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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2020 2:00am-3:01am +03

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al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm kevin l. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes china's president wants his country is facing a grave situation as it fights to control coronavirus halbreich. the evidence is actually really overwhelming. that the president did nothing wrong. us president donald trump's legal team begins its defense in his impeachment trial warning that removing him from office will set
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a dangerous precedent. refusing to back down defiant protesters in lebanon gather outside beirut central government building to denounce the new cabinet. we go inside a detention center in libya and meet with the migrants with broken dreams up to risking their lives for a better future in europe. china's president xi jinping says the outbreak of the deadly new coronavirus is accelerating and that the situation is grave at least $41.00 people have died after contracting the illest well then $1300.00 people have been infected overwhelming hospitals around 50000000 people in the country are ineffective isolation to transport links were cut to 100 percent of all the outbreak as well as surrounding cities dozens of cases have been reported in 11 other countries the u.s. and france have made plans to evacuate their citizens from city scott hyla begins
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our coverage from beijing. like the past several days the people of china again woke up to news that the corona virus has claimed more lives and more people have become infected. living with his family and will haunt all the worry moved to china 25 years ago we spoke to him skype are you worried even further down the line that this this quarantine could last a month 6 weeks so this is like a war you don't. want just. call we don't go out. on. this or it's all these concern is shared by people here in beijing and they're worried about the disease. i always wash hands before and after me and every time a girl out i wear a mask. time we didn't realize all serious to situation was but we've learned and
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doing much more actively now and the government is responding quickly and we fully support them 17 years ago the chinese government was criticized for acting too slowly when the sars virus killed nearly 800 people well most of whom province the epicenter of the corona virus is now under lockdown there is concern about the people who traveled before restrictions were put into place this as there's growing evidence that people might be carrying the virus without showing symptoms unwillingly passing it on to others the detail in park here in central beijing would normally be teeming with people out celebrating the 1st day of lunar new year but like right across china the festivities here have been canceled over concern of spreading the virus nationwide measures are being put into place on airplanes trains and buses to detect infected people the people of the han are being told that starting sunday no cars will be allowed on the streets of the city center hundreds of military medical personnel have been sent to han to help with the growing number of cases and this is in addition to the more than 1000 civilian
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medical staff who have already been sent in from around china to hospitals are overcrowded and some who have been treating patients have been infected so as the people of china heavy muted celebration it's still far from clear what impact the coronavirus will have on the chinese new year ahead scott either al-jazeera beijing . hong kong has raised its threat level in an effort to contain the outbreak at least 5 cases have been confirmed on the territory. and yet the doorway in our response has reached emergency level i will personally have into department to meetings and we have a command center so we can get the views from the experts and come up with strategies and initiatives when we deal with this public health vent i think you'll understand that we need to be quick in making decisions when we can make decisions for the society of hong kong adrian brown is in hong kong and explains what emergency measures are being taken. hong kong's chief executive has decided this
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health crisis is serious enough to raise it to the emergency category now that followed a meeting with her key advisors including some of hong kong's top medical experts that meeting was convened just after kerry arrived back from davos in switzerland where she'd been attending the world economic forum now in addition to the various measures announced today carol lam didn't decide to impose a temporary closure of the border between hong kong and china even if she had wanted to it's doubtful that her political masters in beijing would have allowed it instead she's decided to embark on other measures including requiring all visitors from the mainland to sign and fill in health declaration forms this will apply to people entering hong kong by rail train plane and boat she's also going to extend the school holidays for universities kindergartens and schools until the middle of february also flights and train services between who hanna and hong kong will
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remain suspended and of course all official lunar new year celebrations have been cancelled. well gary is a professor at the department of microbiology and immunology had to learn university school of medicine and he joins us from new orleans thank you so much for your time mr gary dawson just out from the center for disease control showed that this flu season 6400000 people have caught the flu just that that the standard flu we know that the flu can be very deadly so just explain to our viewers why all the attention on the corona virus well this is a new virus that's just emerged and we don't know when it's actually it's spread so well get everybody in the public sector so as. we gather the information so you know where this is going to go but you're absolutely right this point in time there are going to be many more people in the streets right.
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the majority of the cases and all of the deaths i believe so far we have seen and china should we expect many more cases around the world. right now this is primarily a problem in central china yeah you're right there and then some cases that have shown up in other places in the world. around. us public health authorities are focusing their attention on central china and that's why the chinese government has essentially quarantine. people. but the situation is somewhat somewhat fluid and that could change but right now we're primarily at a problem where the change it's really it's all china now. it's all surrounding world worried about this for the moment we just say. you know you don't need to change your activities. of this crisis it's taking into china we don't yet know the
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incubation period of the virus and even with that someone is infectious will with someone is infectious without symptoms when asymptomatic how long will it take to figure those things out all that data is kind of a you know and i mean we are still very early in this outbreak so we don't know you know what is required. to actually have symptoms. that symptoms. the fish is the virus spread the net there it is very widely from virus to fires so a virus like measles they just have to be in the same room of the person probably get infected you know i think that is the case with this virus against i said. it's been really it's been i believe 17 years since the break which was of course another system of that saying why is that head to head listens beeman do you think
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. well there is no interest or is because it's difficult and expensive. you have to test. cases it's you know it gives rise to a situation where you can't test the facts you know in a real world situation you know why. the situation of these artists people are. interested that scene's things like our. response very quickly so i mean we are taking you know the technology of one step further. i'd be surprised to see that. i think that that's robert gary the professor of microbiology and immunology thank you. mike walker.
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white house lawyers defending donald trump at the senate impeachment trial say the u.s. president has done nothing wrong in his dealings with ukraine is the 1st time his eagle claim is addressed the trial and i have 2 more days to argue trump's case trump is accused of abuse of power and obstruction of congress reports from washington d.c. the opening argument of president trump's attorney saturday focused on 2 main points that trump did nothing wrong when he asked ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden a potential rival in the upcoming u.s. elections and that it's the democrats who wish to steal back the white house by hurting trump politically they're asking you to remove president trump from the ballot in an election that's occurring in approximately 9 months they're asking you to tear up. all of the ballots across this country
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on your own initiative take that decision away from the american people polling this week shows trump's approval rating is the highest it's been since he took office 44 percent of americans say he's doing a good job higher than when the ukraine allegations 1st surfaced and most instances when there had been political crises of course the president's popularity is a numbers go down in this case i think the president will actually be strengthened by this and specially after his acquittal acquittal is likely given most members of the senate jury are republicans and it takes a 2 thirds majority to convict yet potential new evidence against trump continues to emerge harness an indicted ukrainian american businessman says he shared this audio recording with investigators they were a little over a year after the or whatever they were. to go out ok that's the way it appears to
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be trump's voice ordering the firing of the u.s. ambassador to kiev democrats say corrupt ukrainian officials had wanted her gone those same officials then began smearing biden if you really want the truth you want witnesses you want documents we hope our republican colleagues will agree with that democrats hope to convince at least 4 republican senators to agree to open the trial to new witnesses including some of president trump's closest advisers who have not yet testified the senate is expected to vote on that question next week if their answer is no then president trump could be acquitted within days time castro al-jazeera washington kristen's larry joins us now live from washington d.c. chris and let's look ahead and just say the senate does vote to allow witnesses what happens then. well if the senate does vote to allow witnesses we
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can expect that president trump will claim executive privilege that's the most likely scenario setting up a court battle with democrats and republicans have argued that this will take too long it will take weeks if not months to work its way through the courts they don't want to see this dragged out republicans like majority leader mitch mcconnell in the senate who's also raise constitutional concerns about allowing these witnesses to testify any pet to testify. but democrats need for republicans to come to their side in order to make this happen and we did hear today after the proceedings from senator mitt romney who said in an interview that he is very likely to vote in favor of hearing from witnesses democrats again need 3 more republicans to go their way and it's not at all clear that that could happen but that's what they're fighting for democrats argue that if the president has nothing to hide then these witnesses should be able to come forward and say what they now
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tell people what they observed and what they hear. the documentary evidence as well that tape that was turned over by love harness to rudy giuliani associate they're trying to get that introduced as evidence as well democrats need this to continue they need to have these witnesses in this additional. information if they expect this case to go in their favor at all so there's a lot to say for democrats here the vote on this will be in the coming week after all of the testimony has been given. on monday and tuesday the president's defense team will be able to continue their case they have 24 hours in total they say they expect to take much less than that and then after that will have a decision on these additional witnesses and information being allowed into the record . kristen salumi thank you thank you morehead on the news hour including iraqi
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security forces move it on protest sites with deadly results we have the details. pain and grief in brazil it's a year since one of the world's worst mining disasters. and in sports one of the most controversial tennis players sets up a match with the world number one the biggest crime in our. rescue is in southeast turkey is searching for survivors from friday's earthquake which killed $29.00 people and injured more than a 1000 this 5 year old girl and her mother her among the latest to be pulled alive from the rubble of collapsed buildings it's feared the number of dead will rise the 6.8 magnitude quake was centered near the town of the rich or sin in question although is near the in the nearby city of laws or and has this report. this
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man is happy and relieved as his relative is pulled out alive from the struggle she had been stuck on or the rock and debra's of a collapsed building for nearly 20 hours after a magnitude 6.8 earthquake if turkey's ison province of. it is my mother the son rushes back through the rubble there are still 4 more people start down there. there have been more than 400 aftershocks in the region hundreds of emergency teams and security forces have been mobilized to provide aid and assistance. and the onlookers some of them are all macarius while others hope to hear from loved ones and. i think all buildings have to be replaced by new ones we need to tell each. risk areas have been working here looking for and survivors buildings that have collapsed like this one were either badly constructed
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or older that damaged would have probably a history of earthquakes meant to say turkey needs to do more now to ensure building safety turkey is among the world's most suspect reactive countries and sits on several active full lines dozens of minor earthquakes and aftershocks up here nearly every day. quakes themselves don't kill. know when they're going to happen but it's the engineers and construct a duty to build compatible buildings for now on the 5 buildings have collapsed but there is no record of the damaged buildings in eleazer yet that's why many people are afraid to go inside their homes and given the freezing temperatures it will be difficult to seek shelter in sports or other large places so you know because although el to syria and turkey. 5 more protesters have been killed in iraq as security forces crackdown on anti-government demonstrations one person has died in the capital and 4 in this area police in baghdad moved into the streets surrounding
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to wrist square after a large group left camps in an area of the capital that an occupying since october some of those leaving that area supporters of populist cleric walked out also other who threw his support for the protests there as imran khan reports from baghdad. without warning the souther is packed up their tents and left tahrir square the focal point of iraq's anti-government protest movement the book led by influential shia muslim cleric knocked out also that is the largest in parliament and it had been here in solidarity with the protesters since it began in october for some left behind the departure is nothing less than a betrayal. of over to what. it seems our demonstration has been stolen from as they could attack us at any moment we are careful but we will either die or keep the square i won't leave until my demands are met but no i'm disappointed father
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protected us with his followers. this other is how political power and they offered the protest movement political influence and physical protection that may now have gone. to so the rest say they are disappointed with the reaction of some of the protesters to a rally by tens of thousands of iraqis they organized in baghdad on friday demanding the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the country they say although they support the protests they can no longer be a part of them this other a supposed the presence of u.s. forces in iraq some of the protesters are worried that the southern wrist might hijack the movement to advance their own anti u.s. agenda it's a division the souther is fair could lead to conflict until no hint of the so the once the protests of just continue because we want the dissolve to come to the end that a new independent government will come in order to roll the county
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till the till we have a new elections with the new new decision. so but if a kind of a clash is a started inside the sequence it will harm too much so we don't like to be a part of this clash is. the news that has moved his supporters out of the square is concerning to many who remain inside is this the beginning of the end of the protest movement that's the question on the lips of many of the protesters now they are already very angry because they've had to temper their demands at the beginning of the protest movement in october they wanted a complete overhaul of the political system that actually now tempered that saying they want a new prime minister who can kohl elections and even that hasn't happened. intact risk where it seems the future of the protest movement is now at stake imran khan how does their baghdad. pfizer as
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a body is director of the center for the study of the middle east at indiana university and to former iraqi ambassador to the u.n. he joins us now and scott from bloomington in indiana what do you think this means for the protest movement and i think that it means in part that the security forces are going to move ahead and to remove them they've already begun to do so i fear that with the withdrawal of the subjects the security forces the iraqi security forces will feel free to use the greater levels of violence we've already had that the official numbers are 600 killed since are over and something like 22000 injured and i fear that the government is now or at least some of the security forces are not the government to bring an end to these demonstrations it's a very perilous moment but what have been largely peaceful demonstrations over the last 3 almost 4 months why do you think assad
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a has his support now what do you make of the timing. well i think he is in part as your report indicated frustrated that he was unable to quote the top 3 of what i call the tahir demonstrators although that's a misnomer because they're not only in baghdad but there throughout iraq's southern cities including cared about and not just khosla nasiriyah and other places but i think he was frustrated that he was unable to co-opt them that they could not join him in what he had called for which was a 1000000 person march which largely because of the i mean there were some tens of thousands on the streets but nothing like a 1000000 people demanding the withdrawal of the u.s. and i think that he was also understands that there has the iraqi government has come under pressure from some of the pro iranian militias and from iran itself to bring an end to these demonstrations and so he's told his demonstrators he was
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never a leader of these protests in any of them and. iraq is so without a prime minister what kind of influence does also to have intends to who comes next in terms of leadership. it does have influence and his parliamentary party certainly has influence that perhaps the largest bloc although. you know well well short of a of a of a majority but now it is the largest walk and it will have a voice in who the next prime minister is of course we're in a sense in a constitutional crisis in iraq now because they should have been. a prime minister named more than 30 days ago and the president still has not been able to name a prime minister he has refused the one candidate that was formally put to him by parliament and so that will have his say whether that individual will be acceptable to the demonstrators remains to be seen i fear that the parliamentary
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blocs may want to clear the streets before they nominate the new prime minister precisely to avoid a situation of having the demonstrators in the streets reject their candidate i think that analysis that body that director of the center for the study of the middle east set indiana university thank you. but he said lebanon have fought with protesters who tried to storm the government headquarters in the capital security forces used tear gas and water cannon to push back the demonstrations saturday marks 100 days since the protests began people are demanding an end to corruption and while the government to tackle the economic crisis and you cabinet was announced on tuesday that protesters have rejected it and a honda has more now from outside the government headquarters she says protesters are determined to continue to fight. another night of unrest antiestablishment
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protesters at this time tried to storm a government palace over recent days they tried to storm a parliament building they managed to briefly breach the security behind us they moved a metal fence and now as you can see security forces are trying to secure it to reinforce security around government how those people are and a few 100 protesters were involved in the confrontation security forces that were very careful this time around they did not use rubber bullets they have been criticized by international human rights groups for using excessive force for firing rubber bullets at close range but this time around they did use excessive amounts of tear gas as well as water cannons so they managed to disperse protesters quite quickly in fact they deployed hundreds of anti-riot police and the lebanese army you can really see and feel the change in tactics as this new administration
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seems more militarized let me just show you what they've done around the parliament square they have set up concrete a place concrete slabs barbed wire a closing really every road leading to parliament square in a really a message of defiance we are staying in power but this is angry and this is causing a lot of anger a lot of protesters say you cannot hide behind those walls we will continue our struggle. still ahead on al-jazeera a new documentary style where gambia where victims of abuse under the former regime are still waiting for justice. and in support find out which golfer was setting the standards at the dubai desert classic add to that story.
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and there's still plenty of winter weather across northern sections of the united states the worst across the northeast is clearing sunday into monday plenty of plant showing up air on the satellite meanwhile out tools the pacific northwest some very strong wind so strong that this plane was prevented from actually taking off on friday it was delays into saturday and then we well further into central regions into missouri a huge amount of snow about 5 centimeters came down very quickly fortunately through sunday there's another storm system coming through and the pacific northwest will bear the brunt of this is it a sunday on monday it will spread into snow through the northern rockies and right way down into the cascades as well that system on sunday working its way into the fall northeast we could of course have that gnostic mix of ice and snow in some areas also a fair amount of rain beginning to push again into southern areas but it doesn't make them particularly heavy most that really heavy rain it stays offshore so showers pushing into the southeast and
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a pretty good start to the work we for washington and also new york but no so again out tools the northwest 10 celsius in seattle some very heavy amounts of rain some very strong winds we could see some very high winds pushing these waves on shore we could us in the class fighting as a small snow in the forecast but not but in some francisco 50. a journey of personal discovery. which is the kochi of a letter not seen germany addressed to my grandfather 0. traces of family links back to the regime of benito mussolini and office which is fascism returned to italian poultry fresh in the family it makes me sick this letter. i found. on al-jazeera. donald presence on donald trump jr was
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promised damaging information about hillary clinton the allegation like to see an investigation stick the troops did the trump card. with russia did you at any time birch former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form to close or to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you go no. next question battlefield washington on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour as china battles to contain a deadly outbreak of coronavirus president xi jinping labels it
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a grave situation 41 people have died in china with more than 1300 people infected worldwide. white house lawyers defending donald trump at the senate impeachment trial say the u.s. president has done nothing wrong in his dealings with ukraine accused democrats of using the trial to interfere in this year's presidential election. rescuers in southeast turkey are searching for survivors from friday's earthquake 29 people have been killed and more than a 1000 injured this 5 year old girl and her mother are among the latest report out alive from the rubble of collapsed buildings. rocket fire on libya's capital tripoli has killed one person and injured 3 others the internationally recognized government is blaming forces loyal to war for the attack hundreds killed since hostile began a military offensive to take control of the capital in april. heads has more. one moroccan man was killed by a random rocket landed in the vicinity of m 80 get airport the only operation an
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airport in the libyan capital tripoli the only look at night is the government says that half the us forces landed the attack the tripoli based health ministry meanwhile says that civil other civilians were injured by random rockets that landed in densely populated areas and will launch it by half the us forces many of these rockets launched by half the schools and landed in neighborhoods densely populated area in the city center other rockets landed in our other neighborhood near the city center now the tripoli based government is accusing hafter the forces of committing war crimes by targeting these residential areas it also says that these attacks are violations of the truce or the peace talks and the cease fire accord that was proposed by both turkey and russia it also says that these violations by half their forces are dealing deal
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a ling the peace talks that are the youth to be held in february engineer for now the latest report by the united nations secretary general until you get turkish revealed that nearly 300 civilians were killed since the beginning of the military offensive launch and by have their forces to take control of the capital tripoli back in april and nearly 400 civilians were wanted now the same report also revealed that about 140000 people left their homes because of the fighting. libya's national oil company says it's lost more than $250000000.00 in oil revenue in just under a week after many of its major facilities were seized fighters loyal to have the control of several coastal export terminals and southern oil fields earlier this month caused production to fall by more than 70 percent the french newspaper le monde is reporting new claims of saudi and russian influence in the libyan civil
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war the december officials from the un recognized government accused moscow of deploying russian mercenaries to fight to longside warlord. according to the mons these mercenaries work for a private russian security firm by the name of wagner group but according to the newspaper sources the firm has received funding from saudi arabia the mon says wagner group employs between 302000 people it was created at the beginning of the ukrainian conflict in 2014 and it's also reportedly sent mercenary forces to syria sudan and central africa jason pack is a nonresident fellow at the middle east institute and the founder of the consultancy libya analysis he says the report is consistent with russian policy. there's every reason to believe that the story in the moment is is accurate it follows in a chain of such stories and the russians are willing to use whatever leavers they
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have so they use some diplomatic leavers they give drones when that gives them influence they've used training to help us forces before and this use over the past 9 months of mercenaries is only a continuation of the reconnaissance and training that they had given previously i think the wrinkle in the lamont story that's worth pointing out to your viewers is the question of saudi payment because we've known about both 300 or a 1000 but the idea that there are multiple huffed are backers working together and even ones that don't traditionally coordinate like the saudis and immoralities coordinate about libya matters all the time but the idea that saudi and russia are coordinating in such a direct manner that's a very interesting wrinkle to look at how they're influencing the conflict or rescue terracing says there have been 6 distress calls for their souls carrying migrants across the central mediterranean it says are safe at least 78 people 59
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migrants were rescued by the charity ship the ocean biking they were attempting the dangerous crossing from libya hundreds of people have died in the mediterranean sea trying to reach europe. the death of an eritrean teenager and a detention camp in libya's capital this week has highlighted the plight of more than 40000 africans living in makeshift centers most were detained while attempting to flee violence and search for a new life in europe but aid agencies say conditions in tripoli camps are appalling tony but we visited one detention center near the libyan capital. driven by poverty or pushed by fear and persecution by the way most migrants escaping their homeland mostly in sub-saharan africa end up here on the coast of north africa libya can be the start of a bright new life for the beginning of a nightmare in the capital tripoli thousands wait each day for the chance of manual work the money they earn is used on a mediterranean crossing to europe sent back to their families or to buy food they
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come with a dream but the reality of life here is far from a dalit and doesn't i came here to make money and it's better than staying in your own country because here your mind is more free and now there isn't work like before you sometimes don't even have enough to eat they won't openly say they want to go to europe that would provoke arrest but most not all want to. joshua made that crossing and spent 6 years in europe before being deported from austria last year his dream was to become a rap artist but he found only hardship and difficulty in europe i can midmorning people are living abroad so i decided to work my morning. go back to my country and establish my talent because i'm a good musician. but you can tell from the drain faces that optimism among many african migrants is in short supply these africa workers do their jobs that they don't want to do they earn just a few dollars a day but it's still more than they can earn in their own countries they often live
2:37 am
in basic deprived conditions but even so in some respects they are the lucky ones these migrants are some of the estimated 40000 detained in libya most were arrested trying to cross the mediterranean sea to europe at this center in zawiya west of tripoli there are almost 500 detainees some of whom have been held for 4 years many of applied for political asylum or settlement in europe it's a place of bad living conditions and broken dreams 16 year old adel de brett see on a skate political persecution in eritrea with a dream of a new life his life ended in a detention center in tripoli when he died in mysterious circumstances aid organizations say that getting explanations and access to migrant centers isn't easy it is a sovereign state and where we can advocate to. improve the conditions close the centers and find alternatives to this approach but. in the state that
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the country is in right now. it's a very very difficult undertaking. the cash strapped internationally recognized libyan government says it's doing its best under the circumstances but can't adequately help its own people who've been displaced in the conflict let alone migrants that's no comfort to a large who is from nigeria she's been in detention for nearly 4 years 3 of her 5 children have been born in centers and she's being caught trying to reach europe 4 times my kids are going through a lot of risk they are going through crises. going through the risk on the sea there are. some mixed i'm not proud of myself i'm ashamed of myself cause i kept on asking myself why are by brought them to this ward. but the migrants have learned to cope with hardship and limited choices they've had to the so-called crossing season with karma sees in the mediterranean
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is approaching and many will be making the choice of either sticking with what they have or gambling on a dangerous voyage and the unknown prospects in a europe which is not as welcoming as it once was tony berkeley al-jazeera tripoli at least 3 people have been killed during airstrikes by the syrian government on the last rebel held area women enter children were killed in a raid in the town of santa ana and if the province activists say barrel bombs were also dropped from helicopters on the town of covered hama north of aleppo more than 350000 people have been displaced from the region since december i believe of israel's blue and white party benny gantz plans to travel to the u.s. on monday to join prime minister benjamin netanyahu for discussions with president donald trump against leeds the largest single party in the israeli parliament but neither he nor his political rival netanyahu been able to form of ruling coalition that's despite 2 elections last year and
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a 3rd scheduled for march the 3 men are expected to discuss trump's so-called peace plan for the middle east. meanwhile a senior palestinian diplomat has called the peace plan a fraught this is actually the fraud of the century the fraud of the century but it's the. they're speaking about jerusalem being israel's capital no palestinian state no 96 of them borders the next edition of the jordan valley and the ditsy shores and exception of the settlements legal system israeli settlements that that means. destroying all terms of her for answers provided for to achieve peace between palestinians israelis dropping the 2 state solution of the radar screens and. canceling everything relating to international law and international legitimacy a new documentary from the gambia is exposing cases of alleged torture and murder by the government of former leader yet. the film documents dissidence testimony and
2:41 am
the victims' families say best still waiting for justice nicholas hawke reports from neighboring dhaka. i cannot bury my father is a documentary about a young man whose father was executed during former gambian president 22 year rule without the body he's unable to give his father a proper funeral it was directed by another who also lost her father hundreds of bodies are believed to be buried in mass graves yet to be discovered the gambia has put in place a truth and reconciliation commission only 3 people were prosecuted all of those who admitted to torture rape and murder have so far been set free much the surprise of the victims has been made to feel on reasonable when they're asking for justice when talking about crimes against humanity. as a victims are coming out of it to say we are here and there's so much power as i think i use it now because for so long. human rights organizations say yeah jamie
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and his security forces tortured raped and killed dissidents some were even reportedly fed his pet crocodiles in 2007 he made a claim to al-jazeera saying he could cure patients dying of aids hiv aids and his health ministry embargo experimented on hundreds of hiv positive men women and children nearly all of them have since died. but. the. 3 years since jimmy fled into exile the survivors say justice is too slow to come with the government showing a willingness towards his political party which was allowed to hold public demonstrations after johnny announced his desire to return to the gambia. democracy is messy business former president stepped into this country he would be arrested and then of course i mean. since the. last month the gambia took me and
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more to the international criminal court of justice accusing. military of committing genocide against the muslim minority but the crimes committed by security services during the previous government against its own people are still being prosecuted worse some perpetrators are still in charge of security in our close allies of president adam a barrow for those who have survived there's a sense that the process of justice is being intentionally obstructed. not. some of the mass graves are believed to be a farmhouse but the government has made no efforts to recover the remains so far stalling the process of grief and healing that so many need to move forward.
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the car flooding and landslides in southeast brazil have killed at least 30 people 2 days of torrential rain and better on his own chair the capital. states have left 17 people missing and more than 2 and a half 1000 others are now homeless more rain is expected in the region as well as and other parts of brazil well elsewhere in brazil a memorial has been held to mark one year since the country's worst industrial disaster at least 259 people were killed when a dam collapsed sending a tide of toxic waste into the city of. relatives attended ceremonies and to commemorate those who died and i know that a palo isn't. not only is this today commemorating the one year anniversary of one of the worst industrial tragedies in the country's history there's also widespread flooding and and for rental rains that continue to to fall here with
2:45 am
more in the forecast there are houses that are under water this is the river that goes through the middle of the town. some of the casualties already in the state of maine as you guys are already 30 confirmed deaths from the ongoing flooding here in the state of maine as it ice in him but again what we saw today in the somber atmosphere that were marches lot of sadness a lot of tears of balloons that were released to commemorate the one year anniversary of the boom of the you know disaster but there's also a lot of anger a lot of animosity against the mining company itself responsible for the collapse dam that company being volley even though i'm each a majority of residents who met the new depend on the mining industry for their livelihoods those attitudes are shifting those attitudes are shifting we we know that there's a lot of anger a lot of animosity against this company but there's also a lot of fear knowing that this is the rainy season that there is more rain coming
2:46 am
that there are other dams that are categorized that be as being at risk dams similar to one that collapsed last year people are afraid that it's not a question of if this type of disaster could happen again but a question of of when it will happen again and that access has been partially restored and indian and ministered kashmir block for almost 6 months users will be able to access only $300.00 approved web 5000 internet speeds will remain low but access to some social media apps is still banned the move comes just days after india's supreme court ordered the communications lockdown be reversed. but why does the opposition leader has addressed thousands of supporters in spain it's the latest leg in a european tour aimed at drumming up more international support a arrived in madrid from france where he held talks with french president emmanuel com. god bless this fight democracy and the opportunity to be
2:47 am
free to recover this country together we stand before a justice and dictatorship that they will not be venezuelans they will not be democracy and freedom we are going to rescue venezuela we are going to move on. still ahead on al-jazeera and support the premier league rival separate people for the english f.a. cup. the 21st century began with extraordinary economic growth across much of latin america. but since this halted in 2008 there's been a political shift to the right on a continent where socialism once thrived 2. politician goes on a journey to meet leading left wing figures to understand why that politics have lost ground so dramatically in. latin america a giant in turmoil on al-jazeera from the family home of the still navigating
2:48 am
dangerous rapids. from the time we depart to the time we finished scared to the fisherman dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go my coffee platter amalie meet the man who go to the extreme just to make a living. you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise it's safe and risking it all vietnam on al-jazeera. the world will commemorate international holocaust day on monday but in germany there is growing concern at the rising levels of anti semitism one example is the presence of historical sculptures and works of art that reflects the country's anti jewish past
2:49 am
a mccain reports from eastern germany. that i'm back makes much of its link with the mediæval protestant martin luther from here he would preach to the faithful but it's what he and this church said about another faith which remains controversial for in the 14th century this sculpture was placed on the outside of the building it's called the you wouldn't zahau or jewish south considered by most people to be a deliberately derogatory depiction of jews and judaism michael dillman is so incensed by it he's repeatedly gone to court to have it removed. by side of the unions out self is a terrible fall sophistication of judaism rabbinical judaism and the defamation of the jews falsify cation of judaism defamation insulting the jews the jewish people of israel with the terrible effect up to this day. the church shares his distaste
2:50 am
with sense the sculpture should stay as a warning from history successive court rulings of up held that view as i'm trying to remember we're not happy about it ourselves it's a dilemma and we've got to reconcile with history and thereby try to reach a reconciliation between 2 days and in christianity one cause. the debate about this culture really matters because it's not just in this city that such historical anti semitism is on show in fact there are similar so-called new wouldn't run in and on churches right across this country and how modern germans deal with anti semitism is perhaps best symbolized here at the holocaust memorial in berlin where one leading academic told me of the dangers anti semitism still poses today for the jewish community leverage leaders are particularly pointing to those neil groups new motor south and her semitism that are occurring let's name it so wispy it was
2:51 am
speaking of the so-called new right across europe saw a sort of a new nationalism or monday the world will mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz nazi death camp a moment to remember those murdered by mechanized anti semitism back in britain back a plaque lies under the you wouldn't dedicated to the many millions whose only crime was to have a different face one which depictions like the one above the plaque has been desecrated for centuries dominic cain al-jazeera in eastern germany it's time now thought here that it. thank you very much for one of tennis is fierce is rivalries is set to resume at the australian open i'm favorite nick setting up a 4th for an encounter with top seed rafael nadal so helmick reports it's the grudge match tennis fans have been waiting for vs rivals nick curious than rafi on the dollar will face off in the 4th round of the australian open. the dollar's
2:52 am
looking an ominous former head of the showdown comfortably beating public or in a booster in straight sets in the last 32 i the world number one says this was his best performance of the tournament so far and finding his form couldn't have come at a better time. with the spaniards set to take on a man that mocked him earlier in the competition and who nadar has accused of having no respect for other players serious once the method to intentionally hitting a dog with a shot during a match. is cleared out of course when he does stuff that in my opinion is not good either like the players who made it would be important for the tour when he is ready to play his best tennis player with passion. he's one of these guys. when he's doing the other stuff of course i like. curious the show he has what it takes to deliver a big performance and to advance he had to be the highest he did karyn catching all
2:53 am
the by the australian shot to fame by upsetting the dollar wimbledon in 2014 and at times against caution of he died that form back in the about the was but after blowing a 2 set lead he needed to get through a final set tie break against his russian opponent with and as it crept towards midnight in melbourne the crowd finally got what they wanted was the cheeriest winning the longest match of this career the band setting up a face off against an adult what about the trainers is an amazing foil you know he's you know arguably the greatest of all time so under some other thing about that right now i'm saying that my legs going to get some sort of set theory i still have to be at his best to be hopes to beat nidal malik al-jazeera. number 2 seed carol in a place given is the latest top ranked women's player to be not south who was the
2:54 am
semifinalist in melbourne last year stunned in the 3rd round here by 38 c. and the stars you have a chunk of the russian beating post in straight sets 7676 comes just a day after defeats for serena williams and also for defending champion by only osaka also gone 5th seed alina's fitz alina the ukrainian well beaten by former french open in the champions gabino merissa the spaniard losing just 3 games in this straight sets with. no problems though from number 4 seed simona halep the reigning wimbledon champion beating uli a pretense of her in straight sets to reach around for the remaining suits i'm grandson champion has yet to drop a set in the title it's. now a late goal from morocco saw from the far end southampton a replay against tottenham in the english f.a. cup series a marina staying so the lead in this 4th round size saw him in with the opener in the 2nd half before equalizing for the hunt with just 3 minutes to go 11 the final
2:55 am
score chelsea are through its around 5 machine bash why with the opener against hole that was his 1st goal for the club since october. some more added the 2nd in a suit one. second to west brom knocked out west ham of the premier league a goal from kohn it sounds and deciding this one a winning return to the london stadium for west brom manager 7 bullets he was fired by west ham in 27 scene and leicester held off a spirited challenge from 2nd to brant fit not sure scoring the only goal of this game after just 4 minutes. once it did have some chances to equalise but it finished one nil to the only. barcelona's new manager kick a city and suffered his 1st defeat since taking charge of the spanish champions beaten to nil away of valencia there was some. fighting between the 2 sets of fans outside the mistah stadium before kickoff the n.c.a.a.
2:56 am
later issuing a statement saying those involved had nothing to do with the values of their club. australia's men's football same of qualified for the olympic games for the 1st time since 2008 the australians beating defending champions is back to stand in the 3rd place player for the under $23.00 asian championships the only goal of the game coming from nick the augustine are a sturdy joint host japan saudi arabia and south korea as the continent's representatives. this is close to being the greatest achievement of my coaching career because again this wasn't part of my my job. my job is to coach a socceroos but i just felt that i needed to step in and help these kids because. you want to give these kids a great journey in a lot. pakistan of beats in bangladesh in the 2nd t 20 of the series in law whole passing 1st bangladesh were strictly to a score of 136 to 6 that staying up by playing international cricket in pakistan for the 1st time in 12 years pakistan counts in barbarism and how to face both half
2:57 am
centuries is the hard see east a 9 look at win with more than 3 hours to spare pakistan most of the world rankings if they complete a 3 male series sweep on monday. austria's masses my has triumphed on homes not one of skiing's most prestigious events austrian born almost swardson ago one of the thousands of fans out so watch the world cup downhill race on the field strive course in kits to some of the champion my becoming the 1st home winner in 6 days. and have a look at this for a shot from china's action would golds dubai desert classic we're holding out for an eagle on the 1st hole of his final round 4 birdies followed for the 34 year old as he called it a $67.00 will go into sunday's final round one shot clear of that sort of elite. ok that is always full for now more lights. well that's it for me for this news hour but so i'll be back in
2:58 am
a minute with more on today's news don't go away. on counting the cost of nation representing point 3 percent of the world's population but 5 percent of carbon emissions in australia give up its addiction to coal promises to go carbon neutral by the year 2050 possibly looking at. how long before it has to turn to the i.m.f. counting the cost on al-jazeera. cybering on al-jazeera. and tension with the us and protests over
2:59 am
a plane down by iran's hanum entry election will be held on february 21st such as to syria explores the fate of india's religious minorities on the prime minister modi's hindu. u.s. voters get the best chance to weigh in on the 2020 lection al-jazeera will have comprehensive coverage a new series looks at how female scientists across the globe are opening doors for other women to pursue careers in science and up to 5 years of civil war could bitter rivals agree a peace deal to revive africa's youngest nation. february on al-jazeera. a healthy environment depends on the healthy insect populations but across the world. numbers are dwindling. countless creatures are declining as a result of human activity. people in power investigates the extent of the crisis and
3:00 am
asks what can be done to abate it. insect to get in on al-jazeera. china's president warns his country is facing a grave situation of fights to control the corona virus outbreak. i'm given al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up donald trump's approval rating at its highest since becoming president as his defense team august his case at his impeachment trial. you have an obstruction overwhelming. that the president did nothing wrong. refusing to back down defiant protesters and
3:01 am
11 on gather outside beirut central government buildings to denounce the new cabinets. a threat.


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