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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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you're. watching the news hour life from the headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes trying to chart a way out of lebanon's crippling crisis the new cabinet meets for the 1st time but protesters are heading back to the streets. donald trump announces plans to add more countries to the u.s. travel ban as he heads home to his impeachment trial. you see what's going on in the world a country has to be safe so we have
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a very strong travel ban and we'll be adding a few countries to. china fears its killer virus could mutate as the death toll rises and it spreads to the u.s. . and opponents of india citizenship law have had their day in court supreme court judges give the government 4 weeks to respond to dozens of petitions and then. loses her cool at the australian open the defending champion still emerging victorious to set up a toy 15 year old. fellow it's facing an unprecedented economic crisis it's endured months of public unrest but lebanon does now have a new government the 1st meeting of the new cabinet was held in beirut a few hours ago i'm president. michelle long told the session the governments must
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address the deteriorating economic situation and regain the confidence of the people the creation of a new government and did months of political deadlock but it hasn't appeased some protestors zana harder is joining us from beirut and we're hearing that more protests are planned for this afternoon so people clearly want to keep up the pressure on this new government. yes there are many lebanese who are not satisfied with this new government they say that it really resembles a reflects the previous government yes some of them are perhaps but they were appointed by political parties the established political parties are still in control of power in this country behind us is the government palace we are expecting people to start gathering converging on central beirut in the coming hours to vent their anger people really are frustrated they feel that they have not been heard but it's not just that officials realize that they have
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a daunting task ahead in the words of the new prime minister lebanon faces a catastrophe they need to come up with an economic and financial plan to resolve the worst crisis really in decades and won't be able to resolve this crisis without foreign support something both the president and the speaker of parliament mentioned they said that the government needs to regain the confidence of the international community because the international community will be the ones to unlock billions of dollars in aid if they are happy with the next government if they feel that this government is ready to carry out reforms so we have to wait to see whether or not they will do that but the 1st foreign official to issue a statement since the formation of the government is the french president he said that france will stand by lebanon in this deep crisis and stand by lebanon's friends he stopped short of mentioning the government and whether or not how france considers this government but expressing support to this country so the
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international. community support is going to be key for this government to be able to succeed but the initial reaction has been one of anger people took to the streets immediately after that government was announced late last night. lebanon's new prime minister has sandia has finalized his cabinet lineup it took weeks of political horse trading even though those who are fighting over seats are allies and part of the ruling alliance jobs critics call him a pawn of the political elite but addressing the nation he tried to defend his cabinet at a time of mass protests over lebanon's worst economic crisis in decades. was a family thought to be him we will endeavor to answer that demands to ensure that we have an independent judiciary to bring back stolen money to fight corruption to protect the poor of social classes from high taxation to tackle and employment and to put in place a new electoral law that brings everyone together under one national identity that
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the street has asked for the use of the government announcement brought protesters who have been demanding a new leadership back onto the streets they gathered in central beirut the epicenter of a 3 month old movement to topple the political class they accuse of mismanagement and corruption protestors disputed insistence that the 20 ministers who are specialists with no political loyalties i'm here because i don't trust this new government that's going to be formed because it came from the people who have been in charge for the past 30 years and in bad doesn't bring good and bad only brings bad. yes government has also been criticized for being controlled by the iranian backed hezbollah and for being one sided political opponents of the ruling alliance including outgoing prime minister saad and refused to join the government. they're just playing the same move to the plate 100 days ago so as of they're just stopping
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us in the face or laughing at us like who are those people and what are they doing on the streets the government faces many challenges in the midst of an unprecedented nationwide. uprising deb's government is expected to receive the vote of confidence in parliament but it has the support of international investors and donors that lebanon needs to get out of the economic and financial crisis the last time created international support for lebanon in december it made no financial pledges and instead called for a credible government that. this is the public opinion expressed in the ongoing popular uprising. for weeks many lebanese have been struggling to make their voices heard seen told the security forces protecting parliament building that the steel and concrete barriers
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will be able to protect those in power. i'm here to demonstrate against the corrupt regime that has been. writing this country for 30 years or more they were the warlords killed each other. group each other. there is determination to continue their struggle or what people here cold in a better machine the government announcement on tuesday sent a clear message that the established parties are still in power lebanon's crisis is not over. officials are trying to reach out to the people telling them or promising them a new beginning asking them to give them another chance now some may be willing to do that because the situation that comic situation is so bad that a government is needed to resolve the crisis but there are others who clearly have lost faith in the state they're calling for more protests but the question is what can more protests do there have been protests for 3 months and the balance of power
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is clearly not in favor of those in the streets ok zain i thank you for that update from beirut let's take this on with jim out of us and he's a writer and columnist by english newspaper he's joining us from beirut thanks very much for your time with us on the news hour so has some of the prime minister seems to be saying the right things 24 hours ago he was said that he would work to bring back the stolen money he would work to set up an independent judiciary these are some of the demands of the protesters so for huge amount of us and does this government formation help restore confidence and stability in the economy. that remains to be seen i mean. we have a glass half full or half empty situation right here definitely the formation of our government and if you look at it aesthetically it is a different type of government it is not attached. directly to the political parties so there is some that opens the door for some level of accountability.
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political parties that will grant the confidence vote in parliament can. pull that confidence at any moment if the government does not. act according to the plan or address issues or if it does anything are the line but at the same time the country is bankrupt this is a reality and there is no magic solution that can solve this enormous a magic cabinet can solve this problem so we have to see what steps are taken to manage this bankruptcy and then we can pass judgment what do you want to see as a matter of urgency as the 1st step forward. well i mean i think most people including myself want to see what kind of steps it takes to address the major. monetary problems that the country is facing specially with the banking system we will see some type of capital controls we've had irregular capital
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controls to tutored by the banks but now we need to see something more regulated and something that's fair especially fair to the majority of the depositors who are account for a small portion of the wealth in lebannon and who have not benefited over the years from the ponzi scheme that basically was a banking system in lebanon was running saw the people who benefited the most need to pay the most for the 4 of the bankruptcy and let's see if this cabinet will actually target those right down on the issue of the cabinet look some are saying well even though ok they do come from a technocratic background some of them are experts some of them are academics they were still appointed to a certain degree by the political class behind the scenes so is that perception by some going to be a challenge for this government. i mean it's not some much
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behind the scenes it's very obvious that there is a political coalition that named this cabinet and that's not a bad thing we have been suffering from a national unity government that has been. unaccountable for anything because. the political parties kept playing the blame game and blaming each other on the shortcomings of the government now we have a clear group of individuals who are named by by a political alliance they are not directly in these parties so they can be held accountable and this is a good step towards accountability i don't know if this is going to happen but it's good when there is a problem for a political party or political ally is to assume responsibility and provide solution and if they fail they'll be held accountable ok jim out of us and thank you for joining us from beirut thank you. now the u.s.
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president donald trump is planning to extend his controversial travel ban to more countries he made that announcement just a short time ago as he was leaving the world economic forum in davos and heading back to washington d.c. where his impeachment trial is starting we have to be safe our country has to be safe you see what's going on in the world our country has to be safe so we have a very strong travel ban and we'll be adding a few countries to let's bring in our white house correspondent kimberly halkett to 1st discuss what he had to say on the travel ban was this expected at all. we did hear this was in the works but the white house well they said they were looking at adding countries would not specify which ones we now know bella ruse burma nigeria tens india eritrea caregiver stan and sudan now this is a pretty controversial policy it was certainly controversy when it was 1st implemented because many thought that it equated to
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a muslim band given some of the president's statements about muslims on the campaign trail the fact that it applied to muslim majority countries in fact it was even challenge in the u.s. supreme court ultimately a 5 to 4 decision back in 2018 that this could be upheld that iran libya syria somalia and yemen would still have this ban applied to them the argument that the trumpet ministration has made all along is this is not about ethnicity this is not about nationality or even religion that this is about security protocol and that these particular countries now with these news when added are simply not complying with the strict protocols of the united states when it comes to biometrics counterterrorism basic security requirements in fact there were 2 countries that were initially on the original list iraq in chad they stepped up their game if you will when it comes to security were removed from the list and the white house is telling al-jazeera that that is this case for these new countries that have been
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added if they fall into compliance with u.s. security requirements they will be able to be removed from that list and can really he certainly had a lot to say on the trial currently underway in washington he's heading back to washington just talk us through some of the highlights there. yeah it was a bit of a shift in mood the president had been at davos really quite upbeat is the main goal with the world's elite but he seems to be shifting back into attack mode now knowing that that senate trial is set to begin again at 18 g.m.t. and that he will be back in the united states almost face to face with his critics and he seems to be attacking them head on in fact the president not only once again maintaining that he would like to have witnesses in this trial as democrats have been pushing for but he says he can't because of national security any also use some pretty strong language the president using word i've never heard a president use before calling democrats his his opposition in all of this sleaze
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bags which is certainly very shocking language still the president maintains that he's committed no wrongdoing and this is all just an agenda to remove him from office something he says has been in the works try to keep him out of the political realm from the day he announced his candidacy he's still fighting back take a listen. to total hopes it's a disgrace they talked about their tremendous case and. their tremendous case they had no case it's all a hoax it's a con job like he's a corrupt politician the president is also continuing to distance himself from a man who has testified in least in television interviews a man by the name of love parness that he was a part of the president's parallel diplomacy towards ukraine the president distancing himself from levs parness saying in fact he was just a groupie who showed up at fundraisers in the midst of all of this the president also believes that fighting back against this impeachment he believes the something
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very important in the history will look on him kindly in fact he said in his press conference there in davos i'm not enjoying it but i think it's the greatest thing i've ever done for our country so that certainly his shirt shared by everyone in the united states american really will be speaking to you throughout the day for the time being thank you. so as we mentioned the u.s. senate has now agreed on the rules for that impeachment trial of donald trump following nearly 13 hours of debates shabba tonsil reports on a long opening day that stretched well into the night our founders trusted the senate to rise above short term passions at the last moment senate majority leader mitch mcconnell altered his proposed rules for the impeachment trial gome was the possibility that the evidence collected during the various house inquiries might not be entered into evidence in the senate trial of the democratic party house managers and white house lawyers would now have 3 days and not 2 to make their opening statements that left the issue of witnesses and documents house democrats
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argue that they were withheld in the course of their inquiries into whether donald trump was withholding congressionally mandated military aid for ukraine in return for an investigation into former vice president joe biden and that these must be produced in the senate trials a leader mcconnell wants a trial with no existing evidence and no new evidence a trial without evidence is not a trial it's a cover up the white house argues that the request for more evidence proves the democrats don't have a strong case against the president they said in their brief we have overwhelming evidence and they're afraid to make their case think about it think about it it's common sense overwhelming evidence. to impeach the president of the united states and then they come here on the 1st day and they say you know what we need some more evidence the white house also argues that the documents and witnesses are privileged in order to shape foreign policy
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the president must be able to have private deliberations with advisors and that's an argument rejected by the democrats make the argument that the president's conduct here was was was conduct that every president should be allowed to engage in and i think that most americans don't believe that that mr chief justice i yield back the democrats failed to pass their amendments on the mcconnell's rules though they will be another chance to debate the need for more witnesses and documents but only after opening arguments and the cross-examination of the house managers and white house lawyers he just watch donald trump was reported to be monitoring proceedings while attending the world economic forum in switzerland his position remains unchanged that was a hoax so the democrats now have 3 days beginning on wednesday to make their opening arguments the white house says its lawyers may not need that much time and certainly hopes that all of this will be wrapped up before the state of the union address on february 4th with donald trump's acquittal she had the al-jazeera
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washington. for the news hour on al-jazeera there is plenty more ahead including this place by conflict on poverty we take a look at the conditions in i'm gonna stand that send men into the ranks of armed groups. one of these psychologists credited with creating the cia's torture program after $911.00 says he'll do it again. in support the man who is the face of baseball for 20 years gets voted into the hall of fame paul will have a little more a little later. but 1st the world health organization is meeting to decide whether to declare an international health emergency over the outbreak of a new virus in china 9 people have so far died and there are more than 470 confirmed cases of the coronavirus including the 1st one in the u.s.
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there are reports it's also spread to hong kong for more brown reports. as the disease spreads to more of china's provinces the leadership has issued an unequivocal order to all officials be honest and transparent that now includes the media. state t.v. is devoting more coverage to the containment measures in wu han where the outbreak began 3 weeks ago medical teams have been instructed to intensify their efforts after a warning the virus could mutate and expand my man again we are told we advise everyone not to go to war and we advise one residents not to leave the city and less do special circumstances this will help reduce the flow of people and the risk of transmission but the flow of people to china goes on at calhoun west train station in hong kong most passengers were heeding the advice to wear face masks in crowded places. there are 2 direct trains
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a day from here to han on wednesday many passengers were canceling trips and seeking refunds i am certainly more volume defying i was supposed to be going to and i had not been back for 15 years now there is this big disease and my aunt told me not to come i think it's pretty serious the way they didn't want to and i'm worried about the huge crowds on the transport system and a possible big outbreak of the virus. this is the suspected source of the virus a wholesale seafood market in new hampshire media reports say it's sold out of the rioting of wild meat under new measures announced on wednesday the trade in such meat as well as live poultry is now banned the majority of those who've died so far had underlying illnesses and most were elderly chinese officials say they'll be attending wednesday's key meeting of the world health organization which is expected to declare this virus
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a global health emergency something it hasn't done since the outbreak of the apolo virus 6 years ago adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. well that world health organization meeting to discuss the coronavirus is currently under way the w.h.o. has only declare. a public health emergency of 5 times since 2009 a public health emergency is issued to stop the spread of disease across the borders requiring a coordinated international response and this situation must quote be serious sudden unusual or unexpected once an emergency is declared impacted states could have a legal duty to respond on the last time they w.h.o. issued this high this type of warning was with swine flu polio bola and the virus let's speak to derek gatherer he's overall a just a lecturer lancaster university he's joining us from lancaster thanks for your time
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with us on the news hour so will the w.h.o. in your expectation be declaring this an international health emergency i'm not sure that we'll necessarily go for the state corporation today because the vast majority of the cases are in in china we do have cases in other cheney cities and there are some travel really to cases in of the region the shoes as well as the case that was can from this morning in washington d.c. but we don't have ongoing infection in any other country other than china and in china. where we think we have an active community greek is in is in the city of will and so it might be that they will hold off for the time being the clearing public health emergency of international concern but we could consider revising that in a week or so if we find some of the travel really to cases the ones that turned up in other countries vainly too small for signing small breaks of infection in those
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other countries in which case it would then become a genuinely international issue so how worried though should we be that now as worse as you're saying we do have one confirmed case in hong kong and one over in the united states. because this virus is a close relative of the sars virus which we know back in 2003 killed 700 or more people and was only contained with a really heroic public health effort because because of that this is a virus that needs to be watched it streatley carefully it does cause pneumonia and in a quarter of the cases it should put it that it causes a severe or critical pneumonia and of course we have had a handful of deaths the death rate is not as great as sars fortunately sars killed about 30 percent of people at the beginning of the 50 percent of people that were infected this particular virus the death rate is more like in the 2 percent level something like that so it's it's not a stateless sars but because it's a close relative and it does cause severe pneumonia in many cases then we do have
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to be very rigorous in trying and trying to stop this so they can the extreme measures that the chinese government are taking in are exactly what we need at the moment because that's where most of the cases are and if we're going to get a hold of this thing we've got to start in what will the upcoming travel season in the chinese new year. is that a worry that the virus could spread even faster and on a broader scale. it is the worst time of the year we couldn't possibly have an visit of this sort occurring at a worse time there's going to be a lot of travel in china many of these people will be traveling into otoh of her own and it's when the lunar new year celebrations end in about a week or so people start to leave the city of wee home to go back to their other cities and other communities in china that the greatest period of risk will occur
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at the moment screening temperature screening in airports leaving and that should probably be extended to other transport terminals in the area the high speed rail link to the south has been implicated in the transport of kisses to hong kong and marco on the south coast so all all traffic over to her own has to be monitored particularly carefully and that something that will need to intensify in the next 2 weeks as the lunar new year celebrations come to an end we also have to think about travel travel who be moving internationally as well people who are in china for the new year celebrations and who will then be traveling back to to europe north america and other and other countries which also presents a danger that ok there gatherer we thank you very much for speaking to us from lancaster thank you now india's supreme court has given the government 4 weeks to respond to more than 100 legal challenges to its new citizenship law these
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citizenship amendment act has led to weeks of protests across the country and gives persecuted minorities from 3 neighboring countries the right to apply for citizenship but it excludes muslims critics say the legislation is discriminatory and petitions were filed challenging its constitutional village itsy elizabeth purana ms in new delhi with more on the court's decision and the continuing protests against the law. after that more than one month of protests and the citizenship was tossed the court 3 judges the 3 judge bench including the chief justice of the supreme court of india began a hearing petitions against the law they have given the indian government to respond to these physicians most of the petitions. by granting citizenship on the basis of religion that the citizenship is against india a secular constitution they have also been protests from the northeastern states
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and they have a completely different issue with the citizenship. they receive northeastern states have received the largest number of the day she. wants citizenship this way regardless of what religion people have they say that it goes against agreement with the government and the supreme court decided on that that it will hear those issues separately in 2 months since hands that we have seen around the country continuing here in the capital new delhi. which is the capital. among 3 states who have passed resolutions at the state legislature against the north something like 10 states that warrant. saying that they are going to go ahead with this. around the country and those protests we are expecting them to continue. the executive director of amnesty international in jail and he says
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he's disappointed by the court's decision. that's a bit be i'll peace dented it dumbs of the number of petitions the chap in fired against the act which is 104 day act a petitions had been fight unprecedented by any standards in the history of india and a been and yes ofa 2nd millions of people are out on the streets for the last odom one per actually protesting it is the act towed the act has been notified i as recently as unbends gendry and the full it as recently as yesterday whole minister has said that the act would never be taken back now in the light off or of these developments what one least expected for the supreme court it was to actually a keys put in a state order the to flow to a large it runs to shove it by doors standards merely giving diamonds additional 4 weeks' time to the government of india i did actually rather disappointing at her seat it's say that and it's time for allure weather or lives the rob and some while comes though in japan yeah makes
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a change has some good news as naif own the weather front but yeah in the northeast off a sure in whomp a new get the and you'll i specials always go to be coat it still were lobby cold harben is i'm honest hope when that coda comes across ssage of pan you generates spoke it hasn't happened much this year but it happened on monday and the result walls in sapporo or something like half a meter of snow fell very rapidly varied some passes northwest on shoe it was reports as to meet is so so huge full and very subtly the reason it's good news is because they just have not much and so for us been largely a which we entered it's going back to being a wet winter in home shoe in sapporo outside to ski resort had temp sent his rums open this is not unusual situation good news weather right and it's jump directly sounds fluid lar the line of long which you to australia familia territory him now as you know they had severe weather in cambra there were hail sens this video is just come in if your know i had here of what happens when tennis ball pale stones
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for will the damage of course green has george tunnels that were used to seeing this in tornado alley in the us in the spring this is a probably once in a 5 year experience in canberra but it may be repeats of the next day or so because the next trough is coming in to reduce 41 degrees and sitting down to 21 lot of energy use it comes out in big stores. thank you very much for that well still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour saudi arabia faces new allegations that it hacked the phone of the washington post's owner. last year a star player sets his sights on another n.b.a. championship with his new team. and support. you out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every layer further and further into the jail or if
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you join us on say retention has to start from day one whether again you're in detention or you're incarcerated this is a dialogue everyone has a voice for there are studies that support our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on how to 0. a journey of discovery. which is the kochi of a letter germany addressed to my ground. 0. traces of family links to the regime of. fascism to italian polish freshers in the family it makes this letter. i found. on al-jazeera.
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again the top stories on the al-jazeera news our 1st meeting of lebanon's new cabinet was held in beirut a few hours ago president michel on the government must address the deteriorating economic situation and regain the confidence of the people. u.s. president donald trump is planning to extend his controversial travel ban there are reports that. will be added to the list including eritrea kurdistan me and mar nigeria and tanzania cited security as the reason. china's government has issued a travel advisory to avoid a city at the center of a new virus the 1st case of the respiratory infection been confirmed in the u.s.
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. chief executive has just confirmed there is a highly suspected case there as well the iranian president's chief of staff has said iran and saudi arabia should work together to resolve their problems tensions have long been high between the 2 countries diplomatic relations were severed after an attack on the saudi embassy into iran and 2016 already has more from iran. this comes at a time when iran finds itself in a situation where it needs all the friends it has in this region this is something the chief of staff alluded to he said that there is no reason for iran not to have good relations with its neighbors including saudi arabia of course iran and saudi have had a very tumultuous relationship over the past few years and it began in january of 2016 when the number of the rainy and stormed the saudi embassy in tehran and the stroy that what was inside because they were angry about an execution of
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a shia cleric in saudi arabia since then saudi officials have cut the pull magic relations with tehran and things have just escalated since then given the war in yemen and a number of other things that have taken place so there is a sense on the iranian side anyways for now that there needs to be a close look at this relationship and one of the main sticking points for a rainy and is the war in yemen they want to see an end to that as soon as possible and they say they are ready to go back to stop pushing relationship with saudi arabia as soon as that happens and the statement we heard from rouhani chief of staff today just a highlight how important saudi arabia is for iran and of course the having stability in this region. conflict poverty and natural disaster has forced almost half a 1000000 afghans out of their homes thoughts in the last year alone and desperation is sending many men into the ranks of armed groups as embassy ravi reports in the
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western province of herat local authorities are struggling to deal with the crisis . it's in the provincial districts the police are fighting for afghanistan's future where the bodies of members of the taliban are displayed like hunting trophies. for reassurance to rule communities that they're safe a warning to armed fighters of what to expect from others can district governor chief but in remote areas of afghanistan local officials know security does not only come from the barrel of a gun gaining the confidence of afghan people is equally important difficult the backs the day other poorest of the poor and really need a lot of help definitely these men have no other choice but to become teledyne criminals or join insurgent groups if they don't find a job we try our best to help them but the insurgents also try their best to easily recruit them despite ongoing challenges herat province is doing better than many other parts of afghanistan making it a destination for people trying to escape the 1000 year long war in their country.
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with camps been here for 2 years the men women and children living here fled fighting in nearby provinces to the relative safety of herat but living conditions here are very basic tents are barely standing most people are exposed to the elements all the time there is no medical help and there is never enough food. places like this have become the blindspot of this conflict. unseen and unheard people here are angry. he has no idea who is in the general there is no one representing ordinary people in peace talks with the taliban so how can those talks be successful these people lost their family members but no one even came to show sympathy for them mohammed was born after his family came to this camp 2 years ago this winter the only place he ever knew is also where he died. all his father has left of him is a single picture on his phone. there was
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a lot of snow for that day we were staying in the tents which took a child to the clinic i didn't have money for my son's treatment so we came back to the camp that night it was very cold and the next morning my son was dead thought the most father is worried she might be next she's been running a fever for days there's no one to turn to for help. we're living in these things no one helped us with proper tents and no one's helping us with food and went to supplies. everyone seems to have a story of a family member who's died from a preventable illness they hold out registration cards for benefits they say never come or are not enough. and it is very cold and we are shaking because of the coat we do not have anything to keep ourselves warm people give us little time and little help. if the u.s. leaves it will get even worth afghans are already killing each other the taliban killed 4 of my family members including my husband and it's brother i fled my home
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with 4 children and came here americans measure the cost of the longest war in their history in the billions of dollars and in kabul doha and washington they're trying to negotiate a deal with the taliban that would make it possible to withdraw u.s. forces from the country. but in displacement camps all over afghanistan fathers and mothers measure the cost of the war in lost lives in basra the old jazeera iraq afghanistan. saudi arabia is again being accused of hacking the phone of jeff bezos the boss of the world's largest online shop amazon also owns the washington post that's the newspaper which employed. the saudi journalist and critic of the crown prince was murdered by a team of assassins from the kingdom in 2018 now the guardian newspaper says the hacking happened after bezos received a message from mohammed bin set him on the saudis are describing the allegations as
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observe let's bring in jake williams he's the founder of the cyber security company rendition infoseek he's joining us from atlanta in the united states hi there thanks for joining us on the news hour to discuss this because what do you make of this report that's been put out by the guardian the report says that it's jeff bezos was hacked and the hacker originated from an account controlled by him mohamed have been some and saudi arabia yeah i would say that it is very similar or and certainly is consistent with the intent that we've seen previously any time we assess where we're looking in intent opportunity capability and and this certainly winds with the motives that we've seen previously from the saudi regime and is it possible to know we'll get into the motives in a moment but let me ask you this is a possible to know what precise data was hacked or x. filtrated by saudi arabia. it's going to depend on
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a number of things depending on at the base of the method used to exfiltrate we still don't have the power and or obviously but the amount of data that was axel traded is alluded to in the report and the specific data that was axel traded is going to depend on a couple of a couple of pieces that are as yet unknown in the report and what would you be looking out for in particular. in that forensic report. well for one certainly the method of compromise we are we would start doing some timestamp analysis and and i suspect that's probably how they came to the conclusion that this what that message was the likely infection back or looking at the time stamp when the message was not only received but also when the message was read both of those timestamps are stored for what's app and if they're looking then at a forensic image of the cell phone they would be able to discover when the spyware or malware on his phone became active and wind that up with
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a timestamp when this message was wet and here's the thing many experts say that a number of dissidents in fact and activists who are living outside of the kings have also been the subject of hacks by saudi arabia by jeff bezos is by far the biggest high profile person that has allegedly been hacked so i mean should sort of national security officials be worried over in the united states i would say that if they're not really asleep at the wheel obviously we know we're seeing a regime that has capabilities or even if it's not the regime you're seeing a malicious after targeting high profile accounts with obviously the capability to exploit and persist on these you know on these cellular and you were mentioning the motive right at the beginning off our discussion so what do you think the motive is here. well you know we see
4:43 pm
a lot of the intent. on some of the other saudi cyber activities really as basically stifling any criticism of the kingdom certainly the washington post has been very critical. critical of the kingdom and you know basically by by targeting bezos that could well be if indeed it is no that the kingdom the it could well be a basically an example of them trying to get dirt or some leverage on bezos to prevent future or influence future writing in the washington post yeah and we should mention also that the saudis have described the allegations as absurd but we thank you jake williams for speaking to us from atlanta and breaking this down for us thank you thank you. now despite repeated warnings that the volcano in the philippines corrupt any time some people still refused to leave the danger zone resulting in stand offs with the military or been ordered to evacuate
4:44 pm
everyone from the area general and organ reports from province. on patrol the attack volcano it's been over a week since the initial eruption and soldiers continued to try to keep away residents with homes here i mean let me know if we're going to die we are going to die here just allow us to go in there i mean giving up i don't know you so you have no provincial to get to the town of son that there is on lockdown one of the many towns within the 14 kilometer government declared danger zone its evacuation was ordered because of the eruption danger but that hasn't stopped people from returning and we're not we have 10 pigs how are they going to be fed we're ok. exploded. they're stubborn they insist they are safe and they go what they're doing
4:45 pm
it with the police can't stop them. they are along the border than 100000 for the b. those forced from their homes because of the threat of an imminent major eruption many are in temporary shelters others stay with relatives nearby the majority come from coastal villages like this one where hundreds of families depend on fishing for their livelihood many continue to brave the waters no matter how dangerous we reached the coastal village on the same scene and that is that our pain no current in ashes it may look peaceful but it's actually this relative period of call that's making people here more nervous. experts say the apparent of all gannett in the uk to vittie there's an e-mail. danger is over the alert level remains at $41.00 below the highest in just that is if there is only been toileted that. really explode it
4:46 pm
will build it up. it's our duty to go back or do. what they would because we really didn't get anything out of the area. and it was a well known jurist destination now many areas are reduced to this colorless a barren landscape. some are defying the danger no matter what we few seem to accept that the lives they've always known may never be the same again. al-jazeera sent that they received them but on this province northern philippines in colombia riot police and protesters have been injured during renewed nationwide demonstrations against the president's policy our reporter on the santorum care team watched what happened in the capital. protesters repeatedly clashed with the police here in the capital book on a number of cities across colombia in the 1st day of protests in 2020
4:47 pm
a continuation of the national strike that started at the end of november and continued almost until the end of december people us protesting for a number of reasons but the day protests that was called because of the continuous killing of a social leaders in the country 20 were killed since the beginning of the year practically one every day we know that in the clashes at least 90 people have been detained and at least a dozen wounded to true out today both here in and bogata and other cities and this puts to test a new protocol that was designed by the newly elected mayor of a cloudy alofa is to try and avoid violence the confrontations focusing on the use of civil mediators and trying to use anti-riot police. as records spent as you can see in many cases he said the mayor has this side of it that. the police and the violent confrontations that followed. one of the 2 psychologists credited with
4:48 pm
creating the cia's torture program has testified on guantanamo bay as part of a pretrial hearing for 5 men charged over the $911.00 attacks jim mitchell defended his role in the controversial program as a matter of moral courage roslyn jordan reports when jim mitchell was a contract psychologist for the cia he waterboard khalid sheikh muhammad 183 times on tuesday with muhammad sitting just meters away mitchell testified at the 911 pretrial hearing mitchell said his job as an interrogator was to make suspected al qaeda members talk the fact that people are being held in isolation for years incommunicado from their families told that they're going to die there and lack all ordinary protections of
4:49 pm
a person in prison is outrageous mitchell said the bush administration pressured the cia and the f.b.i. to do anything and everything to prevent future attacks he said the cia persuaded him 1st to take on the case of abu zubaida and that his work with other detainees including muhammad only grew with time human rights groups say the statements detainees gave to both the cia and later the f.b.i. were given under duress and never should be used as evidence in the trial mitchell testified he knew defense lawyers are trying to keep f.b.i. statements out of this case but he chose to show up for the sake of the $911.00 victims and their families. just before tuesday's testimony ended psychologist gemma mitchell told the court room this let me tell you i get up today and do it again if the cia were to ask him to take part in its enhanced interrogation program
4:50 pm
mitchell returns to the stand for more testimony on wednesday roslyn jordan al-jazeera one taught him obey sports is coming up next on the al-jazeera news hour paul will be here we'll have details about the japanese snowboarder following has a brother on to the olympic podium details coming up. business leaders his goal to find a brush pile. business
4:51 pm
leaders to work to find a brush pile. be a. salary in time for the sports those would pause during thank you very much 2 of the biggest young stars in women's tennis is set to meet at the australian open the founding champion nomi osaka showed some frustration in round 2 but emerged
4:52 pm
victorious to sets of a 3rd round match with 15 year old coco goff david starks reports. no i mean or suck it was cruising in her 2nd round match the defending champion quickly going a set up against chinese shanks i say if but she went to break down early in the 2nd set and lost her cool i am i a rare moment of anger from a player who usually appears pretty calm she managed to compose herself though recovered the break and claimed the victory in straight sets a place in the 3rd round secure but an apology to her racket sponsor was in order and my racket just magically flew out of my home. getting in trouble it sorry on what's up next row saka a thrilling tie on paper against america's rising talent got off the 15 year old have things a lot tougher in her match having to fight from a set down to beat serrano. my golf will be out for revenge against
4:53 pm
osaka would be to with the u.s. open 5 months ago 7 time champion serena williams powered her way into around 3 i know problems are there for the top seed ashley party the world number one polo no hurt choked up at her place in the last 32 as she continues her quest to become australia's 1st time champion since chris o'neil back in 1978 i in the men's draw it was business as usual for the defending champion novak djokovic the serb showing off his trademark athleticism on the way to a 3 sets win over japan's tissue but i. feel it krenov it was up against the mighty roger federer and as you can see it didn't go that well the swiss strolling through to round 3 dropping just 6 games along the way. but there were
4:54 pm
a couple of big upsets on day 3 american teddy saying grand edged out italy's the 8th seed potato parity in 5 sets. yes and another american tommy pull one an even longer match against the 18th seed grigor dimitrov. a 22 year old coming out on top after an epic battle lasted 4 hours and 90 minutes david stokes al-jazeera. olympic qualifiers in women's football have been moved away from the chinese city of we han due to the corona virus outbreak australia china taiwan and thailand were all due to play around robin torment their qualifying for tokyo 2022 now we played some 500 kilometers away in one ging at the start of february the 2022 world cup in qatar will definitely be without at least one of the giants of african football that's after cameroon and ivory coast were drawn together in the same qualifying group on tuesday african champions algeria have a far easier task up against you beaut djibouti became a faso
4:55 pm
a new jet the 10 group winners go through to the qualifiers in november next year with 5 eventually making it to the world cup the most valuable player of last year's n.b.a. finals looks to terminate to have another shot at the title with his new team. and the l.a. clippers were up against a dallas mavericks side on a 4 game winning streak chris taps posing gets finished off a little and large combo for dallas as the texans got back into this game but when the clippers trailed co i came to the rescue last year's main man for the raptors scoring 36 points and putting l.a. up to 2nd in the west 3 games behind the l.a. lakers 112107 the score. when other most hosley a white said debuts and years should happen on wednesday you the number one draft pick zion williamson sets play his 1st n.b.a. game for the new orleans pelicans against the san antonio spurs the 1000 year old had knee surgery and odds are you about it was wire it's ours and i was want to
4:56 pm
punch a war or or kick shares to is as far streaming on the knob your of the move your body to way you wanted to 1st leaves them night seeing only plea him are for a said be a game so i was who was tough were it's finally here well you to go back out the 5 time world series champion derek jeter as been votes it into the baseball hall of fame the form a new york yankees player came the face of baseball for nearly 20 years from the mid ninety's he hit 260 home as in that time was fail us in the failed as well winning 3 titles in a row for the yankees and he one of the hall of fame voting full didn't write gz a with the other $396.00 or casting their ballots for him tiger woods is preparing phase 1st torments of the year looking for a record breaking 83rd when on the p.g.a. tour he's playing a torments at corrie pines what she's won 7 signs of for ords isn't too focused on the record kena to talk about is bed it's a qualify for the tokyo lympics coming up in july for the the us guys you know
4:57 pm
we're going to have to play well the lot of a so the there in the top 15 than i think i'd just may have just fallen back into it it in the worth slot but there's so much caught replied so many big of mess made a chip chips players were not championships there's a lot of ought to be played and there'll be some supreme good fucked you waiting or the next 6 months the youth winter games are coming to a close in switzerland we want japanese family creating something of an olympic dynasty 17 year old kai shoot hirano took silver in the snowboard halfpipe is the younger brother of a human who took silver in the same event at the 2 senior winter olympics no gold for the family yet though that was one hair somewhat confusingly by japan's rukia hirano who is no relation to the brothers. a lot is all your sports and i will have more later during also later paul thank you very much for that thanks for watching the news hour back in just a moment more news coming your way all the day's top stories we will see you in
4:58 pm
a minute thanks for watching by. frank assessments the one thing about these bush bars usage really wiped them out the politics of climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate cyclone goes through school lawyers on a boat that's argument is astonishingly patronize a in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of a new iraq of the new conscious and aware youth about struggle against an ethnic sectarian kota inside story on al-jazeera. the 21st century began with extraordinary economic growth across much of latin america. but since this halted in 2008 there's been a political shift to the right on a continent where socialism once a drive to. a chilean politician goes on
4:59 pm
a journey to me leading left wing figures to understand why that politics have lost ground so dramatically. in latin america a giant in time while on al-jazeera. centuries it was the remote this of brazil's indigenous communities the protected them from the rapacious outside world now it's what shields those who are encroaching on protected indigenous territory starting fires and threatening the residents of the county when i had the 1st contact with the outside walls in 1978. catchy good talking head native language translated for us into portuguese remembers it well she says they brought diseases that decimated the community but that. we had a lot of land and we lived peacefully relief with fear. that are very few firsts the invaders are coming closer it's difficult at 1st to gauge why a place so remote so tranquil should matter so much to the rest of the walls
5:00 pm
indigenous people who live here always realize this but now is the smoke fills the sky and the ashes pollute the river the rest of the world is beginning to realize it too. lebanon's new cabinet meets for the 1st time to find a way out of the economic crisis but some protesters are heading back to the streets. to watch it all just 0 life from a headquarters in doha i'm dating navigate also ahead donald trump announces plans to add more countries to the u.s. travel ban as he heads home to his impeachment trial. you see what's going on in the world country has to be seen so we have a very strong travel ban.


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