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tv   Prejudice And Pride In Hungary  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2020 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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the tripoli government has signed and accepted the agreement and the document our role now and the role of the russian side now is not to deny our efforts and with it to remember that we have promised and we have respected our promise to the last day after left moscow without signing the document this is not good the conditions made by i have to made it clear how half 100 things to be and made his
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history clear to everyone and made it clear that he is trying to apply only what he wants and want is for his sake and he also ignores everything that is not for that isn't just now the situation must be different because turkey has been there we have taken part in the moscow talks and we have made the phase of have to clear in front of the international community the berlin some of the berlin conference to be convened very soon were. you not that are emirates we would all meet and we would all evaluate all these. details other countries like the not to the states of america will participate also the united
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nations will participate in the european union the african union will be there we. tone the concerned part is that carter has to be presented in this conference we haven't reached the concretes is not that we we need yet. the international community has to be 'd fully aware of the tools that must be using order to bring peace and stability to libya we need not to valuate they leave be an issue as a source of petrol and as a source of oil and as a source of money they raise a humanitarian crisis and if you think about this humanitarian crisis then we will be able to sort out the problem in libya our brothers in libya and the legitimate
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governments in libya i've been targeted and we can not give a blind are you we need to respond in a way that will make have to stop targeting our brothers in libya and the legitimate government in tripoli our presence will continue in the region at the beginning i have said that the end to national struggle over the years you have to raise the political borders and the local politics at the national politics are now mixed they stumble channel for example is a local issue but there are sides who are committed to stand against this project. based on
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international situations those who are against building the 1st bridge a long time ago used to say that. it's disaster it's a historic disaster they used to call this bridge as a historic disaster these words now cannot match with what's going on regarding a stumble channel because they don't know about this project they have no absolute idea about this project because they are not dentist it in such a project if they made their research if they made their homework they must have been reached a result that this is a good project i don't want to give more details about this tumble project because
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i want everyone to know what is this project my friends and my colleagues have spoke i've talked a lot about this project but i will repeat. listening to the turkish president. speaking to members of his party today and talking extensively about the conflicts in libya and syria where turkey along with russia have negotiated cease fires but in the case of the libya conflict it's a very fine chance cease fire there were talks in russia on monday between the warring sides but talks ended without a breakthrough the turkish president saying that the tripoli government the un backed red cognize government of prime minister fayyad was very serious about negotiating a cease fire in moscow but renegade general had before half time was unwilling to
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sign and he left moscow without signing the document and this worship. is not good on the conflict in turkey which on the top conflicts rather in syria which turkey old saw a negotiated a cease fire with the russians to one said that this ceasefire in the province to last a rebel held stronghold in syria must be conducted in a way to prevent war migrants from coming into turkey and he said that turkey is determined to stop the syrian government from violating this cease fire if necessary let's bring in. correspondent who's on the line from ankara turkey so. 2 conflicts of course where the turks have been heavily involved in mediating a cease fire both in libya and turkey let's start with libya because this is where they've been some developments in the last few hours with this meeting in moscow
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ending without a breakthrough between the warring sides and the turks very disappointed in the outcome of those talks in moscow. indeed just before. the press the party members of parliament the foreign minister who was one of the big figures in. this is a pretty little still in moscow told reporters he entered the building due to feel there was no point in having 2 words support in libya from it. had been signed the numbers should be optimistic rhetoric that was being expressed by the church some russians for that matter just. hours ago when those folks were technically in moscow what we understand from different sources is that initially there was an agreement from the sides to sign. to them to delay that
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signature until tuesday or at least make a decision on tuesday and then also the troops to leave some reports saying that it was under the influence of the united arab emirates. to sign others. are saying that it's just the issue if you had. agreements which stipulated where the. besiegement line between the 2 sides and so forth. is that what you have here at least i'm a piece of is one major country turkey and the side it's backing in agreement and on the other side you have one of the major powers critical for. the survival agreed to not only the ceasefire but hosting with. russia but the actual player on the ground. not playing both
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abiding by. what the sponsors or the public responses are pushing for the not essentially putting into the balance. the fire which has only been in effect for a couple of days yet extremely fragile cease fire and speaking area to boston our correspondent in moscow said that this was an embarrassment for the russians because obviously that expected some sort of a positive outcome in moscow it's not the only deal that they agreed to with turkey they also. brokered the cease fire in syria in the conflict in syria present one also spoke about syria extensively what are the turkish expectations there will probably describe this hopes more than expectations really. there were hopes that this cease fire which is we've lost count of some sort of have been agreed
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between due to an opposition groups over the months and years that the whole. long enough to reach the people will want to ensure that there is a sense of the flow of migrants who are refugees who have some sort of future to a place far from the strikes and bombs of the which you alluded to some extent russian forces that will eventually relieve the burden on turkey from what we were talking about. the numbers that were coming in to us were hundreds of thousands of. h. 19 months. to wards 700000 children hope we will bring an end to it but in terms of why their perspective of moving forward considering that this is considered to be there are major territory that isn't under the control of. the russians and iranians. the likelihood is that
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one of the day there still has to be some sort of a process whereby. you can round up this war that has gone on for so long that the turks are in cooking as far as the. public and. while they are in moscow the. possible serbian officials either directly or there was some sort of communication between the charts the russians and syrians during the same time in the past few days and not could be some sort of. signal that. if their hopes of it last longer. they see the foundations for something that will be a lot more sustainable jamaal turkey of course are directly affected by the war in syria it's not the case for the libyan conflict as president or to want to save himself maybe a is very far from turkey so why the turkish involvement in that crisis what is
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that stake for on credit. well we heard let's say one to one when it comes to foreign policy where he touched upon the to be emotional buttons that can garner support domestically here in turkey so he reminded. the audience all the historic connection between him and sarkozy and libya he reminded them of the action between the sound of more than the charge he said come on at the top and libya and you also reminded them all to the role of the many turks now. in 'd their countries pain which is one of regional peacemaker and one that tries to establish some sort of justice or social justice in the region and that may be one of the kind of angles that he's tried to take a motive to justify or to explain his involvement in libya but obviously even
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though he dismissed the fact that there are economic to churches involvement in signal some people accuse turkey of getting involved with the for economic and the reality it believes economic in that there is natural resources to be extracted to believe an agreement between the governments in tripoli and uncle are to work together on extracting castor oil from the mediterranean sea so that is a fact the company and i gather it is the primary reason or 2nd reason is this your thus far done is it still be looking at it because it does exist beyond that there is something very significant in 5 parties concerned when you look in terms of international politics today and national security gerty finds itself in recently i think to be in a region that is either run by absolute monarchy or. autocratic regimes in the one hand that are aligned. and to 2011 arab spring to mind egypt
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about the united arab emirates saudi arabian support will you. iran and its broccoli other 2 turkey is trying to carve its own kind of block the. old steel mills who are devoted to bring about some sort of acquittal in the whole equation but also to their interests political economic social you know really just to sort that it's been. demolished just briefly before we let you go what about this conference then in berlin conference on maybe that's scheduled for january 19th i believe will it go ahead well even though the foreign minister you know he sees no points of it going to her house doesn't sign with him or her him an hour the president will go ahead and do the number of countries that will be going to do the opera to him and so forth so. that probably will go ahead of. where there will be
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a failure before you start on one side you can bear over there but the countries will want to be in both to be able to exert enough pressure on house to maybe those who are trying to persuade them not to participate in critical discourse we will see but all the signs in the school be choppy the ship's crew too will go ahead we've heard that from the russian leadership from the church to the trip so far is that a boots on them ok jamal thank you very much for the moment jamal shylock correspondent on the line there from ankara in turkey let's get an update now on the situation in the end speak to mom or dad dad waddles live from tripoli mahmud just as we've been hearing and talking about with an extremely fragile truce in place in the libya we've had this meeting now in russia which has ended without a breakthrough with party for half time refusing to sign the cease fire agreement and leaving moscow what is currently the situation on the ground with being hearing about reports of troop movements by have toss forces me to tripoli what's the
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latest on that for us. will for the whole facts on the ground indicate that this ceasefire is. at least until now for the time being because with been getting reports from the front lines indicating that those forces have been sending the reinforcement to civil axes in southern tripoli deployment and also regrouping and repositioning gear in the civil areas in southern tripoli and meanwhile as you know one profile one pro-government photo was killed by a pro have to the sniper last night in wonderful being. in southern tripoli but here. as you know immediately after this speech by the president. it seems that turkey will remain a major player in this fire and with the other development is stressing that they
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will continue existing in the area as you know there to. has been supporting the government of national court in the worst of libya and at the same time has been calling for peaceful solution to this conflict and. just mentioned a very important. note that the fact that have to or did not sign him is that his face has been uncovered and the same this is the same that was stated by the head of the high state council of the mystery that yesterday he said that the fact that they have signed this cease fire accord and have to did not sign means that it is the one they really get any peaceful solution to this month listen to asian the ole remains a very tense on the ground a very tense and fragile situation there were reports sent and said barton in moscow was telling us about this about the fact that for half time didn't sign this
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cease fire deal in moscow because he reportedly wanted to console his main backers on the ground the united arab emirates tell us about the extent of the u. a role in this fight. well not only the united arab emirates as you know fully the decision is not made both have to have to has civil regional and local allies and it yesterday one of his local allies here in the city of the who now the elderly council of the city of horner issued a statement. expressing their anger at the fact that have to did not consult them when he decided to go to moscow so the united arab emirates a major supporter of her has been supporting have to his forces without advanced weapons including the fighter jets drawings and also has. its has
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in the east of libya supporting the warlords have to so. that have to has been supported by egypt the united arab emirates and also has allies in locally so it means that have to has to consult all these allies before he makes a decision and many people here say that in case have to go on any peaceful settlement to this conflict this should be with consent with his allies locally and the regional allies to write it is indeed a very complex situation where with multiple sides backing the different sides in the conflict in libya there multiple 'd outside forces have ties forces have been trying to capture tripoli for several months now with no success is there a sense that that could change soon who's got the upper hand militarily right now.
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well since he since his forces launch of this military offensive back in april to control of their capital tripoli and as you know fully that several countries have been supporting have to. officially and unofficially as you know russian most knows from the bagnall company have been supporting have to along with other most knows from africa so the knees and from chad to seoul have to. have recently advances in southern shipley but meanwhile the government forces say that they are maintaining their positions. in certain neighborhoods in the vicinity of the old inactive airport but this is the way she now remains it. each each each side of the rival factions they maintain their positions so in case
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this seize fire. talk will freeze in this stage been a means that is that it could be a de facto situation in southern tripoli because both forces will remain in their positions until. could probably an international intervention happens to diffuse this tension but the situation remains generally very tense in southern tripoli and also not only in southern tripoli have to his forces have recently moved in central libya and they have taken control of the coastal city of sit which is closed to the city of misrata as you know the city of misrata is in the forefront at the government side in southern tripoli and also in the around the city of sirte it's all civil areas are now witnessing get tension in libya including cintra libya around the city of city and also here in the southern tip of
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the coast the. human cost over the past 8 or 9 months is very high as you know that the 9 months of heavy fighting in southern tripoli have taken a toll a heavy toll on civilians around 2000 people have been killed so far thousands have been wanted including get civilians about 200 civilians have been killed so far by the fighting in southern tripoli and over 140000 people have been forced out of their homes because of the fighting ok mama hilly very heavy human costs indeed a very heavy human cost mom had my forests in tripoli well the conflict in libya has 4 says you heard there hundreds of thousands of people to cross the military and seek safety in europe now greece is toughening its stance on asylum seekers taking away their rights to health care and social security payments it's
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a reflection of the tension between greek society and the refugees in a 2nd of a series of reports on the main overland route from greece to croatia lawrence lee went to one greek village where refugees growing sense of isolation is having tragic consequences. like many greek villages mauritius is mostly. they were preparing for a funeral when we arrived. but in this village of 600 people they have other worries than the dead in the hotel over the railway line 100 refugees are being housed it isn't going well. first time i saw them or felt a full faith full of anger i could see them thinking that i would fade from my house while we thought fring. actually i used to keep my daughter's bicycle outside but one of them tried to take it they've got to know if they don't understand anything. the other day the villages met and told the police they were
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feeling unprotected and said they were thinking about themselves with guns against the refugees. obviously everyone has to do something and if we don't have a weapon we'll find something else other hotel they know all about this but it's not the main problem there's a mental health crisis to contend with. the same took us to the place where a few days ago an afghan man who'd been wrongly told his wife and children had been moved somewhere else without him hanged himself from a tree the next day hussein's friend riyadh hanged himself inside the hotel his entire family had been killed in iraq he complained his severe depression was being ignored his funeral wasn't quite so well attended as the one in the village.
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he told them what had happened to his family they gave me an injection and he was like a robot 20 came back he was saying every day i'm not ok i'm not ok and they did nothing for him. over the last few months the incoming center right greek government has scaled back medical and psychiatric support for refugees to prove to an increasingly hostile public that it's on the sunlight here they can bandage that feet but not their minds a lot of people just shrugging not only about mental health care when they need an operation a follow up after operations x. rays seems like this as it's much more difficult to find a place where the people treatment the sad truth is that the story of moria's is in microcosm a reflection of how europe has failed to get on top of refugee resettlement and to heal people even in hospitable greece these 2 groups of people a world suppose largely al-jazeera moreas in greece well that's it for me
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for me back to stay with us on al-jazeera is next with you with the al-jazeera news hour back in a moment. they join one of the world's most notorious groups. but found a way out rebuild their lives and now it's. a tale of course for crude and child soldiers and the refit exploitation of women or daughter is a. part of the radicalized nude scene and its final design or. the latest news as it breaks this bush season is far from over but it's caused so much devastation across a stray. detail coverage. on
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the streets of time and feel as journalism senators are preparing for a briefing on the u.s. military strike and whatever response it may bring. a journey of discovery. which is that. of a letter germany addressed ground. 0. traces of family to the regime of benito mussolini. is fascism returned to a talent pool of fresh fish in the family. this letter. found. on al-jazeera 3 years after cholera was discovered in haiti this is just one example of how the death toll from this epidemic could be much higher than anyone knowns and al jazeera investigation into who should be held responsible travel to the united nations headquarters in new york. we spoke to the secretary general
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weekend in this room we're going to try to catch me but has justice now been served for the victims 3 wind haiti in a time of cholera on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from a headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes iran's president promises that everyone involved in the ukrainian plane tragedy will be punished. the u.s. removed china from its list of currency manipulator is ahead of the signing of a deal this week to end their trade war.


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