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on been u.s. military strike and whatever wrists fun it may break this is al-jazeera well of their i'm nick log this is a news our law you from doha a coming up in the next 60 minutes sedans transitional government says it's quelled the revolt by members of an elite security force of the capital come up to the u.s. senate's his a set to take up impeachment proceeding is a games president trump has pressure builds on the upper chamber to cool new witnesses chinese using its economic and diplomatic clout to try to silence criticism a braun at leading a rights group week uses china of carrying out an intense global a timed on human rights in the leader of cambodia's does old opposition party using
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court to face treason charges and of full dead in another wave of protests in getting you demonstrators accuse the president of seeking to change the constitution to stay in office so it and sudan's government says it's holds had an armed revolt by members of a dishpan that intelligence units who were angry at the terms ed been offered upon their dismissal it is the 1st major challenge for within the security ranks for the transitional government which took power in oldest have a morgan reports now from the capital khartoum tuesday in hot its own started like this members off the operation to units of to dance general intelligent therapist his opening fire into capital they're rejecting a severance package offer to them after they unit was dissolves month ago and they
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opted to a tire rad the been joined the military test as people came out to see what was going. on remember some clouds are firing their weapons what are we waiting for where are the security forces to stop this. sudan's government only months old deployed soldiers to try and contain the situation tanks patrolled the streets while military choppers flew over her. as the main airport was shut down the operations unit in the intelligence services was dissolved as part of reforms by the then military council which ousted the country's president obama in april following months of protests protesters had demanded the intelligence services be restructured accusing them of corruption and committing crimes against civilians the government described today's event at the meeting and called on the members of the unit to lay down their guns it's accused their former leader who resigned days
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after bashir was ousted of being behind the shootings minus good. we will no longer remain silent what happened today. is behind it this force operates under his command his ordering this force and his commanders plotting against the country in secret they are trying to incite internal strife there are protests planned in the coming days they want to start problems in the country. the gun battles played out in residential neighborhoods with people reporting stray bullets landing in their homes and to billions injured people are on high alert and not only because of the event but because of what they may signify they're worried that this would send their revolution back and that the military will try to tighten its grip on power to restore security in the capital and elsewhere. some analysts are blaming the government for the outbreak of violence. and if they couldn't. there was a mistake in how issues were run after the ousting of bashir and especially in
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dealing with a pair ations unit in the intelligence services and how they were integrated we're now talking about a key least 3000 people who are well armed well trained indeed intelligence forces and they weren't properly released and didn't hand their weapons. tuesday in how to end it the way it started with the sound of gunshots filling the air the latest bout of violence is a reminder to sudanese that they transitional government remains fragile and there are still many security issues to be resolved people morgan all just there on how to. proceed and bell there is a human rights and democracy activists and senior advisor to the enough project and he says these events are not happening in a vacuum. it's a symptom of the much deeper. i want to miss you know less down we that ticking bomb was shooting existence of multiple armed militias and regular forces
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are part of. the national army such an additional partition of command of the former national into the security services a let's just face it if you let up a support forces a little doubt nominally and though the sudan armed forces the national army the i don't put it in as a part of the army in its own right in death ruled that our losses of to have been many issues all armed and throughout the sudan not in the popular defense forces how does a salad of civilians who have been trained under bashir. doctoring of jihad one day to emerge. as the mist you had his credentials claimed falsely because it ended up being a game of massive cooption in defeat it's the only qualification of that. new video has surfaced showing the moment 2 missiles took down
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a ukrainian passenger plane of iran killing all 176 people on board the new york times says it's verified the security camera footage shows 2 missiles being fired 30 seconds apart neither of which down the plane immediately the airliner seen flying for several minutes on fire before crashing down and exploding the paper says the 1st strike disabled the plane's transponder before it faced the 2nd strike iran's judiciary has confirmed a number of people have been arrested in connection with the airline is downing meanwhile there's another problem for iran on an international level britain france and germany they're launching a dispute mechanism on of the 2015 iranian nuclear deal after accusing terror on of repeated violations jabari has this from tehran. 5 days after the shooting down of the craney an airliner and the killing of all $176.00 on board the 1st sign of a rainy and accountability act in the weekly briefing by iraq judiciary which was
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also the 1st media conference since the disaster confirmation of the 1st arrests but no details on who they are as new all you mustn't laugh at all of us investigation is underway and many people have been questioned and some people have been arrested investigation is still ongoing president hassan rouhani is describing the downing of that boeing 737 as an unforgivable error it happened while iranian air defenses were on alert soon after the firing of a barrage of missiles at a u.s. base in iraq was. the iranian leadership has faced 3 days of protests for denying involvement in the airliner attack as international pressure grew the revolutionary guard eventually admitted on saturday that the jet was shot down by mistake. rouhani says anyone responsible will be punished but no single person could be planed odyssey him unfit that this incident was without precedent in the history of
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our country there has never been a time when a person in charge of our air defense systems or an officer has committed such an error against a passenger plane in the country's capital and so close to the international airport munns them know how well sympathizing with all the dear families that were hit by this major tragedy i tell them that we will continue this path until discovering all the aspects of the incident and punishing those involved ronnie's also dealing with another problem 3 european countries have triggered a dispute process which could mean more sanctions britain france and germany say the iranians aren't complying with their commitment to the 2015 nuclear agreement to limit its nuclear development the european signatories of the deal have been pressured to abandon it since the united states withdrew in may of 2018 then re imposed sanctions to damage iran's oil dependent economy the europeans say triggering their dispute is not aimed at reimposing un sanctions game though these
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make of these were used to resolve issues relating to the implementation of the agreement within defray were for the joint commission. i think it's has to be clear that it checked if it is there for to find solution and return to full compliance within differing work of these agreements. iran announced its latest step to cutting its commitment to the deal by lifting restrictions on uranium enrichment earlier this month the latest nuclear announcement won't do anything to ease the high tensions between iran and the united states following the u.s. assassination of the head of iran's quds force awesome saleman impact at 2 weeks ago iran has warned it will force all u.s. troops out of the middle east. at all costs iran's foreign ministry says it will have a firm and serious response to any destructive measures taken by the remaining signatories
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of the deal iran finds itself yet again on the defensive trying to find a solution between the disputes that has with the remaining signatories of the j c p away because the alternative could have far reaching ramifications throughout the middle east. or such a party al-jazeera tower on. rockets being launched in their base in iraq housing us troops at least 2 katyusha rockets were fired. just north of baghdad there be no reports of any casualties meanwhile in syria the government is accusing israel of carrying out for air strikes on a major military airbase in homes syrian state t.v. says most of the missiles and drains had been downed by the enemy the reported missile attack schools limited damage to the base which has been attacked at least 4 times in recent years there was no immediate comment from israel. the us house of representatives says it will hand over the 2 articles of impeachment against president told trump to the senate on wednesday but there's
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a 1st debate going on in the upper chambers so what should happen at the trial how do you call him has this from washington. house speaker nancy pelosi walks in to tell her members behind closed doors impeachment is moving forward and wednesday they will move it to the u.s. senate. that's where senator mitch mcconnell takes over he's made it clear he thinks the house didn't prove its case and he doesn't think the senate needs to ask any further questions the constitution gives the sole power of impeachment without the house majority wants to impeach a president the ball is in their court but they have to do the work to prove their case. nothing nothing in our history or are crossed into sion says a house majority can pass what amounts to a half baked censure resolution and then and says to the senate bill and the blocks
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the constitution is actually pretty vague about how impeachment should play out but senate rules mean mcconnell may not actually have the final say 4 republican senators could demand to hear witnesses and the president's former national security advisor john bolton says he'll talk if the senate subpoenas him so democrats are lobbying republicans to join them in their demands to decide whether the president merits acquittal or removal from office the senate must conduct a fair trial a fair trial has witnesses a fair trial has relevant documents is a part of the record a fair trial seeks the truth no more no less the american people according to polls overwhelmingly support hearing from witnesses and seen the evidence that will put a lot more pressure on republican senators to buck their party and the president that said that with the trial expected to start on tuesday over the next 2 days what a handful of senators decide is fair will likely play
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a big role in determining the president's fate to call him al jazeera washington. only said it's always great so of course one of mike hanna who isn't life was in washington d.c. we're hearing about new evidence coming to the fore what's it all about. well indeed yes well this is coming from an individual named live harness now he's a former associate of rudy giuliani the president's personal attorney he's facing campaign financing charges has been indicted on those now he got permission from a judge to release details from his telephone from all other sources which he has now provided to the house committees investigating in terms of the impeachment now according to the house committee this evidence contains a number of documents pertaining to rudy giuliani's efforts to get the ukrainian leaders to give dirt political dirt on the former vice president joe biden the
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squid be president trump's political opponent in the presidential elections it is apparently a lot of material we're talking about hundreds of pages telephone calls e-mails all sorts of information which links rudy giuliani to the efforts to obtain information from ukraine authorities clearly very very important some of it is presumed to be classified but the whole point is is that the democrats in the house are insistent that this material goes over with the articles of impeachment to the senate to be heard during a proper trial is just more evidence that is going to add weight on those republican senators who hold the decision as to whether a full trial will be held with witnesses examining new evidence well mike thanks very much indeed let's take a closer look at that with jack kingston who's a former republican congressman from georgia joins us live from washington d.c.
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i'm asking some welcome to the program you of course were a member of the an impeachment back in the ninety's what parallels can we draw do you think. well i think with any case you want to make sure that you have proven and i think the difference with the bill clinton is that there was an independent counsel kenneth starr and he had basically given the articles to the house to look at it was voted on 4 articles were passed all of them were bipartisan him not just bipartisan with the same democrats voting with the republicans and vice versa but there were actually different members of both parties switching as we went through the articles one by one in this case it's completely partisan nancy pelosi said back in the spring you can't have a partisan impeachment process because it just looks like politics well that's exactly what happened it was just politics in fact the only bipartisan vote was when democrats voted with republicans against these articles and against moving
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forward so i think the house so-called trial was a total sham they had one fact witness and he actually said the president did not want anything there was no quid pro quos that was the one person who was on the phone call and who had direct knowledge of what went on all the other witnesses were on hearsay evidence only so the house absolutely rush things and now they have a very very poor case and they're frustrated that the senate is saying we just dismiss that all right well we all wear wear out and short of the way of making this impeachment nonpartisan is to make it a full trial with whatever witnesses you want to have available well i think we would like to hear 100 biden has to say i think there will adam schiff would be a witness because there's big questions on did he coordinate with the so-called whistle blower the whistle blowers or the dennehy has been kept under wraps i think
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that he would be a good witness and i think when you go through the list there it will be a long drawn out process with all these witnesses but i think you think there will be what he said mcconnell said as. i think there's a chance that there will because there are members of the senate who are saying you know what let's hear from these people what what does 100 biden say why did better response pay him 60000 dollars a month well his. dad the vice president was in charge of the ukrainian policy i think people would want to know about that quid pro quo and of course people also want to know what the foreign national security advisor jumbo was would say because he was very much around at that time and he wants to speak should he be subpoenaed . you know what i think the witnesses that they want to hear from should be subpoenaed that is the process in the courts as you know there's one of the articles of the house that. the president would not cooperate will that
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mechanism of subpoena and witnesses was available for the house and it will be available for the senate the thing about a john bolton type witness you really don't know what he's going to say so i think the democrats have nothing to lose if they bring him in any turns out to be very neutral or whatever but they possibly could gain some traction and what we've been hearing frankly since president clinton was elected in 2016 is that the democrats are going to impeach him and they always have some new thing it was 1st of course the mueller investigation that it was michael abba not a of all people and stormy daniels and they're just you know i guess graben one possibility after the next when it comes to trying to impeach the president and meanwhile we have turmoil in the middle east which all americans in the whole world should be concerned about and it would be really good if the democrats could unite
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with the republicans and the world and try to help sort things out for the better in iran of course is a whole raft of opinion on the other side but jack kingston we appreciate your perspective thanks very much thank you dick. well former u.s. national security advisor michael flynn is seeking to withdraw his guilty plea for lying to the f.b.i. is attorneys say it's because government prosecutors broke this side of the plea agreement pleaded guilty in 2017 for lying about his contacts with russia's ambassador to the united states during the special counsel investigation into russian interference he's also asking to postpone his sentencing which is set for the end all january. but it will head on the news including the u.s. and china set to ease their own going trade war but there are questions over what's been agreed and what disputes remain unresolved. i mean some of it be said that i thought be nothing nothing with. that big hit in case you know or it.
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had a new man in charge of the spanish football champions bottom line against peter will have all the details. all right scientists a total evacuation of nearly a 1000000 people living close to an erupting volcano in the philippines tens of thousands have already fled. and love us started spewing from tall dark and on sunday as you can reports tremors have been felt elsewhere and back in just province. hardly any civilian is allowed to enter the town difficult now. and it is clear why. live. i.
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eat. you say there's just a massive earthquake and the police officers have to leave on their station we were just here a few moments ago hoping to embed with them but now we really really have to. think are we going to find. officials are calling this area ground 0. a good seal here is just around 10 kilometers away from the to al qaeda that erupted on sunday spewing ash just a lava. we've been told that water in this lake has gone up by a meter raising fears that it might spill over its banks hampering efforts to help
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those in need. here's another going to use a hosts like the situation is so well at this it is hard for us even the secure our own men this is why we don't allow most to billions stay right there in violent explosions like these haven't been seen here in decades and experts warn there could be more more than 20000 people have been displaced moved to at least 100 evacuation sites and it's not clear when they might return but some have decided to stay let them indoors a clan during the day they look after their cattle and whatever's left of their homes and that night they go back to the evacuation site. knowing our report don't of course but we also look after our the new mines and do our best to save the 6 first time when i'm in the i never thought it would lead to see disdain it is a really scary and we are afraid just a few days ago
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a good seal was a thriving agricultural town now people here say it's to see if their lives have been put on hold and they're full of a good knee and the stress jamelle a dog an al-jazeera a good c.e.o. but then this province northern philippines or let's cross straightaway to across want to rob a bride who's live in back and we can see the great plume of smoke behind you there rob some extraordinary sight very threatening to you isn't it. absolutely nic we're very much in the phase of waiting and seeing what this volcano does next we've been watching the past few hours and it does vary the amount of stuff that's coming out of this volcano at times there will be a lot of steam a lot of gas a lot of ash and then it will suddenly decrease almost stuff and then suddenly another billowing cloud once more it's certainly less than the kind of
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a huge columns that we saw coming out when it 1st erupted on sunday but it is certainly worrying we are still at this level 4 on a scale of $1.00 to $5.00 which means that an eruption a major eruption could be imminent that could come in a matter of days or a matter of hours or as some of the experts will tell you from 5th box this is the vulcanology agency of the philippines it could stay at this level for a matter of weeks and then simply quieting down again who knows it's one of the 100 s. but also what are some things about volcanoes that with an active volcano you cannot tell what it's going to do exactly despite all the science that you apply to it from one day to the next but what does concern people around here and we've felt it too are these continuing tremors many earthquakes that have been several 100 since sunday some of them you don't feel are told you of just told that they have taken place there measured it seismograph is and so on but what you do feel are some of the bigger ones and we felt them during the night here. to number 3 or possibly 4
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on the richter scale these bigger shakes which do make you realize that there is still a lot of stuff happening just under this lake behind us and who knows what this magma which is does seem to be rising is going to do next and rob what's it like there what's the what's the sense among the people one of fear i imagine one of war as well. it is many people here number of people have left as you've said some tens of thousands have left there in evacuation shelters many poor people have stayed to this risk area is set at 14 kilometers in a radius around this volcano that's a total of up to around a 1000000 people now a 1000000 people are not going to leave here many people are staying but it has meant a big impact on this whole area this is an area of natural beauty because of course this lake occupies what used to be the crater of a much bigger very ancient volcano and we're effectively on the crater's edge of
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that and all around here you have a lot of resort hotels apartments condominiums a lot of those are now deserted it's also had a big impact on a lot of the local business here on the fisheries there officially farms in this lake and also a lot of agriculture sadly all of the ash and dust which is come out of this volcano is now covering many of the fields and plantations of people who rely on them for a living. the threat is not just just the ash and the resulting actual explosion of the volcano itself but also potential for tsunamis. that is another consideration here one of the problems with this volcano people talk about this nature volcano is on a very big one but it's partly more dangerous because it is so low lying and it's so close to the proximity of this water when now when you have you get water involved with volcanoes you get a whole a different bunch of risks tsunami is one of them the danger that they could be
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a tsunami so a lot of the people who have been evacuated have gone from the water side here but also when when you get any flows of lava coming into contact with water you instantly get these massive explosions of steam which then makes the whole thing far more explosive you get far more bigger plumes being created fine ash that goes higher into the atmosphere that could be taken further away which makes the whole thing far more dynamic and potentially more dangerous are over leave it there for the time being and back with you as things develop thanks a lot she writes what she has released a scathing report condemning the chinese government which it says poses an existential threat to the international human rights system the organization details crackdowns on protesters in hong kong and muslims in china and says world leaders risk pushing the country towards a dystopian future if they fail to challenge its actions and its base reports from the united nations. every year human rights watch produces an annual report
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telling the most oppressive places on earth this is not web this year's report was supposed to be launched with a focus this year on china they planned to be in hong kong but the head of the organization ken roth was bought and. arrived here. before this time for the 1st time they blocked me instead he flew to the u.n. in new york where he gave details of china's repression that perhaps the authorities that didn't want the world to hear it goes beyond violence against protesters in hong kong and the detention camps in shin jang this is the most severe period of oppression that we've seen in decades in china probably going back to one of the cultural revolution or an era like that. changing is the 1st where
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you know a 1000000 or more leader in turkey muslims are in detention for forced indoctrination basically to pressure them to renounce islam and and their cultural traditions and even their language. at the end of the news conference a chinese diplomat who'd been sitting at the back of the room came to the front to condemn human rights watch the report is full prejudices and fabrications and he can or the facts facto information provided by my comment repeatedly for all these years it all raises the question is the international community speaking out enough i asked the spokes person for the un secretary general about the decision to bar mr roth from entering hong kong as a matter of principle we support the right and the work of human rights defenders throughout the world it's comments like that that human rights watch say need to be much tougher they say the united nations and the entire international community must announce failings on human rights by china and others they say it's one of the
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few ways to change behavior james 0 at the united nations a prominent cambodian opposition politician is standing trial on treason charges himself was arrested in 2017 now he's accused of collaborating with the united states to overthrow the government of long time ruler so close opposition party was banned ahead of the 2018 election as it began to win more support from cambodians longtime prime minister who has been facing increasing international pressure over his crackdown on the opposition. he is joining us live from florence and lots of domestic and international interest in this trial what we expect to happen. that's right now the thinking is and more to. cambodia as you mentioned can soak up with the rest of the 2017 that was just a year before cambodia was due to hold its national election and then his party
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respond to your to months after his arrest the ruling party went on to win the seat that was the contest. in those elections now a lot of that support those dozens of his supporters a small civil rights activists have gathered outside of non-pay municipal court the chief even going to be here today they've not been allowed in but they're here to lend his support witnesses have also been called to testify in this 1st day of trial and they include all the colleagues of cam so land rights activists as well that since the geminids but it's not yet known who will testify on this 1st day now interesting to note that the president of the court said just a day before the trial was due to stop that this trial is expected to last about 3 months that's unusual considering previous trials involving civil rights activists as well as all physician politicians have not gone on for more than a day or 2 so we're not expecting about until at least the 2nd quarter of this year but what's interesting to note also is that next month the european union is due to
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review whether to continue preferential trade treatment for cambodia cambodia at the moment enjoys free access to european union markets but it has to comply with international human rights standards and that suit to be reviewed now and that the european union is watching this case very closely and it's saying that it may potentially bend the strait agreement if the political and human rights record in cambodia does not improve. performance really with the. still ahead here on al-jazeera find out why are you the most codependent country in the european union struggling to move towards a greener future. and pushing it to the edge the drivers on the dakar rally get set to the final stages peter isley action.
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hello there most of his skies across much of northern asia we have seen one or 2 showers across areas of japan the korean peninsula and of course there's shouting to snow in the cold as over those high elevations so it's a very mixed picture on wednesday we might have a few showers into tokyo up into sendai and of course still staying very cold in support of minus one is the high 9 celsius in shanghai we've got this rain to the west of there but it will tend to work its way towards you on thursday and also single a bit further south as but a warm day in hong kong 23 degrees and a mostly clear skies and we've got plenty of rain showers much of indonesia the rains have been a bit light of the last couple days into borneo we have got some expected late in the day on wednesday and also southern areas of sumatra particularly those west facing coast that's where we'll see the heaviest of the rain showers and the thunderstorms staying mostly dry through the malay peninsula and also through most southern sections of thailand and vietnam and it's been
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a fairly quiet picture across much of india that is actually about to change across the north we've got wanted to showers on wednesday but it's really thursday the next system comes through this is system that's what the heavy snow into northern pakistan afghanistan this will bring a cool off certainly into new delhi over the next couple of days so temperatures below average around the high teens celsius. the spider to be dreams of peace and democracy but how many came to us they transformed from the social democrats but it was a fake democracy people in power traveled through the former eastern bloc to ask why post cold war optimism to succumb to darker more storage tarion reality the police called a cop or brought to the notch and they were ready to detonate beyond the war part 2 on al-jazeera. 1st in the heart of the amazon the libyan family has put
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sand lions in peril to harvest brazil nuts the french can sing the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking it tool. if. on al-jazeera. or. are you watching out 0 or amount of our top stories is sudan's government says it's cost an arm revolt by members of the disbanded intelligence units who were angry at the terms that being offered upon the dismissal 2 soldiers were killed and 4 more
5:36 am
were injured in the fighting prime minister abdullah dr has tweeted the situation is under control. the democratically led u.s. house will vote on a resolution on wednesday which will hand over impeachment articles go as president donald trump to the senate they would also select impeachment managers who will serve as a prosecutor when the trial begins. he writes what he says china poses an existential threat to the international human rights system and its latest on the review that accuses president xi jinping of a v.c. in the most brutal and professor of oppression in decades. well the u.s. and china is set to sign a phase one trade deal this aims to boost chinese purchases of american farm energy and manufactured goods and in return washington will suspend extra plant tariffs on chinese imports but the u.s. treasury says existing tariffs will stay in place at least until there's a face to deal betray you reports from beijing. 2
5:37 am
years chinese exporters have been hoping for a trade deal with the united states this week chinese negotiators are in washington to sign one of the so-called phase one deal to spend additional u.s. tarps on nearly 100 $60000000000.00 worth of chinese goods the agreement also seeks to expand u.s. access to chinese markets strengthen intellectual property protection and merrily u.s. trade deficit with china. according to washington beijing has promised to almost double u.s. imports to china over the next 2 years increasing purchases of agricultural energy and manufactured goods by $200000000000.00 but chinese analysts say that figure is unrealistic if china does come into 200000000000 and that means china is making big compromise but it also means a later stage the enforcement can be a very difficult thing to do. u.s. president don't trump says the agreement includes china buying $40000000000.00
5:38 am
worth of american farm goods but the chinese government says it won't raise its quotas on grain imports to meet u.s. demands beijing is reluctant to divert trade from europe and south america and has so far remained silent on how far it's prepared to commit itself by signing this agreement they jane is treading a fine line between preserving relations with washington and not wanting to appear weak china's leaders say this is an opportunity to set aside tensions the u.s. but now focused on the slowing economy and toppling obviously and officials here expect more far reaching great hopes to last it's. a phase 2 deal has been planned but there are other sticking points including beijing's plan to dominate global high tech industries under its made in china 2025 initiative growing anti china sentiment ahead of the elections in the u.s. may also influence any upcoming negotiations we also took the toughest ever actually get straight up i 00. we just received
5:39 am
a breakthrough it's just really hard to predict the next move. on but one thing we can be certain is that odd a trade relation will get worse over time since the competition began to contras or will persist. for now many chinese manufacturer is probably feeling relieved over the deal may not be a long term solution it does deliver enough for some optimism. al-jazeera aging. u.s. house democrat jim mcgovern has pledged to bring up the case of jail down to 0 john this moment to say to the child administration insane has been detained in egypt without any formal charges for more than 1000 days egyptian journalist was based and before he was arrested in december 2016 on a trip to visit his family mcgovern is also urging the u.s. to consider withholding military aid to egypt over the human rights violations and school came a day after gyptian american citizen mr died in an egyptian jail where he'd been
5:40 am
held for 6 years the human rights situation in egypt is a quite dire concern the entire world quite frankly and i would just say this the united states is very generous to egypt in terms of aid we provide them a very generous military aid package i think it's time for a reset we need to reconsider our policy toward egypt and all the countless millions and billions of dollars that we have sent in military assistance. security forces in guinea have shot and killed 2 boys as anti-government protests continue that brings the total number of people killed since monday to 4000 have been demonstrating for the past 3 months they're angry at a possible change to the constitution that could allow president alpha condé to seek. the target be. a show of force by police in the
5:41 am
giving capital conakry protesters say president alpha condé is using the security forces to quash mounting demonstrations against his attempt to extend his time in power. we are here for 2 of the strike to defend guinness constitution which tried today because they want to feel. down with the term in guinea hoping for the departure of fall back on days before the end of 2020. opposition leaders say despite the dangers demonstrations against condé will continue. but this. city government has no explanation for the fact that since the arrival of condé more than 130 people have been killed during political or trade union demonstrations in the government has never wanted an inquiry into the matter it's rejecting responsibility of government leaders say people should have the option of dating to extend khan days presidency its all say promising to investigate the
5:42 am
deaths of a number of protesters including that of a 21 year old student on monday and. body has been registered at the more direct cross to the ministry of security and civil protection office it sincere condolences to the family of the deceased and announces the opening of an investigation into the circumstances of the death of jan no mama do so. tens of thousands have been protesting in the past 3 months there against hyundai's plan to change the constitution allowing him to see. the 81 year old his beating powerful 19 these protesters that's more than enough victoria. event is when the president nicolas maduro has delivered his annual state of the union speech after a year by both political and economic crises he said newman reports now from caracas on his vision for the year ahead and whether the country's deep political divisions can be overcome the. traditional hope and ceremony now is still
5:43 am
a rival of me. to deliver the annual president's state of the nation address but for the 5th year in a row the ceremony didn't take place in the legislature but in the chamber next door the constitutional assembly a super body created by model to bypass the until now opposition controlled parliament. we invite european union the united nations the african union and all the organizations of the community of latin american states and all world organizations to come and see how the people of venezuela choose their national assembly this year 2020 doors are open to international company most welcome welcome. outside supporters danced and celebrated but opponents and at least 60 countries accused them of little of rigging the polls including his 2018 reelection killing the cynics drawing international criticism
5:44 am
and economic sanctions he said he was open to providing more guarantees of transparency model is raising the stakes by summoning the mainstream opposition to a so-called dialogue table just days after their leader or one said that negotiations were out of the question because there are no conditions for them and making those conditions even more difficult to swallow my daughter is suggesting that even deputies who the opposition considers traitors to their cause sit down at the same table we're going to listen but why go told us we caught elections unless they're saying they've been playing the field. a fake election is a. it's not a real approximation towards an alternative because you could end up validating a dictatorship and it would be very dangerous for venezuela. and as the political standoff heats up ordinary venezuelans continue struggling just to survive in what was once latin america's most prosperous country like you see in yemen al jazeera
5:45 am
got access. to quite a month as new president has been sworn in 100 as a promise to root out political corruption by creating a new national anti corruption force his predecessor fellow conservative julie jimmy morale is a shut down a u.n. back county corruption body that was looking into him and his family both politicians all the investigation of an attack on guatemala sovereignty. iraqi and u.s. led coalition troops have been targeted by rockets and missiles in at least 6 attacks since the assassination of custom sort of money came from iran when multiple volleys of ballistic missiles hit bases being used by the coalition al-jazeera has been given rare access to the strategically important base. reports now from its. it's rare to be targeted by a ballistic missile and lived to tell the tale this is one of the 7 damaged
5:46 am
occasions inside the base currently home to around 2000 u.s. danish norwegian polish and french troops u.s. soldiers see a combination of luck and preparedness help to avoid casualties when iran's i.r.g.c. launch the missiles one left a nearly 6 meter wide crater and the shockwave knocked over blast walls each of these requires heavy equipment for installation maybe i mean we've got one of our bunkers they were used during that time attack we had one individual that was inside their journey attack. while he says his bible was the most precious thing he lost in the ensuing fire which destroyed his living quarters when you just feel the shock of everything it. just flew. i was with the person with me we're basically hugging each other holding the ground. and about 10 seconds after we got out of the bunker to go check on the person down here all the time was close joe
5:47 am
was guarding one tower on the outer wall and saw the missiles coming in oh stephanie we scared and i was worried for the other people on base of course i was i was so scared because. the sprawling 6 mile perimeter is one of the major training recognizance and air logistics bases for us that troops inside iraq in neighboring countries but we think when we get rocketed and never. attack would be followed by a base incursions i would wager that if you know there was a high value target on base to hit it would definitely be our air assets. sit on top rated because it believes the base was used to launch the drone which killed silly money and for drone pilots such as cost and keeping those air assets off the ground was a priority as soon as they heard about the attack a few hours before the top and we carry hellfire missiles. we do which is
5:48 am
intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance we launched as many aircraft as we could as we're capable of. to to cover as many bases as possible try to keep people safe or at least give early warning. to all of our. other people around iraq this is what remains of the sleeping quarters of $39.00 soldiers who were stationed at this unit they say that they're here to do a job and for them it does not matter what the politicians say regarding their presence in the country. the iraqi government says after the silly money assassination coalition troops are more focused on keeping themselves safe and iraqi security forces should not have to be at the additional responsibility of protecting them in on the militias such as an adjuvant guy has been law of war and that their attacks will continue until foreign troops leave iraq the coalition recognizes that iraq is a dangerous place there are continued threats from isis as well as other groups. we
5:49 am
are ready for those threats we've taken defensive action to prepare for those threats we've paused training operations to ensure we can focus on anything that we are required to do to protect our troops and protect our regular partners from the threat of rogue militias and other terrorist gangs and yes a lobster or suspending right just is not happening. so what are you guys. up here the serve us something or you have actually talked probably are there should flow cause one to be chair senior military leaders including the secretary of defense has ruled out u.s. and coalition troops pulling out for now soldiers here remained braced for the heightened level of threat was i'm of in javid out of the era base iraq door at the european union says it wants to invest more than a trillion dollars in public funds and private investment to tackle climate change
5:50 am
or of the next 10 units as a special fun to help air is that would be most destructed by moving to clean it industries and poland is top of that list at him baba has this barbara vishnu have scott county imagine life without culling she's lived in this house near warsaw for nearly 40 years and had winter when temperatures plunge her coal fired boiler is what heats the family hope my hands who would be clean air if i didn't have to use call to heat my house bought electric heating what to be so much more expansive i couldn't afford it on my salary more and more polls are aware of the problems burning culling tails off to rule the country has more than 30 if the european union's 50 most polluted city it's according to the world health organization but it's also addicted to coal fired power plants like this last month the in you agree to target if net 0 emissions by 2050 but with an opt out for polo it's but he use
5:51 am
just transition funs aims to generate a 100 an $11000000000.00 over a 7 years to help coal dependent nations and regions move to a green economy poland which were lies on coal for 80 percent of its electricity is a clear candidates and things a going in the wrong direction here in 2017 poland's towed to a greenhouse gas emissions when top around 4 percent on the year before greenpeace activists say poland should be doing so much more catching protests like this one against coal imports and get done while some political parties now talk about phasing out coal by a certain date previously it's a blue the government's building more coal fired power plants and major. countries already either dish call or have very specific plans if. government is not serious about this thing you know no government should receive funding if there are still building coal fired power plants this is simply
5:52 am
irresponsible it seems clear poland will have to change course dramatically and quickly some believe its heavy reliance on one energy source could make it easier to take the right decisions because poland for many years invested only in call and we have very old. coal fired power plants. we may make now this leap invests in the modern technologies so we need to invest in the new power system so why not in renewable climate change is already one of the main worries for the polish public moving away from coal use will be expensive but the e.u. funding plan aims to make it as painless as possible. as peter. thank you very much the australian open tennis grand slam starts in less than a week but the bushfire crisis is threatening to derail the tournament qualifying
5:53 am
was delayed in melbourne on tuesday and when it did get on the way one player was forced to retire from her match because of poor air quality slovenia's your cup of it was given oxygen at one point but that didn't work out and she was clearly in some distress struggling to breathe she was unable to continue and was helped off the court hugely bouchard also needed medical treatment before winning her qualifier and across town an exhibition match involving maria sharapova was called off early because of the conditions means world number one rafael nadal practiced indoors because of the smoky conditions but webber prospects are looking better for when the tournament starts on monday organizers have already said play can be confined to the 3 roofed stadiums and 8 indoor courts if necessary and defended the decision to allow outdoor play on tuesday. so we have measuring devices on side on the equality on top of that so we follow the independent part of the medical
5:54 am
experience as well as the advice of the of the environmental specialists and scientists probably comes in place and so this is the advice of medical stuff we have and so on like side why is obviously defensive stance where we're not doing so it's usually mr peterson australian favorite ash boss he was made to work hard for her 1st victory of the year at the adelaide warm up to an immense world number one 4th back from a sit down to defeat russian anastasio public change about taking at 75 in the decider crossing suffered early exit last week in pittsburgh. trouble off the court as well with nicholas cowdery suspended on tuesday for doping violation the chilean player tested positive for 2 banned substances at november's davis cup finals he said it was the result of him unknowingly taking tainted multi-vitamins and then he'll cooperate with an investigation and in athletics michelle li i has been
5:55 am
banned for 2 years the $100.00 metres commonwealth gold medalist from trinidad and tobago was punished off the missing 3 doping tests during a 12 month period. spanish champions barcelona have presented a new coach keek a city in used to be in charge of the rail bettis and replaces ed mr valverde who'd won back to back league titles city and comes in with the club top of the league again and says it's been a whirlwind 24 hours. things went very fast yesterday i was walking with the cows in the countryside outside my village and today i was at f.c. barcelona sports center coaching the best players in the world and they are an extraordinary team you know. tuesday saw a significant swing at the top of the standings in the dak already in saudi arabia the bike riders returned to action after a day of respect for paolo going solve this who died on sunday ricky bread which
5:56 am
leads that race by nearly 21 minutes but in the car category defending champion. has cut the lead of carlos science down to just 24 seconds after a great display on stage 9 signes had a 10 minute lead just 2 days ago. really today we like crazy and. all that get a caution to danger to you know just we aren't going blood out you know the last part is not easy but the game. we try to be in the games and i hope you know do. do do a good job in of our next 2 days there's a different pace to the action over in the frame shots where one of the world's most challenging dog sledding races is taking place the granddaughters say savoir mom blong is an 11 day marathon for the world's top mushers and their hounds a trail 750 kilometers up and down the mountains both in sunlight and lamplight
5:57 am
with temperatures as low as minus $22.00 degrees celsius and durrance wise the dogs over to the france athletes of the animal world heating 10000 calories of food a day just to keep going. and we'll finish with some spectacular shots from china too daring jet packs skydivers from france jumped out of a helicopter they attempted to fly through the famous heavens gates in hunan province as you can see not that big a gap when you're traveling up to 400 kilometers an hour. if you're wondering where the 2nd skydive is he's behind the camera they describe the experience as quote a bit scary. and that's all the sport for now we'll see you again later for more. paper thank you very much a day that is it for this news hour for me and nick clark on the rest of things but for now i can also add to maria we're right here with another half hour of you.
5:58 am
when the news breaks and the moment today the current government has lost the trust of the people they can't do anything because the protesters are against it when people to be caught by floodwater the represent the loft shots for opponents of rex it's drawing from the conservatives al-jazeera has teams on the ground it now hopes the meeting in paris will push politicians to create a competent and credible government to bring the moon documentaries and lighting on air and online big stories generated sounds like maybe angles in this story are too numerous for comfort with different angles from different perspectives things never really being believed the pay money to war to even separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalists on the senate was clear and it sounds to me and here people just think that the listening
5:59 am
post on al jazeera. what went wrong in society that opened up the space for the image get out but it is the european problem and it's not accountable and it's impossible for the people but it is for link up our people trying to take one . lead that if profundity stronger man our song woman while getting the growth of rejectionism of this world because the model doesn't want us europe's forbidden colony episode 2 on al-jazeera.
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al jazeera. and. sudan's transitional government says it's quelled a revolt by members of an elite security force any talk to. joe hockey when i'm come on santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera a 1000000 people have been urged to flee as that volcano continues to erupt in the philippines also the u.s. senate is set to take up impeachment proceedings against president trump as the pressure builds on the upper chamber to call fresh witnesses and the leader of cambodia's it dissolved opposition party is in court.


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