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tv   Beyond The Wall P1  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2020 1:32am-2:01am +03

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in libya they issued a joint statement saying they wanted stability and a normalizing of daily life in tripoli and other cities anchor is deploying troops to support the internationally recognized government of tripoli in their fight against warlord holly for half. the pullman its own boss carlos ghosn has spoken publicly for the 1st time since fleeing house arrest in japan he says prosecutors in tokyo conspired with the car company to have him removed from its leadership claims the japanese lawyers have described as false and unacceptable. as a top stories do stay with us people in power is next looking at europe after the fall of the balun well when he's back i think. the us is always of interest to people all around the world this is been going on for a number of those tear gas being used to report an international perspective to try to explain for global audience how this could impact their lives this is an important part of the wall now does it is very good news to the world from here.
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the full of the berlin wall just over 30 years ago came amidst sweeping changes to end the cold war and see the downfall of authoritarian communist regimes across the street but 3 decades on the pro-democracy optimism of those days has turned sour replaced by rises in the soviet and populist nationalism countries once held $300.00 all right so what went wrong in the 1st of 2 special reports we've been to germany to find out.
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the burly in wall was the most potent symbol of the division between east and west during the cold war. its demise towards the end of 1909 brought hope to millions not in the in germany but throughout the world. to avoid inspired leaves a void in us here for us and not but 30 years on things haven't turned out quite as expected. fascism and racism have come back with a vengeance it seems that you know full week at the tools were always there. people just didn't dare to express the rise of germany's far right has been marked by hate crime and even politically motivated assassinations this is a big challenge for democracy because germany is a place where we thought that never could happen again.
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in the aftermath of world war 2 germany like the continent of europe was divided by the victors between puppet dictatorships under the communist yoke and western leaning democracies. berland soon became the epicenter of the cold war also divided between the free world and communism. a city of intrigue and espionage in the heart of east germany the known as the german democratic republic or g.d.r. . left in the so-called german democratic republic was life in a dictatorship that means from the cradle to the grave life was organized and did to mine by the state. as the harsh reality of life under the communists sank in more and more east berlin is headed west to stop this exodus the east german dictatorship began constructing the burden wall. families were divided
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lives torn of all. east berlin became a prison but it didn't deter people from trying to escape and many were killed. osma director was one man he managed to escape east germany and become a west german citizen. incredibly he returned to east berlin and smuggled people out to the g.d. in the boot of his car. if. you must know america microphone that's the pipe. he was risking his life it's not my limbs in your game if you thought it was affordable to. a lot you also heard. how much it was eventually caught and sentenced to 15 years but at least he survived to tell the tale many didn't. so why did so many people feel it was worth taking the risk. while
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west germany mated ahead to become the industrial power survey europe. under policy later eric hanukah the dictatorship of the g.d. or became world leaders in something altogether more sinister mass surveillance. east germany's state security the story where the most insidious secret police in history. this is the stores he archive files were kept on everyone a colossal database to control the population in 989990 when we started our work there was a total of around 111 kilometers of file for us photographed thousands of audio and video files and a smaller left over amount of data project what was the study looking for i was looking for your personal expression to lead your life in
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a way that would ultimately confront the way the party wanted you to live east germany was a military state. as well as a quarter of a 1000000 russian troops there were whole familial east german soldiers. but it was the story that people feared most the stars they had about 91000. staffers official employees and about double the amount 180000 informants. in other words one in every shifty people looking for dissenters to if cost were incarcerated in a network of prisons but for most people the entire country was a kind of prison. as time progressed the story develops new techniques to deal with troublemakers the strategy of demolition of personality this is the strategy of that song was sort of a file in the way of killing people off getting to the bottom of who they were
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finding out every little detail about what the likes and dislikes a person was and their insecurities and attack them where they are in their personality could be hit and through that trying to destroy the person one such person was fear of going swells who organized pro-democracy protests in the morning . she was arrested and taken to haunch and hides in the most infamous story prison in the heart of east berlin this. prison was a very special prison because it was isolation and prisoner and. no prisoner ever saw another prisoner never heard another prisoner never met another prisoner was totally still. and you've been alone in your cell yourself no really windows but. and a very small gap for fresh air saw you said like
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in a cage. and the only contact you head was to the gator that's why they organized the whole prison as an isolation imprisonment because they have been very good psychologists and they knew a person who was held under conditions not able to meet other human beings not to speak with other new human beings never hear human voices then he will speak with the 1st human being he's able to speak with even if it is the. other methods of persuasion and punishment were less subtle. this is the basement section of hunching has been known as the u. boat where water torture was deployed. able to break lang's felled the authorities expelled her from her homeland. on one level links fold was lucky she was able to keep her children but under a policy introduced by more gold hanukah education minister and wife of the east
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german dictator erik konica the state routinely took children from politically undesirable parents. need to unobscured swi such talent as his bonds and. slack was caught while trying to escape with his pregnant wife and was jailed. when his wife gave birth the child was taken for a forced adoption. it took like 29 years to find his son. other parents have also tracked down the children but it's impossible to make a last time. he often in high mention any less money. nish to meet us as a new or take him on a honda a bus make is convinced me that you can invest in clean black continue searching on behalf of others his organization called stolen children has more than 1700 members
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. $30686.00 of them in the middle of all of. the stolen children or perhaps the most poignant chapter in the 45 year story of the g.d. on. small wonder people greeted the fall of the berlin wall with euphoria. but things didn't pan out quite as expected. while the hanukkah's escaped justice
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in south america on exorbitant state pensions. the vast majority of east germans were in for a nasty culture shock mentality it and also the best they could invest in any investor been on the orienteering and i may have a car and was the only. ones there is of it on your own ports them. and i have always been on the sick these are quick to wonder what on. things began to fall to the oem within months the east german more chris replaced by the west german more nearly 17000000 east germans had just 6 days to convert hard cash to lose it. unemployment sort and with it and rest. assured it will send them mention in the. follow on feel all stored.
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in food. unsurprisingly many east germans headed west. highly qualified engineers or people who have a qualification medical doctors for example could simply by moving to the west without any further problems trickle their salary. and that led to an exodus of about 2000000 people. as a consequence even today east germany is littered with coast communities deserted villages and home of empty times. the former mining community of over near leipsic is typical. just 15 people who live in. the village was sold last year for $140000.00 euros. the new owner said he had plans to turn the village into an inventor's community but the inhabitants are
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skeptical. that there's no. i think. if. there is a feeling for it since reunification these places have simply being left to die. in there is little evidence of the trillion or so euros that toward into the former g.d.r. from its western counterpart which was focused mostly on more just cities. it's your all that your best in an urban area as about twice the return of each year or that you invest in roy or so if you will think about this from the perspective of the taxpayer that has the farm bill it is clearly a better investment to strengthen the city then try to. develop something where there is nothing that. even the urban centers have problems boys for 100 miles south of the is an archetype of east german town made up of
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soviet era high rise blocks many of which now lie health empty. it's hard to believe it was once a boom time supplying the workforce for the nearby lignite mines it had the highest birth rate in the g.d.r. but 40 percent of its $70000.00 strong population have left since reunification. congregations of the town's church all but dried up. enough that end of the pollen can just leave us believing i was or and when i saw. you know steve you know when his replacement upon color or dimension must mean the hobbit of the best scene. in my head for venus to create this now spoken these are cunts for months on. in
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a blink and on the harmon tired visor. nearly the tufts more there. are think of the storm in all sports and as those photos of. the still reverberating aftershocks of this earthquake have led to ground disillusionment with democracy android's ease and a savior imports of eastern germany although less than 20 percent of the population now live for the region accounts for more than 50 percent of recorded hate crimes and kind of tried to cut off. the ones that noyo or and. i and i knew or didn't finish by a long time it would always been an interesting since reunification of the east german states of saxon into wrong giving birth to oppressor of neo nazi and xenophobia organizations such as patriotic europeans against the
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islamification of the west known as piggy to which was founded interest and in 2014. the group initiated what it called evening strolls weekly demonstrations interest and which have sometimes turned 5 and. it seems that stayed on for a week at tools and systematic attitudes were always there. people just didn't dare to express that. you to have led to the situation in which people feel empowered to. say things that they otherwise 10 years ago would have never said in public. on the way i. feel ready burgeoning for right received a major boost in the summer of 2015 when the refugee crisis began to affect your.
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uniquely among e.u. leaders german chancellor angela merkel took a humane stance roughly a 1000000 refugees into germany. because that's good off just the i live starts in. india there is. perhaps unsurprisingly this policy helped propel the fall run its policy alternatives to germany or 50 into the blunder stalled 2 years ago with a stunning 12.5 percent of the national verdict. last october in the region of the directions they did even better beyond haka party leader for the state of taronga it took 23 percent. is the know you want to get by to vote on thoughts but i'm so i'm not. ok is fond of using terminology like a contentious german word for work rather than people as hitler did. he speak
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to. us. like. jim. i think i have a different opinion then mr. i think certainly my creation price is. a potential danger for our country if we are looking for instance. to follow the core focus i think it's necessary that you might mention these things just to trigger a discussion herter is arguably the most controversial political figure in germany in decades and some of even make comparisons with old hitler youth so fast he is a mere nothing when i think of him it's like wow how can people still vote for
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this party if you if you see this figure and they're lying their ass threatening via their thoughts evil like it was the nazi time and that's a car honks is just one of many who see parallels emerging between the rise of the far right smile and what happened in the 1930 s. . east germany has struggled to come to terms with its past. this is billions memorial to the murdered jews of europe. in memory of the jewish victims of the holocaust built 60 years after the 2nd world war. 2 words from the memorials title holocaust and share so no reference is made to germany or the 3rd reich and a mission which some people find curious. nonetheless
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it's an impressive structure covering some $4.00 acres just south of the brandenburg gate. called holocaust memorial that we have a. memorial of shame but not in terms of the shame of our history but in terms of the shame that it exists it should be there he called for revolution of our commemoration practices of 180 degrees in our transit. nonsense because also you can try to round the holocaust. degrees it's true the holocaust. further belongs to the os collective political beauty with its trademark camouflage face paint. the group which lampoons racists took issue with hookers comments even said hitler is not just black and white. it is all he's not just evil basically philip and his colleagues decided to reconstruct
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a miniature whole course memorial in hookahs village to constantly remind the politicians of what hitler did ok as house overlooks the memorial. we thought that our obligation is somehow not just to have more ears in the center like in berlin but also that we moreas have to go where it's urgent and indeed the situation is urgent in october 2019 the east german city of harlow was put under lockdown after a double murder outside a synagogue the latest hate crime committed by near nazis eventually course the far right extremist awaits trial we were not surprised at all was a howler there's a big summit of neo nazi activity. and there are a lot of people and very radicalized people so. it was not right with just chucking. despite rising tensions and increasing anti
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semitism there was no police protection at the synagogue many observers have drawn a link between these racist attacks and these rhetoric. accuse ations the party tonight. this is a tech tick by the other party's chests everything which is happening and you can say right yeah then they are trying to put as did to do to bring it in connection with the f.t. . in the time of course for harbor killings particularly worrying. for murder is just one of several east german politicians who've received death threats from for writing stream at the. time didn't. as if you live. comms and you were just normal a moslem done. with the tensions rising in the time
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following a number of incidents involving refugees appealed for calm then he began to receive threatening emails. saying he should die in a familiar though the sender of the death threat was caught the police then released him citing freedom of expression. 2900 lupe a prominent politician in the state of hesse. perceived as too pro refugee he was shot in the head by a neo nazi loot had also received death threats. according to germany's foreign minister hike a mass there are 12 photos and dangerous near nazis in the country against this
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backdrop the f.t. goes from strength to strength and the after is the 2nd strongest party in the east and the 3rd strongest party on national level of all parties in germany what more do we need to see that our strategy is wrong the strategy is 100 percent appeasement policy and then we need something completely different. perhaps even more worrying is the fact that germany is in many ways a microcosm for the region. as we will discover in the next episode these problems are being repeated elsewhere in eastern europe and on a bigger scale. 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall whole regions have become abandoned got up on the ballot a billionth of a 3rd if you don't tell a double step you will get out. more and that blair well what i'll do then they're not. fundable minorities find themselves under attack from nationalist
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governments this is the kind of extremist racist sentiment that we didn't see in this country for many many years and perhaps most shocking of all many of those guilty of hate crimes during communism have continued to prosper they transform from the social democrats and they said now everything is ok we have democracy but in fact it was just the fake democracy. the hope and optimism that greeted the fall . the berlin wall a time when anything not possible now seems like a lost opportunity as the continent veers into an uncertain and dangerous future plan to. get a small. hand playing. informed
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opinions the economy is actually what's keeping donald trump all right now and in-depth analysis of the day's headlines the protest movement is only getting stronger the more people who kill the more resilient the resistant they will become the inside story on al-jazeera. january on al-jazeera president donald trump is that that president in history to be impeached what does this mean for the future of the u.s. leader on the brink of an election before much chilian presidential candidate explores the defeat of left wing political parties a close match in america a look at how this year's world economic forum to focus on ways to tackle the impact of climate change an expropriation of family links to the sydney's regime examines if it's early may now be embracing freshest ideologies most believed gone forever with the general election out of the way breaks it is now setting how to move the u.k. proceed with the transition issues in the coming months january on al-jazeera.
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earth to problem is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to manage under 1000 refugees don't have the right to more freely on the other hand gord's can move freely as far and as much as they want it's multinational colonialism this is a very i'm not a woman over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera. 3 years after cholera was discovered in haiti this is just one example of how the death toll from this epidemic could be much higher than anyone knows an al-jazeera investigation into who should be held responsible travel to the united nations headquarters in new york. we spotted the secretary general again in this room we're going to try to catch a man in town but has justice now been served for the victims rewind haiti in a time of cholera on al jazeera.
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this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes iran appears to be standing down donald trump seeks to dial down tensions with iran and wants europe to take on a bigger role in the middle east. iran's president says the real revenge for the assassination of its top general will be to push america out of the region. questions remain over what caused the crash of an airliner in iran 176 people were killed including dozens of canadians.


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