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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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2 countries one of that means that turkey is a player as much as other countries if not more and that's why we're seeing countries like italy and its leadership in the form of the prime minister just have to continue coming to and corrupt essentially to agree or at least to find some sort of synergy with turkey's plans for libya obviously that doesn't negate how significant russia is how significant the united arab emirates or egypt or other players in the region even france are with regards to libya but it does definitely on the line the role that turkey has carved for itself in this crisis ok and let you go for now thank you for that update from ankara let's cross over to moscow and bring in star vassar and she is joining us from there so so what more has the foreign minister had to say on how much progress has actually been made it was a very short statement to the rain by the foreign minister of russia and turkey and
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actually it was very clear that the turkish foreign minister. have to has not signed this agreement yet and that he hopes that it will sign it tomorrow morning on tuesday morning they have been talking about this draft agreement on the cease fire unconditional cease fire in libya and also said that in that draft agreement there is a suggestion for a military commission which will decide on the new contact lines between the 2 warring parties it's not clear at the moment where objects or has he teaches are to sign this deal so far so arrive on the contrary has according to the minister signed a deal already so it's been a very long and difficult meeting they say has been taking place for over 7 hours now and it hasn't had the result that they were hoping to get that both signatures would be under this cease fire agreement by the end of the day ok so what do we
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look ahead to step if anything at all. well they were hoping to have this ceasefire signed saw then they can take it to the next step which will be in berlin on the one thousands of january there's supposed to be this international conference on libya where also president obama has announced he will attend and it's also expected that put in the russian president will be there as well but the question now of course is when will this ceasefire agreement be signed. the turkish minister write that might be signed tomorrow morning on tuesday by year after so we haven't seen the end of these negotiations yet and of course we know it's been a very difficult situation and the situation on the ground is very fragile and hafter is maybe not willing to do to make so many compromises as he's trying as they have been trying to commit him to today so it is still some developments that
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we need to wait for until this international conference in berlin is safe to go ahead ok ok and thank you for that update from moscow. so just sue bring you up to speed with what's happened in the past couple of minutes or so we're hearing from moscow and in fact i'm going to bring in my one decide in just a moment to analyze all of this for us but just to let you know from moscow we have heard from the foreign minister of russia and he said that there has been progress on the libya talks about the war it's kind of a half that has delayed the signing of the cease fire but what we understand from the draft agreement is that i have to. have both said that they support an unconditional and open ended cease fire and also this draft agreement calls for the creation of a military commission to determine the contact line between the warring sides this is according to russian media let's now bring in. he's our senior political analyst
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so make sense of all of this for us. i guess are you surprised that have to has said i won't sign it yet i'm not surprised in fact it's very characteristic of. who by the way is suddenly that turkey's foreign minister is calling field marshal so the turks sponsors of the storks are already giving respects to what is considered by many as a warlord but be that as it may clearly he's not on the table of negotiations but also clear that he's continuing with the same structure an ism that we've seen him do since april since april while the government in tripoli has accepted if each and every cease fire it was half who rejected each and every cease fire one way or another and now we can see in that the pressure has built up on him whether it is by the russians and the turks or others like the european partners that he's still
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trying to wiggle his way out of it or trying to delay and so and so forth. apparently he says i need to sleep on it as it were that's the problem with the expression meaning i will we will hopefully sign on it tomorrow and why the delay well clearly there are some differences and disagreements notably about the mechanism for. implementing the cease fire and who would be on that military commissions and who would be the get on target. which parties clearly half there still has issues with turkey being the core sponsor of this thing and that's why apparently what we have heard the report from moscow is that the russians spoke to have to the russians and the turks spoke to surat rights but some russian have to did not speak so definitely turkey has been a player but more on the part of tripoli and clearly if this thing is signed to morrow as apparently the russians and the turks hope that it will be you think it
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will be i think it will be ok i want stand by for just a moment let's listen to what the foreign minister as a freshman turkey had to say just a moments ago. agreed. that the police. as well has played a role in these talks and the mr side of this because the parliament has also seen this document they have to add some items loaded to be signed and to be a positive decision that has been approved also with the attendance of the. russian sides in old to complete to such documents and agreements to mco think you very much. thank you very much for the russian side and thank you very much for the russian partners
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because they have given us a chance to meet you on the 8th of january we have just. we have started with our russian partners on the 8th of january to work on truce that has been. there now so we worked together on the document that will be also for the sake of. today we worked hard on this document and we put to the consideration of the compromises regarding the situation in libya called into. proposals made by mr after marshall after on mr sort of. this the document has been approved from our side we received a copy of this document as said by mr. marshall how after.
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some time until to morrow to. see the whole situation and probably he would sign these document to morrow morning and accordingly the proposals and the initiative made by the 2 presidents will lead to a result that misses the raj and the marshal after will be committed to this document the truce will continue the political process will continue also within the efforts of the international community and the united nations and we'll of course will join together with the russians the international efforts for this regard that's what we wanted to let you know after a long day of talks and negotiations thank you very much full bearing with us
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and we also thank mr. and mr mistry who signed on the prove this truce document and the at this new documents thank you very much for all of you and thank you for attending here. ok so that was what was said just saying a few moments ago by the turkish and the russian foreign minister is over in moscow and i was asking you before we went to tape about the possibility of signing this deal tomorrow you sound optimistic what are you basing that on what makes you say that have to is going to sign it considering that we've seen in the past the 2 men have come close to signing deals and they've fallen apart so yes that's why probably any optimism needs to be conditional on exactly the answer to your question my sense is that the russian person than the russian foreign minister had been making or plowing the field if you will before this meeting the calls made to
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various stakeholders including the these and others who have influence on huff that had to take place so the russians have been basically preparing. the wave for a successful negotiations in moscow otherwise they would probably wouldn't have invited them either and despite president putin's attempt at ambiguity just 2 days ago saying that the russians and russian meant that russian. mercenaries don't actually work for the russian government are not paid by the russian government everyone understands that this is not true that russia has been supporting half the through mercenaries and that when half that was invited to moscow in the middle of 2018 it was a clear sign that russia will be more than happy to give provide some support now that they are back in moscow to turkey with the aaa government the russian with after that there are basically 2 parties able to exercise some influence on the
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libyan players so in a sense if you will a lot of the preparations have been made so have to. could sign and still later on . you know walk back as it were because already as our reporter said from libya and that's. very interesting that already some of his own militias are making noises about not being consulted by after my sense is from a student of history is that he probably probably instigated some of them to have objections so that will strengthen his position in moscow and say look i cannot really force everyone to abide by ceasefire unless you give me this and this and this compromise so it's definitely have to it is being a good negotiator as it well as it were in moscow but also sort of raj is a good negotiator and clearly the sponsors they're one to have a success for this thing because without a success in moscow you cannot go to berlin which is what i wanted to ask you about
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so what happens in moscow and what we see to morrow will or will not pave the way for berlin it's a prerequisite for rights because it's supposed to be just to remind our viewers around the world this is a 3 phase process phase number one a cease fire this is happening in moscow phase number 2 is bring in all the stakeholders with influence in libya in berlin before the end of the month and try to just let me did by the way on syria geneive one geneva 2 when there were no syrians involved there were the stakeholders in syria the americans the russians the germans on so forth we can have something similar hopefully this one will not be like geneva one geneva to geneva $100.00 but it would be more successful trying to really after the the ceasefire is hopefully implemented then respected that there is a political process beginning in berlin by the end of month in order for a libyan a libyan authentic if as it were
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a process taking place between the parties in libya ok might want thank you very much so just a reminder what we've heard out of moscow and this is according to the russian foreign minister he's been saying that talks aimed at agreeing to an unconditional open ended cease fire in libya have failed to achieve a breakthrough but he says they've made good progress and a lover of has said the the. both sides to the conflict. the cease fire deal were prepared to sign the cease fire deal rather but the. for more time to consider the matter. we'll take a break but still ahead right here on al-jazeera there. was. anger and frustration over the ongoing economic crisis in haiti as a country pays tribute to those killed in a devastating earthquake 10 years ago. this is a very difficult journey for those who are trying really. where in the philippines
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as well that's where thousands are on the run from a volcanic eruption details coming up and. heller air quality in beijing is good middle of winter and is going to cause it's not true everywhere in northeastern china where there's big quiete but there's a bit of movement as you can see and some light clouds developing to bring rain eventually i think to shanghai but mostly it's a cloudy picture them back to your linen and unanimous with a range developing and the same sort of system is also growing some rain snow at height over honshu and maybe parts of north korea otherwise it's fabulous and weather for the next couple of days the coast of honshu developing a winter storm which is rolling out you know get the edge affects of rain in tokyo
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south and this rain is spreading out towards shanghai on wednesday was snow on the snow as nature in for example will han hong kong stays dry the heaviest rain further south apart from a few showers in the philippines is not even born yet but in the forecast though there will be repeated i think we'll see a risk not only in sumatra but also back in java remember the flooding in jakarta where the heavy showers are reappearing in southern jar. or west in java that includes jakarta and that will be of the next couple of days the same is true further east so you've got borneo sent away sea and almost all of the rest of indonesia. counting the cost while the u.s. spends. military bases across the world plus the reshaping of the meat industry has offered them swine flu decimate china's pork industry and the french tax that
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could escalate. counting the pulse on al-jazeera we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so much of what we. are going to for that matter to you. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera russia and turkey are supporting talks in moscow towards a formal cease fire agreement between libya's warring sides of the world $25.00 star says he will decide by choose day whether to sign the deal. the leaders off turkey and italy say they'll attend the peace talks next week in berlin and russian
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president vladimir putin will also attend. the president of france is hosting leaders in the region in west africa following what the u.n. says is an unprecedented rise in terrorist violence and 5 regional countries have thousands of troops hunting armed groups on links i saw. as president the chief of the army following the killing of 89 soldiers in an attack last week. well the south of the sahara desert stretches from coast to coast across africa soldiers from. mauritania. make up the. joint forests it aims to maintain regional control with help from around 5000 french troops so the summit is being held in the city of poland southwest of france our correspondent. is there and with the french president calling for the summit. hoping for.
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well back in december 13 french soldiers were killed in mali in a helicopter crash they were part of those french forces have been fighting alongside forces from the sile nations and just a few moments ago in fact the french president and the leaders of those nations pay tribute to those soldiers who came from a barracks in port the city in southwestern france now the time of the soldier's death here in france the public was very shaken up there are many questions about whether or not front should actually be involved in the style should be involved in a region where the risks are so great and there's so much violence at the same time the french president a man on my cross said that he was increasingly frustrated that there was what he called growing anti french sentiment in many countries that was not being condemned by the region's political leaders armano micro convene the summit because he wants
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the presidents of these countries to recommit if you like to the french presence to say whether or not french troops are welcome in their country and if they are to then move forward and decide what they want to do next in terms of how they want to work together and for the g 5 leaders in attendance what are they hoping to achieve . well the g 5 leaders of course are really in a situation which is extremely difficult because they are the heads of these countries where the violence has ramped up considerably over the past few months the u.n. is calling it an alarming situation and securing the sile region is of course very difficult to huge challenges an enormous area arid desert land facing threats from armed groups that are linked to broker her wrong al-qaeda eisler mongst others of course trafficking in people and weapons as well it's a very difficult country to secure and the g.
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5 leaders are hoping to try. and motivate all of the countries for support particularly european nations they are looking for international support in terms of funds money just sticks more training weapons and troops on the ground they say though the war they would like in the future is to move forward in a different way for african troops to be the only ones fighting in those countries with the just a cool support from international forces what they'd like of course is perhaps one day for those international forces and particularly the french to withdraw all right natasha thank you for that update a volcanic eruption in the philippines is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes. 70 kilometers south of the capital manila started spewing ash and lava on sunday 8000 people have already been evacuated from the island where the volcano is thousands more leaving coastal towns general and oregon has more from.
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we are in this province about 16 kilometers from kaino the roads are slippery this is a very difficult journey for those who are trying to flee evacuation of started as early as sunday afternoon and thousands have already fled the priority according to the government is to secure those within the 14 kilometer range of. you know. this this try sicko. is an entire family. from. they have been trying to evacuate since sunday afternoon we're seeing cars full of family members those who have tried their very best to bring whatever they
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can of their belongings. iranians have protested for a 3rd day against the killing of 176 people on board the ukrainian airliner shot down by mistake demonstrators defied a heavy police presence in the capital again and the chief of police is urging restraint after tear gas was fired our correspondent said banks says government leaders understand why protesters are angry they have been protests over the last 2 days that has been angry chants some anti government some and the revolutionary guard but he said that the people have a right to protest we understand that the angry and that the morning he said that we have told police and security services to show restraint he said but he said that some people are deliberately trying to escalate them back to trying to. force a confrontation with the police and the iranians are also upset at the british ambassador he was briefly detained at one of the vigils or protests the other day
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from the iranian perspective this was an unknown fara had attended a vigil not a vigil organized by the government were diplomats invited to this was organized over social media that he said that the british ambassador's actions were unprofessional and diplomatic and he actually warned the british to stay away from the internal affairs of iran he said that britain has a long history of interfering in iran and that's why we see this anger outside the british embassy against the british and he said that the britain should just because of that reason should to frane from commenting go getting involved in the internal affairs of iran. banks in lebanon are being increasingly targeted by demonstrators demanding access to their money and the governor of the central bank says foreign financial support is desperately needed to ease the economic crisis that's unlikely to happen if politicians don't agree on the sectarian makeup of the
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new government. has the story from beirut. demonstrators have been venting their anger inside banks across lebanon they want access to their money banking restrictions were imposed when anti-government protests began in mid october banks are limiting access to withdraw dollars and imposed caps on the lebanese pound to. the informal controls on capital are affecting many some customers have resorted to violence i was obliged to use because of the minimum move my my office working from from home because i cannot pay anymore expenses it extended. so now. let's say i'm having 5 millions each week i have to divide it too. including my personal my personal expenses but bankers say they had little choice
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to manage the lack of cash between september and november during both 3 bombs. deposits in the banking sectors be climbed by $10000000000.00. which is about 50 percent to 55 percent of this was. by citizens and companies. but many lebanese are accusing banks of robbing them from their savings because they are now forced to deal in lebanese pounds the flow of money out of lebanon and the lack of foreign currency deposits created a shortage of dollars that's affected the lebanese town which lost that these 50 percent of its value on the black market over the past 3 months and the crisis of confidence in the banking sector is not the only problem lebanon has been without a government since prime minister sato had he resigned in october during widespread protests against the political elite over corruption and the cost of living for
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have. cleared him on by the banking sector form a government that will bring back trust and to the country into the political class and can actually implement some of the reforms need to do on walk funds and bring in fresh u.s. dollars into the country in recent weeks protests against lebanon's leaders have become smaller in size when compared to the early days of the uprising but demonstrators are promising to return as warnings of a financial collapse grow louder said. beirut monday is the final day in office for 2 thirds of members of parliament in haiti but they're not being replaced because last year's election never happened the political limbo follows months of protests against corruption and the cost of living and further calls for president to resign were made on the 10th anniversary of the haiti earthquake to raise above reports from korto prince. and other you to remember the
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worst tragedy this country has seen in recent history. 10 years ago a 7.0 earthquake devastated haiti. and added to the in demi troubles that already affect the population here precedent given in maurice pay tribute to those who died in a mass grave in sank the stuff was but the ceremony did not last long. but could remember when the president had to be rushed out when protesters arrived to the scene was a member of the mill i'm here to put flowers for the victims of the earthquake the president shouldn't be here. or our freedom or death they chanted at the burial site protests have been ongoing this past few months many are angry at the ongoing economic crisis corruption and what they say is the failure of the reckon struction process. but the president told al-jazeera he's also unhappy about the
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way aid was handled even though he has been in office for almost 3 years so it's. it was a reality they structure that was intended to spend the money and now inherit the problems that we are dealing with today now it is a must that everyone is able to understand that there has been mistakes and altogether we need to correct these mistakes. but in spite of the general disappointment people like me we say he just wants to remember those who died and pay tribute to them. to the people today means a lot to me i lost family and friends and i won't ever forget the day that there experienced the worst of the worst but we had a lot of solidarity and we are still here surviving food and housing have always been an issue in haiti but since the earthquake the situation became even worse this neighborhood is known as. it was completely destroyed by the earthquake most of the building that you can see here where rubble fell those people died on
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january 12th 2010 and as you can see some of the palace have been rebuilt with the help of the united nations and other aid of i think many of the people we have spoken to say that much more needs to be done and then just outside of port au prince has become the emblem of what went wrong with a reckless struction process hundreds of thousands who lost their homes continue to live in dire conditions mike schuler says the way the system was set up was wrong. system treated people like victims like children they need to be taught how to wash their hands for example. their their priority needs housing jobs education where they were given with soap. and other things that are that are not needed haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and this year the situation is likely to get even worse. the suffering caused by the earthquake is
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ongoing and has only served to highlight how the haitian government and the international aid system have failed that he said will port au prince. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera russia and turkey are supporting talks in moscow towards a formal cease fire agreement between libya's warring sides and despite making some progress the warlords find if i have to add has asked for more time to consider the deal while the turkish president runs up to a bird in the italian prime minister just epic said they'll attend libya peace talks next week in berlin russian president vladimir putin will also attend to leaders said they were hoping for a lasting truce that would stabilize the north african country. we support plans for the berlin conference and myself the russian president vladimir putin and the italian prime minister to separate content will all be in attendance mr putin and i
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agreed to reach a cease fire in libya the cease fire which began on sunday and our delegations are now in moscow to discuss this and i hope it will be permanent. as president his wrist place the country's top army chief thursday's attack on a military base thoughts where 89 soldiers were killed it happened near the border with mali this is the latest incidence in africa region which is becoming increasingly violent and the move comes as the president of france is hosting leaders from the region following what the u.n. says is an unprecedented rise in quote terrorist violence france and 5 regional countries have thousands of troops hunting armed groups some linked to iceland al qaida president has sacked the chief of the army and 3 generals as were saying following 2 attacks which killed at least 160 soldiers. iranians have protested for a 3rd day against the killing of 176 people on board the ukrainian airliner shot down
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by mistake demonstrators defied a heavy police presence in the capital to run again and the chief of police is urging restraint after tear gas was fired a volcanic eruption in the philippines is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes $8000.00 people have already been evacuated from the island of talisay where the volcano sits with thousands more who are leaving coastal towns 3 teachers have been killed in kenya in a suspected attack by al-shabaab fighters primary school was attacked and a nearby police station set on fire. those are the headlines counting the cost is coming up next on al-jazeera.
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hello i'm don jordan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week. we are now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world. we are independent and we do not need middle east oil president trump wants u.s. troops out of the middle east we take a look at the trillions spent on wars and the billions and then taming us military bases. also this week the hog and pork industry has taken a hit from african swine flu in china and asia but does the meat industry need to change to save the planet.


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