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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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a giant in time while on al-jazeera the own. people killed and wounded in baghdad as anti-government protests intensify across iraq. fully back to boyer watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up china confirms human to human transmission of a new viral strain which has killed 3 people so far and infections are rising. after world leaders back in libya cease fire the european union considers military support to uphold any peace deal also ahead. this is a politically money time and it is a nervous trade it's. africa's richest woman speaks exclusively to our just 0
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responding to allegations she ripped off and go all out to enrich yourself. thank you for joining us 2 iraqi protesters have been killed in baghdad where security forces used tear gas and live ammunition as they moved in to break down barricades on the city's outskirts many more people are injured elsewhere in iraq in nasiriya and protests as of attempted to cut off the highway linking the southern oil rich province of basra the demonstrations reaganite of last week after a brief osama bin job it is in baghdad for al jazeera he says the situation remains fluid. we've been monitoring these developments since early on this morning when protesters tried to choke not just one but multiple points across the iraqi capital there out in. force they want to tell the government that they are not backing down
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and they want the government to take and seize the monday was when the deadline expired been the protesters said that if reforms are not put into place by monday or be seen conjugal action be taken by the government they will come out in force and that's what they did not just in baghdad but across the country there have been multiple points of clashes across the capital on the outskirts of their lives in central baghdad being here if they're in square where there were clashes close to us as well tear gas was being fired you could hear frogs being fired has been according to activists that was like the nation security forces have been saying that they've been using chemical to steel bullets. about the death toll we've been hearing reports and repeat seen multiple graphic videos that activists of be joyous about people who've been seriously wounded but they're saying at least 2 people have been killed you see in the funeral of one person which was taken on 2 words there at square close to where there were the confrontations with this acuity
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forces now the protesters have fallen back a few 100 meters and they have set up new barricades you could see them taking bins and and tires and other things with which they can stop the police from moving in further. the spread of a new virus appears to be accelerating in asia china's health authorities have not confirmed that there's been human to human transmission the corona virus has killed 3 people since the 1st being detected in the chinese city of one han in a sense spread to 3 other chinese cities including beijing shanghai and hong kong 212-0217 new cases have been confirmed it's also spreading internationally south korea centers for disease control and prevention has now reported its 1st case a chinese woman who flew into incheon city from one on sunday has been quarantined and that fall is one case being confirmed in japan early in january and 2 in thailand 6 days ago chinese president xi jinping says the virus must be resolutely
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controlled katrina you reports from beijing. stothard hospital are working around the clock to identify a mystery virus which has been linked to star's severe acute respiratory syndrome at least 3 people have died and the number of those confirmed to have the virus is growing the chinese officials say the outbreak is under control there all the. new cases have been a been ticks toward visit to the hospital and we have concentrated resources experts to treat patients in one place she saw the virus which causes pneumonia like symptoms originated in a meat market cases have been confirmed in beijing and shenzhen and found in chinese villages japan thailand and south korea human to human transmission has not been ruled out and that's a problem because this week marks the official beginning of china's busiest travel
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season hundreds of millions are using public transit ahead of chinese new year celebrations checks are being conducted in railway stations and airports as it is the growing concern about the spread of the virus people here are looking to the gun to do more to keep them safe but i don't think the government is doing enough because i'm just not hear enough details about it i don't think they will give us the true number of those infected i'm worried and that's why i wear a mask when i'm out others say they trust the government's handling of the virus i believe the government would give us fast and accurate information i think they're more worried than the public they were have to figure out how to deal with it so i'm not worried but the outbreak is bringing back an easy memories of the 2003 saw outbreak which killed almost 800 people worldwide and left more than 8000 sick authorities initially withheld information about the epidemic leading some to question the chinese government's transparency around the new virus british
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researchers say they could be as many as 7100 cases the world health organization. an essential research team to root for us to fully underlies the extent of human to human transmission we need to collect more and more information so this is obviously the new diseases and so many think we still don't know videos are circulating on chinese social media of passages being tested on flights from behind but the government has appealed to the public to remain calm 8 people were arrested earlier this month for spreading rumors about the outbreak online but preventing the spread of the virus may not be as straightforward as controlling the spread of information katrina you al-jazeera beijing. the says it's considering ways to support a ceasefire in libya including a possible military led mission foreign ministers have been meeting in brussels the day after a brilliant peace conference brought together libya's warring sides and several
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world powers but more fighting broke out south of tripoli just hours after that summit came to an end these top diplomat joseph roe says any peace settlement will need the bronx support. we charge. it working bodies of the country to. the cops. where you are the best of the sitting to present to the council concrete proposals on how to implement this cease fire a new force in the un arms embargo i hope that these will be ready for the next for being a 1st country will but in the meantime we have to pass from a truce. to a real ceasefire al-jazeera is hashem had bar is in berlin he says they'll be skepticism of brown's claim that the e.u. is impacting the situation in libya. he was basically saying the situation on the
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ground is must better now hinting that this could be because of the european interference that's not true it's because of the agreement between the russians and the turks the 2 of them have absolutely massive leverage over one lot of money for how to and also the government of phase assad us the european role in libya has become pedophile absolutely irrelevant and they are trying to say that we are united and we are willing to set aside our differences and our divisions in the past about the it remains to be seen how can the european on their own put together a new mechanism to ensure the cease fire holds and the flow of arms into libya comes to an end without having the 2 key players now russia and turkey on board so until yesterday when they were here in berlin there were they have managed along with the united nations special envoy to libya to convince to name
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5 military commanders from his side and the prime minister named 5 mr commanders from his side these are the ones who will talk about all the details of the cease fire agreement when it comes this is why brad was talking about this is just a truce not a cease fire the cease fire agreement once we have full commitment from all the parties the libyans and the international community to start a genuine suspicion of hostilities on the ground those commanders will be the ones to discuss the logistics and the modalities of that agreement along with representatives from turkey from russia and european and he's out. now with more on the situation in libya. it's relatively quiet today compared to the past couple of days but nevertheless the situation on the ground is not as promising as it was hoped for through conference and no military commanders on the
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ground spoke to us and it seems that they are determined to continue fighting and concerning the options that europe is looking into in order to enforce this cease fire many military individuals on the ground say that they will continue fighting and the government and military sources say that they are not in need of any foreign or european. military intervention to impose order and force the seas fire but they say that they can do that by continuing fighting and tells they push after us forces out of the capital tripoli meanwhile the situation on the india oil industry the oil terminals in the east of the country is still very key your take as. prime minister sort of seems to be determined not to sit with the warlord cliff or have to. have to is now linking. the
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distribution of the oil revenues to making peace or lifting lifting the blockade from the oil terminals in this the country is link it by have to the distribution of the oil revenues and some commenting that this is rejecting that and it seems that some of us is determined not to sit with a lot of or have to. africa's richest woman has denied allegations that she stole hundreds of millions of dollars from angola's government to benefit her own business dealings speaking exclusively to al-jazeera isabel dos santos has responded to leaks documents which an international journalist consortium says implicates nicola gage has a story. she's facing allegations of fraud and corruption the daughter of angola's former president isabelle to santos is at the center of an investigation now claiming she siphoned hundreds of millions of dollars of
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government money to offshore accounts speaking exclusively to our jazeera she called the corruption probe and all chris try to attack against her saying whoa is self-made and she hasn't done anything wrong this is a very concentrated attack it is an attack that has been very very well coordinated is an attack that is very much where did it between a foreign media that is acting together with the angle in a story is to try and create a false perception of my business. her father show say duato to santos ruled on kolo for almost 40 years until $27.00 tane the international consortium of investigative journalists obtained papers which it says shows he gave his daughter big chunks of some of the country's most valuable resources as she built a business empire that stretched from telecommunications to banking and
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construction prosecutors froze her bank accounts and assets last month our investigation which took 8 months and more than 100 journalists to complete found dos santos aided by her sort of qadri of western advisors funneled hundreds of millions of dollars and offshore shell companies and from there into all kinds of assets including luxury homes and big. businesses before being forced out by her father's successor. is a builder santos headed angola's national oil company sonnen goal but the new government suspended some of her projects and seized an estimated $1000000000.00 worth of assets in a corruption drive last month her half brother shows a fuller manor went on trial for corruption he's pleaded not guilty and goal is rich in oil and diamonds but it remains one of the world's poorest countries with
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a staggering wealth gap the i.c.i. jay also accuses angolan government officials as well as western financial firms lawyers and accountants of helping isabel to sentosa stash away public funds the portuguese authorities are possibly investigating and other governments around the globe are likely to take a closer look at some of the money that's for their financial systems despite her legal troubles to sentosa remains defiant she's even considering running for president to $9.00 goalless next election in 2022 gauge al-jazeera and here's more of what isabel dos santos said in her exclusive interview with al-jazeera. this is a very concentrated attack it is an attack that has been very very well coordinated is an attack that is very much for it in between a foreign media that is acting together with the ngo and us already is to try and
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we ate a false perception of my business my business is a private business i work in the private sector i have built over 10 commercial companies in angola companies in retail so supermarkets cinemas shopping malls media telethon these are commercial companies that work every single day i've built 5 of and those most loved brands i have over 20000 employees currently and one of those largest taxpayers so these companies are companies or commercial companies the word every day they sort of thousands of being bought this is a politically motivated tack and it is an orchestrated attack my lawyers and myself we have written to a c.a.j. repeatedly saying please give us the occasion to review the documents that you're mentioning now when you're talking about 715000 documents 1st i doubt very much that in just a matter of a few months people had the opportunity to read them all i don't think it's
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possible 715000 documents i'm sorry this is just a very very large number of documents for it to be reviewed in such an i'm sure amount of time that's my 1st concern my 2nd concern consumer these are documents are bleeped we never had an opportunity to even authentic it is documents and they're standing i don't know we have asked for these documents we said can we see them can we have any information and i see angie simply refused. are coming up on al-jazeera nations from across the americas seek new ways to fight on groups accusing cuba and venezuela of harboring fight it's. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast well here across
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japan it is going to be quite snowy here across the northwestern part of japan now we call the sea effect snow we have that cold air pushing across the relatively warmer water picking up a lot of moisture dumping it here across the northwestern part of japan so tuesday that is going to be the scenario by the time we get towards wednesday we do expect to see improving conditions there tokyo a partly cloudy day for you with a temperature of 10 degrees here crushing high though it is going to be quite wet that's going to continue not only for wednesday but possibly on to thursday as well a lot of that rain begins to push toward south korea it won't be so but it will be down here across much of the south even osaka could see a rain shower or 2 there where across the philippines not looking too bad to the north down towards the south though we are picking up a few more showers in the overnight hours for parts of say boom we're going to be seeing about 28 degrees to you there down towards jakarta they expect to see some very heavy rain as we go towards wednesday and up here towards parts of coaching it is going to be a partly cloudy day was for showers in the forecast at 32 degrees and then very
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quickly across parts of india really not looking too bad over the next few days most of the heavy rain showers have ended we are going to see had her bad with some clouds in the forecast attempt of 30 inch knife at 31. i'm counting the cost from pounces monster trade deal is china capitulates can beijing deliver it ends of billions in extra trade russia seeks to isolate ukraine with a pipeline by plus south korea's does struggling to climb the social and skylights counting the calls on i'll just see them. beating eco friendly city she wants to come back drinks to atlanta heat on al-jazeera. the old the eagle the old.
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welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera to iraqi protesters have been killed in baghdad where security forces used tear gas and live ammunition as they moved in to break down barricades on the city's outskirts many more people are aged the european union says it's considering ways to support a ceasefire in libya including a possible military led mission foreign ministers have been eating in brussels a day after the berlin peace conference on libya and china has confirmed human to human transmission of a new coronavirus soccer e as become the 3rd asian country to confirm its 1st case of this fire is that as the originator from china patient numbers have tripled and 3 people have died since it was 1st detected in the chinese city of the han. now u.s.
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president donald trump's legal team is due to be submitting their defense argument ahead of his impeachment trial in the senate which begins on tuesday they say he was within his constitutional authority to press ukraine to investigate a democratic rival the democrat controlled house of representatives approved 2 articles of impeachment against president trump last month the trial in the republican controlled opera house will decide whether to remove from office as speaker our white house correspondent kimberly hockett who is live in washington kimberly so what are we watching for today in terms of trans defense. you know what we're specifically watching for that brief that you alluded to off the top there that should be coming in the next hour but you know with deadlines in this trial in this inquiry you know there have been some flexible moments this could be one of them but again we are expecting that in the next hour it will give us a sense of how the trump team is expected to defend the president and argue the case but at the same time we already have a bit of
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a guideline that was released over the weekend the white house holding a call with reporters where simply they've made the arguments that the charges are invalid that the president has committed no crime in their view and that this is nothing more than the president being the victim of democrats who are trying to overturn the 2016 u.s. election result they go on to say that there is no need for a witness testimony and even if witnesses were called for example former national security adviser john bolton well then the president would invoke executive privilege and that would send this off into the courts take a very long time to resolve now democrats for their part say look at we know this is an abuse of power and that's why we are pressing this so close to the 2020 election this is an obstruction of congress and they also say that well the argument is being made by the other side that this is not high crimes and misdemeanors that the founding fathers made that deliberately veg to encompass exactly arguments they're making right now that the president abused just presidential powers for political purposes when he held that phone call with the
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ukrainian leader of ludmer is alinsky so we've got a competing arguments that are taking place but formally the white house watching very carefully for that brief to be filed in the next hour or so what are we expecting in the senate when the trial begins on tuesday. yes so that's when things officially will kick off but already there are some work underway we have a 7 house managers those are the democratic prosecutors if you will from the house of representatives they'll be in the senate we know they're doing a walk through they're also deciding right now who's going to argue what aspects of this case the other mystery in all of this the ground rules and that is going to come down to what mitch mcconnell the top republican in the u.s. senate will decide so we're watching for that very carefully as well but we expect this is going to run every day except sunday in terms of arguments could be 6 hours of arguments each day that we will be following very carefully so it will be long and it will be lengthy thank you kimberly force in washington d.c.
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. venezuela is expected to be high on the agenda as leaders and foreign ministers from across the americas meet in colombia for an anti-terrorism conference u.s. secretary of state michael impale and colombia's president held a news conference ahead of the meeting they accuse venezuela and cuba of harboring members of various armed groups in the region is also expected to hold meetings with venezuela's opposition leader one who the u.s. and many other countries at the conference recognize as venezuela is illegitimate president live to understand that i'm here in bogota for his tell us more about what the u.s. secretary of state said during that news conference. well folly it wasn't really a news conference it was not really a statement on par pale and the president columbia. presenting the conference that. started that and as you were saying at the center of it all is
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that of venezuela and the fact that both the u.s. and the host country here colombia believe that the. only sheltering number. again is asians criminal organizations and other groups that the u.s. and other countries in the atmosphere consider a terrorist organization that. is also supporting them they made reference to the land the last standing active rebel group. whose leadership. in hiding in ministerial according to the u.s. and colombia also the fact that the former rebels the fact they signed a peace deal with the economy in 2616 some of those that leadership but the dissidents the fire corral so in venezuela and finally insisted on the fact that
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there are cells. the. lebanese party that the u.s. also considered their terrorist organization operating in venezuela and compel is asking for latin american and caribbean countries to do more to stop these cells operating in this country being able to travel through. the area and also insisted on there a need to strengthen ties in counterterrorism in the region. i saw 1st hand the devastating consequences of what would your brother when i traveled to. a few months back the world must continue to support the venezuela people's efforts to restore their device or see what it meant to produce tyranny
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which arrives millions of it as well as an impact colombia in the region. well folly the surprise here was the arrival of one wild dog the president of venezuela's opposition controlled national assembly which the united states and more than 50 countries across the world consider their real president. venezuela he got fired the travel ban to come here to colombia need to it compel something that will happen in the coming hours we don't have many details of that meeting bad will happen here in bogota and then why go is expected to travel to europe as part of an international tour that you try and put more pressure for regime change in minutes well and it's on the ramp for us in bogota i think you thousands of people have gathered in the u.s. state of virginia to protest against proposals for tougher gun laws ahead of the
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rally virginia's governor issued a state of emergency citing threats of violence by hate groups the state legislature is considering a range of new gun controls after 12 people were killed in a mass shooting in virginia last year given elizondo is at the rally in richmond. thousands of people outside the state capitol here in richmond virginia which is shaping up here to be one of the biggest gun rights rallies we've seen in america in recent years thousands of people here this is a traditional day called lobby day here in the state of virginia where people can come talk to their lawmakers and politicians about things they want to see done but this is a day where they're focusing on the one issue and that's gun rights and pro gun owners that have flooded this state capital here. to basically voice their discontent to what they say are restrictive gun laws being put into place by the
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democratic governor here in this state this is really galvanized the pro-gun or gun rights people from not only here in the state of virginia but all over the u.s. and particularly this region we've seen people drive in from neighboring states as well many of the people here exercising their 2nd amendment right carrying guns over their shoulders in their holsters on their on their belts. carrying and only and guns is completely legal here in the state of virginia ceasing many people here do that now there was expected to be a gun control rally held here later this afternoon by people that are anti-gun but they have canceled that is also a lot of police here as well there were worries of potential violence of outsiders and. anti-government militia groups coming from the outside trying to maybe stoke of violence here at this rally but we have seen absolutely none of that so far it's
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been a completely peaceful event here large numbers of people all of whom say here that they're out here with their guns to show that this is their right and they want to keep that right and protected. hundreds of people have been protesting in the in indonesia's capital again sabella that name. the unions would weaken protection for workers present djoko we don't know wants to overhaul the country's labor laws is trying to relax rules that businesses say make it cost me to hire and fire employees the government believes jobs hampering investment and job growth union say the changes would end the minimum wage and force people to work longer hours. that was a. labor unions reject the omnibus bill on job creation because the government is talking about changing the hourly minimum wage which could lead to lower incomes they also plan to erase the pincian screen this bill will only benefit companies this is not about some of the students it's just about protecting companies unions
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need to be involved in drafting this little. 1630 g.m.t. the headlines on al-jazeera to iraqi protesters have been killed in baghdad where security forces used tear gas and live ammunition as they moved in to break down barricades on the city's outskirts many more people are injured elsewhere in iraq in nasiriyah and 9 protesters have attempted to cut off the highway linking the southern oil which province of basra the demonstrations knighted last week after a brief lie. the european union says is considering ways to support a cease fire in libya including a possible military led mission foreign ministers have been meeting in brussels a day after a brilliant peace conference on libya brought together the country's warring sides and several world powers but more fighting broke out south of tripoli just hours
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after that summit came to an end. we charging. it work in bodies will they come to. the ops. where you invest in the sitting to present to consume concrete proposals of how to implement this cease fire a new force in the un symbolical i hope that these will be ready for the next for the interface council but in the meantime we have to pass from troops. to real ceasefire. china has confirmed human to human transmission of a new coronavirus patient numbers have tripled the air and 3 people have died since it was distracted it's also spread to other countries in the asia region speaking exclusively to engineer the daughter of an goalless former president has does has
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dismissed leaks documents which suggest she siphoned hundreds of millions of dollars from the government into offshore accounts the international consortium of investigative journalists obtain papers which it says implicates isabel the shondells last month prosecutors froze our assets as part of a corruption investigation and us president donald trump's legal team is expected to submit their defense arguments ahead of his impeachment trial in the senate which begins on tuesday they say as he was within his constitutional authority to press ukraine to investigate a democratic rival those are the headlines on al-jazeera the news continues right after counting the cost stay with us.
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sami's a than this is counting the cost of al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week we're signing. monster $40.00 to $50.00 to our 5. happy thank you i keep saying i'll buy a larger crack. china. tens of billions in extra trade. american sanctions problem russia's pivot to the. euro.


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