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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2020 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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from asia in the pacific on al jazeera. violent demonstrations in the iraqi capital while protesters in the south of the country block roads in an act of defiance. a law i maryam namazie in london you know with al jazeera also coming up on the program world health organization calls an emergency meeting as the chinese coronavirus jobs orders and human to human transmission is confined. as democrats carry out final preparations for only the 30 mph min trial in u.s. history the white house lays out its defense of president donald trump.
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and chaos as hundreds of migrants cross from guatemala into mexico as they continue their desperate journey to the united states. comes the program our top story at least 2 people have been killed in baghdad after iraqi security forces used tear gas and live ammunition to break up anti-government protests meanwhile in the south of the country hundreds of demonstrators that blocked main roads in several cities the had been a brief lull in protests as regional tensions between iran and the united states took center stage but iraqis continue to say the prime minister has not fulfilled his promises and they are calling for an overhaul of the political system imran khan reports now from the capital. in one of the main squares in central baghdad police and protesters confront each other it began in the early hours of my. as
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protesters tried to block the road leading to the square they want a change of government and accuse the current one of corruption a cool had gone out to protesters to block main roads in baghdad a major highways in the south cutting off access. police use live ammunition and fight a gas in an attempt to disperse the crowds in the capital but a standoff sued last in several i was angry iraqis are determined to get their message across. the idea isn't just blocking the roads all the people here often straighted so we make noise here to make sure that we are hard. days do you want to for months no one has listened to our demands they're killing us it's just bloodshed. throughout the day took took 3 wheelers have been ferrying to guess victims to makeshift hospitals like this one. i went to tyrone square in baghdad and the people wanted me to help them i was also attacked by tear gas i fell down the security forces have been using tear gas and live ammunition. iraq's national
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security council has authorized the arrests of protesters but so far that's had little impact on the movement there wasn't the same level of violence elsewhere in the country as the wars in baghdad and the roadblocks in the south the protesters considered a success the real question for the protest movement is where do you go from here once you started blocking off roads in the south of the country effectively cutting off the self from the rest of the country where do you escalate your demands of being listened to and that's really angry the protest movement now it really remains to be seen whether the blockade of the roads is going to work and whether the government will listen as a result of it imran khan al jazeera baghdad a solid range of aid is also following the story joins us now from the iraqi capital baghdad where we've been speaking about there being these overnight protests in baghdad in central and central iraq but crucially also in the south of the country that had been this temporary poor was in the protests what's caused
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them to resurface again now. monday was the deadline that was set by the protesters to the iraqi government saying that during this week if you do not take concrete actions to what our demands are we will come out again to the streets we will talk iraq and that is essentially what they did throughout monday you saw in baghdad multiple checkpoints on the highway on major arteries which link back out to other parts protesters came out erected barricades the clash with police they threw stones and molotov cocktails at them which police were pried with tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets as well as some activists saying that live munitions were used we've been through the day seeing graphic pictures of wounded protesters some of them the activists have died as well multiple casualties have taken place you've seen one funeral in iraq sources have confirmed at least 2
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people being killed in iraq one in karbala so this was a standoff that we saw after weeks of love especially after the tensions between the united states and iran protesters coming out in force also ahead of the rallies which had been planned by some government aligned political groups including looked at outside the protesters saying that this is their movement they have been coming out giving up lives getting their colleagues wounded in these clashes and they have been defiant of the security forces and many of them who we spoke to there and they're on square as well as to how do you square are saying that either the government kills them or accept their demand anything short of that they are not going to give up their positions i know that you're in baghdad. that happen protests in the south of the country places like what you're mentioning there. what do we know about the situation that because protesters have been blocking roads.
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many parts of southern iraq were essentially cut because protesters blocked major highways the came out in the make sure that there was no traffic which could go through besides emergency vehicles and food trucks. head of these protests many of these provinces declared a day off so that people would daily life would not be destructive but it did and this is where the protesters wanted they wanted to tell the government that it is not listening to them it's been weeks since they were able to push out the government over them to maggie who is now leading an interim government but there has been no name from the for the prime minister's post there is nothing that is happening on the ground which is leading to words what their demands are and changes to the constitution access to health care education jobs and other basic facilities by the government and an end to corruption and when people hear about names that are being proposed which are aligned to either groups or individuals
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associated to iran or around baghdad it infuriates them even further because what they seem to be saying is that they do not want any meddling in iraq the affairs whether it's from the united states or iran thank you very much from baghdad a solid bench of 8. now the world health organization will convene an emergency meeting in geneva on wednesday to address the spread of a mystery illness which originated in china a virus has killed 3 people since 1st being detected in the chinese city of one han more than $200.00 cases have now been confirmed and on monday officials said they had evidence of human to human transmission south korea centers for disease control and prevention is also reported its 1st case a chinese woman who flew into incheon city from her heart on sunday has been quarantined that follows one case being confirmed in japan early in january and 2
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in thailand 6 days ago katrina you reports now from beijing. started hospital are working around the clock to identify a mystery virus which has been linked to star's severe acute respiratory syndrome at least 3 people have died and the number of those confirmed to have the virus is growing the chinese officials say the outbreak is under control. all the. new cases have been a been tipped to a visit new to the hospital and we have concentrated resources experts to treat to patients in one place sheba. the virus which causes pneumonia like symptoms originated in a 100 seafood and meat market cases have been confirmed in beijing and shanghai 10 and found in chinese visitors japan thailand and south korea this week marks the official beginning of china's busiest travel season hundreds of millions are using public transit ahead of chinese new year celebrations checks are being conducted in railway stations and airports but that hasn't always the growing concern about the
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spread of the virus people here are looking to the gun would do more to keep them safe but god i don't think the government is doing enough because i'm just not here enough details about it i don't think they will give us the true number of those infected i'm worried and that's why i wear a mask when i'm out others say they trust the government's handling of the virus i believe the government or give us past and accurate information i think they're more worried than the public they were have to figure out how to deal with it so i'm not worried but the outbreak is bringing back an easing memories of the 2003 sauce outbreak which killed almost 800 people worldwide and left more than 8000 sick authorities initially withheld information about the epidemic leading some to question the chinese government's transparency around the new virus british researchers say they could be as many as 7200 cases the world health organization
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has sent a research team to work on for us to fully otherwise the extent of human to human transmission we need to collect more and more information so this is obviously the new diseases and so many things we still don't know videos are circulating on chinese social media of passengers being tested on flights for move on but the government has appealed to the public to remain calm 8 people were arrested earlier this month for spreading rumors about the outbreak online but preventing the spread of the virus may not be as straightforward as controlling the spread of information katrina you al-jazeera beijing. the white house has filed a $110.00 page legal response laying out the defense had of trump's trial in the senate starting tuesday is lawyers argue that democrats have diluted the standards of impeachment they argue that the house democrats novel theory of abuse of power improperly soprano's the standard of high crimes and misdemeanors demeanors with a made up theory that would permanently weaken the presidency by effectively
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permitting impeachments based merely on policy disagreements let's go live to our house correspondent kimberly how kid who is in washington so the suggestion here from president trump's lawyers is that the articles of impeachment are legally flawed was have their arguments. yes sources close to the president's legal team are working with the president's legal team are telling al-jazeera that there are a couple of things they believe 1st of all they see this is the 1st opportunity for the president to make his case they say that this was something that was denied in the house inquiry that's not entirely true partially true there wasn't any cross-examination that was really allowed for the president so they're looking forward to that but they also argue that when it comes to these articles particularly abuse of power that the president didn't do that when he was having that telephone call with lattimer's let's give the ukrainian leader he did they they point out talked about the 2016 election but they're saying that him doing so
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was not in any way interfering with the 2020 alexion that he was talking about investigating the past not looking to influence the future that's another one of their arguments but as centrally it all comes down to an attack strategy from what we can see they're saying the charges are invalid the president committed no crime and really this is an effort by the democrats to overturn the 2016 u.s. election they're also saying there are no need for witnesses and if witnesses like the former national security advisor john bolton are called well the white house is arguing the president would invoke executive privilege that would push it over into the courts it would take a long time to ravel democrats for their part are saying look at we are pushing ahead with this this does amount to high crimes and misdemeanors it's a very high bar but they say because the essentially when this sort of was put into the u.s. constitution was deliberately left they to take in and compass the abuse of presidential power so while they say expressly in the u.s.
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constitution what the president has done may not be illegal as his legal team is arguing they say it definitely is criminal given how they have interpreted the constitution that's what this trial is going to be about it's all about the argument and what the senators the jurors choose to believe when this kicks off on tuesday. regardless of this outcome and the fact that a conviction is very unlikely this is still very much a historic event isn't it what preparations and arrangements are under way than if it tomorrow. you can't underscore the enormity of this in the impact that it could have on the decision making of the american public voting public come november of 2020 i mean this is only the 3rd trial in u.s. history so that makes it historic no matter what the outcome and so in terms of the preparations this is being very meticulously done we know those house managers they're going to act like the prosecutors are 7 of them they walked across the
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capitol from the house of representatives into the senate they kind of mapped out where they would be standing they've decided amongst themselves who will be arguing what the mystery of all of this are the ground rules that will be voted on tuesday will be controlled by republicans as it were waiting to see what the top republican mitch mcconnell will say about that in terms of how this will look will it be like 9 $199.00 for the trial of president bill clinton it's unclear but what we do know and all of this is that it's going to be very lengthy there could be as many as 6 hours of arguments every day it's going to happen every day except sunday so fasten your seat belts it could be a long one all right thank you very much can we help it. you have al jazeera live from london. it is it is it has been very very well for. africa's richest woman insists she is innocent of the she's accused of corruption
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hundreds of millions of dollars. by bush just days ago now australia banks and giant edelstein's and rush money. case of very high pressure across northwestern parts of here at record breaking high pressure here actually you can see the clear skies that's what we do have that high and this area of high pressure actually we're looking at the strongest high for belgium on record as far as you guys concerned with the pressure exceeding a 1050 millibars through the course of monday making as the strongest high here since 1957 so that is on usually will take some shifting as well as we go through the next few days for the south the deep area of low pressure here has been
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bringing some nasty weather into that he's inside of spain fabulous snow that we most need to come as we go on through the next couple of days some heavy rain as well very very strong winds gal force winds winds gusting at says about 30 kilometers per hour over the next 24 hours or so that means big seas as well to see some 7 me to waves as a result of this system affecting that western side of the mediterranean there's that cloud that rain that sleet and snow as that quater weather further north a bit of cloud with a high here it has to be said but it will be largely dry over the next couple days lotty trifectas a good part of europe but staying very stormy for the western med. explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how and why buoys influenced the course of history so that he did not get enough credit for ending the budget he wants to
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be the big historical figure but he was not the biggest con in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face on al-jazeera. the on the on the old. problem back a look at the headlines this hour now anti-government protests have reignited in iraq as a deadline set by demonstrators for reform passed at least 2 protesters were killed in baghdad when police used live rounds the world health organization will hold the mergence the meeting as a deadly virus which has killed 3 people spreads in asia chinese experts say the
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corona virus could move from person to person and at the white house is saying the charges against president trump on frivolous and dangerous less than 24 hours before his impeachment trial starts. european union foreign ministers have agreed to look at ways to support a ceasefire in libya but only if a tentative truce holds it comes after a summer in berlin on sunday and could include a monitoring mission and restarting a naval operation to uphold a u.n. arms embargo has been a shaky truce between the wall of relief after as eastern based government and the u.n. recognize administration which is based in tripoli after has been fighting to take over the capital for months. and in an exclusive interview with algis there are the lead to a of libya's un recognized said he's hopeful the me but unit safe the piece because those for lean we are cautiously optimistic about the berlin summit simply
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because we have had previous meetings and understanding's but we were not met by a genuine political partner on the contrary we were met with malice and treachery along the way now all have come to realize that there is no military solution to the crisis in libya despite the fact that huffed her and his forces do not believe in diplomacy nora political process we hoped at hoft ours are lies and supporters have also come to this conclusion and would recalculate their moves in order to revive this political process the berlin solution has introduced 3 main courses of action military political and economic progress must be achieved done all these 3 fronts simultaneously in order to arrive to a comprehensive solution in libya to core problem is a negative intervention by foreign forces you with the mom to is in libya's capital chip an yway says the minute she come on to sufficing have to us full says don't want foreign intervention it's relatively quiet today compared to the past couple of days but nevertheless the situation on the ground is not as promising
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as it was hoped for through a bill in conference and now military commanders on the ground spoke to us and it seems that they are determined to continue fighting and concerning their options that europe is looking into an order through in force this cease fire many military individuals on the ground say that they will continue fighting and the government and military sources say that they are not in need of any foreign or european. military intervention to impose order and force the seas fire but they say that they can do that by continuing fighting until they push after us forces out of the capital tripoli meanwhile the situation on the india oil industry the oil terminals in the east of the country is still very key your take as. prime minister
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sort of seems to be determined not to sit with the warlord plea for have to. have to is now linking. the distribution of the oil revenues to making peace lifting lifting the blockade from the oil terminals in this the country is link it by have to the distribution of the oil revenues and some commenting this is rejecting that and it seems that some of us is determined not to sit with the world a lot for have to. africa's richest woman has denied allegations that she siphoned hundreds of millions of dollars out of angola and into offshore accounts speaking to algis there is about a santos responded to leaked documents which journalists say implicates in corruption reports. she's facing allegations of fraud and corruption the daughter of angola's former president is
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a builder santos is at the center of an investigation now claiming she saif and hundreds of millions of dollars of government money to offshore accounts thank you for speaking to al jazeera she called the corruption probe and all could straight attack against her saying her wealth is self-made and she hasn't done anything wrong this is a very concentrated attack it is an attack that has been very very well coordinated is an attack that is very much where did it between a foreign media that is acting together with the young girl of 30 years to try and we ate a false perception of my business. her father show say duato discern toss wrong done kolo for almost 40 years until $27.00 tane the international consortium of investigative journalists obtained papers which it says shows he gave his daughter big chunks of some of the country's most valuable resources as she built
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a business empire that stretched from telecommunications to banking and construction prosecutors fruit's her bank accounts and assets last month investigation which took 8 months and more than 100 journalists to complete found the dos santos aided by her sort of qadri of western advisors funneled hundreds of millions of dollars and offshore shell companies and from there into all kinds of assets including luxury homes and big businesses before being forced out by her father successor to run so. isabel dissenters headed angola's national oil company sun and go but the new government suspended some of her projects and seized an estimated $1000000000.00 worth of assets in a corruption drive last month her half brother shows a fuller manor went on trial for corruption he's pleaded not guilty and goal is
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rich in oil and diamonds but it remains one of the world's poorest countries with a staggering wealth gap the i.c.i. jay also accuses angolan government officials as well as western financial firms lawyers and accountants of helping isabel to sentosa stash away public funds the portuguese authorities are possibly investigating and other governments around the globe are likely to take a closer look at some of the money that's for their financial systems despite her legal troubles to sentosa remains defiant she's even considering running for president to $9.00 goalless next election in 2022 nicola gage al-jazeera. hundreds of central american migrants are forced their way into mexico by wading through a river at its southern border they became impatient after authorities stopped them from crossing a border bridge connecting guatemala to mexico mexico's stepped up its police presence with hundreds of national guard troops deployed to the area as migrants
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threw rocks at them the country is on the mounting pressure though to prevent them from reaching the u.s. border with president donald trump threatening trade and of sanctions if they do. then you would say yeah we just want to pass through here we didn't come here to stay here we just want to get to the other side i'm a mother i need to look after my daughter and i'm a single mother we just want to find work please i'm so scared and i don't want to go back to my country because there's no work there there's nothing my daughter and i are suffering from hunger. john heilemann has more now from syria that he doesn't go on the guatemala mexico border he says that people are desperate to get to the united states. we. tried. to get him to make.
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some of the home during. the. bridge between. 3 the mexican government. and. the u.s. secretary of state has called for help to remove venezuela's president from office he described nicolas maduro his role as tyranny in colombia's president even he
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praised his supporting flaying venezuelans several countries including the us recognize the opposition as venezuela's president. to me quite late on monday while in colombia there are more thunderstorms forecast across australia where the heaviest rain in months has flooded areas that were burning just days ago but despite these downpours more than 80 bushfires all still burning in the east of the country under thomas reports. for weeks australia burns and choking smoke filled the air but this is dust a huge dust storm rolled across the towns of dubbo and parks over the weekend dramatic but not dangerous and elsewhere it's now flooding in melbourne to ritual rain storms and hail stones the size of golf balls
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qualifying matches at the australian open were abandoned smoke from bushfires had been a big worry for players now it's further rain interruptions this story a little bit of it all you see. you know would have a lot of troubles if they have to cancel matches and you know luckily they have 3 close. courts with a with a roof. still has so many matches so many players. let's hope they're through the worst is behind us the rain has also been heavy in parts of the states of queensland and new south wales for those tackling the bushfires it's just what was needed though dozens of fires are still burning the water has dampened them and none of threatening homes or lives but the economic impact of the fires is still being felt tourism in summer is usually the backbone of kangaroo island's economy but this cruise ship is the 1st to visit the island of australia's south coast
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since the fires earlier this month most tourists are staying away they think. and that's not so we really need to send that message out that they are and so accessible australia is huge varied weather is normal but the start of 2020 has been exceptional andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney. often more than 4 decades of doubt arrest self-portrait of dutch artist vincent van gogh has been confirmed as authentic experts say it's probably the only known work painted by van gogh while he had psychosis and 889 research took 6 years to come it was that just took 6 years to reach these conclusions about the painting which was purchased by noyes national museum in 1910 for the equivalent of around 110000 dollars and go died in 1900 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after suffering from an mental illness throughout
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his life or is more everything right here al jazeera dot com don't forget you can also watch us on life streaming there as well. think of headlines now anti-government protests have reignited in iraq as the deadline set by demonstrators for reform passed at least 2 protesters were killed in baghdad when police used live rounds while demonstrators blocked roads in the south of the country there had been a low in protest after tensions between iran and the us a fight following american airstrikes in iraq but protesters have maintained their calls for early elections and a new independent prime minister following claims of corruption. monday was the deadline that was searched by the protesters to the iraqi government saying that during this week if you do not take concrete actions toward our demands are we will
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come out again to the streets we will truck iraq and that is essentially what they did throughout one day you saw in baghdad multiple checkpoints on the highway on major arteries richling baghdad to other parts protesters came out erected barricades the clash with police they threw stones and molotov cocktails at them to which police were pried with tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets as well as some activists saying that live munitions were used. the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting as a deadly virus spreads in asia chinese government experts say the disease which has killed 3 people now can move from person to person cases of the strain of corona virus which was 1st recorded in the city of han have now been found outside china the discovery of transmission between people means that it could spread much more quickly and widely the white house says charges against president trump all frivolous and dangerous less than 24 hours before his impeachment trial starts in
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a summary of his defense against accusations of abuse of power and obstruction of congress its claim the charges should be rejected and acquitted and european union foreign ministers say they will look at ways to support a ceasefire in libya following a summit in but when a week long truce has been struggling to take hold with scattered clashes around tripoli the wall of 25 to us forces have been attempting to take the capital from the un recognized government since last april the stream is next asking how haitians can be given adequate health care so that story coming up in just a couple of minutes stay with us.
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i am for me ok and join the stream most people in haiti lack access to adequate health care so what can be done to resuscitate the country's medical system to join the conversation is really easy you can tweet us a.j. stream or jump into i live you choose your also the industry. it has been 10 years since a massive earthquake struck haiti killing hundreds of thousands of people and leaving more than a 1000000 homeless the quake all but destroyed the country's health care system a decade later it remains in ruins with an.


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