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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2020 1:00am-1:33am +03

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in the news and current affairs that matter to you. the end the the in. at least 56 mourners die in a stampede at the funeral for the iranian military chief killed by a u.s. airstrike. we had tremendous and for ray should we've been following him for a long time president trump says more details about attacks that sort of money was planning will be revealed to colas on wednesday. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up . protests in cyprus as a british teenager who said that she was raped by up to 12 israelis gets a 4 month suspended sentence for public mischief. and after
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another battle to get into congress venezuelan opposition leader one way to go is sworn in as the national assembly president. welcome to the program the assassinated a rainy and military commander kasim silliman he has been buried but later than planned after a stampede broke out as the ceremony began at least $56.00 people were killed and nearly 200 injured in the crush as the funeral procession started in this whole pound of caroline meanwhile iran has continued to talk of revenge with the head of the revolutionary guard to telling the crowds of the funeral that u.s. allies would be set ablaze iran's foreign minister divides the reef says retaliation of a silver mine is death will bring an end to the american presence in the middle east u.s. president donald trump's assume the money had been planning
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a big attack on americans and more details will be revealed to congress on wednesday. we had tremendous information we've been following him for a long time and we followed his path for those 3 days and they were not good stuff like where he was stopping they were not good stops we saved a lot of lives he's been called a monster and he was a monster and he's no longer a monster he's dead and that's a good thing for a lot of countries and he was planning a very big attack in a very bad attack for us and other people and we stopped him less a bag reports now from tehran on the days tragic events. of that district of news a family and friends people queue outside the hospital in the city of kut a man inside the injured filling hospital beds and being treated in its current course what had begun as a day with large numbers of people turning out to pay their respects to an assassinated commander ending with more death in the streets of his hometown
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several hours after the funeral of customs and the money began on tuesday morning there was a stampede among the crowds the procession turning into a crush and desperate efforts to save the lives of people where they felt. the small city unable to deal with the vast numbers that have converged on it rains from across the country had made their way to come on what was supposed to be so the money's final procession. i come here because i love gen so the money i'm going to be in i am a sunni from bending a bass and we want to show that we are also here for him. to get on the net this is something small i can do for gender insulin money just to come here and even though he's not with us his philosophy continues so the money had requested to be buried in his home city alongside those that died fighting in the iran iraq war during the 1980 s. he was killed in a u.s. airstrike in iraq last friday and people are still calling for revenge. the head of
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iran's revolutionary guard made this promise. i'm saying the final word for. 1st we will avenge harshly be certain because we are telling the enemy we will avenge if you respond we will burn the place you love and they themselves know where it is the. politicians gathered in parliament declaring death to america no compromise no surrender and revenge. and voting to designate the pentagon and us forces terrorist organizations. all those who all did as well as the perpetrators of this crime who are with the pentagon and the military accounted as terrorists for days crowds have taken to the streets to honor and pay their respects to cost and so the money the tragic events of tuesday in kind of man have i did even more grief before iran decides to take its next move i said big al jazeera. well to the pentagon says it expects iran to retaliate against the united states the fence secretary mark
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esper has called for the escalation but warned that the u.s. is prepared to end any war with iran let me reiterate that the united states is not seeking a war with iran but we are prepared to finish one we are seeking a diplomatic solution but 1st this will require iran to deescalate it will require the regime to come to the table with a go preventing further bloodshed and it will require them to cease their malign activities throughout the region as i've said we're open to having this discussion with them but we're just as prepared to deliver a forceful response to defend our interests john hendren joins me now from washington d.c. so john we've heard a list of u.s. officials in the last few hours every year to rating i guess that they thought sulaimani was a legitimate target what do you think the administration's message is right now though. well it's clear the administration doesn't feel they've gotten that message
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out because they've had this coordinated effort 1st like pompei o. the secretary of state came out then mark esper the defense secretary and then president trump himself came out as well in an oval office meeting to reiterate that same message 1st of all that killing school money was justified that he was posing an imminent threat to american lives and 2nd of all that that did not justify war with iran that iran would be overreacting to engage in a larger military conflict. the president didn't offer evidence and that's what a lot of his critics are looking for right now joe biden a democrat who is now among those running for the president's office said that we haven't been given significant information he said if there was an imminent threat that required extraordinary action then we are owed that explanation and the facts to back it up there was a small group of people in congress who were given access to that one of them
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jackie speier was on the intelligence committee said that she did not find the information very specific so the administration is now offering to present evidence to a broader group of members of congress in the coming days however it is being criticized for launching this attack after both the obama administration's and the george w. bush administrations have the opportunity to attack giuliani and did not do so so what they're looking for is a smoking gun specific evidence that he was about to do something that was going to cause the death of americans in iraq or elsewhere that's what the administration says it has but it hasn't presented it so far and many of the president's critics seem unconvinced john hendren with the latest there from washington d.c. john saying. well iraq's outgoing prime minister says the u.s. is no alternative and must pull its troops out of the country are the loved math he wants the american soldiers to go home to avoid
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a further escalation of tensions some of binge of ideas in baghdad and says comments by u.s. officials have contradicted what was discussed in the iraqi leader's cabinet meeting every time a u.s. official comes to the podium it kind of raises more questions than. we have been hearing from u.s. department of defense in the u.s. about that of state directly contradicting what the iraqi prime minister has been telling his cabinet and the people by large he has been saying that this letter was the official communication that he received there was a discrepancy in the english and arabic texts he sent it back and the amended that text and a few hours later they said it was a mistake but they haven't said it officially he's only heard it on the media so here is an american ally and partner in the fight against terrorism and i still who finds themselves at odds and i'm quite sure that the iraqi prime minister's office is going to be scratching their heads and how to reply to these officials who are
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directly contradicting their leader but today he made his point again as he met the cabinet ministers and said that only a way out is for foreign troops to leave and that is something that he has been making clear to world leaders as well as the u.s. ambassador. how do you. know we have suggested to the parliament that the foreign forces should leave the country we don't have many other options all the assassinations have made people angry and people are saying we don't want these forces to stay in our country there was no reason no option to quieten the people and the show safety except for this particular position i.e. get the phone forces to leave the country and there's also a neat little development that has just come in now that some protesters in bus are enough to reroute the have been injured as iran and iran protesters clashed it goes to show the divisions that exist already in foreign minister javad zarif has told
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al-jazeera the days of the u.s. in the middle east are numbered iran will respond because there was an act of war. an act of will combined with an act of terrorism against a senior official republic of iran and a citizen of iran and we are bound to protect our citizens. by the united states had other at much. greater creating so many people outside iran inside iraq that will have consequences for the united states and i believe the most important consequence is that the days of the united states in this region are not. the democrats have been dealt a blow by the leading republican in the u.s. senate who says he has enough support from his party to set the rules for the president's impeachment trial which mcconnell is resisting the democrats' efforts to bring new witnesses to testify in order to speed the trial up. we have the votes . once the impeachment trial has gone. to pass
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a resolution essentially the same very similar to the 100 to nothing vote in the clinton trial which sets up as you may recall what could best be described as it may be a phase one which would include obviously the arguments from the prosecution arguments from the defense and then period of written questions. the u.n. says more than $3000000.00 syrian civilians are trapped in a war zone in syria province and are completely dependent on cross border aid it's urging the security council to extend the mandate for that aid which is due to expire in days after a resolution was blocked by russia and china meanwhile russia's president vladimir putin has visited syria to meet president bashar al assad according to the kremlin both leaders were discussing military strategy russian forces have been fighting alongside the syrian government since 2050 tipping the balance in assad's favor
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well still to come in this half hour. students in india say the police stage an attack in the middle of the night that left dozens of. hello again it's good to be back where we have seen our landfall would cycle and break here in western australia you can still see the clouds here it's going to be a problem over the next few days we're going to see a lot of rain out of the remnants of the storm probably for the next 72 hours across much of this area as you take a look at the forecast map here on wednesday notice the heavy rain across much of the area where we could be seeing anywhere between $200.00 to possibly even more in terms of millimeters across this region so flash flooding is likely as we go towards the next couple of days out here towards the southeast temperatures are on
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the rise adelaide as we go towards thursday it is going to be about 40 degrees there and for melbourne well your temperatures are on the rise to starting here on wednesday at about 24 degrees by the time we get to thursday and friday expect to see the haze in the smoke still the forecast maybe some showers by the time we do get towards friday with a temperature of $33.00 degrees then a big storm coming out of the sea of japan that's going to be some very heavy rain across japan. the next few days we're talking down here towards tokyo as well the heavy rain will continue here as we go through wednesday but as we go towards thursday things look a little bit better still up towards the north it is going to be quite ready temperatures will be dropping sendai we do expect to see it up to their 8 degrees and for tokyo better with a few at 15 and osaka at about 14 degrees. india is in the midst of a high tech revolution with over 1000000000. in
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a country where one in 4 can't be told right how can this technological boom be harnessed for the common good. life challenges a digital entrepreneur to devise and. for a struggling farm. can he find a way to bring the 2 worlds together. life's most harvest on al-jazeera. or. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on our more than 50 mourners have been killed in a stampede at the start of the funeral procession for assassinated iranian military commander kasim so the money around 200 people were injured after the crush broke
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out in his hometown of carroll and iraq's prime minister says the country's military command has received a letter from the u.s. army about a possible withdrawal of troops this comes after confusion on monday when a letter was released which the americans later said was only a draft and u.s. secretary of state michael pale has insisted the assassination of the money was legitimate saying that the iranian general was in baghdad to plan further attacks that he said would lead to the deaths of many more americans. it is really an opposition leader one has retaken his seat as speaker of the national assembly after an attempted takeover by allies of president nicolas maduro before he was allowed to enter parliament was a standoff with security forces would block them from entering 2 days ago in his absence socialist said elected as house speaker a supporter of president maduro which gave him control of the legislature but i
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fled from parliament once where i don't gain access to the building. here and. i swear to field my duties of president in charge to look for solutions to the crises to be able to live with dignity prosperity and bring back humanity to read it. if i were to do so may god reward. a cable or less in america is in the sea and human is live for more and this is the see it what's the significance of what happened earlier has recovered his position as president of the national assembly it doesn't mean that he's recovered his position clearly the government is going to continue to recognize luis. alleged opposition member but who actually is supported and was voted in by the minority pro-government faction but it at least means that he is back at
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least appears to have been able to have overcome the obstacles and have reclaimed his seat even if it was only for a day and that is symbolically very very important he said a short while ago that the bravery of the deputies shows that they could open the door of the parliament and very soon they will quote open the door of democracy in venezuela it is again symbolic but it is still a very very chaotic situation to say the very least we don't know if next week he and his and the opposition deputies will be allowed back in but at least he thinks he is now gaining a little bit of momentum after 4 or 5 months of very little of it in fact his popularity was dropping we understand that he is now calling for people to come back out into the streets and to demonstrate again you believe that he's going to be able to get popular support we'll have to see if you will to rustle up that kind of support. the c.e.o.
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why 7 do you think the president did this is it a strategic move from him. gary is there a lot of pressure from abroad that's very clear and if he had not wanted why go on the opposition deputies to go in today he could have stopped it as he did on sunday by putting out a far larger force of security for its national guardsman exactly out on the street he seems to be to have an agenda here what it is exactly we don't know but there is speculation that this could be an attempt to show that there is chaos mainframe in the congress and that this is yet another reason to bring forward parliamentary elections that would allow him as he has said made over and over again to or not him but his and his ruling party the socialist party to gain the control through votes of the only institution that he does not control and that's the legislature unless america it is to see a new man speaking to us from qatar. students at one of india's
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most prestigious universities say the police helped a mob to attack them injuring more than 30 people the raid at the narrow university in delhi has been blamed on the students' union which is closely linked the prime minister there on the rim of these party it comes as nationwide protests continue against the controversial citizenship law reports now from new delhi. and we only hear that very very much. a girl seen covered in blood in this video after she says she was beaten by a mob of jamal gayle university in new delhi is the one now under investigation. the police have registered a legal complaint against her and 26 others accusing them of vandalism on the university campus the day before the attack. but only one complained on
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a crowd of 50 see him hitting the students with on bars. this student says he was also beaten up but doesn't want to bury his parents by believing his identity. when i called the police they asked me what is. really is that they didn't help us. instead they facilitated the exit of the government. some people including loyal mungle are now suspect police let happen and allowed the street lights to be switched off outside the campus so those responsible could not be identified late in the adjoining states were all on . the lights are definitely off and when you are there by around 12 o'clock. so it's not definitely going to be a hit in the system or something. activists and journalists were assaulted and taunted outside the campus as the police were.
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the students who were beaten up see many of their attackers were from the. students union affiliated with the governing hindu nationalist b.g.p. . but the a.b. repeat denies it was behind the attack and instead says its members were the ones beaten up earlier that day the police say they have launched an investigation or. senior officers of the crime branch and local police visited the attack site and we found vital clues so we are working on that and hopefully we will crack this case. since the government passed a new citizenship law police have opened fire on protesters and smashed motorbikes in the league and beaten up students from. versity in new delhi now many students at this university in the capital say it's clear the police are working against
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them after war al-jazeera new delhi. was thing in india 4 men convicted of the gang rape and murder of a female student in 2012 has been sentenced to death the brutal attack sparked a nationwide protests and led to new anti rape laws the 23 year old victim was attacked on a bus in the capital delhi along with a male friend she was raped and beaten with a metal bar and then dumped on the roadside she died of her injuries 2 weeks later the court ordered the assailants to be hanged before the end of the month. you know a court in cyprus says given a 19 year old british woman a 4 month sentence suspended for 3 years for lying about being gang raped by a group of young israeli men it means that she can now leave cyprus and go home but her legal team insists they will fight on to prove her innocence in cyprus a supreme court or the european court of human rights they say that she was questioned without a lawyer and police for storage to retract the accusation or
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a chalons reports from cyprus. arriving at court in power limmy the british teenager was met by a crowd of supporters. most of these women came from israel eager to make their views clear on cyprus's criminal justice system i can see with my eyes so many failures that happen here also as an israeli i think about these youngsters who came back to my country. and they came and returned with no with no idea why inside the courts the 19 year old was told by the judge she was giving her a 2nd chance a suspended sentence for public mischief that in effect mean she'd go by the 1st time in 6 months my mother then came out to speak. thank you could anyone argue that standing up to date having been named having thank you for making sure that we get justice thank you all of you from finding out. her daughter had been
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staying at this hotel while on a working holiday in the resort of when she went to the police alleging she'd been gang raped 12 his raids were quickly arrested and then released after the woman retracted iraqis ations she says the police forced her to do this the courts decided she was lying what happens or didn't happen in this building 6 months ago has helped expose a range of different issues how women a listen see when they say they've been rates the behavior of young so wrists in policy resorts like. the relationship between cyprus and the u.k. and israel and whether the justice system here is working as it should be the teenager's legal team point to a list of potential police violations questioning her with no neuer or translator present and not reporting what was said to the police officers word against the victim. and of course there's no recourse for the victim so we are hoping that if
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this kid is does go to the european court of human rights that the problem can be redress to and the perhaps cyprus can fall into line with other modern jurisdictions for separate lawyer thinks the country. it is too little to help women i believe we have a culture that the means to start changing when it comes to violence against women . and it is this culture that creates the systemic problems that we are facing here in cyprus the case has disturbed relations between london and nicosia to my 1st concern to be how wealthy we will be following up on something issues in relation to the case i spoke to the cypriot foreign minister about that but there was also a warning from the u.k. foreign minister in the summer season resort such as on upper thrumming with youngsters drinking and partying hard dominic rudd says brits abroad should look after themselves very challenging al-jazeera and paralympic smoke from
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australia's unprecedented bushfires is now drifted as far east as argentina that's 10000 kilometers to the east these satellite images show the smoke over south america where residents say the sunset has turned red the fires have been burning in australia since september well 25 people have been killed so far and some wildlife agencies estimate that 500000000 birds reptiles and mammals may have burnt to death in the fires dozens of kangaroos a feared dead at this sanctuary in new south wales the owner has just returned after being evacuated on new year's eve but i didn't think we were going to be sight of that we were going to burn alive and as we were actually has we were leaving the property. they area we were. the area we were sheltering in was on fire and we could see the property burning from the front and we already knew it was around the back in the if we didn't have that revolver. i'm
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not even sure we would be here. so i don't have many tears left because it's been a lot. 4 students have been killed by suspected fighters from the armed group al-shabaab at a school in northern kenya it comes as the united states increases its military presence there it's deployed additional soldiers to man the air base after al-shabaab attacked it on sunday welcome web reports from nairobi. place just arrived at boarding school they didn't live to attend their 1st class of the year suspected attackers from the armed group al-shabaab burst into the teenage boys dormitory and they were sleeping here in curious the county northern kenya and they had. bullets outside. it will not go anywhere. just in my house. the other way he had them shelter along with.
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the village police fled it took more than an hour for special forces to arrive. with communications masts and something to try find out if 2 of the attackers were killed here others fled office us our get out of that's why i asked. the why did you have to walk them. and. still. below politicians say they've known the attackers were in the area for days beforehand but nothing was done and wondering why the government which had that intelligence the id act in no way not previous because they ought to have reinforced there's a quality forces which were there it's the latest in a series of attacks by the somali armed group in recent weeks as it continues its
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fight against the united states and kenyan military's and their allies. the kenyan army has been in neighboring somalia for nearly 10 years. on sunday al-shabaab fighters attacked a military air base in kenya the u.s. says 3 american defense personnel were killed and it's since deployed more soldiers that al-shabaab released these images saying it destroyed kenyan and american aircraft. just the week before more than 80 people were killed in somalia's capital mogadishu most of them students by a truck bomb al-shabaab claimed responsibility. u.s. and its partners responded to the attacks with airstrikes in fighting al shabaab in somalia for nearly a decade the group has shown its still capable of devastating attacks and its civilians keep bearing the brunt of the violence malcolm where the
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al-jazeera nairobi kenya you can find that much more on that story and everything else that we've been covering here and there are on our website the address al jazeera dot com. and a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera more than $56.00 mourners have been killed in a stampede at the start of the funeral procession for the assassinated iranian military commander kasim samina around $200.00 people were injured after the crush broke out in his hometown of quetta man many people had lined the streets as his remains were returned to the city in the southeast of the country the ceremony had to be delayed following the stampede. iran has continued to talk of revenge against the u.s. for the attack and the head of the revolutionary guard who is saying this allegedly told crowds and so the money's funeral the u.s. allies in the middle east that would be quote set ablaze iran's foreign minister
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zarif has told al jazeera that the american act will be reciprocated by iran and its allies and that the days of american presence in the region are numbered iran will respond because there was an act of war. an act of war combined with an act of terrorism against a senior official of the stomach republic of iran and a citizen of iran and we are bound to protect our citizens. but united states had other much it embraced appealing to many people outside iran inside iraq that will have consequences for the united states and i believe the most important consequence is that the days of the united states in this region are not. the u.s. secretary of state has insisted the assessing nation was legitimate my composure said the kassam so the money was in baghdad the plan further attacks that he said could lead to the death of many more americans he told reporters at
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a press conference that if iran made any bad choices president trump would respond in a decisive manner. meanwhile the u.s. defense secretary marquez for us says this country is not looking for a war with iran and insists that iran needed to deescalate the situation to enable a diplomatic solution he also said that there were no plans for american troops to leave iraq despite confusion over a letter received by the iraqi government suggesting forces were to be evacuated. those are the top stories that stay with us life apps immobile harvest is next with an app that could transform the life of india's poorest farmers more news at half an hour away. taiwan's president seeks a 2nd time facing concrete you know advocates restoring looser ties with china will this election move beyond inclusive to the mainland who continue to resist beijing's push for unification taiwan's trying to trying to presidential election
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