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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour life from headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes no breakthrough but warring parties in libya's conflict make progress on a draft cease fire deal. and across in ankara leaders of turkey and italy confirmed they will attend next week's libya conference as international peace efforts gathers pace. hello i'm maryanne demasi in london with the top stories from europe including britain's prime minister visits northern ireland for talks with the region's leaders as that power sharing devolved government returns for the 1st time in 3 years. this is
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a very difficult journey for those who are trying to leave or in the philippines where tens of thousands are on the run from a volcanic eruption. and. the corruption trial of former will definitely chief the mean diac in paris has been delayed with the 86 year old facing up to 10 years in jail. hello talks for a permanent cease fire in libya ended in moscow and they failed to achieve a breakthrough or russia's foreign minister says quote good progress is being made on an unconditional and open ended cease fire but the words but if i have to choose day to decide whether to sign a formal deal a truce to stop fighting came into force on sunday morning libya's prime minister phase a sudden i have to. her attending the negotiations in moscow and the turkish foreign
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minister explained the results off the day's think associations. today we worked hard on this document and we put into consideration the compromises regarding the situation in libya called in to the proposals made by mr after marshall after and mr sort of. this document has been approved from our side we received a copy of this document as said by mr lavrov marshall after. until tomorrow to see the whole situation and probably he would sign the. document tomorrow morning on the russian foreign minister had this to say cheryl after come on mr have to as well has played a role in these talks and the mr side of this because the parliament has also seen
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this document and they have to add some items in order to be signed and to be a positive decision that has been approved also with the attendance of the turkish and the russian side. to complete such a document and agreements. well we have 3 correspondents covering the story mahmoud is in tripoli and jamal say al is in the turkish capital ankara but 1st will bring in step vast and moscow to tell us what more you're learning step about why a breakthrough wasn't reached. well the situation is very much to be continued to hear the rain after more than 7 hours of difficult talks there is still this one signature missing of. how far and the foreign minister here sat there there is been this positive. development he called
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it some progress has been made and he also said that after called the draft agreement of positively but had he was waiting for some more time to consider signing it what has been agreed or what has been in the draft agreement so far that we know of is that except for this unconditional ceasefire there is a line of 1st operational forces mentioned in there and also measures to stabilize the situation in tripoli and in other cities and also the appointment of people who have to continue the negotiations but they also are some questions raised about how much control and pressure russia can actually put on russia has been supporting at halftime militarily mercenaries from russia have been fighting in libya especially in the last couple of months this fighting has been intensified and that actually put russia also in this power broker situation but now have to has been.
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reluctant to sign it and also we saw that a couple of days ago when the cease fire was announced the tool start on sunday initially half are also rejected completely to agree with to cease fire and it seems that he is having this this this kind of turnaround again here at the last minute in moscow as well but there might be well. in a few hours from now in the morning here in moscow we'll have to wait and see ok a step thank you for that update from moscow. let's not bring in jim i'll say oh he's joining us live from the turkish capital ankara where there were also talks taking place between turkish leaders and italian leaders on the issue of libya earlier today are circus leaders optimistic that a breakthrough can be reached well it seems they are there in over the past few days their diplomacy has been in overdrive with regards to libya
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24 hours ago president met with prime minister before he had headed over to moscow on previous truthout what was the precursor to these discussions and moscow was that meeting between iran and russian president vladimir putin as you mention on monday there was a meeting between prime minister just epic on sale for italy and president around both of them held a press statement together and this is what the president had to say we support plans for the berlin conference and myself the russian president vladimir putin and the italian prime minister just happy conti will all be in attendance mr putin and i agreed to reach a cease fire in libya the cease fire which began on sunday and our delegations are now in moscow to discuss this and i hope it will be permanent. so that burning conference that he was referring to was meant to be taking place on the 19th of this month so just in a few days' time and it's meant to involve several countries not just russia and
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turkey but also it's really there as well as germany obviously is a host nation and other what they call stakeholders with regards to libya now that is the next big step in this process and the fact that the president of turkey as well as other leaders have announced that they will be attending this would mean that their optimism is unnecessarily misplaced or at least in the short term that there will be some sort of a breakthrough the situation is we're going to hear from more than tripoli is still tense but there is that reports coming from the different sides of the conflict that things are a lot calmer than they were before so right now optimism here in turkey which has become a major player not least because it has sent its own military true libya to try and friend of the advance of credit for that on those mercenaries from capturing the trip to the capital tripoli and that optimism they are hoping will gain momentum as more developments in this road map to trying to find a political solution becomes clearer ok jim our sail from anchorage
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a mouse thank you let's bring in mahmoud i've been washed head now to get an update from tripoli itself that's in libya so how is all of this filtering down to libya and what's happening on the grounds. will drain as soon as the news of the. government to the head face and the head of the high state council signed this cease fire accord in moscow we have been getting good reports from the west of libya here from civil political parties institutions along with the governmental institutions that are all sticking to one main condition in order for this peace through this peace deal to go on that have to the forces must pull out from southern tripoli as a prerequisite for any peaceful settlement to this conflict everybody here in the
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west of libya there remain is wanted that the existence of have to us forces in southern chile may be used as. to fact or to score situation again as the worst of the camp led by the government on the other hand we have been getting reports from the eastern. region of libya saying that have to us forces will never accept to put our words from southern tripoli otherwise they will continue fighting and tell the take full control of the capital tripoli as you know daryn that this is not a simple conflict it's a tough task not only for international and regional mediators but also for there are a vocal leaders themselves for have and each one of them as you know daryn have local and regional allies and it's not easy to convince the allies to accept this these
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conditions of the ceasefire accord ok what i've been washed head with an update from tripoli thank you. libya's been torn apart by conflict since a long time ruler mama gadhafi was overthrown in 2011 and it's divided between warring militia groups which mostly back to rival governments so the un recognized administration led by prime minister. based in tripoli it's supported by turkey and most western nations including italy which is worried the fighting near tripoli will force more people to cross the mediterranean then in the east there is the brute based government the center of power for a warlord the have to is backed by egypt saudi arabia russia and the united arab emirates france is also accused of providing military supports to his forces. let's meet someone who is a senior advisor on u.s. affairs the u.n. recognize governments in libya he's joining us via skype from washington d.c. thanks for being with us on the al-jazeera news hour so according to the russian
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foreign minister he says that quote good progress is being made on an unconditional and open ended cease fire that must be good news for you what's your reaction mohamed are you with us. all right apologies we seem to be things some trouble connecting to my guest from d.c. will try and bring him on a little later on well earlier i did speak to al jazeera senior political analyst. and he says the upcoming talks in berlin will seek a final political solution to the conflict that's us and face that raj has agreed to sign and basically he probably signed something but like for this to become an agreement and this is a truth a truce probably in my definition is a bit more than a cease fire a cease fire as when you seize firing
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a truce as mandated order as demanded by the united nations means you will start exchanging prisoners you will start the rule creating a relocating where your forces are the marketing as it were in order to prepare the political atmosphere and in this case the conference in berlin for finding a find the political solution probably some of the disagreement is who is in this commission right and who's who are the good inters of this sort of truce is that sticky a part to do it is part one of to get on to those are there more who will be participating in berlin what does that mean in terms of for now until then and of course as we all know in these sorts of circumstances signing is the easy part implementing that's the difficult part and when we're talking about a 9 year civil war we're probably talking about a long a long term process to build confidence make sure that the cease fire works or the through swerves make sure that all the stakeholders do respect arms embargo and so
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on so forth in libya and then you have a 3 track we have forward economic political and military and i must emphasize that while the political and economic are of course are indispensable but the minister one is going to be the most important because without a united libyan army where all the militias can join in we're going to continue to see this sort of decentralized violent the process whereby different militias and the various warlords continue the escalation of a war and that everyone now wants it end. let's bring in muhammad ali abdullah once again he's a senior advisor on u.s. affairs for the u.n. recognize government in libya he's joining us via skype from washington we'll try again 1st can you give me your initial reaction to what came out of moscow today a few hours ago because we understand that's talks didn't really achieve a breakthrough but the foreign minister of russia says that good progress has been
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mates all right apologies for that it's once again technical issues via skype but we will move on and we will tell you about what's coming up on the al-jazeera news hour it's a surprise twist in the murder trial of an investigative journalist in slovakia. and the world's top badminton player. is injured in a road accident that kills his driver peter haas more not in sport a little later. in the future of france's presence in the region is being discussed at a meeting between leaders of the 5 west african nations and call for an a half 1000 french troops are deployed there to aid the fight against armed groups
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but anti french sentiment is rising as a security situation is worsening and president has sacked the army chief after $89.00 soldiers were killed in the latest attack we. standing by for the latest but 1st we'll go to natasha butler joining us from poland where that meeting is taking place that's. calling for it so what is he hoping to come out of . well the french president is still locked in talks with his counterparts from the g. 5 sile nations in iraq the grand casa but you can see behind me in the southwest city of pope before the leaders who attended a ceremony for 13 french soldiers who came from barracks in this city killed in december in mali in a helicopter crash and that really threw the spotlight on the risks the french
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soldiers are taking in the silence show many people in france you started to question why it's france and the style in should it continue to be there at the same time it might or might call the french president said that he was increasingly frustrated with what he calls anti french sentiment among some people in the sile he feels that that anti french sentiment is on the rise but it's not being condemned by the region's leaders so he's called this summer because he was the presence of the cell nations to clarify whether or not they want french troops to continue fighting alongside their forces in the region because he says that if they're not welcome then perhaps they shouldn't be there they'll also be talking about the bigger picture of course a war should be happening with this region where violence really has been surging and of course the people who are suffering of those on the ground the civilians ok natasha butler thank you for that update from po and we'll bring in either doing
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this now he's joining us from the army that's the capital of and as we've been reporting in hearing violence really spreading right across that region so what's at stake on the ground for this meeting taking place in france. well there is so much expectations from ordinary people in the sahara in the rest of west africa why you don't only have armed groups in mali. and the violence spilling over into a book in a fossil and this year but also book. which has expanded from nigeria a decade ago into china need a chemical and probably a few other countries now the expectation of everybody in the region is that the region as well as the international community will collaborate father or more to see or to bring an end to these attacks talk to everybody on the street their expectations is that they want peace
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a lot of people in the region in the style especially where we sit we've seen. demonstrations on the street is people don't understand why with the presence of nearly 20000 international forces including 4500 from france the violence still continues in the region people will not understand that despite the technology despite the weaponry despite their training all these on the part of they do not come into the community especially the french these violence will still continue and we've seen in the genre here the mood in this country is not to just believe 71 people killed only in december and last week the last another 89 members of the armed forces and they don't understand why despite the presence of these armies multinational forces in this region these killing still continue doing it and for those who are directly a sector by the violence how are people coping with it. well
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so many communities we have visited from mali booking a fossil in nigeria come roun chide they are close to giving up in nigeria i think people have grown numb to these attacks for 10 years now that been witnessing these attacks some book or arm and now with the islamic state in west africa progress has moved in set up shop in the region and continuing to attack military and civilians in the region and the sahara with seen how with these armed groups are growing bolder by the day targeting military and displacing hundreds of thousands of civilians in the last one or 2 months we've seen nearly half a 1000000 civilians displaced by these fighting and these is a region where you have some of the poorest of the poor in the world people who leave below we live on less than one and have dollars a day and people who cannot make ends meet people who expect support from their
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governments and the governments cannot provide everything they need they can provide the shelter it a shelter that can provide enough security they can provide enough food to feed these teeming refugees teeming i've just been exposed in the region so it's a very dicey situation for many people we have already 2700000 or 2000000 700000 displaced persons in the lake chad or those needing food assistance emergence would assistance and now you displeasing have a 1000000 more in less than 2 months so it's a very tricky situation for many people in the region ok. thank you very much for that update from news there. so let's just take a closer look at the region we're talking about in which i was referring to the sun how refers to the vast area covering western and central africa the militaries of 5 countries in that region mauritania mali. make up the 5 joint force it aims to maintain regional control against the fighters but the violence
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has just been getting worse on the number of people killed in attacks and brick enough. jumped from 71720162 more than 4000 last year it's largely because of a combination of attacks by armed groups on intercommunal violence remote areas where the state's presence is weak or a specialty vulnerable the humanitarian cost is also growing the u.n. estimates half a $1000000.00 people have been displaced let's make to. ease a security researcher at the middle east center who's joining us live from johannesburg via skype thanks for your time with us on al-jazeera so. we look at that meeting happening right now in poll in france the future of france's presence in the region is being discussed do you expect a change in strategy at all. thanks for victory no it doesn't seem to france will
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just most likely increase cooperation will be increased support and when doing these you know security for the 1st approach is as was always been taken by france already and you know that seems to be the problem i mean it is said previously you know there's 4500 francs troops there's another 16000 in the international troops 30000 as part of them as one troop but that tax as we see is going up the numbers of you know if i tell it is it going up so there needs to be a different approach and unfortunately this meaty ball actually slide to see you know which beast or when your version of what a different approach what is what is required here what exactly do you mean by that thanks to be an approach that looks at you know one better coordination but 2 i think the bigger issues is to move away from security and more towards mediation more to development more towards finally the real solutions you know it really 11
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the national commission often a city in madison peace can meet you know it's a wide spectrum of miley and civil society leaders just leaders and politicians that negotiate with this at least mammals didn't you know the military group because they are mali and defense against it is only one way to deal with militancy and you know the key to that is you've been france i mean in mali basically followed events lead similarly nisha you know we having these countries that you know the leadership is quite the legitimacy of the of the post of the democratic process is questionable which is creating this disillusionment because the french to support you know this external it was you know it's actually seen easy to stay in power and it shortened it in not able to actually look at the real grievances in mali hasn't been you know local government in places like like to do for years now and i'm fortunately you know we just see how do you combat militancy it sort of how do you actually deal with what causes the. right so so that domestically what needs
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to be done to mess the cli or or locally to combat this. locally needs to be more coordination you know that they was at least initially after the algiers of course and the presumably specifically there was you know talk about trying to finish many of the military coup because in the security structure and trying to actually create a more unified country also you know we've seen an increase in the coordination between the 3 kind of the 5 countries of the south which is good because the borders are porous you know the looked at who book are not going to according to for example has its own authority no one has one of the you know that if. the problem though is that you know these these dictatorial regimes are seeing you know this counterterrorism counter to militancy as means of actually ensuring they stay in power and you know he does as you for example it's legitimacy is very question after the you know the 228 action similarly a savoyard in has been arresting people that well and i'm fortunately you know we
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need to see much more pressure being put on these countries to actually democratize to actually start using their budgets probably i mean booking a fossil for example has spent 25 percent of its expenditure on military hardware you know it's actually. poverty is one of the causes of the militancy that country and so unfortunately you know this is the problem with this ball meeting we see a splintering of this already for what approach a couple have to make that they're brain damage thank you very much for speaking to us from johannesburg thanks for having me. now britain's prime minister is in northern island for talks of the region's know the appointed leader as i am the mozzie has more from our european broadcast center. yeah that's right boris johnson's visit marks the reopening of northern ireland's power sharing devolved government after it collapse some 3 years ago over a renewable energy skein deal was brokered by the british and irish governments and
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comes at a critical time as the region faces uncertainty over its relationship with london and dublin at a person's looming exit from the european union fulbright and reports now from belfast. restoring the northern ireland assembly has been a political imperative for prime minister boris johnson not least because his brics it plans need a functioning government here at stormont so the pm came to belfast keen to talk up the opportunities presented by the new power sharing deal. in the u.k. government work with this. government. to ensure that we deliver on that attention. but away from storm on to 3 years of political paralysis have left northern ireland's public sector in crisis there is considerable public cynicism about political promises we have holes in the race. we have lakes everywhere the floors are part malone integrated college is
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a remarkable school a beacon of integration between catholic and protestant communities but its buildings are falling to pieces and the symptoms of underfunding are all around it will take more than just political will to reverse the years of neglect here everything is just falling apart falling apart. this time and it's very very dangerous for these kids just. that we have. to meet them and over the last number of years but nobody should have to work or be educated. it's not fair on these kids they deserve better in july of last year a parliamentary committee back in london conceded that northern ireland education system was facing manageable pressures that stagnant funding was having a devastating impact and that the problems had mounted to the point where they had become a crisis and that is the situation now demanding urgent resolution from storm.
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in december northern ireland's nurses began strike action in protest of the health system a breaking point nurses here are paid $800.00 less than their counterparts in the u.k. mainland nearly $3000.00 vacancies remain unfilled hospital and. cancer treatment waiting lists are the worst in the u.k. a power sharing deal offers renewed hope that mercy unions want to see the color of the money out of nurses do not have a formal commitment made to them by the health minister this week it needs to be done this week we will be back out on the picket lines again on monday wednesday and thursday of next week because nurses offended many many promises those promises not to date the converted and it's estimated that northern ireland needs 2600000000 dollars to address the various crises and there is serious concern that the governments won't say whether they'll fund that's a moment this power sharing deal in itself may not mean a quick end to the public sector storm paul brennan al-jazeera bell 1st when other stories are following one of the 4 suspects on trial for the murder of
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a slovak investigative journalist has admitted in court to killing him a former soldier large checklist charged with killing young could see ak and his fiance outside their home near the capital bratislava in 2018 shooting cause mass protests that led to the resignation of the prime minister robert feature prosecutors accuse a prominent businessman mayan culture of ordering the murder after he was the subject of quote checks reporting into fraud and political corruption maintains he is innocent well caspar is in new york for us where the trial is taking place and says the murder has mobilized political activists. slovak media calls this trial the trial of the century really it's changed a lot after the murder of yonkers lark a journalist investigative journalist. after his murder and his fiance in 2000 thinkin a lot of change socially
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a lot of change in the syrian society there was a lot of mobilisation on the on one hand but not so much in the political sense of the of the world so. killed because of his writing because he drew some lines between control show controversial businessman called. he had good ties to police politicians and also italian mafia so just to give you an illustration. it was good to be there one of the main prosecutors and they agreed that there would be a video camera in his office so caution to really know what's going on even in his office after the after the murder there was a big mortgages ation of public a prime minister robert fits all had to resign but on the other hand he stayed as a president of his party smeared a populist social democratic party and he's confident was installed as prime
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minister so in that sense nothing really happened politically. so also following developments in abkhazia this is that the leader of the georgian breakaway region of abkhazia who has resigned now following days of anti-government protests that. says he is stepping down in the name of peace and stability for the sake of his country on thursday dozens of demonstrators broke into the presidential headquarters calling for a new leadership they say that will widespread irregularities in the election in september which so action but wait another 5 here 10. back to the rain in doha now ossie a bit later i am thank you very much well still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour paying with their lives the growing prize for refugees attempting to make a desperate journey into europe. and it's been a day of highs and lows of the dakar rally peter as the details on that later.
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how it rained in the mission all blue this is the weather down the gulf you can see the cloud is still moving quite steadily so we've still got some weather for a few showers in iran but the show as we can down the gulf those bringing showers with it which means attempts to rise a little in for example the hot but the heavy rain in moscow which resulted all goal may well start reappear on wednesday the change in the wind direction or this part of a man possibly bits the u.a.e. will see showers and thunderstorms once again with that change in wind direction generally dry picture further north back towards the and part for a shower or 2 it's largely bright or sunny skies not particularly warm but ok what we have got developing to the west of that in the gulf of say it is a circulation off the coast of to dizzy and then drifting towards benghazi to reduce libya we're talking about here for the next day or so i was significant wind
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and rain moving only very slowly to be honest in this part of the world out dr reef much of the north of rest of north africa we still got showers stretching from kenya down towards our girl seasonally the forecast heavy showers us through zambia towards zimbabwe and also mozambique south of that very few showers in south africa . across europe immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants' at all 0 immigration but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody is discussing the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudiced some pride in hungary on al-jazeera. from
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sunrise to sunset. across asia. and the pacific. explore on tone and fascinating stories. of diverse cultures. and conflicting punit takes. one on one east on al-jazeera. television the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour talks in moscow for
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a permanent ceasefire in libya have failed to achieve a breakthrough russia's foreign minister says quote good progress is being made but worthwhile if i have to it has asked until tuesday to decide whether to sign a formal deal. the leaders of turkey and italy say they'll attend further libya peace talks next week in berlin the russian president vladimir putin will also attend. and for more on the international diplomatic push for peace in libya let's bring in our diplomatic editor james raises joining us from the united nations what are you hearing from the u.n. james. well the big question is will there be a ceasefire will have have to actually sawin but i do think what we've seen in moscow does tell you something about where the power lies in terms of external actors in the middle east and diplomats i've spoken to are making parallels with syria yes they are very different countries but look at syria and they're much of
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the political process has been pushed through the so-called a starner process a place in. but basically the russians and the turks even though they were on different sides of the argument one supported a sad one was opposed to him taking control of the political process in place perhaps of the u.n. and what are you now seeing in libya while you have russia and turkey different sides of the argument supporting different people and yet they have taken control one diplomat described it as and the start of the cation of the political process now in libya and who's getting pushed out of this well the u.n. the u.s. and the e.u. nowhere to be seen the russians and the turks for now are controlling the situation it's a point i put to the spokes person for the u.n. secretary general the u.n. cannot operate in a vacuum right what is always important whether it's in syria or libya and those a different cases right i mean. whether it's in syria or in libya.
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a political process cannot move forward without the will of the people. being represented but also we need to be realistic without involvement of not only of the parties who are fighting on the ground but of the parties outside of the country who have an influence what is important is that what is happening in moscow feeds into berlin. so that's the next stage of this bird livin and although it's not have been officially announced by the german foreign ministry certainly others involved the turks and the italians say they will be going to burlington for a big meeting at leader level to take place almost sunday this is where i think the u.n. try and take what the russians have turks have done and put it back as an international
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process and try to move things forward but rather than being the main event now seems to be a rubber stamp of what looks like it might have been achieved in moscow but we mustn't get ahead of ourselves we have to watch what the renegade general general have to in the coming hours yeah we do and james i'll put that to my next guest thank you for the time being that our diplomatic editor james bay is from the united nations and now we'll bring in mohammad ali abdullah is a senior advisor on u.s. affairs to the u.n. recognize government in libya he's joining us via skype from washington thanks for your time with us on the al-jazeera news hour so what will we see happen on tuesday what will have to do because according to the russian foreign minister minister he said that they didn't achieve a breakthrough but good progress is being made. thank you to the and thank you for having me there what we're seeing and what we will see tomorrow and continue to see throughout this process is the same behavior and just ongoing examples of the
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root of the issue which is that house that is not really a reliable partner and has been has been treating this whole process as more like a as again mina's a showcase in order to preempt himself for the ultimate objective here what is ultimately a business to rule libya ultimately with no conditions or destroy libya and that and he has no other room for 'd any other considerations and one of the examples of that is in today's meetings with the russians 24 have had by inside the deputy u.a.e. ambassador in moscow along with 4 other advisors or him out he's negotiating this deal and so this shows you that this proxy war that house that is carrying out is is much much much more complex than just a typical civil war that some people try to simplify this scenario to what we are seeing today is exactly what happened on april 4th 21010 days before a national reconciliation conference house the 3 m's that by attacking. tripoli the
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capital and basically you know raising his nose at the u.n. secretary general and what he's doing today. russian president vladimir putin is the same thing that he did the right you know what is i mean you know how significant is it then that russia and turkey seem to be taking control now of this political process. it has a has a lot of significance for 2 reasons one is that right now the the end game or the berlin process which will hopefully lead to the end game from the perspective is as a constitutional referendum passed so many many milestones that will help us get there now the fact that the un has sort of been pushed aside along with the e.u. and other players this may have been more tens of all steps in order to help us get there because i think the u.n. process one of the un mission itself lost a lot of credibility to lead to such a process and at the end of the day to be honest the u.n.
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was left out to dry by a lot of the of its partners including the e.u. and the usual. 111 significance the other significance that it exposes at the end of the day what kind of a house is all about exposing the fact that he is not able to participate in diplomacy never has he never will he's not able to even if you wanted to he's basically as they say a one trick pony he knows force brutal all of the time. and you know i the rule i said on top of this not even the summary of it but let me just jump in there for a 2nd just for the sake of time i mean this is a man that the u.s. president donald trump has has said has played a significant role in fighting terrorism and securing libya's oil resources which is in fact contrary to what a u.s. official position is on libya i mean you're speaking to us from washington d.c. right so what do you understand the u.s. position to be on the bia. well i think that what the particular phone call that president trump kerry doe have exposed a lot of misinformation and
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a lot of work there's actually another problem within the u.s. administration at the time which has since been reconciled and corrected is that that particular message that president drug related was quickly kwacha by the defense department of the pentagon and the state department and then the history or the days afterwards proved not only is he not able to fight terrorism he continued to attack and not to go over the city that was liberated by a force in the other muscles right from the 2nd largest isis on clay and the fact that he is killing those forces were actually eliminated terrorism and he's continuing to target them that goes to show you what it was that is all about in the right behavior right now this child just tantrum kind of approach is a reflection of that this guy is not a reliable partner for any kind of muhammad ali i'm gonna have to leave it there we've run out of time but we thank you very much for joining us on al-jazeera thank you now a disagreement in the roman catholic church over whether priests should be allowed to marry has led to a surprise intervention from the former pope from on this let's bring back maryam
9:43 pm
namazie from our london censor yeah that's right for hundreds of years priests have to remain celibate but pope francis is considering easing some restrictions to help with the shortage of priests well now the previous pope benedict has entered the debate between the chechen performance and the traditionalist you talk or explains. that is a central question in the roman catholic church should priests maintain the centuries old stance on celibacy. now 2 popes past and present could find themselves on different sides of the debate. pope benedict the 16th who pledged to remain hidden from the world when he retired in 2013 has broken his silence to passionately defend celibacy in a new book benedict who became the 1st pope in more than 600 years to resign because of ill health so the traditional hours priests to focus on. the
9:44 pm
comments come at a time when pope francis is considering easing a ban on married men serving as priests south american bishops of call for a change to help end a shortage of priests particularly in indigenous communities in the amazon. francis the 1st latin american pope is said to have an instinctive understanding of the region's challenges. it is pope francis' who will make any final decision but the surprise intervention from pope benedict underscores fundamental divisions of the 1300000000 bent but church many catholics who ever deny francis and benedict have different views on married priests what bennett think believes about priestly celibacy is exactly the same as what pope francis believes this centered on the amazon them look at their communities who don't get a priest even once a year could we consider ordaining some deacons who are there who are married with
9:45 pm
families and this is something the pope is considering and as an exception and i'm sure that he says yes benedict will be happy with it and he says you know the same some priests who converted to catholicism are allowed to carry on in their ministries but some traditionalists within the roman catholic church fear that pope francis is leading them in a direction they don't want to. follow the clues is becoming pope francis has a birthday is a reformer tackling sexual abuse and corruption within the church he also seems willing to consider loosening a grip on conservative values so important to his predecessors he farka out his era london catalonia card has pushed amount has arrived for his 1st session as a member of the european parliament despite facing an arrest warrant in spain which to month's parliamentary position gives his immunity give gives him immunity from prosecution eased his 1st appearance to demand the release of the former catholic
9:46 pm
vice president audio keris who was also elected to the european parliament is being held in madrid spain supreme court has sentenced various other cadman leaders as well to jail terms for their role in the illegal 2017 bed for secession. refugees and migrants trying to make their way into europe are facing increasingly hostile conditions forcing them to take huge risks to their safety close borders police brutality and suspicious public combining to make already desperate journeys often impossible the 1st of a series of reports on the main overland route from greece through bosnia to croatia aren't silly found refugees becoming increasingly reliant on organized people smuggling. midwinter in the furthest reaches of northeastern greece gale force winds and bitter cold in this vast barely inhabited wilderness there are plenty of places to hide but break cover and you
9:47 pm
risk everything. or the hospital mortuary is evidence of the risk sisters from somalia who froze to death in each other's arms 2 among dozens who recently perished many more though have been killed in car accidents as the police have tried to chase down the smugglers is would. say when the people in the guard or her guard are good then. then. how do they hides 7000 people in a car. the more hostile europe becomes the better business gets for the smugglers on the every river the border between turkey and greece they're using the same big rubber boats that take people over the sea on land fleet severe calls seized by the police tell a story of the increasing industrialization of illegal migration into the european
9:48 pm
union they have on our part of your source met. the training migrants to be guides they leave cars on the hills for them and tell one of the migrants to be the driver some of them are children and don't even know how to drive properly. refugees are guided to deserted buildings sleeping in the rat droppings with the windows open to escape if the army arrives locals film them as they pass in small groups but barely a word is spoken. europe has become a hostile environments for asylum seekers and these are the consequences if they made it this far there's still a lot if it means that dogs the great police the military and follow the smugglers instructions stayed off the roads stayed on the tracks but it's at least another 100 kilometers from here to any form of civilization several 100 more until they get to the border with north macedonia. who come all the way from afghanistan made
9:49 pm
it through the wilderness did anybody help you know nobody can help us when you fall down when you have injuries and are very not and nobody can help us we just help ourselves that's it thousands are still coming across the success of the smugglers and difficulty for the police in covering vast areas means far more people get through than die there out there somewhere lawrence leigh al-jazeera ne in greece. more from london for you in about 10 minutes time let's get back to doha now and during ryan thank you well the threat of what experts call a volcanic tsunami is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes in the philippines taal volcano is in the middle of a lake and it's fair to violent underwater up shown will cause destructive waves as jamila islands are going to reports the emergency began on sunday when the volcano started spewing ash and lava. there is fear and anxiety here
9:50 pm
thousands of people are fleeing their homes and looking for a safe place to go everything happened in an instant i'll volcano in the northern philippines spewed ashes steam and lava on sunday a violent activity not seen for decades and raising the threat not just to those living in the provinces of pandas and to the day but even in the capital manila where many people also woke up to a city covered in ash driving to but down this was a difficult journey we came across people desperate to flee gathering their families together and not bringing anything else except the clothes on their backs i believe that's become a real being asked to leave and we have no word google to look for a place and there are still people behind. it isn't easy the roads are bad and we
9:51 pm
are constantly reminded that we are in a dangerous zone while speaking to some of the residents we felt another earthquake ok we're feeling. there is an earthquake mild we were told this is because of the volcanoes constant activity basically what is trying to say is that they are trying to make their way out of here so they can go to the next possible town hoping to be able to commute and get to the nearest relative in the next province the philippine government says it is doing the best it can but admits resources are already stretched thousands of people have already been moved to different evacuation sites unsure when they will be able to return home. you know the situation here is difficult there's no electricity and water the roads are muddy making it difficult to people here even our trucks are struggling
9:52 pm
powerless one of the world's smallest active volcanoes it sits in the middle of a lake just a few hours from manila a popular tourist destination known for its unique landscape for people who have lived around the lake all the lives i was a volcano they were raised to love not one they thought they would be here one day jim duggan al-jazeera petang us northern philippines. time for sports with peter 3 thank you very much former head of world affairs finally appeared in court in paris on monday only for his trial on corruption money laundering charges to be delayed the 86 year old senegalese has seldom been seen since being placed under house arrest in the city into a 15 a sizable amount of new testimony documents were submitted to the court with the judge opting to postpone the trial while they all reviewed the course also denied
9:53 pm
a request to travel to senegal to visit his family he faces up to 10 years in prison if found guilty and as valid to clear his name. in time to read about in the. book unfortunately we all do it and we. do need to know for your time. and in 40 years time even in order. to do you. know. he's an elderly man who's always cooperated with the court who has given every explanation necessary has come today to order for the trial to begin and he has brought proof visitations so we regret that once again the court has proved themselves to be slow. the deck already continued in saudi arabia on monday but without the riders in the motorbikes and quads categories those competitors agreed to stand down from racing on stage 8 out of respect for pollock on solving this who
9:54 pm
was killed in a crash on sunday the other 3 categories did resume racing around the town of water . spain's carlos signs saw his lead in the car rankings tough to 6 minutes 40 seconds the driver has admitted navigation was harder without having the usual bike tracks to follow for the tributes also paid to consult us. we didn't start the motor motorcycle category today but. it's a hard one to take and fortunately we know the dangers in this order and. it's. just a hard day when that day in day arrives and. we were there for the world's top badminton player japan's came to motor is in a stable condition after being involved in a fatal road accident just hours off to win the malaysian masters he was travelling to kuala lumpur international airport when the van he was in collided with
9:55 pm
a 30 ton truck the driver was killed in the crash but motor and the 3 others on board suffered no major injuries buffalo negotiate most of could be forgiven for feeling a little hard done by with reports in spain strongly suggesting the club want to replace him with immediate effect has led barcelona to 2 straight league titles and they're currently top of the league and into the last 16 of the champions league but boss or have already sounded out their former player chevy amanda's about the job. the kansas city chiefs mounted one of the greatest comebacks in n.f.l. playoff history they had been 24 points down against the eastern texans on sunday they ended up winning 5131 making them the 1st team to win a playoff game by more than 20 of the trailing by more than 20 kansas city will now play the tennessee titans for a place in the super bowl elsewhere the seattle seahawks loss to the green bay packers who take on san francisco next week. kyrie irving returned for the brooklyn
9:56 pm
nets after a 2 month injury layoff any media really showed the n.b.a. what it has been missing the former celtics and cavaliers man with after $26.00 games with a right shoulder problem but there wasn't a problem on this play mesmerizing the atlanta hawks defense and finishing it off with he's left even the brooklyn. not quite believing their eyes it was a blast from the past as well 42 year old vince carter looking so magic for the hawks this is the last time he'll play at the nets carter is still 3rd on the all time scoring charts after leaving the franchise 11 years ago 10886 the final school . elsewhere nickel in your kitchen the denver nuggets got the better of choir leonard and the los angeles clippers 114104 this one as denver state's 2nd behind the lakers in the west that was coach doc rivers jake to all bring with
9:57 pm
the officials to the delight of the denver crowd. basketball's biggest stars enjoy multimillion dollar contracts but even those deals can't quite match bull riding when it comes to time in the saddle the sport is big in the u.s. and staying on the back of these beasts for a few seconds can live right is some serious money the winner of this event in chicago 20 year old dale and swearing in he took home $37000.00 he was schooled for grace and poise as well not just the clinging on even so that's a pay raise a $4.00 and a half $1000.00 a 2nd. i might need to seriously reconsider my career very yeah all right peter thank you very much for that update and thanks for watching the news hour that's it from the team in doha but we had your tour it seems in london now more news coming up in a moment but i. join
9:58 pm
africa's largest trade and investment bank in the one day on a.t.f. gives you access to more than 1100 exhibitors and 10000 visitors and boy is and more than 5000 conference delegates from more than $55.00 countries participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 u.s. dollars as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibit which will include a creative africa exchange by the african export import bank and a premium falkner speak on e.t.f. 2020 transforming africa. 3 years after cholera was discovered in haiti this is just one example of how the death toll from this epidemic could be much higher than
9:59 pm
anyone knows and al-jazeera and best to geisha and to who should be held responsible travel to the united nations headquarters in new york. we spoke to the secretary general again in this room we're going to try to catch macintosh but has justice now been served for the victims rewind haiti in a time of cholera on al jazeera. it's a tough time for the afghan security forces taliban attacks have increased their suffering heavy casualties and the prospect of a withdrawal of u.s. forces hangs over them yet young men are still joining up some for putting reasons for others is the only way to get a job despite the risks midway's karimi was an army bomb disposal engineer in helmand province he knew the risks he was blinded in both eyes and lost a leg when a roadside device exploded as he tried to defuse it always aware of the danger of seeing friends wounded while working on mines i wasn't scared to lose an arm or a leg is to sacrifice we have to like to serve this country.
10:00 pm
no breakthrough but warring parties in libya's conflict agree on a draft deal for an unconditional cease fire a low i mariam demise in london you watching algis 0 also coming up this is a very difficult journey for those who are trying to relieve or in the philippines where tens of thousands are on the run from a volcanic eruption the increasingly hostile conditions refugees and asylum seekers a facing in that desperate journey from greece it to central europe we have a special reports and we take a look at the devastating told the australian


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