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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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on al-jazeera. revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al-jazeera. russian warplanes strike at the heart of syria's province despite a cease fire deal that was supposed to protect civilians. and again i may very emphatic of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up revelations from a close associate of donald trump's lawyer could be about to throw a new twist into the peaceful case. libyan war khalifa haftar tells germany that he may join talks in the lead as the u.n. office monitors if there's a cease fire. and fears of
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a volcanic tsunami in the philippines sent thousands fleeing their homes and others defying evacuation those. russian and syrian warplanes have resumed attacks on the last rebel held province of these 21 civilians have been killed in the ad lib in recent days that's despite a ceasefire that was supposed to have begun on sunday the white helmets rescue group has recorded more than a dozen violations of the cease fire al-jazeera scatty lopez hayat reports the damage caused by one of several air strikes in the northwest province of a planet survivors trying to salvage what's left. emergency crews combed the rubble to recover the body of a child was one of the other civilians were among the casualties in it with city.
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they did have a jihad in the afternoon it lapses he was targeted by stroke or 23 jets they hit the industrial area and a hallmark it must of those hurt have serious injuries. in a nearby hospital friends console a father grieving his son was a ceasefire which started on sunday was shattered on one so. 6 i was in syrian and russian jets attacked it that city as well as several rebel held town. the ceasefire was brokered by turkey which supports the rebels and russia which backed the syrian government's 9 month offensive thank fighters linked to al qaeda are the strongest forces in these areas home to around $3000000.00 civilians according to the u.n. close 240-0000 syrians have been forced from their homes and it lives in the past
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10 weeks no time no shelter no food people are starving to death in this governor and they're not being well they're dying because they're hungry the kremlin says it's targeted rebels who've attacked civilian government held areas and what's supposed to be a so-called deescalation zone i russia and turkey are reported to have been to go sheeting the a sample isman of a secure zone for the displaced during the winter and russia has announced humanitarian corridors have already been established to allow people in its lips to cross over into government held territory. it's unclear how many have chosen to go . beyond al-jazeera. did not see what washington where u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi is holding a weekly media briefing let's listen in for a while empowerment act. approach the o.m.b. the white house feed ministration broke and saying it broke the will they say concludes that they violated the moment to control act this reinforces again
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the need for documents and i witnesses in the senate when i was in grade school there was a sign. on the wall and one of the carter said said what a tangled web we weave when we 1st practice to deceive you see this more and more and more and all of this this tangled web to deceive that the administration is engaged him. also on appropriations matters i am very sad about what's happening for the ricoh we pray for the families who have lost loved ones and and injury to others the appropriation it's unacceptable that the administration illegally withheld for over a year the federal assistance that congress appropriated and put in rico needs but concerned that the administration may be looking for excuses to house speaker nancy
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pelosi the weekly news briefings as that a trial moves of course right back to the beginning we mr saying it but she said we have no choice but to impeach the president let's go live to our serious auditor castro who's our capitol hill. in a short while from now the articles of impeachment will be read to the senate heidi what can we expect. what we can expect again this ceremonial procession very similar to what unfolded yesterday will see these articles of impeachment which accuse the president of in it in the written or tickle the self of the train the nation by abusing his power and obstructing congress and those documents will be accompanied by the 7 impeachment managers these are these are the democratic members of congress of the house who were appointed by house speaker nancy pelosi and they will be arguing the case before the full senate to remove president trump
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from office we'll see that proceed to the senate chambers and then those articles of impeachment will be read out loud and following a brief lunch break we'll see the supreme court chief justice john roberts accompanied from the supreme court house to the u.s. capitol building he will be taking an oath to become the presiding officer in the upcoming trial and then he will immediately give an oath to those $100.00 u.s. senators to beef. they've full executers to deliver impartial justice in this trial those senators will make a verbal agreement to that and then they will sign their names in an oath book to go down forever in history then of course starting next week is when we expect opening arguments to be heard in this case expect long statements perhaps stretching on several days from these impeachment managers who are acting as
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prosecutors in this case laying out the accusations and the evidence for removing trump from office they say he withheld security aid to ukraine in order to leverage in order to pressure the government of ukraine to announce investigations into joe biden and then we will see the president's defense team counter those accusations with their own opening statements then adrian is when we don't know what will happen next we know senators on the democratic side want to be able to call more witnesses to get more documents some of the things that we've been talking about for the last 2 days with the associate of president trump's personal attorney and his trove of documents that he's just handed over to investigators all of that democrats hope that the full senate will be able to consider in deciding whether or not the president is guilty or innocent and the american public polling
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shows the vast majority supports getting more evidence into the record as part of this trial in order to make this a fair proceeding heidi many thanks indeed we in the newsroom here at r.'s 0 will continue to listen to one house speaker pelosi as she gives that media briefing and we'll bring you anything use we'll beat that she says in the meantime i want to speak to our white house correspondent because claims from close associates of donald trump's lawyer could be about to throw a new twist into the whole impeachment case left potus says the president was directly involved in efforts to pressure ukraine kimberly how could a study by for us in washington kitty this is a man that the president says he doesn't even know. yeah that's right now i just want to pick up very quickly as we continue to watch that press conference by nancy pelosi because there was something she said very important off the top of the show there and that was the fact that she was touching on this new will port from the government accountability office adrian that essentially has concluded after its
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own independent investigation that the president and his white house violated federal law by withholding military aid to ukraine why does this matter this is all part of the allegations against the president ones that he has denied that he leveraged his political and his presidential office essentially in order to pressure ukraine to dig up dirt on political rival. former vice president joe biden now left parness as you were talking about there who is he he's a man that's an associate of the president's personal attorney rudolph giuliani why does he factor in all of this because of an explosive interview he has just given a nationally televised where he says the president knew exactly what was going on this whole time the president has tried to distance himself say that he has committed no wrongdoing never was there any so-called quid pro quo quo which the g.a.o.
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or government accountability office says in fact there was sort of left parness he says the same thing he says the president with aware of my movement so this is particularly damaging this fits in to the whole issue as the senate trial begins because the white house is trying to block witness testimony republicans on capitol hill trying to block witness testimony going to be very difficult to do it in light of these new allegations something we hear nancy pelosi and other democrats saying needs to come out the only way to do it is to have people like left parness and others testify about exactly what was going on and what the president knew white house correspondent kelly hellcat there live in washington kimberly many thanks indeed. there are new diplomatic efforts to end the conflict in libya germany's foreign minister has flown to the libyan city of benghazi for crisis talks with the world probably thought of it comes ahead of a conference on libya that's planned for sunday in berlin which have says that he will attend earlier turkey's president said the deployment of turkish troops to
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libya has begun on wednesday fighting near tripoli resumed following the failure of talks and moscow to agree a truce after us forces been trying to capture the capital of the pows the internationally recognized government for the past 9 months of the un that is ready to be part of any cease fire initiative diplomatic as a james bays is live for us at the un james will be offering. well i've got several bits of new details for you adrian 1st this is the secretary general's latest report on the situation in libya not made public yet sent to the security council pretty clear the secretary general is unhappy about the situation pretty clear he's unhappy about the role played by general half he says the unrecognized government in the east of the country is causing instability he says that east of the country that territory controlled by general have to become
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a hub of illicit activity including the trade of drugs and of arms and of course all the attention is on general half ahead of this meeting in berlin because what was supposed to happen in moscow the russians and the turks on different sides of this war came together and bought the 2 key figures promises or arjen general have to moscow to sign that cease fire deal sariah is signed half dark didn't so the next stage an international gathering of all the key players will have all the key european leaders leaders from the region the u.s. is not really their leader level we don't believe president trump will be but all the other leaders will be there to move on to the next phase but clearly they still don't have the signature from one man general have that if they get back signature i can tell you things could move very fast indeed there's a lot of discussion going on here in new york about
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a monitoring mission to monitor a cease fire if one comes into force now one of the models for this you remember there's been a shaky cease fire in the port of her day in yemen for about a year and the u.n. has been there monitoring that that's one of the models for this what they try and do is set up a joint commission which would have 5 representatives from half the side 5 from saraj which would be the sort of body that would monitor the seas far but of course policed by the u.n. but whether. the actual monitors would be the u.n. isn't clear i'm told that's one option but they're also looking at the possibility of using monitors from the arab league the african union all the european union or possibly a combination of those i'm also told those who come into force pretty quickly they don't think they would need a big detailed agreement i'm told that they could just do a one page u.n. security council resolutions that call could happen very quickly but of course all
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of it depends on the signature which hasn't happened yet of general have to i'm there are worries from some diplomats i've spoken to what was supposed to be an international gathering of everyone getting behind libya could become a gathering where everyone is trying to plead with general have to to sign and not of course taking place in berlin on sunday out of serious diplomatic and it said james bay is live at the united nations in new york james many thanks indeed we'll get a weather update next here on al-jazeera then there's mounting pressure on iran for full disclosure about it shooting down of the ukrainian airliner. hello again a welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across japan on 40 as we go into the weekend the weather is going to get worse we do have a developing system just off the coast down towards the south that's going to be some have a very heavy rain to parts of osaka here by the time we get towards friday evening
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and as we go towards saturday it's really going to be tokyo where the winds and with a very heavy rain so expect some slocombe delays at the airports as well attempt a few of about 90 degrees there up towards and died though it is going to be a better day but a chilly day with a temperature of 6 well here across the philippines we are watching very carefully in terms of rain we don't want any heavy rain to be developing across much of the of the philippines because of the mud flows that could potentially come out of that so only light rain. is expected on a forecast map as we go towards friday extending into saturday as well down towards south though jakarta expect to see more rain in the forecast particular into the weekend with attempt a few of about 30 degrees there and as we go towards india as well as nepal we are seeing an increase of rain and that is going to be a big problem we could be seeing some very heavy accumulations in terms of snow over the next day for katmandu it is going to be rain and in the overnight hours switching over to snow there tempter wise 13 degrees for katmandu but for new delhi
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it is going to be a cloudy day with a temperature of 17. across europe immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issues we didn't have immigrants' at all 0 immigration but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody is discussing the far right is preparing for battle and there are opponents or anyone who is different. prejudiced some pride in hungary on al-jazeera. or.
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this is 0 let's remind you of the main news this hour the un says that atrocities against children in syria continue to be committed by all warring sides the u.n. commission of inquiry released its report of this violence intensifies and it province russian and syrians have been killed at least 21 people in recent days. u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says president trump broke the law when he threatened to withhold military aid to ukraine in exchange for a probe by kids into his political rival which made the comments after a u.s. government watchdog breached the same conclusion following its own investigation. and turkey's president says the deployment of troops to libya has begun it comes as germany's foreign minister flew to libya the crisis talks with the board khalifa haftar ahead of a conference on libya in berlin on sunday. pressure is building on iran to fully disclose details of the downing of a ukrainian plane of
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a test run last week foreign ministers from 5 countries whose citizens were killed of held a memorial service in london they've laid out a framework for cooperation with teheran in the investigation into the downing of the jazz all $176.00 people on board died after an initial denial iran's military admitted that it had shot down the jet by mistake that's go live out of london al-jazeera steve barker was in the press conference given by the 5 ministers a short time ago what did they say. while the conference was very much led by the foreign minister of canada talked about their being fully key points most of all this is about piling the pressure on iran to make sure the country or maims transparent when it comes to explaining exactly what happened to the passenger jet they talked about seeking compensation from iran. count ability and an international investigation very similar to that
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some of the downing of m $817.00 over eastern ukraine a few years ago where the dutch were of course heavily of all they don't for money is it minister was he in a show of solidarity as well we have seen so far since the downing of the plane a degree of compliance when it comes to iran they've granted access to international investigators to the scene we know that the black box flight flight recorder was in the hands of the ukrainians but when it comes to details but little is known really at this stage and what the international community is saying through this joint statement is that they want to make sure that as this investigation unfolds iran continues to be opened and open and compliant in allowing not only people access to the site but also in potentially sensitive information given that this plane may have been shot down from a sensitive military location close to the iranian capital they've many thanks to dave bulk of that joining us live from london. despite international
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pressure to abide by its 2015 nuclear deal commitments iran says that it will continue to enrich uranium in a televised speech president hassan rouhani said the grand star suppost the limits set under the agreement a statement comes just days after 3 e.u. nations that were part of the deal launched a dispute mechanism could lead to more sanctions being imposed on iran. when the us pulled out of the nuclear deal we contacted the other party and expressed our preparedness to fulfill our obligations however today we in terms of the nuclear power we have no limit we are in a much better situation compared to before the deal our uranium enrichment today it's much higher than that stipulated in the deal we had signed we cannot sit. there bundled in their obligations we will reciprocate it's more on this now from
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al-jazeera as i said beg in tehran. it was a very defiant message by president rouhani now we know that iran has been phasing back it's cutting back its commitment in regards to that 2015 nuclear deal that started last year it's been in 5 phases the last phase was early january now according to that deal they're not allowed to enrich uranium past 3.67 percent we know that it's over 4.5 percent we know that they're not allowed to stockpile uranium more than 300 kilograms we know that they've exceeded that but iran has been very clear and transparent about this that they've said that the europeans are not sticking to their commitments as part of that deal for iran has slowly been reducing its commitments president rouhani spoke about the state of the condom and he said that we accepted the risks when we started that reduction in commitment yes it has been difficult but the economy is working and again a very defiant message saying to the world that yes we are reducing these commitments but iran is willing to talk at all these reductions are reversible if
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the european countries come back to their obligations to that deal and also saying to the new european countries that they need to stand up to the united states because the united states unilaterally pulled out of this deal under donald trump the swedish foreign minister linda and has been speaking and then sorry has been speaking to british media this morning and she said that the 3 countries are trying to force iran and the united states back to the negotiating table and back to the j.c. p. o. a nuclear deal but she rejected the idea by u.k. prime minister blair is johnson iran should negotiate a new deal under donald trump. pakistan's foreign minister says that the taliban has shown a willingness to reduce violence in neighboring afghanistan mood caray she made the announcement amid stalled talks between the armed group and the us the taliban wants a full withdrawal of all foreign troops and refuses to hold direct talks with the afghan government washington says that any withdrawal deal must have security
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guarantees like a stand as help to mediate efforts to try to end the conflict. because the taliban have shown their willingness to reduce the violence which was a demand and i believe that this is a step towards an agreement towards a peace agreement with russia's parliament has approved the president's choice for prime minister mikhail michoud sin is the former head of the federal tax replace the miter medvedev who quit on wednesday along with the entire government resignations came of the president vladimir putin proposed a series of sweeping constitutional changes thousands of people across france are again marching against the government sponsored pension reform the latest demonstrations come as a national strike enters its 7th week the government has made some concessions over the retirement age and other sticking points but unions say they'll continue their campaign. south africans are facing
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a hunger crisis on an unprecedented scale the un's world food program says that 45000000 people are in urgent need of food aid drought flooding and economic hardship it's a blame harford zimbabwe's 15000000 people face chronic food shortages zambia listen to the libya and several other countries are also hard hit women and children of the worst affected. thousands more people in the philippines of abandoned homes due to the threat of a major volcanic eruption buildings in towns near the volcano have collapsed under the weight of falling ash evacuation centers all over the tanger province are almost full scientists are studying the rumbling volcano around the clock al-jazeera robot bride has been to see the work. it looks deceptively small and right now deceptively benign. but it's in a lake formed in the crater of a much larger ancient full kaino. the combination of molten rock and water is
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explosive and threatening what experts call a volcanic tsunami are missing we just need the ingredients for us and water. up there since sunday's 1st eruption after being dormant for 40 years scientists from the philippines volcanic agency 5th arcs are working overtime to try and predict what the hull might do next. in. the next few days we're in we are trying to if we keep this right now are going to intensify. researchers are tracking the number and intensity of many earthquakes coming from the volcano as well as testing for gases it emits. although the plumes of volcanic dust and ash have declined the amount of invisible
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sulfur dioxide gas is a good indicator of how much molten rock is moving towards or reaching the surface but in this are very tricky so whatever it's not always you get a lot so there are a lot of things happening underneath and you know why don't we know actually what the volcano is doing right now and their need if we monitored this all for. these tests are proving to hard poses a potential danger and provoking warnings of an imminent fall can make explosion forcing $40000.00 filipinos to seek safety. there's been criticism of the philippines vulcanologists that they weren't able to give more of a warning about this eruption especially as increased activity was detected months ago but in spite of their experience active volcanoes such as this one are notoriously unpredictable and no one can predict what the hull will do next rob mcbride al-jazeera batangas province northern philippines. the political divide
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between the russian left and poland is mirrored in the arts world much has changed since the end of communism almost 30 years ago and conservative attitudes are often at odds with more liberal thinking not just in politics but on stage 2 from the baltic port of good scotch the reports. of the cold night in good danskin thousands of people pay tribute to their format. should campaign for the rights of migrants was murdered on stage at this very events a year ago. this year's fundraiser here part of a national charity drive raising money for hospital equipment was dedicated to him . it used to be shown live on public television since 2017 it's only been carried by a private channel. this event's been going for nearly 3 decades but in recent years it's become controversial for some people here and it's just one example of the
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culture wars being waged between liberals and conservatives. the head of one regional councils actually refused to take part in this year's fundraiser claiming the event had become political was supposed to be. his widow now a center left member of the european parliament and campaigner against hate speech what she made of that maybe they are not aware bad in day or sell of there is a lot of hate there is a lot of maybe disappointment in daily life and a half. bad ideas but as we see in the air by here we have a new. record we gather more and more 7 points in some polls sympathetic to the ruling lower injustice party see the charities found . as a left wing of his politics are at odds with traditional values. it's
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a future. by today is going to be current affairs and public television. his liberal attitude is expressed in his motto do whatever you want at the same time he supports very problematic issues like abortion and euthanasia which are contrary to the current government's vision and that struggle for control over poland's cultural space is now moved here. between art and the. center for contemporary art in warsaw the new director here who was appointed by poland's culture minister has spoken of the art world being dominated by a neo marxist ideology saying he wants to promote artists with other views conservative pro-family this nomination is the most traditional of the coasts. known for extremely conservative views and. he doesn't have the art community which will make this mission extremely difficult
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political landscape is perhaps more polarized than it's ever been with little appetite for compromise that's only likely to make it harder to see the world through someone else's. al-jazeera. going to hear the headlines on al-jazeera the un says that atrocities against children in syria continue to be committed by all warring sides the u.n. commission of inquiry released the report as violence intensifies a province russian and syrian air strikes have killed at least 21 people in recent days that's despite a cease fire that was supposed to start this sunday u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says that president donald trump broke the law but he threatened to withhold military aid to ukraine and exchange for a probe by kid into his political wife she made the comments after a u.s.
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government reached the same conclusion following its own investigation. we conclude that o.m.b. violated the empowerment act. the president the o.m.b. the white house feared ministration broke it broke the law they say we conclude that they violated the control act this reinforces again the need for documents and eye witnesses in the senate to a case president says the deployment of troops to libya has begun it comes as germany's foreign minister flew to libya the crisis talks of the wall of khalifa haftar at a conference on libya in berlin on sunday. pressure is building on iran to fully disclose details of the downing of a ukrainian plane of attack iran last week foreign ministers from 5 countries whose citizens were killed of held a memorial service in london they've laid out
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a framework for cooperation with tehran in the investigation into the downing of the jet it also calls for compensation for families all $176.00 people on board died after an initial denial iran's military admitted that it shot down the jet by mistake despite international pressure to abide by its 2015 nuclear deal commitments iran says it will continue to enrich uranium and its head of ice speech president hassan rouhani said the terror ron was not supposed to limits says under the agreement his statement comes just days after 3 e.u. nations that were party to the deal launched a dispute mechanism that could lead to further sanctions being posed imposed on iran those headlines more news here on al-jazeera after radicalized youth next.
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more of. if you want to learn what the world might look like very soon regards hungry and hungry as in the stream example of the predicament the whole world is going through . the italian think a judge or a government that said that a fuss is never really went away.


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