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tv   Good Morning Rocinha  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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with the news and current affairs that matter to you. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera libya's warring sides and world leaders have agreed on a final communique at a un backed peace conference it was announced by the german chancellor angela merkel she has the 12 world leaders including the presidents of turkey russia and the rue k. they agreed to extend a temporary truce in libya in the hope it will develop into a full ceasefire angela merkel emphasized the need for a political solution to end years of conflict we all believe that a political solution will be necessary i think it has become very obvious of the past few weeks and months that it cannot possibly be a military solution to this conflict this will only increase the suffering of the libyan people. is in berlin and says that there is some skepticism that
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a lasting deal can be reached. what was interesting also was the fact that for example. the u.n. envoy on libya. said that this process the berlin conference was a combination of meetings that had triggered or started off some 9 months ago why is this interesting because throughout that 9 months all we've seen on the ground in libya is actually an escalation of fighting primarily triggered by the side of khalifa haftar and that's where maybe the skepticism is coming again from is that there are people who would say that whilst these agreements conferences discussions are taking place be described one in iraq will be it's moscow be it's here in berlin that's all well and good but there's been very little implementation facts on the ground what's happening is one side has been gaining more and more ground gaining more and more territory getting more and more state institutions on the rates and that's what's making any agreements very unlikely to be achieved least
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not in the framework of the timeframe that is expected at least 30 people have been injured in a 2nd night of violence in beirut where security forces fired tear gas and water cannons at protesters who were throwing rocks at the lebanese parliament demonstrators are angry at the worsening financial crisis and the impasse over the formation of a new government on saturday nearly 400 people were injured in similar protests that the same day in 2 rising. anger among iraqi youths at the lack of reform by their government has erupted into mass protests in the capital baghdad and the southern city of najaf black smoke billowed into the sky as tires were alight protesters also placed the roadblocks in the street at least one protester was killed and 25 others injured when security forces used tear gas to break up a crowd on friday demonstrators have been demanding an overhaul of a political system that they believe has kept them in poverty more than $490.00
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iraq isn't killed since protests began on october 1st. the bodies of the 11 craniums who died when a passenger jet was accidentally shot down by iran have returned to kiev iran says it still hasn't made a decision on whether the plane's black box will be sent to ukraine for analysis 176 people were killed when the plane was brought down. china says it will step up efforts to contain the outbreak of a deadly new virus the national health body says the transmission of the corona virus has not been completely mapped it's believed to have originated from an animal market in the central city of 162 cases have now been confirmed and 2 people have died in the outbreak. or me the symptoms of the patients are generally mild among the 763 we are observing 681 have been released with the prevention and control measures we are implementing the epidemic situation can be prevented and controlled. riot police in hong kong have arrested several people taking part in
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the pro-democracy protest police had gathered in their son's qualities had approved the rally as long as participants stayed in one location protesters though defied the ruling and tried to march through the streets. you know thousands of people in the canadian province of newfoundland are without power after a massive blizzard hit the region the storm belt more than 76 centimeters of snow on the provincial capital st john local authorities have declared a state of emergency there's a top stories coming up next 20 years of me a series charting the lives of children born in the 1902 in the favela in brazil. i.
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can still do. this is rosemary his she is in 2002 up here just 10. and this is where she lives her senior. slum community in the brazilian city of rio . and even at base denial can. push button phone law how to watch you all get up and about their house. for them
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going to have it on their. phone i want to really ensure. we 1st met rosemary when she was a baby born in 1992. this is the story of her life so phoned. now home until it should aren't. there was still but already there no one. who from those. who resent. her men who put on the 1st good for them in the one person can do some good we need . the bus so. i mean the comparison for the benefit of a. few months a go there for a new way and this would be made in. themselves that they.
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don't pay for that but for this imagine. they said you. know this is in the morning. so what's got to end up ok. from then on this. condo show may allophonic well on the one hand. he has someone at school to talk and. i love it wish it wasn't us i hope i can make that i am the one paper i have on them and a. bunch of i hope they. can get up paying a. visit to see who sympathized. he stepped in to help and her extended family.
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fun to let go you will begin. all over you and wish. you would you. still. doing. this. oh yes give us a coke or of those few. to see you play you don't want to this is cool with. me and. this fish the bosses of rio de ever since he was a boy. for the film. i love. this book you bought the build up. a polish so there they are this is where you distort the people the good. deal fiasco i
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told you q can you laugh. a little quirky. until it has old. food to do what. if it is easier she was here as she is it is easy if you don't need to share you to hear. the. full tank of thing you can telephone sounds. like. oh this is a man. and say want to go on. don't want to pass on a man to fish. cash was a girl. i didn't want down 50 along the line you know on.
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going off. into a mansion and. feeling it but her family could i get by far the medical near where my fellows feel me. i'm going to give what i would you be appealing if there's any other people before you give. that up all the oil before you give it to. now.
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or. 2002 and rosemary is now 10 or. the family have moved into a new house. and california like you know me i still need the. heat kill on my own she won't buy fish caught. my big question matt. like. your mom. why do you see a male and the. killings just do all her. life she done a. key you hold your breath. for a short while rosemary's parents had got back together. until i. was in the mine and i think of them downstairs. was a step in a sawmill mildew is your friend as
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a condition how would i have gotten them was a problem out there in launching or want to. go. through to house a simple person for us. because frankly me with the community a group of men in our group. to deprive me move some exclusive because shoop are pretty sure that became huge. window of a more. of a moment for the show to move to a bit i'm told of a man like i have my own full of crime i was some overfull to fellowship then to complain do continue bill still question to them what are you. ok dick and it measures bastard * of a quarterback who knew that premier back. he made to come your morning again to face a lot to keep us. from going to shop. and sure
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a lot do 2 is still my hand or good sailor that made you feel like they are you if you care to love up and listen to madge but at this point let's say can you damn good. now. this year plus i will oh it's out every eludes me me and then i can't go if than to. reduce my name now and. go. for the global world what.
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the neighbor who's helped is no longer around. there's a new influence on rosemary's life how did you go when you thought in your lives. there was a little. what's what are the ok his speeches over jail their speech and what. is a local community leader and d.j. rethink this year history group comes to the neighborhood through a network of loudspeakers. fossil so you feel so you will see you so you want something you know. he's built to play drums in the middle of the favelas. to continue to be a man's place considerable. for the faithful.
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they will see could also be one of them to feel. to see all you want to. use up in a single. painting them not only an instrument to turning them into the. basement. simple. you are just a little mini wash gush of some. beautiful mathematical she gushing repercussions from you see this coming up on an awesome move on don't feel that ash 00006000 but this is just to do that i want to do with this
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amazing lot of accidents that you could double f i d i was a man. who got in she had to go to seattle. now. that. the. guy left upcoming game. last iraqi man i don't have items i'm a slave. nation that i made my demands. i see that he will disclose them dampening them with demand lack of b.s. . you find. that. i could also get out that i was out on a school acceptable but it was really good a good image a good bit of what would be this is will get you to give up in the actually da i
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should be well of everything. yes well you know you see it in water well i was a bit. who would you can argue it was always you don't want to hear the edge if it isn't. she wants you don't want it with douglas wilson don't think but you could say it was. good looking good about bush one in. the camp. that he can add to his play and cadging food. how can he see to not be senile can't stand that the day that she is offered. an i.e.d. . and ok i will not cause i'm not joking they symbolize that happened last week on my visit because. i was not as bad as you can get them but i said to
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him she had to see me again when it was. your left 6 months ago. they think that that was the concert sad. but i. jane selling. so. much that. they are was c.f.c.'s. game was fussy. cannot. say for decent the bank is pulling teeth.
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i'm sure it is triple it's your face you might say. some. ah. ah. i mean i want to. establish my generation then we don't always it. doesn't do much restore she pursues a national guard and you judge you. because you also did you will show if you don't believe there's a link there for the nation.
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in 2012 at the age of 19 rosemary has a 2 year old son. of a get out of the chances says. i feel both more. affluent as the boys go very soon to us some of us going to miss a man all the way also a deep voice something mr. alamo but you know there. well i was even speaking to somebody about me on my c.v. shows a negative 0. 00 of the gas or those from that i was only. got other socalled of course. call it if you. have killer do this. and dollars does seem to go on to do more and we're just fine with me.
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rosemary is pregnant again with her current boyfriend wallace you learn. well as study. but wallace is prone to disappear for weeks on end. you can peg here. any time. it does allow yourself you feel like your family gone shall. name wasn't there so console good sheffield don't. care to know the dangerfield us their. still there has just taken a form. she's no longer with him rosemary is scared of what the boy's father might do if he finds out. you followed the vehicle cameras cards you know in the parking lot fuzzily well with me. now is almost full i must cousins just.
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go chink you learn bunch will come out of all. kinds of good going to bad the middle vojislav big any of your stuff. thought you was a good bill the piers if i did good if i was a one point taken up out of silicon no. question but. kept this up at the focal father duvall talked to something told me no. more what i'll just get it done we're going to have beautiful oh no no it's time i who. feel. like. 5 days later when this is back. to movie. feel good will just save you something that was a mirror. of
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a. moment of these. people who are good to be accomplished get help. for i feel this isn't it it's you know who's. who suffered this again goes back east and. you follow him can give you a few miles you need. your wow physician if. he does. good to see you too could. be you. should be using. shoot remember me. miss insult to the. soil ball soup for example soup on
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this. little short. period. wall or greenish wall. but i couldn't find a grain sure what i mean if you look historically also. like a lot of. delafield if. you. unifies in the villainous one. it's because the building cars were gumshoe absorbed long so because somebody being kind to. the snowfall. in recent years drug traffickers have moved into the favelas. armed officers
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have now arrived to restore order. it's called pacification. and also overdiagnosed of shall possibly carbonation my own members to pick up a lot of comedy value 00000000000000000000000000000000000 you wish i was right but you don't and also. because of budget cuts so can very little well put up when you die you net. the down to. a local mill. credit became oh my the poison. is of. course very good q. inch more of a q. q a cuppa. in the winter coy's very millfield goes on you think about the dark with. my only is this i wish cuz who was for plain just.
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focusing on being there for miles or the watch. found on it the one mile thing to. the casual time as the time when i was in india i h boy color i got a good deal for damage and now i work a scene she i h i i shot is you down the show yes you tell me when they disappear i love the disillusion i seem to have i mean the last game she should we saw fall again you see around me girl you put on days and shouted you said you're a loser like you don't know he came. french crazy cheer up this soon. became. capable of this i had a vision down filed people on top of. the fire
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when i played cyberwar one of my driving. a lot of business built by. dr jack. wallace has again gone missing. simply via lot done. i think you love a blue sky in the sea foam as you call it you've been the. same person. wow just before leaving on our last night we learned that rosa mary has been taken
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to hospital. she's having a miscarriage. and. the whole d.n.a. of al-jazeera is to deliver news of people who are subject to the decisions made by the pope but you know most of the others feel about the general election in december the 12th is old anything when you see big groups of people walking through europe they're all individuals with children the lloyd's of it but stores these places become a complete trust so important or simply no where to put all these people you have to deal with them to treat those who didn't use it but it's. almost lost on you out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every lead billboard layer further and further into the jail or if you join us once a week entry has to start from day one whether again you and attention or you're incarcerated this is a dialogue everyone has
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a voice so far there are studies that support our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation amount is iraq. the 21st century began with extraordinary economic growth across much of latin america. but since this halted in 2008 there's been a political shift to the right on a continent where socialism once thrived to. a chilean politician goes on a journey to me leading left wing figures to understand why that politics have lost . around some dramatic. latin america a giant in turmoil on al jazeera. hello
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i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera world leaders have agreed that there can be no military solution to the libyan conflict insisting it must be a political solution libya's warring sides of the leaders of 12 nations agreed on the final communique produced by the un backed peace conference it was also agreed to extend a temporary truce in the hope that it will develop into a full ceasefire rival parties accepted that an arms embargo must be respected and strengthened to reach that lasting cease fire we all believe that a political solution will be necessary i think it has become very obvious over the past few weeks and months that it cannot possibly be a military solution to this conflict this will only increase the suffering of the
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libyan people at least 30 people have been injured in a 2nd night of violence in beirut where security forces fired tear gas and water cannon the protesters who were throwing rocks at the lebanese parliament demonstrators are angry at the worsening financial crisis and the impasse over the formation of a new government on saturday nearly 400 people were injured in similar protests that the said that into writing. the bodies of the 11 cranes who died when a passenger jet was accidentally shot down in iran have returned to kiev iran says it still hasn't made a decision on whether the plane's black box will be sent to ukraine for analysis 176 people were killed when the plane was brought down. riot police in hong kong have arrested several people taking part in the pro-democracy protests police fired tear gas of the demonstrators who were gathered in their thousands authorities had approved the rally as long as participants stayed in one location protesters though
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defied the ruling and tried to march through the streets. china says it will step up efforts to contain the outbreak of a deadly new virus it's believed to have originated from an animal market in the central city of $162.00 cases of now been confirmed been 2 people have died in the outbreak authorities are on high alert with hundreds of millions of people preparing to travel for the lunar new year holiday those are the top stories 20 years of me continues next taking us back to a favela in brazil and i'm going to have the al-jazeera news hour for you in just under half an hour i hope you'll join me that.
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hodge i want you on the right about there not. going to get all day out. this ionizing oversight. bosh well. it's. those ones out that i was able to hook on to come visit me. new book you know low key and. it's only known to rosemary feels able to talk about the causes of the miscarriage it's. very well
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a follow on to. but he made a move. to a political washed the only kid to quit get to more than a 5 man to now office last santa fe to do something beautiful in my eyes is something on the way and almost wash your clothes and look at the mill feed. angle . you brought then you know see homeless and you will say who do i have. an affair welcome to all with i mean you look at them feel do you divide think you might have one i think the big boss was a little new bill sewing lawyer spread a couple of old died before the didn't get involved i.e. . sort out. he's not going to stand on most of. them is a biggie for they know. if she did polish bush.
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you should also have a conforming tongue in his ear more here. i am still in boston my friend in. washington thing on site michael. moore is a major part of the shameful thing. you know sad darchinyan i don't see it before when i must see a published author and make up all stew. i have from ohio comes. them with a look at their way through an issue like there should. be included like the police for your man sure going to go sure you want all the law you want i wanted i mean all. that you know jewish back to buy this or you.
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think this is about. to. announce i busted it fast. there's a new man in rosemary's life. the one that says. he's quickly become part of the family with these earnings as a council laborer moved into a new home. but i saw a. biomass down. there who they had. with. they always. they believe me is. all ok no it was it looked relieved. when did you buy that you know it you'll feel that because a man is a cell phone it hardly will be. the russian with who wished.
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the debate i wish to read someone. but this is not by this. at the moment the by the new beside us as always good soyou suck in them but they are. my dog or should you me. leave that kid alone i don't have their wish see here i see. muscle moved to racine or when he was 16 from the pool northeastern state of pa yuba. by a man. confession that pm i don't think thank you know they think. that all good byes. lab one of the i can think of by. myself in the city feel i made all the kick you know he.
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did some songs like to present my old. car just like he was going to punch your brains will soon be rubles you. will see god i love this shit i was sick back then i just got the bullshit hope you don't get little bobby was in there too drunk i got. out i do love i'm just like really i love. him now. i'm fredricka. rosemary's mother also lives with a man from the north east you see eleanor. he too he dreamed of a better life in the city. oh listen up because.
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i mean look at me to. save me his way into. the. will we use a large kinds of water the man one. huge come. oh. come on the animation. done some good though come on just don't occur show us. we love both sides. met some of the kids it was nothing to pose on the night to come. to their dad up in allegro that you don't mean this is funny a saucy team in any part of new meaning to keep you guys well you. know nothing
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goes saucy and told you to keep it nice. and said. yeah yeah kid just the stuff i don't want to you know be beautiful to see the certainty you are he. will kill me i'm ok i'm woman don't deter buys from s.l. am i going to miss l.a.p.d. of course i didn't take it down much till i'm. sure the want to know. when we're a computer or a girl on. the site you know you. list there aren't you may have been a shit but you don't count a few minor things or something one might want to be going. by the only name user to those not that they go to movies never mind the article to pick up on are you and all those nobodies c.j. i and people michael turtle were there are 2 words and they're going to exact their
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religion biology. dorms. and reservoir and. brother so you can have the character that i was up our last few. months. the rather unique wrong number of your. country. who my i want my son all your parodies my theory. don't know really being ready to leave. open the will see one of the old i'll show you the. numbers i want who are the biggest i want to see on. the news. and when you see
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the symbolism the. vision on the lawn the scene it was a buzzing near the. scene few number. in the minds caught. me in my head and can't pull. it until you see it on and. consider. this.
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it was so yes. i came to so i became the name told is one of those given what i want to know committed or you know. yeah. for there is 0000 about that for the. symposium vision because of possible days on the south as a ticklish woman in quezon. the last case that. i think it will bring good. point it is shame when it got me in the caucus ok just a couple of. days now we're going to. let us.
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know ok we'll bust heidi off off. that body here. so. this is not made. to. do in. the way that there is you are. still out there. and there's. the emotion to lean being told jesus. so if you are close a fog of food in the voice you can believe some duck you shall middleford minimalist skin but this vision brings kids that shall hold its own just the hunk of our lives. you must dissolve tiny room. and told that this a fan. of a moon this and i was born before i am indeed more fun than myself we were.
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in the bargain. long funny don't double big words in your will to form. an interim you nancy were serious crimes all for your father who survived a. completely truthful man. to be indiana. by going will be. but i think that you know where i think i got what it is we did a search and. it's 3 years since the so-called pacification began. but the drugs have returned to the upper parts of the been. there all night. we could no longer still open.
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our sailors time with people. then would confront more stuff because police says if the thief got his book you sign up. and with it it was. going to get to the shawnee if you couple of the most they can call fans. is no fines no. money. to buy stock. and they push this whole thing coopt along with some levity by scorning to talk with you look at don't. want you know how do the men do we present the consorting washed. up from the police guy come on them or have the right have won by as you please. me.
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not them we've probably got some too little. help us a much time squeeze the same loss you know. what happened there was that. i'm the only good musical family. example to me but i didn't know. i'm quite gone up and down the. memories it does feel to her son i meant for equal high moment. from moment to do. i should. have fun with. this song but i. those things out. there with obama's somewhat fuzzy. memory for all of them example if you are. a
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fossil. we should. call him up and it does him him him we thought. it was good thing is to admit lost in the field we will. lose to the business that we're going to. visit good luck going down but for me this. must play for fun if we. play a silver all my. cards invisible says locals to. dodge and told us in the mood for me to kill for a pig on there this is something the saloon. is why you'll come loose a political will to. california law would she get you going
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to move those he won't use up this up because one of those. one local things down you will kill us in school. you. know. who killed fluffy they keep going down the hill i myself will go pass a form that came is a double whammy really getting schooled in the way to keep it up what you. do with . it will discover is good emily show it to fill the shy and it. will say will keep most as you mean who shall. make you know it on the stage. i visit them to wind up being you know of those who might last kept. us in. will soon be. sick up assault q because the economy so this is the. local no i
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don't. like the middle on the. one another on. the model of federal support for the government. out of an. illusion for they come
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in so many and this isn't just the playbook of finance. design alone most safe and . it was instead. to get up at the event. l a question from me to this chap but. i mean that down washes you pretty. much alone to get you cab. rides dance a bottom. but i. know all. about you but. you. know because. the bigger they. go follow keel over so
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firmly into mush will. you see for all of my fellow. you have to go off line bus from what you call me leave. off. your folly call a slow down. in the middle of the sell if you say yes but i mean. no the lights sink the ship. but you. know wolf is this. bus just like. thomas. because
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a lot. and also. the scene over the always good finish. is an issue best for you but. hank them thing i don't recall seeing a who find 19 month see him pollution hump is the last love him no miles school what the field poll slung you spread a kid name mean that it is 16 kill tunc the fasten my niece muscling leafy for on mom coming off the top blome this sit gets give from its
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packet aqil on full sing in that hit trial by the us by the become school stuff hottest sort of the full set of our age 3 so please something go of this case i've been a soup of us in that in this of days up pilot he going to use the last 2 ideal to play so this is all a whole oh played summer day of those serial a game sophie who did you a little washroom the lurk you'll not see feet any other man's no mean i'm can gloat you'll don't bond will move wafting with wizzy up a few veges doggie washing your the see it t.j. get have hope will ship on with though his you would you view the does not put is that view going to you all the should those who are he's in the or sion the you
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know the young the oars a it cuddle just saw if you that he was you dealers even will done i view that begin huge of those shift that i do struggle you she has a duty lol rather most an ugly good little from nice or your you loose loose spend to blow ballooning lucic i. don't.
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think. i know there are plenty of rain still into the southeast of australia of course if flooding across as a new south wales and also queens and we have had this sort of bank of cloud just sitting east coast that now is on its way further to the south but not before some huge amounts of rain this is actually in the southeast of queens and just look at
11:57 pm
this people are cool just not used to this rain and in fact it really hasn't been torrential but look at this this koala she lapping up one if you would drop this there so as for what is going to happen next it will be a dry couple of days that into queensland new south wales but look at this monday begins to really push through into victoria southern portions of new south wales and it could be fairly heavy at times you could see about 150 millimeters accumulating into some eastern areas over that toria temperature wise not too bad $21.00 celsius in melbourne and then as you can see out towards the southwest a little bit cooler in perth the front swinging through bringing some cool abacus monday it is day one of this trade in open that is the day we could. maybe just lingering on into choose day and then by wednesday again the chance of a huge but a warm day and really it's a fairly mix week ahead but at least by friday it should be mostly dry day because the shah is a fairly well scouted so it may not impact play too much. capturing
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a moment in time. snapshots of all the lives. of the stories. providing the clips into someone else's what. they. do. or. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera on counter the call from the trade deal is china capitulates beijing delivered tens of billions in extra fright russia seeks to isolate ukraine with a pipeline by. south korea's duds struggling to climb the social skylights counting the cost of now just. ruins that speak of the rich history and
11:59 pm
the ones ranged from this palace more than 600 years ago this is the old town of che to the door to the sacred body of the past and to the century of much petri ancient traditions are still being embraced here today that may change less than 2 kilometers away bulldozers are never the ground for a controversial new airport that's expected to shuttle millions of tourists to historic sites the airport should then be the sacred folly she sure has culture traditions for thailand but the big powers want to because it's the door much of which. kind of who is poor is dividing them and then i would be in favor of an airport if more people come and make business with us but only if it will preserve our environment and our ruins some farmers like it look east they believe their lives may change bring development to our community and country.
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the end. is iraq. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes committed to a lasting cease fire in libya world leaders at a un backed summit agree a political solution not a military one is what's needed to end the conflict. beirut protesters target the country's parliament in a fortnight over violent demonstrations. and the bodies of 11 ukrainian citizens who died when a passenger plane was accident.


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