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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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and angst is fascism returning to italian post pressures in the family. this letter. found. on al-jazeera. struggling to contain the spread of a new virus china restricts the movement of 40000000 people and orders a new hospital be built within a week. hello i'm adrian finighan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. huge crowds come out in iraq's capital after a senior cleric course for a protest against the u.s. military presence there. weather experts warn the bush fires in australia are contributing to one of the largest annual increases in greenhouse gas levels in 16
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years. germany's chancellor angela merkel and turkey's president. speaking in istanbul after meeting today to discuss libya syria and migration let's they've just got a press briefing that's listening i've been very useful. we. have integrated the german turkish university and the new building of the versity this is a cornerstone in the relations between germany and during my relate my talks with the americas and we have discussed those and we had talked about the regional development the situation in libya the situation in syria and we also spoke about the strong relations of friendship between our both countries. we confirm that the coming steps will be for the sake of
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germany. and the region the regional development made us clearly that we need to have good relations in the investment in there and the j. in reserve and we agreed to increase our partnership in all of these domains this is very important for both our country as we need to stay with relations more and more. when it comes about the conference in germany we agreed that they start or next time it will be held here in. we spoke about the turkish germany relations and calling this merkel was. do
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are you really need from the european union and as you know germany will. chair their opinion for the next period and it is very important it's a good chance to develop the relations between turkey and their opinion the union. the european the turkish community. more than 3.5 millions in germany and we are happy to see this community working hard and the turks there should feel that they live in their come trade. there are more steps to be done by german friends during the last months. some. belong to the terrorist. organizations
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have attacked. the turkish embassy there we condemn these attacks and. we. against. using these things all these incidents to disturb their relations between the 2 country we seek to the perpetrators to be taken to the courts and to be leveled and we need to cooperate when it comes to the matter of immigration europe has a job to do turkey has a job to do and. we are the european union come through is to help syrians in a better way in ending the there are 4000000 and of
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people and other attacks of the regime of the syrian regime the syrian regime has attacked all the civilians and the civil institutions school was a hospital it is a disaster it is catastrophic there in the head live and i explained to ms merkel what have we done in this regard what turkey has done in this regard we. are trying hard to build houses for the refugees and to provide them with shelters particularly in this went. we need everyone to put pressure on the syrian regime to protect their people of. we also spoke with miss merkel about. the operations and i think miss mocha
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for the efforts to. revitalize the. political solution in libya we are all for. all the support and we support the german initiative in this regard. and we can feel calm on the scenes there but we need to know as well that our pros says must be go on in order to support the legitimate ridge eamonn in syria and to support the political solution in libya i mean the political solution in libya. one of the comes to this illusion $2259.00 of the united nations we have to consider the half sort of
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leader of who those who tried to increase after the attacks are really. really making clear that haftar is not for peace. we in all cases. determined not to leave the libyans alone in this situation. we and we never neves the libyans alone in this situation we will never let libya down and let the bid to be on the pressure of the world trade as iraq is trying hard to get on solid feet but those people are trying not to help iraq in this connection again we will never
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let iraq down we ask and we urge everyone to behave according to logic. you know we would think that relations with germany and germany will help a lot in all these. also. within this period of the relations between europe and kate and the ways and methods of. k. to the opinion we did the to do thank you very much of the mike is for miss merkel now. thank you think it's
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a bit embarrassing we don't seem to have translation for i'm going to germany's chancellor that but the 2 leaders speaking meeting in istanbul on friday afternoon turkey's president part of what it would want to be a warning that the conflict in libya threatens the whole all of the mediterranean he made those comments as he attended an event with chancellor merkel earlier in the day. he emphasized. that little summary of that talks there that turkey which has on forces on the ground in libya supporting the internationally recognized government at the turkey would never let leave libya alone he said during that press tape and they also talked about the issue of syria and of integration what we do have some translation is just man.
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when it comes to the bailout circulations. spoke about. ok with it appears that we are having problems with that with the translation of that from german into english so we'll continue to listen across to work such as the other one is saying and will report anything use weather in the meantime let's bring in our serious tomato salad who's in istanbul right now you were listening to what president other one had to say that about what did you make of it.
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well i mean it's a reiteration of turkey's position and summation of the overdriven kind of maneuvers that his foreign policy and foreign ministry has been pursuing over the past few weeks or months because of you 2 of the main conflicts that are not only beleaguered region in terms of the middle east but also having a huge implication on europe namely libya and syria he spoke obviously of the impact that the syrian war has had in terms of refugees coming to charge him the need to do more he spoke about how germany has been probably more co-operative comparatives to other european countries and trying to find a solution to that and then obviously moved on to libya and the importance not only for the political solution to succeed but for western countries and the international community to put more pressure on the run again general heidi for her
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to abide by this cease fire john 5 say we have now got a translation of trance from the chancellor merkel so let's listen in she's probably almost at the end of a summary now but let's listen in a way more facility is. when it comes to the customs and other matters for the verses to help boost their businesses in both countries also we dealt with the situation in syria the political developments in syria and we discussed the body that will really raw yet the syrian constitution frons also will play a role in this regard and these developments quiet important
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and we confirmed that during the 1st quarter of this year the process must be given momentum the. he u.n. special envoy for syria is to made. with this body in order to have a lasting cease fire in syria and to have solid agreement there and also in libya it's quite important for both parties in libya to reach a compromise and we hope have to. take positive steps to reach a cease fire we dealt with so many to political issues that are of mutual concern to both countries the
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meetings and the talks that have been done and held are quiet important because through which we managed to express our appreciation to say that host to. a lot of refugees and this is very important to questions from the german side isn't. a. mixture of saying too much.
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when it comes to the libyan crisis i'd like to ask about how after there's ongoing at tax and you have criticized this matter. ok is going to intervene militarily in libya is there try to and if it's right so when a question to american what's your opinion about sending military troops from turkey to leave. and what about the weapons ban to libya we are now. yes supporting and providing strategic help the educational.
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training support to such forces this has been approved by the turkish parliament rather cold into our certain low we have sent on subtle turns to libya and we will do that we will never as a large alone on this front we are keen to of the necessary support to our cirrhotic. the parliamentary majority have accepted this in those this approve this and the cold and we send military units to train the forces of us or raj and this will continue because we have a relation that went back to 500 years between turkey and our relations went back to 500 years libya has had turkey and we have no other
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rights to help to help libya. when it comes to terrorism let me tell you we. are not taking the side of any legitimate. body we pulled those who. is the by the united nations and the security council half that is not recognized by these organizations but you know half the world. is trying to get rid gig mission from certain countries and as you know in moscow they were invited but after is caved the table of negotiations he was invited to berlin after was invited to berlin and.
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he didn't sign the agreement and it was said he would sign later but today i have got information from ms merkel from chancellor merkel that. 5 names 5 plus 5 have been given and some information that contradicting regarding. confirming his but the suppression of this committee by let me say that this person and i'm sorry to say that. this person is supported by a dip and be there supporting him with weapons. and. you know who is behind our
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company that has also have heard from sudan around 5000 ground troops are with have to but despite everything. history in the last 5500 years between our son and leave will never let us to leave the libyans alone in the parliament have those decision a resolution to participate in this matter it's. regarding the bell and conference. we hosted this conference. because we wanted to god all parties concerned and determined the requirements to reach a solution old paul is all concerned bottas
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have played a role have supported the parts of uscis far yeah yes there are some violations but after the most assignment. the clashes have decreased and now there is another point where the military committee is where every party has 5 persons are presented in these minute to commit is and then we have the final call munich a from both parties is where they have mentioned 5 persons each to be represented in this committee this means for a job period and
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the both parties have agreed except of the $55.00 items in the bill in agreement but it's a difficult time it's difficult period of time but we in germany are following this closely all the countries are trying to have but a verbal. approval regarding the 55 items is something and sorry evening the agreement is something guests have hasn't yet signed the agreement hafter has verbal a accept that but we do not consider a verbal acceptance as a concrete think when it comes to international agreement concrete things have to
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be there on the table we don't trust huffed our trust american said the 55 i have been accepted by of the participants and will be accepted and then those 2 by the united nations assad roger except of the truth that ceasefire have accepted the cease fire and the 5 names to be presented in the committee but their part is supporting have met on one table ardor on yes he accepted but did he sign he did not
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know or care said there is a sort of misunderstanding be cause hafter have has accepted the 55. we didn't say that we said tufton have accepted the ceasefire and he left moscow as you all know thank you chancellor merkel regarding the immigration my question
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is the turkish relations with the european union and the agreements between turkey and their opinions with in the refugee agreements. are you giving the necessary support $6000000000.00 euros in this regard do you make some efforts to sort out with the problem an ad lib a question 2 out of the one of the one has mentioned this and this much might hit negatively the european union and i have a question for mr go on as well. merican hires. said that there are media people and press people into k. and. working in
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a good way but we as a german journalist and pressmen in turkey we did not get yet the necessary permits merican this really is a problem in this regard the regard of the immigration and the refugees and we need to tackle a lot of matters in this connection our efforts are on growing their opinion union countries are exerting efforts i expect more financial support to be given by their opinion than that figure you mention and their opinion in countries as well are trying hard to prepare a formula for the. refugees to go back to their country is or to stay in some of
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their opinion countries but in ad lib the problem is grave they are facing when now alone in ad lib they need shelters they need buildings to live in with the turkish red cross them we will cooperate and we win. give support in order to enable them and when it comes to the safe zone the united nations have discussed this with us and the united nations until now. have not given the necessary support to run. when we had our mutual talks chancellor merkel
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discussed with me the situation in ad lib you mention ice in any of that are 4500000 people living in ad lib there is a move now towards the turkish borders we are in the winter how can we help the people of adlib in this but take latah him how can we support them how can we give them the necessary humanitarian aid we need to sort out this problem and we have to build to build buildings for them flats to live in shelters and. the 1st face we will build 10000 mobile units and if they need more we will increase
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the number. gradually. and this will be in saeed the turkish territory is there will be having the necessary facilities is. and. will extra city water. and mrs merkel. said that she might help in this regard. we will discuss it. matters with the concerned parties in turkey will called tonight and as you know. the read the safe zone from the limitless elaine 25 to 3232 kilometers this
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zone is clear and we have adopted certain procedures but america to now and russia have the western countries and i discussed this with the chancellor merkel and we said our plans are ready and the executive plans are ready we are in this zone and we invite them to come here and let's implement the plans let's take positive steps let's be partners in these projects these buildings should be fixed and different than the mobile buildings that will be. there we need to have hospitals schools establishment would it to have a whole city for the people to live in.
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all right we'll leave that press conference that that was a turkey's president and one germany's chancellor merkel speaking after. meeting today in istanbul earlier president i want to warn you the conflict in libya threatens the whole of the mediterranean he said just a few moments ago that he confirmed that sending military personnel to train. forces in libya as prime minister of the un recognized government in libya our correspondent john of sheil has been listening in to that press briefing he's in istanbul and with us live i've only got about 2 minutes of the 4 we come off. what extend to germany and and key sea ice why on libya. well up through probably greater extent than. turkey does with other countries who
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are on the other divide supporting the. start of germany being obviously the host of the berlin conference just a few days ago and turkey being one of the most ardent supporters of the u.n. recognize governments we heard there was some synergy at least in the messaging that came out from both those leaders in that press conference where they denounced the fact about how the 401 has refused to sign up until now. or about the berlin document even mark or serve said that even though gave a verbal agreement to it that meant nothing in terms of how international relations and diplomacy works and that's unless he signs it's obviously there cannot trust him the thing is here obviously that turkey is invested in the conflict in the sense that as we heard said that there are military personnel that are there are there in a training capacity your other aspects and obviously for the turks it is important
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to ensure that. government. maybe another look. trying to reestablish some sort of conflict resolution role for them but also because very aware of the implications of refugee movements from a conference on the mediterranean to europe. many thanks reporting live from istanbul not quite the nice but as we have planned for you but that's the nature of breaking news germany's chancellor angela merkel is president. and giving a press briefing following them using a stumble today. president confirming that his country sending military personnel to train forces in. coming at the top of the hour right after the stream next the whole d.n.a. of al-jazeera is to deliver news of people who are subject to the citizens made by the phone call how did you feel about the general election in december the 12th
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result anything when you see big groups of people walking through your their. children the. stores these places become a complete track. or simply nowhere to put all these people you have to deal with them to treat those who do support. the impeachment trial of u.s. president. what would it mean for the administration and the upcoming election. so much to talk about today and we want to hear from you. and bring your comments. now donald trump. a piece of. crane in kiev in.


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