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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2020 7:00am-7:34am +03

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and i will not take a price for it thank. the men who still live on al-jazeera. think . iran appears to be standing down donald trump seeks to dial down tensions with iran and wants europe to take on a bigger role in the middle east probably the worst briefing i've seen at least on the military issue the congressman from both parties of criticize the trumpet ministration for carrying out the attack that killed an iranian military come on the customs on the matter. hardly one i'm come all santamaria with the world news from al-jazeera questions remain over just what caused the crash of an airliner in iran 176 people have been
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killed and also the straightest bush fire crisis will take you to sydney is firefighters and residents price themselves for the return of dangerous weather conditions. this president says iran appears to be standing down after a series of air strikes on iraqi military bases hosting u.s. troops the strikes were in retaliation for the assassination of top iranian come on the qassam so the money washington has now risen to the united nations reiterating it will act against tehran if necessary we'll start with this report from our white house correspondent kelly how has. with the u.s. in iran edging dangerously close to war president donald trump proclaimed that tehran appears to be standing down truck gave no indication that the united states intends to strike back hours after iranian missile attacks on 2 bases used by the
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u.s. military in iraq. we suffered ok will tease all of our soldiers are safe and orderly minimal damage was sustained at our military bases at least as it was a stark contrast to the president's threats of retaliation without hesitation that have dominated his twitter feed in recent days instead flanked by top advisers and generals trump made a surprising suggestion that members of nato to become much more involved in the middle east process it was an astonishing claim from a president who once called nato obsolete he also encouraged u.s. partners and allies to abandon the j c p a way an agreement put in place in 2050 and by world powers to live it iran's nuclear program we must all work together toward making
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a deal with the ribbon that makes the world a safer and more peaceful place however truck didn't ounce new sanctions would be coming without giving specifics he also left open the possibility of diplomacy speaking directly to iran's leaders he insisted the united states desires for iran a great future one that you deserve one of prosperity at home in harmony with the nations of the world the united states is ready to embrace peace. with all who seek it but missing from the president's speech evidence that the u.s. killing of iranian general qassam solomonic was justified and necessary to prevent an imminent attack on americans it's evidence opposition democrats are demanding from the trumpet ministration also absent a clear strategy something the administration has promised to provide in closed
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door briefings on wednesday to members of congress including top republicans iran didn't just take an off ramp it took a u. turn because they know they have no capability to fight against america at least based on the presentation that was made. it does not meet what i consider to be a threat but if president trump chooses to respond by sending even more soldiers to the middle east he breaks a major campaign promise to pull the united states out of what he once called it's for ever wars can really help at al-jazeera the white house of impairment washington d.c. has. been reading a statement from the house leader nancy pelosi talking about the war powers act in a vote on that resolution can you explain this to us. yeah via nancy pelosi the speaker of the house is quite frankly very upset about what she thinks is the lack of intelligence and lack of clarity that the administration has
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given for the strike they killed so the money and so on thursday she is going to propose a a bill in the house of representatives and she said that the house will vote on it as well that would limit the trump administration's ability to take any further action against iran without 1st informing the house of representatives on wednesday the administration did send some officials over and gave aid and intelligence briefing to the full house and senate where many republicans by and large were pretty much happy with what they heard from the administration on this supposed imminent threat that solo money posed however many democrats were saying that that the intelligence was short and that the information they received from the administration was not nearly enough and not clear enough to call for this
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strike that killed so many even some republicans let's listen here to 21 republican lawmaker mike lee this is what he had to say about the administration's justification for the strike that killed soleimani i had hoped and expected to receive more information outlining the legal factual and moral justification for the attack was left somewhat unsatisfied on that front which i would add was probably the worst briefing i've seen at least on a military issue in the 9 years i've served in the united states senate. what i found so distressing about that briefing was that one of the messages we received from the briefers was do not debate do not discuss the issue of the appropriateness of further miller military intervention against iran and that if you do you'll be emboldening iran also the united nations got
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a real sort of coming into the fold now washington's recent alaska saying actually we'll act again if we have to. yeah that's right this letter was we just got our hands on it just a few minutes ago as i came in here it was written by kelly craft the u.n. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations it's a very long letter but what it essentially says is like what you said is it informs the united nations number one of the strike that killed soleimani and also lays out their justification for it but in that it says that the u.s. will act again if necessary i think that there are 2 things that are there really struck me in this letter number one is there's nowhere in here that the u.s. ambassador says there was an imminent threat posed to the u.s. by solmonese she just says in the letter that you know it was a part of over the past several months the united states has been the target of a series of escalating threats and arm attacked arm attacks by iran that's much different than an imminent threat and then number 2 the letter in's by saying that
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the u.s. stands ready to pursue diplomacy with iran that's interesting because the iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif was planning to come to new york to attend a united nations security meeting on thursday however the u.s. denied his visa so he could not be in the u.n. for that meeting on thursday so in one side the u.n. the u.s. mission at the u.n. is saying hey we want to participate in diplomacy on the other side the u.s. is denying the visa for the for the top diplomat to attend a key u.n. meeting ok thank you for all those details gabriel is on the in washington now in an interview with al jazeera iran's ambassador to the united nations said teheran's next move will depend on the actions of the united states it on is not interested in will iran is not insist that in escalation of tension in the region i mean. increasing the tension in the region will not be in the interest of nobody so iran
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definitely would like to have to have peace stablish in the neighborhood and the 1st ingredient for peace in their in the region is that we move all of of the forces american forces from our teacher more from us now with the reaction in teheran. president rouhani has had some strong words for the united states he said the united states should know if they commit another crime even if it is a threat that they would receive a decisive action from the armed forces also we've had. enough for many speaking the rare live broadcast usually they recorded and then put out on state t.v. but had a live broadcast to speak into followers he said that yesterday's missile attack was a slap in the face for the united states but military action alone wasn't enough and
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that the u.s. presence in the region needed to end but we've also had response to what the nato secretary general secretary general who condemned iran's missile strikes against u.s. forces. the foreign minister said that those those attacks were an eagle and he said that the nato had been nothing in the region except for destruction and instability but also the foreign office spokesman has said that nato had become a tool to justify u.s. u.s. crimes and terrorism so we're still having some very strong language come out from iran despite donald trump saying. that iran is standing down iran also released video footage showing them assembling the missiles and those missile strikes and again trying to appease public opinion here people have been out in the streets over the last few days asking for revenge over the assassination of qassam so the
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money and the reaction goes further afield john holl is in london and says donald trump used his speech to give nato powers a dressing down for what he considered response to the killing of so many. remember don't trump has a fairly checkered history with nato once calling it obsolete now apparently supporting it but frequently railing against its members calling them to take on a greater share of the burden a greater share of the cost for their own defense on the collective coffers of nato now i think he will see nato alongside european powers as having disappointed the administration my composure the secretary of state said as much in failing to full throated lee support the actions last week against custom solomonic. an opportunity i think in this address to give everyone a sort of dressing down here a bit of naming and shaming and in nato is case presumably as i said to take up some of the burden in iraq opening the door for the u.s. possibly to draw down its forces there something we know donald trump is keen to do
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and something of course that we also know that the iraqi parliament at least he's keen for him to do some analysis now from explant hall who is the author and editor of the gray zone dot com an online website and says it appears donald trump strategy on iran is to stick with the status quo. donald trump's speech sounded to me like an impersonation a very slurred in person asian of benjamin netanyahu it was rife with the kind of dissent from ation he's used to justify his maximum pressure policy and it was bookended with a promise to sort of deescalate this latest round because even elements in donald trump's domestic base are in open revolt against escalation towards actual conventional war with iran donald trump couldn't even pronounce the name of the man that he called the worst terrorist in the world but the most significant aspect of his speech today is
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a restatement of the maximum pressure policy of sanctions and even hardliners in washington agree that sanctions. that was put in place in 2017 which almost every democrat in the senate voted for are responsible for this escalation with iran it's left iran with no choice but to begin to retaliate because the demands that the us has imposed on iran for lifting the sanctions would mean a complete dissolution and suicide of its revolutionary government so it's unclear when trump or any of his allies talk about a deal what they mean and it seems that they've completely shredded the j c a p o n alienated all of europe the j c pos just now this hollow hawk of a dead mess that probably will never be revived. now loud blasts have also been heard in the iraqi capital baghdad on wednesday night 3 rockets fell inside the heavily fortified green zone which houses government buildings and foreign missions
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caused a fire but no casualties were reported it's coming up the rest of the day's news there are calls for an urgent ceasefire in libya as turkey and russia want to see inside by sunday. not just their sits down with the venezuelan opposition they don't want to why don't he says president to do those using force to hold on to power. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across the eastern med of course we're still watching that area of low pressure moving very slowly bring a lot of rain winds across much of the area the temperatures are also quite low across this area below average we're talking single digits here in jerusalem as well as damascus things will get a little bit better by the time we get to friday and the temperatures will start to ease their way back up also we're going to be watching the rain here across the
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gulf and on thursday rain should be pushing across parts of the lower gulf we're going to be seeing that push cross qatar over here towards the u.a.e. as well so for also for dubai expect to see those waves hours and they could be heavy at times here in doha a 3 day forecast looks like this we're going to be seeing those winds still a problem over the next few days but we're also going to be seeing the showers as well by the time we get toward saturday though most of that's out of the area and we're going to be seeing a high of only about 18 degrees overnight it could be down to about 12 degrees here and then down across parts of southern africa it is going to be the rain that we can be watching over the next few days really not affecting cape town a little bit more over here towards the east as well as up here towards the north and for janice berg it could be quite heavy at times we do expect to see the heavy rain again such make its way a little bit more towards the east but for madagascar it is going to be showers. italy to the north with a temperature of 25. dollars
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the last time you out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system going to walk through each and every leg with your layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say retention has to start from day one whether again you and attention or you are incarcerated this is a dialogue everyone has a voice so far there are studies that support rush coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on now does iraq. move. the headlines this hour on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says iran appears to be standing down but has promised to
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impose further economic sanctions he was speaking after iran launched more than a dozen missiles of air bases in iraq which host u.s. forces. and large blasts have been heard in baghdad wednesday night 3 rockets reportedly failed inside the heavily fortified green zone started a fire but there are no reports of casualties. the other story out of iran is the u.s. aircraft or u.s. aircraft surveillance company which is that will share data in detail in the flight path of a ukraine international arms plane that crashed in iran on wednesday the boeing 737 went down shortly after takeoff from tehran all 176 inches and crew were killed with support from the baka. the passengers and crew of flight p.s. 752 didn't stand a chance. minutes after takeoff the ukrainian international airlines flight from tehran to kiev went down in the city suburb recovery team was picked through what's
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left of the plane from people's lives. most of the dead are rainy and more than 60 canadians were also killed many reportedly students returning from break asian the boeing 737800 was less than 4 years old and had been recently serviced. video and social media shows a light hurtling to the ground and then a fireball. iranian officials say there was no distress call the solution fortunately it didn't question the reason eventually area but the wreckage has scared it around the gardens of villas within a large radius nobody has survived. across bill airport in kiev the arrivals board bears the grim news. this mother and father had been waiting for their son to arrive may seem to have some work for you my son is a senior flight attendant my daughter called at 615 this morning to say that in the u.s. they were reporting that a plane had crashed
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a ukrainian international airlines plane ukraine's now canceled all flights overran the country's embassy in tehran initially blamed engine failure for the crash later removed the statement was useful while the approaching we made the decision to suspend all the activities of all ukrainian of the asian companies in iranian air space until the causes of this tragedy become clear. the crash comes amid heightened tensions across the region following a u.s. drone strike that killed top iranian general has a money in a sign of worsening ties iran's civil aviation authority says it will not give the black box flight recorder to u.s. plane make a boeing for analysis it's not clear which country iran will send the box to. the safety audit and it had no accidents whatsoever so there they really do this as a very very good airline but i do believe it will be mechanical or possibly it might possibly be a terrorist act it's too hard to tell at this stage the crash is
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a major setback for boeing but struggled to regain trust after the grounding of its 737 max aircraft following 2 fatal and crashes within 5 months. the boeing 737 is one of the most popular aircraft in the sky with a good safety record investigators must now to turn in how and why so many lives ended here. al-jazeera. many of those on board had connecting flights on to canada where prime minister justin trudeau says he expects the country to have a role in the investigation. ukrainian airlines plane just landed in toronto from kiev according to the airline there are 138 passengers who weren't on that flight because they died in the crash this song or day comes in the wake of deeply concerning events in iraq canada condemns the missile attacks launched by around
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last night i am relieved as are all canadians that all personnel deployed in iraq are safe now turkey and russia have called for a cease fire in libya and they want to be implemented by this sunday announcement shortly after vladimir putin met reject time in order to write a pipeline in istanbul and support from step passon. the leaders of turkey and russia use the opening of a major gas pipeline to highlight improved through elations between the 2 countries but destroyed teach it to extreme project that offers an alternative route for russian gas to be delivered to europe via turkey was overshadowed by events elsewhere the s.s. a nation of an iranian military commander by the u.s. and a missile attack on u.s. bases by iran both strikes taking place in iraq have raised tensions in the region . no one is the strength to pay the further price no $1.00 has the right to
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put the whole region especially iraq into a new circle of fire for the sake of their own interests turkey will do all possible not the region to be drawn in blood and tears flooding may put in sat by overcoming their differences turkey and russia giving a good example. solution we are living in a very difficult time in our decisions we are facing it it's a situation that can fuel tensions but russia and turkey are showing a very different example. but their body language at a meeting earlier in the day made it clear not all is good between the 2 leaders. behind the smiles and handshakes they are saying differences between the 2 nations to the young russia on opposing sides of the war say we are. still pressing. both nations confronting face to face of. turkey has accused russian
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mercenaries of fighting alongside khalifa haftar who has launched an offensive on the libyan capital tripoli after a meeting in istanbul put an end to one urged all parties involved in the war in libya to commit to a ceasefire starting on january the 12th so a peace process can take place but for the syrian city of it lip there was no such call hundreds of thousands of syrians have been displaced in the past 2 weeks alone after russian and syrian troops increased their operations in the last rebel held province while the turkish president has raised concerns about the influx of refugees he did not get a commitment from put in to stop the fighting there step fasten al-jazeera istanbul . residents in southeast australia are preparing for the return of dangerous weather conditions in both victoria and new south wales with origins of issued new warnings and evacuation notices urging people living in high risk areas to leave 27
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people have already been killed and thousands left homeless by the bush fires that have burned through an area the size of south korea just to washington and city now with the latest just last hour when we had a few tech problems how it looks kind of clear behind you disguise but i wonder if that's a little bit deceptive as to what's on the way. that's right it is it is a bit deceptive as we've heard from authorities conditions are expected to worsen tomorrow which would be friday here in australia already had some evacuations in the state of south of we know that it's likely to head up along the east coast region affecting the states of victoria and new south wales is heard from the prime minister just a short while ago warning that even though it seems that things have been so terrible in these affected areas particularly in new south wales and victoria that things are likely to be worse in the days to come and the crisis is far from over.
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with or is ng creasing in the south and east today and it will spike along the east coast tomorrow $1600.00 defense reservists are currently assigned to push for operations around the country in the new south wales an i.t. the focus is on risk to blacked out communities and there have been literally thousands of homes and customers have been reconnected just in recent days but there are still many without power so scott morrison is talking about the immediate issue the acute problem with conditions changing but some much of what he says also turns into politics doesn't it about environmental policy in australia about climate change is this looking like maybe. they could be a change in that policy or some sort of turning point. although this push by crisis has really gripped the nation and terrified many of
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the around the country it is unlikely that this bushfire season will be a turning point we have heard from the prime minister recently saying that his government has always made the connection between this bushfire season and the climate change but of course that hasn't always been the case early on in this in this crisis the government was quick to distance this season from climate change we haven't heard from the government any change in policy any indication that it's truly it will move back from its dependence on fossil fuels a strongly its economy is of course dependent on coal and we haven't heard any indication that there's any chance plans to change that so the government's really walking a fine line between focusing on the economic prosperity but also its safety in terms of environmental issues as well thank you jessica washington in sydney venezuela's main opposition leader has toned down to 0 the country isn't ready to
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hold parliamentary elections he accuses president nicolas maduro of using force to stay in power speaking to our north america editor to see newman in caracas she began by asking if he'd perhaps under estimated the resilience. you know. first there's a dictatorship in venezuela and yes i underestimated the malice the ability to inflict damage of maintaining power through force control assassinations co-option blackmail all at the expense of peace in venezuela. the government has a very obvious strategy it's recognizing a former opposition as they did in mit speaker of the house and they will very soon recognize that assembly and. appoint we are a new electoral council and then call for parliamentary elections what is going to be your strategy. i want to clarify that in venezuela there are no 2 parliaments
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there is one parliament one that's confronting a dictatorship that uses the military to take control of the legislature on tuesday we were able to overcome the obstacles and the dictatorship will do what it always does whether you like it or not they will say there will be parliamentary elections this year it's in the constitution so what would you do but. you know pressure demand take to the streets because the solution is not to hand over the parliament to them elections have to be a real solution not a placebo a small selection is a placebo it's not a realistic approximation to a solution or an alternative but rather we could validate a dictatorship that would be very grave for venezuelans an election requires conditions minimum conditions like in chile in the referendum against pinochet there were minimum conditions today we have not a single condition in fact it's worse than may have 2018 years talk about
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a group of deputies that have been paid off bought off by the government what evidence do you have that that's happened. in the next few days we will present some of the evidence that evidence includes testimony of some deputies that were approached with bribes like jose hernandez who was offered $700000.00 to vote against me many others it testified for example yesterday julio cesar rares a deputy from brewarrina state was threatened that if he voted for me they would invade his family's land in that agricultural region and that's exactly what happened yesterday. and you have said that the most that the key element here is the support of the venezuelan people you've asked again for them to come out onto the streets to fight to struggle but how are you going to convince them to do that . to believe that this time it will be any different than it was a year ago because there's clearly. disappointment in their leaders you know.
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i don't have to convince them all venezuelans want change i didn't convince them in 2007 in 281417 or 19 it is venezuelans who are fighting for their freedom and yes i will lead this process responsibly to find a solution over and again we have shown firmness on the streets and strength and determination to change and confront to dictatorship. up past the hour on al-jazeera and these are the headlines u.s. president donald trump says iran appears to be standing down but he still promised to impose further punitive sanctions on tehran trungpa speaking several hours after iran launched more than a dozen missiles at bases in iraq which host u.s. forces are now in washington he says the u.s. has sent a letter to the united nations explaining the attack on some sort of money. letter
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ins by saying that the u.s. stands ready to pursue diplomacy with iran that's interesting because the iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif was planning to come to new york to attend a united nations security meeting on thursday however the u.s. denied his visa so he could not be in the u.n. for that meeting on thursday so in one side the u.n. the u.s. mission at the u.n. is saying hey we want to participate in diplomacy on the other side the u.s. is denying the visa for the for the e.u. rands top diplomat to attend a key u.n. meeting also loud blasts have been heard in baghdad on wednesday night 3 rockets reported to fall and inside baghdad's heavily fortified green zone which houses government buildings and foreign missions caused a fire but there are no reports of casualties. the other headlines investigators are looking into the cause of the crash of ukrainian passenger plane in iran it happened moments after takeoff and $176.00 people on board were killed.
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firefighters and residents in southeast australia are preparing for the return of dangerous weather conditions all forces of issued new warnings and evacuation notices a number 27 people have already died in turkey in russia calling for all warring parties in libya to reach a ceasefire by sunday deploying troops to support the internationally recognized government in tripoli to help fight against warlord khalifa haftar his forces been trying to seize tripoli since april. and the former french president nicolas sarkozy is to stand trial on charges of corruption and abuse of power that will happen in october he is accused of trying to bribe a magistrate in return for information on a criminal inquiry into his political party all right you're up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera the stream is next with femi ok. trade tensions could cut global economic growth by the 1.8 percent we bring in the
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stories and developments the right to change the world we live in for example trying to be a drag on the global economy 2020 counting the cost on al-jazeera. welcome to the stream ok the killing of an iranian major general has put the u.s. and iran on the brink of war but iraq is the battlefield so what lies ahead for a country over the struggling with a string of domestic problems send your thoughts for today's show through twitter and you tube you could be it. iran's targeting of 2 iraqi military bases hosting u.s. troops has put the world on edge with fears that terrans revenge attacks the u.s. killing of its most important military leader who would escalate but it's
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a rock that's in the firing line.


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