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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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it's a challenge to design a map to help him the tried in their daily lives can you really be done. life and one from nomad from al-jazeera. the emphasis is making a strong if possible case to protect and defend our constitution u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi names the prosecution team and donald trump's impeachment trial. hello again i'm adrian for again this is 0 live from doha also coming up shakeup in moscow russia's prime minister and the government resign as president vladimir putin proposes major changes to the constitution. iran's president blames what he calls u.s.
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arrogance for fuelling may have in the middle east and repeats his call for all foreign troops to leave. some filipinos to 5 accusations and despite more volcano warnings about an explosive eruption in. russia what an eruption is story that when aims of those who will lead the prosecution of u.s. president donald trump during his impeachment trial in the senate have just come out house speaker nancy pelosi made the announcement on capitol hill just under an hour ago the man who lead the charge is adam schiff the chairman of the house intelligence committee which held the 1st hearings. the trumpet allegedly threatened to withhold military aid to ukraine in exchange for an investigation into his political rival job by the trial is expected to begin on thursday when u.s. house democrat schiff says that the senate has an obligation to the american people
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to conduct a just trial with witnesses. additional evidence continues to come to light that not only has bolstered an already overwhelming case but has also put in additional pressure i think on the senate to conduct a fair trial mr mcconnell has taken to saying that the senate should only consider the closed record that comes from the house and as if what the senate is is not a trial but an appeal from a trial but of course the senate the framers had in mind a real trial with witnesses and evidence and of mcconnell makes this the 1st trial in history without witnesses it will be exposed for what it is and that is an effort to cover up for the president the empathy is making a strong if possible case to protect and defend our constitution to seek the truth for the american people i'm very proud and honored that the 7 members is doing wish members have accepted the theory of responsibility again to protect and defend for
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the people defending our democracy where we live in the white house in just a few moments where ralph is there is kelly how could his standing by but 1st let's go to capitol hill where that announcement was made and is there is what is your castro is there so heidi we know now the names of these the 7 impeachment managers the emphasis house speaker pelosi said is on litigators what happens next. well they will be officially approved in a little while when the full house votes on a resolution that would name them officially as the prosecutors who would lead the case against trump in the trial which will take place in the senate before that this evening is when we expect a ceremony really a parade of these very managers carrying the printed articles of impeachment in and 2 by 2 crossing the floor of the u.s. capitol from one side where the u.s.
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house of representatives meets to the other where the senate chambers are found and then delivering those articles to the senate which would officially kick off the trial phase of impeachment now from there that will be completely in the court of mitch mcconnell the republican senate leader who has said that the he his members should in short order receive instructions on exactly what will take place next as early as tomorrow perhaps we could see the chief supreme court justice come over to capitol hill from the u.s. supreme court which is just across the street he could be sworn in as early as tomorrow as the presider of the impeachment trial as well of those $100.00 u.s. senator sworn in as the jurors it is important to know that the oath that the senators will be taking is to be impartial jurors however we've seen mitch
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mcconnell the leading republican again who has said that he plans to be in lockstep with the president and the white house in trying to clear trump's name now he's backed off a little bit of that within sunni backlash that came after he made those statements and now he's left open the question of whether or not new witnesses and new evidence may be presented at the trial that is what demo. ratz want they need to convince at least 4 of their republican colleagues in the senate to agree with them in order to make that happen there are in fact 4 moderates who have said they are at least open to the idea and just one example of the new evidence the democrats say is absolutely important in this trial just last night we saw the house of representatives publicly release a new trove of unseen before evidence from one of the associates of the personal attorney of president trying to reach reality and among these documents are
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handwritten notes that specifically say get the lewinsky to announce investigations into joe biden and also democrats are zoning in on a letter from giuliani to the president of crane same that giuliani was operating with the knowledge and consent of the president in that campaign to get the announcement of the investigation into joe biden again that is at the very heart of this impeachment effort the accusation of trying to use the power of his office to get dirt on his political rival to help him trump when re-election adrian heidi many thanks indeed just down the road of the white house is our white house correspondent kimberly how could kimberly the president uncharacteristically quiet on the on twitter this morning until just after 10 weeks had just the one tweet from him here we go again this is following the announcement of the the the 7
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impeachment managers here we go again another cold job by the do nothing democrats all of this work was supposed to be done by the house not the senate is he rattled could bully. well i don't know if he's rattled or if you just can't resist he can't help himself if you will i mean up until now you're right he had been relatively quiet the question became is the president going to weigh in and try and influence this trial or is he going to be quiet i think we got our answer because as the house speaker nancy pelosi was announcing those impeachment managers the president was weighing in making sure that he was a part of that news cycle now it's very important to understand the president has been impeached that happened in the house of representatives the senate trial is about removing him from office and so this trial the debate back and forth about calling witnesses the president why does he not what these witnesses to be called they're members of his administration national security adviser john bolton the former national security adviser is one of them could potentially be called the
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president is already saying that he's going to try to exert influence and block that testimony as we saw him doing with other witnesses in the house and the house of representatives citing executive privilege that this could harm u.s. national security of this is something democrats we've already heard in the last hour are going to try and push back on they say that they are looking for these witnesses to come forward but that's a risky sort of calculation for them if you will also because there is this movement within the republicans are up on capitol hill in the senate to say if you get witnesses then we get witnesses and we want to call hunter biden the former vice president joe biden's son why was he sitting on the board of an energy company in ukraine that's a big question mark 2 so in the midst of all of this this is still being sorted out it's very clear that the president is going to exert what leverage he does have whether it's on social media or with trying to withhold testimony in order to claim
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that he has committed no wrongdoing one more thing very quickly adrian we're watching very carefully in this next hour the u.s. president is going to have a signing ceremony for the 1st phase of the china trade deal we're watching very carefully to see if not only on twitter if he weighs in on this issue of the proceedings in the senate when he participates in that ceremony. our white house correspondent kimberly hallock at reporting live from washington kimberly many thanks indeed russia's prime minister dmitry medvedev and his government have resigned it comes after president vladimir putin use his annual state of the nation address to announce a plan for political reform husin says the parliament should choose the country's prime minister but the president should keep wide ranging powers protests calling for reform erupted last year after all position politicians were barred from running in local elections hootin said he would hold a referendum on any changes to the constitution. as far as our joint work is concerned with mr medvedev if it's been 8 years since he's been
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leading the government which we have an agreement it's clear what the prime minister's duties are and what the president's duties are i have asked him to be involved in security issues and that should be done in the near future. in this context it is clear that the government of the russian federation can give our country the possibility of making all the necessary decisions and in these conditions i suggest it would be correct according to articles one in 17 of the russian federation in the current composition to resign i thank all those who have participated in the work of the government and certainly to future decisions made by the president of the russian federation i was there as alexandra got for has more from moscow. this also the same time a means that the me to my that he's not going to be appointed a new prime minister there will be someone else and that a someone else might be also the person that is going to be a of law to me to put in success or because what he said in his speech to the
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federal assembly as well apart from shifting powers war towards the parliament is a dead there is not going to be 3 times running the of for a president of russia which excludes hume from a disarray saw he answer the question that was bothering a lot of people for years is he going to run for president did 2000 a $24.00 soul most the possibly he is and not going to do dead at the sametime this doesn't need that he's going to be completely out of the picture with this a new constitutional reforms even though he says that they're all of present will state very strong also give a some space for putting in staying in power or at least being in control of the things are going on in the russia and know a lot of people are speculating for years who might be the person and that put is going to in trust and support in in the next elections an acid to that question is
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malta ball and actually there is a no consensus someone's to russian analyst of who this a person might be iran's president has reiterated his call for all foreign troops to leave the middle east and some rouhani said that american troops are not safe in the region and for the 1st time he's also warned that european soldiers quote may be in danger to call little pommie stop making mistakes return to the jay c.p.o. way we are ready return and choose a path that leads to the stability and security of the region an american trooper today is insecure and tomorrow the european soldier may face the same insecurity let's establish security we don't want insecurity in the world we want to get out of this region of course not by war but by wisdom let's walk a path that is to the interest of the world and the region. well those comments come off germany france and britain call for action against iran for violating the
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2050 nuclear deal but president rouhani accuses the signature is of failing to respect the nuclear agreement with calls for more protests at home iran's president is urging national unity demonstrates is angry the military admitted that it shot down a ukrainian aircraft off the days of the nile. afshin shah is a sunni electorate international relations and middle east politics at the university of bryan fischer he says that domestic pressure may force iran's leaders to the negotiating table. we have seen the admission of defeat by the view that would get that over the last 2 or 3 years or 3 prisons for on and german before congress a blacksheep foreign policy be for one of the most important point the consensus made in the european union and despite the defiant this was the resistance
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the offer of the united states thing from a truck into our you made it very clear despite the disagreement with the most important power in the globe they want to maintain their commitment for for the deal was the moment you want to bring basically a net foreign policy to move the moment you want to bring in a new missile program or defense program into the equation you're going to take some very serious impediment having said that if you look at the history of islamic republic over 40 years any time they faced with an existential crisis very quickly they seem to be willing to make some serious fundamental compromises and based on what is happening at the moment in iran iran seems to be 6 to 9 weeks and thirds of the people argue that you know never ever been over the last 40 years so given the internal political dynamics given the legitimacy crisis there are facing at the moment and the pressure from to with it if not completely fall mitch or you don't
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to go back to the negotiation well for everything that is the limits despite the fact that they would be willing to negotiate i very much doubt that they would like to be proper about defense programs. we're going to weather update next here on al jazeera that the opposition leader in cambodia is accused of treason here who is condemning his trial as a sham. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well here across japan things are looking better as we go towards the end of the week the big weather maker is now making its way out here towards pacific what's going to be left well some partly cloudy conditions temps is going to be into the low teens across much of the area into the single digits a little bit more towards the north but for a saka expect to see more rain as we go towards friday particularly as we go
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towards the afternoon timeframe so 11 degrees with rain showers popping up in the afternoon and for seoul it's going to be a nice day but a little bit cool at about 4 degrees for you here across indonesia and malaysia heavy rain is expected particularly across parts of borneo over the next few days we could be seeing some localized flooding as well and for coaching that means some very heavy rain few here on thursday getting a little bit better by the time we get towards friday the heavy rain making its way towards the north but for jakarta expect to see a nice day for you with partly cloudy conditions and attention of 30 degrees and then across parts of india we are going to see very heavy rain up here across much of the north here on thursday those rain showers will be also affecting parts of new delhi we do expect to see attention there about 15 degrees but as we go towards friday a lot of that rain as well as the snow in the higher elevations is going to be a big problem across parts of the paul and for katmandu that means rain and slush with a temperature of 12. capturing
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a moment in time. snapshots about the lives. of the stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's what. they. do. for. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmaking this. witness on al-jazeera. well again this is just there let's remind you of the main news this hour u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi is they the 7 member team that will lead president
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trump's impeachment trial in the senate the u.s. house of representatives is to use a vote to hand over the impeachment charges to the senate trial is expected to begin on thursday. russia's prime minister the retreat medvedev has resigned just hours after president vladimir putin post changes to the constitution he had suggested that the prime minister should be appointed by parliament and said that he'd like to see a referendum on that and other constitutional changes at iran's president is warning u.s. troops or other foreign forces to leave the middle east and some rouhani has also called on the u.s. to reverse its withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal. fighting has resumed in libya after ceasefire talks stalled the un recognized government in tripoli says the forces loyal to the border collie for hafta a shelling positions south of the capital turkey and russia brokered the truce ankara says that it's too early to say that the deal has collapsed collapsed rather
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. is the general director of the libyan think tank the subject institute he says that enforcing the libya arms embargo would be more effective than another peace conference. the fact isn't berlin a simple i think there are very very different measures and they are sticks for what it will really be progress of libya the 1st and and most glaring obvious one is that an arms embargo that has been violated every last one months or many many years before would really kind of take away the military means to continue this war and then that would be a better pretext to begin talks in berlin but if you allow for the proper stock macit i mean to really our regular supply lines to prune you drones online haven't you you know that has given the superiority there on the line that's 9 months if you are allowed to do all those things then how will you approach that it's only going to be to achieve the same objectives that he's for him to achieve on the
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ground through military means which is to take over the government and all of the economic and political institutions in tripoli so it's almost going to be a you know always of strong arming effort in berlin by other means of other ways. the 18 month trade war between the u.s. and china may be drawing to a close within the hour donald trump the vice president premier of china a set to sign what's being described as phase one of a deal global growth has been affected by tit for tat tariffs between the world's 2 largest economies some tariffs however are expected to stay in place until phase 2 of their reconciliation zeros katrina here reports from beijing. for 2 years chinese exporters have been hoping for a trade deal with the united states this week chinese negotiators are in washington to sign one the so-called phase one deal to spend additional u.s. tarps on nearly 100 $60000000000.00 worth of chinese goods the agreement also seeks to expand u.s.
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access to chinese markets strengthen intellectual property protection and narrowly u.s. trade deficit with china according to washington beijing has promised to almost double u.s. imports to china over the next 2 years increasing purchases of agricultural energy and manufactured goods by $200000000000.00 the chinese analysts say that figure is unrealistic if china does come into $200000000000.00 and that means china is making big compromise but it also means that in later stage the enforcement can be a very difficult thing to do. u.s. president don't trump says the agreement includes china buying $40000000000.00 worth of american farm goods but the chinese government says it won't raise its quotas on grain imports to meet u.s. demands beijing is reluctant to divert trade from europe and south america and has so far remained silent on how far it's prepared to commit itself by signing this agreement they jing is treading a fine line between preserving relations of washington and not wanting to appear
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weak china's leaders to this is an opportunity to set aside tensions the u.s. but now focused on the slowing economy and toppling obviously and officials here expect more far reaching great hopes to last. a phase 2 deal has been planned but there are other sticking points including beijing's plan to dominate global high tech industries under its made in china 2025 initiative growing anti china sentiment ahead of the elections in the u.s. may also influence any upcoming negotiations we also took the toughest ever actually gives china i 00 was we just received a breakthrough it's just really hard to predict where the next move is on but one thing we can be certain is that odd a trade relation will get worse over time since the competition between the 2 countries or will persist. for now many chinese manufacturer is probably feeling
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relieved over the deal may not be a long term solution it does deliver enough for some optimism. al-jazeera fading in the philippines some 40000 people have been forced to leave their homes as the towel volcano spews ash and lava into the several new cracks of open to the ground nearby and scientists say that a big eruption could be on its way if they want the area completely evacuated. in pakistan winter storms have killed over 100 people rescue workers are battling harsh conditions to reach those who are stranded in baluchistan and pakistan administered kashmir for costs just suggest that the harsh weather is set to continue opposition leader in cambodia has protested his innocence at the start of his trial for treason. is accused of collaborating with the us to overthrow the government human rights groups condemning his trial as a sham and a serious florence louis reports from phnom penh. camp gets ready to
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defend himself in court the leader of the now dissolved main opposition party is charged with treason and could be jailed for up to 30 years if found guilty. i know clearly that i'm innocent so i have to go to court to challenge the charges and demand they drop the case. so i was arrested in 2017 he spent around a year in prison and then more than a year under house arrest he was released in november but banned from taking part in politics and from leaving the country the charges against stemmed from a remark he made 7 years ago about consulting american democracy advocates on how to win in an election 2 months off to his arrest the supreme court dissolved the cambodian national rescue party that he led and the ruling party went on to win all the parliamentary seats in the 2018 general election the us the e.u.
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and some members of parliament from around the region cambodia to drop the charges against the e.u. is also reviewing whether to continue extending preferential trade treatment to cambodia a lawyer for the government denies allegations that the charges against all politically motivated. lawyers for the government as well as representatives of the prosecution office we have plenty of evidence to prove to the judges the wrongdoings of cam psycho before the trial began some were questioning how transparent the proceedings would be for an embassy representatives and politicians are allowed into the courtroom but the media civil society groups and the public have been shutout the case against soccer has also had a wider impact beyond politics in the country the chilling effect scipio psyches. where the freedom we have the freedom of assembly here the freedom that have been
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narrowed become narrow. the. psyche and also increased mall sales census that many opposition politicians have fled to cambodia some have been prosecuted an obvious arrest and some human rights groups say the trial is a sham and a means for the ruling party led by prime minister who can send to extend its grip on power florence al-jazeera. in croatia police are being accused of carrying out an organized campaign of attacks on refugees migrants are trying to get into the european union human rights groups and documented hundreds of alleged crimes on the border with bosnia and herzegovina as observers laurence li reports croatia's accused of a brutal border enforcement policy as it takes over the presidency of the european union. but the disused factory they buy their time over 2000 of them
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desperate to get into europe for either asylum. but how maids is going to have to wait a bit longer before breaking cover again the croatian police broke his arm in 3 places a few days ago if you in the in the daytime you know they don't be too much but if it's the night shift they beat you as much as they can and do lots of people in here to do they will say the same thing yes some of them got beaten some of the not beaten you know it depends on how many times you try again we call it a game i don't know if you know if you lose it you come back again strange if you want to get into the european union from both mia means crossing the mountains and the game involves dodging the croatian police they are now widely accused in a brutal assaults routine theft of money and phones occasionally shooting migrants
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a group of officers raised the stakes recently writing a joint anonymous letter admitting it and claiming they were being told to do it they're using. illegal. ways of communicating like to what stop or viber or to private phone says so none of this is. being. so nothing is controlled and nobody knows what the content of. this exchanges where. and then they use civill clouds they use civil cars journalists have also accused the creations of attacking them so he got the bosnians to his court as the track the migrants take this is also the external border of the european union croatia which just became presidents of the e.u. wants to join the free movement schengen zone that means signing up to fortress
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europe last year nearly $50000.00 people left bosnia and entered the european union here illegally and once they've done so croatia was full happiness let them carry on through italy or wherever than here their asylum claims in that sense many people think that croatia's tough guy act towards the refugees and migrants is really a game of its own designs approves of the european union how good he sees it security . over the last few days the great and the good from the european union have been in croatia and the prime minister has spent every news conference stressing how committed his country is to border enforcement he always glosses over questions about police brutality from a legal perspective is at the borders is never acceptable it's acceptable to which it is illegal isn't it illegal yes a nice it is of course acceptable for a country to protect its borders to monitor and to prevent people from coming in in
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accordance with international standards but it is not acceptable to use violence the apparent tolerance of police violence towards asylum seekers here is the starkest illustration of how the e.u. now regards security as the only game in town the migration flows are not what they were a few years ago but nor human rights closely al-jazeera on the croatian poulder. that is good said he with us hello adrian fenty getting hit in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has made the 7 member team that will lead president trump's impeachment trial in the set as the u.s. house of representatives is due to vote to hand over the impeachment charges to the senate the trial is expected to begin on thursday and the man who lead the charge against the president is democrat adam schiff he's the chairman of the house intelligence committee it held the 1st hearings for the most the trumpet allegedly
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threatened to withhold military aid to ukraine and exchange for an investigation into his political rival joe biden and his watch if it has been saying additional evidence continues to come to light that not only has bolstered an already overwhelming case but has also put in additional pressure i think on the senate to conduct a fair trial mr mcconnell has taken to saying that the senate should only consider the closed record that comes from the house and as if what this senate is not a trial but an appeal from a trial but of course the senate the framers had in mind a real trial with witnesses and evidence and of mcconnell makes this the 1st trial in history without witnesses it will be exposed for what it is and that is an effort to cover up for the president. and the president reacted to the announcement of course on twitter writing here we go again another common job by the do nothing democrats all of this work was supposed to be done by the house not the senate.
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russia's prime minister dmitry medvedev and his entire cabinet have resigned just dollars off the president vladimir putin proposed changes to the constitution he had suggested that the prime minister should be appointed by parliament and said that he'd like to see a referendum on that and all the changes in the last few minutes the head of russia's tax base mikhail machinist and has been named the new prime minister. the us president of trump set to sign the 1st phase of a deal that would mark a truce in the trade war between washington and china life pictures right now from the room where that signing is to take place the agreement aims to reduce some u.s. tariffs on chinese goods and boost chinese purchases of american farm energy and many factions goods. 1st the headlines next here on al-jazeera it's worthless.
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to command the little white house if it did that. and then it seems like bombings and the need. to have them stand in atlanta to. let their.


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