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the all the all the. iran retaliates against the us foreign missiles and some iraqi air base which hosts u.s. forces and describes the move as legitimate self defense. missile attack a slap in the face for the u.s. and says it must leave the region. and how the markets and this is al-jazeera life from doha also coming up a ukrainian plane crashes moments after takeoff from iran's capital killing more than 170 people. these allegations are true and i
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should have never been arrested in the 1st place this sounds former chief makes his 1st public appearance since skipping bail in japan ahead of his trial one of occasions of financial misconduct. at a gas pipeline making russia to central europe is in or curating it's in a ceremony in turkey. iran has struck back at the u.s. for the assassination of its top commander saw the money and it's making it clear what happens next depends on donald trump iran far more than a dozen missiles from its territory into a base hosting u.s. troops in iraq the us base in anbar province and around the same time missiles were also fired inside base in erbil. no iran says iraq rather says $22.00
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missiles were fired in total and there were no iraqi casualties no u.s. president donald trump has only responded to the attacks on twitter saying all is well we're expecting a statement from him in the hours to come there on strikes are in retaliation for the killing of sell the money in a u.s. airstrike last friday he was buried in his hometown of term on just hours after the strikes on western stay there in a moment we'll have the reaction from the us ans across the middle east but 1st rob matheson begins our coverage with this reports. this is iran's promised response to the u.s. assassination of top iranian general hossam soleimani ballistic missiles soaring into the night sky there target an iraqi military base housing thousands of u.s. soldiers iranians are taking the core of the 2 hit. directly they wouldn't
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even leave their proxies to deliver the message that the americans. kind of saving face were for them because killing so they money. is an insult from the americans to iranian establishment to iranian a state all and therefore i think your runyan has to read on twitter this was u.s. president donald trump's response all is well he's added casualties and damage are being assessed and said so far so good he's also said the u.s. has the most powerful and well equipped military anywhere in the world by far the question is whether that military will be used to retaliate against these attacks u.s. troops are based at the alena sardi a base in iraq one of 2 targets hit by missiles ever since president scott of the. you know there has been
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a steady. escalation and that either side can afford to give in because i look weak the leaders of both sides have committed to this escalation and it's hard to see how it out yes you know where the operatives of the marmalade the u.s. says it's killing of cars some sort of money in an air strike was in response to an attack in iraq in which a u.s. contractor died and for which the u.s. blames iran and iran huge crowds have been in mourning. and demanding revenge for so money's death an immediate diplomatic solution to the crisis seems unlikely . both sides have to be really through engage in diplomacy and right now i fear that i do not see that i do not see either side the iranian or the american willing to do the things necessary to engage in diplomacy. iran wants u.s.
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forces to permanently leave the gulf region and it says there will be a harsh response to any further u.s. retaliation rob matheson al jazeera. iran's president says revenge t.v. of for salon is assassination will include seeing the u.s. cakes ice of the middle east. justice soleimani as these him are all very cuz of the his due soleimani juice all his revered had been his body in videos and pictures the revenge for venice is to force america out of this region the real revenge of the ultimate response by regional nations as we america is expelled from this region and its head of aggression is counsel for river. well let's get more now from a door such a bari she's been covering events from tehran on his life for as the door so it's been a busy day in iran just give us a sense of the political reaction. well
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there's been a plethora of reaction from various officials including as we just heard from the president during his weekly cabinet meeting we've also been hearing from the foreign minister mohammad javad zarif we've heard from the defense minister as well i want to talk about what has been saying he just visited a short while ago the iraqi embassy here in the capital and he made some comments there there are important to note he said that the iranian government warned the iraqi officials and the iraqi army of their intentions to a launch these missiles into iraq and on the u.s. base there so they had a warning in advance by the iranian authorities also we heard from the foreign minister earlier that we can a cabinet meeting where he said that this reaction that iran has shown is really to
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be expected let's hear more what he had to say. people said very clearly that if the united states takes any further action iran viewed respond accordingly and we would respond in a very harsh way but proportionately very we did not start this process of escalation the united states raged an economic war against iran the united states has to come to its senses the presence of iranian people in the streets of many cities unprecedented in the history europe can play a huge what role but informing the united states of the serious error in that and now this is that they should stop listening to clowns that they should based their policy based on realities and not some evolutions of some clowns who have ambitions of secret we've also been hearing from the supreme leader who spoke at a scheduled event earlier today but he spent most of the time speaking about the
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assassinated general hossam so the money and the importance of him in iran society and military capabilities that he had and what he provided for the country and how significant he was the supreme leader also said that the action iran has taken over the past 24 hours of just been a slap in the face there is more military action to come in the near future so it's an indication that really what we've seen is just a start it's now really up to the united states government what happens next here because they have we are waiting for them to see what kind of response they will have to all of this ok dorsetshire bari reporting from tehran thank you the ball is not in the u.s. court so let's find out of what our white house correspondent kimberly whole kits can bring us on that kimberly we haven't seen president trump tweeting yet but we are waiting from reaction from the u.s. for sort of thing can we expect. well we're still trying to nail down when exactly
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this might happen and we have been attempting to answer that question for some hours now without success there is a lot of activity that's taking place here at the white house campus not just the press office but also the residence as well people coming and going lot of flurry of activity but still no clarity on when the president will make that address as he promised in his late tuesday evening tweet now the challenge for the president when he speaks will be to speak to the american people to simply make the case for why there has been this strike to kill general salut money and where things stand in terms of the broader overall strategy this is a president that has been known for his inconsistency is but when it comes to combat with another country certainly there needs to be a consistent message and we have not seen that in recent days take for example the explanation from this administration thus far about why there has been this strike
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initially it was to prevent an imminent attack on americans without any proof being offered in recent days has been more of an explanation of retribution for decades of malign activity against americans and in the broader middle east so there is going to need to be clarity that's what americans are looking for but they're also looking for an explanation about why this president is breaking a campaign promise he came into office saying he was going to end the forever wars now he's sending troops to the middle east and kimberly a lot of people around the president have been calling for a deescalation saying the u.s. wants to negotiate and this is the way forward for those people who are advising the president to they all speaking with the same boring story is donald trump getting conflicting views from his supporters the advices. i suspect the president's get a consistent view is the problem is the president is not so consistent himself and
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we've seen that well there has been statements coming from the defense secretary for example his advisor kellyanne conway even the secretary of state my pump aoe that there is room for diplomacy donald trump less than 24 hours ago from the oval office was continuing to use combative tones toward iran and this is what the problem has been for this president he doesn't always take the advice of his advisers now this is also something that is irritating members of congress we know that there will be briefings that are expected to take place by some of the key members of the mistreated team that will be briefing these members the argument from some democrats is that they simply have not gotten enough information so a letter has been sent the to the department of defense demanding more we also know in the midst of all this the president does have some solid supporters on capitol hill one of them is senator lindsey graham a republican the president's republican party and he is defending the president's actions saying that it was necessary given the aggression from iran the missiles
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were launched from iran at targets inside of iraq housing u.s. military personnel the president has all the authority needs under article 2 to respond and how our response is yet to be determined but he has the authority to respond it was an act of war by a regime for the last 40 years spent a cancer in the mid east when they say they want to destroy israel they're not kidding they're the largest state sponsor of terrorism so all eyes on the u.s. president as he attempts to give an explanation for what happens next with regard to the situation in those escalating tensions with iran we are awaiting an announcement on when that address will take place of course we'll bring that to you as soon as we get that information thank you very much. with overweights us from washington. the iraqi prime minister says arabian officials informed about the strikes shortly before the 2 place he's calling on all sides to deescalate someone
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a full team has been monitoring reaction from baghdad the prime minister's office released a statement earlier today explaining the course of events saying that they had received a call from iran just minutes before the attacks began or just as they were unfolding in fact informing them that iran would be striking targets on iraqi soil at the same time they also received calls from american officials here informing them that they were already being hit so it appears that iraq did not know in advance about these retaliatory attacks the prime minister also went on to condemn the strikes he said that all parties should respect iraqi sovereignty and that he would continue his efforts to try to deescalate the situation now of course many people will be comparing his comments now to his reaction in the wake of the u.s. strikes that killed so in money on iraqi soil as well as. this who is the 2nd in
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charge of the iraqi popular mobilization forces his statement at that time was much stronger he called it an aggression on the iraqi state he called on basically the withdrawal of foreign troops subsequently from iraq so it remains to be seen whether there will be further condemnation of the will there will be further action but we've already heard for example some sunni parliamentarians condemn the government's stance saying that it is a weak position and that the government has done has not done enough to protect iraqi sovereignty and to take a strong stance in this crisis. well coates government says a report about u.s. military forces withdrawing from the country is false and was the result of a hack of state run news agency earlier reports and una's said that the kuwait's defense minister had received a letter from a commander of the u.s.
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army base in the country les mis stated that american troops would mean within 3 days this isn't the 1st time a cyber attack has happens in the region and 2017 the cancer news agencies media platforms were hacked with fake remarks criticizing u.s. foreign policy. well the other breaking news we're following on al-jazeera is the crash of a ukrainian passenger plane in iran the boeing 737 belonging to ukraine international airlines went down shortly after takeoff from tehran a 176 passengers and crew on board have been killed their line says the plane was service just 2 days ago or burton manley has more of. a ukraine international airline 737 bound for kiev reduced to smoke and wreckage. all those on board killed. rescue crew and emergency personnel pick through what's left natasha johnson mom how many airport. video released on social media shows
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a faint light flickering and then a fireball. the boeing jet had set off from town early on wednesday after being delayed almost an hour. in such things fortunately it didn't question the reason into area but the wreckage has scarce it around the gardens of villas within a large radius nobody has survived. this mother and father a flight attendant on ukraine international airlines who waiting for his arrival in kiev now they're waiting for any news or tool for the missing social worker my son is a senior flight attendant my daughter called at 615 this morning to say that in the us they were reporting that a plane had crashed a ukrainian international airlines plane she asked were equal or was flying to and we said teheran and that he would return on the morning flight and then we found the video of the plane crashing the plane was scheduled to head to boris bill
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international airport at the ukrainian capital of kiev minutes after the boeing 737-2800 jet left the wrong way it went down in a suburb southwest of the iranian capital. boeing tweeted it's in contact with ukraine international airlines and is ready to provide assistance. the $77.00 to $800.00 is a common single twin engine jet liner use for short to medium range flights it's an older model in the boeing 737 max that's been grounded for nearly 10 months following 2 deadly crashes it's a huge setback for a company that's try to regain trust and bring the 737 max back to the skies and boeing will likely have questions to answer to from the families of the victims of this crash you're about a manly our desire. was take a course
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a look at the model of plane which crashed into iran the boeing 737800 was developed in the 1990 s. and had its 1st flights in july 1907 the last 737800 was delivered in december almost 5000 of them are in use around the world the model supports sirrah places the 737 max has been grounded since early last year after 2 crashes but efforts on a series editor in chief of airline ratings dot com he says it's likely a mechanical problem is the cause of the crash. the assessment at this stage the this this of a very good side could have been the wrong word to use a very sickening place a vision of the plane. appears to be on fire there's a glow from the sick craft as it's descending then there's a small explosion before the impact when there's
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a much much larger explosion this appears to be. possibly an engine problem it may well again an explosion on board the aircraft. it's a little bit hard to tell at this stage but certainly it appears to be some major technical problem has impacted this a craft i know it's coincidental with this missile attack but i don't think the 2 are alike that this is the 737 next generation arranging a there are over $7000.00 of them flying around the world today it's one of the most widely used aircraft in the skies it has an excellent safety record and in fact consider this that those 7000 airplanes do about 4 or 5 flights a day so it isn't a colossal reliance on this aircraft or quite the world's airlines and it has an excellent safety record and notwithstanding the tragedy that we're just seeing unfolding but i do believe it will be a mechanical or possibly it might possibly be
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a terrorist act it's too hard to tell at this stage. now these 4 people have been killed by a car bomb near somalia's presidential palace has exploded at the 1st security checkpoint for the building in the capital mogadishu the armed group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility a week after it carried to it's another bombing in the capital killing 90 people. before an essential and carlos ghosn is holding his 1st press conference he pleads his innocence over charges of financial misconduct gone arrives in lebanon last week he fled japan where he was out on bail and awaiting trial but he had been under heavy surveillance japan does not have an extradition treaty with lebanon. i'm not here to victimize myself i'm here to shed light on a system that violates the most basic principles of humanity i'm here to clear my
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name and to pronounce clearly but it could be something that was interpreted as if there is the in the japanese you distil system these allegations are true and i should have never been arrested in the 1st place or sound as serious as they know how other was at that press conference in beirut. he's using this press conference really to prevail to present his defense an international fugitive really but for the lebanese authorities he's not being treated as a criminal he is explaining why he escaped bail why he jumped bail saying that this was the most difficult decision in his life but he's refusing to disclose details on how he managed to escape how he managed to flee japan which really many people were waiting to hear when he arrived in lebanon approximately a week ago his spokesperson released the statement saying that the gone did not
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escape justice what he was doing was to escape injustice and this is what he has been saying throughout the press conference that in japan the conditions of his the tension were harsh he was not given access to lawyers he was interrogated 8 hours a day he was not allowed to see his family he repeatedly said that the charges against him are baseless and that the trial he was awaiting trial would not have been fair the justice minister has confirmed that the prosecutor received the interpol red notice and that quote the prosecutor will do its duties what is its duty is it should someone go on and question him that has still not happened and when the justice minister keeps on repeating that there is no extradition treaty many people see this as a him or an indication that lebanon will not be handing it will not behind them goes on over but more importantly person has friends high up among lebanese officials in power. russia and turkey have an org irrate
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a pipeline project which they say has historical importance so that's where putin and richard sipe birds are morse the new gas pipeline known as turks stream at a ceremony in istanbul it's been 5 years in the making and reinforces energy ties between the 2 countries it's a lowe's russia to sell more gas to europe and also helps them bypass ukraine well it's actually in pipeline starts in the southern russian tyrant of a not per ones more than 900 kilometers deep under the black sea it's a turkish turn of. it can transport over 30000000000 cubic meters of natural gas per year half of that will be delivered to southern europe servicing up to 3 percent of the use currents needs russia are already supplies around 40 percent of europe's gas well there it's important because it helps russia bypass violence through ukraine which ny faces losing billions in gas transit fees if you countries
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have been in conflict since 2014 was it impossible who is in istanbul she says the pipeline is one of many areas of cooperation between turkey and russia. the spite of violates roll 'd prices back in 2015 after tricky shots on a russian fighter jet by its southern border and this project was halted and back in 20172 leaders decided to build this project again and this is the 2nd direct pipeline carrying gas from russia to turkey and it is seen as a seal of m great couple turkey and russia relations and at the 2 the name turks stream actually was given by the russian president vladimir putin if both leaders are gone and put in see this project the spy line as a connection between the 2 countries not only for providing a secure energy natural gas from a rush out to europe but also as
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a secure line of political relations turkey russia relations are not only based on and are just supplies or economic relations as you know tool countries have been allied in the region when it comes to syria when it comes to iraq they are actually keeping the different forms and libya and turkey supports the u.n. recognized over meant jna to russia are supports the house certainly for hot start in libya but it seems to leaders discussed libya the tension in iraq the humanitarian condition if it and truck and russia are also expected to provide maybe ation for libya as well. venezuela's opposition leader has called for a new wave of protests against the government of president nicolas maduro this forces dramatic entrance since a parliament to reclaim his seats as later off the majority and speaker of the house a latin america editor in human reports from caracas. another chaotic
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chapter in the fight for control of the news wales parliament oh and while a government backed deputy tried to show that he was in charge. outside opposition leader one by door against 4 of soldiers attempting to prevent him from entering the national assembly. this time he and some 90 opposition deputies succeeded in pushing their way into the chamber as the previous group fled the building. to the leader of the majority opposition faction of parliament reclaiming his seat as speaker of the house for however long was an important symbolic victory. this is proof of what is possible when we are united organized and determined determination venezuela determination. but the opposition may be overstating it's the country what's obvious is the president nicolas maduro could have employed far
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more force as he did on sunday to prevent one by door and his deputies from entering this legislative palace the government of course will argue that the opposition has every right to take it seat in the chamber but just as an ordinary deputies not as the leaders of parliament. but there's likely a more strategic objective to regain control of the only institution not under the command order problem and. probably madeira i will say that all the spectacles between warring factions prove that venezuela needs new parliamentary elections why because he knows that if he doesn't give the opposition a transparent. decisions for free election which is unlikely an important percentage will boycott the paul so his party will win control of their us in we had him over. but quite dull is hoping that this latest discoloration of the political conflict will reignite sluggish popular support for his leadership he's
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calling now and venezuelans to again take to the streets to demand regime change and to believe that this time it will make a difference. see inulin al jazeera. millions of workers in india are on strike protesting against the government's economic policies they're blocking train tracks and shutting time banks as they rally against prime minister narendra modi's labor reforms among most disaffected are farmers reports he has become a major issue with suicide rates high among pharma struggling with debt so how raman has more. impassioned stories to song by this group of farmers as one by one they take to the microphone this group of several 100 is being replicated across the state of punjab on a national day of your protests it's not just farmers but its students and unions are calling for the country at large to come out on strike in laos against the
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government economic policy and social. order farmers here not just in punjab but in places like telling andhra pradesh and west bengal about that big issue is trying to get a minimum hours on that cross a drive. but also to try and break through the notice of the government to new delhi the ongoing crisis that. as many as 4 foreigners killed themselves each day here in the across the country there's no real dollar and of course the economic woes and social problems that india is facing a little bit with regards to registration of identity a real concern here they're hoping that their voices a child's will be heard in new delhi that prime minister narendra modi's government will listen to those concerns and. all those lots more on this and the rest of the day's news on our web sites the address of course is al-jazeera dot com.
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this is al jazeera these are the headlines iran has fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles to iraq air bases that host american forces it's an italian ation for the assassination of a rainy general all the money he was killed in a u.s. drone strike on friday iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei has called it a slap in the face to the u.s. his government says it's committed to seeing american forces leave the region just as soleimani as easy and more are very close of the head of our do solid money edge you saw his revered head near his body in videos and pictures the revenge for various is to force america out of this region the real revenge of the ultimate response by regional nations as we america is expelled from this region and its
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head of aggression is cast off for river. the u.s. president is due to make a statement on the missile strike at 16 g.m.t. that's 11 am local time in washington a trump tweeted shortly after the launch that all is well missiles launched from iran to military bases located in iraq assessments of casualties and damage is taking place now so far so good. well the u.s. federal aviation authority has banned american airlines from flying in the airspace around the region that says there is a potential for miscalculation a growing number of airlines have canceled or retire vectored flights while the other developing story out of iran 176 people have been killed in a plane crash outside to run the ukraine international airlines flights went down shortly after takeoff ukraine's embassy in tehran says the plane suffered engine failure president selenski has formed
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a task force to conduct an urgent investigation. russia and turkey have opened a pipeline which they say house historical importance at los russia. but also helps them bypass ukraine. carlist go in those holes in his 1st news conference since fleeing japan he's preaching his innocence over charges of financial misconducts rives in lebanon last week after skipping. and that is he up to states to keep it here on i'll just sirrah it to finish up with the latest after the bottom line. hi i'm steve clemons and i have tons of questions that day how dangerous is the
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situation between the united states and iran and how did we get here let's get to the bottom line. it's hard to believe today but less than 4 years ago there was hope that major conflict with iran was off the table the major world powers had signed a deal constraining iran's nuclear program and a new chapter in u.s. iranian relations was being written or so that was the thinking well think again after a radical change of administrations in the united states the tearing up of the nuclear deal with iran and the assassination of one of iran's top generals are all bets off and does anyone know where we're heading fortunately we have 3 people in the room who have all the answers to these questions valli nasser is professor of middle east studies at johns hopkins university and author of the shia revival which foresaw much of the tension in iraq that we're witnessing today michele dunne is director of the middle east program at the carnegie endowment for international peace and a former u.s. diplomat in cairo in jerusalem.


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