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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2020 8:00am-8:33am +03

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the u.s. military reveals that some of its troops were hurt in the iranian missile attacks in iraq despite earlier denials. hi everyone i'm kemal santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera. you will do impartial justice according to the constitution and the laws so help you god i did. the impeachment trial against president donald trump officially begins but there are also new revelations about his alleged efforts to pressure ukraine. also hundreds of migrants enter guatemala to join
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a rapidly growing caravan hoping to reach the united states. and turning to the u.s. dollar venezuelans move away from the body is the economic crisis goes on. so the u.s. military has revealed some of its troops were hurt in those missile attacks in iraq earlier in the month you'll remember iranian missiles targeted the base since then 11 service members have been treated for concussion in kuwait and germany and are still being assessed the u.s. had originally said no soldiers have been injured their blood is on those following this one from washington. there were 8 u.s. service members that were injured on that missile attack at the al assad air base in iraq last week now i should point out it does not appear to be serious injuries nevertheless this is what the pentagon is telling us they say that after the
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missile attacks on the base many of the service members were screened for concussions which they say is very common the blast from missiles can cause buildings to shake and rattle and and can cause potentially concussions in people that are even outside of the immediate impact zone once these tests were done on multiple service members that were at that base there were 8 of them that needed further screening they showed signs of some sort of concussions that were they suffered after the blasts from those missile rocket launches 3 of the service members have been transported to a u.s. air base in germany another 3 have been transported to a u.s. air base in kuwait and they say they're doing further testing the military says it is all part of standard procedure no one is in any sort of life threatening injuries or anything like that in fact the military says that they are expected
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after the screening is complete to be sent back to iraq so that's what we know now there are injuries or i should say there were injuries that this is the 1st time that it was being disclosed i should point out but it does not appear to be very serious on to other news the u.s. senate has launched formal proceedings for the impeachment trial of president obama trump house democrats read the charges in congress it's set in motion the legal process the trial with donald trump has been off the control by the democrats who thought next week from how to construct. the ceremony laden impeachment trial of president donald trump is now underway very. well persons are commanded to keep silent on pain of imprisonment donald j. trump has abused the powers of the presidency in that using the powers of his high office president trump solicited the interference of a foreign government ukraine in the 2020 united states presidential election john
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roberts the chief justice of the us supreme court has taken an oath to become presiding officer i do in turn swearing in the members of the senate just to become impartial jurors so help you god. but an impeachment trial under u.s. law is not just a judicial proceeding it is a proceeding that is both legal and political with most of the jurists who will decide the president's guilt or innocence being members of his own political party and in an election year there is little reason to believe that republican senators when a vote to remove their own leader from the white house in the recent polling shows most americans expect a fair trial in the senate distro not one rigged in the president's favor the democrats say to get that they need to open the proceedings to new witnesses and new evidence that appear to incriminate trump further the president is blocking
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them and again the american people just about all of them are asking the question what is the president hiding this chamber exist purse. for schussler not a president so that we can look past the daily dramas and understand how actions will reverberate for generations. so that we can put aside animal reflexes and animosities and coolly consider how to best serve our country now the senate has summoned president trump to answer the impeachment charges it's a hoax it's a hoax everybody knows that but it's unlikely he'll make an appearance it's his attorneys who will plead his innocence in opening arguments scheduled for next week castro al-jazeera washington. meanwhile an aide to donald trump's lawyer claims the president knew exactly what was going on with efforts to pressure ukraine into investigating joe biden and his own white house correspondent kimberly hulk it has more on that. really like the explosive allegations came from this man lev
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parness he says he was an associate of donald trump and worked in ukraine with the president's personal attorney rudolph giuliani now he's speaking out the truth. in an interview parness who is in court for various financial and corruption charges described still living messages directly from the u.s. president to the ukrainians it was an effort he claims to dig up dirt on trump's political rival former vice president joe biden who's running to replace him president trump know exactly. where. these new allegations come at a sensitive time for the president u.s. congress begins the trial phase of his impeachment trial it was impeached in december on charges of obstruction of congress after busa of power after reportedly pressuring the ukrainians to investigate biden's son hunter who sat on the board of
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a ukrainian energy company thursday a congressional watchdog agency released its report stating the white house violated federal law by withholding military aid to ukraine part of the quid pro quo allegations against trump trump also denies his relationship with parness and his associate even those photos of trump and parness side by side have surfaced but i don't know never had a conversation that i remember with democrats are pushing for witnesses like parness to testify in the white house is attempting to block witness testimony in the statement white house press secretary stephanie grisham pushed back on part of his claims these allegations are being made by a man who is currently out on bail for federal crimes and is desperate to reduce his exposure to prison but part of his claims may be hard for senators to ignore the guy at. 'd her.
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well you wrote never democrats have also released new evidence text messages and e-mails they say proves the president leverage presidential powers for political purposes parness says there was a pressure campaign to remove u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie avan of it from her post even releasing texts which suggested she was being watched and that her life may have been in danger before trump recalled her last year she testified in november she received a warning from a colleague and she said she wasn't sure but there were concerns about my security the ukrainian government has now launched an investigation into possible surveillance of the former us ambassador kimberly healthy at al-jazeera washington more than 2700 people have entered guatemala and a fast growing caravan bound for the united states the migrants many of whom are honduran will 1st have to go through mexico where the government has been bracing
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for the arrival of hundreds on its southern border as president on trump is pressuring mexico and central american nations to accept more migrants ministrations also beginning the process of sending asylum seekers from the u.s. border with mexico to guatemala and john homa now in guatemala city at a shelter for the migrants of arrived. more than 2700 people so far have left on door to us and end to guatemala on a new car a van that is trying to get many of them to the southern border of the united states now there are a lot of them just arriving in guatemala city this is the biggest migrant shelter in guatemala city let me just show you a little bit of what's going on there some people here that are charging their phones to try and keep in touch on the way through if we go a little bit further in we can see that also food and drinks been handed out to a lot of people who are coming through here a lot of them have been traveling for
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a couple of days already to make it here from honduras some people here trying on some fresh clothes on the way. and you can see people just starting to settle down to sleep here now we've been talking to some of the people that are coming through and basically what they're telling us is that there's a variety of reasons for leaving honduras the 2 main ones poverty this is a poor country a lot of people or an economic problems a lot of people are unemployed and also violence from doris's all also a country that for years now has been in the grip of gangs that have been exporting people from that country man i was talking to just a little bit earlier said he had to leave his moto taxi business when the gang just cut asking him for what they called a war tax and in the end they threatened him and he just had to get out so these people hoping to get through mexico and to the united states that might be the problem for them the mexican government under
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a lot of pressure from president donald trump has said that they will be sealing off their border that they're not going to let these people get through into mexico and go through to the united states so that's going to happen probably a couple of days more ahead of them for now they're taking a rest and just getting ready to spend the night here in guatemala city. the thoughts now of elizabeth ogles b. who is an associate professor of latin american studies at the university of arizona and she told us the u.s. policy to deny asylum seekers and send them to guatemala is actually putting lives at risk. the trump administration's just mantling of asylum in its policies on the border this is not about stopping migration this is about stopping people from being able to my great safely and being able to seek asylum safely it's not going to stop people from leaving their countries because the conditions that
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they are fleeing have not changed conditions of violence of persecution of poverty but this is about stopping people from being able to migrate safely that's why people join these caravans because the journey through mexico is very dangerous for central american migrants so if they can travel together then they can avoid having to go through the criminal networks that control the migrant journey in mexico by stopping all the possibilities that central americans have to migrate safely the only thing that the trumping ministration is going to achieve is to push people further and further into the criminal networks in mexico that strengthens organized crime in mexico and it creates terribly dangerous conditions for really vulnerable people who are leaving central america. in the news ahead it is not over
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warnings of another kind of corruption in the philippines forced down since more people talk about the american worker. and the united nations considers setting up a mission in libya to monitor any further ceasefire. heller in the eastern mediterranean the storms are still churning there it was this . it's going eastwards that calls at a mains immense amount of snow in western pakistan this might repeat the feat because those churning slowly of course is full of moisture is throwing itself so there we shall developing in some parts of saudi arabia the whole lot runs up to a rather weak band of showers running through iraq but it is in motion it's moving
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in nice a direction the heaviest of is going to be in the northern half i think for the time being so in the rainy and maddens we see snow we'll see a few showers for the size so the gulf states and running off into saudi arabia but think of sunday or monday it'll keep moving eastwards and will probably redress it when it comes through to afghanistan the tail end probably seeing thunderstorms in amman but that is to come but an immediate future further sas and science into the equator we still got plenty of decent showers for places like tanzania and rwanda quite a few actually for this time of the year but the breeze is a northeasterly so that's where you expect the rain to be to the sinuses that and this is the proper wet zone anywhere again from our goal eastwards reflected happily in the forecast. and escape from something. onto the world stage of paralympic champions will be i
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want to silver medal for the 1500 meters and the bronze for the $800.00 and the desire to work overseas i went knocking on doors looking for jobs and was interested in immunology studies that led to international recognition as a global leader in regenerative medicine to inspiring journeys of human endeavor arabs abroad the paralympian and the burn maker on al-jazeera. 00. 0. 0 these are the top stories the u.s. military has revealed 11 of its soldiers were injured in the missile attacks in iraq earlier this month he was originally said no troops have been hurt service
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members are being treated for concussion. u.s. senators launched formal proceedings for the impeachment trial of president donald trump a chief justice of the supreme court and sworn in as presiding judge along with $99.00 senators as the jury and more than 2700 people have entered guatemala in a fast growing caravan bound for the united states the migrants many of whom are honduran 1st have to add to mexico. authorities in the philippines are urging those who haven't evacuated from areas near the town of volcano to leave their homes immediately seismologists say there are signs the 2nd eruption may be coming the volcano 1st erupted on sunday buildings have collapsed in towns nearby under the weight of falling ash around 54000 people are in evacuation centers across the town guess province that's where rob mcbride is with that view as i said rob overlooking the volcano it actually looks quite spectacular behind you but i think it really does belie the seriousness of the situation.
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absolutely i mean we were looking down at this lake from the ridge with says basically a volcano within a volcano we are on what used to be the ancient ridge of this massive crater that is now an extinct volcano and we have a lake inside this crater and of course in the middle of that lake is the volcano itself if i take a step back and it is as you mentioned there deceptively peaceful you know with this you have to remind yourself that this ranks as one of the world's most violently dangerous volcanoes right now and you take a look at that and he said well you know it couldn't hurt a fly and yet we know just what it is capable of from the violent eruptions that we have seen certainly at the beginning of this whole phase of. activity as we look down the main activity is right in the center there at the main crater we still see plumes of gas and steam coming out occasionally more explosive eruptions of
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brown earth and ashes and dust and it's all going at a kind of a southwesterly direction on these prevailing winds which have been around for the past few days to the across the lake to the shoreline there where most of the villages and towns ships have been evacuated as you mentioned they're well over 50000 people are now in evacuation centers certainly nothing like the kind of eruptions that we have seen emissions that we've seen in the bygone days but what we are getting on which the vulcanologist still remind us all very significant are all of the seismic activity these small earthquakes that continue to happen they are maybe not as big as they have been recent days you don't feel the building shake as much but certainly there are still there which does indicate that under the surface of this lake and this volcano there is still all of this activity all of this magma moving around possibly moving towards the surface this molten rock
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which could indicate at some point and we simply don't know when or if that might be there could indeed be another eruption thank you rob mcbride in the philippines . the libyan ward cleaver hafter has flown to greece after its government criticised its exclusion from the un backed peace conference athens that it should've been included in the talks because tripoli signed a maritime and military deal with greece's regional rival turkey a conference in berlin is the latest international effort to end 9 months of fighting between half his forces based in the east of libya and the un recognized government in tripoli after is also said he is committed to a cease fire even though he hasn't signed one and the one they tried to start on sunday failed al-jazeera is also learned the u.n. is considering a monitoring mission in libya to keep watch in the event of another cease fire or from a diplomatic etta james byrd's the german foreign minister heiko mass in the eastern libyan city of benghazi meeting general khalifa haftar the man who brought fresh
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conflict to libya 9 months ago when he launched an offensive on the capital tripoli the general is still not fully signed up to a cease fire just days before an international summit is due to be held in berlin. earlier this week russia and turkey which are on different sides of this conflict could summon general haftar and fires al suraj the prime minister of the un recognized government to moscow for talks seraph signed a cease fire agreement after did not. al-jazeera has obtained a copy of the latest report by the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists to the security council it's critical of what it calls the unrecognised government in the east and says that the territory controlled by general have to has become a hub of illicit activity including the sale of drugs and arms this month's president of the un security council is hopeful about what could come out of this
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weekend's berlin summit we're waiting for that wooden news from the conference al-jazeera has learned from a number of security council members that there are plans for a mission to monitor a cease fire in libya one model will be the u.n. mission in the port of a dater in yemen which has been observing a shaky cease fire for about a year as in her data a joint commission will be set up with 5 members nominated by prime minister saraj and 5 by general haftar one can look at her data as a model of observer you know people monitoring cease fires in civilian clothes in a small area. libya is rather larger than the municipality of data the actual monitors could be supplied as in yemen by the united nations but a number of different options are under consideration including using teams from the african union the european union or the arab league or a combination of those i'm told by one diplomat that the security council could
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authorize a mission very quickly but we're not there yet. one man who has shown he can be both defiant and fickle stands in the way and that is general haftar james al-jazeera at the united nations there have been protests in malawi after it emerged judges overseeing a legal challenge to last year's disputed election were allegedly offered bribes as many as 50000 people joined the demonstrations the demonstrations in the capital along with president. narrowly won reelection in 2019 but opposition leaders are challenging the results they say it was marred by fraud. russia's denied bombing civilians in the deescalation zone in syria's province attacks on the country's last remaining rebel held area resumed on wednesday despite a cease fire and at least 21 people have been killed in recent days. has more. the
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damage caused by one of several air strikes in the northwest province of a plant survivors trying to salvage what's left. emergency crews combed the rubble to recover the body of a child was. the other civilians room monday casualties in italy city. in the afternoon city was targeted by sukhoi 23 jets they hit the industrial area and market and most of those hurt have serious injuries. in a nearby hospital friends console a father grieving his son was a cease fire which started on sunday was shattered on one so. 6 i. just attacked it that city as well as several rebel held town it's the ceasefire was brokered by turkey which supports the rebels and russia which
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backs the syrian government's 9 month offensive. fighters are going to al qaeda are the strongest forces in the serious home to around 3000000 civilians according to the u.n. close 240-0000 syrians have been forced from their homes and it lives in the past 10 weeks no turns no shelter no food people are starving to death and this governor and they're not being well they're dying because they're hungry russia and turkey are reported to have been negotiating the a sample of a secure zone for the displaced during the winter and russia has announced humanitarian corridors have already been established to allow people in it lip to cross over into government held territory it's unclear how many have chosen to go. see a little piece of a yawn al-jazeera israel has begun exporting natural gas to egypt the 1st deal of its kind since the 2 neighbors signed a peace treaty back in 1709 israel will pump $20000000000.00 worth of liquefied
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natural gas over the next 15 years part of a wider u.s. initiative to forge economic alliances between israel and its arab neighbors israel's minister of energy says they are ready to supply europe and even india the iranian president as dialogue over his country's nuclear program is still possible in a televised speech asan rouhani said he wants to prevent war but then also revealed iran is now enriching more uranium per day before the new deal was signed in 2015. as accusing europe as well of yielding to u.s. bullying after it triggered a dispute mechanism in the deal that could reimpose un sanctions on iran. when the us pulled out of the nuclear deal we contacted the other parties and expressed our preparedness to fulfill our obligations however we in terms of the nuclear power we have no limit we are in
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a much better situation compared to before the deal i was in richmond today it's much higher than that in the deal we had. we cannot sit. there bundled their obligations we will reciprocate. china's economic growth has slowed to an almost 3 decade low hit by its ongoing trade war with the united states while the country's g.d.p. did grow by 6 point one percent last year which globally is very high that's china's lowest rate since 1900 exporters have been hit by a us president of trans tariffs and uncertainty over the trade war which is discovered spending it's hoped the signing of phase one of a trade deal between the 2 will be brutes. china's president xi jinping meanwhile making his 1st visit to me in mar where he's expected to sign several multibillion dollar infrastructure deals meanwhile struggle to attract foreign investment since the military crackdown on the muslim that was in 2017
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campaign which forced at least 730000 reindeer to flee to neighboring bangladesh president she is scheduled to meet leader aung sang suu kyi as well as the chief of the army. government's declared a health emergency over an outbreak of dengue fever hospitals in the capital struggling to cope with at least 1700 suspected cases in the area since october 1 infected patient has been confirmed dead with authorities investigating another 9 deaths that could be linked to the disease dengue which kills around $22000.00 people globally every year funny venezuela's believe it is now the world's most devalued currency on though it's in battle populous government is banned from using u.s. dollars venezuelans themselves are increasingly turning to them as union as a reporter from caracas. there's something very unusual in this retail store in got
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access prices are all in your list dollars the same goes for this shoe shop in the country with the world's highest hyperinflation rate more than 50 percent of transactions are now being carried out in the currency of what the government calls the evil empire it will be a loss of. the government accepted its defeat against the dollar and has allowed it to emerge from the grassroots level in a spontaneous dollar as asian process it's the venezuelans themselves have come up with this new payment system that's going on. everywhere prices are being calculated in dollars but it's complicated i'm negotiating to see if they can give me one avocado for $1.00 all right so we have it below because there's no change. i mean you don't arise ation is a term that describes the u.s. dollar as a substitute for a country's local currency when it becomes almost worthless as is the case in venezuela but salaries and pensions equivalent to around $5.00 are still paid him
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believe it is which by very little so for a great many venezuelans like the dunya elisa it means more famine than feast all of them said i'm a senior citizen i'm never handle dollars and so i'm in the clouds when they quote me prices in foreign currency. only 7 of them are not all going to go in december somebody gave me a dollar and i said oh my how exciting a dollar and what can i buy with it. 2 pieces of bread that's all. her children help her try to understand the increasingly complicated system for using the government's cryptocurrency alternatives the petrol which requires just some practice. but it's not widely accepted and in fact spiked inflation those who can race to electronically transfer their believe that is which depreciate by the hour and by dollars on the black market. meanwhile dollars are
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pouring in not just from remittances sent by an estimated $4500000.00 venezuelan migrants but also illegal gold mining drug trafficking and money laundering it's a hard currency free for all but a formal dollarization of the economy is out of the question since american sanctions by venezuela's government from using the u.s. banking system you see in human al-jazeera products. it is how past the hour on al-jazeera and these are the headlines the u.s. military has revealed some of its soldiers were hurt in those iranian missile attacks on a base in iraq earlier this month 11 service members treated for concussion in kuwait and germany and it's still being assessed the u.s. originally said no troops had been injured more from their bellies on that one washington it does not appear to be serious injuries nevertheless this is what the
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pentagon is telling us they say that after the missile attacks on the base many of the service members were screened for concussions which they say is very common the the blast from missiles can cause buildings to shake and rattle and and can cause potentially concussions in people that are even outside of the immediate impact zone. the headlines the u.s. senate has formally launched the trial of president donald trump the chief justice of the supreme court has been sworn in as the presiding judge along with 99 senators as the jury donald trump has denounced the trial will start next week but more than 2700 people have entered in a fast growing caravan bound for the united states the migrants many of whom are honduran will 1st have to enter mexico the trumpet ministration has been pressuring central american countries to accept more migrants. in the philippines are urging
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those who haven't evacuated from areas near the towel volcano to leave their homes immediately seismologists say there are signs a 2nd eruption may be coming russia's denied bombing civilians in syria's province since the ceasefire was agreed to turkey attacks on the area resumed on wednesday and at least 21 people been killed in recent days. on the libyan warlord after his phone to greece after its government criticised its exclusion from a un backed peace conference athens says it should have been included in those talks because tripoli has signed a maritime and military deal with greece's regional rival turkey and you are up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera radicalized youth is next. trade tensions could cut global economic growth by north point 8 percent we bring you the stories and developments the rapidly changing the world we live in to what extent
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the drag on the global economy in 2020 counting the cost on al-jazeera. if you want to learn what the world might look like very soon regard hungry and hungry as in this chain example of the predicament the whole world is going through . the italian think a judge or a government that said that fascism never really went away.


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