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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2020 3:00am-3:33am +03

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for. sudan's transitional government says it's quelled the revolt by members of an elite security force in the capital talked. about mcleod this is out 0 life and also coming up european signatories to the iran nuclear deal trigger a dispute mechanism to pressure to run into returning to full compliance. the u.s. senate is set to take up impeachment proceedings against president trump as pressure builds on the upper chamber to call fresh witnesses. plus a 1000000 people are urged to flee as a volcano erupts in the senate. and
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sudan says it's halted and revolt by members of a disbanded intelligence units who were angry at the terms they've been offered upon their dismissal prime minister abdullah duck has tweeted that the situation is under control it is the 1st major challenge from within the security rights for his transitional government which took power in august but morgan is in college to get more details on what caused this uprising. and let's go back to how we got here it all happened when the operations unit said that they were disgruntled and dissatisfied by the severance package that was offered from the general intelligence services now these are the members of the operations unit that have rejected and refused to join the military or the rapid support forces following a decree by the military council by the then military council to either retire or join the military or the rapid support forces they say that the package that was offered is much less than what they were promised but what we do know is that the
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head of the general intelligence services sat down with members from those operations units and promised them better packages we also know that it took more than 12 hours of gunfire exchanged between the members of the of the operations unit and the armed forces and there was a lot of tension they were also some injuries at least 3 people have been reported to be injured and there are reports that an army has been killed and that there are several wounded in the exchange of gunfire between the 2 so it's quite tense and while right now there are no gunfire as outside in the various neighborhoods and when there are still concerns that the situation could get out of hand well let's hear from. a human rights and democracy activists and soon advisor to the enough project i mean these events happening in a vacuum. it's a symptom of the much deeper. i want to bitch you know list sudan with a ticking bomb which shews existence of multiple armed militias and regular force
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of the hour. to the national army such and this operation in command of the former national intelligence and security services a lot of. it in that episode of forces a little doubt nominally and though the sudan armed forces the national army the i don't put it in as a part of the army in its own right in that group that are in on the issues of tribal militias all armed and throughout the sudan and in the popular defense forces how does a salad of civilians who have been trained under bashir. doctorin of jihad one day to even the peacock it's now missed you know it was conventional that claimed falsely because it ended up being a game of massive corruption in the only qualification of that. new video has surfaced showing the moment 2 missiles took down
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a ukrainian passenger plane over iran killing or 176 people on board the new york times says it's verified the security camera footage it shows 2 missiles being fired 30 seconds apart neither of which down the plane immediately their line as seen flying for several minutes on fire before crashing down and exploding the paper says the 1st strike disabled the plane's transponder before it sustained the 2nd strike on iran's judiciary has confirmed a number of people have been arrested in connection to the elements downing meanwhile there's another problem for iran on an international level britain france and germany are launching to speak mechanism under the 2015 iranian nuclear deal after accusing terrine of repeated violations of jabari reports now from tehran. 5 days after the shooting down of the craney an airliner and the killing of all $176.00 on board the 1st sign of a rainy and accountability act in the weekly briefing by iraq judiciary which was
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also the 1st media conference since the disaster confirmation of the 1st arrests but no details on who they are and you know are you most saddened that all of us investigation is under way and many people have been questioned and some people have been arrested and investigation is still ongoing president hassan rouhani is describing the downing of that boeing 737 as an unforgivable error it happened while iranian air defenses were on alert soon after the firing of a barrage of missiles at a u.s. base in iraq was. the iranian leadership has faced 3 days of protests for denying involvement in the airliner attack as international pressure grew the revolutionary guard eventually admitted on saturday that the jet was shot down by mistake. rouhani says anyone responsible will be punished but no single person could be planed odyssey him unfit that this incident was without precedent in the history of
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our country there has never been a time when a person in charge of our air defense systems or an officer has committed such an error against a passenger plane in the country's capital and so close to the international airport munns them know how well sympathizing with all the dear families that were hit by this major tragedy i tell them that we will continue this path until discovering all the aspects of the incident and punishing those involved ronnie's also dealing with another problem 3 european countries have triggered a dispute process which could mean more sanctions britain france and germany say the iranians aren't complying with their commitment to the 2015 nuclear agreement to limit its nuclear development the european signatories to the deal have been pressured to abandon it since the united states withdrew in may of 2018 then reimpose sanctions to damage iran's oil dependent economy the european say triggering their dispute is not aimed at reimposing un sanctions game of these
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mechanisms used to resolve issues relating to the implementation of the agreement within defray work to the joint commission. i think it's has to be clear that it checked if it is therefore to find solutions and return to full compliance rescinded framework of these agreements. iran announced its latest step to cutting its commitment to the deal by lifting restrictions on uranium enrichment earlier this month the latest nuclear announcement won't do anything to ease the high tensions between iran and the united states following the u.s. assassination of the head of iran's quds force awesome saleman in baghdad 2 weeks ago iran has warned it will force all u.s. troops out of the middle east. at all costs iran's foreign ministry says 'd it will have a firm and serious response to any destructive measures taken by the remaining signatories
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of the deal iran finds itself yet again on the defensive trying to find a solution between the disputes that has with the remaining signatories of the j c p a way because the alternative could have far reaching ramifications throughout the middle east. or such a party al-jazeera tower on. rockets had been launched to the base in iraq counting us troops at least 2 could to show rockets were fired at the base just north of baghdad have been no reports of any casualties we wanted syria the government says accusing israel of carrying out for a strike in a major military air base in homes syrian state t.v. says most of the missiles and drones have been done by the army they reported missile attacks cause limited damage to the base which has been attacked at least 4 times in recent years there was no immediate comment from israel in the united states the house of representatives says it will hand over to articles of impeachment against president donald trump to the senate on wednesday but those debates in congress as to what should happen at the trial let it go hang reports
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now from washington. house speaker nancy pelosi walks in to tell her members behind closed doors impeachment is moving forward and wednesday they will move it to the u.s. senate. that's where senator mitch mcconnell takes over he's made it clear he thinks the house didn't prove its case and he doesn't think the senate needs to ask any further questions the constitution gives the sole power of impeachment to the out if i ask majority wants to impeach a president the ball is and their court but they have to do the work to prove their case nothing nothing in our history or across the traditions as a house majority can pass what amounts to i have baked censure resolution. and then insist of the senate bill on the block the constitution is actually pretty vague about how impeachment should play out but senate rules mean mcconnell may not
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actually have the final say 4 republican senators could demand to hear witnesses and the president's former national security advisor john bolton says he'll talk if the senate subpoenas him so democrats are lobbying republicans to join them in their demands to decide whether the president merits acquittal or removal from office the senate must conduct a fair trial a fair trial has witnesses a fair trial has relevant documents as a part of the record. a fair trial seeks the truth no more no less the american people according to polls overwhelmingly support hearing from witnesses and seen the evidence that'll put a lot more pressure on republican senators to buck their party and the president with the trial expected to start on tuesday over the next few days what a handful of senators decide is fair will likely play a big role in determining the president's fates. al-jazeera washington. as
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scientists saw its unique total evacuation of nearly a 1000000 people living close to an erupting volcano in the philippines tens of thousands have already fled the home since ash and lava started spewing from tal volcano on sunday which went out and dug reports tremors have been felt elsewhere and i think. hardly any civilian is allowed to enter the town difficult year now. and it is clear why. i. was. 6 eager. to say there's just a massive earthquake and no one from the officers will have to leave from their
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station we were just here a few moments ago. with them but now we really we really have to i. think i going to be going. to calling this area ground 0. is just around 10 kilometers away from the town that erupted on sunday spewing ash . we've been told that water in this lake has gone up by a meter raising fears that it might spill over its banks hampering efforts to help those in need. here's another going to use a hosts like the situation is so well at this it is hard for us it to secure our own men this is why we don't allow most to billions through at turn violent explosions like these haven't been seen here in decades and experts warn there
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could be more. more than 20000 people have been displaced moved to at least 100 evacuation sites and it's not clear when they might return but some have decided to stay let them indoors a clan during the day they look after their cattle and whatever's left of their homes and at night they go back to the evacuation site. one of the only our report don't of course but we also look up to our the new months and do our best to save the 6 first time when i'm in the i never thought it would lead to seeds it is a really scary and we are afraid just a few days ago a good seal was a thriving agricultural town now people here say it's a stiff their lives have been put on hold and they're full of that good me and the stress jamelle a little dog and al-jazeera a good c.e.o. but then this province northern philippines. still ahead here in odds are
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back on the streets by protests in lebanon have declared a week of round of. protests and getting turned deadly as people accuse the president of using security forces to extend his time power. hello there most of his skies across much of northern asia we have seen one or 2 showers across areas of japan the korean peninsula and of course there's shouting to snow in the cold as over those high elevations so it's a very mixed picture own wednesday we might have a few showers into tokyo up into sendai and of course still staying very cold in support of minus one is the high 9 celsius in shanghai we've got this rain to the west of that but it will tend to work its way towards you on thursday and also sinking a bit further south as but a warm day in hong kong $23.00 degrees and
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a mostly clear skies and we've got plenty of rain showers much of indonesia the rains have been a bit light of the last couple days into borneo we have got some expected late in the day on wednesday and also southern areas of sumatra particularly those west facing coast that's where we'll see the heaviest of the rain showers on the thunderstorms staying mostly dry through the mill a peninsula and also through most southern sections of the thailand and vietnam and it's been a fairly quiet picture across much of india that is actually about to change across the north we've got wanted to showers on wednesday but it's really thursday the next system comes through this is system that's what the heavy snow into northern pakistan afghanistan this will bring a cool off certainly into new delhi over the next couple of days so temperatures below average around the high teens celsius. explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how valuable research influenced
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the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle. with just. over what. the press. can continue to grow if that's what you mean by about. face to face. or. again you're watching out there a reminder of our top stories this hour and sudan's government says it has cost an armed revolt by members of a disbanded intelligence unit too angry at the terms that being offered upon the dismissal the prime minister abdullah ham talk has tweeted that the situation is
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now under controlled. new security footage verified by the new york times shows the moment 2 missile struck a ukrainian plane over iran killing all 176 people on board they each hit 30 seconds apart before the airliner called fire and exploded on crashing. the democratic led u.s. house will vote on a resolution of wednesday which will hand over impeachment articles against president don't trump to the senate they also select impeachment managers who will serve as prosecutors when the trial. now that human rights watch has released a scathing report condemning the chinese government which it says poses an existential threat to the international human rights system the organization details crackdowns on protesters in hong kong and weaken muslims in china it says world leaders risk pushing the country towards a dystopian future if they fail to challenge its actions james place reports now
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from the united nations. every year human rights watch produces an annual report detailing the most oppressive places on earth this is not where this year's report was supposed to be launched with a focus this year on china they planned to be in hong kong but the head of the organization ken roth was barred entry sadly as they arrived here. before this time for the 1st time they blocked me instead he flew to the un in new york where he gave details of china's repression that perhaps the authorities that didn't want the world to hear it goes beyond violence against protesters in hong kong and the detention camps in shin jang this is the most severe period of oppression that we've seen in decades in china probably going back to one of the
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cultural revolution or an era like that. changing is the 1st where you know a 1000000 or more leader in turkey muslims are in detention for forced indoctrination basically to pressure them to renounce islam and and their cultural traditions and even their language at the end of the news conference the chinese diplomat who'd been sitting at the back of the room came to the front to condemn human rights watch the report is full of prejudices and fabrications and you can nor the facts factor information provided by my government repeatedly for all these years it all raises the question is the international community speaking out enough i asked the spokes person for the un secretary general about the decision to bar mr roth from entering hong kong as a matter of principle we support the right and the work of human rights defenders throughout the world it's comments like that but human rights watch say need to be much tougher they say the united nations and the entire international community
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must announce failings on her. human rights by china and others they say it's one of the few ways to change behavior james. at the united nations libya's fragile cease fire is in doubt after warring sides failed to reach a breakthrough during 8 hours of talks in the russian capital the warlord who never have to didn't sign a deal formalized the truce but moscow says the talks are not dead they have also been reports of have to us forces gathering in southern tripoli threatening the truce brokered by turkey and russia over the weekend turkish president that's heard one has accused have to running away from negotiations. in the coming days we will carefully monitor the choices that will be made between hafter and the legitimate government if attacks against the people of the government of libya continue we will never refrain from teaching him the lesson he deserves protesters in lebanon have been out on the streets once again issuing a new call for action following 3 months of anti-government unrest they regrouped
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in what they call a week of anger under the slogan the revolution is coming back to reports from beirut. protesters are back in the streets blocking roads across lebanon they're trying to revive the momentum of a leaderless uprising against the political class that began almost 4 months ago demonstrations haven't stopped since but they have been getting smaller these army has been a little bit and lebanese forces has been a little bit aggressive you know in trying to. distinguish this this revolution and this uprising we have we cannot talk anymore to the political system and to this regime because they have not heard us they're not heard what we are saying for the past 90 days demonstrators say the governing elite has ignored their calls for change and are fighting amongst themselves for seats in the next cabinet and set of dealing with the near economic collapse. today was our friends my
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cousin. ok we don't have a lot of rights in this country with a vote we don't have. we paid for electricity and we don't have electricity from 30 years we need. many lebanese accuse those who have been in power for 3 decades of mismanagement and corruption a week of anger that's how protesters are calling their latest action against the ruling authorities they say their message is clear we haven't given up and we aren't going away protesters march towards the home of prime minister designate has to protest against the delay in forming a government independent of political parties it seems that cabinet line up fulfills that demand but it is believed he's no longer wanted by the ruling alliance that appointed him. there was a misunderstanding from the start the political parties were never going to agree
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to a purely technocrat government that is not realistic they weren't going to give up power is specially in light of regional developments anger is growing. so is inflation the local currency is devaluing public and health services are failing. is just the victim of a waste of time and will not end up with a government so now he's as the saying goes dead men walking protesters have been waiting to see if government or the political parties can actually produce something of value and they have faith scenes from the early days of the uprising may have returned but these protesters say this was always going to be a hard battle to win yet they're determined to stay on the front lines. beirut. security forces in guinea have shot and killed 2 boys government protests continue that brings the total number of people killed since monday to 4 thousands have been demonstrating for the past 3 months i agree that
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a possible change to the constitution that could allow the president off the ground to seek a 3rd term which were going to be. a show of force by police in the giving capital conakry protesters say president alpha condé is using the security forces to quash mounting demonstrations against his attempt to extend his time in power. we are here for act 2 of a strike to defend guinness constitution was struck today because. down with the 3rd term in guinea we are hoping for the departure of. before the end of 2020. opposition leaders say despite the dangers demonstrations against condé will continue. but this. government has no explanation for the fact that since the arrival of condé more than 130 people have been killed during political or trade union demonstrations and government has never wanted an inquiry into the
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matter it's rejecting responsibility government leaders say people should have the option of dating to extend presidency its all say promising to investigate the deaths of a number of protesters including that of a 21 year old student on monday and. body has been registered at the direct cross to the ministry of security and civil protection office it sincere condolences to the family of the deceased and announces the opening of an investigation into the circumstances of the death of johnno mama do so. tens of thousands of them protesting in the past 3 months there against those plan to change the constitution allowing him to seek. the 81 year old has been in power for 19. these protests is that small they didn't know it tory ok to be out. thousands of venezuelans of march to caracas to show support for president nicolas maduro during his annual state of the union speech in the years since but there is
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last address venezuela has been rocked by political and by economic crises while his supporters rally in the capital the opposition leader want to go to is among his own supporters in the eastern city of blood she's met. a series of avalanches in pakistan administered kashmir over the past 24 hours has killed at least 57 people many more missing search and rescue crews say the being slowed by the extreme weather in pakistan a period of heavy snow and rain has contributed to the deaths of dozens of people several main roads are closed more snow is forecast. the former leader of the catholic church pope benedict has asked for his name to be removed as co-author of a new book defending priests celibacy the retired pope will instead be referred to as a contributor to released extracts of angered some catholic scholars who say that benedict risks undermining his successor pope francis has been considering easing some
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restrictions on celibacy to address a shortage of clergyman in south america. the european union says it wants to invest more than a trillion dollars in public funds and private investment to tackle climate change over the next 10 years there's a special fund to help areas that would be most disrupted by moving to clean industries and the top of that list is poland and bob i reports on how the country's having to come clean about its cold addiction. barbara vishnevskaya can't imagine life without colon. she's lived in this house near warsaw for nearly 40 years and in winter when temperatures plunge her coal fired boiler is what heats the family home. my hands would be cleaner if i didn't have to use call to heat my house but electric heating would be so much more expensive i couldn't afford it on my salary more and more poles are aware of the problems burning coal entails. after
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all the country has more than 30 of the european union's 50 most polluted cities according to the world health organization but it's also addicted to coal fired power plants like this last month that you agree to targeted next 0 emissions by 2050 but with an opt out proposal. the e.u. is just transition fund aims to generate a $111000000000.00 over 7 years to help coal dependent nations and regions move to a green economy poland which relies on coal for 80 percent of its electricity is a clear candidate and things are going in the wrong direction here in 2017 poland's total greenhouse gas emissions when top around 4 percent on the year before. greenpeace activists say poland should be doing so much more catching protests like this one against coal imports and get down while some political parties now talk about phasing out coal by a certain date previously it's a blue the government's building more coal fired power plants and major. countries
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already either dish call or have very specific plans if the polish government is not serious about this thing you know no government should receive funding if they are still building coal fired power plants this is simply responsible it seems clear poland will have to change course dramatically and quickly some believe its heavy reliance on one energy source could make it easier to take the right decisions because poland for many years invested only in color. very old 5 fired power plants. we may make make now this leap. so we need to invest in the new powers. so why not in renewables climate change is already one of the main worries for the polish public moving away from coal use will be expensive but the e.u.
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something plan aims to make it as painless as possible. warsaw. so this is there are these other top stories sudan says it's halted an armed revolt by members of a disbanded intelligence unit who were angry at the terms they've been offered upon their dismissal prime minister. has tweeted that the situation is under control it's the 1st major challenge from within the security rights for his transitional government which took power in august but morgan has more details now from car too . the head of the general intelligence services sat down with members from those operations units and promised them better packages we also know that it took more than 12 hours of gunfire exchanged between the members of the of the operations unit and the armed forces and there was a lot of tension there were also some injuries at least 3 people have been reported
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to be injured and there are reports that an army has been killed and that there are several wanted in the exchange of gunfire between the 2 so it's quite tense and while right now there are no gun fires outside in the various neighborhoods and hundreds and there are still concerns that the situation could get out of hand. new video has surfaced showing the moment 2 missiles took down a ukrainian passenger plane over iran killing all 176 people on board the new york times says it has verified the security camera footage shows 2 missiles being fired 30 seconds apart neither of which down the plane immediately the airliner and seen flying for several minutes on fire before crashing and exploding the democratically led u.s. house of representatives says it will hand over 2 articles of impeachment against president donald trump to the senate on wednesday they will also select impeachment managers who will serve as prosecutors when the trial begins the united states says it will keep terms on chinese goods in place despite having agreed
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a trade deal washington in beijing is set to sign a phase one deal aimed at reducing some tariffs and boosting chinese purchases of american farm energy manufactured goods but treasury secretary of state religion says he won't suspend tariffs until there's a face to deal. protesters in lebanon who have been out on the streets once again showing that you call for action following 3 months of government unrest they've regrouped in what they call a week of anger under the slogan the revolution is coming back and in the last couple of hours some protests in the capital beirut turned violent. today the headlines got more news here in our desert right after the bottom line.
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hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question president trump wants to reduce the american presence in the middle east and replace it with nato how would that work let's get to the bottom line. last week during a self congratulatory speech after the assassination of iranian general qassam selling monny president trump made a vague request today i am going to ask dado to become much more involved in the middle east process over the last 3 years under my leadership our economy is stronger than ever before america's achieved energy independence these historic accomplishment shades.


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