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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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a 5 part series the rate question is the neutrality of digital deductions trust me i'm an algorithm on a jersey you know. world health organization stop short of declaring the crown a virus a global emergency the concerns are growing as more deaths are reported. and richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up president has set to unveil his so-called peace plan for the middle east but palestinians have been left out of the talks. this president must be removed from office especially if we continue to grow our next alert and crap play out evidence that
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donald trump flagrantly abused his power as they make a case in the senate for his removal from office. and why authorities in the ivory coast have demolished the homes of tens of thousands of people living near the main airport. now break a corona virus is spreading authorities in china say 25 people have died from the illness and the number of infected people has risen to more than 830 world health organization declared the respiratory illness an emergency in china but said it's too early to declare it a global concern chinese officials are working to contain the outbreak and that's a city of aleppo 1000000 people transport has been shut down several other major cities are on lockdown health officials are worried more people could become infected as millions travel to celebrate the lunar new year that starts on saturday
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and a moment i'll go to china and see how people are coping but 1st the has war on the internet. response. a few maci know where ported road they're taking no chances for good reason the people being monitored with heat scanners have just flown in from will hand the center of the outbreak. they left before the chinese city was put in lockdown but scenes like this have played out around the world at sydney airport serving australia's largest city many of those flying in from blue hand on thursday will face mosques they knew they'd be screened but there were no reports of illness and they weren't overly worried before we got off the plane and. a few. 'd people come to the graves to be everywhere and when we get out and. a sun some people. tested a fever and asked some questions about your health in the u.s.
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one person is known to have contracted the virus health officials in the state of washington where the man lives so he's well and should be allowed home soon as of now there are at least 16 identified close contacts local health departments started reaching out to them yesterday and continue to do so today and the list of countries with confirmed cases of the virus is getting larger most eastern asia but some further afield the data that we've gathered has suggested you know that this could be a very dangerous virus but potential for global spread in and even i don't think it's being too extreme to say even potential you know for a global epidemic. but i don't think that's inevitable at this point in. the next couple of weeks will be really important to making an assessment of what the real risk is still the mere possibility needs checks like this at major airports until medical experts know a lot more there's a whole series of questions we have to ask we don't have all of those answers yet
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we have some of them we know how to diagnose it we increasingly know how to treat people when they get it but we don't yet know. when somebody is infectious and who they pass it on somebody else the next few weeks could tell us exactly how much of a threat this corona virus poses worldwide the al-jazeera. scott heiler is in beijing where authorities are concerned that holiday makers may spread the virus. the concern is that travel for the lunar new year holiday that starts today friday and will continue all the way through next week we're at the beijing west train station this is where if someone's going to go to that epicenter in the province this is where they would get this that the high speed train from beijing so we seeing that study group of people almost 100 percent of people are wearing some type of mask on their faces obviously because of what's been going on in that direction the trains aren't stopping there obviously because you've got this kind of he's a lockdown in that province in the central province of china it's it's look that
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it's seen as as kind of a turn haitian hub so trains will pass through there they'll go further south but they will stop there so we still see in the city with people one big concern that. we have is that joe and uncle is here john is that what happens after this travel period after this holiday in the next week what's going to happen when people come back who've been traveling outside of that was in the company that was not there come the contact with people who are in that region and that's the biggest concern because now because there are. reports that some people who have carried this virus possibly had been asymptomatic with all the screening the fever jackson and the health checks that they still could have gone through some of the the systems the having the chance and centers around china so that's a big concern going forward next week but right now this is the 1st day of this 9
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day holiday as we've seen now. confirmed in south korea which is also saying a large influx of chinese tourists for the lunar new year holiday reports from seoul. south korea is one of the most popular destinations in asia for chinese tourists and in this coming holiday period the country is expecting to play host 213-0000 visitors from china now while direct flights from hand have been suspended this influx is a cause for concern here and south korea is putting in place the usual precautions such as health checks at points of entry and so on the country is no stranger to outbreaks like this one back in 2050 it was badly impacted by another type of coronavirus the virus from the middle east that made nearly 200 people sick 38 of whom actually died so south korea is well aware of the dangers and has in place the
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kind of precautions a nice to take the same cannot be said of north korea a lack of resources then means it is far more vulnerable to a public health emergency such as this one and it has done in the past for example with the a bolo virus put in place far more drastic measures stopping all visitors now while this might guarantee that it will get no cases of the coronavirus it is very bad for its economy because a tourism especially from china is one of the few areas that are not covered by u.n. sanctions and that has been developing as a much needed source of foreign revenue and that is a stream of revenue that will now stop as long as they seem urgency continues. as president donald trump says he will release his long awaited plan for israel and palestine by tuesday that's ahead of a visit by israel's prime minister and his political rival benny gantz in washington d.c. next week trump says it's
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a great deal that will benefit the palestinians but they have already rejected the initiative after a series of pro israel moves by trump the ministration christian salome in washington d.c. with more details on trump's plan. well we know that the trumpet ministration has been working on this deal for 3 years with the president's son in law jared cushion our senior advisor taking the lead on the negotiations we know that president trump would really like to deliver on this campaign promise he's in the middle of an impeachment. exercise here in the united states it's an election year and he considers himself a deal maker and he has said that peace in the middle east would be the deal of all deal so there's a lot of incentive from the administration to get something done here as far as the details though don't have a lot of information at this point we know that there's an economic component and a political component to the deal the economic component was announced by kushner
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back over the summer he said $50000000000.00 in economic development package politically though the united states has already made concessions to israel they recognize jerusalem as israel's capital moved the u.s. embassy there over the summer just recently secretary of state my pump aoe said that the united states would no longer consider israeli settlements in the west bank illegal all of this up undoing tradition in the u.s. for a long time international agreements international law these were issues that were supposed to be part of final status negotiations in the united states kind of unilaterally moved ahead and took sides with israel now we have prime minister netanyahu talking about annex in part of the west bank and so there's been some speculation some reporting that that could be the next phase of something that the united states is considering.
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some cuts in the u.s. have pressed on with the 2nd day of opening statements and president donald trump's in pietschmann trial that focused on what they call his dangerous abuse of power heidi jocasta reports from washington d.c. . with cameras banned from showing the full senate chamber a sketch artist captures the scene 100 senators without their phones barred from speaking and some even looking bored with the process the democrats lead impeachment manager opened the 2nd day of arguments in the case against president trump with a moment of where levity remarking on his audience's silence of course it doesn't hurt that the morning starts out every day with the sergeant at arms warning you that if you don't you will be in prison but then it was back to the arguments thursday focused on the allegation that trump abused his power when he asked ukraine for election interference to his own benefit the articles in the evidence conclusively establish the president trump is places own personal political interests 1st he has placed them above our national security above our free and
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fair elections and above our system of checks and balances this conduct is not america 1st it is donald trump 1st republicans have stuck by the president some calling the democrats arguments repetitive and unconvincing i want the american people to pick the next president not me the president attorneys will present their case for acquittal in coming days arguing trump did nothing wrong and that the accusations against him are not impeachable offenses you still have to meet basic fundamental constitutional obligations and they have to expect to hear more arguments from both sides for the next few days than senators will have a chance to ask questions before democrats make their next big move they hope to open this trial to new witnesses only possible with some republican support the question is whether the democrats arguments will be convincing enough to leave the
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senate wanting more heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. he has more now on the tussle between republicans and democrats over whether to allow witnesses and the trial we're going to get a better understanding of the republicans arguments against witnesses both to its own caucus the republicans and to the democrats to the republicans are saying look if basically they're saying if more of you say you're going to want witnesses bear in mind this will go to court donald trump will sue this will take months and months and months and in the end if witnesses finally do appear in the senate will have the same result donald trump will be acquitted why waste our time if the house wanted witnesses so much why didn't they go through the courts they just let me do their dirty work so that's that's the republican argument to its own to its own members and to the democrats becoming pretty clear that they're suggesting look if you somehow by some miracle perhaps get someone to testify we will go after we will
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go after joe biden and that would be a bit of a disaster for joe biden as he's trying to fight for the nomination of the democratic party already from the left of the democratic party he's facing accusations of corruption there was an editorial in the guardian just a few days ago from a left winger saying biden has a problem with corruption for its entire career he's just done the bidding of the fossil fuel industry the banking industry the the health care industry by and taking that as taking their donations biden denies all that but now if he was actually to be cross-examined in the senate as to why his son had a plum droll but a ukrainian energy even though he his son had no experience in energy while biden was in vice president that would be pretty disastrous for him to. still ahead on al-jazeera the disagreeable read finally the verdict recognized our suffering and all the atrocities we went through we feel that peace in our hearts recognizing the suffering of their hangout will harbor reaction after a landmark ruling by the world's highest court. and why the u.s. isn't posing nude for pregnant women.
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hello there the picture of maine's very unsettled across northern sections of the middle east has been streaming in again of the last year as i was saying quite a bit of rain but also some snow but it's most bad this is van in eastern turkey and look at this plenty of enjoyment being had with the snow that is on the ground there but there is some more on the way there's also plenty of snow working its way quite steadily through more central and northern areas of afghanistan snow and rain in the mix rain of course further to the south and then certainly by friday a very unsettled picture throughout much of iraq some very heavy rain to the north it should be mostly 15 degrees celsius but that system is working its way through so you will see showers later friday on into south and in the time it's a little bit lower by then just 13 degrees at the same time very strong winds you
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could even see the windows here really showing up quite a strong place it could actually kick some dust into northern areas a saudi and also it will stream down the gulf so those temperatures pretty thing a little bit lower than that 20 celsius in and that 23 in dubai and now the good news for madagascar the rains that have been so heavy we have still got some rain in the 4 cars but nothing like as heavy over the next couple of days some fairly heavy amounts of rain into where mozambique and tanzania and also want to show east and south africa. they join one of the world's most notorious ahmed groups. but found a way out rebuild their lives and now help lavas. a tale of course for crude and child soldiers and the refit exploitation of women daughters
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of alice a bad part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now china's government says 25 people are now confirmed to have died following an outbreak of corona virus more than 830 people have been infected world health organization says it's too early to declare the outbreak a global emergency. as president donald trump says he will unveil his plan for israel and palestine by tuesday at the head of a visit by prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his rival any gantz palestinian
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leaders have not been consulted about the plan. democrats in the u.s. have pressed on with the 2nd day of opening statements and president trunks and trial i focused on what they call his dangerous abuse of power and renewed calls for a new documents and witnesses to be presented to the senate. they are because government has ordered the demolition of houses it says wide too close to the airport near the commercial capital abidjan tens of thousands of people live in that area but the government says their homes are illegal or bird manley reports. desperate to future scramble to save their homes. within a few hours nothing but. people trying to salvage what little is left to the authorities these makeshift houses were built illegally but for the people here this was home 1 and many. of. these men are
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asking why did they do this where will they sleep what kind of country is this where those with ed conditioned homes are destroying people's homes but it's also their livelihoods they've all been able to evacuate those few chickens but many died they surprised us and started to demolish they broke everything. i this is once past the lap of the homes that house tens of thousands situated on the outskirts of a big german international airport that's where earlier this month teenager. hid in the landing gear on an air france flight his lifeless body was found by fighting the shoals in paris. believing but their limited hidden in the shanty town before jumping the fence onto the runway of the government ordered the
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a jew for neighborhood evacuated to clear 200 meters safety zone communications melissa city toy said these occupations post air safety and security problems. awad most of the people living here were given 45 days to leave many was shocked when the 1st takers wrote in this week in his own view this was the look i was born here i've been here nearly 40 years even the mosque was destroyed we said at least leave the mosque but they destroyed everything we go all we could from the harness . residents say the government is not dealing with the crux of the issue the high cost of living in a country where almost half of the population lives in poverty and its poverty they say the lead to the teenage boys escape and them having no choice but to live near the airport now many have nowhere to go. on the al jazeera.
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they once highest court has ordered me and maher to prevent acts of genocide against the run all 17 judges from the international court of justice decided to impose emergency a pulmonary measures that's what they're calling it they say that's plausible that genocidal violence violence took place in 2017 but a final verdict on whether man mark in a genocide that could take nears very is in cox's bizarre in bangladesh where 700000 people fled the violence in myanmar 3 years ago. the ruling by the international court of justice is very much welcome by the rowing directly to come in it is here now we've been discussing with many of the people after the ruling sitting out in the stalls they've been waiting here for hours wanting to know what will be the outcome that's been listening to a transistor radio listening to various news and they're discussing among themselves i would talk to them see what their reaction is that said it is very welcoming they're very happy and anxious listen to some of their reactions and i
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think we should include it thanks to our love for this verdict and gambia free negotiating the legal process also thanks to bangladesh for giving a shelter finally the verdict recognised our suffering in all the atrocities we went through the feel at peace in our heart out of me said i we've been suffering for the last 70 years and we're sticking it just now we truly believe that the world has recognised the suffering now most of the people don't know that complex detail of legal matter what they know that the ruling was in favor of the running a refugee is and they're running a community in life now they know this is symbolic that may not something happen very quickly we don't know yet whether the myanmar will accept this verdict whether other countries will not put sanction and pressure on myanmar what they're doing as you know that they had been recognised that crime has been committed they've been telling the whole was the last several years that atrocities been committed against us now that's been recognised it's a very symbolic it's a moral and a psychological victory for them as to what they're told me. levanon government
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faces increasing pressure as it seeks to secure up to $5000000000.00 in loans to help ease the financial crisis and restrictions on access to cash inflation and job losses have led to violent protests and now demonstrators say the new cabinet is made up from the same political elite they blamed for widespread corruption as i heard reports and they were. lebanon's 3 month old anti-establishment movement seems to be gradually shifting outbursts of violence in the streets of the capital beirut are becoming more frequent there have been confrontations between security forces and stone throwing protesters who describe their action as the beginning of a battle in a long war. the only way to topple this government is through riots and violence some people still believe in peaceful protest but we have tried that for 97 days and it didn't work. a new government was formed this week but its
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ministers have been chosen by the established parties blamed for widespread corruption they are struggling for legitimacy at home and abroad. some of those there were conditions placed by the international community the u.s. secretary of state the french president and the u.n. secretary general all place conditions for aid they said they will deal with the government if it meets the demands of the people and if it complies with international resolutions 15591701 lebanon's finance minister as he was and who is already seeking up to $5000000000.00 to buy wheat fuel and medicine knowledge that foreign donors were waiting to see the government's program and the reforms it would enact. sure the lebanon is facing an unprecedented crisis and the responsibility facing the government and the finance ministry is immense lebanese protesters aren't the only ones questioning the ability of the new ministers to investigate corruption allegations against the politicians who appointed them among
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those politicians outgoing foreign ministers abroad brasil who attended the world economic forum in davos in a personal capacity how did you get here. how. did you take a private plane i came simply on my own expense on your own expense so this is family money this was offered to me. like i have friends i was you know i was invited. like that when you're in government you think. we're not unfortunately. few believe a government controlled by the iranian backed hezbollah and its allies would be able to rally support needed to avoid economic collapse so far there has been no offer of aid nor a statement of support from a foreign country for the ups government the us secretary of state mike pompei all made clear that international assistance will be unblocked. when the new government
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meets the bounds of the lebanese people to carry out reforms and fight corruption. reforms mean politicians who benefited from the system will no longer be able to distribute income and services to their supporters in many ways that means giving up power something they seem completely opposed to doing then what they're as is the beirut. and venezuela pro and anti-government protesters have held marches in the capital caracas opposition supporters gathered after claiming they had been prevented from holding a plan demonstration to mark a revolution and 1958 a pro-government march was held around the same time because majority has addressed a supporter saying the country had never seen any bigger quote nonsense that's in reference to opposition leader was a proclamation to take over as the enron president. is asking political and economic leaders to help him bring change to his country he was speaking at the world economic forum in davos it was
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a year ago at this very meeting that several leaders back quite oh it's been as well as an interim president nicolas maduro is still in power what we needed to do is create a majority we are united. we will make a difference and what we hope is that europe as well will strengthen its position that it will stand foursquare with us we've had about mali meetings less. formal meetings and we didn't have a lot of time but what we were able to do is believe the sanctions have to be stopped because this can bring pressure on the dictatorship and that is a way to exercise pressure against them and they were a special envoy for venezuelan migration and refugee crisis at the organization of american states he says the davos forum was an opportunity for white 0 to lay out the scale of the crisis in venezuela. the participation of president while you go
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doubles recently story almost 30 years venezuelan president. was the last time that participated in such an important for him. he had the opportunity to express to world leaders. and also a leader from the private sector the venezuela is not facing a conventional dictatorship venezuela is facing a criminal regime a criminal regime the during the last 5 years illegally detained $15.00 and people criminal regime that has at least $7000000.00 people in human and in need of humanitarian assistance according to the various nations and also a criminal regime the hoss cost. the fled the fleet of 5000000 venezuelans which is the 2nd largest is place population officer syria so i think it was important for him to be there and also we need the support of the international community to
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restore democracy freedom in venezuela because what was going on in my country is not only affecting venezuela is affecting the region the us government plans to limit faces for pregnant women that wants to stop the practice known as birth tourism when foreign nationals enter the u.s. to give birth so their children can become american citizens pregnant women applying for visas could be required to prove they have a specific reason for travel such as a medical emergency it's estimated that in 2017 more than 1000 children were born to mothers who lived overseas the state department says it's difficult to provide exact numbers but they say they have seen an increasing number of reports of the practice from u.s. foreign embassies and consulates sarah pierce has a policy analyst at the migration policy institute she explains why the new government regulations will be an affect it. people can apply for visas to come to the united states and those visas are granted for up to 10 years so a woman could could apply for
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a visa years before she has even thinking about having a child if they really wanted to go after this industry they would pour more resources into going into after the companies that have built up the birth tourism isn't history these companies coach foreign nationals on how to get through their visa interviews how has them when they're in the united states and hook them up with medical care to to assist with the birth so going after those companies would be a far more effective way to do this i think the administration has put out this regulation and kind of subject all for national women of childbearing years to extra interrogation as a way to really just signal and be symbolic that they are going after this issue it's under $10000.00 women a year are reporting that when they're giving birth in the united states that they reside abroad so these are really small numbers this is likely not a huge threat to u.s. safety and security but i like i said earlier politically this is a huge pet issue for the administration this is the same administration that tore
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babies from mother's arms at the southern border and now they have signaled that they're specifically going after women of childbearing years i think they just they just don't have the public trust or the political capital capital on immigration to pull off this regulation without significant backlash. these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera china's government says 25 people are now confirmed to have died following an outbreak of corona virus more than 830 people have been infected world health organization says it's too early to declare the outbreak a global emergency got huyler's in beijing were concerns were growing about people traveling for the lunar new year holiday. it's very concerning because yes you have disaffected there you have the travel restrictions but the big concern is with all these people who've already traveled largely gone out from potentially affected
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areas gone out around china going back after the holiday after this 7 day holiday that's was very concerning because there's really no definitive if you give idea of how long this just decent period for this virus is so that's a big concern not necessarily people who are you know going to block down in over 20000000 people in these affected areas but who's already gone now what about those people they're going to go back to traveling over these next 2 days but there's always the worry there's president says he will release his long awaited plan for israel and palestine by tuesday that's ahead of a visit by israel's prime minister and his political rival benny gantz in washington d.c. next week palestinian leaders have not been consulted about a plan some rats in the u.s. have pressed on with the 2nd day of opening statements and president trumps and pietschmann trial a focused on what they call his dangerous abuse of power and renewed calls for a new documents and witnesses to be presented to the senate the un's highest court
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has ordered me and maher to prevent acts of genocide against the rihanna all 17 judges from the international court of justice decided to impose emergency measures they said it is plausible genocidal violence took place in 2017 but a final verdict on whether me and mark committed genocide that could take years the 1st accuser has testified against hollywood film producer harvey weinstein in a sexual assault trial actress annabella she or accuses him of raping her more than 25 years ago allegations date too far back for him to be charged but prosecutors say it will show weinstein was a repeat sexual offender einsteins pleaded not guilty to charges of assault and says all is encounters with women were consensual. next radicalised. daughter's. al-jazeera world tells the story of thousands of algerians forced by colombia france to adopt obscene family names.
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words that was so offensive that some can't bear to see that the meet. the burden of ridicule that has been passed down through generations. the shame of my name. on al-jazeera. or over the.


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