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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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old authorities the yids one of many states the most a forger as he reveals the secrets of his tribe on al-jazeera. order. form. order. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes more than 50 mourners die in a stampede at the funeral for the uranian military chief killed by a u.s. airstrike. we had tremendous and for rashid we've been following him for a long time. president trying says more details about attacks so the money was climbing will be revealed to congress on wednesday plus.
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protests in cyprus as a british teenager who said that she was raped by up to 12 israelis gets a 4 month suspended sentence for public mischief. and after another battle to get into congress venezuelan opposition leader why dole is sworn in as the national assembly president. and i'm far as my have all the day's sport including senegal forward saudi amman a is named african footballer of the year ahead of riyadh maher as an liverpool teammate mohamed salah. the assassination to reign in military commander in the money has been buried but later than planned after a stampede broke out as the ceremony began where than 50 people were killed and
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nearly 200 injured in the crush as the funeral procession started in his hometown of catamount it rather has continued meanwhile to talk of revenge with the head of the revolutionary guard telling the crowds at the funeral that u.s. allies would be set ablaze iran's foreign minister zarif says retaliation of or so the money is this will bring an end to the american presence in the middle east u.s. president donald trump says so the money had been planning a big attack on americans and more details will be revealed to cobra it's only wednesday. we had tremendous information we've been following him for a long time and we followed his path for those 3 days and they were not good stops we didn't like where he was stopping they were not good stops we saved a lot of lives he's been called a monster and he was a monster and he's no longer a monster he's dead and that's a good thing for a lot of countries and he was planning a very big attack and a very bad attack for us and other people and we stopped him. acid bag reports now
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from tehran on the day's tragic events in iraq. this was the national district of news a family and friends people queue outside the hospital in the city of kut a man inside the injured finnick hospital beds and being treated in its kodos what had begun as a day with large numbers of people turning out to pay their respects to an assassinated commander ending with more death in the streets of his hometown several hours after the funeral of customs and the money began on tuesday morning there was a stampede among the crowds the procession turning into a crush and desperate efforts to save the lives of people where they felt. the small city unable to deal with the vast numbers that have converged on it rains from across the country had made their way to come on for what was supposed to be so the money's final procession. i come here because i love general ceremony and there's have been i am a sunni from bandit
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a bass and we want to show that we are also here for him check he had a very good management this is something small i can do for general celeb money just to come here and even though he's not with us his philosophy continues so the money had requested to be buried in his home city alongside those that had died fighting in the iran iraq war during the 1980 s. he was killed in a u.s. airstrike in iraq last friday and people are still calling for revenge. the head of iran's revolutionary guard made this promise more jam i'm saying the final word 1st we will avenge harshly be certain be calm we are telling the enemy we will avenge if you respond we will burn that place you love and they themselves know where it is the politicians gathered in parliament declaring death to america no compromise no surrender and revenge. and voting to designate the pentagon and u.s. forces terrorist organizations already here. all those who ordered as well as the.
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the traitors of this crime who are with the pentagon and the military accounted as terrorists for 4 days crowds have taken to the streets to honor and pay their respects to cost and so the money the tragic events of tuesday in kind of man have i did even more grief before iran decides to take its next move i said big al jazeera to her. but the pentagon says that it expects around to retaliate against the united states the fence secretary marquez for his call for the escalation but warned that the u.s. is prepared to end any war with iran let me reiterate that the united states is not seeking a war with iran but we are prepared to finish one we are seeking a diplomatic solution but 1st this will require iran to deescalate it will require the regime to come to the table with a go a preventing further bloodshed. and it will require them to cease their malign activities throughout the region as i've said we're open to having this discussion
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with them but we're just as prepared to deliver a forceful response to defend our interests well john hendren joins me now from washington d.c. john we've heard from us a succession of u.s. officials in the last few hours now often the president and some of his ministers on the set and speak with the same voice but what would you say overall is the administration's message right now. well the trumpet ministration sent out its top foreign policy voices today they all seemed to have a coordinated message there were 2 points 1st that the u.s. was justified in killing qassam sulaimani 2nd of all that that killing did not justify a retaliatory war by iran and all those officials said they expected iran to retaliate but not but they all also said that it did not justify war mike pompei also came out the secretary of state he said if you just look at the days ahead of that
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assess a nation there was an american contractor who was killed in iraq at a base that was under rocket attack and pompei went on to say that he was planning other events saying if you're looking for imminent you need to look no further than the days that led up to the to the strike that was taken against sulaimani he went on to say it's the right decision we got it right trump went on to elaborate about that but what they didn't do was offer a lot of evidence and on capitol hill this is a rare partisan split at a time of a potential military conflict where the democrats are saying the evidence that they have been shown and a few of them have been shown the evidence the administration was to was using to justify that assassination some of them say that that evidence was vague it was not specific and it didn't justify that killing now the administration says it will show congress as a larger group not just the few people who are allowed to see that intelligence more information on thursday but so far there's
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a partisan split democrats seem unconvinced by the president is clearly trying to get out this message the killing was justified and that the united states does not believe that iran would be justified in developing a military conflict with the u.s. on the basis of that killing they all say they expect retaliation so 100 with the latest from washington d.c. john thank you. some of inch of ice who joins us live now from baghdad i suppose we'll talk about the funeral later of course of the other general who was killed in the funeral was today marked the mohan the but let's focus 1st on the letter from the pentagon that seemed to say that the u.s. was going to pull its proof troops out of the country and then we had a straight denial from the president this will still seem very confusing to the iraqi government. well barbara every time a u.s. official comes to the podium it kind of raises more questions than. we have been
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hearing from u.s. department of defense in the u.s. about that of state directly contradicting what the iraqi prime minister has been telling his cabinet and the people by large he has been saying that this letter was the official communication that he received there was a discrepancy in the english and arabic texts he sent it back and the amended that text and a few hours later they said it was a mistake but they haven't said it officially he's only heard it on the media he also said that secretary of state my phone was question was that was still a monday carrying a diplomatic mission do you he asked reporters do you think he can ever do that and this is something that the iraqi prime minister has directly said he said to the parliament that cost him silly money came to iraq with a message between iraq and saudi arabia something that both countries had been working upon and he was due to meet him in a few hours so here is an era here is an american ally and partner in the fight
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against terrorism and i still who finds themselves at odds and i'm quite sure that the iraqi prime minister's office is going to be scratching their heads and how to reply to these officials who are directly contradicting their leader but today he made his point again as he met the cabinet ministers and said that only a way out is for foreign troops to leave and that is something that he has been making clear to world leaders as well as the u.s. ambassador. how he felt that. we have suggested to the parliament that the foreign forces should leave the country we don't have many other options all the assassinations are made people angry and people are saying we don't want these forces to stay in our country there was no reason no option to quieten the people and this shows safety except for this particular position i.e. get the phone forces to leave the country. and some are today also saw the funeral. more what does that tell us about the support that there was this
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general in iraq and i guess also the reaction towards the u.s. . yes it has been happening in the southern part of the country but before i go there there's also a neat little development that has just come in now that some protesters in bus or . rather have been injured as iran and iran protesters clashed it goes to show the divisions that exist there were some protesters who in syria who tried to stop the the funeral procession of the of the cajun where they wanted to commemorate and were the hundreds these are pro-democracy protesters who have been camping out in nasiriya for months now and this is something that you can see over and over again and again in baghdad and other places where anti iran protesters who have been trying to move this country to words democracy and anti
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corruption driver who forced out the prime minister have been clashing with pro iran forces and this is something we saw in nasiriyah as the funeral procession in not just nasiriyah but other cities of this was under way he was the 2nd in charge of the. the the p.m.s. which are the militias the group of militias that the shabby or the popular mobilization forces who are a group of militias which came together after the fight against i think he was something somebody who seemed to have be a cohesive figure who was pulling all of them together and now his body has made its way from all of the holy shrines here in iraq to iran and then back again into basra we were hearing a few minutes ago about his body now being. has arrived in niger pretty is going to be his final resting place but again iraq in the wake of these assassination not just in the minute but the shabby as well has found itself again and in the thrust
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of its ethnic and sectarian divisions where people seem to be divided on whether they want an end to all foreign troops and all foreign influence that exists in iraq some of the the latest from baghdad of some us thank you meanwhile iran's foreign minister has criticized the u.s. for refusing to issue his visa to attend the united nations security council meeting in new york to visit refold i'll just say right it's a clear violation of the u.n. travel agreement. secretary pompei o caused the secretary general of the united nations yesterday and said they didn't have time to. consider my request and therefore they will not issue a research. that is a violation of the united states commitments the i mean if the u.s. if it takes. 25 days for the u.s. bureaucracy to issue a visa for a foreign minister was visited the united states many times in the past 35 years then. that's the word asian of the u.n.
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charter headquarters agreement whitish and of u.s. obligations but for a country that commits war crimes and crimes against humanity committing a technical violation of a u.n. headquarters agreement is not important the question is what are they afraid of what do they think would happen if i go to new york. that that's a question that they need to answer but then think again they're mistaken as secretary pump your thought that people were dancing in the streets of tehran and baghdad for their measure of generosity money and now he sees the sea of humanity turning go ahead do you think that i cannot communicate with the american people without coming to the united states where i can communicate with the american people sitting at my home iran will respond to because there was an act toward an act of war combined with an act of terrorism against a senior official of the stomach republic of iran and a citizen of iran and we are bound to protect our citizens and our military
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officials was an act that has to be. reciprocated by by iran. make the necessary deliberations and it will be an act that we will do not in a hurry not in a hasty man and but after necessary deliberation however the act by the united states had other elements and it enraged to feelings of many people outside iran inside iran and that will have consequences for the united states and i believe the most important consequence is that the days of the united states in this region are numbered. well truce a parsi is executive vice vice president of the quincy institute as think tank in washington d.c. and he joins us live now from there thank you so much for joining us we just heard the iranian foreign minister describe the killing of sulu money as an act of war a few hours ago we heard various voices from the u.s. administration in court including president trump effectively saying the u.s.
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was justified in killing the money and that iran should an escalated to the level of a war i mean i suppose it's still perhaps early days but do you think that iran really has either the capability or perhaps the will to escalate things to that level. it's also about whether the political circumstances into iran allows iran not to respond mindful of how provocative this was as the foreign minister said they view it as an act of war for me u.s. officials have said on american t.v. that they view it as an act of war part of the reason why they decided not to do this when they were in power so it's also about whether it's an option for the iranians not to do it so i think there could be a scenario in which the rania's do something that they view as proportionate they try to send a signal to united states that is a proportional response to what the u.s. did initially everyone should leave it at that but whether that is what the
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iranians intended for it to be there is not mean that that is how washington will read it moreover it may not be the way that washington would like to read it because right now it does appear that part of the reason why a trump suddenly has wanted to escalate matters with iran is because of domestic american politics and the way that this in his calculation perhaps can undermine the effort at impeachment although he was also the president too certainly during the campaign a couple years ago also said he was the one that was going to take american troops out of the of the region and though i guess he tried to any pulled out of syria now we're seeing thousands of more troops go to the region so i suppose a contradiction there 5 days after the the original assassination what do you think the long term changes the impact of that act will be. well one of the things that i worry about is that and enmity between the united
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states and iran that had in many ways become an entity between governments and there was really not much popular sentiment certainly not in amongst the iranian people against the united states that we will now enter an era in which on fortunately this and miti will not just be limited to politicians but actually spreads in society as well and it can be much more long lasting than i think ultimately that would be very bad for the united states and very bad for iran and very bad for the region but the region needs right now is dialogue and the escalation that is not what we're seeing right now and assassinating in general certainly is not at the school of torey step as a trump in the situation as try to cast it if you say that the elements he'll many people in the region is now directed at the u.s. or the people not the governments then what impact does it have when we see the u.s. city of say that pretty much regardless of what the iraqi government tells them they will keep troops in the country what impact do you think that has i think it's
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further angers the iraqi population and if we take a look at what happened in iraq over the course of the last 2 months we saw that there were a lot of protest against iranian influence in iraq that is not completely but shifted towards anger towards the united states and that anger is not coming to us from people who may have had some form of respect for soleimani it's come from a lot of people who just weeks ago were protesting against the iranians because at the end of the day this was an assassination on iraqi soil outside of the baghdad airport without any consideration of what the impact would be for you iraq without any consultations or heads up to the iraqi government certainly not any permission from the iraqi government it's a violation of their dignity and their sovereignty that affects everyone in iraq not just those who may be close to the iranians parsi executive vice president of the quincy institute a think tank in washington d.c. cerf thank you for sharing your views with us. well meanwhile global oil prices of started to fall after surging more than 5 percent since the some sort of mine his
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assassination the price of crude dropped to $68.00 a barrel from 70 on monday its highest point since september economists say that it shows investors are questioning just how robust iran's response to the u.s. will be given the economic sanctions that washington has already placed on the country. coming up on this news hour from london. and. students in india say the police hope to mob stage an attack in the middle of the night that left dozens of people injured and also in india 4 men are sentenced to death for the 2012 gang rape and murder of a student that sparked national outrage plus ben stokes is the hero for england once again far we'll have all the details later in the.
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u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he has enough support from his fellow republicans to set the rules for president trump's impeachment trial to get more now from hyde the castro who is live for us on capitol hill so what does this mean for them across efforts to call new witnesses against the president. well messages of means that democrats have been outmaneuvered in this opening salvo to determine the rules of the impeachment trial of president trump over the last few days senate democrats have been trying to convince enough republican colleagues to join them in an effort to get the senate to commit to calling on fresh witnesses as part of the impeachment trial but the chambers top republican mitch mcconnell now says that that will not happen here is how he lays out exactly what he hopes to see unfold when this trial begins. we have the votes. want to see impeachment trial has
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begun. to pass a resolution essentially the same very similar to the 100 to nothing vote in the clinton trial which such as you may recall what could best be described as it may be a phase one which would include obviously the arguments for the prosecution arguments from the defense and then period of written questions. and then a face to what he goes on to say if there is one would be this question of whether or not to call new witnesses to the stand and this follows yesterday surprise announcement from john bolton who is a former national security advisor to president trump who has not been heard from yet in this impeachment investigation and who democrats said may have key information on president's motives for withholding security aid to ukraine and
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motive bolton said yesterday that he would be willing to testify in the senate no one really knows what he may say and democrats as well as some republicans have said that they would like to hear from him eventually and it looks like that that question of whether or not they will will be determined later on after the trial progresses this of course would only happen after house speaker nancy pelosi the top democrat in the lower chamber transmits the articles of impeachment to the senate she has not done so yet but she may do so this week she hasn't really said we're all congress is waiting to see exactly what her next move is because once she transmits those articles then power shifts completely out of democrats' hands and goes on to the upper chamber the senate which of course is controlled by republicans the president's own party. that is your castle with the latest there
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from capitol hill heidi thank you. students at one of india's most prestigious universities say the police helped to attack them injuring more than 30 people the raid at the nehru university and their lee has been blamed on the students' union which is closely linked to prime minister narendra modi's party it comes as nationwide protests continue against the controversial citizenship and shovel reports now from new delhi. and we don't know yet that very very much. a girl seen covered in blood in this video after she says she was beaten by a mob of jamal gabriel university in new delhi is the one now under investigation. the police have registered a legal complaint against her and 26 others accusing them of vandalism on the university campus the day before the attack.
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but only one complained on a crowd of 50 see him hitting the students with on bars. this student says he was also beaten up but doesn't want to bury his parents by the billing his identity. when i called the police they asked me what is. really is that they didn't help us. instead they did the exit of the government. some people including lawyer among law now suspect police let happen and allowed the street lights to be switched off outside the campus so those responsible could not be identified the lights in the adjoining states were all on. so the lights were definitely off and then we were there by around 12 o'clock. so it's not definitely don't be a hit in the system or something. mangler says
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activists and journalists were assaulted and taunted outside the campus as the police were. the students who were beaten up see many of their attackers were from the. students union affiliated with the governing hindu nationalist b.g.p. . but the a.b. repeat denies it was behind the attack and instead says its members were the ones beaten up earlier that day the police say they have launched an investigation or do investigation senior officers of the crime branch and local police visited the attack site and we found vital clues so we are working on that and hopefully we will crack this case. since the government passed a new citizenship law police have opened fire on protesters and. smashed motorbikes in the league and beaten up students from. versity in new delhi now many students at this university in the capital say it's clear the police are working against
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them after war al-jazeera new delhi. saying in india 4 men convicted of the gang rape and murder of a female student in 2012 have been sentenced to the brutal attack sparked a nationwide protests and it led to new anti very pulls the 23 year old victim was become known is here to be a or fearless was attacked on a bus in the capital new delhi along with a male friend she was raped and beaten with a metal bar and then dumped on the roadside she died of her injuries 2 weeks later the court ordered the assailants to be hanged the before the end of the month. people who do such monstrosity will surely be scared now because when 4 people be hung together in the coming generation what they should do what they should not do . i will come to us decision by the on drupal court i think it is a vision for all the new one living in this country i think it is a vision of 2 movement and i think it is
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a vin for the entire country because each and every person had come out on the street and had been monitored just to for new pal. we know more than a 1000 students and i to this have been protesting at a top university in bangladesh after one of its students was raped them strangers gathered that dr universities to demand that the perpetrator be oppressed the victim was attacked on sunday while walking to the frames police say the shoe was grabbed from behind gagged and taken to a deserted house nor by human rights organizations to say women are regular suffer different forms of harassment and bangladesh including rape and torture. so lots more still to come on this news hour including as the damage from australia's of wildfires mounts there are fears that $500000000.00 animals may have. south korea's dirty spoons and gold spoons the growing wealth gap for young people is in one of east asia the largest economies and then sport of hosts australia sweep
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aside greece to reach the knockout stages you keeping. a log in a welcome back to your international weather forecast while there is a change here across northwestern europe over the next few days not looking too bad for london here as we go towards wednesday but that's going to change later in the day and also into thursday tempter few not too bad maybe some play. in the forecast at about 12 degrees but notice the rain out here towards the atlantic we do expect to see that coming into play as we go towards thursday temps are coming down to about 11 degrees the rain coming in and also rain up across parts of northern europe it's as well we do expect to see berlin at about 11 degrees but windy across scandinavia with all its low seeing about 3 degrees there but feeling much cooler
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with the wind down here across parts of eastern mediterranean areas we are going to see finally some better weather and for greece of course you have seen the brunt of the winds as well as the rain and your forecast looks quite nice over the next 3 days wednesday so the going to be a little chilly at 8 degrees but as we go towards friday more sun of the forecasts where the temps are there of about 12 well for north eastern africa that same storm is still causing a problem in terms of the winds and particular it's going to be along the coastal areas we're talking into parts of libya as well as towards cairo as well tempter wise we aren't looking too bad there still in the mid teens across much of the area and for cairo it could be some rain showers in another forecast with a temperature of 16. for the congolese the journey to god all of that means unimaginable hardship i prefer to lie down because they might get the cockatoos chancing life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle. to derail and nearly died.
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of children go to school and live because of a prank risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera. 3 years off to cholera was discovered in haiti this is just one example of how the death toll from this epidemic could be much higher than anyone knows and al-jazeera and best to geisha into who should be held responsible travel to the united nations headquarters in new york. we spoke to the secretary general again in this room we're going to try to catch many times but has justice now been served for the victims rewinds haiti in a time of cholera on al-jazeera. or .
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on our more than 50 mourners have been killed in a stampede at the funeral procession for assassinated the reigning military commander of the money around 200 people were injured in the crush in his home town of quetta. the leading republican in the u.s. senate says he has the votes to decide how donald trump's impeachment trial will work but mitch mcconnell says that a pretzel causing a hold up by not going live bring the charges and 4 men have been sentenced to death for the gang rape and murder of an indian student in 2012 the brutal attack sparked a nationwide protests and led to new and to break it is behind by the end of the. court in cyprus says given a 19 year old british woman a 4 month sentence suspended for 3 years for lying about being gang raped by
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a group of young israeli men it means that she can now leave cyprus and go home but her legal team insisted they will fight to prove her innocence in cyprus a supreme court or the european court of human rights they say that she was questioned without a lawyer and police forced her to retract the accusation or in chalons has more of the story from cyprus. arriving at court in paralympic the british teenager was met by a crowd of supporters most of these women came from israel eager to make their views clear on cyprus's criminal justice system i can see with my eyes so many failures that happen here also as an israeli i think about these youngsters who came back to my country. and they came and returned with no with no paying a price inside the courts the 19 year old was told by the judge she was giving her
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a 2nd chance a suspended sentence for. mischief that in effect means you go by the 1st time in 6 months my mother then came out to speak. thank god after you won i think that standing up to date having been late having thank you for making sure that we get justice thank you all of you from finding out. her daughter had been staying at this hotel while on a working holiday in the resort of when she went to the police alleging she'd been gang raped 12 is raids were quickly arrested and then released after the woman retracted iraqis ations she says the police forced her to do this the courts decided she was mine what happens or didn't happen in this building 6 months ago i was helped expose a range of different issues how women a listen see when they say they've been rapes the behavior of young so wrists in policy resorts like. the relationship between cyprus and the u.k.
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and israel and whether the justice system here is working as it should be the teenager's legal team point to a list of potential police violations questioning her with no neuer or translator present and not reporting what was said so the police officers were against the victim. and of course there's no recourse for the victim so we are hoping that if this kid is does go to the european court of human rights that the problem can be redress to on the perhaps cyprus can fall into line with other modern jurisdictions for separate lawyer thinks the country does too little to help women i believe we have a culture that the means to start changing when it comes to violence against women . and it is this culture that creates this is stemming problems that we are facing here in cyprus the case has disturbed relations between london and nicosia to my 1st concern be how wealthy we will be following up on some issues in relation to the case i spoke to the cypriot foreign minister about. but there was also
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a warning from the u.k. foreign minister in the summer season results such as i end up running with youngsters drinking and partying hard dominic rudd says brits abroad should look after themselves well reach allan's al-jazeera iraq and paralympic the u.n. says more than $3000000.00 syrian civilians are trapped in a war zone in syria province and are completely dependent on cross border aid it's urging the security council to extend the mandate for that aid it's uter expire in days after russia and china blocked previous efforts to extend it meanwhile russia's president vladimir putin has visited syria to meet president bashar al assad according to the kremlin both leaders were discussing military strategy russian forces have been fighting alongside the syrian government since 2015 tipping the balance in assad's favor. 4 students have been killed by
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suspected fighters from the armed group at a school in northern kenya it comes as the united states increases its military presence there it's deployed additional soldiers to land the bay air base after al-shabaab attacked on sunday welcome web reports now from nairobi. they just arrived at boarding school they didn't live to attend their 1st classes the. suspected attackers from the armed group al-shabaab burst into the teenage boy's dormitory when they were sleeping here in curious the country northern kenya we had . bullets from outside. it will not go anywhere. just in my house. the other way here in them sheltered. the village police fled it took more than an hour for special forces to arrive. this communications mast and something to try. 2 of the attackers were killed here
12:38 am
others fled office us why. the why did. have to walk them. and. still. with local politicians say they've known the attackers were in the area for days beforehand but nothing was done i wondered why the government which had that intelligence yet he acted no way not previous because they ought to have reinforced there's a quality which what they're it's the latest in a series of attacks by the somali armed group in recent weeks as it continues its fight against the united states and kenyan military's and their allies the kenyan army has been in neighboring somalia for nearly 10 years. sunday fighters attacked
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a military base in kenya the u.s. says 3 american defense personnel were killed and it's since deployed more soldiers that al-shabaab released these images saying it destroyed kenyan and american aircraft. just the week before 80 people were killed in somalia's capital mogadishu most of them students when a truck bomb al-shabaab claimed responsibility. u.s. and its partners responded to the attacks with strikes in fighting al shabaab in somalia for nearly a decade. group still capable of devastating attacks. and its civilians bearing the brunt of the violence malcolm web al-jazeera nairobi kenya. venezuelan opposition leader who has been sworn in as head of the parliament after an attempted takeover by allies of president nicolas maduro before he was
12:40 am
allowed to enter parliament there was a standoff with security forces who would block them from entering 2 days ago in his absence the socialist said unlike their. house speaker a supporter of president maduro which gave him control of the legislature but a fled from parliament's once parliament gained access to the building. here in the name of venezuela i swear to the field by duties of president in charge to look for solutions to the crises to be able to live with dignity prosperity and bring back humanity to venezuela if i were to do so may god reward me. for a latin america editor and human is live for us in the sea a clarified for what is the significance of what happened there earlier does it actually mean that wedo has recovered his position as president of the national assembly. this is an extraordinary and complex continuing and in
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tangled situation in this so-called battle that the control of the parliament of venezuela which you just saw now was why go swearing in as the alleged interim president of venezuela not as the speaker of the house he did that on sunday in a different place from the actual parliament itself because as he as you mentioned earlier the pro-government minority candidate who is now if you like a rogue opposition deputy had been sworn in in the absence of why the who had been prevented from going in today they pushed themselves when they were able to overcome their records have been put up by the security forces but this does not mean that he is now in control of the parliament only for a few hours if you like in fact at least the other so-called president of the congress had been there he had said he had opened up the session in itself and as
12:42 am
soon as they realized that largo and his deputies had actually been able to rush the building they left in a big hurry what's going to happen next tuesday which is usually the day that they convene is another question it's not clear whether they will be able to do this again but what is pretty obvious is that president last time i would all somehow allowed it to happen why do i say this because there were not as many security forces as many national guardsmen preventing the opposition deputies and wise all from breaking the barriers as have we had seen on sunday if they had wanted to stop him really from going in they could have so i guess in light of that and see the question is why did he do that he's trying to reduce the international backlash that occurred after he barred the opposition from entering congress on sunday. exactly i think that the initial idea of president my little was to try to paint the opposition as a fractured group that really had completely lost control and they were fighting amongst each other which will still seem like that to many venezuelans but in
12:43 am
actual fact yes it was the international backlash has been very strong and on the other hand maybe the long term goal here of president model is to show at least internally that the opposition is making a mess of the national assembly and that it is time to bring up forward parliamentary elections which he intends as he has said over and over again to win at least he intends to recover what he calls the most important institution that the government does not control in free and fair elections the big question of course is whether they would be free and fair barbara c. and human with the latest on that story. a state of emergency is in place in frederico after a powerful earthquake killed at least one person and damaged thousands of properties the 6.4 magnitude quake hit early in the morning and it was followed by more than a dozen aftershocks and gallagher has more. the earthquake struck in the early
12:44 am
hours of chews day collapsing homes causing power and causing landslides along the southern coast of the island officials from the united states geological survey so you around $400000.00 people felt strong to very strong shaking a tsunami alert was canceled as residents scrambled to escape their homes in the end i understand this is exhibit a couple i was sleeping when the house began forming bit by bit i grabbed my bag van outside and jumped off the balcony money it was terrible i don't wish that on anybody several powerful aftershocks followed as emergency services say communicating with the affected communities remains a challenge inquire near the historic immaculate conception church building 841 suffered extensive damage a rock formation known as window point a major tourist attraction now lays in ruins the initial earthquake and intense aftershocks were felt in the island's capital san juan to the northeast of the
12:45 am
epicenter aftershocks are expected to continue in the coming days officials say power should be restored in the next few hours but the island has been rattled by hundreds of small quakes since the end of december the island's fragile infrastructure battered by hurricane maria 2 years ago may hamper recovery efforts and people here remain fearful nobody. my 1st reaction was to run and find my sisters my niece my mother my father they were the ones i was most worried about and it was strong and unforgettable day in the past few years puerto rico has been hit by hurricanes economic woes and a political crisis that saw the island's governor ousted from office many residents are now dealing with yet another catastrophe the full extent of which may not be known for days and gallacher al-jazeera. smoke from australia's unprecedented bush fires has now drifted as far east as argentina that's 10000 kilometers to the east these satellite images show the smoke over south america would residents say
12:46 am
that the sunset has turned red the fires have been burning in australia since september all 25 people have so far been killed and some wildfire wildlife agencies estimate that 500000000 birds reptiles and mammals may have burned to death in the fires dozens of kangaroos are feared dead at this century in new south wales the owner has just returned after being evacuated on new year's eve i didn't think we were going to be sight of that we were going to burn alive. and as we were actually has we were leaving the property. they area we were. the area where we show shearing you know. we could see the property birding from the from and we already knew it was around the back of the debris didn't have that revokes. i'm not even sure we would be here. so i don't have many tears left because it's been
12:47 am
a lot of. japanese prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for the wife of the former in this sun balsa carlos goad who fled to lebanon last week carol go on is wanted for giving false testimony in court last april about her husband's financial dealings she's currently in lebanon with him after he skipped bail in japan carlos ghosn was awaiting trial or multiple counts of financial misconduct which he denies . south korea's president says there is a desperate need for better relations a with the north and is calling for a top level face to face talks in his new year speech in the also promise to create more jobs increase workers' pay and help the poor it's a timely promise says a new study shows young south koreans are becoming increasingly pessimistic about their future bride reports now from seoul they are known as dirt spoons young people from low income families who despite gaining high school and
12:48 am
college qualifications often end up in jobs they don't want for little money and with little chance to better themselves they're seen as living in the shadow of so-called gold spoons those with a privileged upbringing you son who is a rights and social commentator who's long studied the experiences of young koreans caught in the lowest social class. the biggest issue is work housing is next even if you have a good place to live housing costs have gone up a lot the cost of living feels higher because young people don't earn a lot of very few people i know are able to save and there's a sense of dejection. the plight of the dirt spoons has been highlighted by the release of the movie parasite a dark comedy about 2 families of haves and have nots that won the prestigious palme d'or at the cannes film festival. the belief that working hard in your
12:49 am
studies and then in your job will inevitably lead to success has been a driving force for generations of south koreans it's why many schoolchildren will do extra classes until late at night and young workers will put up with poor pay and conditions but increasingly that belief is being challenged. a recent study of people in their twenty's shows 3 quarters of respondents no longer believe hard work alone is a guarantee of success and that a person's future is determined more by the social group they're born into. due to the social class they already belong to even if young people make an effort the possibility of upward social mobility is very limited that the growing wealth gap is unwelcome news for the liberal government of president moon j n who is supposed to be narrowing it the faltering economy is breaking things worse
12:50 am
. if you ask young people of faith have hope most will answer now the gap between rich and poor is getting wider bleak economic prospects mean that for the dirt spoons the year ahead is likely to be another that reinforces that life's getting tougher at the bottom rob mcbride al-jazeera soul. after almost a year of political deadlock spain's parliament has chosen socialist leader petro sanchez to form a new government censors won the vote by a margin of just 2 with 18 members of parliament abstaining will now head up a coalition of the socialists and the radical left for them and the new administration plans to increase taxes on big corporations reduce carbon emissions and fight gender based violence. on its own 1st in the history of our country constitutes an effort to join wheels it has $155.00 seats and furthermore it can get enough support to become the only possible
12:51 am
option for the government it is important to highlight this year on earth it is the only government option possible after 5 elections 2 of which were held this year. well still to come in this news hour the new year has officially begun in the world of sumo wrestling more on that coming up in sport.
12:52 am
or more. in the here so far with the sport. barbara thank you so much some
12:53 am
a go forward sadie armani has been named african footballer of the year the 27 year old received the honor at the caf awards in egypt he beat out algeria bar as an liverpool teammate mohamed salah to claim the prize mana had a huge 2900 he won the european champions league and the club world cup with liverpool scored 34 goals and 12 misses and 61 appearances. people. so. on really come very very far. but it's more. i'm sure there would you need to be. manchester city are about to take a huge step towards the final of the english league cup they are minutes away from beating manchester united away in the 1st leg of the semi finals city are winning $31.00 there also in contention to win the f.a.
12:54 am
cup and champions league but their way off the pace in the premier league trailing leaders liverpool by 14 points brazil international neymar admits 2019 had been a struggle for him but the 27 year old says he's ready to put it all behind him following a triumphant debut season with p.s.g. neymar 2nd season has been riddled with injuries and marred by controversies he lost brazil's national team captaincy after hitting a fan in the stands after p.s.g. is lost in the french cup that he failed to get a transfer out of the french league after telling p.s.g. he wanted to leave. she's professionally and personally 2019 was a tough year for me it was full of learnings and turnarounds i injured myself and had to come back when i injured myself again notice because of my biggest expectation for 2020 is to win everything i can p.s.g. and the brazilian team. and seek new challenges i want to be in the champions
12:55 am
league final and i want to win the copa america and i want to win the copa america once again. england's cricketers have levelled their series against south africa one all by winning the 2nd test in cape town ben stokes was the star on day 5 of the all rounder took 3 late wickets to clean up the home side's tail to see a $189.00 run when it's england's 1st win that deulin since $957.00 the 3rd test begins on january 16th and port elizabeth is. key be ready when those chances came in so we were excellent in the field pretty much everything that came away. and i think recognises key moments which we probably got wrong in the 1st test match so if there is as a young group of players came in a young squad of players to. quickly. really plays and to see that unfold and say i have to miss this time around. there's a lot of small margins in this test match. but for me extremely proud of how we
12:56 am
fought you know you never want to lose this match is of course you don't want to but the challenge that we had through our group last night and this morning was that we will fight with everything that we've got within us to draw on. anything and everything to to beat us and they have. the kitchen sink at us and just towards the end of the down fortune believed to be a loser which has been a fantastic 5 days a perfectly good. organizers of the australian open say they're not expecting a delay to the start of the 1st time as grand slam of the year that's despite the ongoing bushfires impacting air quality in melbourne where the manger all starts on january 20th there so far been no smoke related interruptions at the a.t.p. cup which is taking place in sydney perth and gris ben and that's where host australia because rhys to reach the quarter finals helping his side to victory in the world number 29 curious he kept his 100 percent record against world number 6.
12:57 am
supposed australia face of great britain it's. ok to be in germany earlier the wind gives canada a shot at qualifying for the quarterfinals of the tournament all 6 group winners and the 2 best 2nd place teams will advance to the final. and the new year has officially begun in the world of sumo their traditional foot stomping performance led by japan's best sumo wrestlers has taken place in tokyo this ceremony taking place just around the corner from the country's new national stage the olympics later this year. and that is all your sport for now it's now back to barbara in london thank you and that is it for this news hour do stay with us that we're going to be back in just a moment with more reaction to the day's top story of course the continuing reaction to the assassination of.
12:58 am
to be a child is to be innocent and carefully but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of younger children. with a mother behind bars 4 siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to stick together or split the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the ball a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
12:59 am
al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how why borys influence the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil rights the network of nonviolent resistance it was over the hill of oppressed people have a look at we can continue to make roles to be different that what you mean by that about malcolm x. and martin luther king face to face on 00. on the stand the differences
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and similarities of cultures across the wound so no matter how you take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. at least 56 mourners die in a stampede at the funeral for the iranian military chief killed by a u.s. airstrike we had tremendous information we've been following for him for a long time president trump says more details about attacks so the money was planning will be revealed to colas all unstick. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching out 0 live from london also coming up with . protests.


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