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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2020 8:00am-8:33am +03

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experts demands an investigation into evidence in saudi arabia hacked into the phone of the washington post and amazon owner jeff bezos. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera life from doha also coming up he personally asked a foreign government to investigate his opponent it's late in a crowded prosecutor and president trumps impeachment trial makes the case for removing him from office. actually we have all the material they don't have the material the president is defiant in davos but democrats say he's bragging about withholding evidence. china holds flights and trains out of the city at the center of a virus outbreak that's killed 17 people and infected more than 570 others. in
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human rights experts are calling for an investigation into allegations that saudi arabia's crown prince was involved in hacking the phone of amazon boss jeff bezos relations between the world's richest man in riyadh soured after the murder of keep the saudi journalist was a regular contributor to the washington post it's also own by jeff bezos it like age reports. 15 months after the murder of saudi journalists. in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul the fallout continues jeff bezos the boss of the world's largest online shop amazon also owns the washington post the newspaper khashoggi wrote for he's now at the center of a hacking probe un human rights experts including agnes kalmadi who investigated
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murder say they've looked at forensic analysis that points to dart of being stolen from bases foreign in 2018 that happened after base also received whatsapp messages from the personal account of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin some on possibly the experts say to try and influence articles in the washington post the guinea shola expert conduct an. investigation concluded reason medium to or high certainty that the show also of the hacking was a videophile send to me stone. account or and by the crown prince on the sidelines of the world economic forum the saudi energy minister responded to the allegation is it. was a democracy people are concerned. i'm stupid you know that but at the same
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time the wall street journal reported that saudi officials close to the crown prince said they were aware of a plan to hack base also as foreign as part of a broader intimidation campaign against ji but not aware of any attempt to blackmail him well i think upset is exactly the right word the idea that the conference would jeff bezos is photos absolutely silly. as baze also supported to show g.'s fiance following his murder in 2018 relations we've been some. bayes also a security team alleged last march that the kingdom gained private information from his phone involving text messages between him and a former t.v. news presenter this latest analysis implicates the crown prince for the 1st time i think that it's hard to believe that if they had this successful capability and were brazenly willing to use it against one of the most powerful people in the
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world that they would stop there the saudis have been accused of other hacking attacks but baze also is by far the most high profile person involved and these latest allegations are expected to only worsen relations between the world's richest men and the kingdom a strategic ally of the us nicola gage al jazeera house democrats are trying to convince the senate to remove president ronald from office they open their argument in his impeachment trial on wednesday with 2 warnings and at the upper chambers republican majority history is watching and so are the american people how does your cast of reports from washington d.c. please be seated this was the 1st of 3 days the impeachment managers have to present their case that president trump tried to pressure ukraine to get dirt on joe biden and withheld u.s. security aid as leverage nevertheless the documents and testimony that we were able
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to collect. paints an overwhelming and damning picture of the president's efforts to use the powers of his office to corruptly solicit foreign help in his reelection campaign if this conduct is not impeachable. then nothing else i would rather go the long way from switzerland president trump again called his impeachment a partisan witch hunt he said he could live with having new witnesses testify in the trial so it's not up to the president whatever the heck he said it and it's troll wants to listen to a particular witness we have that cost attritional responsibility of the courts have yielded to us in order to carry out their responsibility republican senators has stuck by trump they include some of his fiercest offenders there on a crusade to destroy this man and they don't care what they destroy in the process of trying to this story donald trump i do care so to my democratic colleagues you
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can say what you want about me but i am covering up nothing makes photos. your hatred of this president to the point that you would destroy the institution it would take 20 republican senators to cross the aisle to vote to convict and remove president trump from office the possibility is remote the much likelier scenario is an acquittal with the american voter serving as trump's final jurors in november at the polls show castro al-jazeera washington. president trump is back in washington after attending the world economic forum in davos in switzerland where he criticized the impeachment proceedings also boasted about withholding some evidence from the democratic white house correspondent kimberly how could us war. u.s. president donald trump returned home to washington ignoring reporters' questions about the ongoing senate impeachment trial against him but before leaving davos
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switzerland trump in his 1st press conference as the start of the trial lashed out at his democratic adversaries calling them major sleaze bags that his mind set focused on his defense trumped told reporters he wanted to let members of his administration testify like former national security adviser john bolton secretary of state mike pump aoe and other top officials he even floated the possibility of showing up himself i'd love to go to the white you know i don't know i sort of love to write the front row and stare their corrupt faces i'd love to do it i don't know don't don't keep talking because i know you may convince me to do it trump seemed fixated on the trial back home even as the white house hoped trump would use the world economic forum to highlight accomplishments on trade he appeared confident now democrats are accusing him of openly admitting he's withholding documents one
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of the main allegations against the jet but honestly we have all the material they don't have them and. tropp did discuss other topics including a future trade deal with the european union and confirmed he's expanding his controversial travel ban barring citizens of certain countries from entering the u.s. we're adding a couple of countries to it we have to be safe our country has to be safe trumps ban sparked protests in the u.s. when he introduced it less than a week after taking office. here. many called it a muslim ban for targeting muslim majority countries like iran and somalia and fought it in court 2018 the supreme court upheld the policy the white house promises countries can be removed from the travel ban list if they step up security but those headlines from trump's impromptu press conference were once again overshadowed at the impeachment trial on capitol hill mr justice one trunk believes
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could shape his legacy when i finish i think that this is going to go down as one of the greatest things i've done for our country. despite allegations to the contrary trump insists he's committed no wrongdoing and efforts to remove him from office are an attempt to undo the results of the 2016 election and influence the next one can really help washington. a ban on all public transport to try and contain the spread of a deadly virus has gone into effect and the chinese city of will hong all plane train bus and ferry services in and out of the city it's all been shut down the number of confirmed cases across china has passed 577000 people have died since this virus emerged last month and cases have been detected in several countries in the u.s. also in several countries and asia partly also in the u.s. role in health organization will decide whether to declare the outbreak
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a global health emergency later on thursday adrian brown is at hong kong airport where the transport shutdown will harm is already having an impact. normally you have several flights a day from here to hand and of course those flights have now being canceled rouhani is you know a city of about 11000000 people it's a major transport hub in central china but it's now a city that's in effective quarantine that the lockdown as you say began several minutes ago this is a lockdown that's being inforced by the police and it's one of the draconian measures that president xi jinping has felt necessary to take the idea the hope is they can somehow stop this virus from spreading still further but it's possible that this may be simply too little too late because the virus has now spread to 2 thirds of china's provinces that's $25.00 problem says in total that includes taiwan we've had another suspected case in macau this morning and of course now 2
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suspected cases in hong kong and you know the world health organization has deferred making a final decision on whether to declare a global health emergency in part i think because he wants to hear more from china about why it perhaps feels that it is comfort enough of being able to contain this fire is and to prevent it spreading because you know if the w.h.o. does declare a global public health emergency then that's going to harm china's international reputation that's going to mean a big loss of face with china it's going to mean that this you know global emergency is down to a virus outbreak in china so i think china at this w.h.o. meeting is doing all that it can to convince members that it does have this thing under control. and playing is to water bomb the fires in australia it's fair to have crashed authorities lost contact with the c. one authority here craft in the snow i mean our. andrew thomas is live for us in
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sydney with the latest so unsure what are you learning about what what what's going on. over a shell just in. last hour the emergency services agency here has confirmed that they've lost contact with a plane they believe it to have crashed now there aren't that many planes believe it or not they have been fighting these bush fires there are a couple of 737 jets a d.c. 10 but the one that is believed to have crashed is a c 130 now that's the biggest plane that the rural fire service has been using to fight base on us then to fires it's a very big plane and it's believed to crash about 2 or 3 hours ago now just south of the capital of australia canberra now that is that plane there are normally 3 people on board and given where it's crashed if it has been it's very unlikely that those people have survived now we filmed this plane a couple of weeks ago fighting the fire as it's been used consistently throughout the last month or so with these on president bush can hold lights across the
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southeast of australia this plane and others they don't fire it's hard to take out on the ground to stop writing but this obvious they would be a major disaster in these bushfires that we haven't seen enough of those with a number of lives lost homes destroyed over the last month or so now we know that helicopters are looking for any wreckage there are ambulances driving to this betty remote area as well so far no confirmation of any wreckage and at the moment no confirmation of the exact plane and boat that's a site we believe it's a c. $130.00 normally a transport plane converted into a fighting plane we believe it's that one that's gone down ok and for thomas with the latest for us from sydney thank you and. still ahead on al-jazeera. here those are horses up the road that's why this was corrupt parliament was full of government. protests rejecting love it on state government descended to riots and street battles in the capital beirut. and man maher in the dock international
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court of justice prepares to rule in a landmark genocide case. there are plenty of weather through northern sections of the middle east and by that i mean rain but also some snow also clouds showing up on the satellite in the last few hours and as we go through the next 2 days is going to be a case of this further to the east away from all that cloud we've got high pressure in control and that means some very trapped cold air this is called look at it it is cold it is foggy that is how the morning's all star saying now as we go through thursday 14 degrees in kabul by day so not particularly cold and then look at this rain this is what i'm talking about some very heavy amounts of rain pushing through most southern areas of iran coming on some very saturated ground we could again
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have some flooding but in actual fact we'll see if you shine spreading us out through through the gulf so it does mean bahrain across into cattle we could see a few showers 21 celsius in doha and the shadows continuing their way south was as we head through friday so that means you can see one or 2 into dubai and possibly into must cattle they probably staying really to the north of there 25 degrees is the high temperature meanwhile there is more rain and some snow developing through central and northern areas of iraq plenty of rain still to come certainly for another day into central and northern atlantic aska this it'll system has been sitting there for days but by friday it actually finally pushes away taking the worst of the rain showers with it meanwhile it is a dry sunny day with 28. explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how my beliefs influenced the course of history. shows that he did not get enough credit for it in the book you want to be
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the big historical figure but he was mandela the biggest god called in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face on i'll just see. crushing al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now un human rights experts are calling for an investigation into new allegations at the saudi crown prince was involved in hacking the phone of amazon a washington post owner jeff bezos relations between the world's richest man and riyadh soured after the murder of journalist mark showed it by saudi agents in 2018
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. congressional democrats have called on republican senators to join them in voting to remove donald trump from office and began opening arguments in the impeachment trial of a u.s. president whose dismissed it as a hoax. fears are growing over the fate of a plane being used to water bomb fires in australia authorities lost contact with a large air tanker while i was passing through the snow in our region. international court of justice request for emergency measures aimed at preventing further acts of violence against. filed a lawsuit in november accusing in mars' military of a crackdown on the minority 3 years ago more than 700000 fled to neighboring bangladesh in barker has more from the hague it is the world's highest court formed in the aftermath of the 2nd world war to end state abuses of power. stands accused
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of perhaps the greatest of peace the genocide of its own people last month its civilian leader aung san suu kyi once a human rights icon arrived at the international court of justice to contest the claims the case against her government was brought by the gambia on behalf of dozens of muslim countries in action means that more people are being killed more woman being a movie. and much human being but a life the court heard allegations of atrocity after atrocity. military is accused of mass murder rape and the destruction of rango muslim communities the nobel peace prize laureate watched on a woman detained for years by myanmar's military now defending them she doesn't have control over the army but see cheez personally accused of failing to hold it to account she called for the case to be dropped your monitor press a court to remove the case from its the case. says the raids are bringing the
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villages in iraq and state in 2017 were legitimate counterterrorism operations a response to attacks by. government security posts 3 is on a more than 700000 refugees languishing camps across the border in bangladesh the gambia believes myanmar's trying to wipe out an entire end of the group the call could take many years to reach a final ruling on genocide. the type of evidence that is needed to prove genocide is quite burdensome for applicants states like gambia but it's also because the legal test that's needed to be met by the applicants it is also quite high so the applicant the gambia will have to show that there was specific intent to commit genocide on thursday the i.c.j. will say whether or not it is granted an emergency ruling known as provisional measures to prevent further acts of serious violence including murder rape the
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burning down of villages the prevention of access to medicine one thing the court cannot do though is enforce its rulings in the past some countries have simply ignored them this is not a criminal case charges won't be brought against individuals that may come later at a different court nevertheless she finds herself together would be a man's military the focus of serious allegations accused of complicity with some of the world's worst crimes we've barkha al-jazeera the hague. live now from cox's bazar in bangladesh where hundreds of thousands fled in 2017 to escape this military crackdown in myanmar so what could be the real life implications for people there depending on what this ruling as. we've been talking to refugees here of course months on different issues around
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i.c.c. and since november and i see. most of the running as a read that there's some proceeding going on the average person don't understand the intricate details and the complexities behind it but the community leaders know that the ruling could be in favor of them at least symbolically they know that it's not a enforceable thing it's a legally not binding an average car something that something good will come out of but they will have hopeful that because of the ruling if it's positive for favoring the rowing as they think their process of prepared to ration will be quicker things will improve and harassment by the myanmar security and the 3rd is will probably be stopped because there's about $600000.00 rowing us still living in down the side many of them are in turn camp now most of these people most of these people like getting their news from their radios in the hearts of many of them own radios the
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community leaders have radios they've been prayers special prayers at the mosque yesterday evening praying for a just ruling by the i.c.c. so considering everything they're hopeful that something positive will come out of it they've been quite anxious there's a sense of hopelessness there's a lot of restaurants now in the camp they feel like they want to go back to home but more and more it's getting louder in the camp that just as one of the condition aside from running out citizenship and recognition is a growing beside many other demands they have but the justices one of the main demands are now also that we want justice for what happened it's getting louder in the camps here our child to live in hock to our negative thank you. chaos anger and fighting have erupted in lebanon barely a day after a new government was formed the cabinet met for the 1st time on wednesday promising to and months of political and economic crisis the protesters say they're part of
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the same political elite they blame for widespread corruption and heard reports from beirut. the people versus the state lebanon is in turmoil anti-establishment protesters briefly broke through security barriers outside parliament square there is anger over a new government that is sold like a lead it is so nicely made me the authorities are all liars corrupt we don't trust them they can't deceive us they can't form a government the way they want they will not stay in power we will not leave the streets we are hungry and dead and we have nothing left to lose. for ours out-i riot police tried to quell the unrest using teargas and water cannons but the few 100 young men were defiant challenging security forces for hours using rocks stones and firecrackers central beirut has been a battleground in the past week but in the past few hours the confrontations have
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to match those that are violent. the most violent and aggressive since the protest movement against the political class began in october anger is escalating among the lebanese who are demanding a new leadership they believe the new cabinet reflects the previous one protesters are not convinced politicians will carry out the needed reforms because that would mean losing access to the state's resources for personal gain they also question whether the ministers appointed by politicians are able to hold corrupt officials accountable for this good old remarked mr subban dominion over them this government doesn't represent the lebanese the politicians brothers the thinking we wouldn't look nice but they are both looking at a little known engineering professor and one time minister as lebanon's new prime minister has the choice of the country's ruling alliance his cabinet lineup has been criticised for lacking change and being one sided it convened for its 1st
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session on wednesday and it now needs to work on an economic and financial programme. to reassure the lebanese about their future but president michel aoun also told the government they need to regain the confidence of the international community foreign support is needed to unlock billions of dollars in aid the international community cares about one thing today is the ability of the government to deliver on. this team proved to be really independent. when they prove they can but they are not but isn't the office system. in place. but. opponents of the political class are divided over the way forward some believe the movement should remain peaceful while others support a violent campaign. for
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a 2nd consecutive night tried to convince the security forces to join their ranks and to stop protecting the elite who he said are responsible for all their pain. orders were carried out and the unrest was eventually contained scenes like these are becoming more frequent it's causing concern about the future of a country deeply divided with those who are defending the status quo and those demanding a new lebanon. beirut. forces loyal to libyan war. say they will enforce a no fly zone over the main airport and the capital tripoli flights only just. airport after being suspended following a rocket attack on wednesday the un recognized government forces don't have the capacity to enforce a no fly zone however flights have been suspended following the warlord statement. but israel's opposition leader is calling on the european union to broaden
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sanctions against the government of president nicolas maduro. is on a tour of europe in defiance of a travel ban you countries have recognized him as the an interim president and impose sanctions on some venezuelan some interests and of circle they've also been pushing for mediation which white oh says has failed. let's go is government has war and on document in migrants are try to enter the country that they will they turned away authorities say they've prevent and most people on a large caravan a central americans from entering the country after waiting across a river as to on hallman our ports on tech going a mon ami what border are some people say they have no choice now but to return home i stay old gun it was a fairly stone choice for a caravan of thousands of central americans a mix crew so them borda was 5 buses rolled up for those who'd had enough food trying to go or north the sit we couldn't do it these nothing else we can do you
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hear the only thing left is to go harm was they tried to make it into the country or monday and this happened at it is not even look at i was there god ebert in your semi a 2 months pregnant term but when she fell down the sodium own not going to let you don't know what it is to go in a caravan e don't know the risks you'll wrong like yesterday's tampa seek the know how but i am you know it's be will be at it through see the other who know and that game know the truth is that i wouldn't because you risk a loss and they threw stones at my current they were and looking us who they hearst's but they can't go home they say they've been squeezed up my boilen it some poverty now things were i'm rambling for them and others fear clothes food i'm patients rule in shoots a ploy on tuesday many of the young men gathered to plan and love the crossing they didn't want us all mitt's km the thora teased find out where there's a lot of disillusionment here with mexico president under as manuel lopez obrador
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but talked about jobs in the possibility of us saw i live but the reality for many is instead been deputation i didn't if you semir limits he's one of the lucky ones of to she in her 2 young children suffered in the clashes yesterday they were let go by migration agents unspent our was walking the backroads emits so voiding yo the crow rich and runs out most bus i'd been in the baraka we thought we would have to spend the night you know a park but a lady came up to me in told me to come home with her because of the children now my goal is to get to top with chula in passed from state to state to let make it to d. juana she still high doing we hunt to do the interview with her in a cone now she has to find her way through is so i'm from its current it's loaded with chip points in the national growed looking for migrants who freedom here could be sure lived or to join homan oh does it a to kumu my antti python star terry jones has died if he age of 77 comedians family says he passed away at home and london after
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a long battle with their rare form of dimentia terry jan's began writing at performing on the 1960 s. before finding success of course with the comedy troupe ani python's flying circus they also directed and start in several films including life of brian freakout the headlines on al-jazeera your in human rights exports are calling for an investigation into allegations at the saudi crown prince where's involved in hacking the phone of amazon a washington post own are jeff bezos relations between the world's richest man in riyadh soured after the murder of journalist mock a show ski i sadi agents and 2018 acclaim being is true water bomb bush fire a cent australia has crashed authorities lost contact with the large air tanker wall it was passing through the snowy menorah reachin enter thomas has
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a latest from sydney this plane and all those they dumped far it's hard to pick out on the ground to stop spreading but this obviously would be a major disaster in the bush was that we haven't seen enough of those with the number of lives lost homes destroyed over the last month or so now we know that helicopters are looking for any refuge there are ambulances driving to this very remote area as well so far no confirmation of any wreckage and at the moment no confirmation of the exact plane beauprez aside we believe it's a c. 130 nobody a transport plane converted into a fog the plane we believe it's not one has gone down congressional democrats in the u.s. have called on republican senators to join them in voting to remove donald trump from office they began opening arguments in the impeachment trial of the u.s. president who's accused of abuse of power and obstructing justice. in washington after attending the world economic forum in switzerland is just press conference in davos to criticize pietschmann proceedings and also boasted about withholding some
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evidence from democrats the chinese city of ohana is on lockdown in an effort to stop an outbreak of corona virus from spreading flights and public transport services have been halted and people have been told not to leave the city 17 people have died from the virus so far and more than 5 $170.00 of fallen ill fighting as far as going out between protesters and security forces in lebanon barely a day after a new government was formed the demonstrators say the new cabinet is part of the same political elite they are playing for widespread corruption. and the headlines keep it on al-jazeera witnesses next. tree tensions could cause global economic growth by north 48 percent we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in to what extent we're trying to be a drag on the global economy in 2020 counting the cost on which is iraq.
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oh god. but i'll. tell. you no growth in the you know for i think if they sound so low but oh my. god. but i don't know me no mares so my what a year or so you swallow or listen to one.


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