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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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it's not because we expect good things from them that we can expect great things from us the u.s. house of representatives is to vote on a bill that would limit president donald trump's ability to attack iran. hello i'm adrian for get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the revolutionary guards commander warns that iran's missile strike against u.s. forces in iraq was just the start of a series of revenge attacks. foreign diplomats including the u.s.
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ambassador visit indian administered kashmir for the 1st time since its autonomy was revoked in oldest. and canada has joined the investigation to find out why a ukrainian jet crashed in iran killing all 176 people on. the us house of representatives is jews of those on measure limiting president donald trump's ability to take military action against iran as the fallout from the assassination of iranian general custom sala mahdi continues earlier on wednesday president trump backed away from saw the military confrontation but democrats are not satisfied house speaker nancy pelosi says that she doesn't believe saddam audi's killing has made the us safer. we are passing today a war powers resolution to limit the president's military actions ministration must
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use deescalate and must protect prevent further by alliance america and the world cannot afford to war but what happened in the view of many of us is not promoting peace but an escalation not that we have any confidence in the goodness. of the good intentions of iran and we certainly do not respect an act from my intelligence background know just how bad school money was it's not because we expect good things from them but we expect great things from us live now to capitol hill as it is what is your castro's outside the house chamber what are we to make of house speaker pelosi is a statement of what stu to happen in congress about. well she certainly is confident adrian that today the democratic controlled house of representatives will
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pass this measure of the war powers resolution out of that chamber and she's probably right they have the numbers this is the resolution that was introduced by democrats that seeks to limit u.s. military intervention or guarding iran to 30 days that is unless trump obtains congressional approval and the debate today follows yesterday's briefings by top intelligence state and defense officials here on capitol hill that came after there was criticism from democrats that the killing of general salim ani was ordered without congress' consultation and although that briefing yesterday was meant to temper those criticisms it appears it may have only incensed members who are take a listen to how democratic congressman joseph kennedy responded the vote today on the war powers resolution to restrict the current administration's actions against iran is an important. it is a necessary response to a reckless president without
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a point but it is not enough because yesterday this administration told us that the legal authority to launch a strike targeting iran 6 days ago was granted based on the authority that this body allowed to invade iraq 18 years ago using a deceased dictator to justify a potential war against an entirely different atmosphere making a mockery of matters of war and peace and that legal authority cited by administration officials was a u.s. response to the 911 attacks so talk about looking back into history and the criticism that using that as legal justification on the ongoing conflict with iran now it came that criticism not just from democrats but also from republicans and we've heard at least shoe republican senators saying that that justification is
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like a just a farce and that that is driving them to support the war powers resolution which again would tie the president's hands going forward with iran course even if this legislation passes out of both chambers of congress it would still face a potential presidential veto peter castro reporting live from capitol hill let's gets reaction from the oval office now bring in our white house correspondent kimberly how could i was the president reacting to all of this can be. well the u.s. president is defending the withholding of intelligence from congressional members something that has made both members of the democratic and republican party quite unhappy they say they want proof that there was an imminent threat to ordinary americans that was would require the assassination of iran's general saloon mahdi but the u.s. president is defending it saying that he wants to keep that information at a high level and also he argues that he doesn't believe that he should have to seek
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congressional approval because it sometimes required the president's react within a split 2nd we caught a total monster and we took him out and that should have happened a long time ago. we did it because they were looking to blow up our embassy we also did it for other reasons that were very obvious somebody died one of our military people died people were badly wounded just a week before and we did it and we had a shot at him and i took it and that shot was pinpoint accurate and that was the end of a monster. now the president has also said that he has instructed the treasury something he mentioned in his address yesterday from the white house to put in place more sanctions on iran a reporter asked are those now in place the president saying yes but we've still heard no details about those new sanctions so we're left guessing what areas they
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target as well the u.s. president once again talking about how he believes that nato should get more involved in this conflict between the united states and iran but again offered no specifics on a serious white house correspondent kimberly helka reporting live from washington many thanks kimberly. iranian revolutionary guard command has warned that wednesday's missile attack on a base hosting u.s. troops in iraq is only the start of a retaliation that will continue across the region ali says that iran strikes weren't meant to kill soldiers but to damage the american military machine also reports from. a country in mourning thursday's memorial ceremony began in the supreme leader's residence in teheran. the commander in chief of iran's armed forces accompanied by the man who has replaced is sasnett a general hossam so the money as head of the revolutionary guards let's force.
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similar memorial services were held across the country to mark the u.s. killing of general salim on the impact that on friday. and on wednesday this was iran's promised response this video was broadcast on state t.v. it appears to show members of the revolutionary guard loading ballistic missiles. before launching them into the night sky their targets a military base across the border in iraq housing u.s. soldiers the man in charge of that operation is the head of iran's revolutionary guard aerospace unit brigadier general allie hodges. in. the fall with the ball the missile attack conducted against the u.s. military base was a move that god willing will be continued in iran was not after killing u.s. personnel our goal was to hit u.s. military equipment. and immediate diplomatic solution to the crisis seems unlikely
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iran wants u.s. forces to permanently leave the gulf region i think there are events where damsel in many areas is something mary a strategy and for lying to her and as there were leader himself also mentioned it is to make the americans leave their region and i think that many nations in the region also are supporting this will be for kofi if this the u.s. says it's targeting of us i'm still the money in an air strike was in response to an attack in iraq in which an american contractor was killed and for which it blames iran. but a recent unclassified memo appears to contradict trump's claims that general solar money pose an immediate danger to the united states iranian officials have united in their response the stolen money for now a number of countries are trying to use all political channels to deescalate tensions between the united states and iran but solmonese death is not likely to
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open a path of dialogue between the 21 time adversary. north of the bari al jazeera there on happening right now at the united nations the security council is holding a debate on upholding the u.n. charter for international peace and security it comes amid the growing tension between washington and tehran following the assassination of general salim ani besides the u.s. congress the legality of that attack is being questioned at the united nations let's hear from our diplomatic editor james bays at the u.n. james this is quite some meeting who is there and who isn't all right now speaking it's the u.s. ambassador to the united nations kelly craft we're monitoring her words as she speaks now but not expecting from talking to diplomats that she's likely to directly address the current situation with regard to iran as you say a meeting all about the u.n. charter the governing document of the united nations and the key document in
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international law both iran and the u.s. say that they acted under this charter article 51 of it that allows self-defense but certainly there's been criticism of certainly the u.s. and from some council members of iran during this meeting so far just listen to the words of the chinese ambassador. may the united states unilaterally military adventurism has led to the tensing up of the situation in the gulf region china support secretary general good tears his call for peace while we've been actively engaged in diplomatic operations you are committed to playing a responsible constructive role in safeguarding international law equity and justice and regional he's instability. we've also heard from the russian ambassador to the united nations about benzema now he said that the current problems in the gulf all stem from one thing and that was the u.s. and president trump deciding to pull out of the iran nuclear deal he was also very
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critical of something else that has happened in recent days and that's the fact that the u.s. has not given a visa to mohamed jobs the reef the iranian foreign minister who wanted to be here in new york speaking around the security council table today in an hour or so we will we think hear from iran but from the iranian ambassador will be addressing that meet this meeting which continues there are a total of $110111.00 speakers so expect the meeting to go on not just on thursday but on friday to diplomatic editor james bay is reporting live from the u.n. james many thanks indeed. we're going to weather update bexhill 08 then evacuation orders in place for parts of australia as more hot and windy weather is forecast threatening to fan bush fires that are burning out of control and.
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hello again a welcome back to the national weather forecast all the rain has already started here in parts of the gulf is going to continue as we go towards friday and possibly even saturday get even harder in some locations 1st of all on friday conditions and doha do get better we may have some lingering showers on friday morning but most of the heavy rain will be pushing over here towards the east so we're talking the emirates as well as the northern part of oman southern iran also scenes of very heavy rain but we do think it is going to be on saturday that we do see the heaviest rain across much of this area localized flooding could be a big problem so we're watching this very very carefully as we head into the weekend tempter wise though temperatures are coming down we're going to sing only see 18 degrees here on saturday riyadh at 14 but as we go towards sunday expect to see doha come down to about 16 as expected high well for the know the part of
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africa it is going to be the rain as well as the winds here across much of egypt over the next few days also parts of libya algeria you'll see some rate of rain showers as well they will be light temps are wise it is going to be in the mid teens across much of the region and for cairo finally the rain ends on saturday with a temperature of about 17 degrees and for south africa the rain continues for you johannesburg expect to see some rain showers in your forecast we do expect to see attempts to come down to about $24.00 degrees. but. frank assessments the one thing about these bushfires is that it's really going to the. climate change in full depending on the. calamy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on those 2 schools even know what this law is all about this argument is astonishingly patronize a in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of the new iraq of the new conscious and aware youth of that struggle against an ethnic sectarian
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kotor inside story on al-jazeera. and again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the made news this hour the u.s. house of representatives is debating a bill that would limit president donald trump's ability to attack iran trump has denounced the move and called on republicans to vote against it. a senior iranian revolutionary guard commander is warning iran's recent attack in iraq is only the start of its retaliation ali. says the strike was meant to damage the american military machine. u.s.
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president donald trump has told reporters that he has suspicions that the ukrainian passenger plane that crashed in iran was accidentally shot down by iranian air defense missiles tehran has denied that it brought down the plane canada's prime minister says his country will be part of the investigation $63.00 of those killed in the crash were canadian citizens laura bush madly reports. friends family colleagues coming together in greece. these were the 9 crew members of ukraine international airlines who was supposed to land the tumbling kid have a wednesday is the site i had just assumed was it's a tragedy for the whole world for ukraine and every one of us this is a grief which is difficult to express in words ukraine's president vladimir the landscape joined the he says he craney and investigators are helping iranian authorities to find out why the boeing 737 crashed shortly after takeoff from
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tehran airport joining up a little i will speak with iran's president to step up cooperation with ukraine to establish the truth i'm appealing to the international community especially to canada to take part in the investigation. most of the passages were iranian. as well as more than 60 canadians. in toronto and elsewhere in canada there were more candles more flowers and pictures of those who had been killed it me shocked me as well as the iranian community and the world that best hopman i mean just think about the lives that were lost and this was so my necessary canada's prime minister justin trudeau says his country will make sure there's a proper investigation our government will continue to work closely with its partners to ensure that this crash is thoroughly investigated canadians have
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questions and they deserve answers video and social media appears to show the boeing 737-2801 fire before it crashed in a city suburb. emergency crews on the ground work to recover evidence from deborah that was scattered for several columbus's ukraine has cancelled flights to iran and says it expects to see a transcription of the black box cockpit recording. the airline says the plane was one of its best and the pilots among its most experienced it's a major setback for boeing which has struggled to regain trust after the grounding of that 737 max aircraft following 2 fatal air crashes within 5 months there were many national board as people gathering grief around the world investigators who want to find out why the flight with 176 passengers and crew
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never reached its destination lure about a manly al-jazeera french labor unions are holding another nationwide strike against president of. pension reform plans the process have already cause travel disruptions for over a month now because haitians between the government transport unions are set to continue on friday. reports from paris. protests against the french government's planned pension reforms for more than a month now for 5 weeks in fact transport workers strike and that is meant a major travel disruptions up and down the country trains buses metro transit says all severely reduced now what. is a full nationwide day of action that is more like here in the center of areas there are people from old sections of society you have a doctors health workers accountants. my left there are lots of
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teachers many schools and universities are shut today and what they all were saying is they are worried that the french government. that they will have to work. and that they will have that pensions reduced. the pension reforms will be a huge catastrophe in our protests may take time but we must win not just for us but for our children and grandchildren what he wants to impose on. the system is sound so. people are joining this march and really it's a pretty big crowd now no opinion polls suggest that despite all the disruption that a majority of french people still support the strike that is fueling there's no doubt that there is pressure on both the trade unions and the french government to do something to try and break the stalemate that the french government says that this reform is necessary to try to streamline the pension system save money and make it
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fairer and this week the french prime minister said that both sides trade unions and the government have to work to find a way to be impossible especially the bill which will be presented to the company until john who is 24 is necessary to guarantee. the trade unions have a better players will. take into account what's. the trade unions and protesters here want to see the government just scrap their pension reforms was all together with the french government wants to try to appeal to some of the more moderate trade unions with some modifications to the bill well we do need to take into government we see you on friday a group of diplomats from 15 nations on a 2 day visit to indian administered kashmir it's the 1st time that foreign diplomats have been invited by the indian government to assess the situation after new delhi revoked the region's autonomy last august so hell raman reports from the
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indian capital a 2 day visit by a delegation of diplomats based here in india has begun in kashmir they consist according to the indian media of those such as the united states ambassador and diplomats from africa and latin america they have been insistent that they did not want to guided tour of kashmir since article 370 that gave the region its autonomy was removed in the middle of last year and they did want to meet former chief ministers such as men who were mostly. for a dollar who at the moment continue to be under house arrest now of course the only pictures that are emerging from the region on this visit is a convoy from the airport taking these diplomats to a military base where they will they meet apparently members of civil society and other politicians a select group of domestic journalists have been invited by the indian government to cover the event but those that don't quite see eye to eye domestically with the
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indian government have not been invited is expected that we will get comment from these diplomats when they come back to the capital new delhi but what is most interesting is that the representatives of the european union are not in attendance they cited it was too short notice to go and that we will wait to see whether they are invited on to further trip in the future. the u.n. envoy to libya has welcomed calls by turkey and russia for a cease fire to be implemented by sunday to support opposing sides in the conflict moscow backs libyan war after whose forces have been trying to seize tripoli since april and turkey has begun deploying troops to support the un recognized government based in the capital the e.u. has warned libya could become a 2nd syria if a ceasefire isn't reached soon after talks with italy's prime minister picante in rome as part of a separate diplomatic effort to bring an end to the conflict in libya it's lee has
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urged the e.u. to increase its efforts to stabilize the situation it's concerned about the proximity of libya to the italian island of sicily and the number of people who attempt to flee the violence of zeros mahmoud's of the wellhead is in the libyan capital and says the battle for control of the city is constant. here in tripoli the situation remains very tense in southern tripoli as have to his forces according to government military sources have been launching get dozens of rockets a military source told us that overnight of over 40 rockets have been launched by have to his forces many of them landed in or near a residential areas including the vicinity of i'm 80 good airport the only operational airport in the capital of tripoli meanwhile have drawn as have been flying over tripoli overnight and today we have been hearing the humming of the
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drones after the drones in the sky over tripoli this morning have to have been proceeding in neighborhood a densely populated area in southern tripoli random fire have been hitting get residential areas in that area but also on the political level the institutions in the worst of libya have been welcoming the cease fire initiative by both good and russia but meanwhile there is anger in the worst of libya especially after italy has received the warlords or have that only a few days after his forces his forces hit a military academy in tripoli killing $32.00 military students at least 20 soldiers have been killed in attacks in northeastern nigeria military sources say the members of an armed group stormed the town of mangano. borno state excuse me on tuesday evening some residents had to flee their homes for safety there are
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fears of casualties but this is the latest in a surge of attacks across west africa whole region the un special envoy to west africa as warm the security council the violence is at unprecedented levels but are more of people killed during attacks of the killer for so mali and jumped. from 778-2062 more than 4000 last year and begin a faster as one of the hardest hit countries where the death toll increased from 182016 so more than 182019 it's the humanitarian cost is also growing the u.n. estimates that the violence has displaced half a 1000000 people that's a 10 fold increase in 3 is i would address says it's just the latest in a surge of attacks across west africa's so which from the nigerian side we've seen an uptick in violence over the past few months and it's the same across the how over the last 2 or 3 months the trend is more daring attacks by groups
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fight groups in the region a boko haram in nigeria islamic state i saw islamic state in the levant in this a hell area we've seen several attacks especially in the border areas of mali booking a fossil energy as well as on the lake chad side where we've seen several attacks inside cameroon in nigeria in the gerrards of and of course chod i recently there were reports of chaldean troops withdrawing from the idea which was confirmed by the judge you know thought of this but they said it's an indication that their tour of duty in nigeria has ended so violence in the region in west africa is actually on the high side following that we launch of several attacks and violent activities by armed groups in the area. fact that is something he said you about
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a little while ago u.s. president to donald trump within the last hour voicing some new concerns over the crash of a ukraine international airlines plane in iran let's go live to washington and bring in our white house correspondent once again kimberly how could one of the president's a company. yeah the u.s. president commenting on that crash of that ukrainian passenger jet that of course crashed over tehran earlier this week it was initially thought that the cause of this crash was mechanical that that was the explanation that was given it followed at a very unusual time and that was after the iran had in fact struck 2 military bases inside iraq that were used by the u.s. military now again initially it was speculated that the cause of this crash that
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killed all of the passengers on board this was a mechanical failure but now the u.s. president suggesting there may have been another cause of the crash that it may have been mistakenly shot down take a listen to what u.s. president had to say i have my suspicions it was very i don't want to say that because other people have those suspicions also and. it's a tragic thing when i see that it's a tragic thing. but somebody could have made a mistake on the other side it could've could've made a mistake it was flying it was it was flying in not our system that had nothing to do with us it was flying in a pretty rough neighborhood and somebody could have made a mistake some people say was be can it go i personally don't think that's. even a question there are also reports doing the rounds that u.s. officials can play say that the u.s. satellites have detected the launch of 2 missile shortly before the aircraft
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crashed. yeah it was a very confusing time a.j. and i think you and i were talking during some of this as all of this was unfolding and trying to make sense of it you have to remember number of things were happening now the u.s. president has now had the opportunity as you point out to get a look at some of the data that was collected the military intelligence data as would be satellite radar electronic data but at the time things were very very confusing we did know that the f.a.a. the federal aviation administration had issued flight restrictions over the area at the time that would have prevented u.s. flights or any sort of sort of caution to other international flights but there's no sort of certainty that it is for example a ukrainian flight would have to abide by that those are u.s. rules so look concern becomes and when there was this heightened alert you know was there a mistake made do we do know that the united states it was widely reported had f
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$52.00 bombers in position in the indian ocean that base diego garcia is where it was said that that would be the launch if the united states were to retaliate so would be very much within reason for iran to be expecting some sort of retaliation it was also widely being reported at the time the u.s. president was in the situation room with his defense secretary the secretary of state the chair of the joint chiefs of staff it very much looked like the president was ready to make that call if you will to perhaps have to take some sort of action that call never came but the u.s. president often does tend to leak out information that maybe he shouldn't did he just do that just now by suggesting that he knows more about the cause of this crash committee how does this committee how it could better live in washington the white house correspondent in iran of course continues to deny that it shot down
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that aircraft i want to. and the us president donald trump has told reporters he has suspicions that the ukrainian passenger plane that crashed in iran was accidentally shot down by iranian air defense missiles to iran continuing says and i that it brought down the aircraft a couple of other stories to tell you about this hour before we go the u.s. house of representatives is defacing a bill that would limit president donald trump's ability to attack iran trump has denounced the movement is called on republicans to vote against it at a syria revolutionary guard commander has warned that iran's recent attack in iraq is only the start of its retaliation he said that the strike was meant to damage the american military machine those are the headlines but he's continues here on al-jazeera after today's edition of inside story next.
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he's a strong critic of nato yet don't trump said he'll be asking realigns to be more involved in the middle east and in the ongoing tension between tehran and washington what's nato able to offer this is inside story. hello there very warm welcome to the program i'm julie wentzell president donald trump says the u.s. doesn't need middle east oil so what's his country's will in the region well the president is calling on nato allies to step up they were involvement there.


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