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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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the biggest con in the world the prisoner and the prisoner who came together to end up apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face on. protesters clashed with security forces across iraq as anti-government demonstrations intensify. our stan grant this is al jazeera lots also coming up as world powers back to ceasefire in libya the european union says it will consider military support to uphold any peace deal. as did the new virus spreads beyond china's borders they are easy to be transmitted from human to human. project is doubled in the gulf of
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guinea bike near to the world's most dangerous waterway. we begin in iraq where there are reports of protesters have been killed in the capital baghdad after police tried to break down barricades on the outskirts of the city dozens are said to be injured in the latest round of mass demonstrations rallies have also brought about the number of cities in the south of the country including the job and nasiriyah protests of the south of the country by blockading major roads in bring charges in baghdad and he joins us now remember what more can you tell us about these clashes inside the city. well let me show you the clashes just down the road over there in the last couple of hours we have heard. a number of ambulances coming this way in fact you can just see one coming now while i wait this is it told us that they see at least one person that has been killed as
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a result of the police using light fire what's been happening throughout the day that the protesters i've been living this way burning i don't know if you. take it out you can see the blood of the burning tires are over that they've been trying to cut off the city the police forces have been pushing back using tear gas and now in the last couple of hours we have been hearing live fire being used against the closure now she national security council is also said that the police can go in and arrest people we don't know whether that's actually happened in the or how many people have actually been arrested but we know that things are escalating going to be the escalating throughout the day here certainly in the last couple hours we did a life full of now that's what we're hearing. from eyewitnesses that at least one person has been killed that's what's happening in baghdad but these protests are also taking place you know the pasta the country particularly the south what are
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you hearing from there. well we're not seeing the kind of levels of violence that we've seen here in baghdad however the south has been effectively cut off the main roads leading from say babylon province which it faces back that plus nasiriyah not to feel the love of all being cut off by the protesters the protesters of an outfit going to stay through the night and it seems at least in the south the security forces are going to allow them to keep the blockade now the only vehicles that are getting through services and 'd food supply trucks and the protesters that say although there has been violence they say that they are willing to stay there for as long as it takes the question stan really is all the protesters being listened to now what they're saying is the. body has a story body the prime minister although he's resigned hasn't actually stepped down . until he steps out and there's
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a new prime minister they can call for the elections the protesters but then not being so that's why this escalation the scene but where do you go from a how much more can you escalate that's the real question now for the protesters in iran thank you for that we will put those questions now to our next guest. is an independent politician and an economist he joins us live from baghdad by skype we're continuing to see these protests ramp up we're seeing a crackdown from security officials there inside the country the country is it a dangerous scene pos is no where the protests are escalating but there is still apparently this refusal to buckle will to yield from from the politicians themselves where does it go to. exactly well what happens is that you know the demonstrators or the protesters started back in october 1st initially their goal was for the prime minister to resign and he did so his government turned into a caretaker government well 30 days have elapsed for the president to name his
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successor and the protesters are asking for an independent politician was not the phillie it was the current corrupt political parties that today is that right so that's why there is an escalation by the protesters they are sensing that there is the the parliament and the president are dragging their feet in selecting an independent successor to i doubt the met the the last couple days was very active politically so there are several names being. tossed around. some of them are even tossing the name of odd jobs and that the i get to be the person they of course the protesters went wild when they heard that and they said there is no way they will accept the job due to come back at this hour there are other politicians who are affiliated with the 'd very conservative side of parliament was morally more affiliated with iran and those then have been rejected by so. just
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can i just jump in here and just just pick up on something you were saying we've had nominations we've had nominations rejected we've had the president cited that he will stand aside rather than accept a nomination from the shia bloc is the problem here not just that the parliament is not listening to the people but it is incapable of being able to deliver on what the people are demanding. they are able to deliver however it's very hard for them to let go in arabic we say off of the seat of the course and you know once they are in that position it's very hard for them to let go and allow somebody independent and as you probably know i am one of the independent candidates for the prime minister there it's they're incapable of letting go of all they have earned all these years and you know the benefits and obviously the corruption that comes along with it the president has taken a very good physicist and he said he will not nominate anybody that the protesters
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will reject and the custom here is one they have been nominating people from the conservative you know by the way both sides are shiite whether it's a conservative or the liberal so when they nominate a conservative the protestors have been hanging their specters with a big x on it so they x. them out so i think the last 5 or 6 candidates that have been nominated have been extra out so the president has been very clear he said he will nominate and then depend that candidates who the protesters will not accept our out and we'll see what happens within the next 24 hours yeah because the next escalation that there's are talking about is storming the parliament and then the parliament because they feel it's the parliament that's dragging their feet and bringing up other issues are not relevant to the protesters you know when they've. called up for a vote to remove all foreign troops from iraq that was try to sideline the whole
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issue and they said you know let's not talk about this right now let's talk about getting rid of the corrupt government in favor of the prime minister as you point out there are some of the other complicating factors here so much of a backstory is what we're seeing on the streets but appreciate you giving us your insights dimas and a 2nd thank you. thank you well the e.u. says it's considering ways to support a ceasefire in libya including a possible military led mission on the ground foreign ministers are meeting in brussels one day after a 1000000000 peace conference brought together the b.s. warring sides in several world powers but fighting broke out south of tripoli just hours after that summit came to an end the a used top diplomat joseph borel says any peace settlement will need the blocks support meanwhile oil prices have risen to more than $65.00 a barrel on concerns of supplies out of libya bunch of the country's oil infrastructure remains on the blockade by have to us forces the state oil for in
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this war and its output will be reduced by more than 90 percent. samoa bar is in berlin and he joins us now after we had this meeting the hopes of a more permanent ceasefire where are things at right now. on. russia to show that it is determined to implement the cease fire agreement and also the stem the flow of arms into libya as has been agreed on here in berlin but this is going to be an extremely delicate task of this explains why the. foreign policy chief. is talking about implementing the cease fire looking at whatever means to ensure that that is going to be implemented on the ground including the possibility of a military force operating on the ground but i think this is going to be extremely
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difficult because i've been talking to different. officials. particularly libyans and who would say that even the notion of a peacekeeping force under the control of the u.n. is not something accepted by most of the libya's her will react angrily to the presence of foreign troops on the ground and i think what is going to happen in the coming days is basically the u.n. will take over will bring all the warring factions in libya to geneva including military commanders from the east and mr commanders from the west they will try to talk to each other ensure that the ceasefire is going to be implemented that would pave the way to restarting a comprehensive political talk now as far as the new is concerned they're also talking about the need to reactivate the naval mission that was implemented in 2015 but it was abandoned in 2001000 because of the use differences between members about how to deal with the libyan crisis has moves one thing to talk about
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a political resolution rather than a military one but of. we continue to see escalation of fighting on the ground in spite of the cease fire being in place and fundamentally trying to get both sides to agree on what libya looks like in some result after some resolution of this conflict has always been the problem how does the country move forward who holds the reins of power is this some partition of the country how do you reflect the demands of all of the the fact is all before she is involved here. this is what we do understand from our sources the u.n. will call for crucial talks in geneva in about a week from now and what they're trying to achieve in geneva is the following they will have representatives from the presidential council from the parliament and from. and from civil society come together negotiate a new framework for
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a political solution they will start with the military reforms of the reform of the security forces they will try to fight to see whether they can form a new national unity government and they will try to now the differences between will last if i have to and the internationally government internationally recognized government of phase. been talking to libyans and this is exactly what they have been saying they do understand this is going to be a long way to go but they need something to be led by the libyans they have lost faith in the international community stand this is the problem now facing the e.u. in particular they are trying to think about a new political reality in libya where the libyans with the e.u. takes front stage position the problem is they have become completely irrelevant to libya the 2 key players who are going to save the future of the country are definitely going to be the russians and the turks why the russians or the turks because they are now having absolutely massive leverage over the 2 rival factions
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operating on the ground hashem thank you hashem barbara joining us there. the spread of a new and potentially deadly virus appears to be accelerating in asia south korea has become the latest country to confirm its 1st case of a new corona virus that has originated in china patient numbers of tripled and 3 people have died since it was 1st detected in the chinese city of on train a year reports from beijing. this stuff a hospital are working around the clock to identify a mystery virus which has been linked to star's severe acute respiratory syndrome at least 3 people have died and the number of those confirmed have the virus is growing but chinese officials say the outbreak is under control. all the. new cases have been a been tix to a visit native hospital and we have concentrated resources experts to treat patients in one place sheba so the virus which causes pneumonia like symptoms
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originated in a. meat market cases have been confirmed in beijing and shenzhen and found in chinese visitors japan thailand and south korea human to human transmission has not been ruled out and that's a problem because this week marks the official beginning of china's busiest travel season hundreds of millions are using public transit ahead of chinese new year celebrations checks are being conducted in railway stations and airports but that hasn't always the growing concern about the spread of the virus people here are looking to the gun to do more to keep them safe but i don't think the government is doing enough because i'm just not hear enough details about it i don't think they will give us the true number of those infected i'm worried and that's why i wear a mask when i'm out others say they trust the government's handling of the virus i believe the government would give us past and accurate information i think they're more worried than the public they were have to figure out how to deal with it so
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i'm not worried but the outbreak is bringing back an easy memories. the 2003 sauce outbreak which killed almost 800 people worldwide and left more than 8000 sick authorities initially withheld information about the epidemic leading some to question the chinese government's transparency around the virus british researchers say they could be as many as 7100 cases the world health organization has sent a research team to work on for us to fully otherwise the extent of human to human transmission we need to collect more and more information so this is obviously the new diseases and so many think we still don't know videos are circulating on chinese social media of passages being tested on flights from behind but the government has appealed to the public to remain calm 8 people were arrested earlier this month for spreading rumors about the outbreak online but preventing the spread of the virus may not be as straightforward as controlling the spread of information
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between you al-jazeera beijing still ahead on al-jazeera scrambling to contain the violence lebanon's president meets security officials after weekend protests leave hundreds injured. hello again it's good to have you back where cross parts of china of the next few days we're going to be seeing some more rain developing across much of southeastern china now there are a few clouds here on the satellite image well hanya picking up a few clouds as well but expect to see more rain developing as we go towards thursday now for shanghai the rain is going to start to develop as we go towards evening time hours but we do expect by the time we get to wednesday the strip of rain right here could be quite heavy we could be seeing some a localized flooding across much of that area for shanghai though if we don't
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forecast looks like this starting rain as we go towards tuesday night the rain though does continue as we go through thursday well here across india not looking too bad a lot of the heavy rain that we saw earlier the end of last week as well has really dissipated across much of the north where we see a few clouds down here towards the south expect to see a high of 31 degrees maybe some clouds in the forecast cuda a nice day for you at 28 degrees and then here quaid expect to see more rain over the next few days but it's not just kuwait we could be seeing some rain here across parts of iraq as well as into iran as we go towards the next couple of days tuesday really not looking too bad but it's wednesday that we do see the very heavy rain across much of the area and doha a nice day at 21 degrees. in a 2 part series. on 0 observes the lives of 2 children.
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over 20 years. insights into circumstances that shape lives. in a rapidly changing. 20 years that means continues with good morning groups on which is 0. one move for her for war. you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories this hour there are reports that protesters have been killed in the capital baghdad after police tried to break down barricades on the outskirts of the city dozens of said to be egypt in the latest round of mass
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demonstrations. the e.u. says it's considering ways to support a ceasefire in libya including a possible military led mission on the ground fighting broke out south of the capital hours after a brief summit. the conflict in. south korea has become the 3rd asian country to confirm its 1st case of a new coronavirus that originated in china patient numbers tripled to 3 people have died since it was 1st detected in the chinese suzi of. lebanon's president is meeting the heads of security agencies to discuss the recent wave of violent protests michaud says more needs to be done to preserve peace and stability after 2 nights of god raised more than $500.00 people injured on sunday there will violent confrontations between riot police and protesters outside lebanon's frustration has been growing for a financial crisis and the failure of politicians to form a new government. isn't
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a hard joins us live now from beirut what can we expect in terms of more protests and also we're hearing anything out of this meeting with security agencies. now that meeting is still taking place the president is chairing that meeting the heads of the various security agencies as well as the army chief the caretaker interior minister as well the defense minister what we understand is they're discussing security developments as well as how to restore peace and stability you see the international the internal security forces they have been saying that yes we will allow people to peacefully protest but we will not allow them. vandalized public and private property and we will not allow them to assault the security forces what we saw over the past 2 nights well was the violent confrontations in the center of beirut where we are this is the security cordon outside parliament building what protesters were trying to do was try to storm the parliament building
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vent their anger towards an institution they believe is no longer legitimate they want lawmakers to resign they believe that those who have been in power for the last 30 years are responsible for the mismanagement of this country and they're responsible for the dire economic conditions in the country but at the same time human rights groups are criticizing the internal security forces with the manner in which they confronted these protesters they said that they use the excessive force and when they fired rubber bullets at protesters suffered injuries to their eyes they should be firing bullets to the lower part of their body instead so both sides really accusing each other we have to wait to see whether drastic measures are going to be taken by those in power but those in power refusing to relinquish control while people grow more and more angry they want a new leadership in order to govern this country and into early elections so to thank you zain a whole lot for us there from by rich iran's foreign minister is threatening to
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pull out of the 1970 treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons if its nuclear activities are reported to the u.n. iran has denied claims that it's violated the more recent 2015 you could you know despite having rolled back its commitments to the pact iran's foreign ministry has also criticized european powers for filing to salvage that agreement tehran has been scaling back its commitments under the deal after the u.s. withdrew when 2018 britain france and germany triggered a dispute mechanism this month signing iranian. at least 6 people have been killed by a series of russian is strikes in syria the attacks happened in western aleppo really 30000 civilians are being displaced over the last 3 days in the latest round of selling in the area the un has called for an immediate end to hostilities saying the latest cease fire has quote yet again failed to protect civilians leaked
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documents suggest africa's richest woman siphoned the hundreds of millions of dollars of angolan government body to offshore accounts the international consortium of investigative journalists obtained papers which it says implicates the former president's daughter isabel dos santos last month prosecutors froze bank accounts and assets as part of a corruption probe she has dismissed these allegations as bicyclists. the number of ships being hijacked in the gulf of guinea has doubled in the past year the international maritime bureau warns the region has become the tories for piracy 90 percent of attacks take place there they've been chased from west african countries and meeting in senegal to try to find a solution as nicolas sarkozy ports from dhaka. it's a calling she often finds hard to explain it comes from a deep desire to defend her country and its waters after visiting senegal's naval headquarters on a school field trip 16 year old has made up her mind she'll be joining the navy in
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the since it's a noble cause protecting the ocean from polluting vessels and saving people's lives at sea even if it's dangerous i want to be part of the mission the navy is on a drive to recruit more soldiers at sea while piracy globally has dropped the number of boats attacked in the gulf of guinea has doubled in the last year this has become the world's most dangerous waters not only is it a major transit route for cargo ships the shores of senegal are also rich in marine life attracting illegal deep sea fishing vessels that are polluting the sea floor. of such a problem 90 percent of the world's trade happens on water we need to protect the oceans to protect our economies and the trade most attacks are taking place off the coast of nigeria in angola to oil exporting countries the attackers are gangs often made up of poor fishermen frustrated in seeing this wealth they have no access to taking away from their shores senegal discovered 50 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and a 1000000000 barrels of oil it has just allocated exploitation rights to multinationals
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. the drilling has been started by there's this expectation that this newfound wealth will be equally redistributed among all senegalese especially among the fishermen communities who have suffered from illegal fishing on these waters they say the ocean is a precious resource that needs to be protected. while the trumpet ministrations says it's pulling back u.s. troops in africa in march the u.s. navy organized its largest naval games in africa and the gulf of guinea with $3000.00 troops $33.00 countries including senegal. there are no physical boundaries on our territorial waters and so to protect it we need men power and soldiers willing to take action and neutralize the enemy we needed. and so this will require a new strategy for senegal and the region with fresh recruits willing to take risks needed to protect the ocean and its untapped well. nicholas hawk al-jazeera car
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thousands of people from own douras of lift their homes in the last few days hoping to reach the united states some of ridge the guatemala border town of taken trying to cross over into mexico but many of them don't know that as they are trying to leave guatemala the u.s. is sending planes filled with their countrymen back john home has more from taken. some 4000 home durance are just beginning a long journey north passing through what tamala sleeping rough and enjoying blistering heat for them the angolans worth of asylum in the u.s. but there's something many don't know and it's this even if they do reach the u.s. border it's likely they'll be flown back to guatemala to seek refuge here instead it's part of the u.s. plan that's been operating since november but in 4 days spent with the caravan hardly anyone we asked was aware of it. you know i didn't know that until now
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sending us to a country that we don't know where there's not much what why don't they just send us home. those in the queue waiting to get into a shelter room so unaware and taken about once they found out that someone get them when we don't feel safe here it's a violent country and i can do it us that's not what we made the sacrifice to help our families fall in guatemala city we talked to one of the hundreds who already been sent back although he was too scared to go on camera in the form of the problems with the gangs and hundreds if i go back there they could kill me he's now requesting asylum in guatemala but he says he was sent here under false pretenses and they're going to show up in my life they told me to go to guatemala and white and then come back for my u.s. court date they never told me i was being deported here for good migrant defenders told us the other one durance had similar stories meanwhile they countryman continue north you might think that people would turn back once they found out that their chances of asylum in the u.s. were incredibly slim and that actually they'd likely be sent back here to guatemala
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but that wasn't the case for the people that we talked to once they understood the situation well said they carry on and that's it if you never lose hope i'm still optimistic we can cross with god's help i was a lot more we're going to try to anyway because we want to be a better future for our children. blind faith perhaps but born out of desperation those who see few other ways and it's a public see or danger zone home and how does it to cool man. that is why this opposition leader has defied a travel ban flying to colombia ahead of his beijing with u.s. secretary of state. is the latest self-support from washington. is the rightful leader of that as well and he's been barred from leaving venezuela since proclaiming himself president a year ago and trying to oust president nicolas maduro. more than 70 inmates
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including members of brazil's most powerful gang of escaped from prison in paraguayan through a tunnel the government says prison officials must have been aware of the operation as hundreds of bags of thrown covered in some souls the prisons director was fired along with 6 other prison officials are wives interior minister says the tunnel might just be a ruse to make sure no officials involved a held accountable as many of the invites walked out through the main gate. spy 6 has completed the last major test of a crew capsule needed before it can launch nasa astronauts from u.s. soil. and there you just saw that trying to understand again some. really loud cheers here and how they are in california this house is looking great so far. the american aerospace manufacturer of mimic to launch fadia off the florida coast it was testing whether the capsule could separate from a rocket and return the crew if something went wrong by 6 found
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a long musk says it was a picture perfect mission. and i'm super fired up this is great you know it's really great here anyone who has an adventurous spirit of the body is going to be very excited about this and i think it will help breed a great interest in space. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories there are reports of protesters have been killed in the capital baghdad after police tried to break down barricades on the outskirts of the city dozens of said to be injured in the latest round of mass demonstrations. it has more from baghdad. this is. one that has been killed as a result of the police using live fire what's been happening throughout the day is
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the protests there's a been moving this way and burning tires i don't know if you can take it out but you can see the blood. all over that they've been trying to cut off the city the police forces have been pushing back using tear gas and now in the last couple of hours we have been hearing live fire being used against the place. the a uses it's considering ways to support a ceasefire in the including a possible military led mission on the ground fighting broke out south of the capital alice after a peace summit and ending the conflict wrapped up in berlin. at least 6 people have been killed by a series of russian air strikes in syria the attacks happened in western aleppo the of the 30000 civilians have been displaced over the last 3 days in the latest round of shelling in the area the u.n. is calling for an immediate end to hostilities south korea has become the 1st to confirm its 1st case of a new coronavirus that originated from china patient numbers of tripled and 3 people have died since it was 1st detected in the chinese city of han in his 1st
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comments on the outbreak president sees you being says the virus must be resolutely compliant lebanon's president is meeting the heads of security agencies to discuss the recent waves of approaches the survey says more needs to be done to preserve peace and stability after 2 nights of a breast lift more than $500.00 people injured frustration has been growing out of the financial crisis. leaked documents suggest africa's richest woman siphoned hundreds of billions of dollars of angolan government money to offshore accounts the international consortium of investigative journalists obtained papers which it says implicates the former president's daughter is a builder. those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera right after inside story.
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growing frustration with lebanon's economic crisis protesters are angry that 3 months of anti-government demonstrations seem to have gone nowhere what's needed to break the stalemate in the 11th leaders willing to change the political system this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey for 3 months now people in lebanon have been demanding change worsening economic crisis means many can't find jobs pay for basic goods or even withdraw money.


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