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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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the misinformation from. the center is clear intent to really engineer people with the listening. actions 0. the of the the of. libya's prime minister expected in moscow soon his rival warlord tiny for half taught is a ready there as a ceasefire raises hopes of a political settlement to the conflicts. play watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back t. ball also coming out in iran more rallies against the government over the shooting down of a ukrainian and liner. tens of thousands of people have forced to leave their homes in the philippines as the town volcanoes use and lava and we look at what's at
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stake as fronts for past a whole sapphic in leaders grappling with a dramatic surge in violence in the sahara which. the leaders of libya's warring sides are preparing for separate talks in the russian capital after a cease fire came into force there's no suggestion yet the 2 leaders will meet but the wages of element has raised hope of a path to ending years of civil conflict international diplomatic efforts to end the fighting have stepped up in recent weeks that shows brokered by turkey and russia came into force on sunday morning while otani for have to offer is a ready in moscow and they you a prime minister of the un recognize government is expected to arrive soon meanwhile turkey's foreign minister members cash of lulu and defense minister who could see a car have also arrived in moscow for talks with their russian counterparts but discussions are expected to include the libyans and turkey and russia support
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opposing sides in the conflicts. now libya has been torn apart by conflicts since long time ruler moammar gadhafi was overthrown in 2011 is divided between militia groups which mostly back to rival governments the u.n. recognize administration led by prime minister fison serai is based in tripoli is supported by turkey and most western nations including its early which is worried the fighting near tripoli will force more people to cross the mediterranean in the east there is the 2 broke based government the center of power for warlords highly for half tar he's backed by egypt saudi arabia russia and the united arab emirates france is also accused of providing military support to his forces in a moment we'll be speaking to my god who is in libya's capital tripoli for us but 1st to our correspondent in moscow step bos'n septal is for us about who is in russia's capital today and what we're expecting this monday.
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well fully russian media are now reporting that the delegation of the un you and backed government from tripoli has arrived here in moscow it doesn't specify who is part of the delegation but we are expecting that nightly f.i.o.s. are also rushed to be part of it and he is supposed to be taking a place taken part in meetings here at the foreign ministry in moscow together with the foreign ministers of turkey and russia and also the defense ministers of both nations these negotiations are being called will take place during the course of the day and also khalifa haftar is considered to be part of these meetings it's not clear exactly how the meetings are going to be held if it separately or all together at one stage but the aim is certainly to have a signature under a cease fire agreement which was brokered by the russian and turkish president last week in istanbul and also allegedly representatives off egypt and the united arab
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emirates will be present to witness this ceremony and this all comes of course after also a visit of merkel the german chancellor to moscow on saturday where put and also agreed to have this libya peace talks in berlin later this month so this should all be the groundwork for these peace talks happening later in berlin as you said the cease fire was agreed between russia and turkey talk to us about the role and significance of russian mediation in the libyan conflict and why russia is so keen to see this war in libya and. well it's very interesting to see how quickly the russia and the president putin has become a power broker in the libyan conflict because russia has quietly been supporting khalifa haftar since 2016 actually libyan money has been printed here in moscow
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for his unofficial government for a while and also there was a logistical support but only since september mercenaries from russia have been more active in libya fighting underside of half there and also sending in weapons which has basically changed the power balance in the conflict in libya to the point that now turkey and russia have become the main power brokers and interestingly russia has supported have to because they see him as a strong man who is capable of countering islamic forces in the country but also has opened a communication still with russia and there is of course economic interest as well in oil but also president putin wants to portray himself as a very important mediator not only in syria but also in libya and of course
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interesting leave the united states is completely present absent i have to say from this process so far thank you for that live for us in moscow well let's get an update now on the situation in the ground in libya and speak to mom or dad was in tripoli for us or mahmud all the major players in libya's conflict in russia it's been 24 hours since that cease fire was agreed to is it holding. well fully to some extent it's been notably quiet and the front lines according to military sources with the government with the possible exception of deployment and repositioning regrouping by have to forces again according to government military sources after yesterday's breach of the seize fire by have to us forces fighter loyal to the government a while skilled and also civilians in. the neighborhood said that have to force
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open fire open fires it is attention there yes but other than that the head of the government of national called here in tripoli spoke through one of the local to divisions here in tripoli trying to assure the people saying that this cease fire is a way to save blood or to stop the bloodshed his old school assuring the people that he's taken this step not because his camp is weak but because his camp is it and he wants to maintain his position in his camp in the west of libya and also he says that this ceasefire agreement is going to be a cease fire call is going to be paving the way for. for ultimate peaceful negotiations. we know that. despite the fact
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that this quite situation is prevailing and the front lines but it seems that. it's going to take time until the trust is built between the 2 rivals as you know fully that several. factions on the ground cannot be rained on by neither leaders indeed fragile to stand in libya thank you very much for that mahmud up to 100 live for us in tripoli. there's been a 2nd day of protests in iran after the government admitted its military mistakenly shot down a ukrainian airline a last week killing 176 people demonstrators have been defying a heavy police presence in the capital tehran where officers have been using tear gas they've also been ronnie's against the u.k. by those who say its government is trying to stir up chaos on the diplomatic front meanwhile qatar's emir arrived in tehran on sunday pushing the talks to resolve the crisis with the united states. reports.
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an important ally on an important mission. the 1st official visit to iran by the emir of qatar shift the membrane hammett all funny comes at a critical time for the region at the invitation of president hassan rouhani the 2 leaders discussed increasing economic and political cooperation but i draw. yet considering the importance of regional security especially in the waterways in the persian gulf and the strait of hormuz and the sea of a man who decided to have more talks and corporation for the security of the whole region. the recent crisis between iran and the united states was also on the agenda qatar is one of the few countries in the region that maintains a close relationship with washington and tehran. walked has said this visit comes as a very critical time in the region and we've agreed that the only solution is to defuse a skill ations among all parties and we've also agreed that dialogue and only
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dialogue and it is the only route to any solution to any crisis and that mere also met iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei before ending his one day visit the supreme leader stressed to han's readiness for wider cooperation with regional states as the current political climate is very sensitive in the region because of u.s. policies. while the. the talks were underway this was the scene outside the british embassy in tehran the chance calling for the embassy to be shut down. on saturday the british ambassador robert macaire was briefly arrested after attending what he said was a vigil for the victims of a rainy and missile strike that brought down a ukrainian airliner killing 176 people in iran some in the bassett are accusing him of attending and illegal protest where demonstrators voiced their anger at the initial denials that arena and forces had shut down the plane after days of denials
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iran's revolutionary guard finally admitted mistakenly shooting down the boeing 737 on wednesday morning the british foreign office described him basters arrest as a breach of international law he's now joining calls for dialogue to reduce tensions and finding a diplomatic way forward the qatari emir is visiting here is being seen as the 1st sign of a real diplomatic efforts to ease the hostilities between iran and the united states but it's too early to say whether or not it will have to desired outcome forces of glory al jazeera attack wrong. and more questions are emerging about the immediate threats that u.s. president donald trump cited as his justification for killing iranian general monny the assassination on january 3rd cause a spike in tensions between washington and tehran trumps defense secretary ma casper says he hasn't seen specific evidence that iran was about to attack 4 u.s.
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embassies alan fischer has the details. the killing of kassam solo money and its consequences continues to reverberate around the american political scene president donald trump claimed in a televised interview on friday for u.s. embassies when it imminent risk of a rainin attack that he said justified the operation but u.s. defense secretary marc esper was far less certain there was one piece of intelligence that pointed in that direction i didn't see one with regard to 4 embassies what i'm saying is i share the president's view that probably my expectation was they're going to go after our embassies embassies the most prominent display of american presence in a country one of the embassies at risk believed to be the one in baghdad the president's national security adviser insists the threat to 4 was real the intelligence they were working with was in his words exquisite because of the prompt action that we took both with respect to the embassy in baghdad which they would have attempted to overrun and storm and with respect to our military bases
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that were hit by the iranians with their ballistic missiles there was no loss of american life in any other case and i think that's a credit to the president states but in capitol hill both republicans and democrats have been critical of the intelligence briefing they were given democrat adam schiff chair of the house intelligence committee stopped just short of accusing the trumpet ministration of lying to congress the brief was much more along the lines frankly of something the secretary pompei 0 admitting the other day when he said that we don't know precisely where and we know know precisely when republican senator rand paul a trump supporter said there was no evidence an attack was imminent and insisted congress must act to limit for the action against iran so my point being for this war powers debate is that we really need to have a debate about whether we should still be in iraq or afghanistan and there needs to be authorization from congress. the u.s. house of representatives has approved a war pows resolution aimed at limiting future military action against iran by the
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trumpet ministration there's a new sign it's about to be debated in the senate. washington in other world news 3 teachers have been killed in kenya any suspected of time by the somali armed group al-shabaab the incident took place on monday in come ot greece a county near the border with somalia a police station in the area was also attacked al-shabaab has killed hundreds in attacks on kenya since 2011. tens of thousands of people in the philippines a fleeing their homes as scientists warn of ok no could erupt within hours or days volcano in targeting about 70 kilometers south of the capital manila started spewing ash and lava on sunday 8000 people have been evacuated from the island of tiny say where the volcano sits with thousands more needing coastal towns jimmy linden has more from tallahassee we are in but angus province about 16 kilometers from kaino the roads are slippery this is
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a very difficult journey for those who are trying to flee evacuation and started as early as sunday afternoon and thousands have already fled the priority according to the government is to secure those within the 14 kilometer range of i will cain know. by lease a problem funding that will buy your funding acquire no i you know for the. for this this tri sickle. is an entire family. from police side they have been trying to evacuated since sunday afternoon we're seeing vehicles cars full of family members those who have tried their very best to bring whatever they can of their belongings. still ahead on al-jazeera jan
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an engineering giant seen in stakes with a controversial coal mine project in australia despite a backlash from environmental activists and saddam's journalists' sound the alarm as the government shuts down several media outlets to status. how would you like to see a big atlantic storm forming this one here has been named brendan and it's convened it's approaching arland it was named by the irish match office so it's wind and rain extensively was possible storm damage on the coast as this thing rolls in during monday and tuesday now that the center of it moves northwards of the effect of course dragsters british isles towards northwest france and northwest spain everywhere else in europe apart from bit of cloud and slow moving fog it's quiet
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and not as cold you bought expect a day on the lows to above my head the rain has moved into the low countries more of france across the bay of biscay still skirting the northwest of spain but it's not made any much further so science was progress so if you're in scandinavia or the baltic states yeah but it wind and rain everywhere else no change there are some showers down the eastern med in crete for example and there's certainly affecting the coast of libya tunisia and i think in a couple days probably egypt is the immediate future there monday the blue is up here so circling around tripoli right now a long way into libya further south than is dry the how martin is blowing on tuesday this circulation is quite significant moving east to the governor say it too is benghazi. but. for the congolese the journey to the town. more means
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unimaginable hardship i prefer to lie down because then do i go cutting through johnson life and limb on a dangerous journey through the jungle. down on to the rails with a nearly died. that our children go to school and live because of the cranks risking it all on the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera. welcome back a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera at the leaders of maybe as warring sides are preparing for talks in russia's capital after a seaside i came into force over the weekend but is not yet known whether prime
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minister fi is awesome raj and warlords lisa hopped on will needs face to face there's been a 2nd day of protest in iran after the government admitted its military mistakenly shot donahue rainy an airliner last week killing on $176.00 people demonstrators of been defying a heavy police presence in the capital tara and tens of thousands of people in the philippines a fleeing their homes us scientists warn a volcano could iraq's within hours or days 8000 people of already been evacuated from the island of tally say where the volcano sits with thousands more leading cull saltash us now an asia air has declared 3 days of mourning after the deaths of $89.00 soldiers in an attack on their base sit happened on thursday any of the border with molly this is an ages incident in africa syal region which is becoming increasingly violence side leaders will meet francis president to mannion mock or in poll in the southwest all fun straight a monday to decide on the future of the french military presence in the region
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natasha butler explains in december the bodies of $71.00 soldiers from the asia lay it's a military base in the capital neon may a grim reflection of growing thought ellen's in a silo they were killed in an attack claimed by eisel in the west of the country giudice the a decided to come myself to give my nations gratitude inconsolable but not old defeated to does mint pluck from the a friction of to love ones in the prime of life for what they are to us or heroes or marchers the french presidency manual mark crawl visited me share to pay his respects just 3 weeks earlier in paris mccord led a memorial for 13 french soldiers killed in a helicopter crash in mali more than 4000 french troops are fighting armed groups in the sile alongside forces from the share bikini faso chad mauritania and mali the g. 5 countries but is the casualties mount so his hostility against former colonial
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power france on the should not hold the post busy i notice and to many countries an anti french sentiment is no prospering without any clear political condemnation but i cannot accept sending our soldiers into the field in countries where our presence is not clearly requested as the french president has invited g 5 leaders to a summit to clarify whether they want french troops to remain in their countries the deployment isn't only being questioned in the region though but also here in france where the mission is poorly understood by the public and there's growing pressure on michael to justify france's involvement so this is often a full of path for 6 years with about cannes france has been in the saddle and it seems were to tipping point there are no real results people inside positive about the situation the threat hasn't been eradicated so the g 5 saw how countries are asking themselves if france is really the only country that has solutions maybe
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other countries can help people wonder if it's time to stop increasing a french military presence that is costly to africans and france macross says if french troops are to continue fighting in sile he wants a greater commitment from g 5 leaders he's expected to achieve that for now but what's less clear is for how long natasha al-jazeera paris. if the o.p.'s prime minister has. to step in and help resolve a dispute with egypt over a contentious dam on the blue nile negotiations ended last week without agreement egypt depends on the model for 90 percent of its water and worries the grand renaissance dam being built by ethiopia will threaten supplies if he'll be a believe south africa's leader may be able to mediate because is taken over as chair of the african union. the nile river is important to both countries and there must be
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a way in which their interests can be addressed and there must be a way in which a solution can be found as for ourselves we are willing to play a role in facilitating or whatever. agreement that can be crafted and we would remain supportive to finding peaceful solutions german company seaman says it will honor a deal to provide infrastructure for a coal mine in australia that's despite growing pressure from environmental groups which link carbon emissions to the bushfires devastating launch costs of the country every protest in australia and other countries since the firm signed the deal in december as siemens bosses there's no legally and economically responsible way out of the agreement to supply rail infrastructure for the adani mine david rater is c.e.o. of greenpeace australia pacific he says this contradicts siemens claim that it
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supports the paris climate agreements. siemens has given itself an enormous kick in the guts today it has made a disastrous decision for its own reputation and its hollow commitment to the paris agreement goes to the heart of that the development of the dunny coal mine is completely inconsistent in spirit with the paris agreement so big is belief that siemens can actually think it is committed to paris while it is supporting the construction of this calm on the vast majority of australians are against the adani mine going ahead and particularly at the moment in the context where as you say a stranger is being ravaged by terrible unprecedented far which are themselves being made worse and generated by global warming which the scientists are being very very clear. about and that is driven in turn by coal above all
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else so for siemens to be supporting the construction of this adani mine at the same time as this trial is literally on fire is simply appalling corporate practice months ago venice was via some of its worst ever flooding and now it has the opposite problem exceptionally low tide boats and gone dollars have been unable to use some canards the italian mcgoohan city has grappled with title variations as history but these are becoming more extreme police in colombia say their 4 and a plot to assassinate the former leader of the now dymov allies rebels when they say they killed 2 men who planned to kill rodrigo londo no better known as tim a chunk of he heads now a political party formed when fark reach a peace deal in 2016 with the government after more than 50 years of conflicts for he say the assassinations ban was ordered by dissident rebels who took up arms again last year. the head of human rights watch has been denied entry to hong kong
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where he was you know launch a report critical of china beijing has threatened to sanction groups it says performed badly in relation to on thai government protests in hong kong human rights watch is accusing the chinese government of an intensifying assault on human rights i'm standing here in hong kong international airport i had flown in from new york with the hope of holding a press conference on wednesday to release human rights watch is the annual growth report and the focus of the report this year was going to be how the chinese government is really trying to deliberately undermine the international human rights system not simply suppress the rights of people at home but also 100 mind the ability of anybody else to try to hold china to human rights standards sadly as i arrived here the chinese government decided it didn't want to let me and so even though i've been able to enter hong kong free before this time for the 1st time
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they blocked me journalists in sudan have denounced the seizure of 2 newspapers and 2 t.v. stations the government says they were funded by the country's former leaders but hasn't provided any proof of this he morgan has a story from cottle for nearly 5 years it has worked as a news writer she says it's more than a job for her seeing her work printed in the morning papers in order to give her a sense of accomplishment a sense she says was taken away a week ago when sudan's transitional government sees the paper she works for. even though. i was working on the news piece when i heard that a decision was made to shut down some media outlets including the one i worked for been a military uniform came in and said we had 30 minutes to take up personal belongings and leave this is something we were used to under the former regime but one of the slogans of the new government was freedom fries the freedom inviting us from
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working. the newspaper is called and sudan me and it's one of 4 media outlets the government has seized the new administration came to power in august after months of anti-government protests led to the military overthrow of president obama to shear and after a power sharing deal between the military and protest leaders in late november the government dissolved the sheers former party and announced that it will seize all its assets and money. if. we're not targeting the major outlets because of the editorial lines low used to say based on the law to dismantle assets of the former ruling party return the state funds used to prop them up we've got that information to play that have been funded or have received funds from the former regime. the move has been rejected by the sudanese journalists union which along with other unions was also ordered to disband in december the international
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federation of journalists has condemned the move calling it a grave assault on press freedom and the fundamental right of freedom of association this seizure of media outlets has not only lets accusations the government is cracking down on press freedom but has also brought in another argument while sudan's transitional administration says the move is part of an investigation to find sources of funds many here especially other journalists are asking if the movie even legal. some see the government should do more to prove its case before taking such actions what the mamby would. also will be this is a decision was based on a decree to dissolve the ruling party but even using that to hold the work of 2 newspapers and t.v. stations gives room for this to be taken as a crackdown on press freedom the body that issued the decision said that the owners of the media outlets to receive funds from the sudanese government but they didn't give any evidence musharraf says she was told her income want to be affected but she wants to know why she's paying the price of
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a political move that has prevented her and her colleagues from doing their jobs he will morgan al-jazeera. and of course more on this and other stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com we just got the very latest say on all of our top stories including atlas and the war in libya at al-jazeera dot com. hello again i'm fully battle with the headlines on al-jazeera the leaders of libya's warring sides are preparing for talks in russia's capital after a cease fire came into force over the weekend but it's not yet known whether prime minister finds entourage and warlow 24 have to will meet face to face meanwhile turkey's foreign minister and the defense minister have arrived in moscow as well for talks with their russian counterparts turkey and russia support opposing sides in libya's conflict step boston has more from moscow these negotiations are
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being called will take place during the course of the day and also holly for a half hour is considered to be part of these meetings it's not clear exactly how the meetings are going to be held if it separately or all together at one stage but the aim is certainly to have a signature under a cease fire agreement which was brokered by the russian and turkish president last week in istanbul. there's been a 2nd day of protests in iran after the government admitted its military mistakenly shot down a ukrainian airliner last week killing 176 people demonstrators have been defying a heavy police presence in the capital tehran. 3 teachers have been killed in greece a county in kenya any other border with somalia a police station in the area was also attacked the suspect in their tank is believed to have been carried out by the somali armed group al-shabaab the share
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has declared 3 days of mourning over the deaths of 89 soldiers in an attack on their base it happened on thursday near the border with mali is the latest incident in africa region which is becoming increasingly violent saya leaders will meet france's president a man in my court in poll in the southwest of france states on monday to decide on the future of the french military presence in the region and tens of thousands of people in the philippines are fleeing their homes as scientists warn of ok no it could erupt within hours or days volcano in tonga tape about 70 kilometers south of the capital manila started spewing ash and lava on sunday 8000 people have been evacuated from the island where the volcano sits with thousands more leaving cold sore tallents those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year it's a risky needle stay with us. story. the media angles in this story are. separate the spin from the facts the
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misinformation from the journalism the listening on al-jazeera.


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