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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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on now to 0. 0. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes libya's warring sides and foreign powers backing them come together in berlin for a summit that ending years of conflicts. more violence in beirut where security forces are firing tear gas and water cannons up protesters who are hurling stones a parliament. at least $111.00 yemeni government soldiers and civilians are said to
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have been killed during an attack on a mosque in a military academy. in london with the top stories from europe including. the bodies of 11 ukrainians on board the passenger jet accidentally shot down by iran arrives home to a solemn ceremony in kiev. and i'm peter stammered all your sport irish finds a condom a great guy is back in the cage after 15 months away and it takes him just 40 seconds to defeat the pope. hello libya's warring leaders and powerful outsiders who back them are to summit in berlin aimed at ending years of chaos and conflict and we're waiting for a post summit media conference to begin we'll hear from the german chancellor
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angela merkel as well as her foreign minister the u.n. secretary general and the u.n. special envoy to libya well the chancellor is hosting 12 world leaders including the presidents of turkey russia and france and the u.k. prime minister boris johnson their priorities are to curb foreign military interference and solidify a cease fire russia's vladimir putin met turkey's right to tell you earlier and they backed rival sides russia supports warlords probably for half that while turkey is helping the u.n. recognize government have to it is fighting against their previous ceasefire efforts have broken down. we have been trying on a number of occasions to have a cease fire agreement signed the national government of accord signed a cease fire agreement yes it wasn't signed by the other possibly by hostile if we fail to have a cease fire in place and if we fail to have an agreement signed we will neva see
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how fatah's hostilities coming to a need to go if. we think both the parties for coming to moscow as they both had heeded our calls and they had both responded to our demands of a ceasefire now we are in berlin we hope for more success in this particular crisis well back in libya fighting has continued near the capital tripoli and there have been reports of artillery fire as have titus forces. try to take an area south of the city we'll speak to al-jazeera. heads in tripoli to tell us more about that in a moment live 1st. joining us from berlin and as we wait for that press conference to take place in berlin jamal just talk us through what the draft communique says. well the reason the communique that we've been given or at least that we've seen all be it's a draft one and not the final one if one is to be agreed upon and what we're
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expecting goes through different sections different kind of sub sections within it's one of the most important things that start with a reiteration of the cease fire and reiteration of the un imposed arms embargo on libya one that was put in by the united nations all the way back in 2011 and why is that probably more important we're looking at today as you mentioned last these talks are taking place and as we'll hear from mahmoud very shortly fighting still going on this despite the arms embargo this despite a recent cease fire agreement brokered by russia and turkey and the whole point is that many are skeptical that even though there is this political process that is taking place the fact that there is no mechanism of ensuring that both those within libya who are fighting stop and those outside of libya who are arming them stop arming them then it's difficult to see the political process going anywhere but
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what is that but it's a whole process anyway let's imagine that it does start to take off and it's successful courting to this draft resolution it talks about the united nations setting up some working group essentially what they're calling a. follow up committee the international follow up committee which will be made up of the member states here under the chairmanship of the united nations special envoy on libya and the rotating cochairmen ship between those countries and it will be meeting both monthly and twice a month depending on the different working groups and what they will be working towards another significant thing in this communique talks about the economic aspects of libya and that is particular with regards to the international community respecting the sovereignty of libya's state financial institutions named. the central bank and the tribune tripoli rather based or your company why is that significant because in the past couple of days house those forces are believed to
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have taken control of certain oil fields and shut them down essentially crippling tripoli from one of its main sources of income also the national bank or central bank rather the fact that russia one of the participants here printed money for house starforce is essentially circumventing the central bank and its purpose also is something that has worried a lot of people were looking at those pictures waiting for the press conference starts another very important point to note here is that firstly those who will be speaking it's just the united nations and the germans no libyans present on the table and even the title of this conference was only written in german and english that may be some antics but it's definitely a signal of just how maybe relevant but how significant the actual libyan players are visibly or at least if you compare them to the regional and international powers were really the driving force of what's taking place here in libya yeah and speaking of the regional international powers jamal going into this they had varied
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and different stakes you can say in the country so ahead of this meeting were there any signs that these differences i had been made a little bit smaller. known fact those well actually they called through different parts in terms of maybe the major players so russia and turkey yes there were signs that there was a coming together at least the next upton's that i'm korea and moscow had to cooperate or you were moving to corporates with each other compared to how they were for example in the syria crisis in the beginning several years ago when they were at odds and there was a corporation maybe the standard process in syria and all that's been achieved as far as moscow and russia's interests are concerned there has been incentive for them to do the same so the gap between those 2 major players has evidently reduced however for example between the united arab emirates and qatar for on on each side or egypt and algeria on each side that's hasn't happened and proof of that is the
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fact that major countries that are important with regards to libya namely algeria tunisia and qatar weren't invited to this conference in fact i'm sorry journeys in morocco rather in fact algeria it took a lot of convincing and lobbying by some groups ensure that they were present here on in fact the true major libyan players themselves the u.n. recognize governments prime minister and the renegade. did not sit together on the same table as far as we understand as far as we were told with the prime minister saying he refused to sit next to somebody who is responsible for the death of libyans so there is still a lot to be done in order to bring not just both sides within it to be altogether but even regionally and internationally ok and tomorrow will cross over to as and when we hear from the fistfuls in that press conference in berlin we'll of course cross over to berlin assoon as we see them speaking for now let's find out what's
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happening on the ground in libya and mahmoud othman will have is joining us from because as this takes place in berlin namu we are hearing of some fighting that's going on in tripoli when there is meant to be a cease fire in place. well it's still so for a child during this ceasefire but it seems that what's going on in berlin is in another. i mean it's going on in the another pass because there are so many hardliners here on both sides who do not want to stop the fighting in fact the people here many people here believe that the believe in talks are meant to bridge the gap between the countries involved in libya and not between the libyan arrival arrivals and now here for example that the worst of the camp led by the recognize the prime minister face sort of raj they say that they cannot trust have that and
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they cannot make peace with have to camp unless he is tried for what they call the war crimes that have been committed by his forces since april the 4th since the launch of the military campaign to seize tripoli there have been so many question marks they have been addressing these the military the military camp on the ground went because many military leaders on the ground they say that they cannot hand over their weapons and they cannot stop fighting until have the resources pushed out of southern the tripoli meanwhile in the east of the country. military brigade support to get the warlords really for have that and they have taken control of the oil terminal as they say that they cannot accept any foreign intervention in libya they mean the turkish military assistance to the government of national accord but meanwhile. the united arab emirates along with egypt france and russia they have been supporting health that for the past few years in fact the united arab emirates
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has been supporting have to do with. advanced weapons fighter jets and also it has in the east of the country since 2015 so it seems that there is a huge gap between the 2 that are a valid factions and it might take a long time and effort until this gap is bridges between the 2 and a very factions in libya it seems that this ceasefire is not being go observe a viable slaver factions and military commanders who are the government here say that they have been documenting several violations but have forces during the past few days remember they have to have did not sign their cease fire accord in moscow and here in tripoli in the west of libya under the control of the u.n. it is now is the government many people many people believe that this conflict is not going to end anytime soon unless have the forces leave their word of
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a tripoli in fact they say they cannot make any peace with have started unless have the forces retreat and go back to where they came from before the force ok and mahmoud thank you for that update from tripoli let's bring in my one bashar he's our senior political analyst so are both sides trying to bolster their positions on the ground as that meeting takes place in berlin well you know i have a problem and i had a problem the last months when there's a certain equation equating between you and recognize government in tripoli and the only good general hospital. the its it is a fact that the last 8 months have been defined by an aggression by one side against the other by hafter against the capital and if anyone has gained ground through force through power through war the last 8 months it has been
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have to and today the ones who are moving forward and still using violence force in order to improve their position is have to and the ones who have accepted any form of cease fire including the one signed in moscow have been they you under who knows government in tripoli meaning 5 so as we go to berlin and as now we live through berlin the big question in my mind. is there an incentive for the man for the general who's been winning the war on the ground to sign a cease fire and accept political reconciliation that isn't unless they force him to and that's the whole point of the conference that whoever backs him and whoever does not back him they are coming together in berlin and they need to make it clear to the general to the warlord that his methods cannot continue war cannot continue that this is the this is this destabilizes peace and security in the mediterranean
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and hence he must stop but if you say that he has no incentive then is the ball it have to court and arlen absolutely the ball is in the court of those who called for the conference in berlin on our part spitting this is a summit as was the churchill used 1st call that this is a summit where world leaders. superpower world power leaders in fact are ahead including regional powers and they are negotiating in order to pave the way for mediation between the libyan parties what is going on now is negotiations between the various parties world powers and various parties with stakes in libya will need to project and impose a certain leverage on hafter to stop and if he doesn't stop they know he needs to be sanctioned by those very forces who are claiming that they are working together for a better future for libya what do you expect to happen as we wait for that conference
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to begin out of berlin we expect to hear from the un as well as german officials and we have this copy of the draft communique do you expect to see a final communique that all leaders have agreed on i think now as we enter the 5th hour right of the meeting and i think with the prestige of those who are coming and i don't think for example president putin and president will be attending if they don't think something will come out of it it's very difficult for me to to to to comprehend and listening to some cynical invisible forces a town that i don't understand in russian and strategic studies that when all of these parties to come together that means there's a message being sent even before the are of in berlin that huffed and fights arise need to get with the program and the program is the war need to stop some ceasefire is to happen some truce some confidence in building measures leading to some sort
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of a political mediations and dialogue between the parties in libya we are now just at the very very beginning of that long process if the 1st step if a 1000 miles as it were but this 1st stop is indispensable if it fails if it fails if it's not only the fear for libya it's the 3rd year for the international community ok we'll wait and see what comes out of that conference ron thank you very much so as we're saying take a look at the life picture that is the post summit media conference in berlin we'll take you back to the german capital as soon as it begins. coming up on the al-jazeera news hour we have an exclusive interview with the head of iraq's hezbollah brigades who tells us. to respond to what he calls an american aggression . deliberate act of humiliation a former u.n. human rights official gives a scathing assessment of israel's treatment of the palestinian. in sport from smoke
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to rain will tell you about the latest threat in the skies and head of the start of the 1st tennis grand slam of the year. but 1st another violent night is shaping up in beirut as protesters hurl rocks at the lebanese parliament and security forces fire back with tear gas and water cannons the protesters are frustrated over the worsening financial crisis and the impasse over the formation of a new government on a months of peaceful protests the sends it into rioting leaving nearly 400 people injured. joining us from outside the parliament building and we're also hearing of tens of people who have been injured in these protests. yes another night of violence the 4th night of violence since tuesday we are outside parliament square but the security forces the anti-riot police have managed
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to push the anti-establishment protesters away from parliament building this was the security cordon that was protecting parliament building it was really the front line behind the steel barricades the riot police they were using water cannons they were using tear gas they were using rubber bullets the lebanese red cross issuing a statement saying that they have taken at least 30 people to hospital people who suffered injuries as a result of the confrontations hundreds of people were converged outside the. parliament building hoping to try to storm the building it's really a show of protest against the ruling elite they believe the legislature is illegitimate they need to resign people want to early elections they want the ruling elites has been governing this country for 30 years to leave office and to make way for a new government a government of independent experts who will be able to deal with the dire economic
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situation in the country so another night of violence in the streets of the lebanese capital you can see behind us here at this field barricades are the riot police who were really engaged in clashes with protesters who were throwing stones sticks water bottles and firecrackers anything really that they could find. to try to breach the security barrier and what are we hearing about the formation of a technocratic government and when that announcement will be made. well the prime minister was designated just about a month ago he was appointed by the ruling alliance the people who are the protesters want to leave office he has been holding negotiations with the different parties in the ruling alliance to try to find some sort of a deal on a cabinet makeup but they're all vying amongst themselves over the ministerial
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portfolio is the prime minister designate have talks with the president a short while ago and he also held talks with the house speaker to be bertie but even if they come up with a government that is a government that is going to be made up yes a few technocrats but those technocrats will be appointed by political parties which means it's not an independent government it's not what the people in the street wants but then you pose the question what can these people do they can keep returning to the streets but they're not the majority of the lebanese population and there are still a lot of lebanese who support the mainly sectarian political parties but they do have the support of the international community and lebanon and the next lebanese government is going to need international aid to resolve the crisis in this country and the international community has made clear if the next government does not meet the aspirations of the lebanese people and not ready to fight corruption then that government will not receive the support it needs. then i will leave you there for now thank you for that update from beirut. yemen's health
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ministry says at least 111 people mostly government soldiers and some civilians have been killed in a missile strike in the western city of the country's foreign ministry says the rebels had a mosque inside a military training camp soldiers were set to be praying at the time of the attack . was more than just the warning viewers may find some images in her report disturbing. after nearly 5 years of violence the war in yemen is showing no signs of ending this hospital is filled with government soldiers and civilians injured in saturday's attack on a military camp in the region of mockery of more than 100 who killed. who it was around sunset prayers were praise and then we said down in the missiles hit it was around 630 in for 10 minutes or so i couldn't feel anything around me so many of my friends were killed. this is all that's left of the mosque that was targeted blown
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apart by ballistic missile how yemen's government backed by a saudi u.a.e. led military coalition has blamed the iranian backed rebels and his them to retaliate. we would like to offer our condolences to our nation our armed forces and the families of the fallen those who were killed in a heinous attack by the iranian backed who 3 militias the fallen were true heroes soldiers in our armed forces among the dead are also civilians. the war has created what the un has labeled the world's worst humanitarian crisis. since the start of the conflict it's estimated more than 91000 yemenis have think you'll die and another 3000000 displaced by the fighting weekly gauge al jazeera. iraq's hezbollah brigades us hold on just 0 that all major a shia armed groups in the region have met in iran in an exclusive interview
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a spokesman said chalked out their future action against quote u.s. aggression some of binge of a this in baghdad with more on what's been revealed. this is the 1st time that cut out of his will or hezbollah brigades group has spoken out after a series of events when the united states accused them of targeting one of their contractors in crude coke and targeted their fighters on the iraq syria border the spokesman has been saying that it is going to abide by the iraqi government's decision to for push out american and foreign troops out of iraq and will not be carrying out any further attacks but he did say that their patience is going to run out if the government does not deliver on its promises did tell us that has been law which is banned by the united states is carrying out attacks inside and in iraq and in syria against what he called a united threat which is faced by all groups which are on the right side of history
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according to him which is isolate. has been credited for many of these attacks by the united states after it was designated as a terrorist group but according to the group they are not in hiding for medicine plain sight he says there they are going to continue their activities political social and others he did mention that they are going to wait and see what the u.s. does in this region but the he said their writing is on the wall in the u.s. forces and coalition troops should be thinking about the leaving iraq he did mention about this this specific meeting which happened in the city of call in iran which he said was a crucial meeting and many important decisions came out of. that meeting was very important to coordinate our actions activities and the resistance and the next steps maybe the americans will still interact and challenge us it was the 1st step
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in a new era of coordination among shia and resistance forces we answered the call from the solder to meet in calm and one of the results was the protest which will happen in 4 or 5 days in iraq. and as i mentioned about his will have been banned by the united states it is a group which has been seen as a threat to not just the u.s. and coalition troops but according to the united states on iraqis as well up to something that the spokesman rubbished and he said that they are the sons of the soil and they will continue their struggle against what he called the u.s. aggression and illegal presence in iraq. meanwhile iraq and demonstrators are blocking major roads saying the government's promised reforms are on top and fast enough they've set up barricades and burning tires on roads in the country's south and in baghdad at least 12 people have been injured by security forces the ongoing protests began in october over widespread corruption and a lack of public services and demonstrators are threatening to
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a skelly their anti government action and possibly even cut off large areas of iraq south reports from babylon. preparations begin to what protesters say will cripple iraq's roads they may be small in number at the moment but these protesters say they will cut off the south of iraq from the rest of the country by blocking all the main roads the reason is simple they say their demands for a new prime minister a new elections haven't been met and if they're not met by sunday night they will make good on that threat all across the south and the shot so out of austin we block the roads and are demanding a rights the rights of young people to get jobs we want rapid elections an independent candidate who doesn't belong to the old parties. they're going to demand the central government go to early elections and nominate a new pm independent and accepted by protesters if not we will escalate and block the highway and all the entrances of the city and kick out the corrupt officials so
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if iraq's security forces are letting the protesters make a stand now. babylon we allow the demonstrators to express their constitutional rights but not affect or harm other residents when demonstrators block the roads the security forces negotiate with the protesters to find solutions and we become mediators between babylon's local governments and the demonstrators. throughout the south of iraq protesters gather every day in large number but they concerned that they're not being listened to prime minister i'd love to muddy has said he will step down and he's currently in a caretaker role but so far. none of the alternative names put forward for the top job are acceptable to either parliament or the protest movement and that's frustrating the protesters the protest movement faces a decisive moment in the coming days they need to put enough pressure on the government so it meets their demands by threatening to cut off the south of iraq from the rest of the country is a bold move whether it works remains to be see him drunk on al-jazeera. in the
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news ahead on the office there it is our police officers are beaten up and catastrophe arrested after a violent and what have been a peaceful rally in. point join the philippine coast guards trying to clear a volcano evacuation zone as villagers ignore warnings of imminent danger and. how we got more stormy weather affecting parts of the middle east particularly around the eastern side of the mediterranean into the levant klal spilling in here coming into syria lebanon jordan and into israel further raised a fair bit of clout there across iraq pushing into iran missile making its way further eastward towards afghanistan so scattering the shallows some of them wintry
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as we go on through the next day back over towards the levant with that wet weather that we have. a great program to take you to berlin where as we've been reporting in libya a peace summit has been going on a media conference since just beginning with german chancellor angela merkel speaking let's listen in. and we contributed to a making a fresh political start giving a fresh political in sit in incentive an impetus to the political process in libya to try and bring about peace for libya and for the libyan people for them is hope and i believe that this bill in conference on libya has given very good supports to hopefully the hopefully has given a very good support to the u.n. peace process and the roadmap that has been set. propose time and time again buy
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into a new good tears and mr. i believe in this way can be supported you have always tried to find allies allies that is who have a permanent seat on the u.n. security council plus those who play a very important role in the future of libya we invited 12 member states 12 invitees. as the permanent members of the security council plus egypt united arab emirates italy congo. algeria. and we all. in saying that the. european commission the european council the league of nations and also the african union that we all believe that a political solution will be necessary i think it has become very obvious over the past few weeks and months that it cannot possibly be a military solution to this conflict this will only increase the suffering of the
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libyan people we agreed that. a comprehensive plan will be outlined and i would like to hear in particular recognize and thank mr salim a and and to a new we believe that we from the german side have also given a contribution that far. all right so we were listening to a media conference being given in berlin by the german chancellor angela merkel we're just breaking away from it for just a few moments cross bar over our once we have the translation our rights we've had the translation let's listen and.
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all right apologies while we sort out the translation so that is the german chancellor angela merkel and sitting along her is the u.n. envoy to libya as well as the u.n. secretary general and they are giving a press conference at the end of the libya conference what we've heard so far all right let's listen in wanted to give a new impetus and it was most important that the libyan representatives present namely general have to and in the presence of survived. where there are so us too. be in on the next steps that need to be taken that the u.n. secretary general and mr selami have proposed namely the 5 plus 5 military committee now invitation will be extended to all of those who will sit on this
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committee and this needs to be the basis so that we can translate a truth into a consolidated seize fire there will it be invitations issued already next week this week that is and we hope that this step will then be taken by all concerned we received commitments by all of the participants that until this meeting of the 5 1st 5 committee the participants of the conference of today. commit themselves to not give any further support to these parties to the conflict in the sense that they don't give any sort of military support to them that they also will not give them weapons so that the arms above is respected and that the truce holds i think we created a spirit today. that will enable us to pursue that track this path forward that mr solomon had as a line that we have now a very binding process and later on there will certainly be other comments on this
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so very closely followed all of those who have met today. will pursue this process and we will see to it that political solutions are found that the truce and the ceasefire then will be kept because now what we see there on the ground is indeed a conflict that is fueled by proxies and we wouldn't want to turn the situation into a process that actually gives the people of libya a right to free to self-determination in peace and freedom and i am under no illusion that we have a box on a very difficult road indeed a very arduous road and we believe that. right now there is there are controversial issues views in libya itself but we were at one in saying that in view of the terrible suffering we have seen abuse of the terrible spread of terrorism to the silent zone it was justified to call for this meeting i would like to thank all of
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the participants to this conference for coming here for showing this very constructive atmosphere in which we are here together. with an argument. i would like to express my deep gratitude to chancellor merkel and the german government for convening this conference the chancellor your consistent continued and goats and to see a civility in libya absolutely remarkable and secretaries of united nations i only express my very deep appreciation and gratitude. and today in berlin member states along with the regional and international going to is asians have sent a strong signal that we are fully committed to supporting a peaceful resolution of the libyan crisis and the army briefly touched
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3 points. first i cannot stress enough the summit school rules and that there is no military solution to the conflict in libya all participants have mentioned it several times during the meeting even those that are more directly involved in the conflict itself. and today all participants committed to refrain from interference in the armed conflict or internal affairs of libya these is part of the conclusions and of course these must be a duty to as well as the goal to silence the guns with the very notion of all military will still it is. 2nd we called on all actors to reframe from any exhibit is exacerbating the conflicts and i urge all participants and the international community to abide by their commitment to in equivocally and fully respect the the blue meant the u.n. security council arms embargo. served the return to the political process is
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essential. we are already in part is to engage in a levy unowned in libya and have dialogue under the auspices of united nations paving the way for a political solution to the crisis. i have to say that of the city tracks that we find the economic track is fully movie a 1st meeting of 22 economists took place in 2 news a 2nd meeting is will take place in the next 2 or 3 weeks and they started to look into all the central aspects of the economic reform the country quietus namely if you cation of a central bank the questions related to the investment of thought into to the national oil company and to all the other relevant aspects to make sure that it is possible to have normal economic governance in libya the 2nd track is the military committee and thanks to believe in meeting it was possible today to receive the 5
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military delegates of the size of muscle after we have already city and now we have 2 more of the side of the g.n.a.t. so we are now in conditions to convene in geneva the military committee in the next few days and finally there is good progress both simulation tool the. hospital preventatives and the state council for the choice of their representatives to the. political forum that will also include the number of names selected by the united nations special representative and we hope that that will also these political track to move forward in the near future. also welcome to simon's call on all parties immediately respect international military and human rights law to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure and
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i hope the commitments made today will create the conditions for the last thing solution of the cd cry of the libya crisis it is our collective responsibility to seize this opportunity and to ensure that these commitments become a reality and i want once again to thank chancellor merkel the german government and to send all of you. your forgiveness counselor madam chancellor. the. secretary general of the house and after having achieved the objectives that we staked out for this conference we now have the key in our hands that will enable us to solve this conflict eventually now what we have to do is to use this key put it in the lock and open this door and because we know only too well that the signatures. that we have received today and the commitments received today will not be sufficient there will be a full follow up committee that will be set up and that will see to it that the
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commitments entered into will be translated into reality it will be accompanied and supported by a 1000 selami so there is a un led process at the beginning of february you will already take up your wagon also states that have not been represented here today will be invited to this follow up committee and the follow up process there are for good pun poor marking proves that security military political and economic issues and humanitarian issues those will be that is for these groups and the kick off well. be given by us as hosts as co-chair here in berlin and then later on all of the international partners present for this conference will. well actually hold and the chair i'm on a basis of rotation later on the results and the further steps to be taken will
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also be discussed in a suitable bodies not only in the united nations but already tomorrow when we have the a foreign ministers council of the european union we are. i need to aware of the fact that work has only started it's going to be a very arduous process will be a lot of wild and i think it was all the more important that this conference finally agreed on these conclusions and this spirit of cooperation that we have felt very clearly today and that transcended certainly what we have seen in the past at previous occasions we hope will inspire people to get together and the different parties to the conflict 1st and foremost obviously there has to be a truce then there has to be a ceasefire we have to pave the way for this civil war being translated into a political solution into durable peace for libya thank you.
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have very little to add to what the 2nd general has said i would like to express again like that attitude for the german authorities and madam at the mass for the effort they have really. not been stingy was in the past few months in order to. push this process forward the start that they should say in a meeting they had the honor of having was madam chancellor on the 15th of august and since then we have been working hard in order to get to where we are today as the secretary general said are very very grateful for and to the support and the support of the foreign minister as well. i think the secretary general to do about the 3 tracks we are the un is trying to push forward but i would add is that
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doing these 9 months before the mission has never left libya. most of the diplomatic missions have left libya we stayed and we did i think. remarkable humanitarian effort also beside our political activity and i thank all of those countries we have been supporting us to help the i.d.p.'s and to help everybody and to stay on the ground despite all of the difficulties i think the libyans or the libyan this presence and i think our presence was useful for them in this time of of difficulty now i am thinking about to morrow i think that today was a great day to give us the moved and the more of to fevola in. i think everybody was but it's a bit in this conference. and i hope that the security council involved that the follow up committee will be by our side in the next few weeks to implement
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what has been agreed upon and believe thank you. don't come between fighting and fung. let's turn to question snow mr blank t.p.a. . from madam chancellor. hugh spoke of implementation of the need for implementation is the federal government and ready would the federal government re pretty to assist in implementing the equipment of today in a practical plan could you perhaps also kindly describe to us. the way in which miss to set our action mr have to have been included in the process that they both talk to you did they talk together to talk to them individually did they attend the conference what we talked to them individually. because the differences between the 2 parties are still of such a magnitude that 5th 2 parties don't speak to each other for the time being. they
9:45 pm
did not actively participate in the conference but they were there so to speak and greer 5 geographical times they were not in the same room but they were in berlin so as to allow us to brief them about the development of to negotiations and the discussions today. of course each and every one tends to expect the other side 1st and foremost to add here to the commitments entered into but the main signal of our conference the idea behind that conference you know when i met mr salome on the 15th of august the idea of where was that we need to succeed in getting all those parties that are somehow linked to the libya process and the developments in libya speak with one voice and that was the objective of today's conference once that has been achieved the parties within libya will realize that there is only a nonmilitary approach towards a solution and that is the result with achieved all have in equal decree and in the
9:46 pm
very same name a manner equate to doing just that let's take one step after the other and let's not start discussing the next step but one some of the participants attending the conference today said but once a lasting cease fire has been achieved once general agreement has been see if we might think about the monitoring of that cease fire as we have come to see in other parts of the world but this is not and it has not been the subject of today's conference we did not discuss that thus in concrete terms today this is about pursuing the different paths and tracks. achieve a lasting cease fire and how to monitor and secure that ceasefire will be a matter to discuss once we get there 2 days per objective voice to work for a cease fire for a truce that turns into a lasting cease fire that. get the 5 classified military committee commissioned to meet so that both parties on the ground realize that there is only
9:47 pm
a political solution and not a military one and they've given us their names have appointed their representatives to the military commission so it's not an anonymous invitation that mr salami has to send out he knows the participants he has their names this is the 1st step in the direction of the operationalization of the process. that what's the most important thing to achieve fin order to get closer to a lasting cease fire mr. white house. madam chancellor a question regarding the importance of the agreement on the oil resources start with one of the important reasons why there was money available a tool to purchase weapons how do you want to make sure that the militias. it's renouncing the control over the oil fields and the oil facilities and installations and mr secretary-general a question addressed to you where do you see a pound for the europeans in the upcoming steps to you. expect the
9:48 pm
europeans to take over the matter of monitoring such as he's found to think of others for such a task or to think that you have or perhaps to focus on the reconstruction of libya . now as far as the oil issues are concerned we still need to engage in discussions about that perhaps mr cashel mr salami might come comment on this so perhaps the german foreign minister might wish to do so but of course this is also one of the preconditions that need to be fulfilled on the one hand we have to fairly distributed to the income generated from the oil fields and oil resources part the other thing that we need to do is that all those that in one way or another are involved in the conflict have made it clear there is no military solution to the crisis so mr secretary general 1st you. while you are very worried with the fact that. several ports and several harbors from where oil is exported live in closed and one very important on fields as also stopped production
9:49 pm
today. and obviously we believe that parts of a more comprehensive solution have to be. and effectively form of the national oil company transparency established in the ways things are done and we hope that it will be possible to use that normality but of course it will depend on all the other tracks that that are moving 1st we need to have a ceasefire you cannot monitor something that doesn't exist so we need to have a ceasefire and we have a truce and one simple question is that all the produced events today they committed to support the ceasefire and committed to put pressure on the. parties to the conflict for the full ceasefire to be reached a 2nd one is that is a source this is fiery to have an monitoring their 2 monitoring. can be established in different ways. it will of course. require discussion
9:50 pm
with the parties to the conflict it has to be accepted by the parties of the conflict. will require eventually from the security council a clear decision and obviously eventually several international guys ations be involved it's to say the when of course is ready to play its role into plaits part but i believe europe will always a very important role. has set in the diplomatic aspects of the opinion was present today and it has been very active in trying to create the conditions for peace to be established in the country. has been obviously very active in the preparation of different tracks supporting different tracks of power in all of divinity and i hope that if things move in the right direction you'd approve play a very important role in the future of india and in its full reconstruction.
9:51 pm
do you see them as going to the federal chancellor and i in our exchanges with prime ministers said arch and field marshall half. of which took place prior to the conference he and the chums for softness also talked about the block to ports for which oil is usually exported and they both agree that they would be willing to work for a solution of course it depends on certain conditions it's to do with the distribution of the income generated from the same oil sales it's all to. do with the reform of the respective institutions that is one of the topics on the table now and in the coming days and weeks we will have to continue our work on these issues a question by a.p. mistake. the gentleman over there. ok. thank you. madam chancellor yes i'm going to be
9:52 pm
a few phrasing military support for you of all the parties to the conflict how do you conceive a fact have you echoing a time table with russia and turkey with respect to thumb withdrawing their support any kind of support but agreement has been reached today that in future there will be no it support extended to the conflict parties and we also create that great extent that has been the case so far we also want to more need toll the arms embargo and to work within the un towards that objective the fund has committed to that objective the question of. or ongoing military support support that is already provided by way of equipment or not how fat is to be withdrawn is a question that needs to be a tryst once a genuine cease fire has been established for the time being as of now as of today
9:53 pm
we agree that no more weapons or equipment are to be delivered to the parties to the conflict the arms about with us is where respected that's part of our can conference conclusions by the way for months and months a progressive escalation in the conflict so the deficit commission has reached in the last few days the very dangerous they mention until now we have an escalation of the libyan conflict with some foreign interference now we were facing the risk of a regional escalation and there to use was averted in berlin provided of course that it is possible to maintain the truce and then to move into a ceasefire but there's pollution that was looking close and was becoming extremely dangerous today there is a strong commitment to stop it and this is seen is a very important result of the berlin conference. that the flooding from the value falls had putin knew you'd still be human the question by how your fast mr putin moves where where are you oh a fair. bunker. method
9:54 pm
and this mask and i usual that the europeans are now going to speak with one voice speak with one voice wall for. your job and was excellent i understood you very well. yes i believe that the preparatory state already was a clear indication of the fact that the europeans positions for us. you know in a way merged we had an enormous commitment on the part of the french president a strong commitment on the part of the italian prime minister the president of the council and of the high representative of the european union she was there and of course paris johnson you know we have lived through times where the european the did not speak with one voice been so. the participants like egypt
9:55 pm
the united arab emirates russia and turkey where able to be on providing a genuinely fresh impulse to the cease fire with the troops has made it much easier for the europeans to. work in the same direction or to put it differently europe too has contributed to the success that we have achieved today the us i find myself in a much better position and have a generally speaking much better feeling than a couple of weeks ago 2 questions misstep and shit leave from wall street journal the last but one for the children over there thank you very much indeed. is there any way to guarantee that the cease fire will last after today because there was an escalation of hostilities even yesterday so i'm just wondering whether the 2 libyan leaders who are in in attendance today have themselves to sign up to this or have they separately agreed to would you know. he will not escalate the hostilities
9:56 pm
thank you. only thing to. the most important thing we've achieved is that the participants of the conference itself of have expressed their commitment to not contribute to a further has collation we have a desperate situation in libya. a truce to become a ceasefire that is being a tear or respected 100 percent is something very difficult to achieve there different forces that come into play here and that i play here but i do believe that we stand determines. genuine chance of everybody but i'm standing by that commitment to the truce everyone at the conference committed itself to the body says the minister where the subject is to be discussed how to turn the truce into a ceasefire is the joint 5 plus 5 military commission which has so far never been able to meet because general haftar was not willing to name his representatives but
9:57 pm
we have achieved that today we've got names we have a party that is dedicated to discussing just that subject of turning a truce into a lasting cease fire and the last book the last question deutsch if it miscue for the lady in red to medical chancellor you mentioned the arms embargo that should already be in existence a call based on the decisions taken by the security council what about how you're going to monitor is are there going to be sanctions where we didn't talk about some sanctions today today we talked about the fact that the documents we have agreed to today are to be put to the security council. for its approval. thus we expect that all those with expected that commitment to what is laid down in those 2 papers will stand by it and once the arms embargo is to be violated remains
9:58 pm
to be seen we did not talk about sanctions now but should something happen we and i don't expect that necessarily then we will have to wait and see. i think we are witnessing something that is totally unacceptable it's a constant nation of international law if security council resolutions are not be respected and this is taking place as you know is that in place in the recent past in egypt so. i am totally convinced that the members of the city of the currency needs to assume their responsibilities for the war the itself to be taken seriously in the context of the region. and. should thank you very much have a pleasant evening rules that's. just. the lights. and you were just watching the u.n. and german officials there is the german chancellor angela merkel as well as the
9:59 pm
u.n. secretary general antonio terrorists and the german foreign minister as well as the u.n. envoy to libya so they were issuing statements a conference at the end of the berlin conference that is on the libyan conflict and we've just heard them present details on the way forward according to the german chancellor angela merkel the rival parties have agreed that an arms embargo must be respected that's one of the highlights more news and more out of that conference. they join one of the world's most notorious groups. but found a way out rebuild their lives and help but it's. a tale of course recruitment child soldiers and have repeat exploitation of women a door to is a palace about part of the radicalized seems tunnel design or. the
10:00 pm
eco friendly city seems to come back threats to often have it on. which is iraq. the into it. committed to a lasting cease fire in libya world leaders that are un back some ways agree a political solution not a military one is what's needed to end the conflict. alone barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up beirut protesters target the country's parliament in a fortnight of violent demonstrations the united nations warns a missile attack on a government or 3 camp in yemen could derail efforts to end the for.


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