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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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the a. defiant and determined angry protesters take over the streets of beirut as patience over government inaction runs out. hello i'm barbara sever you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program libya's conflict threatens its oil infrastructure can the warring sides reach a compromise when they meet in berlin on sunday dozens of confirmed cases of a mystery illness in china but 1500 more people could have contracted the virus and years of drought months of bushfires now parts of australia are having to
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contend with torrential rain and flooding. welcome to the program police have been firing water cannon and tear gas against protesters in beirut demanding a resolution to the lebanese economic crisis at least $100.00 people have been injured protesters had been hurling rocks at the capital's parliament building widespread demonstrations against lebanon's political elite and government corruption have been ongoing since october they have increased over the past week because of delays in forming a new cabinet to address the country's economic crisis well it's been a hoarder she joins us live now from beirut we were watching earlier on saturday we did see violence on the streets of beirut looking behind you the situation seems to have calmed down what's going on.
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4 hours of running battles in these center of the lebanese capital you can see now anti-riot police security forces they've taken control of martyr square which is really the epicenter of the protest movement where we saw the security forces use excessive amounts of tear gas as well as water cannons but the protesters the anti-establishment protesters were very defiant they were fighting back using fireworks throwing stones dozens of people have been injured on both sides the interior minister tweeting just a short while ago that it is unacceptable to assault the security forces that the rights of to protest as it is is enshrined in the constitution but assaulting the security forces damaging property of public property is not acceptable at all this
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is the 3rd night of violence since activists the cleared what they called a week of rage they wanted to revive the momentum of the protest movement which began in mid october people want a change in leadership and they're growing. because as the new way as they try to pressure politicians to hand over power to the economy and recall unemployment is right they keep their jobs the. currency the lebanese the euro which has been stable for $23.00 decades now is losing value there's inflation the prices of goods that's on the rise so there is this growing frustration and anger and as we talk to people here they said that as long as they keep on using this force against us we will continue to fight back. we are in an economy to grace is everybody's going to get hungry everybody's going to need to do this to me and i don't have to convince anybody about what's happening today it's clear what's happening who can get
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a hold of their money in the banks who has a look to see clearly. as water how can you read this season that we're breathing now how could you really. the protester they really outlining a lot of the problems that they feel are the case in in lebanon how representative do you think that is of how people feel about the issues of the country not just in beirut but really across the nation. where the majority of the lebanese people who are suffering from the dire economic conditions this movement is across sectarian movements people from different sects are behind what they're calling a revolution people from across the nation but it is not the whole population this is a divided country there are still people who support the mainly sectarian political parties who are in power for a number of reasons one of those reasons is idle logic and another reason is
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because they benefit from these politicians these politicians who exploit the state's resources to provide their communities their supporters with jobs in order to maintain support and at the same time these people are worried about the alternative they ask questions like this uprising this leaderless spontaneous movement can maybe cause anarchy in the country the country could slide towards anarchy they haven't really presented any platform on how to deal with the economic crisis but the core demand of the people who are in the streets is we need a new government an independent government of experts and they need to take control and hold early elections because those who have been power have been in power for 30 years and they blame them for mismanagement they blame them for corruption there is no independent judiciary what people demand is for these politicians to be held accountable for what they call stolen public funds this country is the 3rd most
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indebted in the world yet there are no basic services for people and that is why there is this so much frustration but this is a divided country and this is why there is this is why. very dangerous situation and how to with the latest there from the lebanese capital beirut zina thank you. libya now with the state oil firm says it's been forced to halt the operations at 5 major oil ports in the east of the country the facilities have been under attack by forces loyal to the warlord the have tatar who say the ports revenues of the news the by the rival tripoli based the government to pay turkish fighters as many as $800000.00 barrels per day of output could be lost now this less than 24 hours before talks in the german capital where world leaders hope that both half died and the u.n. recognize government of. tend the turkish president touchup type out of the has
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warned that if the libyan capital tripoli works a full to have died it would become a 1st tile ground for other rebel groups turkey backs the government and has recently deployed to troops to help against have forces would have been way ahead has been following developments from tripoli he says the oil blockade has already had substantial effects on the global markets. in less than 24 hours the libyan dinar has lost about. 10 percent of its value compared to hard currency is b. because of the blockade of the terminals and oil exporting ports in the east of the country the united nations' support the mission in libya has except 1st concern of the blue cade of the in his 2 lesions and it's sad that the. must not be
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part of the conflict and their n.o.c. that's the state oil for the national oil corporation must stay neutral away from the current of the conflict that's going on the oil revenues are of the bag borne of libya's national income and their national oil corporation is stressing that it's now losing about 800000 1000000000 that is a day which is estimated at about $55000000.00 a day lost because of the. when the latest there from libya meanwhile world leaders are gathering in the german capital where that peace conference in libya is set to take place actually had better has more now from berlin. this was the moment livia's archrivals was supposed to agree to a cease fire prime minister face the stars and warlord in moscow for a meeting brokered by vladimir putin and. but have walked out of the last minute
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the collapse of those talks has been a setback for international efforts to end the conflict many are now waiting to see whether leaders from 12 countries can achieve in berlin what eluded put in and died in moscow and persuade rival factions to reach a truce while the bill in conference is trying to do is get agreement between the states meddling in libya to stop their support of the warring parties problem is that western states on what really did put pressure on half that front office in particular the u.a.e. so the promise is that before and that this will make and billing it in ring hollow german chancellor angela merkel is pushing for a permanent ceasefire in libya and implementing an arms embargo but that may not be an easy task libya has been marred by an armed conflict for years. is leading an offensive to capture tripoli backed by the u.a.e.
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bravia friends and russia the general has brushed aside reconciliation efforts. he's intent on defeating his opponent as prime minister of the international recognized government based in tripoli. any talks taking place when tripoli is under a question is an absolute disrespect for those who are killed for the sake of democracy it is a disrespect for those forced out of their villages and cities have to has a list of demands he wants armed factions in the west to disband and his libyan national army to take over has also made it clear that the military and maritime deal government signed with turkey should be scrapped for the leaders attending the bow. when peace talks the libyan conflict has reached a tipping point violence is on the rise and an arche has paved the way for a wave of mass in areas to join the conflict raising fears it could be a prolonged and spillover threatening you of security that's why the international
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committee is determined to end war in libya al-jazeera belin. several people have been killed in airstrikes in the rebel held syrian province of idlib it's the latest in a series of breaches of a russian and turkish brokered ceasefire for the region that was reached last week and russia though has denied breaking the peace deal as scott although u.n. reports. put a desperate rush to save lives to get this shelter for displaced people was one of several sites hit by recent airstrikes in syria. inside is a family including several young children have been heard and see crews take the injured to hospital for some of the missiles hit several towns in the northern province of aleppo. but for others it's too late for that
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some of the airstrikes hit this house which was for displaced people they came here looking for shelter trying to escape the bombing when we arrived we found 4 bodies on the ground. turkey's president recep tayyip erdogan says syria's government violated the cease fire brokered by turkey and russia. the target it live province is the last territory controlled by rebel groups in serious northwest region. thousands of civilians are caught in the violence the u.n. says more than 300000 syrians have been forced from their homes over the last 10 weeks women men and children simply carrying out everyday activities at the workplace in markets and at schools being killed and maimed in senseless violence. these protesters say they've had enough they are tired of short lives cease fire agreements that go ignored. for those of us living in syria we know the
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talks of cease fire turned out to be lies there is no cease fire a few days ago there was a massacre here that killed civilians. many many families are now packing. leaving . b.c. . al-jazeera. u.s. authorities of announce that they will start screening passengers flying in from the central chinese city on where a mystery illness is believed from so far 2 people have died there chinese authorities believe the virus originated from animal products in a seafood market in the center but researchers are worried about the likelihood of human to human transmission china has confirmed 45 people have contracted the virus but with 2 cases reported in thailand and one in japan scientists say that that number is likely higher around 1700 officials have concluded the infection is
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a virus mild cases cause a common cold but it can also be as serious as sars that's a severe acute respiratory syndrome that killed nearly 800 people worldwide in 2003 and really you is in beijing she explains the government's response to the outbreak . the chinese government they are very much trying to keep a lid on any sort of widespread panic they're trying to say that everyone who is associated with this particular seafood wholesale market which seems to be connecting all the people who have been affected so far have been been closely watched or have been tested and that everything is under control and that they've said that everyone who is affected is from is from rouhani and so far it hasn't broken out into other areas now of course the government is trying to do this because we're entering the chinese new year period is not a small city 11000000 people live there and during this period there are about
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2000000 trips made across china if there's any panic spot around this corona virus that it could lead to all sorts of kills so the government is very much interested in trying to spread the message that it is all ok if you have any symptoms get tested because we're not ruling out human to human transmission but at the same time and don't panic and just go about every business that's that's their message so far. still to come on al-jazeera the mexican government tries to stop a caravan of migrants heading to the u.s. but the offer of thousands of jobs are and how a ban on selling goods in hong kong is affecting traditional markets. there were still being plagued by that cloud that fog across the whole southeastern
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regions of europe but there's a bit change on the tender cloud of the last as really actually making headway even as far as central areas of europe but even so they having said all of that this is serbia you can bet again see the landscape and then across into kosovo send a story you can see there how cold it is as well because we have actual some fossil around as well as the fog now as we go through sunday we've got more rain through the eastern end of the mediterranean mostly care across the southeast to say we have got that morning folk problem and then you've got little areas of rain the main area as we go through sunday is going to be through the western and the mediterranean some very heavy amounts of rain snow piling up into eastern areas of spain but what we have goes a ridge of high pressure in extending very nice across much of the u.k. the low countries france germany this key things dry for the next couple of days temperatures are a bit lower 60 degrees across into london that's good because it doesn't even good case guys the nice sunshine meanwhile that rain continuing through the western med
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it could well lead to flooding maybe 160 millimeters accumulating into areas of spain and no surprise continue southwards across into marco and algeria. an escape from severe hardship on to the world stage as a paralympic champion will be i want to say for now though for the 1500 meters under bronze for the $800.00 and the desire to work overseas i went knocking on doors looking at a job and was interested in immunology studies that led to international recognition as a global leader in regenerative medicine 2 inspiring journeys of human endeavor arabs abroad the paralympian and the bone micah on al-jazeera. the
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end. of the back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera police a fired water cannon and tear gas at protesters in the lebanese capital beirut demonstrators are demanding an urgent end to the country's economic and political crisis at least 75 people were injured libya's state oil firm says it's been forced to stop operations at 5 major oil ports in the east of the country the facilities have been under attack by forces loyal to the warlord. world leaders will gather for ceasefire talks in berlin on sunday u.s. authorities have announced it will start screening passengers flying in from the central chinese a city of one where a mystery illness is believed to have a originated from 2 people have died there so far. now after
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a season of devastating bushfires severe flooding is now sweeping through parts of australia heavy rain has soaked coastal areas of queensland the new south wales for the last few days. as more. is risky from fire now carry from floods last week bushfires came within 10 kilometers of the straining reptile park never got it what's coming in the park a wall of water since thursday heavy rain has lesh parts of australia as east coast for queensland and new south wales plagued by record breaking bush buys this was welcome relief i might. just drinking. in new south wales a wounded quality licks water off the road rule fire service has sued rain fell across most of its fires although doesn't still it's just beautiful listening to what they are seeing to it on the roof it's a long time since we've had it here so we're enjoying it up to $300.00 millimeters
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of rain fell in southern queensland forcing commuters to get creative 70 percent of queensland is affected by drought. yet. this was the 1st time 14 month old lacey soon had ever seen right here much of a strike has been in drought for a good 23 percent across the area where the fossils been at their worst if you're looking at really heavy rainfall coming in on the tops ground the trees of obviously been damaged if not destroyed so then i got to soak up the water the ground struck hard they will tend to just wash off so that's why you to essentially get to the flooding. for many astray liam's flooding is a small price to pay the price chapman's farmers in the grips of drought he's been hand feeding his cash to keep them alive 'd. i love it
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i don't care how well your titties i can ride old all awake as far as i'm concerned we've never had so much rain in germany it's. been near 70. the rain is expected to move south over the next few days and bring relief to the state of victoria with firefighters continue to be dogged by flames and they could use more help from above charlotte dallas. people in hong kong are preparing to celebrate chinese new year fearing continued antigovernment unrest authorities have cancelled some of the main events that also banned the sale of items with any political reference but as sarah clarke reports it's not enough to stop some activists. the streets a decorated in traditional chinese new year stock markets a big tour a park essential to the busy and colorful festival plants and flowers signifying
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hope and promise for a new year. but the government is bad the sile of water known as drug goods any items with a political reference that hasn't stopped pro-democracy groups holding their own independent markets because of the protests and also we think that people with their tech more control on their own freedom and in the moment so we plan to set up this market. hopefully hong kong people can have their freedom on how to use their money basically this is one of a number of crowd funded markets being held across the city called burn fees on sila handicrafts and products highlighting the antigovernment message which still hold his cane to reaffirm their political stance in the past hong kong is that is that raising some problems with bodies. we want to give us a message to have here trying to scale again and to let them feel happy and the
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progress can show the whole commerce of the around 15 independent organized markets being held by the chinese new year holiday break the location of some of them is not being shared publicly you have to register 1st to get those details in the current climate organizers fear any politicized event will be targeted by police security checks are in place across the mind festival locations but the government isn't taking any chances the annual fireworks display has been cancelled so too has the traditional chinese new year from right what was once considered the most significant festival of the year in hong kong is rather low key for 2020 antigovernment protests is a planning another rally on sunday which might further dampen the celebrations. al-jazeera hong kong. people from villages and towns near the philippines volcano are briefly being allowed back to their homes they can only stay for a few hours a day to collect their belongings and start cleaning up the volcano began erupting
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last weekend shrouding thousands of homes in heavy volcanic ash problem cried reports now from the town of kalak which is in the danger zone. the to holler option has turned this part of tel aside into a ghost town population normally in the thousands it's now deserted its residents are only allowed to come back a few hours each morning to collect belongings and start the daunting task of trying to fix up their homes. their real or tanguy leaks shows us the thickness of the layer of debris left behind by the eruption with these children the 1st priority is making their home livable again before even thinking of restarting the family business. or my long it's depressing i want to cry it'll take such a long time for us to recover it makes you lose hope. the town is just 5 kilometers
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from the volcano and boats from here used to take tourists on day trips to the island but this is as close as it is allowed to get he has a herd of cattle on the island but can't retrieve them. this is our source of livelihood and what will happen after this tragedy if we can get our cattle we can start a new life when the volcano erupted the prevailing winds pushed the plume of ash and dust in this direction completely covering towns like this one forcing its residents to flee to safety well over 50000 people lost still sheltering in evacuation centers around this province many towns like this one are allowing residents back for short periods. but by 10 am it's time for people to leave again and the police roadblocks are back in place. those displaced are being supported by
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relief supplies but what they really want is to know when they can return to their homes permanently. the tank will eat family finish their clean up for another day but will be back tomorrow returning to live in their house is one thing getting their lives back together that's far more of a challenge to robert pride al-jazeera batangas province northern philippines mexico's government is promising jobs to nearly 3000 migrants hoping to get into the u.s. thousands have made it through the guatemalan mexico border where they try to push their way past security forces to cross a close the bridge and enter mexican territory central american countries have come under increasing pressure from washington to stop migrants from crossing into the u.s. . meanwhile the u.s. is sending asylum seekers who arrive at its border to a safe 3rd country to seek refuge there that country is guatemala and for the last
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few weeks flights have been arriving there with honor and and salvador asylum seekers on board but there are doubts as to whether guatemala can actually provide for them or protect them john home and has more. die another and dead mother from honduras thought the family had finally made it when they reached the u.s. not for asylum instead you simply shoes sent them to guatemala they say without their consent you know you don't know if you know my phone bill and they gave us papers to saying they were in english when we asked what the where they said they just had our details on them when we saw the asylum officer the next day he told us we st our consent to go back to quote him they're not alone the u.s. is now shipping hondurans and salvadorans who arrive at its border to guatemala to apply for asylum there instead more than $100.00 so far in the running for
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a less than not being informed of what's going on in the u.s. they're being told they're going higher and it's a surprise for them to arrive in guatemala. president trumps of ministration says the country is safe for asylum seekers and the question. in the 2019 fiscal year guatemala was actually the biggest source of migrants detained at the u.s. border over the years it struggled to keep its own population from leaving let alone taking care of asylum seekers coming in here to the countries one of the poorest in the hemisphere and the u.s. travel department itself warns bustling crime such as armed robbery murder is common gang activity such as extortion violent street crime and narcotics trafficking is widespread he added to that the asylum system here is skeletal there are only a dozen case officers meanwhile n.g.o.s are picking up the slack. the little said
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research that. we've had to provide the migrants with legal aid and medical aid food everything so we know the state doesn't have the resources to offer asylum or even conduct the process we asked the u.s. department of homeland security for comment. we didn't hear back. but it's reached similar agreements with honduras and el salvador hoping to reduce pressure on a clogged up immigration system that means asylum seekers could soon be sent to the world's most violent countries after a night at a migrant shelter. and the children are trying to get the bus fare together to get home they were dropped in guatemala with nothing but the clothes they're wearing john heilemann now does it or what tamala city more on that story and everything else that we have been covering on the program on our website there it is the address al jazeera dot com.
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and now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera police a fired water cannon and tear gas at protesters in the lebanese capital beirut at least $100.00 people have been injured widespread demonstrations against lebanon's political elite government corruption have been ongoing since october we are in an economy crisis everybody's going to get hungry everybody's going to get it reduced to minerals i don't have to convince anybody about what's happening today it's clear what's happening who can get ahold of their money in the banks who has electricity run their affairs water how can you resist oxygen that we're breathing now how could you really. on the eve of much anticipated peace talks in berlin libya's state oil firm says that it's been forced to stop operations at 5 major oil ports in the east of the country the facilities have been under attack by forces loyal to the warlord holly for half that as many as $800000.00 barrels per day
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about put could be lost u.s. authorities have announced that they will start screening passengers flying in from the central chinese town of one hand where a mystery illness is believed to have a originated from so far 2 people have died there chinese authorities believe the virus originated from animal products in the seafood market. the u.s. based the centers for disease control says it hasn't seen this kind of virus before chinese officials have identified this outbreak as being caused by a novel coronavirus a corona virus is a class of viruses that can cause the common cold but it actually can also cause more serious diseases like mers and sars iran says it will send the black boxes of a down the ukrainian airliner to kiev for examination once there it says experts from france canada and the u.s.
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will try to read their flight recorder data 176 people were killed when the boeing jet was accidentally shot down by the iranian military earlier this month canada ukraine sweden afghanistan and the united kingdom have all been pushing for fall and unhindered access during the investigation into the crash. those other top stories stay with us coming up next the listening post will actually be looking at the story we've just mentioned how the downing of that passenger plane flipped the narrative in iran itself so that's coming up next that i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour i hope you'll join me then thanks for watching of i.
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iran now shut down crying all right we'll stop it that's the whole thing if the. pretext to try to. make life of this is now i mean i thought i think if i had a crowd chanting the revolutionary guards. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week iran the showdown with the u.s. and how the accidental downing of a passenger aircraft has changed the narrative there portugal and racist the country's news media and their discourse of denial. the global warming use the area in australia the murdoch empire is taking some heat for its coverage of the wildfires there and the practical joke on a foreign correspondent fell for for a worthy cause we've been told that this is quite dangerous.


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