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the cultures across the world certainly to be take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. i am the. libyan prime minister fayyad is auser raj and his wife a warlord highly for have tar are in moscow as a ceasefire raises hopes of a political settlement to the conflict. the air. come fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha also coming up in iran more robbie's against the government over the shooting down of a ukrainian airliner. tens of thousands of people are forced to leave their homes in the philippines as the tile volcano spews ash and lava and we look at what's at
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stake as france for pesthole staff and leaders grappling with a dramatic surge in violence in the sa each of. the air. the f.a.q. very much for joining us the leaders of libya's warring sides have arrived in russia's capital for talks after a cease fire came into force there's no suggestion yet that warlords heidi for halftime the prime minister of the u.n. recognize government will meet with the latest development is raising hopes of a path to ending years of civil conflicts international diplomatic efforts to end the fighting have stepped up in recent weeks a truce brokered by turkey and russia came into force on sunday morning turkey's foreign minister as well as the defense minister have also arrived in moscow for talks with their russian counterparts that discussions are expected to include the libyans turkey and russia support over. posing sides in the conflict now libya has
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been torn apart by fighting since long time bowler moammar gadhafi was overthrown in 20 levon it's divided between militia groups which mostly back to rival governments the u.n. recognize administration led by prime minister fayyad is based in tripoli it's supported by turkey and most western nations including its only which is worried the fighting near tripoli will force more people to cross the mediterranean in the east there is the 2 broke base governments the center of power for warlords and for half tar he is backed by egypt saudi arabia russia and the united arab emirates france is also accused of providing military support to his forces in a moment i'll be speaking to jamal a child who is in turkey's capital ankara but 1st we go to our correspondent in moscow set osten so step tell us about who is in moscow and how expecting things to play out since monday. well the ministry
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of foreign affairs spokeswoman has now confirmed on facebook they're both leaders are actually inside the foreign ministries building saraj arrived earlier this morning and have there was already here since last night and they will join as she writes the meeting that's ongoing now between the ministers of foreign affairs and the friends of russia and turkey so there is this suggestion that they will all be in the same room together soon we have to wait and see what is the aim of this meeting is that there will be signatures put under this cease fire agreement which was brokered between russia and turkey in istanbul last week and it's also alleged that egypt and the united arab emirates will have delegates to witness this cease fire agreement the ministry has sad that there will be a long meeting so we don't expect anything soon but the talks are ongoing now and interestingly of course that this peace deal this this power broker agreement is
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done by turkey and russia and has come across very quickly now in the last couple of days talk to us more step about the role of russia in libya and the significance of russian mediation in this conflict why russia is so keen to see an end to the war in libya. well it's interesting how quickly russia and president putin has managed to put himself in the position of a power broker in libya because we have to remember russia has been backing after the warlord since 2016 quietly some libyan money has been printed here in moscow for his informal government in the east of libya and also some logistical support was given but only since september russian mercenaries arrived more in more numbers in the libya and actually have contributed to the fight more weapons have been delivered and that actually has changed the power balance in libya to the extent
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that now turkey which is backing the u.n. backed government and russia are now become the main power brokers and russia has always supported tough start with the idea that he is a strong man who can actually oppose. stream ism but also have kept open the communication with with the u.n. backed government it's not only for putting to be disputes mediator but they're also of course economic interest at stake and they're supposed to be some kind of deals between turkey and russia about or oil fields in libya as well thank you very much for that steadfast in life forests in moscow let's go to jamal and shiela who's in ankara turkey for us as we said libya's conflict has drawn conflicting involvement from foreign powers not just the russians and the turks but also other countries italy france and to a lesser extent the americans what's in it for turkey and how soon could we see a political settlement to this conflict. well there's a lot of stake here for turkey from different perspectives in terms of the fact
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that both libya and turkey share maritime borders in the mediterranean sea they have now several bilateral agreements that they have signed between the 2 governments in recent months the mutual defense agreement as well as one looking at the demarcation of those borders in the mediterranean sea to allow for joint. extraction of natural resources from there and if we continue looking at strategically across the mediterranean sea it from about the flow of a lot of. refugees who would be leaving north africa coming towards europe there is a large part that turkey is concerned with or that would implicate turkey as well so there is a lot as far as the turks are concerned but also beyond that when you look at turkey's own strategic foreign policy objectives in terms of trying to find some sort of balance of power within the wider middle east and north africa region because prior to turkey's maybe coming to the forefront of the.
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the situation in libya you don't really have that power balance you had people who were supporting have namely the united arab emirates and egypt and others who believe that there needed to be a reversal of the crock from the arab spring of 2011 and the reinstatement of these strong men as that was talking about military individuals who essentially would continue the status quo votes or to consecrate dreams in the in the arab world whereas turkey maybe says it pushes a belief that there needs to be more poor lism in societies than in the political discourse and therefore it was trying to reach that power balance but what's significant here is that turkey in this instance doesn't seem to be working alone we have the italian prime minister now coming to anchor in the next couple hours to meet with the president so decepticons he will be meeting with to discuss obviously their views on how to move forward. this is fire significant as it may be will also
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be accompanied with a lot of caution because whilst there will be an agreement to stop the fighting there isn't an agreement to give up arms and the fact that you would have a country the size of libya with a history of libya as well as obviously the other intricate details that form the social construct of libyan terms of tribalism and so forth that there would be truce or protests entities that have their own militia the have their own weapons or have their own ability to print currencies all of that is going to make it very difficult to see how a ceasefire could hold for a very long time without there being a longer term agreement to either form some sort of national unity government or at least to try and start the arming or rather on arming some of these on groups thank you for that in ankara turkey force there's been a 2nd day of protests in iran after the government admitted its military mistakenly shot down a ukrainian airliner last week killing 176 people demonstrators have been defying
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a heavy police presence in the capital where officers have been using tear gas they've also been rallies against the u.k. by those who say its government is trying to stare at chaos on the diplomatic front qatar's emir has been in tehran pushing for talks to resolve the crisis with the united states dosage of force. an important ally on an important mission. the 1st official visit to iran by the emir of qatar shift i mean bin hamad al funny comes at a critical time for the region at the invitation of president has the 2 leaders discussed increasing economic and political cooperation. rajoy. how many yet considering the importance of regional security especially in the waterways in the persian gulf and the strait of hormuz and a sea of a man who decided to have more talks and corporation for the security of the whole region. the recent crisis between iran and the united states was also on the agenda
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qatar is one of the few countries in the region that maintains a close relationship with washington and tehran. walked has said this visit comes as a very critical time in the region and we've agreed that the only solution is to diffuse escalations among all parties and we've also agreed that dialogue and only dialogue and it is the only route to any solution to any crisis and the mayor also met iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei before ending his one day visit the supreme leader stressed towns readiness for wider cooperation with regional states as the current political climate is very sensitive in the region because of u.s. policies. while the diplomatic talks were underway this was the scene outside the british embassy in tehran the chance calling for the embassy to be shut down. on saturday the british ambassador robert macaire was briefly arrested after attending what he said was a vigil for the victims of
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a rainy and missile strike that brought down a ukrainian airliner killing 176 people in iran some in the ambassador accusing him of attending and illegal protest where demonstrators voiced their anger at the initial denials that are reigning forces had shut down the plane after days of denials iran's revolutionary guard finally admitted mistakenly shooting down the boeing 737 on wednesday morning the british foreign office described him basters arrest as a breach of international law he's now joining calls for dialogue to reduce tensions and finding a diplomatic way forward. the qatari emir is visit here is being seen as the 1st sign of a real diplomatic efforts to ease the hostilities between iran and the united states but it's too early to say whether or not it will have to desired outcome. sources of glory al-jazeera terror on. tens of thousands of people in the
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philippines are fleeing their homes as scientists warn evil kaino could erupt within days away even hours volcano. about 70 kilometers south of the capital manila started spewing ash and lava on sunday 8000 people have already been evacuated from the island on wishful kaina states with thousands more leaving coastal towns to me that linda gun has more from talisay we are in but on this province about 16 kilometers from kaino the roads are slippery this is a very difficult journey for those who are trying to flee evacuation and started as early as sunday afternoon and thousands have already fled the priority according to the government is to secure those within the 14 kilometer range of i will cain no i'm for you guys. police a problem for me there for your own funny little boy you know the behavior you know
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. for this this try sicko. is an entire family. from police site they have been trying to evacuated since sunday afternoon we're seeing vehicles cars full of family members those who have tried their very best to bring whatever they can of their belongings. still ahead on the program the german firm pushing ahead with a controversial mining project in australia despite opposition from environmental activist and searching for answers we follow one survivors fight for justice inside decade on from a massacre in getting. hello
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from the point of view of whether it's the windows maybe the most telling thing in the member of the volcano clune it's going north with that massive cloud as for rain showers well there are some in the southern philippines quite a few in borneo that's orange top in the forecast and reflects what's happened recently and yet again big shouts of for me and sudden sumatra less i want to see maybe than a wednesday when they drift towards chicago and in fact in java the showers are showing up again where we've had a couple of days off from the bigger showers but the focus is probably in borneo particularly kind of around town of the next day or so now in australia the story has been a relatively good were flip order of you weather and the far as is cool down and we've seen some worthwhile rain and the news is relatively good i think the next couple days though it'll be hot inland temps is probably in the forty's in northern new south wales in the border land tween victoria new south wales is massive brown that's building cloud a few showers are possible on tuesday but the bulk of them be further west once
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again in western australia but on wednesday as the wind more or less come together we've got a good area to focus on here much of new south wales and again victoria where they often shows could be slow moving worse while quite useful rain. for. capturing a moment in time only a snapshot. for the love. of the stories. provided tips into someone else's work. lead one to do the whole. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. a witness on al-jazeera. the in the
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the uk. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories the leaders of libya's warring sides are preparing for talks in russia's capital where there are lives after a steep fire came into force over the weekend but it's not yet known whether prime minister fire is also russian want ot for will meet face to face there's been a 2nd day of protests in iran after the government admitted its military mistakenly shot down a ukrainian airliner last week killing 176 people demonstrators have been defying a heavy police presence in the capital tehran and tens of thousands of people in the philippines are fleeing their homes as scientists warn a volcano could erupt within hours or days a fountain and people have already been evacuated from the island of talisay where
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the volcano sits with thousands more leaving coastal towns. in other world news as 3 teachers have been killed in kenya in a suspected attack a primary school was attacked and a nearby police station set on fire in a county near the somali border al-shabaab which is linked to al qaeda has killed hundreds of people in both somalia and kenya in years of attacks aimed at imposing its version of islamic law. meanwhile has declared 3 days of mourning over the death of $89.00 soldiers in an attack on their base says happened on thursday near the border with mali it's the latest incident in africa style region which is becoming increasingly violent leaders will meet france's president emanuel in the southwestern fine city of poll a to monday to decide on the future of the french military presence in the region natasha butler explains. in december the bodies of 71 soldiers from the
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lay it's a military base in the capital niamey a grim reflection of growing filings in a silo they were killed in an attack claimed by i saw in the west of the country this is i decided to come myself to give my nation's gratitude inconsolable but not all defeated to these men plucked from the affection of the loved ones in the prime of life for what they are to us our heroes our martyrs the french president emanuel micro visited me to pay his respects just $3.00 weeks earlier in paris mccord led a memorial for 13 french soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash in mali more than $4000.00 french troops are fighting armed groups in the soil alongside forces from the bikini faso chad mauritania and mali the g. 5 countries but is the casualties mount so his hostility against former colonial power france. i notice and too many countries an anti french sentiment
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is no prospering without any clear political condemnation i cannot. kept sending our soldiers into the field in countries where our presence is not clearly requested. the french president has invited g 5 leaders to a summit to clarify whether they want french troops to remain in their countries the deployment is not only being questioned in the region though but also here in france where the mission is poorly understood by the public and there's growing pressure on michael to justify france's involvement so this is open for 6 years with about cannes france has been in the sun hill and it seems we're the tipping point there are no real results people inside positive about the situation the threat hasn't been eradicated so the g 5 saw how countries are all scheme themselves if france is really the only country that has solutions maybe other countries can help people wonder if it's time to stop increasing
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a french military presence it is costly to africans and france mike ross says if french troops are to continue fighting in sile he wants a greater commitment from g 5 leaders he's expected to achieve that for now but what's less clear is for how long natasha al-jazeera paris thousands of people have been demonstrating in guinea against president attends to extend his time in power among them are survivors of a stadium massacre in 2009 when security forces killed 156 people during an opposition rally and those who lost loved ones say they're still waiting for jess's . reports in the capital conakry and a warning some of us may find the following images disturbing there are moments in silence he says life but continue to haunt her what happened in this stadium is one of them. it was supposed to be a rally for democracy instead it turned into a massacre sarin she say was with her young teenage cousin chanting for freedom
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when guinea's security forces stormed the venue a young cousin watched as sarin was raped by soldiers and then he was killed others were hacked to death his body was never found. what i want to know is why why why did we have to go through this why did they do this to us why hasn't justice been served. why shouldn't the government are not willing to answer this is the moment the attack took place in 2009 security forces tortured killed and dumped bodies in mass graves that have yet to be unearthed at least 156 people died in what the international criminal court suspects are crimes against humanity no one has been prosecuted for the crimes. shortly after our interview with sarin cease a security forces interrupted the filming. they demanded we erase the footage
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arrested us forcing us out of the country our request for an answer from the government was ignored 10 years after the events took place survivors still have not received justice and many of those responsible are not only free but still in charge of guinea security forces. human rights watch believes the governor of kentucky fried chicken burrow in charge of special police operations and p.v. a colonel who was up until recently in charge of the current president security or some of the men behind the massacre all continue to be close allies to president. the investigation has really been delayed by in some ways a lack of political will he compliment of the investigation is the whereabouts of over 100 bodies which we believe are buried in mass graves in quanah korean elsewhere not only has president they failed to deliver justice he's now using the
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same security forces involved in the massacre to quash mounting demonstrations against his attempt to extend his time in power and so survivors are joining protesters while there is trauma threats and intimidation it seems. will not be silenced because hawk al-jazeera. he appears from minister has asked soph africa to step in and help resolve the dispute with egypt over a contentious dam on the blue nile. ended last week without agreement egypt's depends on the line for 90 percent of its water and worries that the grand renaissance dom being built by ethiopia well threatened surprise ethiopia when the south africa's leader may be able to mediate because he is taking over as chairman of the african union. malta's new prime minister says he'll strengthen the rule of law after the scandal surrounding the murder of journalist daphne cohen
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a guy lead c.-a robert a below will be sworn in on monday after being elected leader of the governing labor audie he replaces joseph muscat who stepped down after being accused of protecting powerful friends implicated in the $27.00 killing police in colombia say therefore and of prague to assassinate the former leader of the nod to mob. rebels police say they killed 2 men who planned to kill rodrigo and don't know better known as to go he now heads a political party formed when fox reach a peace deal with the government in 2016 after more than 50 years of conflicts 2 days of heavy snow fall and brain is being blamed for the deaths of at least 25 people in pakistan emergency services in baluchistan in punjab provinces say several people were killed after their roofs collapsed snowfall in the city of quite a has broken a 20 year record but governor has declared a state of emergency in several districts and called the military in to help with
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rescue and relief efforts the german company siemens says it will honor a deal to provide infrastructure for a coal mine in australia that's despite growing pressure from environmental groups which link carbon emissions to the bush lies devastating launch costs of the country have been protests in australia and other countries since the firm signed the deal in december but siemens boss says there is no legally and economically responsible way out of the agreement to supply rail infrastructure to the adani mine david is c.e.o. of greenpeace australia pacific he says this contradicts siemens claim that it supports the paris climate agreements. siemens has given itself an enormous keek in the guts today it has made a disastrous decision for its own reputation and its hollow commitment to the paris agreement goes to the heart of that the development of the adani coal mine is
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completely inconsistent in spirit with the paris agreement so big is belief that siemens can actually think it is committed to paris while it is supporting the construction of these coal mine the vast majority of australians are against the adani mine going ahead and particularly at the moment in the context where as you say a stranger is being ravaged by terrible unprecedented fires which are themselves being made worse and generated by global warming which the scientists are being very very clear. about and that is driven in turn by coal above all else so for siemens to be supporting the construction of these adani mine at the same time as a strategy is literally on fire is simply appalling corporate practice. now people in haiti have paid to the more than 300000 people who were killed in the
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devastating earthquake 10 years ago. force in the capital port au prince which is still struggling to recover. another year to remember the worst tragedy this country has seen in recent history. 10 years ago a $7.00 earthquake devastated haiti and added to the in demick troubles that already affect the population here precedential in and maurice pay tribute to those who died in a mass grave in san krzysztof i but the ceremony did not last long. that whatever were the precedent had to be rushed out when protesters arrived to the scene so far simpler than no you know i'm here to put flowers for the victims of the earthquake the president shouldn't be here. or our freedom or death they chanted at the burial site protests have been ongoing this past few months many are
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angry at the ongoing economic crisis corruption and what they say is the failure of the reckon struction process. but the president told al-jazeera he's also unhappy about the way aid was handled even though he has been in office for almost 3 years so it is a generality it was a reality they stubbles destructor that was intended to spend the aid money and now inherit the problems that we are dealing with today now it is a must that everyone is able to understand that there has been mistakes and altogether we need to correct these mistakes. but in spite of the general disappointment people like me weekly say he just wants to remember those who died and pay tribute to them. to the people today means a lot to me i lost family and friends and i won't ever forget the day that their experience the worst of the worst but we had a lot of solidarity and we are still here surviving food and housing. i have always been an issue in haiti but since the earthquake the situation became even worse
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this neighborhood is known as. it was completely destroyed by the earthquake most of the building that you can see here where rubble fell those people died on january 12th 2010 and as you can see some of that have been rebuilt with the help of the united nations and other aid of i think many of the people we have spoken to say that much more needs to be done and then just outside of port au prince has become the emblem of what went wrong with a record struction process hundreds of thousands who lost their homes continue to live in dire conditions mike schuler says the way the system was set up was wrong in its system treated people like victims but children need to be taught how to wash their hands for example. their their their priority needs housing jobs education were not met where they were given with soap. and other things that are
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that are not needed haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and this year the situation is likely to get even worse the suffering caused by the earthquake is ongoing and has only served to highlight how the haitian government and the international aid system have failed. port au prince. again i'm fully battle with the headlines on al-jazeera the leaders of libya's warring sides have arrived in moscow for talks after a cease fire brokered by russia and turkey came into effect over the weekend but it's not yet known whether prime minister and warlord $24.00 have to will meet face to face turkey's foreign minister. and defense minister who have also arrived in moscow for talks with their russian. counterparts turkey and russia's support of
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posing sides of the conflict in libya. has more from moscow. these negotiations are as they are being called will take place during the course of the day and also highly for a half hour is considered to be part of these meetings it's not clear exactly how the meetings are going to be held if it separately or all together at one stage but the aim is certainly to have a signature under a cease fire agreement which was brokered by the russian and turkish president last week in istanbul. there's been a 2nd day of protests in iran after the government admitted its military mistakenly shot down a ukrainian airliner last week killing 176 people demonstrators have been defying a heavy police presence in the capital tehran 3 teachers have been killed in kenya in a suspected aton by al-shabaab fighters a primary school was attacked in a nearby police station set on fire in the near the border with somalia which is
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linked to al qaeda has killed hundreds of people in both somalia and kenya in years of attacks aimed at imposing its version of islamic law of all katie corruption in the philippines is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes volcano in target about 70 kilometers south of capital manila started spewing ash and lava on sunday 8000 people have been evacuated from the island of tiny say where the volcano sits with thousands more leaving coastal towns and 2 days of heavy snowfall and rain is being blamed for the deaths of at least 25 people in pakistan emergency services in baluchistan and often says say several people were killed after their roofs collapse and governor has declared a state of emergency in several districts those are the headlines on al-jazeera witness starts now. on the counting the cost while the u.s. spends billions on maintaining military bases across the world plus that we shaping
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up the meat industry as africans $1.00 estimate as pork industry and the for instance a tax that could escalate try to counter the cost on al-jazeera. i mean if it is. going to hit them send it to.


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