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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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on and on line. al-jazeera. hello i'm how my he's in this is the al-jazeera news are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes iran fars more than a dozen missiles sent to iraq he air bases hosting u.s. forces insisting it was legitimate self-defense iran's supreme leader calls the missile attack a slap in the face for the u.s. and says it must leave the region. the barrio has finally taken place for an iranian commander of the money has assassination sparks this latest escalation. plus
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a ukrainian plane crashes moments after takeoff from iran's capital killing more than $170.00 people. and in sports southern manet has been named africa's footballer of the year the liverpool forward becoming just the 2nd senegalese player to win the consonantal prize. well iran has struck back over the assassination of its top commander saw the money and is making it clear what happens next depends on donald trump iran far more than a dozen missiles into 2 bases hosting u.s. forces in iraq the. base in anbar province and another one in erbil iraq says that 20 children missiles were fired and there were no iraqi casualties now u.s. president donald trump has only responded to the attacks on twitter saying all is
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well we are expecting a statement from him once washington wakes him up in a few hours there in iraq iran's strikes are in retaliation for the killing of so the money in a u.s. airstrike last friday he was buried in his hometown of kirmani just hours after the strikes iran's foreign minister java serif says his country will respond in proportion to any reaction from the u.s. he spoke right after a cabinet meeting. we've said very clearly that if the united states takes any further action iran viewed respond accordingly and we would respond in a very harsh way but proportionately well we did not start this process of escalation day united states rage an economic war against iran the united states has to come to its senses the presence of iranian people industry each of many cities unprecedented in the history europe can play
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a useful role by informing the united states of the serious error in their analysis that they should stop listening to clowns that they should based their policy based on realities and not some evolutions of some clowns who out ambitions of strip. where we have a team of correspondents monitoring all the developments some wonderful tina's in iraq's capital gabriel elizondo we'll have more on president trump's reaction and dosage of bahrain will have all the latest from the iranian capital but 1st rob matheson begins our coverage. this is iran's promised response to the u.s. assassination of top iranian general high seems on the money ballistic missiles soaring into the night sky their targets to iraqi military bases housing thousands of u.s. soldiers iranians are taking the core of the to hit back directly they wouldn't
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even leave their proxies to deliver the message that their american. kind of saving faith or for them because killing so they money. is an insult from the americans to iranian establishment to iranian state as all and therefore i think you're ronnie and has to retaliate on twitter this was u.s. president donald trump's response all is well he's out of casualties and down. mage are being assessed and said so far so good he's also said the u.s. has the most powerful and well equipped military anywhere in the world by far the question is whether that military will be used to retaliate against these attacks u.s. troops are based at the air base in iraq one of the 2 targets hit by iranian missiles ever since president trying to scuttle the. there has been
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a steady. escalation and that either side can afford to give in because to look weak the leaders of both sides have committed to this escalation and it's hard to see how it out you know where they are i don't want the u.s. it says it's killing of. the leader of iran's elite revolutionary guard in an air strike was in response to an attack in iraq in which a u.s. contractor died and for which the u.s. blames iran. and iran huge crowds have been in mourning and demanding revenge for solem of his death an immediate diplomatic solution to the crisis seems unlikely both sides have to be really through engage in diplomacy and right now i i fear that i do not see that i do not see either side the iranian or the american willing
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to do the things necessary to engage in diplomacy if. iran wants u.s. forces to permanently leave the gulf region and it says there will be a harsh response to any further u.s. retaliation rob matheson al-jazeera. was also jabari joins us now from tehran and there are some lots of reaction coming from iran today let's just start with jovan sorry for myself was he sends and the scorning. well the foreign minister was at the weekly cabinet meeting and i think his message was one that was shared by all the other cabinet members of president rouhani government and that is that this is a proportionate response and this is something that the iranians had to do and it is now up to the united states really the ball is in their court if they choose to respond to this attack the iranians are not afraid to continue this more further
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rather the foreign minister said that this is really just the beginning of what iran believes to be their response in light of the assassination of the late general us insulin money the foreign minister also pointed out to the fact that the european union has remained silent the european countries really their silence is telling they need to be aware that they owe their safety and security to the late general salim ani so his sentiments were also shared by the defense minister who said that the tales of the attack will be forthcoming the revolutionary guard will share the information about exactly they dismissed this attack that they carried out in the coming hours we've also been hearing from president hassan rouhani and self he said that he thinks the revolutionary guards for their day cuties that they carried out and he said that they hoped in the future they will be able to continue seeking revenge for selling moneys death and also may well we also has
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a life address from the supreme leader who was quite cool so you saw the money what were the main takeaways from mccain's speech. yes the company was speaking at a scheduled event addressing an anniversary of the uprising in the holy city of call prior to the revolution in 1979 in the end he used this opportunity to highlight the events of the past few days and specifically this attack the supreme leader said that this is really a slap in the face of the united states let's hear some of what he had to say will let you down today we are armed the nation of iran is equipped today against the bullies of the world and madam will last night we slap the us on the face when it comes to confrontation military actions of this kind are not enough what is
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important is the corrupt presence of the united states in this region must come to an end they brought war and hostility and deception and destruction to this region wherever they go this happens they are still insisting that this corruption this destructiveness should be imposed on iran. so that's the supreme leader's sentiment who was one of the biggest fans of us and so their money they were very close the $2.00 of them known each other for over 4 decades so his death really has affected the supreme leader and the response we're seeing now is a reaction to that really the supreme leader sentiments being shared by the highest levels of government as well and also we are waiting to find out more in the few next few hours from the revolutionary guards about the details of this attack and i think the most important thing we're waiting to hear about is casualties not just iraqi or other nationalities but american u.s.
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casualties i think many here are waiting to find out if that has happened and that will really determine what direction this will go in the next 24 hours ok so such a bari for now thank you. stay with this story a growing number of airlines have canceled their flights to turn her on while others have recruited their planes to avoid iranian airspace the u.s. federal aviation authority has banned american airlines from flying in the airspace above iraq iran and the gulf of amman it says there is a potential for miscalculation or mis identification there have been similar diversions by air france kaylin and lufthansa let's get more now from gabriel elizondo he's live for us in washington d.c. and gabriel we're we're hearing that airspace is no close to us put there has been some initial reaction from the u.s. president in tweet form overnight he's claiming that all is well.
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yeah president donald trump did tweet about 10 pm local time in washington on tuesday evening this was a tweet was the only official statement that we have heard from donald trump or any of his cabinet members for that matter on the strikes tuesday evening the tweet was very very simple and it was simply said all is well part of it also said so far so good 'd and he said that the u.s. is still assessing the damage that was done at the bases and that was it after that they literally shut off the lights in the white house and we haven't heard from anyone since then although we expect that to change soon it's a little after 5 am here local time in washington and as people start to wake up here we are told that donald trump will be making a statement on wednesday morning so we can expect that probably in the next couple
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hours or so. donald trump is really in some ways the ball is in his court now he's a little bit backed into a corner because he said previously that if iran struck at any u.s. interests the u.s. would strike back at iran well now we don't know that iran has struck us interests that those bases in iraq and now it is will follow donald trump follow through on that previous threats or not that's the big question here in terms of the pentagon we have not heard a lot of details from the pentagon overnight as well they are not confirming how many missiles were were were launched at the bases at all or any sort of damage we're getting no indication whatsoever that any american soldiers were were killed or even wounded i think if many were killed we'd probably be having a much different conversation right now but will over night the pentagon was doing
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damage assessments and we could be hearing from them on. on wednesday as well with a better idea were any u.s. military equipment or any part of the u.s. base there the u.s. part of the base damaged it all all of these details we have none of it from the pentagon yet and we expect to hear probably wednesday morning as well. ok but meanwhile both the americans have been saying same time if you want to deescalate the situation they do want to seek a diplomatic solution of some kinds just how likely do you think a diplomatic solution to this is well that's up to one person right now at least from the u.s. perspective and that's donald trump i mean he does have a so-called diplomatic off ramp right now he's going to have 2 groups of people advising him probably telling him 2 very different things number one is you're
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going to have the more pragmatic advisers around him saying listen the iranians fired rocket missiles did not kill any american soldiers this is a good chance to deescalate this situation and move forward in a different way here will he take that diplomatic off ramp we simply don't know he's going to have also have another group of people around him more anti iran hawkish types that are going to be saying nope let's continue to hit iran even more and probably one of those people is going to be lindsey graham late on tuesday evening the senator from south carolina who's one of the most hawkish members of congress said this listen very closely to what he had to say here. the missiles were launched from iran at targets inside of iraq housing u.s. military personnel the president has all the authority needs under article to the respond and hiring spies is yet to be determined but he has the authority to
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respond it was an act of war by a regime for the last 40 years spin a cancer in the mideast when they say they want to destroy israel they're not kidding they're the largest state sponsor of terrorism so politicians like lindsey graham and close advisers to trouble some of them like lindsey graham there might be advising trump to strike back at iran the big question will be what will this very unpredictable president do and right now nobody has the answer to that ok gabriel live for us in washington d.c. thank you very much indeed or as the u.s. iran have their confrontation escalates and let's not forget that iraq is in the middle of this let's get the latest from simona full team she's live in baghdad for us. the iraqi prime minister has been speaking in the last few moments just give us a sense of what he's had to say. that is correct the media office of the prime
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minister has now released a statement commenting on the iranian attacks on iraqi military bases saying that iraq had been notified orally that an attack by iran would be occurring on its soil it was not mentioned precisely which locations would be hit and apparently exactly the same time the prime minister was also getting calls from americans informing him that they were being targeted as part of this latest attack so the notification came perhaps a few minutes before just as these attacks were unfolding the prime minister said that he then immediately took actions to try to mitigate any losses and that indeed there have not been any casualties on neither the iraq he nor the american side and he did also condemn the attack he urged on all parties to seize any further
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escalation and. risks being a major conflict in the region if this did not stop so this isn't important reaction here because we have seen very strong condemnation from the prime minister of the u.s. strike on iraq you saw that killed the money as well as hundreds and that was of course followed by a proposal to request the departure of foreign troops including us troops now it remains to be seen whether there will be any further action from the side of the government or whether this statement which is in the end or rather mild condemnation will be the reaction that we'll see and some more to it's not just the iraqi prime minister the speech speaking we've also been hearing from an iraqi paramilitary chief who's also made an intervention in this. that is correct the office of the who leads the aside the whole hog group which is under this iranian backed group of paramilitary forces that is called the popular
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mobilization forces he said that iran's attack was just the 1st to respond to custom so the man is killing on iraqi soil but that now there will be a similar response from the iraqi side to avenge the death of the alamo hundreds who is the 2nd in command of the popular front one nation forces which include these groups as well now this is not the 1st time we're hearing from hazily since hundreds has been killed he vowed that there would be military retaliation against american presence here in iraq so this is another threat here and it may or may need to be seen whether this will be followed by any additional rocket attacks against bases that house u.s. personnel from the popular mobilization forces and its groups. some of the 14 why france and baghdad for now thank you literals prime minister has warned that anyone who tries to attack his country will be hit hard benjamin netanyahu emphasized he
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fully support the united states actions. acting swiftly. against this. project. at least creating it. it's very hard to say. as a. step complete. well the european union has called for restraint its head of foreign policy at this to say the current situation but the drays there 1st of all defies
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years and also has implications for the important work of the coalition. relations rocket attack on air bases in iraq used by us and the quality of forces among them he dupion forces by yet another example of a skull a should an increase come from beijing. well so it's on barack and it says the director at the center for conflicts and humanitarian studies at the institutes and joins me now on set good to have you with us here on the al-jazeera news are 1st of all just give me your assessments of these strikes by iran on the air bases in iraq i think is important maybe take a step back and try and paste events over the last couple of days. comes to mind to mind the letter that was leaked from the u.s. defense talking about withdrawing troops from iraq as response to the
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parliamentary vote for to to force the united states to leave to leave iraq that may have been one of those events that maybe was misunderstood by the media and maybe they were talking about the withdrawal of forces from these bases that then got attacked by the iranians and this maybe explains why until now we have no assessment of divers no casualties and the fact that these attacks happened sort of early evening washington time and they were able to go to sleep and trump has not really treated anything serious and the defense enterprise of not respond and so on so it does more or more sound like this is. a calculated retaliation to allow their indians to 1st stand up to what they promised in terms of a severe reaction to the assassination try and maybe vent
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a little bit of the pressure build up by the millions who are some silly man yesterday or perhaps maybe open the opportunity again for further negotiation and indeed quite a bit it sounds like they were hitting what were essential air bases so given that how many in his speech they every night all were saying this was a slap in the face for the u.s. was a not more of a a slap on the wrist i mean we saw those scenes in iran the that the popular sentiment there do you. think the iranian public will replace it by this. i think i mean you have to be. very careful when we assess what the ayatollah say is because his role is to really build up the expectations as much as possible and years rhetorical this is not the 1st time iran has suffered from many many similar operations conducted by israel over the last few years both in syria and elsewhere and they took it on. the rest of the face and they moved on and i think the bigger
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objective is to remove the sanctions and to go back to the nuclear deal and you can see this in discussions about the issue he never referred to it as a check for type operation he always brings it back to the fact that there is an economic war against the country that there is a bigger evil of the united states presence in the region and those has got to be lifted so what the ayatollah you know says today to the iranian public i think is one thing what we maybe should see. should be should be slightly different well let's focus on this diplomatic stance them because we've heard voices in the u.s. and around the region with these saying you know we need to deescalate there needs to be is it from our 6 aleutian to this do you think there is an appetite for a diplomatic solution of any kind because the iranians want all parties to re it's here to the clear to air drop one something to see that he's already ready withdrawn from it is around after. the u.s. light to go back to the starting points well i think there's an appetite to push
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the u.s. to come back to and go to negotiations particularly after now that iran has demonstrated its ability and its willing if pushed to use the missiles and this is the 1st time maybe long long range missiles have been used since the iraq iran war and although we talked a lot about supplied some to hezbollah and others this range is not been employed ever since but now they say. we are willing to do it and they have highlighted 2 potential targets if the americans were to come back including dubai and. now we think because of it being an industrial concentration particular terms of chemical industry and dubai as a symbolic hit on the economy of the arab arabian gulf now if that is the case i think everybody else will know deterrence is closer to everyone's mind and
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negotiation maybe for maybe the only way out ok we'll have to continue this conversation at a later date we are at a time but for now thank you very much. well the other breaking news we're following is the crash of a ukrainian passenger plane any ron the boeing 737 belonged to the ukraine international airlines and it went down shortly after takeoff from tehran a 100 and $76.00 passengers and crew on board have been killed the airline says the plane was service just 2 days ago laura burton manley has more. than the ukraine international airline 737 bound for key have reduced to smoke and wreckage all those on board killed rescue crew and emergency personnel pick through what's left the attacker and a man khomeini airport. video released on social media shows a faint slight flickering that
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a fireball. the boeing jet had taken off from tower an early on wednesday after being delayed for almost an hour. after taking off from your mom khomeini international airport it crashed between parent and shock an investigation team from the national aviation department was dispatched to the location after the news was announced this flight tracker shows the plane was scheduled to head to bristol international airport in ukraine in capital of kiev minutes after boeing 737-2800 jet left the runway it went down in the south southwest of the reigning capsule boeing says it's gathering more information the 737-2800 is a common single twin engine jet liner use for short to medium range flights it's an older model the boeing 737 max that's been grounded for nearly 10 months following
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2 deadly crashes. it's a huge setback for the company to try to regain trust and bring the 737 back to the skies a boeing would likely have questions to answer to from the families of the victims of the crash lured out a manly al-jazeera. let's take a closer look at the model of plane which crashed into iran the boeing 737800 was developed in the 1990 s. but this 1st flights in july 1007 as of november last year almost 5000 had been delivered all round the world the latest model of the 737 the 737 max has been grounded since early last year after 2 crashes well in the last few moments ukraine's president vladimir selenski has expressed his deep concern he described the incident as horrible news from the middle east extends in his deepest sympathies to the victims and he's ordered a task force to conduct an urgent investigation let's get more on this now from
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terry tools or he's a former airline pilot and a specialist in airline safety and joins us by skype from dry in the united kingdom thank you so much for speaking to us here on al-jazeera. we're so waiting obviously for any investigations any results as early days but just give us a sense of the kind of thing that could cause a crash like this as a plane is taking off. on. one. of the really. really well on. there is no.
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ok we're having where i'm afraid we are having audio difficulties there i'm afraid mr towser we're trying to fix those up and come back to you but for now i thank you for your time and apologies for the difficulties with sound that we're having with that in sydney let's move on to other news now at least 4 people have been killed by a car bomb near somalia's presidential palace it exploded at the 1st security checkpoints for the palace in the capital mogadishu the armed group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack and it comes a week after it carries out another bombing in the capital which killed 90 people. let's get a check in with the weather nairobi's here yes and i'm still watching the slowly
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revolving storm in the eastern med it's behind me on this satellite picture and we've got this automatically profit center the low you see it's wandering around it came out of the g. it's going back through turkey that's just effectively revolving winds and rain that brought snow to both greece and turkey which is don't use u.s.p.s. is mid-winter just cause were to troubles but i suspect the persistent nature of what still coming out of it further east in fact from alexandria all the way out towards aleppo is coastal area this persistent rain is going to cause more problems from the point of view of conditions on the ground fresh that is a possibility is just present conditions beirut has got 2 days of it 1st of all the strong southerly wind that dies off friday looks good and of course these things don't stay where they are traditionally they warmed across syria iraq and into walls iran the satellite picture reflects just that in fact if you are watching early this evening. side life i put from baghdad on the clouds would overhead it was dark it is horrible there is indeed rain for news eastwards but there's
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a tail end to this comes to where i'm standing for i think thursday and friday this blue area here which represents proper radio thunderstorms will drift around from east to bahrain and qatar down towards europe. thank you rob there is lots more still to come here on out to syria including a demand for urgent change we'll look at the reasons behind this massive strike in india. another deadly attack in kenya this time it's students who are the targets. and in sports the n.b.a. star who showed off his skills in both attack and defense and he will be here with the best of the action. the story of a british italian man experiencing life caught up in a palestinian refugee camp in beirut. coming face to face with the daily
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lives of its residents some of whom have lived there for 70 years but he's been there a few jomo soldier's life has not been on the short 7 days in beirut but . on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines you use the misinformation but i've used the term by setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions how unique aloma is this in terms of modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of a neo fascist moment international filmmakers and world class journalists bringing programs to inspire you. on al-jazeera. the all the all
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the. this is al jazeera quick mind off our top stories this hour iran has far more than a dozen of the sigma songs the 2 iraqi air bases that host american forces has said it was in retaliation to the assassination over rainy and general solomonic he was killed in a u.s. drone strike on friday. the u.s. president responded to the strikes on twitter saying and i quote all is well missiles launched from iran to military bases located in iraq assessments of casualties and damage is taking place now so far so good. and the other developing story out of iran 176 people have been killed in
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a plane crash outside toronto the ukraine international airline flights went down shortly after takeoff ukraine's embassy in tehran says the plane suffered engine failure. well let's get more on our top story that iranian missile strike against u.s. forces in iraq and the star me is professor of international relations in the school of governments and international affairs are in university and joins us now from durham in the u.k. kids have you with us on the program 1st of all these missile attacks form iran do you think they constitute the slap in the face to the u.s. that the ayatollah khomeini sets or is a more of a slap on the wrist. i think it's probably more a slap on the wrist to be honest with you this is not the strong severe revenge that had been the slogan of the last 4 days coming out of tehran and other cities it is never the us in retaliation it is a risk direct response to the american military presence in iraq and also $22.00
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missiles got through whatever defenses the the bases might have had so it is penetrated american targets and they can claim some victory in that sense that they have managed to hit american targets in iraq now whether they had their occupation to violate iraqi territory and sovereignty is a different matter altogether and in terms of where things go from here me dear estimate this to be very response from iran or is there more retribution yet to come and will america build that into its thinking in terms of how to retaliate to this. iranians have been trailing a series of responses to this over the last few days and this may will be one of many i think from here on the ball is in president trump's court much depends on what he says and high response as you alluded to the. tweet that he
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sent that response was positively mild given what i've been saying the last few days but you know they have awoken up emotions and yet we'll have to wait and see when he is given the evidence of the iran and attack whether he sees that is proportionate in terms of what the americans have achieved militarily and also whether there is a need for them to respond what is clear though is that if the americans do respond iran will escalate this and then we'll have a full blown crisis on our hands in terms of iran targeting neighboring countries and neighboring cities in ways that it hasn't done before remember it is our president for iran to use its ballistic missile force in anger against american targets or anybody else for that matter since 1000 eighty's so which way do you think this is going to do it this way as this is going to go or do you think this is. the door is open for the escalation and negotiation and a peaceful deescalation or do you think it's more likely that it will escalate
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because we have hearing from you have been hearing from many people in the region almost a sense of alarm that everyone is calling for the situation to deescalate it could go either way which way do you think it will go. i think in many ways iran responses rather measured and timid they have hit american targets and not one of the targets the message in that is that we are not making enemies of our neighbors we're not going to target you as a consequence of americans us a nation of stolen money 1st secondly that they have managed to hit american targets for the 1st time since the revolution that will be something they can they can point to and thirdly given that as far as we know nor medical casualties were in these missile strikes american doesn't may not feel the need to respond to this again to iranian targets and if that is the case then you know iran can claim
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a degree of victory in having made a direct military response to the american action and leave it at that but if the americans feel and you know just as behind the iranians there is a huge wave of emotion to retaliate on the trump is also huge were more emotion for trump to continue to put what they would see is putting iran in its place if trump does respond to that and if he sees this as a wave that he can ride to get beyond the pietschmann on an all his other domestic crisis then i would be surprised if americans do escalate but for them it's commission would have to take in limited form the difficulty is with the iranians would regard american is conditions as limited or not ok and there should be great to get your thoughts we'll have to leave it there for now but thank you very much for joining us on arjun syria. far from the streets of baghdad or to iran the assassination of. general custom salomone by the u.s. has sent shock waves through the large every me an american community in california
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many people there reports the governments and so on but are appalls to war rob reynolds reports now from the center of this. also angeles is home to more people of iranian descent than in any city other than tehran the crisis over the assassination of general qassam sola mahdi has cast a fearful shadow over the sunlit streets there's a lot of fear and anxiety and just worry about what's to come people are worried about yet another war in the region and in their homeland impacting their family and loved ones in a farsi language book shop on westwood boulevard proprietor sam begs the day says president trump is only interested in his own political ambitions. for reelection he's trying to make it a war at the media at least and because of that he made everything on safe at holborn president tromping is not a military president thrawn is not
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a politician may be he was a businessman he doesn't understand anything he's brainless travel agent michael amir he says the crisis has affected his business a lot of people they counseled algaba get counseling dead dead dead is their mission oh if they go on any day i want to get it done as soon as possible still he approves of solmonese killing that one of the biggest terrorists and i'm glad you know that they got into the team by contrast the national iranian american council condemned the assassination extremely reckless and extremely. irrational several days ago los angeles area iranian americans took part in a protest rally over the assassination many were shocked by president trump's threats to destroy iranian cultural sites i think that for many of us this actually
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feels like terrorism when someone trying to see. your cultural and historic sites some iranian americans fear they will be subject to harassment by the government or individuals if the crisis worsens there have been multiple reports of u.s. citizens of iranian heritage being stopped by authorities at the u.s. border and questioned at length about their political views this community has weathered crisis after crisis between the u.s. and iran but this one feels different this is the most serious action that has been taken i think in in recent history which is i think the most worried we have been about oh a war in iran and a possible war that's broader than iran a community united in fear of more violence robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. as most other news now and venezuela's opposition leader has called for
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a new wave of protests against the government's president nicolas maduro this follows his dramatic entrance and subpar laments of reclaim his seat as leader of the majority and speaker of the house a latin america and certainly seen human reports night from caracas. another chaotic chapter in the fight for control of the news wales parliament oh and while a government backed deputy tried to show that he was in charge. outside opposition leader one by door against 4 of soldiers attempting to prevent him from entering the national assembly. this time he and some 90 opposition deputies succeeded in pushing their way into the chamber as the previous group fled the building. to the leader of the majority opposition faction of parliament reclaiming his seat as speaker of the house for however long was an important symbolic victory.
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this is proof of what is possible when we are united organized and determined determination venezuela determination. but the opposition may be overstating its the country what obvious is the president nicolas maduro could have employed far more force as he did on sunday to prevent one by door and his deputies from entering this legislative palace the government of course will argue that the opposition has every right to take its seat in the chamber but just as an ordinary deputies not as the leaders of parliament. but there is likely a more strategic objective to regain control of the only institution not under the command our parliament. probably madeira i will say that all the spectacles between warring factions prove that venezuela needs new parliamentary elections why because he now. if he doesn't give the opposition a transparent conditions for free election which is unlikely an important
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percentage will boycott the paul so his party will win control of their us. but quite dull is hoping that this latest discoloration of the political conflict will reignite sluggish popular support for his leadership he's calling now on venezuelans to again take to the streets to demand regime change and to believe that this time it will make a difference see in human al-jazeera practice. a state of emergency is in place in puerto rico after a powerful earthquake that killed at least one person and damaged thousands of properties the 6.4 magnitude quake hit early on choose day morning and was followed by more than a dozen aftershocks and the calico has more. the earthquake struck in the early hours of tuesday collapsing homes causing power and causing landslides along the southern coast of the island officials from the united states geological survey so
1:45 pm
you around $400000.00 people felt strong to very strong shaking a tsunami alert was canceled as residents scrambled to escape their homes and then they understand as exhibit a couple agata i was sleeping when the house began forming bit by bit i grabbed my bag ran outside and jumped off the balcony money it was terrible i don't wish that on anybody several powerful aftershocks followed as emergency services say communicating with the affected communities remains a challenge inquire near the historic immaculate conception church built in 841 suffered extensive damage a rock formation known as window point a major tourist attraction now lays in ruins the initial earthquake an intense aftershocks were felt in the island's capital san juan to the northeast of the epicenter aftershocks are expected to continue in the coming days officials say power should be restored in the next few hours but the island has been rattled by hundreds of small quakes since the end of december the island's fragile
1:46 pm
infrastructure battered by hurricane maria 2 years ago may hamper recovery efforts and people here remain fearful. my 1st reaction was to run and find my sisters my niece my mother my father they were the ones i was most worried about and it was strong and unforgettable day in the past few years puerto rico has been hit by hurricanes economic woes and a political crisis that saw the island's governor ousted from office many residents are now dealing with yet another catastrophe the full extent of which may not be known for days and gallacher al-jazeera. 4 students have been killed by suspected fighters from the armed group at a school in northern kenya this comes as the united states has increased its military presence in the country it has deployed additional soldiers to the man's a baby airbase after an attack by al shabaab on sunday markham where reports from nairobi. they've just arrived at boarding school they didn't live to attend their
1:47 pm
1st class of the. suspected attackers from the armed group al-shabaab burst into the teenage boys dormitory and they were sleeping here in curious a county northern kenya we had. bullets from outside. it will not go anywhere. i was just in my house. here and them sheltering along. the village police fled it took more than an hour for special forces to arrive. with communications mast with the site of a firefight 2 of the attackers were killed here others fled office us our get out of that's why bald. and the white able to have to walk them. but that is also. still
1:48 pm
pursuing. the local politicians say they've known the attackers were in the area for days beforehand but nothing was done i wondered why the government which had that intelligence the act in no way not previous because they ought to have reinforced there's a quality forces which were there it's the latest in a series of attacks by the somali armed group in recent weeks as it continues its fight against the united states and kenyan military's and their allies. the kenyan army has been in neighboring somalia for nearly 10 years on sunday and al-shabaab fighters attacked a military air base in kenya the u.s. says 3 american defense personnel were killed and it's since deployed more soldiers there al-shabaab released these images saying it destroyed kenyan and american aircraft. just the week before more than 80 people were killed in somalia's capital
1:49 pm
mogadishu most of them students by a truck bomb al-shabaab claimed responsibility the u.s. and its partners have responded to the attacks with airstrikes fighting al shabaab in somalia for nearly a decade but the armed group has shown its still capable of devastating attacks and its civilians who keep bearing the brunt of the violence malcolm web al-jazeera nairobi kenya. millions of workers in india are on strike 10 trade unions across the country are protesting against the government's economic policies among the most disaffected are farmers will poverty has become a major issue for senior asia correspondent so hell raman has more from punjab. impassioned stories brought to song by this group of farmers as one by one they take to the microphone this group of several 100 is being replicated across the
1:50 pm
state of punjab on a national day of protest it's not just farmers but it's students and unions are calling for the country at large to come out on strike in ma against the government you know make policy and social it's going to look real the farmers we're not just in punjab but in places like telling andhra pradesh and west bengal if you're trying to get to minimise on that cross our week's drives. but also to try and break through the notice of the government to tell of the ongoing crisis the farmer suicides as money was full of farmers killing themselves each day here in the across the country that's already. out of course the economic woes and social problems there in doing so so i don't know but with regards to registration i tend to take a real concern here they're hoping that their voices or their child will be heard in new delhi that brian isn't a relative modi's government will listen to those concerns and going to get older.
1:51 pm
so to come here on al-jazeera with the sport for you and real madrid's in saudi arabia to the spanish super com but not many of their fans have made the journey and they will be here to explain why.
1:52 pm
move. for war. it's time now for the sports here sandy thank you so much carol sutter monny house become just the 2nd senegalese player to be named african player of the year at liverpool for picking up the award at a ceremony in egypt on wednesday the 27 year old edging out algeria's riyad morris
1:53 pm
and his livable say might mohamed salah to claim the prize. the only other senegalese it's a have won the award has won the european champions league and the club world cup cycles in the last few months i would love to thank all the senegalese people they've been for me all the time. me. so in my village i'm really come very very far. but a small village one valley. i'm sure there were 2. that the spanish super cup kicks off in saudi arabia later on but very few fans are making the journey from spain the games are expected to be sold out at the $62000.00 capacity king abdullah school city stadium but cigarette sales inside spain well they've been poor in barcelona of barely sold a 1000 between them well let it go only manage 50 develop just 26
1:54 pm
all this was real madrid training ahead of their semifinal against valencia is the 2nd some event has been held outside of spain last year barcelona won the title in morocco oh yes. that arkie i'm very happy to be here in saudi arabia because we're going to play an important competition and that's what motivates me i think it's the same for the players as for personal plans that's something else i'm here in a professional capacity we have been received very well and we are appreciative of saudi arabia we haven't come here to go sight seeing manchester united manager going to souls here has hit south of his players after a big home defeat a man city in the 1st leg of their english league cup semi final so show watched his team concede 3 goals in the 1st half at old trafford defending champion city going on so when $31.00 it's natural that you had goals down when you when you don't feel you performing but we got to get out of the quicker we got to get to the
1:55 pm
2nd half mentality quicker it can't be common in the halftime rules half time so that the learning in this team. in the n.b.a. the l.a. lakers are going top of the western conference after their 6 victory in a row lebron james again the standout player with 31 points as they thrashed the new york knicks by 30 not all good news for l.a. though. second best player anthony davis leaving the game after falling heavily on his back he has had an x. ray with the extensive that injury still not yet clear and another lakers player can save his cold war pope while he was roughed up a bit while attempting a dunk he was taken out by the knicks bobby portis sue not surprisingly was ejected from the game. defending champions the toronto raptors loss to the portland trailblazers the school's level carmarthen the land base to points with just all 2nd jermaine in portland winning it's one i won said 99. and some great play by brooklyn nets play jared allen against the oklahoma city thunder 1st in
1:56 pm
a tank with a spectacular bug a move i'm reliably informed is called the monster tomahawk and then in defense they started up the night sarah ferguson despite his efforts though it was the thunder coming out and stop what i 7 so one i. a woman would say never djokovic has helped continue his country's perfect run of the a.t.p. cup in australia chalk which winning his singles match serbia the chile responding to 3rd straight with the serbian who topped 3 page they now move into the quarterfinals this a.t.t. cup a new $24.00 nation event which kicks off the men's season. now spain are also into the last 8 world number one rafa nadal steering his team so when i would japan like serbia spain want all 3 of their great matches now one of his singles and doubles match in this tight as his country aims to add this title to the davis cup trophy they won in november it is a. great place to find a since a past nor in such
1:57 pm
a good mood though that's once you one year old's father also the team coach he thereby sits france's racket during a mid match tantrum. and then his mother arrives on the saints' remind her son exactly who is in charge 3 sluicing that's high against australia 3 nil and they finished bottom of their very. certain way forgot about it and moved on from there . she top and so i was in my mind. i was naming to do that so. he's just went out of control unfortunately. for maybe. 3 this wrong granted by our father. sits on the north star archive that is always both and i thank you very much don say it was not sent for me for this to keep me here and i'll just share a darn george and it's up to you next to say that it's.
1:58 pm
the story of a british italian man experiencing life close up in a palestinian refugee camp in beirut. coming face to face with the daily lives of its residents some of whom have lived there for 70 years but it's been refugio most of his life it's not been on the show 7 days in beirut. on al-jazeera. new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic
1:59 pm
among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds the work his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home in overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. their future problem is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to manage under 1000 refugees don't have the right to more freely on the other hand gourds can move freely as far and as much as they want it's multinational colonialism this is a very i'm not a woman and all of the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera.
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iran fires more than a dozen missiles at to iraqi air bases hosting u.s. forces insisting it's legitimate self-defense. the one down in jordan the sound is iraq live from go also coming up iran's supreme leader calls the missile attack a slap in the face for the u.s. and says it must leave the region. the burial has finally taken place of iranian commodity awesome cinemark assassination sparked this latest escalation. and ukrainian plane crashes moments after takeoff from obama's capital killing more than $170.00.


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