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tv   Good Morning Rocinha  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2020 9:00am-10:01am +03

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a competent and credible government to bring you new news when documentaries and the nightly news on air and online. tool on. we want you all deserve with me so robin in doha a reminder of our top news stories the impeachment trial of u.s. president donald trump is well underway with senate republicans blocking democratic attempts to take documents and evidence politicians have been debating over the proposed rules of the trial democrats have put forward a number of amendments to those rules but the republican controlled senate has blocked each one let's get the very latest from our correspondent shepparton say and of course proceedings are ongoing well into the night. right da about 12 hours now proceedings are just voting on whether on an amendment the 8th amendment the
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democrats have introduced which is awesome for a subpoena for john bolton president trump's former national security adviser to give evidence but then the debate about this bolton amendment soon descended into something much bigger and we wondered whether this is just the result of 12 hours of debate in the anger suddenly overflowing because maybe this this process is coming to an end this part of the impeachment trial is coming to an end but one of the house managers gerry knopfler seconds said that the votes against having witnesses were treacherous and then suddenly in rebuttal the trump and white house lawyers exploded back and said well the jury not donald trump that apology that he should be ashamed leading to chief justice john roberts who's presiding over the trial admonished both sides he said that the language had to be conducive to polite debate and so on so suddenly things exploded in the 12th hour off this of this debate they all voted on whether john bolton should be be subpoenaed it's very
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likely that the democrats will lose this amendment as they've lost all other amendments on witnesses and documents and then i suppose what we're going to wait and see is whether them decide is indeed the last amendment the democrats are introducing or whether we're finally going to get that vote that is all but guaranteed mitch mcconnell's rules for the trial itself which will begin at 18 g. choose day he's almost certain to get that possible to start again on tuesday but we're just waiting to see whether this is the final amendment that the democrats are introducing in a symbolic show of what they would like in an ideal trial with blue witnesses and more documents but of course we'll come back to you as we get more information she had thank you. now lebanon has a new government after 3 months of a political deadlock prime minister has and has named a cabinet of specialists and academics they mainly backed by hezbollah and its allies which is angered protesters who want ministers without political loyalties
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also china's health ministry has confirmed there are now 9 deaths and more than $400.00 cases of a new respect for tree illness it's warning the corona virus could mutate and spread further 1st cases been confirmed in the u.s. with others reported in thailand south korea japan and taiwan the government is warning people in the city of libya travel. prosecutors in brazil have charged 16 people with murder over a mining dam disaster that killed more than $250.00 people last year another collapse in the southeastern state of minuscule this was brazil's worst industrial accident its owner mining giant vale has also been charged with environmental crimes along with a german firm that certified the structure a safe boeing's troubled that 737 max fleet will remain grounded worldwide to lease gene 3 months later than expected the company has struggled to convince regulators that the planes are safe after 2 crashes which killed 346 people boeing's been
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updating software computers and pilot training for the plane since it was grounded last march. u.s. secretary general antone good terrorist is urging libya's warring sides to join foreign leaders in finding a diplomatic solution to the country's civil war it follows a summit in berlin on sunday which world leaders pledged to end for meddling and help deescalate the conflict. rescuers are continuing their search for 7 hikers who went missing when an avalanche hit a popular trucking route in the polls for south koreans and 3 nepali guards are thought to be trapped under snow with rescuers digging at 2 locations the group were traveling in the region of barbed an airport and of course you follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com more news said half an hour to stay with us here on al-jazeera.
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can't do all hooey. t. he how moved. this is rosemary has she is in 2002 here just 10. and this is where she lives her senior. from community in the brazilian city of rio. and the scene at the scene now can.
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push by a problem a lot how did you watch you all go up there how come up with. all that going to happen you know on their. own i want to really ensure. we 1st met rosemary when she was a baby born in 1992. this is the story of her life so phone. now we're going to watch it she. did she came. there was still about over there knowing. who from whom. would you know who resent. her man who put on the 1st kid for them in the prosecutors something we knew we had the bus so. yeah i mean the one time is prevented from in the.
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next few months a go there for a new way and this outcome will be made and. then found that if they. don't pay for that bus from this incident. they said you know. this isn't the boy. it was got to end up ok. from then on this. mondo show may allophonic well on the one hand. he has someone else who talks and. i love it wish it wasn't us i hope i can mate but i am the one paper i have a. bunch of so i hope they. can get up paying a. visit to see sympathized. he stepped in to help and her extended family.
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if one could go you would begin. to move you and wish. you would you. still. doing. this. oh yes give us a phone call of those few. to see you play you want with us is cool with. me and. is fish the bosses of rio de ever since he was a boy. for the film. i love.
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a man to fish. cash doesn't. i tunes went down 50 along the line you mean on. going off. into a mansion and. billionaire pepper sample could i get my father to put my full near where my fellow host did feel me. i'm going to give what i would you be appealing to take me by the people before they get put up all the oil before you give it to. now that.
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2002 and rosemary is now 10 or. the family have moved into a new house. and california like you know me i still need to. kill on my own she won't buy fish caught. my big question matt. your model. why do you see a male and you. kill and kill do all who are. key you hold. for
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a short while rosemary's parents who got back together. uncle. who was a time when i think of the dads there. was a step in a sawmill him in the religion for him as a condition i wish i had been a muslim of my mother in launching or want to. help of mom who want. to do us a simple sum for us. because frankly me with a bikini a guy who's a man now who ought. to be paid i made moves on the school to become super police for the beginning it's. kind of a more happy. bush never mind the for the short of. it i'm told of a memo to have my own full of crime i was an overfull to fellowship then to complain do continue will still question to them what i commute. ok.d. any measure past * of a quarterback who knew the premier back. he made to come your morning
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and gave you face a lot to keep us. from going to shop. and sure why they were 2 filmed or hoods that made you feel like they are easy care absolutely love up have a list imagine that this list say can you damn good. now. this year plus i will oh it's already eludes me and then i. if. we could live now. from global group what.
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the neighbor who's helped is no longer around. there's a new influence on rosemary's life how did you go when you thought in your lives. there was a lot of the same what are the history of the silver jail their spiritual what. is a local community leader and d.j. refocus your history broadcast to the neighborhood through a network of loud speakers. fossil sort of producer so who considers you. so you want something you know. he's built a playground in the middle of the favelas.
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to continue to be a man's place considerable. for a fateful. day while she could also do want to tell the. police you know you want to go for shooting up in a. painting them not only in trouble and turning them into the. hands of small. good police. you're just a little mini wash easy cash of some. good deal mathematical she got it from me and . i think this coming up on an opossum you don't feel that ash
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00006000 but this is the deal just do i want to do this amazing what i kill somebody who could ever have the i was a man while boy. who got in she had to go to seattle. that. the youth. got left by putting their own. ass on iraqi yeah i don't doubt by this time they split i am. missing that i made my demands and. i see that the squad with them dampening them would demand that b.s. . if i knew that.
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i could also get out that i was out on the school acceptable but it was really good i'm going to quote them up what if this is all good to give up in the actually doc i should be well of everything. yes or you know you. well i don't well i was a bad boy who would argue it was always you don't want to educate is. too much you don't want to be good with douglas emotional think but you could say it was. good looking get up last one in. the camp. that he can now read the play and cadging for days. how can he see to not be senile can't stand at the end of the sea and offer to.
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be an i.e.d. . and ok yeah there's a lot cause i'm not joking they symbolize that happened i was laid off from obviously because. of what i now you can't get them back i said to him jeez and assuming that those. guys are left 6 months ago. they think that that was a concert or a sad. jane selling. she. was going to this day i was a seamstress the. game was fun to see. she'd.
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say for decent the bank is pulling teeth. i'm sure it is triple it's your face you will see. some. ah. ah. you know little superman i want to. establish my you know him then we don't always it. doesn't do much for she pursues a national story she got into judge you.
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because you also did your real show if you don't think there's a link there for that issue. in 2012 at the age of 19 rosemary has a 2 year old son. of a get out of the chances says. i feel both more. floors the boys ok very soon to us on a bus going to miss a man all the way also a deep voice something mr bush spoke about the alamo but you go there. well i was even speaking to somebody about me on my c.v. shows a negative 0. 00 of the deaths of those from that i was really. felt like i was so gullible or some other good but. really if you. have
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killer do this is booted off in dollars does seem to go on to do more and we just find silky kid economy. rosemary is pregnant again with her current boyfriend wallace. to learn. well as study. but wallace is prone to disappear for weeks on end. can peg you. only thought. it. would be gunshot. name wasn't there so console good sheffield don't. care to know the danged feeling dust there. still there has just taken a form. she's no longer with him rosemary is scared of what the boy's father might do if he finds out. you followed the vehicle cameras cards you know in
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the parking lot fuzzily well with me. now is in the film bus because it is. go change your mind barge welcome have all. kinds of good get him out of bed the metaphorical sub you can do you have your stuff. thought it was a good book but appeared if i didn't get it was a one point taken up out of silicon no. question but. i. kept this up but i feel confounded you both talk the something told me no one say so as margo i just get it done we're going to have beautiful oh no no it's time i who. feel. like you. 5 days later when this is back.
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to movie. feel good you just say you mean something. mary not. a. moment of peace. like you've been a good message because she gets. feel oh i feel this isn't it let's go. again goes but he said. suddenly you said you are you following can give me a few miles you need. while physician me if i didn't know. he is. i would do to. you. the school said. shoot him with me.
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for missing sauce to the. soil ball soup for example soup on this. little short. period. wall or greenish wall. but i couldn't find a grain sure what i mean if you look historically also. a lot of. the appeal if. you. unifies in the dave in english one. is because the busybody cars were gumshoe absorb along some clear somebody being kind does the leader. of the snowfall.
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in recent years drug traffickers have moved into the favelas. armed officers have now arrived to restore order. it's called pacification. i'm not going to die you stop possibly carbonation my ample members to pick up a lot of comedy value 000000000000000000000000000000000000000 you wish i was right but you can also. take off but so can very little work with up when you die you net. down to. a local mill. credit be kim. mind the poison. kill. kumba. off kept
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him with duct coy's him millfield. if he got that that stock was a job. you know my only is this i wish those who was for brain just. focusing on the things they're for mars or the watch. don't move on to the one mile thing to. the guys that are telling us that i'm an innocent man i. call and i've got a good deal for damage you know i don't work us in g. a o i shot these you down michelle. it'll be gone they'd soon be and i love the disillusion i seem to have i mean the last game she should we saw fall again you see around me girl nucleon days and police said you. know he came out all french crazy chia this soon. became. capable
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of this i had a visual down file keyboard cover for. the do you. want to play the cyber war one of my driving. a lot of business built by. dr jack. wallace has again gone missing. simply very large done. by dick you love of the sky you see for music with children. the same 1st.
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oh just before lee. on our last night we learned that rosemary has been taken to hospital. she's having a miscarriage. and. mobile technology. leading the way in the digital revolution. making a difference in the places. this week sexual health in south africa and the engineering social change in london inspiring young people to come police over this column they sold it using my fault acknowledged the final episode of life sucks while the apps on al-jazeera. london is one of the most important cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact on friday around the globe and so here
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at al-jazeera we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people and how it affects their every day that. we are free to put them on air into reading gauge those stories because we know that all audience is interested not just in the mainstream news but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go on the reported. big storms generate thousands of lines of media angles in this story are too numerous for comfort with different angles from different perspectives things never really being believed the play money war to even separate the spin from the facts and the misinformation from the journalists and this shows a clear intent to. clear people's think that we are listening just on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. every. what you'll observe with me as a whole robin in doha these are all top news stories the republican controlled u.s. senate has blocked democratic efforts to obtain evidence and called some witnesses in president donald trump's impeachment trial u.s. politicians have been debating the rules for the trial for several hours now democrats say republicans are covering up proof that trump abused his powers that's got the very latest from our correspondent. who's following events for us in washington d.c. it is running well into the middle of the night now. over the half hours after this all began the democrats just reduced what we understand to be the 11 from the final
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amendment of and among those amendments was several procedural about months which democrats say will make the trial about fairer more transparent process also requests for documents from the white house the state department the office of management and budget the pentagon about the the alleged quid pro quo of ukrainian aid for an investigation into joe biden and also various witnesses have been asked for it leading mick mulvaney the acting chief of staff john bolton the former national security advisor every single one of these $1111.00 the moments has failed or will fail when it's clear what the democrats were trying to do was get all of the stuff on the record it case they don't get another chance to get a get together on the record now will move off of this event on to that final vote which is likely to pass on mitch mcconnell's plans for the senate trial which will begin in earnest on tuesday at $880.00 to talk about 2 for more than 20 top and sank she has other news now lebanon has a new government after 3 months of political deadlock prime minister has named
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a cabinet of 20 specialists and academics that may be brought by hezbollah and its allies which has angered protesters who want ministers without political loyalties china's health ministry has confirmed there are now 9 deaths and more than $400.00 cases of a new response to treat illness it's warning the corona virus could mutate and spread further the 1st case has been confirmed in the u.s. with others reported in thailand south korea japan and taiwan boeing's troubled 737 nights fleet will remain grounded worldwide until at least june 3 months later than expected the company has struggled to convince regulators that the plane's a safe after 2 crashes killed 346 people those are the headlines more news in half an hour's time here on al-jazeera to stay with us.
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ha ha just watch you all got out of there not. going to happen i'll say out. to say as a oversight. those nuns out that i was able to hook on a come visit me you. know leukemia and.
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it's only now rosemary feels able to talk about the causes of the miscarriage. love very well a follow on to. but he made him gosh. a political washed the only kid to quit give them what enough of them to know if this was santa fe they could do something beautiful amazing something on them and almost wash it was a new kind of feed. angle. you brought then you know see homosexual say who do i have. an affair welcome to all with i mean you look at them feel did you divide thinking what it was i think the big wash was a little new. joy spread a couple of old died before i didn't get involved too i.e. . how short. it's not going to stand on
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most of the. big a for they know. it's good b.g. i'm a kid though she did polish bush. you've also got a booking form of kong more here. i am still boston my friend. oh i shouldn't think one side michael. moore is a major part of the shameful thing. you know said darchinyan i don't see it before when i must see a published author and make up all stew. i have from ohio comes. them with a look at the if you want to show you looking there should. be included like the
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police for your man should get a good go sure you want all the law you want i want you i mean all. that you know jewish back you by this are yourself not me i don't think this is about. to. announce i busted a fast. there's a new man in rosemary's life. the one that says. he's quickly become part of the family with these earnings as a council laborer they've moved into a new home. now but i saw a. biomass down. there who they had. always shown. they believe me is. all. they
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know it was a low please. tell them what i'm we didn't buy that. you know it you'll feel look because a man is a cell phone hogs will he go. to russia with. the bank i wished i read the month. but this is not by this. at the moment to buy the new beside a school with good soil stock in them but. my dad goes in to me. and that kid i know him up there wish see him up i see. muscle moved to racine or when he was 16 from the pool northeastern state of pa yuba. but i have a good. confession that pm i don't think that i thank you know they think. that i'm a good byes. lab or the i can't think that by. myself
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in the city feel i made all the kick you know he. did some songs like to present my old. car just like it was going to find your brain will soon be able to see you. do so you gotta love this shit i was sick back then i just got the bullshit hope you don't do little bobby was in there too drunk i got. out i do love i'm just like. good morning. i'm fredricka rosemary's
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mother also lives with a man from the north east a new zealander. he too who dreamed of a better life in the city. oh listen up because. i mean look at me to. save me his way into. the. bill for you silence kinds of water the memory. huge come. oh of course the baby didn't come on the individual smoking. gun sunk it took a moment to tell the question was. would love but thought she. meant some will think it was something to pose on the night to come. close to their
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dad up in allegro that you don't mean this is funniest wasn't him in any part of new meaning to keep your eyes well you got the right enough go saucy and told him to keep it nice. and said. yeah yeah kid just me stuff you learn a little you know be beautiful to see the certainty you are he. will kill me i'm ok i'm woman due to time by my son leo my going to michelle baby of course i didn't take it down much time. and. she's the one i smell. when work i'm sure a girl will not see she goes. to. the site you know you. will say they're going to be a big deal to shoot but you don't count a few minor things or something one might want to be going. by the only name user to those not that they have to move to another by the article to pick up
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where are you going to go with nobody seems to think that i and people michael turtle were there are 2 words another the exact religion mollies or do you feel that. there are more and then really growing. brothers or european character that up our last few. months. the rather unique wrong number of your. country. who my i want my son all your parodies my theory. but you should build a bridge to go straight to washington d.c. into capitol hill where the final vote is being conducted for the imminent impeachment trial of president thomas cross over to she have returned c.
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to find out exactly what's being said and done right now. or this is it over 12 hours of debate after 11 amendments that were introduced by the democrats we are now having the final vote in the senate on the rules that mitch mcconnell had proposed in the morning unchanged because none of the amendments that the democrats had introduced were passed so what we have as far as the rules are concerned starting at $800.00 g.m.t. on tuesday in just under 12 hours is 24 hours of debates of a process of opening statements over 3 days not 2 days 6 hours of cross-examination than 4 hours of debate on bringing documents of witnesses in and then a vote on whether to do that to get a vote on many of the issues that were discussed today the difference is the democrats are worried that invalid but it would be a very general vote or bring in more documents and witnesses would be like should
9:44 am
we do this what the democrats are trying to do is they would put as many of those documents and witnesses on the record have as much detail about those documents of witnesses on the record and in the sphere of public opinion so that people know what they're missing people know what what they want what they feel is missing from the senate trial as they stand there now will revisit a lot of the arguments we heard today next week sometime when there is a debate again about documents and further witnesses but what democrats have i'm sorry to interrupt you very quickly we just got to the floor of the senate house because we need to hear the sign the declaration being made by the thought over the vote. mr scott of florida. mr scott of south carolina mississippi mr shelby this cinema this smear is stabenow
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mr sullivan and what you're hearing is the the full 4 person actually calling out the votes cast by the 100 senators those votes will be collated and then delivered to their chief justice roberts who's chairing obviously proceedings that he's the chief justice of the u.s. and it requires him to be president. mr wyden mr young
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and of course as we wait for the floor to actually collate those votes and hand them over to chief justice roberts of course we will possibly expect mitch mcconnell chuck schumer the leaders respectively the democrats and the republicans in the senate to speak they're waiting to have call say hey what that final vote is to. really decide how the trial will be conducted the impeachment will be conducted in the senate. of if you pregnant pauses there certainly by the politicians waiting to hear how that last vote went of course it has been a mammoth task just in the 1st day of really what does she have said that he 13 hours of debate conversation and one amendment following another in the senate of course these pictures been beamed globally a lot of interest in exactly how the senate will vote or what sort of reaction we can get from president truckies company in davos at the moment in switzerland at the world economic forum he said very little about what's going on here in
9:47 am
washington and has been very reluctant to touch upon the subject while speaking vocally about how well the american economy is going well of course events here in the senate and elsewhere in the political areas of washington d.c. do impact on not just the economy of the u.s. but certainly on the reputation of the president as he must really eagerly await to see how far this vote has god and they are certainly taking their time about it here in the 70s we do expect obviously wants the procedural issues taken care of then they'll be more concise timetable of how the trial will take place and who will be present as such. and i think somebody is about to speak let's just try and listeners quite silent at the moment then said i think everybody waiting for bated breath on the bated breath to hear what is said next.
9:48 am
there have been of course 11 amendments proposed by the democrats in the senate over the last 14 hours and the voting really has gone along party lines where they have failed to get these amendments passed 53 republicans to 47. democrats the house been talk as well. about the potential for some republican senators to possibly switch sides. in some of the votes if not all of the
9:49 am
mid-city didn't happen there it may happen late in proceedings as the the days go on we shall see but certainly. at the moment the big issues of obviously be the about what sort of evidence can be presented what sort of witnesses can come forward if any. and that seems to be one of the nature larger stumbling blocks as we wait for the final vote on all of these amendments in the overall proceedings to take place. let's bring shihab rattansi in she had obviously you've been following events here as closely as we have this sort of polls in proceedings longer than usual. it's longer than the other votes that we've seen so far just one thing that. there are. 11 amendments that were proposed by the democrats almost
9:50 am
all of them went by party lines one of them actually did have a defection from the republicans collins actually voted for one of the a moment so that particular vote wasn't the 5347 we've been talking about all day 5248 that was one at the moment about the amount of time that certain things would have to react to new motions and you haven't so there was a defection on one of the one of the 11th amendments so that might give the democrats some i have to say that from what we've heard from democratic sources well i'll leave it to you i have a feeling things are happening. is there a senator in the chamber who would like to change his or her vote if not the eyes are 53 the nays are 47 the resolution is agreed to the majority leader is recognized. that the trial of john doe 1 pm wednesday january 22nd and that there's order also constituted journal of the senate was out of
9:51 am
jackson so ordered. the senate is adjourned. and there you have a chief justice john roberts chief justice of the united states adjourning proceedings there in the u.s. senate on capitol hill as the resolution to continue with the impeachment of donald trump agrees on it within certain parameters as the gentle 1 o'clock on wednesday that's was less than 10 hours away let's bring in she had written it has been a namath 14 hours or just over 14 hours she has quite a lot to take away from this really. right i mean well we know them of the democrats you know this is what they what they would say they put out their ideal wish list of witnesses and documents that they would want to be included in the senate trial at this stage they didn't get any takers on the republican side for the documents and the witnesses at least they're hoping though that might change after the opening statements in the cross-examination that's when the debate that
9:52 am
mitch mcconnell has ordered about witnesses and documents will occur sometime next week however if things stay the same and the republicans don't and 4 republicans don't defect to the democrats all the witnesses and documents then we'll still have that timetable of the republican leadership on the white house hopes for that all of this will be sorted out before february the 4th and donald trump state of the union address if however witnesses if there is some sort of motion some sort of shenanigans but that means of witnesses will be called then all bets are off this could be disabused could go on indefinitely in the courts and so on but right now though the republicans seem pretty confident that holding their caucus together the democrats hoping that even if they don't get the witnesses on documents that they feel should be included in the senate trial that at least today's 38 hours of proceedings would have shown the american people what they're missing out on and they go into detail about exactly why each document and each witness is important
9:53 am
to their case that will trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors but one of the pivotal moments in the last 49 hours was this whole debate about john bolton the national former national security adviser and whether he could be subpoenaed or not to mean what did you read from the way the argument was presented to the senate . i was a strange argument though because it began about john bolton and the democrats as they have with all the other witnesses that they've suggested went into some detail as to why they want to talk to john bolton john bolton had said that those who were working for donald trump including you. learned and the chief of staff of the white house acting chief of staff most veiny were engaged in some sort of drug deal with the ukrainians and he wanted no part of it he called rudy giuliani a hand grenade and so the democrats went through all of this detail as to why they feel they should talk to bolton bolton says he is not prepared to give information
9:54 am
that hasn't already been made public yet so they're saying that and they went through all of that with their usual number of slates the weird thing about that debate was that was when and this was in the 12th hour of debate after midnight actually as of the 12th hour that things. got off the subject of john bolton and both sides became very heated in general i think they realize that things were coming to an end but when a house democrat manager a cool said that the votes against witnesses was treasonous then the white house counsel came out fighting and said that that particular house house manager deserved to give don't trump an apology and at that point then the chief justice had to have to weigh in and it didn't say everyone has to calm down and remember where they are that was actually where were the real fireworks that we saw during this whole debate but as things stand even though some republicans are so there you get to hear from john bolton and still not clear whether he will indeed testify the
9:55 am
democrats need for republicans to feel that it's worth worth crossing their leadership crossing the president's and joining with democrats and saying you know what in order for this to be a truly fair and comprehensive trial we need to hear from a witness right now it's not clear whether the democrats have that on their side which is again one of the reasons why they went to such detail today in detail just a few minutes ago you talked about the one of the amendments. didn't quite go along party lines it would 50 to 48 all about the amount of time senate has could talk about such a men mentor debates but also there was talk about people like mitt romney and these maybe 3 or 4 other potential republican senators the might switch or me will should general reading you know behind the scenes away from the the t.v. cameras what a people saying to you about the way republican senators of republican party feel about this of the moment sony in the code also of powell way you are right there's
9:56 am
a huge amount of it of attention being page of these so called moderate senators them by moderate we don't actually necessarily mean that they're moderate in their policies but they are they come from states swing states which could go either way democrat or republican i'm better very keen to be seem to be taking the impeachment process very seriously even if in the end they vote to acquit and the very least want to be show to be taking it seriously looking for a fair trial to could have been swing voters in their states look we were just part of the rubber stamping republican machine we're we're republican but we're independent is and what you know we're with year amounts way there's a lot of us to attention being placed on what mitch mcconnell did on monday night when he released his initial plans so the impeachment trout which was to give only 2 days for both the of the the white house lawyers and the house managers to make their opening statements and they was uproar about this saying we're out how can we have 24 hours whether evidence in 2 days that's that could be ducked 12 hours each day that could have been once again i'm lot of the evidence being given him in the
9:57 am
in the wee hours of the morning that's a phrase we heard quite a quite a bit come tuesday morning this morning or yesterday morning now mcconnell suddenly changed all of that and the narrative that was produced was that it was because of the pressure that was put upon him by these so-called moderate republican senators so at the very least though which mcconnell wants them to win as well so he's already saying look babba victory so far and then they pretty much stood in line with the republican leadership for all of these amendments but out of the bowels of mcconnell's doing he's giving them a few a few moments to say look we were managing to do stuff even though they may in the end vote to acquit anyway indeed lots to go over over the next few hours shepparton see thanks very much you are watching al-jazeera we 1st broke into our shuttle program to give you that final vote that the impeachment trial of president trump will continue will have more on this throughout the day senators take along just a bit of rest and come back in 10 hours' time to start the trial of president
9:58 am
donald trump to stay with us here on al-jazeera. hello their plans here instead of weather conditions across more northern sections of the middle east we've got plenty of rain on the way the cloud gives you an idea of where the worst of the weather will be and show enough is 30 eastern sections of iraq as they go through wednesday some very heavy amounts of rain so very wet and baghdad just 921 and of course once it pushes into those higher elevations a will turn over to snow now by thursday that tends to disappear but it does push further southward said the southern sections of iran where of course it has some fairly recent flooding that could just exacerbate the problem because we have got some very saturated ground and also those showers working their way south is through the gulf so some showers likely across into doha just 21 celsius and
9:59 am
a cool day thursday in riyadh it just 17 degrees but the really heavy rain this is the to the south. across madagascar we have got a very intense area of low pressure just sitting in the mozambique channel picking up lots of energy lots of rain and just literally continuing to dump it down so we could continue to see more and more at least half a meter this is as we go through the next $2.00 and $3.00 days meanwhile got a few showers if you thunderstone stream all southern eastern areas of south africa on as that in the forecast on thursday that sunday a scottish really from on go east was right there across into mozambique. when a french soldier was murdered in a so-called terrorist attack. his mother retaliated with a love for. speaking out against intolerance and alienation.
10:00 am
she travels the world with the result of a grieving mother who lost a son but adopted a generation. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the eyes are 53 nays are 47 the resolution is agreed to republicans block efforts to release evidence and call witnesses as day one of donald trump's impeachment trial a chance and the u.s. . and i'm now starting at hand this is al jazeera live from cairo also coming up lebanon has a new government after months of political uncertainty but the protesters refuse to back down. china is warning that the new current of a.


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