to her and across the state of punjab outside the main mosque the minority wisdom community are making their voices heard in the majority sikh community adjoining
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them. if they target the largest minority after the hindus in this country and who they go for next from all religions it will be the poor that are worst affected. like really in this community they were happy with the government's move to a lake then muslim brothers. are going to oppose this black law and stand by our brothers and maintain our strong bonds i the strength the feeling is growing in the past few days thousands of taken to the streets to show solidarity with the muslims and oppose the new citizenship law we are not very very. any party that was in the position of the leading sikh opposition party in punjab they should romani akali dal the party they are allies of prime minister narendra modi's government and supported the change if we are opposing the bill we would have been denying the right. who are asking for the citizenship. so then after
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evaluations we decided not to report it rather work for it so that is the reason that we watered for it. but now facing criticism from the sikh faith salie a senior figure head priest singh who was muslims to be included in the citizenship law the akali dal party chief has done a complete u. turn and this could lead to a split with modis b j p party in new delhi nearly 2 percent of punjab's population is most and often thought office an important voting bloc seems a swing voters but a major move by a large sikh party like the s.a.t. could well influence those voters across the board to wards i say to his opponents the congress party and its allies they currently control the state of punjab in the last general election secular candidates consolidated their victories across punjab and much of the credit was given to the muslim vote. while any teacher election is a long way off changing opinion is all the senior muslim priest at this mosque can
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do for now. we are happy today that our sikh hindu christian and dalit brothers protested with us we all realize this isn't just one communities issue it's the whole nation and we are all affected by discrimination. it's an opinion held by many israelis continue across india's major cities. al-jazeera but job. wise it is time for the weather with jenny and is there more risk in store for a stray yeah you know liz it's not looking to bad really all things being said let me show you what's going on obviously on the weather map this is satellite and you can see the huge swathe of cloud it is still very much in place is a fund it's got some rain with it that is some good news it's bringing the temperatures down as well or should i say keeping the temperatures down but you'll also notice up to the northwest of western australia this is the latest tropical cyclone it is called blake we've got winds at about 65 kilometers an hour by cheese day this system will have winds sustained at around 85 kilometers. we're going to
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have some really very heavy flooding rains with this storm system about 300 millimeters will accumulate in broome over the next 2 or 3 days but look at this we have got some shows that through these eastern sections of new south wales down into victoria and in fact if we look at the current weather right now and actual fact temperatures really have come down so it's coming up to 12 am in the morning tuesday morning in sydney right now 21 degrees camera is down to 18 and you can see some showers that so again the 4 cars it's looking good as we go on into choose day we've got more shows they tend to actually develop a little bit later in the day of the winds all very much coming from the sea so we've got this marine influence in terms of the moisture so all of this helps and even through the interior if the winds continue to come in from the ocean they have got a little bit of moisture with the medicals we have got these raging blazes continuing bought did you know it really only takes 15 minute reaches of rain to actually stop the spread of the fire and it takes 50 millimeters of rain to actually extinguish
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it now these a massive blazes here but this amount of rain it could help we may see as much as 25 millimeters this in the next 23 days to parts of new south wales and this of i have back to you i would like to wish you all the very best you are of course leaving us to go back out into the fields it's been a pleasure working with you and i do know you hadn't new delhi so just before paid for but if it differently out there than you got used to here teddy thank you very much for that and i will be sending some weather stories your way. right still ahead on the news hour we'll tell you why the prices can china is skyrocketing and what's being done to keep up with demand. and in sports the reinvention of the olympic games gives when take a cue to athletes from the middle east. frank
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. it's the one good thing about these bush fires usage really wiping out the politics of climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on both. the noise on a. storm a shiny patronize an in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of the new iraq of the new conscious and aware of that struggle against an ethnic sectarian kota inside story on al-jazeera the us is always of interest to people all right well this is been going on for a number of tear gas being used pushed by others who report stories from an international perspective we try to explain to our mobile audience why it's important how this could impact their life at the height of the storm the water was so high that we didn't buy hey this is an important part of the world people pay attention to what goes on here now do is very good at bringing the news to the world from here. the.
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it is good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories iran's leaders have joined huge crowds and tear down to hold prayers at the funerals of assassinated general custom so that mani the procession through the capital has ended and his body will be taken to be buried on tuesday. iraqi politicians have voted to remove all foreign citizens of the spawns the assassination of us and so their money the bill is non-binding and these government approval. and the u.s. president is threatening sanctions against iraq if it goes ahead with moves to
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expel foreign troops donald trump says american forces want unless iraq pays for the u.s. base that stand. well let's get more on this now we're joined by sonic viva column he's a professor at the university of fed on and he's joining us live from the iranian capital thank you very much for your time today so as we see these huge crowds across the country can you tell us why for people mourning money what did he mean to them. well i must say the huge krai crowd into iran and in other cities had really surprised many many iranians you must remember that the 2 months ago there were violent protests in. in the solve the city is. in iran now the only explanation that i can offer you is that the image. that. late
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gen. salim ani. actually the. iranians hired for soleimani was this. soldier not involved with. the revolutionary guard but biggs from room. some of the. behavior of the bar that's why men. looked upon him as. i do apologize we are having trouble connecting to our guest in tehran so let's move on from this for now now hundreds of liberians have gathered to protest the government's handling of the economy it is the 3rd such protests since former
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football star george waya because as president 2 years ago demonstrators accuse the government of use of power and corruption allegations the government has dismissed as baseless and speak to our correspondent went into shortly but 1st his report from the liberian capital monrovia. oh. to generations of liberians a lot about the state of the nation i have another round of and to government protests in the capital. president george we came to office with a lot of goodwill but that is diminishing and fast i will be front of da protests if i am unable to walk i would carry a stick right now this storm i walk you stick others see the protests as an unnecessary distraction we waited for the politicians if a person wants a change to the constitution they should talk to their politician if someone has a funny representative. sitting just 15 meters away from this heated argument.
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is worried about her family she left home at 5 o'clock in the morning to sell vegetables in this market. no one is buying there's no money to look at my children sitting here in the sun disposed to go back to school but there's no money to pay their fees so they're not starting tomorrow the money totaling 4 $119.00 is due in less than 24 hours. economic decline and inflation have pushed many liberians below the poverty line. the local currency is also steadily losing value exchanging $192.00 the american dollar from 1462 years ago. for many years since the end of the civil war liberia's relied heavily on united nations spending and world budget so when the united nations mission ended it was a shock to the economy to small and medium sized businesses actress shut down
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unemployment rose and inflation got worse this content is now anyway. critics of the government accuse it of liking accountability and rampant corruption . in 2019 they brought thousands of liberians to the streets to protest 7 months later they say things have only got worse we've presented it partition continued to manage to the president to address the issue of corruption specific cases of corruption bad governance a violation of the constitution the president refused to act on any of our demands the 2019 protests lasted a day organizers say this time they won't leave until their demands are met the government has denied allegations that of fishes have been stealing public money the issue is that. mr president won the election
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the political elite you had your money and not. the president so they are been using the view of means. on the mine his authority and to deal with that the election. the protest father polarize people in the west african country. for liberia. what matters most is the opportunity to make some money to feed and send high children to school after that she says the politicians can do what ever they please. but many liberians on both sides of the political divide agree. and i is joining us live from monrovia now we can see a heavy police presence behind you and what do we expecting today. absolutely this heavy deployment of security forces police mostly in riot gear in anticipation of today's protest like you see right behind me the police are
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preventing. some demonstrators just a few 100 of them who are trying to access this road by the way to proceed to the presidential palace is now they've been trying to do that since morning and the police are not letting them go to that particular location coming to this place itself on the road on all major streets leading to this place where you have the president's office the parliament the supreme court all cited in this locality that is must see the police presence and the road blocks to try to organize things we spoke to the minister in charge of information which said this is a routine development and they want to see that the protests which were licensed by the government towards holding peacefully however one thing about today's protests is that the numbers we see here are nowhere near what we sow 7 months ago on june 7th when there was
4:37 pm
a must if turnout of people to protest what they call. shortcomings in the administration rampant corruption and all these issues they're complaining about organizers i spoke to one of the we're going to use this of this demonstration and he's telling me the numbers don't matter as long as the message gets to the right people. which of course is the government of liberia they want action and one of them even one father to say that they are not leaving this place until the government agrees to talk to them and until the government promises to take action on all the demands that put forward if not all down their demands to 5 right now mediation from various agencies including international partners with liberia into religious groups and civil society who have. impressed on them to hold these demonstrations if they will in a peaceful manner however what they are saying is that they will remain here i come to out in front of the parliament building if they cannot accept to do it
4:38 pm
presidential politics however the problem is they have only been granted the license or the freedom to hold this demonstration today we don't know what will be the next move if they insist on staying in this particular environment already as you can see the government business in this area entirely has been disrupted because of what is happening right behind me and off of how long do we think the government will allow this disruption to continue and how are they responding to the protests and the demands. well basically right now what the government is doing is to try to deploy police on the streets of monrovia to ensure that everything is orderly however one activist was telling me that the. presence of police we saw last december december 30th when they were holding demonstrations in monrovia was enough discouragement for many people not to come out on the streets the government hasn't said anything yet but what the minister of information on told me was that some of the grievances for
4:39 pm
them by the protesters has already have already been addressed for example removing such an impeachment the government or government officials can access funds directly from the central bank of liberia that has been taken care of a bill has been. asked by the parliament to take care of that and that is being and that is in the works other issues he said have also been addressed and they don't see the reason why these protests can't go on however the protesters are saying that nothing must has been achieved and that they will still continue to hold that demonstrates just as long as these issues exist one of the issues of course is that the president must declare he's asked it despite the fact that the constitution does not make it mandatory on the president to declare he's also to publicly. thank you for that amount that is of interest for the latest live in monrovia thank you. to india now where mosque mall has attacked teachers and students at an elite
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university in the capital new delhi a student body lent to the government b.j. pay is being blamed the incident the latest in a series of violent clashes across india has resulted in an increased security presence at the campus of the university around 20 people have been injured until the border has sent this update from the campus. the policemen are present here in numbers today but all sunday evening when some of the students and teachers hero were under attack they took their time to enter the university one must also get clearance from the security guard so the students who were beaten up are asking why the security guards just careless or was the administration of the university complicit in the attack that took place on sunday evening about 50 people including women wearing mosques holding on roles in their hands went from one also to another they beat up students as well as some teachers and threatened the students as well
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at the moment about 20 people students and some teachers are receiving treatment at a hospital in new delhi now the students who were beaten up allege that the group that beat them up one gangster bought part of the ab repeat which is a students' union affiliated with the hindu nationalist party to the top party the whole ministry of the country who comes from that party has ordered an inquiry and several ministers in the current government to have started in this university have condemned the violence but the students here don't feel safe anymore many of them have left their hostels and gone back home or to their friends as houses to stay there the big question that people are now asking is because there's a sense of disbelief and panic that how could such an attack take place our students now not see inside their hostels the students of this university have been protesting against the controversial citizenship law and more recently also against the proposed fee hike. well let's get more on this now we are joined by
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kidwai a professor at the center for men with sticks at their university and she's joining us by skype from new delhi very good to have you with us on al-jazeera and i believe that you were actually at the university when the incident happened a so can you tell us what you saw. well i was and i reached a little late and i was an. incident when the storm doesn't happen otherwise i don't think that i too would have been sitting whole in front of you because while there are many people who own the hospital. and have been face to defending judy's actually that was wrong. and that. so the face of the dems for. being screwed as a was that was the. devastation of a. big blow by the deeds of the 1st season because for the last 2 campuses they
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weren't going to ruin the dead by through the possessing a completely unwarranted sea hunt with the morals of the day. in the middle of an academic. session for youth and that there was being conducted when the old and then completed ringback. but for the last 5 days with. 2 days there's a why then with being already. initiated by the same way of the. body it simply a bit by eyes ministration and how do you wait to move that mess kidwai that that you know they would allow to carry out an attack from students even on teaches that because we have seen pictures of police standing by we know that members of the administration support the bleeding
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b j p so from what we know so far do you believe that security at the university and allowed the attack to take place. well he also said to me this i've done was actively aided and abetted by university administration and by the ruling party. the police in fact was a mosque. and was not allowed entry while the morgue was allowed to run free for 2 when a hospital was from work so. we've are for the right and united by the left armer one where there. is shared where she broke through in the us to be the member for the book which we're asking for in theory or in the university it was signed when the words be made in the war i'm certain that their food and their votes to. give you security all disappear so
4:45 pm
please don't want to go after the war we're working on our very own bombing series that we were exported out if that were the right thing so there is no question in our there this is a good fit for more but the heart of the series will be to who also reports on university of those who will do this the bus to work for by the police yes. that's right. the national misc had one fortunately we have run out of time but we thank you very much for your time on the story for now that is ayesha kidwai live in the indian capital new delhi thank you. now croatia has a new president elect leftist former prime minister as around the man of his defeated conservative incumbent going in to quebec a tad bit you know final thought the conservative side hold a majority in parliament but the lot of it promised his presidency would be one of
4:46 pm
reconciliation and unity the vote has seen as an important test before legislative elections later this year. you know full marriage of 4000000 croatians are all looking for a place under the sun we are all looking for a place on the road that we're on a place in europe which is still in spite of all its problems the best place and the best continent to live on and i will cooperate with whoever happens to hold executive power with anyone who truly leads the country because i know what that means. now the french official overseeing the daughter dawn cathedra reconstruction in paris says he can't guarantee that it will be saved off for last years father john louis george long told of french for cost of the building is still in a state of heroin but 850 year old gothic cathedral lost its r. and roof in a massive fire last april now in a few weeks millions of people will celebrate the chinese new year around their
4:47 pm
dining tables but this year well china is facing a shortage of its favorite food pork an outbreak of african swine flu has caused the deaths of $200000000.00 pigs on farms across asia now the chinese government is looking further afield to satisfy the public's appetite katrina you reports from beijing. shredded pork and braised. just some of the most popular dishes served during the chinese new year holiday. but his family's in china welcome the year of the rat few a pork items may be on the menu in recent months prices have more than doubled not i know you would if prices keep going up like this then i will order and eat pork or even try and not eat out as frequently as before. african swine flu has wiped out heart of china's hope it's up to 200000000 farm pigs have died culled since the
4:48 pm
outbreak began a year ago harmless to humans the contagious disease kills pigs within 10 days there is no vaccine. china has 26000000 people farmers and industry is crucial in impacts and many other sectors of this shortage has caught everyone's attention including farmers consumers and the garment. the chinese government has released more than 100000 tonnes of strategic pork reserves to ease demand and lifted environmental restrictions on peak farming china consumers hoff the world's pork and during the chinese new year holiday demography seeks to address the source it's the chinese government hasn't worldwide spending spring to buy more. and it's pushing a poor price as world wide beijing has ramped up pork imports from the european union and despite the trade is awaiting tariffs on u.s. pork it's also boosting reports of other new protein including australian musson
4:49 pm
beef and chicken from brazil. agricultural experts say the 4 could affect each of habits from the long term. we will see increase well poultry consumption is a meter high protein and nutrition. shorter large cycle and a. it could be the most possible replacement. for now. china's favorite meat. site it will continue to be. in. beijing.
4:50 pm
the or
4:51 pm
the only. it is time for what he has cho elizabeth thank you wolf it was returned it's only after winter break the sotu has racism mary about to tell you it's her size let's hear friends off he was once again targeted on sunday the precious strike at school the opening goal in their 21 defeat to last year was shortly after the game had to be halted because of racist shown to the stadium announcement was made to fans and even that his coach tried to tell them to stop. later post a video of the go on social media with the words let's hear fans that were at the stadium shame on you well the club released a statement saying let's hear dissociate self in the most exhaustive way possible
4:52 pm
from the discriminator a behavior carried out by a very small minority of fans the club confirms its intent to prosecute those who betray their sporting passion causing a serious injury to the image of the club and the team back on the pitch roma lost touch with the leaders after they went down to noted to reno andrea below the school the opener in 1st half injury time promise chris smalling then literally handed to reno a penalty allowing the lahti to school the 2nd roma stay for 7 points behind leaders in thailand and defend this. slot in behavior which makes his comeback to city out with ac milan on monday but a statue of the swedish striker has made a sorry departure from his home ground in malmo fans that tore it down after a ball to sake in a rival club. lebron james put on a monster call says the l.a. lakers showed off their title credentials against the detroit pistons the braun owned the courts on this breakaway to set up anthony davis in the 1st quarter. i
4:53 pm
think. it was that the fans get that he really well the crowd at staples center. told me that parents need to think of some old lakers frailties re-emerges the pistons full back to late i know it. was wrong to take it upon himself to stop the chargers one of his own lakers stealing a 11999 victory it won 5 in a row a 1st championship in a decade the team creasing new possibles. the miami heat extended the n.b.a.'s best home record 17 wins and one defeat now after beating portland ore and dragon bamaga bio during the damage in a 122 to 111 victory. serbia and france are fighting out tennis is up for a possible place in the quarter finals and the pressure is beginning to show french when ben will pair last to tie break to disallow of it she in the 2nd set the match
4:54 pm
went over to get a spare racquets but he had alternative plans for the unfortunate item it seemed to calm him down her fighting back to win the match his know what joke which level things in the 2nd singles game so it's all squares the teams begin the doubles decide. now the reinvention of olympic sports is allowing new countries to make their winter games tape use one of those is cats are which is sending an athlete to the user lympics in switzerland is also thanks to a new form of hockey and a thriving li in the desert al-jazeera samaras reports. 15 year old fellow of the spear is unusual in qatar because even the ice hockey player he's unique in custer because he's the 1st athlete from the country ever to become a winter olympians after call fine for the 2020 youth the limpid games in the sun go down with us an award for the village rather than skating since i was 7 years
4:55 pm
old at the same rink i became more fascinated by the game when i used to watch ice hockey players from the national team compete here i participated in many competitions on an international level and now i'm competing for the games in switzerland after all the support i've received from the league the coach and my team because i've been governor. it's been a will compete in one of the games in news disciplines 3 by 3 ice hockey. the teams are formed of athletes from different countries so the teenager will be playing both with and against. more established nations like sweden finland and the czech republic. the introduction of a new hopi format to the winter games means the emerging nations don't need an outstanding team they just need an outstanding individual and that's what qatar has and the other day. what they also have is a thriving domestic competition the qatar international ice hockey league is packed
4:56 pm
with ex-pats from canada and the u.s. as well as other countries playing every week at the rink in one of many shopping malls of the capital doha we have all kinds of levels we've got guys who were once paid to play ice hockey they're phenomenal players other rookie like myself are going to wreck even 4050 years and there are 4 or 5 coverage that are actually skaters. and their plans are a division very competitive it's amazing to watch these kids go to actually the challenging summer of 88 and quite honestly there's a lot of those that i play school way that i meet if they get in there and they're very skilled after the league introduce catteries to the sport the limb pick a committee wants to take it further. there's a nation confident does today will become the 1st of many to go from passing through the food courts to sport's biggest state fan hum motion all dizzy or go.
4:57 pm
just in thomas' snatch victory from the jaws of defeat at goal century tournament of champions the former p.g.a. champion scored a 3 shot lead in hawaii and ended up in a 3 man playoff was under show and patrick greet thomas birdie at the 3rd playoff hole to win his 2nd title at the storm. and finally the new bull riding season opened at new york's madison square garden on sunday and the stakes were high for compasses as the biggest and baddest bulls made things a bit rough. ricardo vieira stayed aboard a boat called desert to clinch the 1st major title of the 2020 season it was a winning 190000 dollars he was also given a miniature version of wall street's famous charging bull statue as the trophy. all right that is a useful for now will have will feel a tell us about joe thank you very much for that and that does it for this news album we are back in just
4:58 pm
a few minutes with all the latest from iran and the rest of the world's means. does not tell. a compelling film about getting an education under occupation. that is once the bin of the looked at it asked us if you don't feel sick you want them to come frankly we don't feel secure but we come. but what happened after the cameras left rewind learning to die on al-jazeera. frank assessments the one thing about these bush fires is that really what the. climate informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate cyclone goes through school you've been told what the story is all 'd about this argument is astonishingly patronize an in-depth
4:59 pm
analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of a new iraq of the new conscious and aware use of that struggle against an ethnic sectarian cult or inside story on al-jazeera. in a 2 part series. observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shaped lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of me starts with blood and learned to story on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines you use the misinformation i've used the term by setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions how unique alone is this in terms of modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of
5:00 pm
a neo fascist mold international filmmakers and world class journalists bringing programs to inspire you. on al-jazeera. a sendoff from iran's most powerful the supreme leader leads prayers assassinate him on the cross and so that money as huge crowds pack the streets. hello melissa the problem and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iran says suspending its commitment to the 2050 nuclear deal. and the us politicians returned to washington to debate whether the president overstepped his powers when he ordered them solomon is assassin.


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