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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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in the wild on al-jazeera. the a. trance impeachment trial resumes with republicans and the growing pressure to have judges salton testify. alone barbara starr you're watching out as the real life from london also coming up the deal of the century is the opportunity of truth and we're not going to pass it . israel's prime minister praises trump's middle east peace plan due to be unveiled on tuesday the coronavirus death toll jumps to $81.00 is china's prime minister visits the center of the outbreak and 75 years after auschwitz was liberated survivors unsure of the cause of the holocaust are never forgotten.
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welcome to the program we begin in the u.s. for president donald trump's impeachment trial has resumed in the senate with the republicans and the growing pressure to allow witnesses to testify lawyers representing trumper into their 2nd day of defense arguments but there's been no mention of the revelations surrounding former national security adviser john bolton which have led to be nude calls for witnesses and more documents to be allowed at the trial in a leaked a draft of his book bolton reportedly claims that the president told him to tie ukrainian military aide to an investigation into his political rival joe biden trump has denied the claims i don't have any of it i have no idea what who leaked it and why but it sure is damning. and we are to find out
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from the person who made the comments and wrote the book under oath the eyes of america are upon the republicans in the senate they have been before and now what mr bolton evidently wrote in his book puts puts even more. increases the desire of the american people to have a fair trial with witnesses and documents but tom's lawyer ken starr did not address the bolton claims but insisted the trial seems like an election stunt by the democrats courts consider prudential factors and there is a huge potential factor that this trial is occurring and in election year when we the people in a matter of months will go to the polls if you want to fight as your caster who is on capitol hill ever heidi that the trump forgive me the
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a bolton revelations potentially a massive turning point in proceedings so if they're not talking about that right now during proceedings what are they talking about what have they been talking about. barbara a lot of deflection is going on right now in the senate chambers we have not heard from the president's defense team take on john bolton and his revelations head on instead they've been talking about joe biden in the work of his son hunter biden in ukraine that's the topic they're discussing right now and these theories that originated from corrupt ukrainian officials and then passed on to president trump via his attorney regional ianni in which ukraine alleged that hunter biden was involved in corruption that is kind of the beginning of all of this with trump he heard those ideas he believed them and he asked ukraine then to announce investigations into the bidens conveniently enough joe biden may be his
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presidential rival in the upcoming u.s. election but the 2 words that are much spoken outside of the senate chambers john bolton the name of the national security advisor the former white house employee who is writing this book in which he alleges he heard the president connect they use the security aide told with his demand for investigations of the biden that allegation again has not been addressed by the president's defenders that it may be inevitable later on though if democrats succeed in convincing at least 4 republican colleagues in the senate to open the trial to additional witnesses that would take a majority vote and that vote may happen by the end of this week with several moderate republicans those crucial swing voters in the middle in this question having indicated that having heard what bolton they testified to that they do wish to hear from him and the reaction has there been from donald trump to the john
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bolton allegations. or president trump has denied that he had this conversation linking security aide with investigations with bolton and on. twitter as well as 2 reporters at the white house trump said today that he thinks he thinks bolton is a disc runs old former white house employee bolton was either fired or left under bad terms we know back in september and the president accusing bolton of having this information in his book and revealing it now in order to sell more copies of that book in the future. with the latest from capitol hill on those proceedings heidi thank you. well while his future is being debated on capitol hill at the white house donald trump is about to announce his middle east peace proposal he says that will be released on tuesday israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and opposition leader bennett dance are in washington to discuss the deal which the
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palestinians have already rejected our white house correspondent kimberly housekeep reports. the president alongside israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu u.s. president donald trump announced he is releasing his long awaited middle east peace plan many of the arab nations have agreed to it they like it they think it's great they think it's a big start trunk didn't say which arab nations supposedly like the plan only that he'll unveil it on tuesday after white house consultations with the israeli leader and his political opponent blue and white chairman benny gantz gats was invited to the white house and met separately with trump amidst an intense election campaign back in israel. but missing from any announcement are the palestinians there are concerns tribe's plan will deny palestinian refugees the right of return palestinian leaders have declared proposal dead on arrival given there's been no
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consultation this is actually the front of the century the fraud or the century. cancelling everything to. an international. discussions broke down when the us embassy to disputed jerusalem from tel aviv in december 2017 the white house also cut off aid to the palestinians closed the palestine liberation organization offices in washington and recognized israel sovereignty over the golan heights moved seem to support netanyahu especially as he attempts to win reelection amid corruption allegations people structures the opportunity it was untrue were not going to press for the israeli elections are in march trump denies he's interfering instead trump is touting this plan as an economic opportunity for palestinians. months ago his son in law jared cushion or proposed
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a peace to prosperity plan to raise $50000000000.00 to improve the lives of palestinians in the west bank. gaza it's something they should want they probably won't want to think at the end they will think in the end they're going to want it the unveiling of president trump's middle east peace plan has been delayed repeatedly initially the white house said it was waiting until after the israeli elections given israel is now preparing for its 3rd vote in under 12 months the white house now says it's moving ahead with the plans release can really help at al-jazeera the white house the u.s. military has confirmed that a plane that crashed in afghanistan was one of its aircraft the plane went down in gaza the province a mountainous area partly controlled by the taliban in a statement the taliban said high ranking u.s. security personnel were on board the plane and everyone was killed. u.s. secretary of state my pump aoa has expressed outrage in
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a phone call with iraq's prime minister over the continued attacks on u.s. facilities by armed groups backed by iran the u.s. embassy was hit by rockets on sunday in the 1st direct strike after months of near misses when american was injured when 3 rockets landed inside the compound located inside the heavily fortified green zone one hit a restaurant there the u.s. has called in iraq to ensure its diplomatic facilities are protected meanwhile clashes have resumed in central baghdad with police firing tear gas at anti-government demonstrators it's the 3rd day of a push by security forces the end months of them stray sions against the ruling elite 16 people have been killed in the last 3 days with the least 3 of them in nasiriya in the past 24 hours alone ambassadors of 16 countries in baghdad have condemned the use of live fire against protesters and called on the government to guarantee credible investigations into the hundreds of deaths since october.
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the head of the world health organization has arrived in china for talks with officials on how to contain the growing outbreak of corona virus is usually china's prime minister who's just been in the outbreak originated the number of people now confirmed to have died in china has risen to 81 in the capital beijing has reported its 1st this china state media says there are almost 3000 confirmed cases in the country with the authorities monitoring another 6000 suspected cases so far there are 44 confirmed cases of the virus outside of china almost all had recently been to one or been in close contact with someone who had scored high the reports now from beijing. the streets in the capital beijing are almost empty and the most likely stay that way until next monday now that the lunar new year holiday has been extended to help curb the spread of the corona virus more countries and territories
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have increased restrictions on people from a province or even banned their entry in some cases as the chinese government continues with its plan on containing and treating those who have the virus but i have to keep wearing the same mask if i throw this away no mask then i'm asking the government to sell more masks so i found out that everything sold out to buy food and vegetables now i hope the situation can get better after the chinese new year holiday china's 2nd most powerful government official premier league has been put in charge of the coronavirus situation he traveled down the will heart and visited the construction site of a hospital that's being purpose built for the virus. we should build this hospital as soon as possible we set the date this february 2nd we bringing all the medical resources from all over the country will bring thousands of medical stuff to other hospitals in here he then spoke with medical workers on the front lines of the
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virus outbreak. throughout the day safe and save lives because what you're doing now is to save lives you'll nation is relying on you while the people of china might be relying on those medical workers the entire world watches as the number of dead and infected continues to rise it's got al-jazeera beijing. one leading viral interests in hong kong say the chinese government may be severely under playing the seriousness of the outbreak. has more. we've been hearing the softer noone from gabrial long he's a leading epidemiologist he is the head and he's the dean of hong kong university's medical medical faculty and he basically says based on computer modeling that they've been using as other experts are around the world right now he estimates that in fact 44000 people have been infected by this virus in who hand and he also says that the rate of infection will double every 6 to 7 days so again this is
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based on computer modeling it doesn't mean it's necessarily going to happen but he said it is their forecast as sort of worst case scenario you might say so these are alarming words coming from hong kong and they appear to in a sense contradict what the world health organization has been saying because the world health organization so far hasn't felt compelled to declare an international public health alert the experts in hong kong are saying that draconian measures will be needed not just by hong kong's government and china's government but by other governments around the world in the case of hong kong for instance you know when one has to give out things like food imports it everything it eats just about is imported much of it coming from the mainland so his message was you know unless there is good planning unless we heed the warnings then you know we could be facing a global pandemic epidemic and in his words. who the rebels have killed at least 3
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people in shelling in southwest yemen local sources say the armed group fired artillery rounds into a popular market near the city of taiz 9 others are reportedly injured it's a day after who these fired on several district in. still to come here on al-jazeera protesters return to beirut's streets says the government finally passes a budget basketball fans remember kobe bryant as the grim recovery task begins. to add. hell it was a change of weather type australia it may be the wrong way round we've got a lot of rain developing in what is affecting monsoon conditions in queensland and i think eventually northern territory but apart from a few showers for the south it is
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a dry picture in new south wales and victoria and the fires have not gone out if anything the conditions could get worse so whilst you get some most welcome brain and flooding this will drift down towards alice springs you don't see anything other than a rise in temperature for the south adelaide up to 38 or wednesday and that warms will march eastwards over the following couple of days it's not accompanied by thunderstorms or anything else other than just the heat and probably change of wind direction where this will probably prompt social media pictures of waterfalls and over route happens once or twice a year after all so that is australia them let's go directly north woods to see how winter is progressing and it's probably progressing at the door to be honest that's an active system the poor significant rain to china has been bringing significant rain to japan and it will carry on this digs a particularly on the pacific coast of honshu the temperature in tokyo is 8 and a sucker's 14 a day later and turkey is wound up so tensions are going up above average and the
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rain he's running through. carol joy bringing my neighbors from my neighbor's children so they can see and get more comfortable 5 years children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons back at the varo so mom makes a report on the christie and therefore need to shoot and it's fun but a new generation is fighting fire with a reason we are fighting for voices to be heard because you don't want to see and you just didn't get close to never again part of the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera.
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reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera i'm bassett or is of 16 countries in back that have condemned the use of live fire against the rocky protesters and called on the government to guarantee credible investigations into the hundreds of deaths since october despite this clashes have resumed in central baghdad and some southern cities. u.s. president donald trump has met israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house to discuss his plan for peace in the middle east tom says he'll reveal his so-called deal of the sentry on tuesday meanwhile trump's legal team has begun a 2nd day of arguments in the fence of the president that his senate impeachment trial the republican majority is on the renewed pressure to allow witnesses following revelations by the former senior national security adviser john bolton in a leak that copy of the book of his right. well for more on this on joined by michael isikoff ease the chief investigative correspondent for yahoo news thank you
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for joining us once again usually republicans tend to close ranks around president trump even the ones that may sort of not necessarily agree with everything he says all of them close and i why do you think there would be so much pressure this time republican senators to actually allow witnesses to take the step. well this is all because of the new york times report about john bolton's book book manuscript that clearly has evidence directly relevant to the trial and in some ways it was made more relevant by the president's own lawyers who when they started out their defense on saturday made a point of hammering home that there was no testimony that directly linked president trump holding up that military aid for an
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investigation into the bidens michael poor poor who many people thought gave the best presentation for the for the president's defense specifically raised that and said no direct testimony about a linkage he played the clips of gordon sonly and saying that he only presume that there was a link and that the house managers had made a leap in drawing this conclusion and then you have bam the bolton book story breaks in which bolton is saying oh yes the president did make that connection he made it to me in a conversation with him in late august now i should caution we have not seen exactly what's in that book manuscript there are no quotes from it obviously we don't know exactly what john bolton is prepared to say but it's pretty hard to
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argue that his testimony is not relevant to the very issues in this case and that's why i think the odds have gone up that we may see a vote for witnesses later this week. when speaking about the the john bolton accusations effectively called him at the scrum told former employee because he'd been sacked from his position i mean i guess it might be possible to tell but what do you think is behind this you know john bolton's book the statement he's put in i mean he must have guessed he must have known that this is where it was going to lead. sure and you know he's writing a book it is a it is an enterprise designed to make money but john bolton here's the thing i mean when the president calls him or the president's defenders describe him as a disgruntled employee. surely that's that's of pushback against anybody who comes
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forward making awkward allegations but john bolton is not an unknown character to and especially to republicans in the senate he is a long time conservative republican who has served in multiple republican administrations senators have heard him testify before them many times most of them agree with john bolton's outlook on the world very hawkish outlook on the world to one to some extent or another so to sort of cast him as the disgruntled employee who's just making stuff up that's a hard argument to make to republican senators who know the guy very well. be interesting to see what happens over the next few hours and days michael isikoff chief investigative correspondent for yahoo news thank you lebanon's parliament has passed this year's budget as it tries to lift the country out of
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a deepening economic crisis protests is trying to block politicians from getting to the vote calling it unconstitutional when he rejected the budget because it was drafted by the previous administration set a height at the reports from beirut. it's all happened so quickly but after months of delays and protests the 2020 budget drafted last year by former prime minister saad heavy's government has finally been ratified the biggest challenges facing lebanon's government is in a collapsing economy it says its priority is to introduce a financial rescue plan and never walk the walk or is this now these are exceptional circumstances nothing is normal in lebanon today and the complexity dictate we act with logic and urgency while the bill was adopted by a majority of 49 votes some m.p.'s didn't attend with a number of opposition members calling the boat unconstitutional examination of the will but. if it's a necessity to adopt the budget then it can be
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a priority to return all perspire minutes until the government receives a vote of confidence on the new cabinet 1st. rather than the last the other will that was only because the the budget usually ends at the end of january so i insist that the vote must be held now but this doesn't mean parliament doesn't have the right to legislate even if there is no government. i was outside parliament several people were injured in protests against the vote security forces used to gas in response to some history rocks at them for security setup protesters failed to stop politicians from entering parliament to vote on this controversial budget always meant to take c. days to just a few hours with m.p.'s eager to bring in these economic reforms as soon as possible but some are calling it a sham many argue the budget isn't
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a true reflection of the current state of the economy which is deteriorated further since nationwide protests started in october against corruption in the mismanagement of public funds the new government will be going into the new year it was the boss of the budget of the old government so it's really very absurd and surrealistic and we are definitely against it but unfortunately because of the forceful way that the protesters were treated we couldn't stop the session from happening last week newly appointed finance minister wisely said that $4.00 to $5000000000.00 of foreign loans are urgently needed to buy basics such as weak medicine and fuel for the coming year this year's budget includes further cuts to government spending but it's not clear if this among other economic changes will be enough to meet the demands of millions of lebanese side of. al-jazeera. italy's right wing league leader met there salvini has admitted the feat after his
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party failed to win the northern region of the year so video had hoped to overturn decades of leftist draw in the region and bring down the national coalition government of the incumbent democratic party governors that a bullet cheney one with 51 point one percent of the vote. investigators in the united states are trying to find the cause of the helicopter crash that killed the basketball legend kobe bryant his 13. year old daughter and 7 of the people 3 bodies have now been recovered from the crash site bryant's private helicopter came down on a hillside north of malibu in california on sunday heavy fog at the time had ground that other aircraft including police helicopters were up reynolds has more now on the crash investigation its rugged terrain a steep hillside and of course the investigators from the coroner's office the police and other agencies had to keep the site preserved while they removed
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and identify the remains so that process is like this one for some time the national transportation safety board that's a federal agency that studies crashes and other types of transport problems is on the scene they will be looking certainly at the weather conditions at the time it was very for good people there yesterday told us they could barely see anything up in the hills and also the pilots decision to request and to receive permission to fly by special visual flight rules could that have had something to do with the accident we don't know that's what the investigators i think are going to be focusing on. u.s. prosecutors involved in the jeffrey epstein sex trafficking inquiry want to interview britain's prince andrew but new york attorney general geoffrey berman says that the prince has provided 0 cooperation he said prosecutors and the f.b.i.
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investigating the epstein case had contacted the duke of york's lawyers and asked to interview him but there had been no response. january 27 marks 75 years since the liberation of the auschwitz concentration camp in poland survivors returned to the former nazi site for a special ceremony where some shared emotional testimony there were also calls for greater efforts to fight out the semitism more than a 1000000 people mainly jews were killed at auschwitz alone between 940 and 945 john a whole has more. facing the entrance to auschwitz birkenau seated alongside the railway line that delivered multitudes mostly jews in cattle trucks to their deaths survivors shared their stories. from what. i remember. women driven in trucks from the barracks. a gas
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chamber i can hear them screaming i can hear it in my subconscious when i remember those events. well bleeders royalty and religious leaders listened this was not a moment for them. and there was to stream. within my heart it was still alive maybe tomorrow will come one day and tomorrow did come indeed memories remain that. 75 years after the liberation of auschwitz scene of some of the worst atrocities of the holocaust the deaths of more than a 1000000 people this was an occasion vivid with memory and resonant with emotion the pain of those who lived through it and heartache for those who did not but above all another opportunity for some perhaps the last to repeat the mantra of a lifetime never again. zuby think when you're below all the lines between
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good and evil. to avoid that there must be we conceal your age between nations. therefore it is a moral obligation for all those present here. to. act. and such a way that nothing like that ever happens again. this may be the last major anniversary of which survivors turn up in significant numbers some have come here they say to refresh their own memories of what they lived through others to say goodbye to family and friends whose ashes were scattered across the fields as fertilizer most know when they speak to offer the hope that even when they are gone the world does not forget jonah how al-jazeera at auschwitz birkenau death camp in
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poland much more on the 75th anniversary commemoration of for the liberation of auschwitz on our website al jazeera dot com . hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the impeachment trial of u.s. president donald trump has resumed with republicans on the growing pressure witnesses to testify there's been no mention of the revelations surrounding former national security adviser john bolton in a leaked a draft of his book bolton reportedly claims the president told him to tie a ukrainian military aide to an investigation into his political rival joe biden trump has denied these claims and his lawyers are arguing the senate trial is a political stunt by democrats. chords consider prudential factors and there is a huge credential factor that this trial is occurring and in an election
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year when we the people in a matter of months will go to the polls. meanwhile president trump says he will announce these long delayed middle east peace proposal on tuesday trump met these really prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the oval office to discuss the deal followed by israeli opposition leader better gantz palestinians have refused to cooperate with the trumpet ministration because of his pro israel policies but trump insists the plan will be good for them it's something they should want they probably won't want it initially but i think in the end they will i think in the end they're going to want it it's very good for them in fact it's overly good to them so we'll see what happens now without them we don't do the deal and that's ok they're not living well as you know we cut off aid to palestinians and something i don't like to do but we did that and we think that is
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a very good chance that they're going to want this. the head of the world health organization has arrived in china for talks with officials on how to contain the corona virus china's prime minister has visited rouhani where the outbreak originated the number of people now confirmed to have died in china has risen to 81 and the capital beijing has reported its 1st death. well those were the headlines stay with us radicalized youth never again is coming up next looking at how a florida school shooting turned students into anti gun activists my colleagues in though how we'll have more news in half an hour and i will see you tomorrow thanks for watching by. on counting the cost a nation representing point 3 percent of the world's population but 5 percent of carbon emissions in australia give off its addiction to coal while chile promises to go carbon neutral by the year 2050 plus we're looking at 11 and how long before it turned to the i.m.f.
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counting the costs on al-jazeera. for the. i don't want your argument. radio i mean are you what am i am. i'm in her hand in her own what you're mad at are. ok they need id and i heard. a lot of. it when.


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