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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2020 2:00am-3:01am +03

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this is al-jazeera. out of their i mean this is a news on live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. 7 people killed and many more wounded as antigovernment protests intensify across iraq. china confirms human to human transmission of a new viral outbreak meaning it could spread further faster. democrats carry out final preparations for only the 3rd impeachment trial in u.s. history on the white house lays out its defense of president donald trump. hundreds of migrants cross from guatemala into mexico on their desperate journey to
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the united states. this is a politically motivated they did time and it is an orchestrated attack africa's richest woman speaks to al-jazeera responding to allegations she ripped off angola to enrich himself. 7 anti-government protests have escalated again in baghdad and several other iraqi cities at least 5 demonstrators and 2 security officers have been killed in southern iraq hundreds blocked main roads in a number of cities in the 500 people have died since protests began in october imran khan has this report now from baghdad. in one of the main squares in central baghdad police and protesters confront each other it began in the early hours of monday as protesters tried to block the road leading to the square they want
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a change of government and accuse the current board of corruption a cool had got out to protest as to block the main roads in baghdad a major highways in the south access. police used live ammunition and fight. hey gas in attempt to disperse the crowds in the capital but a standoff sued lost in several i was angry iraqis determined to get their message across the room a side of the fence if you had was and i got the idea isn't just blocking the roads all the people here often straighted so we make noise here to make sure that we are heard not about to show them a dazed you want to for months no one has listened to our demands they're killing us it's just bloodshed. throughout the day took took 3 wheelers have been ferrying take us victims to makeshift hospitals like this one. i went to tyrone square in baghdad the people wanted me to help them i was also attacked by 2 gas i fell down the security forces have been using tear gas and live ammunition. iraq's national
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security council has authorized the arrests of protesters but so far that's had little impact on the movement there wasn't the same level of violence elsewhere in the country as the walls in baghdad and the roadblocks in the south the protesters considered a success the real question for the protest movement is where do you go from here once you started blocking off roads in the south of the country effectively cutting off the cell from the rest of the country where do you escalate your demands being listened to and that's really angering the protest movement now it really remains to be seen whether the blockade of the roads is going to work and whether the government will listen as a result of it. al-jazeera baghdad well meanwhile 3 katyusha rockets have landed inside the iraqi capital is heavily fortified green zone 2 of them fell near the u.s. embassy no casualties have been reported it's not known who fought them at this point . all right the world health organization has called an emergency meeting on
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wednesday to address the spread of a mystery illness which originated in china the virus was 1st detected in the chinese city of 103 people are known to have died more than $200.00 cases have now been confirmed and on monday officials said they had evidence of human to human transmission south korea's centers for disease control and prevention also reported its 1st case a chinese woman who flew into engine city from her home on sunday has been quarantined and that follows a one case being confirmed in japan early in january and 2 in thailand 6 days ago katrina he reports now from beijing. staff at hospital are working around the clock to identify a mystery virus which has been linked to start severe acute respiratory syndrome at least 3 people have died and the number of those content have the virus is growing the chinese official said the outbreak is under control. all the identified new cases have been at been tipped to are designated hospital and we have concentrated
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resources experts to treat patients in one place sheba. the virus which causes pneumonia like symptoms originated in a woman seafood and meat market cases have been confirmed in beijing and shenzhen and found in chinese visitors japan thailand and south korea this week marks the official beginning of china's busiest travel season hundreds of millions are using public transit ahead of chinese new year celebrations checks are being conducted in railway stations and airports but what hasn't been is the growing concern about the spread of the virus people here are looking to the gun world to do more to keep them safe but god i don't think the government is doing enough because i'm just not hear enough details about it i don't think they will give us the true number of those infected i'm worried and that's why i wear a mask when i'm out others say they trust the government's handling of the virus i believe the government would give us an accurate information i think they're more
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worried than the public they were have to figure out how to deal with it so i'm not worried but the outbreak is bringing back an easy memories of the 2003 saw outbreak which killed almost 800 people worldwide and left more than 8000 sick authorities initially withheld information about the epidemic leading some to question the chinese government's transparency around the virus british researchers say they could be as many as 7100 cases the world health organization has sent a research team to work on for us to fully otherwise the extent of human to human transmission we need to collect more and more information so this is obviously the new diseases and so many things we still don't know videos are circulating on chinese social media of passengers being tested on flights for move on but the government has appealed to the public to remain calm 8 people were arrested earlier this month for spreading rumors about the outbreak online but preventing the spread of the virus may not be as straightforward as controlling the spread of information
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katrina you al-jazeera beijing. well let's in our gatherer who's also a lecturer in the department of biomedical and life sciences that lancaster university in the u.k. he says there is no clear information on where the virus originated the reason why we're so concerned about this virus is that it's very closely related to the sars virus that killed over 700 people back in 2003 in 2004 it is genome sequenced reviews it's about 90 percent identical so that alone is a major course for concern in this particular we don't really have any reliable information about the source in other words which animal reservoir which animal population has jumped over into humans from we know that seafood market in we'll hand is involved but that market was closed on the 1st of january this year and deep cleaned at the airport they've started screening travelers on the way out with
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temperature screening and i believe that some airports are also screening incoming travelers particular in the u.s. see i've heard reports of airports screening travelers arriving from flights originating in hearne though the problem with that is that in common with quite a lot of respect a true virus is it's possible that this virus has a pro dromore period which means that it's a period after you've been infected but before you develop symptoms when nevertheless you can pass the fighters on to other people so that maybe people who are not feverish and who would therefore pass the temperature screening but who nevertheless might be infectious and this this is a factor which would cause the virus to spread in a way that temperature screening wouldn't be able to stop. now the new u.s. president donald trump's lawyers have blood on his defense the head of his impeachment trial due to start of the senate on tuesday a defense team says the case against trump is flimsy and the whole process has been
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rigged the president is accused of abusing his power by withholding aid to ukraine to force it to investigate political rival joe biden is also accused of structuring a congressional investigation a white house correspondent can be held could explains the trump difference teams that tug strategy sources close to the president's defense team and working with the president's defense team of told al jazeera that essentially they feel that this is a charade that this is only the 1st time that the president will have the opportunity to present his case in the senate trial which isn't entirely true there were some opportunities though not many in the house inquiry still this is something that the argument is that is being presented by the legal defense team of the president the other big news to come out of that briefing was that the argument that democrats have been making and expect to make towards the president in the senate trial that essentially he abused his power when he asked the the leader of ukraine is lenski
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to look into interference in the 2016 u.s. election they say this was not an abuse of power because it was looking into the past not looking towards the 2020 u.s. election so these are some of the arguments as part of a broader attack strategy that we expect from the defense team for president trump they say the charges are invalid that he has committed no crime and essentially when it comes to calling of witnesses they also say that the president's likely to invoke executive privilege particularly when it comes to the former national security adviser john bolton and that would end up putting this into the courts which would take a very long time to resolve. hundreds of migrants from central america have forced their way into mexico by wading through a river at its southern border they've been stopped from crossing a border bridge connecting guatemala to mexico hundreds of mexican troops are patrolling the area is under mounting pressure to stop people from.
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threatening trade and other sanctions if they do. then you know. we just want to pass through here we didn't come here to stay we just want to get to the other side i'm a mother i need to look after my daughter and i'm a single mother we just want to find work please i'm so scared and i don't want to go back to my country because there's no work there's nothing my daughter and i are suffering from hunger. and let's bring in john holdren who has more from ca on the somalia mexico border and he says people are desperate to get to the u.s. we've spent most of the farm here good farm you have what the bottom of that you know 2 young children and they tried to work out how they were going to get into mexico they actually wanted to get here for asylum she said that she'd been targeted by gangs in guatemala city and some of the honduran touch in the story
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about the people trying to be on the seas like you don't think is they don't have enough they need it. so that was one of them the bridge to the bridge between guatemala chapters she got me down good south and south makes you guys 3 so they actually had to take a petition to the mexican government to allow you know i love washington doesn't get that and it can government set up an impossible or not that moment everyone thank you granted it's down and it's a bit retard which was only doubt so everyone waited through that and then came up on the right side where the national guard mexico super militarized police force a way to cuba. are probably more still ahead on the news hour including gun rights activists in the u.s. come out in force in the state that's become the focus of national debate. and i'm nicholas hawk up the coast of the car senegal join me next as we follow the senegalese navy special forces that are patrolling their territorial waters try to
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fend off the threat of piracy. we have support coming up to know about georgia which delights the crowds in melbourne peter as action from the australian open. so then africa's riches woman has denied allegations that she stole hundreds of millions of dollars from my gold as government a group of journalists has published what it calls the leaks implicating isabel does santos the daughter of the country's former president likely gauge as more. she's facing allegations of fraud and corruption the daughter of angola's former president is a builder santos is at the center of an investigation now claiming she saif and hundreds of millions of dollars of government money to offshore accounts thank you for speaking to al jazeera she called the corruption probe and all cause straight
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attack against her saying her wealth is self-made and she hasn't done anything wrong this is a very concentrated attack it is an attack that has been very very well coordinated it's an attack that is very much where did it between a foreign media that is acting together with the angle of 30 years to try and create a false perception of my business. the father show say what i just santos ruled on gold out for almost 40 years until 27 tane the international consortium of investigative journalists detained papers which it says shows he gave his daughter big chunks of. some of the country's most valuable resources as she built a business empire that stretched from telecommunications to banking and construction prosecutors froze her bank accounts and assets last month our investigation which took 8 months and more than 100 journalists to complete found
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dos santos aided by her sort of qadri of western advisors funneled hundreds of millions of dollars in offshore shell companies and from there into all kinds of assets including luxury homes and big businesses before being forced out by her father's successor. isabelle descent also headed angola's national oil company sun and gold but the new government suspended some of her projects and seized an estimated $1000000000.00 worth of assets in a corruption draw last month her brother shows a fuller manor went on trial for corruption he's pleaded not guilty and goal is rich in oil and diamonds but it remains one of the world's poorest countries with a staggering wealth gap the i.c.i. jay also accuses angolan government officials as well as western financial firms
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lawyers and accountants of helping isabel to sentosa stash away public funds the portuguese authorities are possibly investigating and other governments around the globe are likely to take a closer look at some of the money that's for their financial systems despite her legal troubles to sentosa remains defiant she's even considering running for president to $9.00 goalless next election in 2022 gauge al-jazeera well it says some or no it is about the sons of his interview with my colleague there enough gaiter and when she questions where the leaks against to originated. it is documents were given by a very small paris outfit so there's a very small parents are going to see action led by 4 people who went to a cia agent and leverage those documents and when you actually read the documents themselves there's not a single one of them that points to these false allegations let me give you an example the actual report is sloppy it says things like i mean my company said gun
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land addictions we've never done any land evictions to anyone and us so this is blatantly false and what concerns me is now that that land rights that that land and yes sure that allowed to fix on your photo is in the document so it's in relation to the foot developments what's sad is that you did see or see the legacy of local angolans from from that you know what i meant they were building on what i was notion and i wonder well it's forbes that's what i'm saying there was no line of action and it's fast and yet city received are in tribulation where it clearly stated that the road that they're talking about was going to be built in the water so the world would do that it's like it's a reclaimed project you have to clean the land from the sea ok so let's look at another i guess i don't what it was so this is the problem the end sanjay has refused all right this is what worries me refused to put to good in their report i responds that's the view of it is about the santos let enough and wanted to of the
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know who's there to managing business editor for al-jazeera digital joins us now from new york you have to wonder about those those companies as consultants those lawyers the accountants from right around the world who've facilitated these apparently nefarious goings on now call in place all of a. well it's fairly commonplace for u.s. and european consultants accountants and banks to have a role in business dealings around the world i want to be cautious because when we say that they are a nefarious that remains to be seen because now we have to have lawmakers look over those documents and then decide whether it actually is proof of nefarious activity but to put it into perspective for you nick so you have a sliding scale on the one hand you have banks you have accounting firms and then you have consultants now there are regulations designed to prevent these institutions from actually working with individuals companies or entities that are
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laundering money or involved in any criminal activity but those regulations get weaker when you go from banks to accounting firms and finally to consultancies where they're almost completely on regulated. and each of the so-called big 4 accounting firms that's deployed jensen young k p m g and most of all price waterhouse coopers all implicated in this as you say this is still early stages in the. road to go down yet but nevertheless it is a concern of these household names seem to be in the frame. it is a concern because these are some of the world's leading accounting firms the role of accountants is essentially to ensure that if business is viable not just to track the money but to let investors know that yes that this business has a future so with accounting firms unlike banks there are very few mechanisms to
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audit them so there's a lot of trust that goes into place now in the u.s. versus europe some rules of slightly different european accounting firms are subject to slightly greater scrutiny but in the u.s. there's an industry group that looks at whether the accounting firms are actually betting their clients but there's no deep federal screening of that now for the big 4 there is a public accounting agency that's supposed to look into them but again it's not as tightly regulated as one would think now the accounting firms always have to answer several key questions if they are posed to them have you done due diligence do you know whether at the money that your client brings has been involved in criminal activity not depending at what point that money was brought to the accounting firm they can say yes or they can say no so give you a more and easier example to process were i to steal money from someone and then
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that person were to bring that money to you you don't know if it was actually stolen because you're not dealing with me directly and i'm not saying that the santoshi is actually involved in any criminal activity because the bar a slightly higher especially when you're dealing with accounting and banking services if the regulations as you say if there's so loose for consultancy and allows. money laundering and tax avoidance and corruption of various sorts to be driven without any it without enough regulation coming the lessons could be learned that things could change that regulations will try. you should recognize a couple of key things next so at this level of business operations confidentiality is key because on the one hand you don't want to reveal your secret sauce so that your business can operate and so all these consultancies they they assure their client confidentiality but once you erect that veil there's
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a lot that can be hidden and this is what people pay for that secrecy consulting firms literally there's no definition aside from the fact that they're giving you their expertise so they could consult on how to do it all or they can consult on how to avoid taxes or they can consult on how to transfer assets from one politically unstable place to another place where it's less politically unstable and where you can park your money now governments on occasion recognize that there is a deep seated problem and they will impose a sanctions on an entity and once that sanctions are imposed specifically u.s. sanctions that freezes financial assets and it locks all businesses from doing dealings with a particular leaning person but that doesn't actually say definitively that someone is involved in criminal activity because the nature of criminality differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction so business entities often say ok well what you were
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doing in your country may be illegal but it's not necessarily in our country so if you can get your assets here we will manage it according to all of our local laws and so long as you pay taxes in this jurisdiction you're ok that's sort of the nature of the problem because on the one hand most business around the world is not linked to criminality and most of these accounting for armors they that they're operating above the fray they're not dealing in any criminal activity but there is a sliver of companies that do use western consultant banks and accounting firm. launder money or to make sure they have money in different places should there be frozen in their home country well we appreciate it credibly. going to say we appreciate your expertise and this is certainly a complex world to navigate but thanks for the window on what is a hidden world. thanks a lot thank you now you are sorry to state my pump air has promised more support
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venezuelan opposition leaders want to go i don't and the 2 men met at an antiterrorism summit in colombia pump called on world leaders to help remove president nicolas maduro from power describing his rule as a regime and several countries including the united states recognize quite a venezuela's leader that's under m.p.'s he has more now from the summits in bogota they issue of venezuela was front and center in this regional conference against terrorism where the u.s. secretary of state mike compel accused venice well of being a failed state in a supporter of terrorism saying that the government of nicole last my daughter is sheltering and assisting groups as a lender last active rebel group from colombia or dissidents the former rebel group or the fire and also accusing my daughter of assisting cells of its bala
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iranian proxies operating he said and latin america tanks to the collapse my daughter and that's why he praised the government such as colombia and another a number of governments in the caribbean and latin america that have decided to label a terrorist organization we all knew to be really regimes. in venezuela and. this is an acceptable. one of the surprises here was the arrival of a dog the leader of the venezuelan opposition who arrived here in colombia defying a travel ban imposed by the government. he met with pompei on the sidelines of the conference and talking to journalists here now that there will be new actions that will be taken by the united states to put more
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pressure on the government of nicholas my daughter but no concrete new sanctions have been announced. we undertook this tour precisely to find the tools to take action against the dictatorship and to continue back in the years long struggle of the venezuelan people quite also announced that on wednesday he will travel to brussels to meet with the chief diplomat of the european union joseph burrell and will then travel to davos in switzerland for the world economic forum where he could meet with the united states president donald trump the question is though if this trip will do anything to break the deadlock in venezuela where the military still stands behind the president of my daughter and where my daughter himself seems to stand on firmer ground where he was for example a year ago the last time that way though trying to ramp up pressure against him
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thousands of done right trying to rally in the u.s. state of virginia there are opposing plans to introduce new gun control laws there including universal background checks the measures were proposed after the killing of 12 people in a mass shooting virginia last carol is on there was at the rally in the state capital richmond. thousands of gun owners surrounding the state capitol in protest against new gun control laws. it's legal to own and carry weapons in public in virginia and most did in order to show defiance to a package of new gun control laws working their way through the democratic controlled legislature so he came to support these fights and to talk to people and find out what's going on with them the rally was held amid heavy security the governor banned weapons from inside the capitol grounds and called a state of emergency wanting to avoid a replay of this. violence at a 2017 white nationalist rally in charlottesville that killed one person. gun
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violence has hit close to home in this state recently last year in virginia beach he disgruntled city employee shot and killed 12 people. organizers of monday's rally were eager to give off the impression they were peaceful law abiding gun owners and everybody outside this was you could bet your boots and probably aren't well i haven't heard one shot at you not home would thank goodness i've heard one shot. gun so it's a problem there were worries of potential violence of outsiders and. anti-government militia groups coming from the outside trying to maybe stoke violence here at this rally but we have seen absolutely none of that so far it's been a completely peaceful event here large numbers of people all of whom say here that they're out here with their guns to show that this is their right and they want to
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keep that right and protected gun owners like bill gardner who brought his assault rifle to the rally a gun he says he does not use for hunting you hear all these candidates and start talking about what do you need to arrive here at this animal has nothing to do with them it's a check on. gun control advocates canceled their plans for a counter-rally on monday to avoid provoking confrontations. this was a day for those who love their guns to show that they are holding on to them tight and don't plan to like go. gabriel is on doe al-jazeera richmond virginia. the extradition trial for a senior executive chinese telecom giant well way and started in kind of a it will determine where the main ones who is sent to the united states to face fraud charges the american government accuses her violating u.s. sanctions by selling equipment to iran mains lawyers say she should be released
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because those sanctions on recognized by canada. still ahead here on. how foreign powers are planning to help shore up a shaky truce in libya and turn it into a cease fire. and why getting ahead of the super bowl in 50 is peter morris for. hello i'm pleased to say we got some quieter weather into eastern parts of canada now he's in parts of the u.s. as well our weather system now in the process pulling out of the way dry up bright clear skies coming in behind at least for a time so that's a picture as we go on into chews day 23 degrees celsius stephanie all candidates say on the chilly side it should be largely sparkling sunshine fine and dry that
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dry weather extends across into west central parts push up across the rockies we have got some snow coming in here civic northwest also seeing some rain which will tend sleet and snow over the sierra nevada some wintry weather to north of the border into basi pushing across that western side of canada and makes further progress as we go on into a weapons day and by wednesday some of that wintry weather will slide across the northern plains pushing up its rules made west central areas seeing some rather wet weather since the snow freezing rain a possibility and some heavy rain down towards the deep south so we'll see some wet weather pushing in here to the east at that it should be lousy drivers plenty of sunshine new york around 4 degrees celsius about where shippey plenty of sunshine into the caribbean but this weather system here just making its way out of the gulf of mexico will bring somewhat to weather across a good part of cuba over the next couple of days.
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frank assessments the one good thing about these bushfires is that you really want to get out of the. climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on the streets don't even know what the law is all 'd about this argument is astonishingly patronize a in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of the new iraq of the new conscious and aware use of that struggle against an ethnic sectarian kotor inside story on al-jazeera. in a 2 part series. 0 observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that cheap lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of mean continues with good morning group on how to 0.
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0. 0. but again you watch al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour and anti-government protests have escalated in iraq the deadline set by demonstrators for form passed at least 5 protesters and 2 security forces personnel have been killed in southern iraq 100 blocks main roads in a number of cities. the world health organization has called for an emergency meeting to address the corona virus outbreak that originates in china number of people infected is tripled to more than 200 and chinese officials have confirmed evidence of human to human transmission. us president donald trump's lawyers have laid out
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his defense ahead of his impeachment trial due to start in the senate on tuesday they say the case against him is flimsy and the process has been rigged. let's go live straight away to she ever towns in washington d.c. with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has just announced the impeachment trial rules and important days she had because of frame the what happens in the days ahead to a degree and one of the highlights. well it's pretty clear he wants the trial to go as quickly as possible as expected each side the house democrats and the white house lawyers will have 24 hours to make their case over 2 days so therefore i mean they have 2 days in which they can make their case they have 24 hours in total to make their case potentially could be 12 days each day for example if the democrats want to use all that time so that's a huge amount of testimony a huge amount of evidence that's being given in a very short amount of time bill clinton's when he was impeached he each side had
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24 hours to make their case over 4 days this time just 2 days ago to be given for each side that means that if the democrats or when the democrats begin their case on wednesday and wednesday or thursday to make their case the republican white house will have friday saturday to make their case all the testimony all the only opening arguments will be over by then by the end of this week but centrally then following that service have 16 hours to cross-examine the lawyers for each side the people of the house managers of the white house lawyers 68 hours and then it will be a 4 hour debate among senators as to whether to consider bringing in witnesses and further documents off to that 4 hour debate there will be a vote by a simple majority as to whether that will be accepted whether further witnesses and documents will be will be entered into evidence so that's that's that's the schedule it's a pretty short time and the suggestion then would be even given that well from what
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we understand i mean tomorrow tuesday and the u.s. they will debate this resolution but mitch mcconnell theoretically should have the votes to pass this resolution even though the democrats are about to make amendments to it so that at 1 pm local time on wednesday. the senate will open its proceedings with consideration of other motions not to do with witnesses and documents those will be debated and discussed and only and then ones. then the democrats have to start making their case but by that time it'll be the middle of wednesday afternoon and they have 24 hours over 2 days to make their case so conceivably that infest a could go on until the wee hours of the morning and what are the democrats say about it being only one room in the following day well i mean that there understandably a bit miffed i mean it's not entirely a surprise this has been rather telegraphed over over some days about chuck schumer the democratic leader in the house and in the senate rather has already said he's
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going to introduce amendments to this on tuesday but i didn't have the votes so this might be how it does work out and really really condensed set of opening arguments wednesday thursday friday saturday before cross-examination begins next week well it's going to be an interesting week ahead as she had we will be speaking again no doubt she ever turns out there in washington d.c. thanks a lot european union foreign ministers have agreed to look at ways to support a cease fire in libya but only if a tentative truce holds it could include a monitoring mission and restarting a naval operation to uphold a u.n. arms embargo brian has this. the future of the shop is that a mock is in tripoli is being discussed thousands of kilometers away in europe the foreign ministers are trying to work out how to secure a shaky truce that's been in place in libya since earlier this month i want to stress once again the fact that we are not the state in a cease fire. we are no troops. which is stable
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and you know the true scum be several times a day on sunday in berlin world leaders committed to stop interfering in libya's civil war and to uphold a weapons and that's been in place since 2011 but the talks failed to deliver that serious dialogue between the warring parties warlord khalifa haftar and the un recognized administration in tripoli. and now all have come to realize that there is no military solution to the crisis in libya despite the fact that haftar and his forces do not believe in diplomacy nor a political process we hope that after hours allies and supporters have also come to this conclusion and would recalculate their moves in order to revive this political process. has does mean battling to take over the capital since i thought and fighting have killed close to $300.00 civilians and
2:39 am
displaced hundreds of thousands more but this civil war is also a proxy conflict each side has several powerful international backus analysts say europe is trying to prove it's still relevant and united european ambassadors have been given 4 weeks to present concrete proposals on how to implement the u.n. arms embargo which has been repeatedly violated by both sides. in a way libya is a kind of cancer a kind of tumor which is growing throughout the region it's spreading. despite the diplomatic efforts to have does forces continue to blockade oil ports in the aist causing output to almost 00 oil is central to libya's economy its largest export and a financial lifeline for the government in tripoli oil itself is that. by at all in terms of supplies the power stations and other key facilities. in citizens use
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daily so i expect also deterioration in humanitarian terms. in addition to what we've seen throughout the gruelling war the un is inviting top generals from the 2 sides to geneva next week and yet another effort to end the armrest. al jazeera. well after the overthrow of moammar gadhafi 9 years ago there was hope of a bright you future for libya but with the country engulfed by fighting young people are suffering not just from the war but also from a lack of opportunities and as anybody reports from tripoli many now see the future away from their home. they signal v for victory but these 5 year olds don't really know what it means it was a common gesture in the revolution 9 years ago now it's being used as libya is mired in conflict once again this school in tripoli has been hit 3 times by rockets these children are caught in the middle of
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a fight between government forces in those led by warlords khalifa haftar and they are learning about death and destruction 50 percent of the $450.00 peoples at this school is said to be suffering from trauma. with war destruction and indiscriminate shelling this is an extremely hard and difficult psychological impact on the children can see many are completely broken and they have no desire to continue their education. it's not a good time to be young in libya life is precarious the economy is suffering and the staples of life will become luxuries and once they finish school the opportunities are limited to us the sky's the limit for it when you kind of live in libya that limit is kind of you know decreased. more and more are leaving they prefer to take their chances abroad and stay and face unemployment and hardship at home 100000 students at tripoli university just half of them are expected to find
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a job after graduation. many have left their studies to fight because the government did not give to the use the opportunity to study in these hard times it's destroyed the future of half of young. men let me make my last year in the middle of no i wish i could leave who doesn't hope for that when a country cannot guarantee you a job abroad they show appreciation that you're educated there are no official statistics of how many of the young educated are leaving but everyone agrees it's not an insignificant number next to achieving a lasting peace here the biggest challenge is going to be how to stop the departure flow of libya's young talent before it becomes a flood. at this intellectual form they're trying to do that by helping people set up their own businesses like so large and you've lost the sense of you feel like there is no hope if you have a lot of them are trying to go upward and various you know departments of that very
2:43 am
special seed but it's it's very worrying because they don't see if you turn it up. when you get there he was overthrown as leader in 2011 people the young in particular were promised a bright future 9 years on and the children of libya are still waiting tony berkeley al-jazeera tripoli. a grenade has exploded at a wedding in sudan killing 7 people including 3 children it happened as crowds gathered for the event in the capital khartoum dozens of people were injured witnesses say the grenade was being carried by a soldier but there was no sign that it was deliberately detonated. tunisia's president has chosen a former finance minister to be the next prime minister and is. now has a month to form a coalition government that will gain the approval of a divided party and a previous nominee was rejected this month if fails to win parliamentary backing there will be another election a gymnasium has had
2:44 am
a caretaker government since october when the largest party took only a quarter of its the mothers of srebrenica have lodged a complaint with the european court of human rights against another wins the alleges that the dutch government failed to protect men and boys within a un un safe said that it had been guarding during this river it's a massacre in both even 1905 last year the dutch supreme court upheld a ruling that the state was partially responsible for 350 deaths in the massacre of several in kosovo planned to bring back direct flights between the capitals in a deal brokered by the united states because of his president says it's the latest epinephrine to normalize relations flies between the countries were stopped in 998 when the cause for the war broke out talks on restoring to ties stopped in 2018 when calls for but high tariffs on serbian goods serbian government says the flights cannot restart until those tariffs are lifted the 50th world economic forum
2:45 am
is underway in davos and climate is expected to top the agenda if new report says environmental concerns dominate the top 5 long term global risks for business leaders investors and policymakers the international monetary fund is calling for urgent action and multilateral cooperation between countries. the countries need to cooperate in multifold friends to raise growth and spread prosperity they need to reverse protectionist trade measures and result the impasse over the world trade organizations appellate court they must adopt strategies to limit the rise in temperatures of the severe consequences of weather related national disasters a new international taxation regime is needed to adapt to the growing digital economy and to curtail tax avoidance and evasion while ensuring that all countries receive their fair share of tax revenues in spain at least 4 people have been killed the storm gloria swept the country it's
2:46 am
a broad cold temperatures strong winds and flooding more than 30 provinces around bad weather and catalonia is regional government has banned outdoor activities l.a. county airport is closed as well as some 30 roads in the eastern region. i mean government rescue crews in nepal have intensified this for 7 people who went missing with an avalanche struck a popular trekking route for south korea interests and their 3 nepalese guides have been seen since it hit the mountain opponent trail on friday or other trackers in the region have been safely rescued on sunday the search had to be called off due to poor weather conditions. the government appointed commission has found a memo security forces committed war crimes against but not genocide its crackdown in 2017 forced more than 700000 people to flee to bangladesh the panel says security forces did use disproportionate force including killing innocent villages and destroying homes but it says it did not find sufficient evidence to conclude that genocide was planned or carried out against rangers are muslims. at least 10
2:47 am
people have died. collapsed during a religious festival in ethiopia it happened in the city of gondola during the ethiopian new set of russian compact hundreds of people were sitting in the wooden structure when it collapsed more than a 1000000 people attend the ceremony you know. most of the world's parsi attacks and taking place in one area of the gulf of guinea the number of ships being hijacked has doubled there in the past year west african navy chief senegal to try to find a solution to this growing problem as nicholas reports now from. senegal special forces on patrol on uli purchased boats it's a training exercise but the threats are real more hijacking attacks take place in the gulf of guinea than in any other waters in the world. the pirates operating here are looking for sailors to kidnap or merchant ships to hijack the only way to
2:48 am
stop this is to patrol our territorial waters to secure our borders and 2014 huge reserves of oil and gas were discovered in waters senegal shares with mauritania a potential of billions of barrels of oil in a trillion cubic feet of gas the navy fears that once it starts to flow this new found wealth could come under attack from piracy gangs as it happens regularly in the niger delta and so it's been a buying spree for dozens of high speed boats. it's boats like this that are used to find you can you leave the cult to have a meeting to try to fend off pirates also by the colombian police trying to stop the darker traffickers and well this is it and this tool to stop piracy alone will not stop armed robberies here in the gulf of guinea. the heads of the various west african navies are meeting indycar to find ways to cooperate more closely on security 90 percent of global trade takes place in these waters.
2:49 am
maritime insecurity is a threat to the stability of the coastal countries and despite the growing menace and the political will to tackle it effectively little has changed. the number of attacks has doubled in the gulf of guinea and although the united states is pulling out many of its troops from west africa the us government is funding the region's navy fleet this issue goes beyond the borders of africa it's a world while issue that we've seen in asia in the middle east this well however specifically for africa we have seen that with the pullback of the international troops many of the nations are being required to step up and protect their own territorial waters. the piracy gangs are often made up of fishermen who are struggling to earn a living and who have no access to this newfound wealth has not yet suffered from such attacks but once the oil and gas starts to come on stream possibly in 2023 the navy wants to be ready nicholas hawk al-jazeera to car of the more than 4 decades
2:50 am
of doubt experts have decided as hell for trade at the dutch autos for instance on golf is real and i'll say this is the only known work painted by van gough during a period in 1909 when he was suffering from psychosis and the painting is owned by norway's national museum which sent it to the netherlands to be examined in 2014. so the head here at al jazeera it's a golden double as america turns on the style of the winter youth lympics peta as the action.
2:51 am
2:52 am
i'll just put on his person. thank you very much australian open organizers are hoping for better conditions on the 2nd day of the year's 1st tennis grand slam reign although the bushfire smoke disrupted the should rule in melbourne but thanks to the roofed stadiums there was still a fair bit of action on monday as david stokes reports. so we know williams might have needed extra time to tie his shoe laces but she took next to no time to win the 1st set of her match against anastasio potter pobre 6 love in just 19 minutes. gave her. she didn't hang about in the 2nd set either dropping just 3 games on the way to a comfortable when the 7 time australian open champion just happy to be out on court nearby bushfires had barred the build up to the tournament but rainy weather although disruptive has at least improved air quality. that is still a concern for think pretty much everyone in you know every single day we get so
2:53 am
that's been really good to see that the australian open take their stance on that defending champion amy osaka was also in action and like serena showed off her power game sometimes a bit too much power. this serve in the 2nd set actually ended up breaking the net but after a quick patch up job by the officials or soccer went on to wrap up her 1st round match against members kober in straight sets. after which the japanese star responded to a woman on twitter who unprovoked had heckled or calling her boring and annoying. was her children thing he's going to come on the internet for no reason in doing t.v. i always wonder like people like this if they see you in person i wonder what they would do another rising star of the game is 15 year old american coco golf for the 2nd time in a grand slam the youngest player in the tournament beat the oldest 39 year old
2:54 am
venus williams golf won in straight sets and heads through to the 2nd round at the 1st australian open top seed and home favorite ashley barty made a shaky start to her campaign losing the 1st set against lacy a serene coach. but she's top of the world rankings for a reason and recovered brilliantly to win the next set 6161 to storm into round 2. in the men's draw defending champion novak djokovic also dropped a set in his match against young ended stroke but he came through and thought to stay on track for a record extending 8 australian open title roger federer is chasing tackled number 7 in melbourne and grand slam number 21 feet to be safely into the next round the swiss breezing through his opening match against american steve johnson david stokes al-jazeera. fans of the kansas city chiefs are getting their travel plans in place after their team reached the super bowl for the 1st time in 50 years the a.f.c. champions t.
2:55 am
shirts were ready in the shops just hours after their victory of the tennessee titans and they've been flying off the shelves on monday the excitement of the showdown with the san francisco $49.00 ers has also spread to the chief celebrity supporters actors paul rudd and eric stonestreet had this message it started started last week it started in september now when i say it started in august it started last. year at this time with all of the rights and all they're going to weeks from now in miami. speaking of miami monday so a landmark moment for the city's newest sports team the players over into miami to the field for the 1st time at the pre-season training camp they 1st m.l.s. fix 2 is on the 1st of march at l.a. f.c. into a stadium still to be completed on the final squad lineup is not to get confirmed.
2:56 am
brazilian teenager rainier joined spanish giants rail madrid on monday for a reported fee of $33000000.00 the 18 year old playmaker helped flamingo win the couple of the daughters last season rainier will join rail at the end of february after playing in the qualifying competition for the 2020 pick games the really geisha of rugby champion saracens for breaking salary cap rules in england the world temple the national team that's according to england head coach eddie jones 7 of the squad for the 6 nations play for the club including captain owen farrell that's not a concern my concern is picking the best price and then the best price can we can play a line with pride and passion. it's obviously disturbing for the club competition but i'm sure like everything else it will work where. it's taken the united states team 11 days of competition to strike gold at the winter youth olympics but was
2:57 am
well worth the wait and was a golden doubled through at the lace in park slope style course. first up killing fagan won the men's free ski title success coming just 2 days after his 18th birthday and that was followed by another u.s. victory in the snowboard slopestyle 16 year old dusty henriksen wowing the crowds on his way to gold is from california and let me tell you there's not much snow in that state. there was a double gold for 3 years marco. in the ski jumping competition on monday yet at the mixed team title 2 individual gold as austria underlined that their status as favorites for this medal with a comfortable victory. ok we'll leave it there for now we'll see you again later for more sport. presidents a lot that's if the news of about going to cover minutes in the behalf of you see them.
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0. the senate's republican leaders lays out the rules for president trump's trial democrats immediately call it the cover up. and i'm glad the sounds are live from that also coming up in the program. at the 7 people killed and many more wounded as anti-government protests intensified across iraq. china confirms human to human transmission of a new viral outbreak maybe it could spread further foster. hundreds of migrants cross from guatemala into mexico on their desperate journey to the united states.


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