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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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government to bring in more robots when documentaries and life moves on air and online. form. you're watching the news hour live from a headquarters in doha i'm coming up in the next 60 minutes hundreds of protesters demand the closure of the u.k.'s embassy in tehran after iran accuses the british ambassador participating in an illegal protest qatar's emir meets the iranian supreme leader into wrong calling on all parties to defuse tensions and saying dialogue is the only way forward. is
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a meeting if it's national security council after the death of at least $89.00 soldiers in a raid on their base. libya's u.n. recognize government and the warlords have to agree to calls from both russia and turkey for a ceasefire. maryanne demasi in london with the top stories from europe including. incoming prime minister by his party to move beyond the scandal that his predecessor. died after a crash during some stage of the race in saudi arabia. we begin in iran where the government is dealing with the growing fallout over its initial failure to admit responsibility for the downing of for ukrainian airliner
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on wednesday hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the u.k. embassy in tehran calling for the embassy to be closed while iran's foreign ministry has summoned the british ambassador accusing him of attending protest against the government's initial response she's denied that protests have been held across the country after the revolutionary guard said it mistaken. they shot down the jet killing 176 people and the iranian parliament has denied a cover up but told the military to take precautions to avoid further disasters or the recent crisis with the u.s. was prompted by the assassination of the iranian commander qassam soleimani in iraq and qatar is a mere isn't iran in a purse to ease those tensions is the 1st foreign leader to visit the iranian capital since her name and he was killed in a u.s. attack on january 3rd. if you walk her so this visit comes as a very critical time in the region we've agreed that the only solution is to defuse
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escalations among all parties and we've also agreed that dialogue and only dialogue is the only route to any solution to any crisis let's talk about this with sources of ours joining us from tehran so what was the takeaway message the cattery emir and iranian leaders were carrying. well it appears that they could tarries are interested in strengthening the ties between the 2 sides as are the rain ians there president hassan rouhani said that this was an important visit the qatari mir's 1st since he came into that position in 2013 he's also been meeting with iran's highest authority hominy the supreme leader short while ago here in the capital and during that meeting the supreme leader said that the current situation in the region is turbulent and unacceptable and that is due to the presence of u.s. forces in this area he said that the only way to combat that is strengthen ties
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between regional countries is of course hinting at the fact that the qataris host one of the biggest basis of u.s. troops in this region and the iranians are adamant since this sasa nation of awesome so the money that the united states has to leave this region completely so this visit is being seen as an important step in qatar's role in trying to deescalate tensions between iran and the united states something that they are very keen on of course being that they're so close geographically to iran and the iranians have said that they are adamant they want the troops the u.s. troops to leave this region we also know that the qatari emir has extended it mutation to president hassan rouhani to visit qatar at his earliest convenience all this in an effort to increase not only diplomatic and political ties but there are both sides are also keen on increasing their economic relationship their protests taking place in parts of the country and particularly right in front of the u.k.
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embassy. that was as a result of a series of events that unfolded after the iranian revolutionary guards and minute that they had mistakenly shot down a passenger plane shortly after launching a series of missile attacks on u.s. base in iraq on wednesday morning the people are in iran are very angry because the reigning officials deny that this has happened disclose the cause of the crash they denied it for over 48 hours and since then they've admitted that it was an error that caused the crash. as a result of a missile strike so they were holding a vigil outside university were 6 of the victims from the plane crash attended it was a vigil that took place on saturday evening and the british ambassador was there apparently and that's where he was arrested briefly and released but the issue that arose from that is that the iranians a number of iranians that gathered outside
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a british embassy today say that the pastor had no right to come out at this illegal gathering and they are demanding that he be expelled and the british embassy be shut down we're also hearing that a number of other protests are ongoing at the moment in various points of the city people are trying to gather to express their discontent at the authorities for having the delay in telling the public what actually happened but there is a heavy security presence across the city that is preventing people from gathering so there is a very tense situation not only politically for this country but also domestically at the moment as well ok or so thank you for that update from to her on. well france germany and the united kingdom are urging iran to return to full compliance with the 2050 nuclear deal in a joint declaration they said they remain committed to the deal but are calling on iran to refrain from further violence or proliferation they do clear
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a deal called the joint comprehensive plan faction was signed by iran and 6 nations in july 2015 the deal lifted sanctions in exchange for monitoring of to her nuclear activities but president donald trump withdrew from the agreement and his 2nd year in office he called it a bad deal for america and reimpose sanctions other nations tried to keep the pact alive but following another wave of tough u.s. sanctions in may last year iran began rolling back its compliance 1st and increased its stockpile of enrich uranium then after the u.s. assassination of qassam soleimani to her scrapped all limits on its nuclear program that speak to robert hunter he's a former u.s. ambassador to nato he's joining us from d.c. to discuss this ambassador good to have you with us on al-jazeera so clearly european countries are fighting to save this deal and urging iran's full compliance is it still salvageable off the recent events. well that we're going to have to
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say it is certainly continues to be critically important for security in the region and in fact i suspect the message from the 3 big western powers while directed at terror and is indirectly directed at mr trump he was the one who started this cycle of problems by withdrawing from the agreement. well almost 2 years ago i suspect because he was jealous of the fact that. his predecessor president obama had negotiated it but this is the europeans saying anough is enough we almost had a war. over iran in the middle east which would have affected the europeans far more than americans and i think they're trying to tell mr trump come on get back on the same page as the rest of the world or a but do they actually have any leverage over trump in the united states when it
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comes to iran and their nuclear deal we've seen trump go full on with his maximum pressure count pain well we now have the president in the states 2 days ago called upon nato to become more and actively involved in security in the region he would gave it a new name nato ammi nato me and called on the europeans to get involved and they're saying in effect mr president if you want our help for security you 1st you've got to stop your role in causing problems and that begins with getting back into the c.p.o. a they didn't want to have an actual split with the americans so they were directing their comments towards to iran but there's no question they were trying to tell mr trump you want our help you got to stop making problems yeah and let me ask you this particularly on nato since you were a former u.s. ambassador to nato. is there much appetites on behalf of the organization
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for trump's middle east proposal. short answer is no variation of that is there is an understanding that europe would be most deeply affected not only by what's happening now with the confrontation with iran and what's happening in syria and iraq but also if things got worse they would really really troubles now i think a lot of european countries would be prepared to get involved in mediation because our. leaders are are now doing from the arab side i think they'd be willing to perhaps some or an advisory troops in syria i think they'd be perhaps willing to try to help with other stabilization measures but to do what trouble is called for absolutely not and i think they've already made that clear rights ambassador robert
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hunter we thank you very much for joining us on al-jazeera. at least 8 rockets have hit an iraqi military base that houses u.s. and coalition forces the rockets reportedly fell on the runway of balad air base that's north of baghdad joining us from baghdad they tell us what more you've been learning about this assignment. at least 4 iraqi soldiers including 2 officers have been wounded in this attack on but their race in the in province just north of baghdad this is a very significant installation because it's not just houses coalition and iraqi troops were also home to iraq's f. 16 contingent and of significant significant important to iraqi air force as well this is the 2nd time this particular base has come under attack since the assassination of money and hundreds there have been about 6 attacks so far rocket attacks from various directions in baghdad and across bases which housed coalition
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forces it goes to sure the kind of risk and security fears that security forces in iraq and coalition forces are facing after these attacks old though there has to be the popular mobilisation forces group which is loosely linked to the iraqi ministry of defense has said that it is not involved in any of these rocket attacks but many other groups which are ideologically or militarily aligned with iran have said that the iranian missile attack was just the beginning of their revenge against the killing of course some silly money and only and once u.s. troops leave this area something that the united states has said it is not willing to do and has been repeatedly asked by the iraqi government including the iraqi prime minister the president and the speaker of the house as well when they condemn these attacks which happened in iraq the soil so again this is the latest as we've heard from various security sources 8 rockets landing on a base on the runway 4 iraqi soldiers being wounded 2 of them offices all
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right. thank you. tunisia where a government source has told al-jazeera of the death toll from thursday's attack on an army base has risen to at least $89.00 no one has claimed responsibility. for this is the cost of a conflict that most of the world knows nothing about. i.c. 9 body bags soldiers from me killed in an attack at an army base in china go draw close to the border with mali no one has yet claimed responsibility but a number of groups are active here and violence across west africa's so whole region has been increasing last month 71 soldiers were killed in an attack meanwhile she is border with mali and became a fast so some believe the conflict in libya is worsening problems across the region after the collapse of the libyan state. after the world not do
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it by france that in libya that's way that's when all the problems in this whole because they came with. the static to attack countries like mali need book in fs so. those countries are too poor to face. the terrorist who are fighting them. a national security meeting will be held in nigeria to work out how to fight groups including us all and french president emmanuel macron is expected to host leaders from the region on monday with most likely discussed the future of france's military presence in the city hill we need to have a military answer because we need to where educate those jihadists. also but it won't be enough because we need to bring also social and the humanitarian cost is also rising the u.n. estimates
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a $1000000.00 people have been displaced in the region because of the violence nicolas cage al jazeera. on to more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including flights are canceled down schools are closed thousands of people flee a volcanic eruption in. and 10 years on from a devastating earthquake the government of haiti faces anger over food shortages and allegations of corruption. to the double serbia clinch the 1st a.t.p. cup peter has the action in sports. but 1st in 2 countries ravaged by war 2 separate cease fire agreements are now in effect warring sides in syria and libya have agreed to put down their arms after negotiations brokered by russia and turkey which you countries support opposing sides in each conflict will have more on syria in
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a moment but 1st libya where warlords funny for half that had initially rejected calls for a ceasefire. is in tripoli and he says there's they're ready been some reports of violations. it's now quiet in the front lines as we're getting reports from military commanders on the ground it's now quiet compared to last night but despite that the government has it imported that it has dick documented violations by half to us forces overnight and this morning and also overnight only a few minutes after the spokesman of have to announce said that they are putting the cease fire in place also we spoke earlier today to civilians eyewitnesses locals in ains our neighborhood they said that have to the forces also opened fire randomly in the area this morning but the government is
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written rating that it's not going to stay silent in front of any violations by have to force as a member of stand the government has been repeating that have to as forces pulling out of southern tripoli is a prerequisite for the government for the government to proceed in any settlement to this conflict or there are also been some reports of some skirmishes in syria as in lead province where another a cease fire agreement is in place and it's hoped the pozen fading will allow desperately needed aid into the region as damasio reports from the turkish capital ankara. the side from the fact of people fearing to be essentially bombed out of the skies by the regime of bashar al assad than even by russian warplanes there is a dire humanitarian situation which is a consequence of 78 years of war that continues to plague all this is innocent
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civilians of syria in terms of how likely it is to hold this is the umpteenth time that some sort of ceasefire agreement has been reached and what is different maybe from with regards to syria is of libya is that there is no where near in these form of equilibrium between the military powers you have armed rebel groups that are now or only in control of this. province the the the region of it live and you have on the other side of the syrian army you have iranian backed militia you have the russian military which are essentially used all of their might and fire power to corner those rebel groups or what's left of them in this small area and essentially has been pounding them for months if not for the past the best part of. years now what's interesting very quickly is that in the past 24 hours the russians have set up checkpoints on the entrances and exits of it live they say to allow for citizens or civilians to leave it live the question is why would they do that if there is
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a ceasefire which people expect to last the skeptics or cynics would say it is an attempt maybe to filter out as many civilians as they can before the fighting resumes once more world leaders have traveled to meet. they saw john was sworn in on saturday after the death of his cousin a long time without spin side of science and the new leader has promised to uphold his predecessor's approach as seen by some as a regional peacemaker samus ravi brings us this report from last night's. a seamless transition of power meant oman woke up to a new sultan while still in mourning for their late monarch at the royal palace hate them been particle saeed received world leaders there to offer condolences and pay their respects to all muslims new leader it's quite rare in the middle east for such a change in power to be so smooth for the new leader to inherit a country so stable and that is
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a large part of the late sultan qaboos his legacy at the grand mosque in oman's capital people shared memories often speaking of less as a rule or more like family who want to be a country are nothing. like what you see. used to. prioritize diplomacy over division religious coexistence inside the country political noninterference outside neutrality as a way of keeping the peace. in. peace in the region. we hope. the success is meant. to continue in the same. emphasize the. existence of the people of this great.
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publish his reign was a time of change spanning 5 decades but there's been little pomp and circumstance since his death the transition to a new leader in a dynasty that has ruled the country for 14 generations marked by the same quiet dignity that was known for during his lifetime. magazine and you will. mudgee the a less fool or work for oman's foreign ministry implementing cup looses gentle approach to internet. analyst fares that are math he cared about these people and he prioritized having people's respect and he applied the same principle when dealing with the rest of the world. it's an approach ingrained in amman's institutions and unlikely to change under new leadership so don cobb use was the quintessential elder statesman a rare voice of reason who throughout his public life held the middle ground in an
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increasingly polarized middle east and omani seem confident their new sultan is the right choice to keep it that way then basra the al-jazeera muska. haiti's paying tribute to the victims of the devastating 2010 earthquake that killed at least 300000 people president over no lawyers attended the official memorial service at the site of a mass grave for victims he left the ceremony after a small group of protesters arrived a decade after the quake there's been little progress on rebuilding and there are ongoing protests over food shortages and government corruption tourism boas at the memorial service and saying christophe on the latest. there is a very sad mood here when you talk to people i may remember what happened in this country 10 years ago here in san christophe people were witnesses of how thousands and thousands of bodies were brought here in trucks and where buried in
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a mass grave right where we are right now this is the place where thousands of people continue to come to lay flowers because they don't know where their loved ones are buried so this is the place where president maurice came to the morial service to honor those who died during the earthquake to serve when he was very very short about 20 people showed up here to protest against his government demanding his resignation accusing him of corruption past few months have been very very tense here in egypt thousands of people have been taking to the streets demanding noises resignation haiti right now is in the middle of a humanitarian crisis there is united nations is saying back to malnutrition is going to increase among the population here so obviously there's a lot of anger on the streets that's what we've been seeing so far but this is a day of mourning it's a sad day for most haitians and it's a day also for the haitian government but also for members of the international
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community to think what went wrong in this past year since the earthquake struck this country and devastated leaving over a 1000000 people without a home and killing at least 300000 people in the philippines all flights out of manila as international airport has been suspended as all 40 is worn a large volcanic eruption could be imminent thousands have been forced to leave their homes jonjo broken. reports. ash and steam spew one kilometer into the air as the tower volcano explodes south of the philippine capital manila all sources here say there's been a fast escalation of volcanic activity and they've warned it could erupt lava within weeks. rained down on several villages and cities nearby and kilometers away prompting a mass evacuation thousands of people have been told to leave their homes with all the water when the volcano emitted steam we ran away up here the road was crowded
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think ash and pebbles were falling the volcano has created its own weather system and tremors have been felt nearby it's not known when people will be able to return the next night we are evacuating we left all of our belongings behind everyone has left all international and domestic flights had to be canceled at manila's main international airport as the philippines waits to see what the town volcano will do next john jay regan al-jazeera still ahead on al-jazeera taiwan's things on a collision course with beijing as its pro independence president wins a 2nd term. thailand's biggest political protest in years the jogger's sending a message to the government and the military. 3 that's coming up with peter in support.
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well it rained heavily yesterday in dubai abu dhabi and then in amman it's nothing on its way it doesn't look very much but the result was quite dramatic this is dubai you know lightning strike and of course the amount of rain that fell produce pretty widespread flooding somebody reported 257 minutes seems a little bit excessive but it was that sort of order it's falling heavily and quickly well it's no longer there we've got this far and it's been a fairly chilly start i have to say in dire harwell temps are slowly rising because the tends to die slowly of a days a 21 c. for costa to say riyadh still at 16 and dubai is about 20 asked pretty typical on the low side of typical for this time the year there is cloud but it's quite high cloud run across the sahara so don't expect much from it little bit of rain might
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be possible in libya the breeze the standard breeze the northeast is running across sudan all the way west is through and beyond and that's a dusty breeze with not especially strong moment in northern libya that circulation which formed in eastern tennessee is moving eastwards that's going to be a wet period i suspect to tropical after a few showers in kenya but the concentration of rain this time the it's a bit further sasnett still there angola namibia and eastwards. across europe immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants' at all 0 in the race. but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody is this nice the far right is preparing for battle and there are opponents or anyone who is different. prejudice and
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pride in hungary on al-jazeera. our coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of every time i travel there whether it's east or west africa people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate our coverage and our focus is not just on their suffering but also on the more of relief team and inspiring stories people trust on jersey and to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and unbiased way and as an african i couldn't be more proud to be part of a toll. booth.
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top stories on the al-jazeera news hour. dialogue. called a critical time iran's government is facing growing anger over its initial failure to admit responsibility for the downing of airliner on wednesday. at least. 4 iraqi soldiers including 2 officers were injured. and a cease fire has come into effect afterwards. just hours before the starts there's also been a pause in fighting in syria. russia and turkey brokered both cease fire. back now to our top story in the protests that are happening in iran well just a short while ago the u.s. president donald trump weighed in and in
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a tweet he said to the leaders of iran to not kill your protesters thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you and the world is watching more importantly the usa is watching turn your internet back on reporters. stop the killing off your great iranian people. joining us from washington d.c. so this was one of the latest tweets but there has been a series of tweets not only in english but in farsi as well what are we to read into all of this. indeed the president started tweeting late last night calling and expressing his support for demonstrators in iran also as he mentioned tweeting some of them in farsi this is symptomatic of what appears to be an administration position to bring that pressure maximum pressure to bear on iran in the forms of external pressures such as sanctions both economic and individual while at the same time seeking internal division internal resistance so in the view
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of the trumpet ministration iran government facing pressure both from without and within the tenor of all the trumpet ministration spokespeople statements in the course of today has been precisely this that iran is facing pressure from within and without and finding it very difficult to withstand such pressure and we understand the defense secretary has been speaking to the sunday talk shows what has he been saying what marcus. on a number of the shows basically backing the administration's position that there was an imminent threat that led to the assassination of a senior iranian general a few days ago arguing too that this was absolutely necessary to carry out but at the same time not giving any real details about what the imminent threat was this is replying to questions in congress to be more specific about what the threat is
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the secretary of defense also said that he couldn't specifically say that for embassies had been threatened and were part of an imminent threat this is something that has been said by president trum nonetheless the secretary of defense says that there was the imminent threat and embassies would have been the likely target but despite all of this he insists that president trump is still open to negotiation. well it is still the legitimate government if you will of iran and what we've said i've said publicly the president certainly has said is we will meet with them we're going to sit down discuss without precondition a new way forward a a series of steps by which iran becomes a more normal country one must mention that the iranian government has made absolutely clear that they can be no the negotiation no discussion of any kind until the u.s. live society actions that it's imposed in recent months the u.s. from lifting these sanctions showing every sign of wanting to intensify them ok my
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kind of thank you meanwhile a vigil is being held in toronto for the many canadian victims of the downing of the ukrainian aircraft in iran daniel black is joining us from the university of toronto daniel where that vigil is being held tell us what you're seeing. well there in it's even more than a vigil it's it's a commemoration ceremony to those who lost their lives it's a gathering of the iranian community and many others besides the university community we'll get a few more details from one of the organizers of that the c.e.o. of teargas and the organization that to organize that this is harry ana judd listen to this crowd must be something people must take something something some support something positive at a terrible time absolutely be have to deal with our grief and we have to mourn and this is the way that we mourn. so we are doing this because we would like to pay respect to all the lost lives lost at the same time to would like to sympathize
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with the victims' families and also we would like to tell the stories of those people who perished they were not just names on papers so you want to tell the stories of those people it must have been difficult and emotional for you and your staff because you lost people as well absolutely that has been very difficult living in a state of shock and even you know we couldn't believe that this happened we thought it was not true and you know we would do would like to get something out of it something positive for the future we don't want to let their lives be taken in vain so we would like to do something and use this energy and harness it in a way to to to make it in the future and the canadian government has been calling for a thorough investigation accountability justice even compensation for the victims is this something you're going to zation is behind as well absolutely absolutely.
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like v. are supporting our prime minister and our government needs i think on the right that they are on the right track and did demand we should demand justice we should demand the truth so we should know the truth we should know what happened to these people. what next for the iranian canadian community coming out of this how do you move on how do you move forward how do you get any closure or healing i think it's very difficult to come to terms with this it's i think that the history of the iranian canadian community is going to be divided into different times before the crash and after the crash and this is going to impact our community so 'd but i hope as i said i hope that we can channel all the energy for making it to their future and making it better world met thank you very much for taking the time today and good luck with that that's made our area on a judge of the organization tear gun here in toronto in arabian canadian cultural
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organization back to you in doha all rights and then a lack thank you very much. incoming prime minister has been warmly welcomed by his party members after winning the vote to me that story let's bring in mary in our european new center. yeah that's right i mean robert a bailer is due to be sworn in as the country's prime minister tomorrow he replaces joseph muscat who was forced to stand down over his handling of the investigation into the death of the journalist daphne. at will so far we've been hearing from a bailout but essentially he's been warmly welcomed by he's been very warmly welcomed by his colleagues his party members after winning that vote. barca reports on this for us. this is the next leader of the e.u. smallest state robert abella as one of the ruling labor party's fresh faces elected
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to parliament in 2017 bolters been rocked by scandal at the highest levels of government must now restore trust in power central will be finding justice for journalist and blogger down the car like alysia killed by a car bomb in 2017 she died delving into the murky finances of politicians a businessman her family has little faith in the ruling party or the new prime minister and things became dangerous for that because she had discovered the secret financial structure on the in all economic team if you can't take a stand about that now when you're pitching to me then when i get to do it in november 1 of multis riches businessmen you're going fenech was arrested and charged with being an accomplice to the killing he denies involvement fenech implicated the multis prime minister's chief of staff keith schembri as a coconspirator he stood down a bit reports he's been questioned by police in connection to the murder 2 other
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cabinet ministers also resigned all have been investigated by carolina for corruption. the revelation sparked anti-government protests prime minister joseph power to public pressure and resigned starting a race to replace him recent scandals that have led to a political awakening here in malta but despite recent protests. support for the ruling labor party remains strong but even amongst its supporters there's a feeling that malta has a serious image problem a european parliament delegation accused of being either leave or complicit or the journalist death mask of supporters deny he's involved. it is made of politicians who. are looking that is naive. because we do not know. the extra story. of the story of what happened
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the investigation into carol and i could see as murder is going to trial by the way the net is closing in on her killers leave parker al jazeera. spain's newly elected prime minister has called for a united dialogue to tackle the country's pressing issues in a veiled reference to catalonia friend of pendants pedre sanchez says improving relations among spain's diverse regions is a top priority for his government separatist movement in catalonia has caused the worst political unrest in spain in decades all suggest nearly half of catalonia 7 and a half 1000000 residents support independence from spain elsewhere in the eastern mediterranean there's a scramble for natural resources under the waves cyprus wants to become a regional gas player but the island's divided status is complicating matters plans to drill for newly discovered reserves have angered the republic of northern cyprus
9:40 pm
while its back at turkey is increasingly asserting itself in the region or a challenge reports. on the south coast of cyprus an oil terminal weight 6 pectin out in the eastern mediterranean there's gas early last year exxon mobil found a big reserves in cypriot waters if they pumped the t.t. ies energy hog here could get a big gas boost cyprus certainly will at least part of it but not the self declared republic of northern cyprus recognised only by turkey its foreign minister warns against shutting them out of the bonanza. if. the international actors including the international energy companies. give the message to decrease the british side that they can continue to do it alone unilaterally without getting the consent of the turkish cypriot side without communicating and cooperating with it or because the bridge site it would not be something good for the relations between the 2
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because we will continue to take certain steps and we will do the same the response has been towards rise turkey strutting ships protected by the turkish navy to also look for gas and they've been doing it in waters internationally recognized as belonging to greek not a prius cyprus hates it the e.u. and the us do not like it but so far no one's done much to stop it like many problems on this island the gas to speak stems from its divided status since the turkish invasion have 974 cyprus has been split greek cypriots in the south turkish cypriots to the north this is part of the line between the 2 in the heart of nicosia the world's last remaining divided capital city gas is a potentially explosive addition to this already combustible situation in the eastern mediterranean in early january greece cyprus and israel signed a deal to build a pipeline to take the region's gas to europe turkey is feeding hemmed in and
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excluded and he wants to change the way things are being done turkey at all levels from egypt to the minister of probably not. 1st to the chief of the army to the position of occupier they are always talking about nothing can be done in the area without turkey playing an important role or without turkey being in these mediterranean neighbors see turkey as push back tactics because it legal and aggressive its recent deal with libya to split rights to the sea between them was condemned by greece france cyprus and egypt as no and avoid the challenge is how to divide the region's gas and sea rights agreeably before things out of control through each other and how to 0 cyprus. just months ago the city was really reeling from some of the worst flooding it has seen now many of the canals in venice been brought to a standstill by exceptionally low tides boats and sister cities trademark gondolas
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have been left almost beached with water levels so low that they can't be used city which is built across a salt water look good has always dealt with variations of the tides but they are becoming more extreme hearts they said he was also under almost 2 meters of water in november that was the highest level in 50 years have gone from one extreme to another that's it from london for now i'll see you a bit later about 20 minutes time let's get back to terry. i am thank you we'll see you then well taiwan's president has her reelection is a sign that the soft governing islands won't bow to intimidation from china prone dependence incumbent sighing when won with 57 percent of the vote scott hyla reports from taipei. the day after taiwan's historic election reelecting pro independence president signed when the people of this island of 24000000 enjoyed their winter sunday. i hope that both thailand and china
9:44 pm
well china should stop its military threats toward taiwan i believe she is the right leader to deal with china. i do not think she would try to be confrontational after last night we voted to still remain part of a big family but then we differ in political opinions we share the same thing belief in democratic values with the overwhelming victory for sign one and the d.p.p. some feel that there is added pressure for progress and recognition from china and beyond on the security of the islands independence. in saturday's elections i garnered the most votes of any presidential candidate in the young democracy here promising to keep her hardline stance for independence with growing pressure from china beijing issued a statement shortly after so i gave her victory speech as if the landslide election never happened president xi jinping is administration continued with its threats of reunification and its opposition to any separatist attempts. but her challenges
9:45 pm
won't only be on improving cross street relations i was economy has been a major political issue here even if there has been a recent boost thanks to the u.s. china trade war she is under tremendous pressure much higher than her 1st time. to perform better on the economy. she was really defeated in the local election about 15 months ago because of the economic situation that didn't go away. so amid the saber rattling from china and calls for economic reform sighs next 4 years start off with major challenges but she goes into her 2nd term with the confidence of the majority of taiwanese people at least for now it's got to either al-jazeera type. protesters in hong kong watch taiwan's election very closely sarah clarke has their reaction thousands have
9:46 pm
gathered here in the square which is in central hong kong and this is part of the democracy in the anti-government movement if it's to ramp up the protests in the lead up to chinese new year which is the biggest traditional festival in hong kong and that's at the end of january now reaction here for the pro-democracy groups to taiwan's election result has certainly been a positive one a pro-democracy groups and political activists travel to taiwan to monitor and observe this but and they've been overwhelmed by the result of course hong kong protests played a key role in this election in taiwan the unrest in hong kong fuelled resistance to beijing and harden public sentiment and as i mentioned the reaction from these part of oxy demonstrators here has been positive i think people feel. happy for how people feel good about that because. the lives of those. people living there with this need to be able to keep everyone in the top one has
9:47 pm
also provided key support for these pro-democracy demonstrators by providing supplies unlike safety gear including vests and helmets and when china cut off those supplies coming into hong kong the pro-democracy groups we seeking to bolster exchanges and galvanize the alliance with taiwan against china's increasing influence and tightening their grip on the city this is a big rally today with thousands attending but next sometimes pro-democracy groups will be holding another munch in support of the anti-government movement. thailand has seen its biggest political protest in years in the form of what activists are calling a run against dictatorship there harding has won the group wanting the prime minister to step down. this is no ordinary jog around the park it's a political loophole. in thailand protests need approval by the government running . stu not. an estimated $13000.00 ties to sky's as runners say
9:48 pm
they are fed up with the government of prime minister private channel and want him to step down at the bottom level i want to tell the government that the people don't want you any longer you have been in power for so long but you can't solve any of the country's problems it is getting more and more difficult for grassroots people to make a living. this was the biggest show of dissent against the government since prior you assumed office after the 2014 military coup he held on to power after elections last year with support from an army appointed senate. this run protest follows a rally last month staged by fena thorn is wrong room gronk it the leader of the progressive future forward party who has emerged as the most outspoken opponent of thailand's new civilian government. he was charged on friday for breaching the law on public assembly and his party faces dissolution i want to be part of the he story i think the 1st step in order to bring about
9:49 pm
a democrat i say is that general but you have to get out that is the 1st step that would allow that would all but dawes included both say it's all. done in. sunday's event was called run to oust the uncle and an apparent reference to pry its nickname of uncle to. it prompted a rival but smaller walk to cheer the uncle event held in another park which was attended by thousands of older thais right supporters say his leadership has brought stability and security. i have to get all my friends everyone to come in some point my promise but i know you could do it happen later today i just flew from new york to tell me it will support me in. this 3 finger salute made famous by the hollywood blockbuster film the hunger. games is banned in thailand it's used here to show resistance against the 2014 military coup. with fingers held high
9:50 pm
these jogging protesters are running out of patience we are hard in al-jazeera. sports news is coming up in just a moment and serena williams wins her 1st title since becoming a mother paid a 100 cells in just a moment. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of all the lives. of the stories. provided tips into someone else's well out they. do they for. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. like him witness on al-jazeera.
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we live in a digital world where even the remotest communities have access to mobile phones. but what can this technology bring to a nomadic existence life apps travels to the media and gives the software designer the ultimate challenge design an app to help to him the tribe in their daily lives can really be done. fly fab's one for nomads on al-jazeera. peter very very very much tributes are being paid to portuguese writer paolo consol vince who's died in
9:52 pm
a crash at the back already in saudi arabia the 40 year old came off his bike 276 kilometers into sunday 7 stage he was found unconscious by a rescue helicopter having gone into cardiac arrest this was going solve this 13th dacor rally the incident happened at about 10 18 am local time fellow riders were left shaken as news of the accident spread through the field can solve this is death is the 1st fatal it really for 5 years organizers have also paid their respects. we don't really know the circumstances but it was a pretty fast track and that is where paolo crashed the medical teams tried to resuscitate him but unfortunately failed to do so and he tied a kilometer 273 space ships it. was an iconic figure who'd been on a track after a long time and everybody knew him just 5 stages ago he was changing the engine on his bike he was ready to nation he also knew the risks of rallying but when the
9:53 pm
worst happens of course it's very tough for everyone. the incidents of a shadow the day of racing spain's call of science would go on to extend these lead of the top of the general corps classification to 10 minutes american ricky brad pitt she is out in front in the bike category. member jog a bench ads need serbia it's a victory in the inaugural a.t.p. cap beating spain and rival rough on the bell in sunday's finally in said me spain made that saw after roberta doubt taste a a good to beat a deuce and a lie of h. and that main chalk of it she that's a win against an adult were in the 2nd singles to keep serbia's hopes alive jock of its schtick of in straight say it's the then returned for the deciding doubles match playing alongside viktor troicki spain didn't newsmen adele for the doubles going with the pairing of pablo countering your booths the and feliciano lopez and they were beaten again in straight sets servia the 1st whenas of the new competition of remembered this experience for the rest of my life was definitely
9:54 pm
one of the the nicest time i think age of 58 serena williams has won her 1st title since becoming a mother she be jessica of peculiar in straight sets see in the final all the on turn classic it's serene is 1st trophy in 3 years and her 17th food on the w c a to a been issues now won titles across the last 4 decades william is is also day nation hope 43000 dollar women is checked to be a stray be and bushfire really fund yeah and feeling pretty good i'm filling fit until i got some good matches and long rallies short rallies power players elements and so this is exactly what i need it going into mao burn and it's good at the brisbane international catalina has successfully defended a double e.t.a. title for the 1st time in a career the czech beat madison keys in 3 sets in the final it 62 a title and food in brazil. iran's only female limping medalist has
9:55 pm
announced she's defecting kimmie elisa day who won a taekwondo bronze medal at the rio olympics in 2016 criticized iran's political system saying she felt oppressed and these are they who has been training in the netherlands didn't give details of where she is now in an instagram post elisa day wrote a i was not important to them none of us mattered to them we were tools i wish for nothing else than for taekwondo safety and for a healthy and happy life the decision was harder than winning a limpid gold i remain a daughter of iran wherever i am the madrid daubing in the spanish super cup final is taking place right now in jeddah rail and athletica colas at half time and it's been a record breaking day for manchester city's sergio aguero in the english premier league is who is 12 patrick that's a new premier league record in the 61 thrashing of aston villa is now leading
9:56 pm
foreign goalscorer in the league's history as well 30 also climb to 2nd in the table above leicester. it was an upset for skiing's queen of the slopes on sunday in austria american mckayla shifrin failed to finish a race for the 1st time in nearly 2 years she slowed outs during the opening super g. run of the world cup combined event on a tricky course at elton marked federica of italy went on to win the title and a 2nd in the rankings should finish strong well clear at the top of the overall standings. and in the ski jumping world cup cole guard has extended his lead at the top of the standings after a 2nd victory in as many days and chairmen of on sunday's event set to vote in italy with leaps of 107103 pieces. australian cricket legend shane warne has already raised more than $650000.00 to help those who have
9:57 pm
suffered from bushfires having auctioned off his prized baggy green cap now he's joined up with other former australian cricket captain ricky ponting michael clarke and women's captain alex blackpool who will come out of retirement for a one off match to support relief efforts the bushfire cricket bash will be played on february the 8th with profits going to the red cross. look i think everyone's come together where everyone's trying to do their bit i think the images that we're all seeing has touched people around the world and we all everyone just trying to do their bit sounds great the cricket australia have got behind this and pulling together quite quickly we don't know where it is as alex said before but i'm sure panto myself and everyone applies will try to give it our best and make it an entertaining. most sports is coming up again later so you're going there in ok we'll see later on peter thank you very much and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera that set myself and peter and the team here in the hospital and you over it's where it seems in london marion namaz is with you in just
9:58 pm
a moment she'll have much more of the day's news coming up thanks for watching but i'm. in a 2 part series. observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. they are insights into circumstances that shape lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of me starts with floods and land do stories on not just your own.
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talked to al jazeera we were told to get to it without going through all the ration has this been addressed by turkey we listen to what these the proposal of a spin for a couple on you know we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter how does iraq. when the news breaks today the current government has lost the trust of the people they can't do anything because the protesters are against it when people to be her voice what work will represent the law for sure for opponents of brecht's it's drawing from the conservative al-jazeera has teams on the ground right now hopes the meeting in paris will push politicians to create a competent and credible government to bring the moon blue documentaries and light moves on air and online. counting the cost while the u.s. spends billions. a man telling military bases across the world plus the reshaping
10:00 pm
of the meat industry as africans swine flu decimate china's pork industry and the 1st attacks that could escalate a trade counting the cost on al-jazeera. more protests in iran's capital hundreds call for the u.k. embassy to shut down whilst others rally against the iranian government as tensions rise between washington and tehran amir holds talks with iran's top leaders calling for a deescalation and dialogue. why maryanne demasi in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program crisis in the sawhill calls a meeting of its top security officials after at least $89.00 soldiers a kid.


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