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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2020 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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now this is it. 20000000 people sealed off in central china with public transport shut down authorities are trying to stop the spread of a new virus. hello i'm adrian finnegan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up protect the evidence and prevent a genocide the international court of justice orders myanmar to protect. us but to mom to enforce interference in the face of a libya from the foreign ministers of neighboring countries. among the gallacher in the far west reaches of alaska where the once in a decade u.s. census begins we'll tell you why it's important white starting here and why it's
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a potential lifeline for the native people of this state. all major events for lunar new year celebrations in china's capital are being canceled to try to stop the spread of a new virus the emergency measures for the restrictions in 3 other cities that are affecting some 20000000 people all public transport services air sea and road out of the city of will hon have been suspended that's where the virus was 1st detected last month in the neighboring city of all transport services will be shut down from midnight local time to prevent people leaving or entering nearby joe has closed its train stations in beijing subway trains will be disinfected every hour and the world health organization is basing again to decide whether to declare an international public health emergency al-jazeera as adrian brown begins our
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coverage from hong kong. at 1st china's government warned people against traveling to hand the epicenter of the virus now a day later it's gone a step further and banned all travel to and from the city 11000000 people are effectively living in quarantine that brought a measured response from the world health organization trying to contain a city of 11000000 people is new to science and it has not been tried before as a public health measure so we cannot at this stage say it will honor to unmount work many people fled to han before the ban took effect and verified pictures posted on social media shows signs of panic among those who stayed behind a hospital in the city where face masks are now reportedly being rationed now the
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ban on public transport has been extended to other cities in central china. well here. arriving in hong kong passengers from one of the last flights out of. silent by choice the incubation period for the virus loss up to 10 days doctors say it's therefore possible that some of them could be carrying a silent killer after returning to hong kong if you have a fever or other symptoms where a surgical mask as this disease spreads in hong kong's medical authorities are raising awareness with cheery public service announcements. like other parts of china hong kong is becoming a city without a face the official advice is to wear surgical masks in crowded areas including on public transport yet some experts doubt they'll be effective. from manila to
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tokyo airports across asia are screening all passengers for signs of infection medical experts still don't know if this is a highly or mildly contagious disease there is a lot the experts still don't know about this disease they're still trying to find its source and they're still not sure how easily it can spread from person to person adrian brown al jazeera hong kong beijing has pledged complete transparency as a deals with the outbreak. china will continue to maintain an open transparent as issued egg donor responsible manner for the global health and safety end reports any outbreaks we will maintain close communication with the world health organization relevant countries and regions including hong kong and taiwan we also believe that the emergency committee at the world health organization will base their findings about the outbreak on truth science and pass yellow reasonable analysis and sound judgment peter j.
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hotez says from the baylor college of medicine says the preventative measures should have been taken after the sars outbreak. the best way to contain a virus is to have a vaccine readily available and to vaccinate the population and unfortunately the world did not respond after the sars vaccine to have those vaccines in place and we could talk more about that but you know for now i think what we're seeing with the chinese leadership is and a reaction maybe an overreaction to what happened in 2003 when the stars coronavirus erupted in spread across china create a global panic affected asian markets and other markets and really shut down the city of toronto after was exported there in the chinese leadership was heavily criticized for not being proactive not being transparent so i think what you're seeing is a response to that and trying to double down and that's why we're seeing the measures being taken right now there have been prototype vaccines for sars the 1st
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serious corona virus infection in the early 2001 for example we developed a prototype vaccine for that then when me tried to seek funding to get clinical trials to advance it to license or license or so we have a ready to go the investor community said that there is no more sars any more we why do we need a vaccine and so it it we're still continuing to monitor it for its stability but it's basically we haven't been able to advance it for all the safety testing ef we had done that by now there's a possibility we'd have a vaccine ready to go mammals government has been ordered to take emergency measures to prevent soldiers committing acts of genocide against revenge of muslims who are still living that instructional court of justice is also ruled to panama protect all evidence for potential genocide trials around 3 quarters of a 1000000 range of fled to neighboring bangladesh during a military offensive against them 3 years ago leda denies charges of genocide.
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myanma you know this we did. under the foundation and relation to the members hold their orange or green units $3030.00 page on measure we didn't power to break them because a mission of or acts within the school of photic or 2 of the genocide from the age i'm to say his name is at the hague says the ruling will be difficult to enforce but is still significant or rather a significant development from the course for the court has been asked to do is rule on 2 things to say whether or not he has jurisdiction and he has come back saying it does indeed have jurisdiction meaning a genocide trial would take place and secondly it was by the gambia to to impose something called provisional measures which amounts to an emergency injunction to put the brakes on any form of genocidal violence so what we've heard from the court
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a short while ago is that there were terms of what it wants me to do he wants to make sure that its military and all irregular forces that work alongside it stop all acts of violence including rape the burning of villages mass murder the prevention of access to medicine it's also. preserve all evidence when it comes to the ongoing trial the future trial of genocide and also further terms when it comes to the timing it's what he wants me to report back 4 months from today and then every 6 months going forward to show exactly what it's doing to the international community to prove that it is actually living up towards the i.c.j. the un's highest court has now imposed upon it i'm serious time to chadri in cox's bazaar in bangladesh has been with a group of ranger refugees they listened to the decision. the ruling by the
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international court of justice is very much welcome by the rowing director did come in it is here now we've been discussing with many of the people after the ruling sitting out in the stalls they've been waiting here for hours wanting to know what will be the outcome that's been listening to it than just a radio listening to various news and they're discussing among themselves i would talk to them see what their reaction is that said it is very welcoming they're very happy and anxious listen to some of their reactions and i think we should include thanks to our love for this verdict and gambia free initiating the legal process also thanks to bangladesh for giving a shelter finally the verdict recognised our suffering in all the atrocities we went through the feel that peace in our heart out of me said i we've been suffering for the last 70 years and we're sticking it justice now we truly believe that the world has recognised the suffering now most of the people don't know that complex detail of legal matter what they know that the ruling was in favor of the running a refugee is and they're running a community in life now they know this is symbolic that may not something happen
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very quickly we don't know yet whether the myanmar will accept this verdict whether other countries will not put sanction and pressure on myanmar to watch their own ingots know that they have been recognised that crime has been committed they've been telling the whole was the last several years that atrocities been committed against us now that's been recognised it's a very symbolic it's a moral and a psychological victory for them as to what they've told me algeria has hosted a neighbors of libya meeting to find ways to stop the fighting there cheeriest foreign minister rejected any foreign interference and reiterated the need to uphold the international. all and. i'm not going to name any parties when i'd like to say that in principle algeria rejects any foreign intervention and we reject the presence of many foreign troops in libya we accept troop support is accepted by the libyans they have the sovereign right to agree
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with whichever party but we are concerned about the whole situation our principle is that any foreign intervention in libya will complicate the matter and mall wipe out of tripoli libya correspondent. is with us now with what is this meeting aimed to achieve. well adrian it seems that. it's keen to 1st of all play a leading rule in bringing settlement to libya as a neighbor and major country in the area 2nd according to the foreign minister they want to stress into all major issues the 1st one is to reject any foreign intervention in libya and 2nd is to stop the flooding of arms into the country but also foreign minister today confirming that they have not invited libyan officials because yesterday as you know adrian foreign
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minister at the tripoli based government of national accord denied invitation object in on the fact that as the foreign minister here in tripoli sat down invited that a vote for a missile or is have to in the east of the country now today a jillion foreign minister deny that assad did not invite libyan officials but meanwhile it seems that algeria is also trying to send a message to the neighboring countries. especially egypt and tunisia. that. embargo should be observed and the arms should not enter libya through all these neighboring countries as you know adrian that egypt has been of major supporter of have in fact it has been providing kim with advanced weapons along with the troops on the ground since 2015 and now by virtue of this meeting
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according to. sources this is kind of the extension to the berlin meeting which started the mediations to deescalate the conflict in libya and bring. you both factions to the negotiating get but it seems that this also this meeting is slowing meeting due to be held by the end of this this month to continue their mediations to bring peace to libya and briefly mahmoud's what's the latest on the closure of tripoli airport the d.n.a. along with the high state council here in tripoli stated that they are going to resume a v.a. ssion in airport despite all threats the old sort sad that we are going they are going to hold the international institutions including the united nations and
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the united nations support the mission in libya the sponsible for any danger or any . threats happening to the airport given the fact that the spokesmen of have those forces last night threaten to target any civilian plane taking off or landing in airports adrian or whatever word there reporting live from tripoli many thanks indeed. we're going to weather update next here on out of syria then another tragedy in the battle against australia bush fires. we are looking into how to scale up to do more in the fight against terrorism major sectors general tells al-jazeera how the military alliance plans to step up its presence of the middle east.
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how the rain clouds continue to gather across central parts of china since thick cloud here just pushing over towards shanghai driving over the east china sea easing its way towards q.c. much of japan will be dry over the next couple of days i can't say the same for those central areas of china the wetter weather will actually sink its way further south with that we will see a few showers just rolling into hong kong over the next a day or 2 if the taiwanese should stay last the dry stays largely dry to into the philippines but this area cloud is still such a storms will introduce some wet weather into central areas as we go through the next day or 7 maybe just pushing up towards the north of the country as we go on into saturday then for the south any a showers there to malaysia and on into india uneasy will see some showers too pushing their way towards at least inside us like it but across much of south asia except that we have lost the clear skies temperatures do still struggle in new
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delhi to be just now hot around 17 or 18 celsius here over the next couple of days and that dry weather see cause much of india further north you see want to wait for a flourish just pushing their way out of northern pakistan into the far north of india they will continue should live the way further east winds through the weekend . but. one is the last time you out on the streets and. whether on line you feel the weight of the system going to walk through each and every luggage or layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say entry has to start from day one whether again you and attention or you're incarcerated this is a dialogue everyone has a voice so far there are studies that support rush coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for it join the colobus come to say she announces iraq.
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hello again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour all major events for lunar new year celebrations in china's capital beijing are being canceled to try to prevent the spread of a new virus 20000000 people in 3 other cities are being affected by the shutdown of public transport. the international court of justice is all that man must governments take emergency measures to prevent soldiers committing acts of genocide against or a hinge of a still living that leader aung san suu kyi denies the genocide has been committed and algeria has been hosting a meeting of libya's neighbors to find a way to stop the fighting the cheeriest foreign minister reiterated the need to
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uphold the international arms embargo rejects any foreign interference interference for the in libya. the fighting has intensified in syria's last rebel held province over the past few days 8 civilians have been killed after government strikes hit a town in southern italy and 2 camps for displaced people in the east there are also reports of heavy fighting between rebels and government forces 40 soldiers are dead nearly 45000 people have fled their homes in the last 3 months after syria simcoe seal who is following developments from istanbul. so there was a ceasefire that was a stablished agreed actually by russia and turkey on january 12th so current there shouldn't be any gunfire by by either of the size however we are seeing that in the last one week the clashes have intensified and according to some reports by the same estate turkish news agency within the last 48 hours just because of the bomb
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weidman spy the syrian government and russia at least 39000 people have been again displays across and most of them moving towards the turkish syrian border or moving to the euphrates schildt or operation all of branch areas that are currently under the syrian opposition control right now the cease fire seems that seems not to be holding gadarene but none of the government or is neither turkey nor russia say anything about that they believe they say they want to proceed to cease fire however a couple of days ago coming back from berlin turkey's prisons are gone told turkish journalists that this is not acceptable and he said that he's telling what's going on and the president vladimir putin but he doesn't believe so i spoke to some turkish military sources they told me the same is the syrian regime when they ask about the cease fire despite the cease fire why are you attacking the syrian
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opposition the syrian government says they are attacking us we are retaliating however on the other side the opposition says exactly the same iraq's president has told global political and business leaders gathered in switzerland that foreign interference in his country must stand bottom sallies call came after growing protests against u.s. troops in iraq a missile attacks from iraq he's been speaking of the world economic forum in davos earlier diplomatic etta james bays spoke to the nato secretary general against talking books in the past about the security situation in iraq and the presence of foreign troops in the country. secretary-general start by telling me about what is supposed to be your newest mission because certainly the president of the united states donald trump has given it a name he says nato me nato middle east is it authorized what are you planning where the natives all depressed and in the middle east we have
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a training mission in iraq we're working with partners like to nice sharp and jordan helping that would special operation forces intelligence and of course if you look at the broader region we are present in afghanistan what we're doing now is that we are looking into how to scale up to do more in the fight against terrorism especially by providing more support to do rocky security forces you say scale up you've got about $500.00 or so troops currently suspended in iraq but president trump is talking about something much bigger is talking about you replacing u.s. troops and there are thousands there are you really going to get authorization for that well we are now discussing in a to what more we can do and we are doing that of course in close consultation with her very rocky gomen and i met are there are press than today i spoke with her old prime minister yesterday and we are looking at how nato can do more focus is not on combat missions focuses on how can be chain assist and advise to rockets and help
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them build in their everything from minister of defense command the control to train the forces so they can stabilize their own country fight terrorism themselves you say you're talking about iraq you say you talk about a training mission you seem to be a slightly cross purposes with president trump because he said we can come home or largely come home and use nato and i've looked how many u.s. troops there are in the middle east 6000 iraq 800 syria 13000 kuwait 7000 bahrain 13000 cata u.s. a 5000 saudi arabia 3000 jordan 3000 oman 600 is nato really going to replace that or as donald trump got it wrong well our focus is on what more to need to do in that region to fight in. national titles and of course nato has a potential to do more than we do today not so many years ago had more than 140000 troops in afghanistan in the combat operation but are we could be talking something of that scale or no because what you're looking to now is not big combat operations
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what we're looking into now all of us do not the states and european nato allies is how can enable the countries in the region him self to fight terrorism because in the long run it's better that they fight terrorism themselves that they is stable on countries because nato will always be our kind of foreigners coming in so therefore the best thing we can do is to help them strengthen their security forces so they can stay with us on their own to be clear he says we can come home and use nato is there any suggestion are you going to get any buy in particularly from the french and germans who want to iraq really have not liked the history of all of this involvement in iraq are you going to get any buy in for the sort of scale of operation that president trump seems to be hinting there or do all or all are looking into what can we do together and the us is a member of nato is what kind of do together to create the conditions so we can reduce our presence no one wants to stay in afghanistan or iraq or in other places
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fighting terrorism longer than necessary but we cannot leave to early because then we see that there is a risk for al qaeda taliban or isis dollars coming back in australia tributes are being paid to the 3 chris 3 crewmembers of an american aircraft that crashed are fighting bushfires and are thomas reports from sydney. filmed by al jazeera 2 weeks ago this is believed to be the plane that's crashed the c 130 hercules is the biggest firefighting plane used by australia's rural fire service is capable of dumping 15000 liters of water all retardant each flight 3 i'm eric and crew members were on board contractors from a us aerial firefighting company believed to have died it's impacted heavily with the ground and initial reports are that there was a large far wall associated with the impact of the plan as it hit the ground we've got a number of forefathers and
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a number of crew that are in the area and working to contain and work around the far it is still an active far ground. and and it did take some time with the use of ground crews and a number of aerial surveillance platforms to try and locate the wreckage of the flying today is a reminder. of how every single person who is defending life and property is at risk because of the day your 2nd stance is in the firefighting community around new south wales a strat in the world is very tight needed and i many people have been impacted rain across southeastern australia had recently dampened the country's unprecedented bushfires but on thursday a very hot very windy conditions returned and dozens of new fires flared up bushfires near the capital camera force the complete closure of its airport people living nearby were told to evacuate until the fires got so bad at the fleeing became more dangerous than staying put after
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a terrible month it had seemed australia's fires were easing days heat and wind across new south wales shows how quickly they can return the loss of a plane and 3 lives how quickly tragedy can strike and where thomas out is there are. quite a lot as new government says that it will keep her so. called safe 3rd country agreement for asylum seekers sent from the united states the u.s. has deported around 230 central american asylum seekers to guatemala in the past 2 months migrants rights groups though condemned the u.s. policy saying that guatemala is unsafe to use a widespread crime and drugs trafficking u.n. human rights experts are calling for an investigation into allegations that the saudi crown prince was involved in hacking the phone of the amazon the washington post owner jeff bezos they say that it was carried out to influence reporting on saudi arabia riyadh has denied the allegations relations between the world's
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richest man in riyadh saudi after the murder of jamal ashaji he was a regular contributor to the washington post a remote frozen village oscar has become the 1st to take part in the u.s. census as andy gallacher reports the once a decade head count has to overcome physical barriers as well as government mistrust among natives. clinging to the edge of the bering sea and surrounded by arctic tundra took bays isolated even by alaska's hardy standards it's not the kind of community many alaskans of even heard of until senses officials picked it to start the 2020 count. 90 year old you pick elder lizzie is officially the 1st person to be interviewed oh yeah. i appreciate that i'll be the 1st person counted i'm happy i live this long to see it the village is so remote it's only accessible by plane dog sled or snowmobile when the snows melt
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it's population scatters specific to this location is that they're actually in the village and it's frozen environment and while they're gathered it makes counting a lot easier if we wait until the snow starts melting when they're out fishing and hunting and doing other things it will take officials weeks to reach similar communities there are close to 200 villages with no access by road and many native alaskans remain suspicious of the u.s. government the logistics of starting the u.s. census in a place this remote is simply mind boggling but there is another issue here another is one of trust between the native alaskan people and the u.s. government there's a long history here of broken treaties mistreatment and misunderstanding that many say continues to this day and ultimately that could lead to an inaccurate count the sovereignty of alaska's native communities was only recognized by the state in 2017 tribal advocate denise kenny jackett says when locally just travel in the u.s.
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they realize many other states away ahead of alaska their states did hear them and had a healthier communication and partnership i think they came back in question why why are we still behind participating in the census is historic and as alaskan native people we are counting the census is a lifeline for this remote part of alaska and relations between the u.s. government and tribes are improving on the back says the allocation of federal funds is vital helping maintain the runways in a lot of our remote villages to our entire tribal health care system very key federal funds that help essentially provide a form of economy where out here in southwestern alaska the future of took suck but in every other. immunity in the u.s. will be shaped by the census it's used to redraw legislative districts allocate electoral college funds it affects the distribution of over a trillion dollars in public funding these alaskans won't see government officials
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for another decade but the results of the census will have a lasting impact and a gallacher al-jazeera bethel alaska. it's good to have you with us hello adrian fed again here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera are all major events for the new year celebrations in china's capital beijing a big council to try to prevent the spread of a new virus and 20000000 people in 3 other cities are being affected by the shutdown of public transport beijing has pledged complete transparency as it deals with the outbreak. china will continue to maintain an open transparent. sponsible meant for the global health and safety and reports any outbreaks we will maintain close communication with the world health organization relevant countries and regions including hong kong and taiwan we also believe that the emergency
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committee at the world health organization will basically findings about the outbreak on truth science and possibly reasonable analysis and sound judgement myanmar's government has been ordered to take emergency measures to prevent soldiers committing acts of genocide against a hinge of muslims who are still living there the international court of justice has also ruled to protect all evidence of a potential genocide trial around 3 quarters of a 1000000 fled to neighboring bangladesh during a military offensive against them 3 years ago the on mars leader denies charges of genocide. algeria as host of the neighbors of libya meeting to find ways to stop the fighting there as foreign minister rejected any foreign interference and research that the need to uphold the it's national. fighting has intensified in syria's last rebel held province over the past few days 8 civilians have been killed off to government s.
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trikes at a town in southern italy and 2 camps for displaced people in the east there are also reports of heavy fighting between rebels and government forces. iraq's president has told political and business leaders gathered in switzerland that foreign interference in his country must end bottom sally's call came after growing protests against u.s. troops in iraq and missile attacks from iran he's been speaking at the world economic forum in davos and tributes are being paid in australia to the crew of an aircraft that crashed while fighting bushfires the aircraft had been contracted by from an american company those are the headlines star will be here the news hour at 25 minutes south of the stream thanks. to al jazeera we talk about 2 of the biggest problems facing and they are the endemic corruption and we listen so if you replace china's enemy of the with and that's really that we meet with global news makers the stories that. 0.
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in on today's program we discuss 3 stories the fallout of the summit a new political party in thailand that's pressuring them. and the most of projects opening up at the sundance film festival this week and as always we want to hear from you can join us and i try to get your comments into the show but 1st we start in. the government of turkey the government of russia the european union the united states come to realization that they stand by.


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